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Character's Name: Bronwyn Gender: Female Ethnicity: Languages Spoken: English, Africkaans Level of Education: Elementary (til age 7)

Title: keeper of the box of all souls Age: 22 (15 years after her leg was mangled) Cultural Heritage: British Ocupation: keeper of the box of all souls

Physical Appearance:

A diminutive woman, petite tan skin. *mellato -is that how you spell it? Fun-size, perhaps she hits about 5'3(ish) maybe smaller. Walks with a limp because of her ruined leg. Always wears pants, favours leather, black Long dark hair, I'd like to say brown but dark enough that it could be black in the right light. She favours a ponytail.

Personality: Four traits Trait Non-confrontational Confident Ballsy Strong


She normally shies away from confrontation, she has spent her whole life running from a guy who wants what she is supposed to protect after all. Even though Bronwyn professes to run from fights she is sure that she can beat Malcolm if he comes at her again. She will keep poking at Malcolm's ego even though she knows that he is dangerous She will try to distract Malcolm by throwing insults at him even when she is down She will never show how much pain she is in while facing her adversary. She loses her family at age seven, runs away to keep the box safe, and will manage to fend for herself and stay out of Malcolm's clutches.

Values: Ethical and/or moral Value Details Strength Cunning Responsability

She lost her family young and had to carry a responsability on her shoulders at the age of seven so strength will be important to her. Hates Malcolm but he is a clever adversary. Maybe she will consider him a worthy adversary, a good match to her skills--? She was handed a responsability, and must uphold that On the other hand Malcolm has a responsability to keep the family business going

Likes Likes Leather


It is her form or armour, it is always black, she is like the avenging angel slipping through the shadows. Besides protection it is flexible, and helps to brace her bad leg. --And it's stylish! She has throwing stars and knives so that is an indication that she isn't afraid to get close to her enemy to do damage. Her mother is going to be the only member of her family mentioned more than once

Hand to hand weapons Her mother

throughout the story. Hopefully this helps people make the connection that the two were close.

Dislikes Dislikes Cheating Lying


Malcolm will cheat alot, shooting when she is down but Bronwyn will ne stoic. Malcolm will claim to be unarmed, when Bronwyn opens fire and runs to hide Malcolm will reaveal his weapons (make sure it ties in so that readers aren't going WTF where did the fricki' machete come from?!??) Bronwyn is a run away from trouble person but she will face trouble head on when she has to fight Malcolm. She knows that it is coming They (the council) decide not to help her, should they reach out only to find she doesn't trust them? Society is perfect accordign to the council and the regime tht they have put in place, but Bronwyn is flawed in that she never got her leg repaired. He is determined to get the box that she is guarding. She knows that if he got his hands on the box there would be chaos and the chance to eradicate evil would either be gone or someone crazy would have to go and stela that chance back again!


The council/ society


Character's Name: Malcolm Gender: Male Ethnicity: Spanish Languages Spoken: English, Spanish Level of Education: Uni. Educated --Masters in Commerce

Title: Age: 54 Cultural Heritage: Spanish Ocupation: Council Member

Physical Appearance:

Very tall lets say over six foot... salt and pepper hair hes going to be about 54 years old but wearing it well, he keeps in shape. Handsome, but that oily handsome thats just a little too perfect his shoulders are wide dazzling smile, perfect white and straight teeth... like a shark! Reminiscent of Uncle Bryer... creep

Personality: Four traits Trait Manipulative


Although it is more in his looks he looks like one of those people that you just want to trust even though you're not sure if you can. He will say the box belonged to his family first but not why [maybe raing a question in Bronwyns head] he's going to convince the council that the box is unimportant. He is going to go after Bronwyn when she is down. Taunt her with her weakness? --perhaps make comments about her hanicap (her leg)



Malcolm has lots to say but it is never anything tht wil turn out well for anyone else. He likes to gloat, --he will point out a bit too soon that he has won!

Values: Ethical and/or moral Values Details Freedom Power

But more in the sense that he is gettign away with marring the councils perfection he is footloose and fancy free never having been caught. Malcolm is on the council like his father, and his father before him. The council is the place to be. They are all powerful the regulators, judge and jury for their perfect society Malcolm holds a seat on the council is this the same thing that I said above?

Prestige and Position

Likes Money Anonymity


Malcolm's family has been runnign drugs starting with his grandfater, they are doing it to make money He is going to be known as Malcolm to some business associates, and as Henrik to the council members. This is his way of protecting his identity Malcolm will take a shot at Bronwyn when she is already down and enjoy being in control of the situation and inflicting pain.

To be in control

Dislikes Bronwyn Perfection


She is the only obstacle between himself and complete freedom of operations. The box that she possess could stop his lucrative business forever. He has hidden behind perfection yet he disdains it. It is because of perfection that he runs this operation. He is trying to corrupt it.