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Vol. 73 No.25 August 22 - 28, 2012 50 cents

Sam Maccarone Wins Colony Park Lanes Senior Open Jim Viola Blasted 803 In Fred Gowe By Russ Mills - PBA Triples at Parkway Lanes
YORK, Pa. – Sam Maccarone of Glassboro, N.J. defeated Ross McDonald of Clarksville, Md., 243-166, to win the Professional Bowlers Association East Region Colony Park Lanes Senior Open at Colony Park Lanes East. After David Kneas of Annapolis, Md., won the first two games of his Round of 16 best-of-five-game match against Maccarone, Maccarone was one frame from elimination when Kneas opened in the 10th frame of the third game. Maccarone won that match, 3-2, and went on to win his 14th career senior regional title. The threetime East Region Senior Player of the Year also earned $1,500 while McDonald earned $800 as the runner-up, his best career finish. Maccarone defeated Steve Jones of Berlin, Md., 242-218, and McDonald defeated Tom Wunch of Easton, Md., 176-162, in the semifinal round.
ELMWOOD PARK, NJ - Jim Viola topped the field blasting his first 800 series with scores of 258, 289 and 256 for a nice 803 series while rolling in the Tuesday Fred Gowe Triples Bowling League at Parkway Lanes. Alton Dickson 288-748, Rene Ruiz Jr. 269-735, Mitch Sacks 258-719, Scott Koenig 247-713, Rob Byrd 245-703, Sticks Stuart 279-719, Bob Csigi Sr. 256-691, William Trongone 279-688, Pablo Plaza Jr. 232-685, Scott T. Mockel 247-684, Dave Donelan 256-683, Michael Salfino 256-681, Simon Checo 246-672 and JIP Winfrey 235-654 round out the field of high scorers.

Brian Hawkins, Rick Choinacki Rolled 300 at Majestic Lanes
HOPELAWN, NJ – Brian Hawkins and Rick Choinacki each blasted a 300 game in the 400 Handicap Doubles League at Majestic Lanes. Brian shot 300253-220-247 in a 1020, and Rick 221-300-221-201 for 943. Rich Funk III rolled 201-257WAYNE, NJ – Jim Demas blasted a 300 game en route to a 738 series while contesting in the Summer Moonshiners League at T-Bowl II Lanes.

PBA Photo

Tournament Champion Sam Maccarone with Colony Park Lanes proprietor Terry Brenneman.
Jones and Wunch each earned $650 as semifinal round losers. In the round of 8 where best of three games, losers eliminated and earned $550 each: Maccarone def. Soul Moorer, Dover, Del., 2-1, Jones def. Bob Caruso, Dayton, N.J., 2-0, McDonald def. Gary Shultis, Levittown, N.Y., 2-1, Wunch def. Darryl Jacobs, Harrisburg, Pa., 2-0.

258-289-1005, Paulo Toy 205228-216-278-927, Dotti Artale 266-222-236-920, Brian Dudek 236-205-285-904, David Andriola 234-238-212-219-903, Cesar Galloza 225-223-220-224-902, and Lisa Palazzola 237-206-221862.
Rick Deska, Jr. rolled 279-671, Dan Pandolfo 246-670, Alex Grebel 239, Tony Lisi 229, Louis Kwiatkowski 223, and Virginia Strumfel 215.

Jim Demas 300 at T-Bowl

Hugh Miller Wins PBA Senior South Shore Open
By Jerry Schneider | PBA HAMMOND, Ind. – Hugh Miller of Seattle won the Professional Bowlers Association Senior South Shore Open presented by DV8 for his third career Senior Tour title and in the process became a contender for Senior Player of the Year heading into the final tournament of the Senior Tour season. Miller defeated 2007 Senior U.S. Open winner Rick Minier of Houston, 198-172, in the championship match to move into second on the Senior Player of the Year points list, 12 points behind Hall of Famer Walter Ray Williams Jr. Williams hoped to clinch the honor in Hammond but failed to earn any points after being eliminated in the second round of match play. “I was kind of a long shot but wasn’t really mentioned as a contender so I kind of used that as a motivator,” said Miller, who earned 16 Player of the Year points for his win. “When Walter Ray wasn’t able get any points I thought let’s win this thing and the race is on.” In the semifinal match Miller, also a seven-time PBA Tour winner, defeated 2012 USBC Senior Masters winner Mike Edwards of Tulsa, 237-177, to advance to the title match. In the other semifinal, Minier defeated Hall of Famer and four-time Senior Player of the Year Tom Baker of King, N.C., 220-205. Miller did not bowl the first three tournaments of the season but finished second in the Senior Northern California Classic and Senior Masters which put him in Player of the Year contention. “I’ve had a pretty good season considering I didn’t bowl the first three tournaments,” said Miller, who finished second in Hammond in 2008. “I’ve adopted a new philosophy of bowling a little more aggressively and not giving away the pocket. It seems to be working so I thought why not go for it.” Edwards, who was awarded fourth in the tournament, earned two Player of the Year points to stay in the race in third, 14 points behind Williams.

PBA Photo

2012 Senior South Shore Open Champion Hugh Miller with South Shore Sports, Jason Sands, and Mike Kozy, Olympia Lanes General Manager.


New name will celebrate age milestone as new stars enter Tour

August 22 - 28, 2012

PBA Senior Tour to Become 'PBA50 Tour' in 2013 PBA CREATES INTERNATIONAL
By Jerry Schneider - PBA DECATUR, Ill. – The Professional Bowlers Association Senior Tour will be re-named as the PBA50 Tour beginning with the 2013 season, PBA Commissioner Tom Clark announced at the PBA Senior Decatur Open presented by Brunswick, the concluding tournament of the 2012 Senior Tour season. “The word ‘senior’ is outdated and the title PBA50 more accurately reflects the vibrancy of the players and our competition in this age group,” Clark said. The change in name is underscored by the continuing stream of stars to the over-50 circuit. During the 2012 season alone, players including Lennie Boresch Jr., Mike Edwards, Bob Learn Jr. and Amleto Monacelli immediately won titles in their first year of Senior Tour eligibility. Monacelli, the 2012 Senior U.S. Open winner, and Edwards, the 2012 USBC Senior Masters winner, also remain active – and competitive on the PBA Tour, along with other 50-plus members. ment and going on to earn Senior Rookie of the Year honors. And during the 2009-10 PBA Tour season, at age 50, Williams became the oldest player in any major sport to earn Player of the Year honors. This season, at the age of 52, he is the favorite to win his first PBA Senior Player of the Year title to go along with his record seven Chris Schenkel PBA Player of the Year awards. The 50-plus program also produced previously-undiscovered talent in years past, when highlytalented bowlers who never had a chance to bowl as PBA Tour players reached the age where they could retire and give PBA-level competition a try. Most prominent among that group are Gene Stus, who earned his place in the PBA Hall of Fame as a senior champion, Bob Glass, a three-time PBA Senior Tour Player of the Year, and two-time Senior Player of the Year Ron Mohr. “There are plenty of good bowlers who are becoming eligible and successful on the Senior Tour each year," Williams said. Each tournament on the 2013 PBA50 Tour schedule will include the PBA50 moniker along with sponsor affiliation where applicable. PBA50 also will apply to PBA Regional events that were previously called senior tournaments. The exceptions will be the PBA Senior U.S. Open and United States Bowling Congress Senior Masters which will retain their present names. In the effort to reach out to younger bowlers, earlier this year PBA introduced the new PBA24 membership program which invites new players 24 years of age and younger to experience PBA competition for a $49 membership fee. The 2013 PBA50 Tour schedule will be released later this fall.

By Bill Vint - PBA While television air waves around the world were saturated with Olympic Games coverage, the Professional Bowlers Association created awareness for bowling – a non-Olympic sport – through a renewal of an agreement with Eurosport to air the full 2011-12 PBA Tour schedule on its Eurosport 2 network. The absence of bowling from the Olympic program, a longstanding sore spot among the world’s millions of bowling participants, wasn’t lost on one of the sport’s high-profile enthusiasts. While doing his best to help Team USA win the Olympic gold medal in basketball, Los Angeles Clippers star Chris Paul – host of the Chris Paul PBA Celebrity Invitational bowling event for the past four years – went on his Twitter account to ask the world, "Why isn't bowling in the Olympics? It should be." “With an increasing number of world-class international players, and a growing number of international PBA Tour events, the Eurosport partnership will not only increase international exposure for the PBA Tour, but also bring the sport to a growing fan base worldwide,” said PBA Commissioner Tom Clark. The PBA began its relationship with Eurosport in 2009 when Eurosport aired all of the 2008-09 PBA Tour telecasts. The international sports television outlet provides programming including soccer, motor sports, tennis, cricket, Australian football and Olympic coverage among many others. Eurosport 2 is one of the fastest-growing TV channels in Europe, reaching 50 million households in 16 languages across 47 countries.

On the PBA50 Tour eligibility horizon are PBA Hall of Famers Pete Weber (Aug. 21), Parker Bohn III (July 13, 2013) and ESPN analyst Randy Pedersen (turned 50 on May 28). Also on the list of future PBA50 competitors are PBA Tour champions Jack Jurek (April 23), Chris Warren (Aug. 27, 2013), David Traber (Jan. 18) and Robert Lawrence (Sept. 29). The ultimate example of a player having concurrent success on both Tours came two seasons ago when PBA Hall of Famer and alltime Tour career titles leader Walter Ray Williams Jr. made an immediate impact in the senior ranks, winning in his first tourna-

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. D i s c o v e r. "

-Mark Twain

August 22 - 28, 2012



By Gloria Volpe

Tuesday Trios Gianvito Clavelli tossed a nice 279-232, Matt Donders 268-225, Nino Polanco along with Tony Rigano both rolled a 257. Joey Ferreri hit 242, Jeff Leitner 235, Adam Strand 220, and Tim Foucher 219.

Senior Leagues Nick Stella had the high game in the Sr. League he shot 221, Fred Tomasik was on fire with his 3 games of 216,209,199 624. Nice going Fred , Tom Severini Sr had a 200.Ken Coldon Sr. with his 143 avg. shot 188. Nice going Sr.’s .

Marko’s Foursome Nick Sisto had the high game of the night with his 254, Mike Kavanagh and Chris Ferrara 247661, Joe Leardo and Bill Ohneck 246, Emmanuel Cruz 243, Mike Polito 236, Chria Vitale 235, Craig Bagnoli and Steve Smith 234 each. Justin Chmielarz and James Phillips hit 233, Walter Michalec 230, Chris Perez 229, Will Henkelman 228 and Maria Henkelman 226. Gloria’s Anyway Doubles Mike Roman had the high game of the night with his 268, 259-749. Brett Contreras 259, 258, 246748, Austin Masser 257, Kevin Jackson 257, 255, 248-741, Ken Lee 247, Steve Mocarski 247, Matt Stolarz 257, Chris Briamonte 246, Paul Tortorici 243, Joe Bocage240, Gary Pelikan 238, Tom Giacomarro 237, Travis Komar 237. Now for the Ladies, Marie Briamonte rolled 211 and Sarah Chirichella hit 204. Tuesday Anyway Foursome Tom Twist was on fire again with his 278, 237-720, Dave Begash hit 249, 234-668, Spike Ianneillo 247, 234-697, Al Luzzi 236, 216-656, Stormin Norman Granger 235-627, John La Russo 233, Angelo Polito 230, Jeff Di Domenico 226, 220-640. Ellen Ianneillo 245 618, Jenna Cipolla 224.



August 22 - 28, 2012

Kenny Ryan 734 At Ocean Lanes
LAKEWOOD, NJ- Kenny Ryan led the scoring in the Friday Sport Teen League blasting games of 279-207-248 for a high series of 734. Luke Kane rolled 220-235, Brandon Barrota 229-233, Matt Fazzi 231, Matt Russo 230, Mike Ormsby 223, Shawn Kollmer and Matt Clark 217, Amanda Nardiello 210, Corinne Maher 209, Madison Lukosius 202, Faith Meder 189, Karsyn Lukosius 185, and Katy Lash 181.

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August 22 - 28, 2012

Lloyd Hasluck 763
FARMINGDALE, NY – Lloyd Hasluck topped the scoring in the Tuesday Party League firng games of 252-264-247 for a high series of 763. Jay Lane rolled 245-228-682, Joe Angelone 244-678, Tony Falzone 258-216-676, John Tortora 234-208, Luann Garfinkel 225,and Fai Livolsi 210.

Brian Beale 760
FARMINGDALE, NY – Brian Beale led the scoring in the Monday Summer Trio League firing games of 257-268-235 for a high series of 760. Sal Alberino rolled 279-670, and Hari Soedarmastro 259-669. In the Monday A.M. Seniors League Ken Lauri rolled 199, Edna Nonan 178, Marguerite Lauri 168, and Sheila Montgoris 160.

Danny Schrafel 734
FARMINGDALE, NY – Danny Schrafel led the scoring in the Monday MNFP League firing games of 268-254 for a high series of 734. Steve Frey rolled 276, Rich Bambara 246-245-673, Mike McLaughlin 257-233-656, Donnie Fratello 237-225-638, Bert Messina 233-623, and Fran Savoldy 203.

August 22 - 28, 2012



John Wilders 727
STATEN ISLAND, NY – John Wilders topped the scoring in the Wednesday Summer Mixed League firing games of 278-256 for a high series of 727. Richard Weinberg shot 279-694, Tom Yankow 668, Andrew LoBosso 666, Steven Verardi, Jr. 254, Eugene Sarsosa 244, Richard Jacobson 243, and Erin Schneider 224.

Bob Lampariello 700
STATEN ISLAND, NY – Bob Lampariello led the Golden Oldies League firing games of 259-225216 for a high series of 700. Tom Griffiths shot 222, Jim Denorio 214, Sid Hershowitz 205, and Howard Weiss 203.

58 Terhune Ave. Lodi, NJ 07644 Phone 973-471-7100 Fax 973 473-7101

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58 Terhune Ave. Lodi, NJ 07644 Phone 973-471-7100 Fax 973 473-7101


Eric Oppenheimer 736
HOPELAWN, NJ – Eric Oppenheimer topped the scoring in the Monday Main Event League firing games of 267-223-246 for a high series of 736. Joe Herber rolled 205-253-257715, Rick Sciulla 214-256-224694, Matthew Manenty 216-231233-680, Jen Daunno 236-204234-674, CJ Galloza 224-203240-667, and Amanda Hermann 222-202-2236-660. In the Senior No Tap League Jerry Petti shot 210, Mary Doslik 180, and Larry Johnson 178.

August 22 - 28, 2012

Nicole Baginski 702
HOPELAWN, NJ – Nicole Baginsky topped the scoring in the Guys & Dolls League firing games of 212-298 for a high series of 702. Raymond Chesley rolled 224200-214-638, Mike Dellamanna 210-222-631, Don Anione 229, Kelly Daunno 204-207-603, Bonnie Desimone 212, and John Hornyak 215.


Dorien Soto 723
HOPELAWN, NJ – Dorien Soto topped the scoring in the Monday Adult/Junior League firing games of 257-258-208 for a high series of 723. Joe Plescia rolled 210-214-213637, Steph Crane 228-227-627, Mike Dellamanna 201-200, and Lisa Kjersgaard 200.

John Sambilay 702
HOPELAWN, NJ – John Sambilay led the scoring in the Guys & Dolls League firing games of 227-217-258 for a high series of 702. Mike Dellamanna shot 238246-666, John Baginsky 205-238222-665, Don Anione 234-257648, Kyle Januzzi 201-277-647, and Bonnie Desimone 221-200605.

Kyle Januzzi 697
HOPELAWN, NJ – Kyle Januzzi led the scoring in the Guys & Dolls League firing games of 269-219-209 for a high series of 697. Don Anione rolled 245-238675, Walter Malecki 215-213-234662, Bonnie DeSimone 246-215654, Lynn Bunting 212, and Craig Hutchinson 205-255-629.

Matt Mitchell 692
HOPELAWN, NJ – In the Performance Ball Trios League Matt Mitchell rolled 258-201-233692, Ryan Mench 210-205, Bill Bailey 258, and John Kertesz 225.

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