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For rent/let or sale: Commercial and Residential Property in Olsztyn Central Business District

Ideal for: Commercial: high demand client, business, private company. Or residential: family in need for convenient location near urban services and schools Land: Land space 71 m2, mixed business/residential character, private property. Access road: asphalt, busy. Parking: private garage in basement, safe parking in the backyard and on the street Year of building: 1968 Total floor space: 200 m2 View: Mazurska Street Type of property: private property. Location: in Olsztyn CBD - capital of the Warmian-Masurian Province, near Olsztyn old town. Within 500m: Bank PKO SA, BP and other banks, central post office, exchange bureaus, advocates and layers bureaus and offices, popular shopping malls, restaurants, shops, church, chemist, residential Within 1000m: offices, shops, town hall, provincial offices, regional train and bus station, high school, restaurants, hotels, green zone, parks, preschools and kindergartens, Olsztyn old town, residential Within 5km: Universities, swimming pool, hospital, sport centre, stadium soccer field, high schools, bars and restaurants, residential.

Description of the property

We offer to sell or rent a 200m2 house located in Olsztyn Central Business District, at Mazurska Street. Olsztyn is the capital of the Warmian-Masurian Province. The house has three floors and a basement garage. On the ground floor there is a commercial space (with front window, toilet) with the entrance directly from the street, as well as a second commercial space (with toilet) with the entrance from the back of the house. (Both spaces can be connected or separated). There is a third entry to the house from the driveway side to enter both commercial spaces at the basement and first and second floor of the house. On the first floor there are two rooms, kitchen, balcony and a bathroom. The second floor contains two bedrooms, bathroom and a terrace. All floors are connected through an internal staircase. The building is located in Olsztyns CBD (Central Business District) and near Olsztyns Old Town and several shopping malls. The street and surrounding area has high numbers of pedestrians. This perfect location makes the ground floor ideal for an office (service sector, bank, insurance), shop or other client-focused business. In the direct neighbourhood are bank headquarters (PKO BP SA, Bank BPH), the Polish Post, several notary offices and law offices, exchange bureaus and the High Court Office of Olsztyn. Parking is available in the basement garage, in the backyard and on the road in front of the building.

The premises are available immediately. Room space Front commercial area Rear commercial area Toilet Toilet Room Room Kitchen with dining area Bathroom Corridor Room Room Corridor Bathroom Terrace Garage TOTAL Space (m2) 16.80 16.50 2.00 4.62 26.00 17.10 12.54 3.50 6.00 26.00 12.54 6.00 3.50 20.00 25.00 198.10 Height (cm) 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 Site North South Floor Ground floor Ground floor Ground floor Ground floor First floor First floor First floor First floor First floor Second floor Second floor Second floor Second floor Second floor Basement

North, South South North

North, South North

South 220 South

Options for rent/let or sale:

Sale: entire building (ground floor, first floor, second floor, basement/garage): PLN 2,000,000 negotiable Rental/letting: promotional price Rental Option 1. Entire building (ground floor, first floor, second floor, basement/garage) for commercial/office or residential: 2. Commercial space in ground floor street side (+ toilet): 3. Commercial space in ground floor back side (+ toilet): 4. Commercial space in ground floor street side + back side (+ 2 toilet): 5. First floor for commercial/office or residential (+ 1 toilet): 6. Second floor for commercial/office or residential (+ 1 toilet, terrace): 7. First + second floor for commercial/office or residential (+ 2 toilets, terrace): 8. Basement/garage: m2 198.10 18.80 21.12 39.92 65.14 68.04 133.18 25.00 Rental in PLN 8000 2500 1000 3500 2000 2000 4000 500

2: View from the back

1: View from the street

3: Kitchen with dining area first floor

4: Room second floor

Room first floor front

5: 6: Room second floor front

7: Room first floor back-side

8: Bathroom second floor

9: View of Ul Mazurska and Commercial Business District

10: View of Ul Mazurska

11: Plan of building

Regional train/bus station

Central Business


12: Location of building (A) in Olsztyn's Central Business District, near the Old Town and train/bus station

13: Location of Olsztyn in Poland, close to E77 Highway Warsaw - Gdansk