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Jonathan Dickstein Is a Successful IP Management Consultant

Jonathan Dickstein specializes in the field of Intellectual Property management and consulting. He is an experienced professional and has extensive knowledge about strategy and business development for intellectual property portfolios and technology-focused businesses. He has served as Vice President, Business Development, at DoubleTwist, Inc. There, he developed and implemented business and corporate strategy for this biotech software technology company. He also coordinated initial rounds of funding from notable venture capital funds. Mr. Dickstein strategized the intellectual property portfolio and strategy including protection and analysis of patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. His areas of specialization include but not limited to financial analysis, financial modeling, administration, market analysis, negotiation and overall business development. Jonathan Dickstein was a partner at Morrison & Foersters San Francisco office, and co-chair of the firms life sciences group, focusing on licensing, technology and IP transactions and mergers and acquisitions, though he is not currently practicing law. He has an extensive knowledge of the overall development and implementation of business and corporate strategy for technology companies and intellectual property portfolio management and transactions. Jonathan Dickstein has previously worked as a Research Assistant at Bruce Babbitt; former Governor of Arizona, Phoenix, Arizona. He conducted research on the protection of the Amazon Rain Forest and U.S. - Mexico trade relations. He also prepared reports for Babbitts trips and speeches and edited magazine articles written by the Governor. He once consulted on IP-related business development matters for the Gates Foundation-funded project to develop drought-tolerant Maize for Sub-Saharan Africa. He has performed important consulting works for He is involved in the Autism community and engaged in supporting research, education and medical advancement in the field. His experience includes the information technology, software, social media, biotech, pharmaceutical and Cleantech industries, including alternative energy, green technology, sustainable development, waterconservation, wind energy, bio-fuels and sustainable agriculture. He has received his B.A., with high honors, in International Relations, from Stanford University. He then went to Harvard Law School to receive his Juris Doctor (J.D.). He graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1993. He is also proficient at basic Spanish language skills.