INTRODUCTION Congratulations on your purchase of a transonic electronic pest repeller. Pest is repelled using ultrasonic and sonic sounds to create a noisy, hostile environment for the pests and yet one that is Safe for human and domesticated animals. The sounds are based on “psychoacoustic jamming” principles. GETTING STARTED Plug the power cord into a 220 v Wall socket AC outlet. Set the PITCH setting to HIGH and switch the power ON. The front panel light will begin flashing which indicated that the unit is functioning properly. There should be two flashes per second approximately. PITCH SETTING Pitch refers to measure of frequency-not power. All pitch setting has approximately the same power output. In the HIGH pitch setting, the sounds are ultrasonic and are barely audible to humans. The HIGH pitch is recommended for rates bats, and insects, in the LOW pitch setting the ultrasonic sounds are retained along with additional lower frequency components that are audible to humans. This setting can be used for the same pests as above with improved repellency for the some rates species that do not heart the full ultrasonic range. It may be necessary to restrict use of this mode around people because the sounds ma annoying the LOUD pitch setting contains two sound wavebands like two separate systems operating at once. One sound contains all of the above, plus a loud sonic component with frequencies in the middle of the human hearing range this sound effectively repels birds, deer, coyotes raccoons and other larger wild animals, inclosing those also sensitive to high frequencies, use of LOUD pitch should be restricted around people, or in residential urban environments. MODE SETTING The MODE selector switch permits the average high rate modulation frequency to be changed between MODE A 9OHz), MODE B (1000Hz), or MODE C (4000 Hz). The higher rate setting MODE C is the normal setting MODE A or B may sometimes prove to be more effective for insects and spiders. COVERAGE The effective coverage of the unit in the LOUD pitch setting can be 465 m 2 or more (5000 square feet). Because higher frequency sounds dissipate rapidly, area coverage with LOW pitch is up to 230 m 2 and 185m2 on HIGH pitch (2500/2000 square feet Coverage may be affected by room acoustics and sound deadening materials as may be present (curtains, carpets sound proof walls, ceiling etc.) in addition, objects directly in the path of the ultrasound can form acoustic “shadows” behind them. High frequency sound do not pass through walls and only slightly through curtains Coverage within a room can be proved by bouncing the sound off reflecting objects. Hard and smooth surfaces tend to reflect almost all of the incident energy. Hard but rough walls may reflect 70% or more carpets and acoustic walls may reflect less than 30%. INDOOR USE Place the Transonic above the floor Avoid aiming down the center of a hallway of open area unless you are using LOW or LOUD pitch, instead, try to aim towards sound reflecting objects to obtain a ricochet pattern. This will increase effective coverage area begin by placing the unit in area where pests are most numerous. When the pest problem is alleviated, move the unit to a central location for best total coverage. OUTDOOR USE When using the Transonic out doors in the HIGH pitch mode, use walls to ricochet the sound waves so as to get better coverage. In the LOW and LOUD pitchmen modes; the lover frequency sounds will carry further and not dissipate as rapidly in the open, the sound pattern produced is flat “teardrop” about 30 meters long and 21 meters wide (2100x70 feet). Have this pattern in mind when using the unit to keep pests out of a garden. Humidity and wind may affect the acoustical properties. Although designed to be water repellant, the unit can be damaged if immersed in water. The speaker should not be exposed directly to rain or sprinklers. When used outdoors, place the unit above ground level so that water can drain away.


Alim the speaker towards areas of suspected entrances perch sites. Eating habits and mobility e) If they stay in contact with the ultrasonic sound waves for more than 3 or 4 days. REPELLING BATS Should these pests be nesting in a building or attic. it may be best to use Transonic before bats return to roost in the morning so that those remaining in the structure can leave the following evening without difficulty. Seal cracks or other openings of suspected entry. And like humans. REPELLING 9RATES/MICE) Rates and mice are nuisance and health risks as well they shy away from being seen during day-light and tend to keep away from open exposed areas. or nests. Adverse Effect on the nervous system c) Ultrasonic should waves have a bad effect on the nervous system of Rodents and make them sluggist. place Transonic so as to radiate towards the area where they enter. They consistently follow strict routines. Rates Mice are creatures of habit. Reproduction d) Ultrasonic sound waves reduce the very desire of sex in rats in turn helps in controlling rodent population. When first starting a control programme. The Transonic sounds force reluctant changes in habit patterns. do not store food directly on the floor. in some cases bats can be driven out of an attic or loft by aiming Transonic at nesting areas from the inside Use MODE C only. Allow 7/8 days continuous operation before evaluating effectiveness. more units may be required due to permanent acoustic sound shadows. fewer will attempt to land end up going elsewhere. For Godows . It is suggested that LOW or LOUD pitches be used for greater effectiveness (Use standard MODE-C). Departmental Stores. An important rule to follow is to make food sources harder to get to keep it out of their reach. In this case place Transonic outside so as to cover the problem area. Thus allow 6/7 days with Transonic before evaluating effectiveness. Bats navigate by use of sonar and depend upon their own ultrasonic echoes to find their landing sites. The LOUD pitch setting on the Transonic has been designed in part to increase the power level of bird like sounds by almost ten times while at the same time transmitting the full complement of sounds above human range. more units may In areas of stored grain or food sacks. possibility is that their eating habits are affected and mobility also decreased. BEHAVIOUR OF RATS WHEN ‘ORBIT’ IS INSTALLED a) It takes eight to ten days for the instrument to have its effect on Rats/mice. In areas of stored grain or food sacks. As a result of sound pressure. Examine suspected areas for dropping or tracks (Use of talcum powder sprinkled about) and reposition Transonic to other areas if necessary. They eventually leave the area initial resistance. Effects of Ultrasonic Sound on Rats b) The high pressure sound waves have very adverse effect on the eardrums of rats and are unbearable to them. which close during night use LOW or LOUD may only be used when people are not around as the sounds are SONIC. shops. some rats becomes violent hence there should be an opening like the door or the window for their escape. Ideally Transonic drives the rodents out of the building to their natural environments Use Transonic in any pitch (Use standard MODE). The sound become unbearable and they leave the area Rates get imitated and look out for quit safer areas.SPECIAL NOTES ON REPELLING CERTAIN PESTS REPELLING BIRDS Birds enter structures through open doors or small Openings and vent holes along roof sides. Transonic should waves jam their ability to land over a few days. kitchens and Godowns of Restaurants/Hotels. IMMUNITY All vertebrate pests have complex hearing system like human. The transonic is designed to make a pest’s environment uncomfortable to the point where they leave the protected 2 . during day time use normal HIGH PITCH with MODE C or B. Proper positioning of Transonic close to ceiling or roof tops is necessary to obtain adequate control. Keeping it on pallets. Bats may enter many small opening not accessible to Transonic (between shingles on a side of a house for example). they are animals of habit. Industries.

or where black spots area seen this will help stop the hatching of the eggs. Typically within 15 minutes to 2 hours. drawers. insects and spiders respond to sonic and ultrasonic sound waves through antennae. make a paste of BORIC ACID POWDER and apply on places where normally cockroaches hide. Further all the drawers and cabinets must be kept open. reproduction. available at any chemist shop.area return to their natural habitat (An analogy is to people attempting to enjoy a fine dinner with a jackhammer bellowing away next to whom. Should they not be physically exterminated or removed at this point they will die of dehydration in 1-2 days. Place Transonic in arrears of suspected pest concentration. FLYING INSECTS (WIDE VARIETIES) These pests cause both indoor and outdoor problems on a seasonal basis. Keep unit in operation at all times. the cockroaches comes out of their hidings due to ultrasonic vibration sounds. communication and other biological factors. REPELLING INSECTS AND SPIDERS Unlike more advanced animal forms with more complex hearing organs. They generally hide in walls. Due to the shorter life cycles and variety of environments of these pests. However such an animal become san easy prey to its enemies and does not survive for long. For best results use BORIC ACID POWDER. Once cockroach problems are corrected in these areas. FLEAS Typically a problem in residential buildings. There are some that can become adapted to certain frequencies of sound if exposed for an extended period of time. Keep this in mind when using transonic outdoors-place yourself between the unit and a sound reflecting surface (should there be one). expect to see increased cockroaches activity both night and daylight hours Transonic may also tend to attract some cockroaches initially. body hairs. offer fleas’ ideal refuge. cupboard. Use MODE A-PITCH HIGH. Use MODE B-HIGH PITCH. but the new ones are born daily if the hatching of the eggs is not stopped through BORIC ACID POWDER the repelling will take 3-4 weeks. unless aimed back into walls or vehicles to scatter the sound for maximum protection. but because fleas won't be repelled under this condition. For outdoor use. For particularly heavily infested areas. Exposure to Transonic sounds results in a confused mesmerized condition. etc. gradual elimination of cockroaches throughout an area can be expected. Because Transonic sounds cause behavior modification. These mechanical vibrations trigger neutral impulses that cause behavior modification within the animal’s central nervous system. Do not expose pet rodents to transonic sounds. Carpets. Outdoor Insects swarms will tend to be diverted from an area covered by Transonic. as with ultrasonic sounds the existing cockroaches are repelled. This pets is usually found in highest concentrations around food areas and water supplies (kitchens and bathrooms in residential cases). Birds and particularly rodents are very dependent upon hearing as a defensive measure for survival. Severity of the problem tends to be seasonal. people must be within the envelope of sound. USE MODE B-C HIGH PITCH. and other borrowings locations. if possible sweep the cockroaches. Placement of Transonic in the infested areas "jams" their communication within hours of exposure and causes them to undergo mild catalepsy. it is suggested that rooms and furniture be vacuumed of loose-clinging fleas after exposure to Transonic (4-6 hours) It is recommended that moth balls be sucked into the vacuum cleaner in order to kill the fleas once inside. especially thick shag types. The suggestions given below may help clarify that user are discovering for several common pest types. because of the constant flux of newly arriving insects. the problematic areas must be thoroughly cleaned from every corner at least twice in a week for two weeks. COCKROACHES A year around problem. MODE B setting may be found to be more effective for flying insects and some other including spenders. Yo9u go elsewhere). A is for most other. development of immunity to the complex sound waves does not seem to occur. they will find their way to screens or windows. Transonic repels while the others attract. repeat this twice a week for best results BORICACID used in conjunction with ultrasonic pest repeller hasten control of large insect population within one or two days. Minimize sound shadow areas by opening doors. Pets are primarily responsible for flea infestation. as well as simple kinds of eardrums. So that the sound waves can reach all corners. Pest reduction or elimination typically takes 1-3 weeks. The “State of confusion” affects food consumption. Infested areas will seem cleared out. MODE. Fleas can communicate between themselves using high frequency sounds in order to stake out territorial boundaries (whether on animals or in carpets). When Transonic is properly used. reduction of pest control program. Transonic is safe for use around pets and gives similar results to fleas on animals as in carpets. In structures with no open doors or windows for the pests to leave. with more pronounced body hair. transonic will have a limited coverage of 50-70m (538-807 square feet). this is a must as the cockroaches have laid thousands of eggs in that area. Pests eventually leave because of the abnormal environment they are exposed to. Each king of “bug” responds differently to transonic sound waves. etc. 3 . wings.

EXPENDED APPLICATION a) Food processing factories. CONTINUOUS OPERATION The Transonic should be operation 24 hours a day. which suffer from the pollution of the urine and ticks of rats. Thereafter. Wooden Surface 60 to 70% 5. drive inns. houses. They neither die nor runaway. ceiling. BORIC ACID POWDER made into a paste and applied on the walls. furniture shops. SOUND REFLECTIONS (Most Important) The area where the machine is installed should have at least three surfaces i. Partitions reduce the effective area of the unit. The reflection of sound waves very from surface to surface and some example are: 1. sweet shops. b) Warehouse. departmental stores. residential. draperies or other soft objects as they will • • • absorb the sound waves. weeks as the eggs laid by the earlier once hatch and these young once have also to be eliminated. The cleanliness of area etc. Right from the machine is switched ON. swineries and fish breeding facilities etc. This makes them sluggish and thus their mobility gets reduced. 4 . subway. general merchants shops. markets. this process takes 2/3. pawn shops. Style/system of storage 3. fur shops. computer rooms. food stores. cockroaches will not re-enter the area. State-of-art Transonic Pest Control does not kill rodents. and telephone exchange rooms etc. Rough finished walls 60 to 70% 4. supermarkets hospitals. will help destroy the eggs and the elimination of the cockroaches will be done from the place within 1/2 days. Do not place Transonic next to your ear before performing this check Do not use outdoors or let the unit come in contact with water. as long as the unit is on. these pressurized sound waves hit their front antennae vigorously and also affect their nervous system. e) Ships. unpleasant task of killing or cleaning them has to be done. c) Restaurants. that suffers from electric leakages and prevention of fire. deer.. drawers. The machine should be directed towards any hard-surface for maximum bouncing effect. that cannot use chemical drugs. d) Utility rooms. behind furniture. and apparel shops etc. almirah. wherever the eggs are laid. which suffer from the products bitten by rats.e. sewerage. vinyrooms. cottages.RESULTS Rodents stop entering the areas because the ultrasonic sound waves hit their eardrums and cause them considerable pain & discomfort. cinema halls. and museums etc. feed storage. CAUTIONS • Do not place Transonic on carpeted surfaces. textile showrooms. They do not die unless they get trapped in a particular place for days together and under constant exposure to ultrasonic sounds. The interior layout of the place 2. The content of storage 4. It generally takes about 8 to 10 days for a considerable reduction in rodent activity. or the cockroach movement is noticed. pharmaceutics companies and feed processing factories etc. Gunny bags/Corrugated boxes 25 to 30% Area covered will depend up to the following 1. Pest or insects it drives them away electronically. and other larger wild animals that only tend to be a problem either during the day or night. substations. Glass surface 100% 2. They do not get immune since the sound output is at varying frequencies. the only exception might be in the case when the unit is used for repelling birds. side walls. chicken farms. and floor to have the maximum bouncing/reflection of sound waves. In case of cockroaches. Plain finished walls 80 to 90% 3. hostels. etc.

000 Hz Sound Pressure Level-118 dB during peaks measured at 8 metres from speaker. • • CHECK LIST FOR MAXIMUM EFFECT Identity the places where there are maximum pest! Rodent problem. Different from medicines smoke/door without the fear of second pollution.000 Hz Low Pitch 10. SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions: 6" x 4"x5" Power Consumption: Less than 1 watt Input: 220 Volts AC Frequency range (including side-bands and harmonics): High Pitch 20. • Check the usual inlets like holes. • The unit must be kept switched ON round the clock for maximum effectiveness. Can operate 24 hours non-stop. easy availability of food attracts pests. Compact and Hendy. Do not shift the machine from the place where the problem is solved to another place. gaps. Do not keep the area dirty where Transonic is installed. above the ground level facing the wall/floor or any smooth hard surface and about 10ft. there are chances of pests entering the old place again. Easy to install Negligible power consumption maintenance. INSTALLTION The instrument should be directed towards walls/Almirah/Glass or any smooth hard surface as available at site. • Transonic should be installed at a height of about 2/3 ft.000 Hz 'Loud Pitch 1.000-50. Clean and SAFE No toxic chemicals or messy traps. leave an opening like the door or windows in the area for the rodents/pest to escape. • The clamp provided with the unit must be attached and positioned in such a way that the downward/upward angle is given to the unit.ADVANTAGES • • • • • • Harmless to humans and most pets. etc and if possible plug such inlets which will further enhance the effectiveness of Transonic. No recurring expenses one time investment. IMPORTANT • Do not open the machine yourself. away from the problematic area.000-50. if not working contact the right authorized person. The steel brackets supplied give the option of wall mounting the unit as required. as the parts inside are • • very delicate and can get damaged. MOUNTING There are two methods of mounting the transonic for more permanent installations.000-50. 5 .

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