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October saw us at Roodepoort and the course was just waiting for the spring rains to really start changing into its summer bloom. This aside Roodepoort was in great condition and the best score of the day was 39 by A-Division winner Larry Bredenkamp. I had the honour of playing with the club Captain Hennie Le Roes and they certainly seem to be making a recovery from their bad experiences of late, and we w i s h t h e m we l l i n t h e f u t u re . Roodepoort is one of those clubs that always go out of their way to make Nomads feel welcome, nothing is ever too much trouble for them, and we thank them for their effort! What a privilege it was for me to play with John Warwick who played his 400th game, and congratulations to except for the pedestrian bridge over the 9th where Ronnie Panaino tried to drive his cart over and promptly fell into the water injuring his ankle in the process, I hope you recover quickly Ronnie. Paul Lieshman was to represent Bryanston on the day but had to attend another function during the day and then a Main Committee meeting in the evening, he did however assure me that they were very grateful to and thanked Nomads for their support.

Bennie Van Der Sandt on playing his 300th game, well done gentlemen both fantastic mile stones. In my course survey at the beginning of the year, Bryanston came out tops with everyone except one person choosing the venue. Well I sincerely hope you enjoyed the day as much as I did, Bryanston was in fantastic condition continues...


Congratulations to Richard Moore who, playing in the morning made 40 points. However the afternoon eld heard this and adjusted their pick 3 scores to suit. For the sake of fairness we decided to carry the Pick 3 over to the Gold Cup as we felt this was unjust, and the decision seemed to be well accepted at prize giving. Speaking of Gold Cup, the committees have decided to try to bring back the fun into Nomads and are pulling out the stops to try making Gold Cup on the 25th November at Randpark and In case you have not noticed yet, we have changed our Web Site hosting, and have had the site revamped. This has been quite a task and once again we thank Bruce Richards for his handling of the whole transition. If you have any constructive criticism or suggestions please speak to either Bruce, myself or one of the committee members, and I am sure that together we can make the site a worthwhile tool.

Our next game GOLD CUP on Friday 25 th November at great evening. We encourage you all to Randpark Golf Club. bring your better halves and to come Gavin. enjoy a fantastic meal for R50.00 per person. There will be live entertainment and we have organized some free beer from SAB. Please support us and enjoy the evening.



Our charity drive for the year is almost over with only the diamond draw, organized by Riki Corthouts, to be drawn at the Gold Cup. Riki has only 6 tickets left, so for those of you who have not yet bought, or who want a second ticket, please see Riki before the game at Randpark. Thank you Riki for the donation of the diamond and for your efforts in selling the draw tickets. We have had two Lotto draws since my last report, due to the way that the games fell. The Roodepoort Lotto Draw was won by Glen Dalton, with number 33, whilst the Bryanston draw was won by the previous Saturdays bonus ball (because the game was on a Wednesday, so the previous Lotto draw was the Saturday before) which was 42, which is owned by Mike Hendricks. Well done both of you! The Race Day went off very well at Turfontein Race Course, with as big a crowd as usual attending the rst Nomads Night Race. I would be very interested to get your feelings on whether we should maintain the night race format, or go back to a Saturday race day for next year. The good thing this year was that Night racing is held slightly later in the year, so the weather is warmer, although I suppose we have a greater chance of rain! The draw was won by .., a visiting friend of Stewart Vernon, who is (or should I say, was?) only a part time golfer, so the R8,000 voucher from Golfers Club should raise his enthusiasm, although his wife was suggesting that she should get herself new clubs with the voucher! The renovation of the Communal Hall at Living Link is nished and we are having a formal handover on 17th

November. Living Link have sent us a thank you letter for all of our efforts, which is posted on the Gauteng Nomads website. I would also like to thank each and every one of you for your support throughout the year and to hope that you will give next years AMEF cause



MONTHLY GAMES October For some of us this is our 2nd game where a passport is required, but I guess its just the same for those of you in the North Western suburbs when we play at Germiston, Reading and Modderfontein. Unfortunately we havent played, a monthly game, at the latter two for the past few years! This month there were only 112, on the original timesheet, in the eld and poor Ron Panaino had to put up with me for two consecutive games. The course was in good condition, judging by the average scores, but like most courses very dry (a bit of rain will do wonders) and personally the greens could have been cut (its a long time since I had a downhill four putt - even for me!). Unfortunately for Larry B he missed another Silver Salver with his 39 points but, on the other hand, if he had just made 38 points I would have won the Pick Three for the rst time. Many thanks to Basil Joseph for the sausage and chips after prizegiving and thanks to Roodepoorts Captain for saying that every golf club should learn from Nomads; how to run a competition, watch your etiquette, tend to your dress code, etc.. Congratulations to Rob Cunningham, Mike Hendricks & Terry White on being awarded their 5-year ties, hopefully this is just the rst of many ties in the years to come. John Warwick received his 400 game badge; this was achieved over 37.66 years at an average of 10.62 games per year, some people battle to do this over one year. BJ van de Sandt received his 300 game badge and Tony Pacheco and Warren Wallace their 100 game badges. Mike Ulyett had an interesting rst l o o k - s e e g a m e by w i n n i n g t h e Matchbox on 20 points off his 11 handicap. However, the two Nomads who scored 21 points are the ones who both qualify to play for the Golden Matchbox at Gold Cup. November As always Bryanston was in superb condition, despite the lack of Spring rain on the Highveld this year. The greens were very difcult and some of the pin position were set for the pros but we still managed to have a 40 pointer from a B Division Senior Tee member (in fact the winner in the C Division also played off the Senior Tees). Many thanks to Club Manager (and Nomad) Paul Leishman for the chocolate for each player before tee off and for the general warm welcome from Bryanston. Mike & Noel Stevenson Ron & Valerie Bartram Tulio & Leonete Coelho December Bruce Richards 50th Malcolm & Nicky Sheppard 40th Jimmy & Sally Littlewood Steve & Bridget Anticevich 25th CONGRATULATIONS TO 30 60th 50th 50th

Ron & Minnie Panaino on the recent Andr Germs had a ver y long arrival of their second granddaughter. afternoon by making 20 points off his 18 handicap to bag his rst Matchbox. JUST ME It was super seeing both Pye Bredenkamp and John Welsh back playing at a monthly game after so being away for so many months, both enjoying playing off the full compliment of 18 Senior Tees. Welcome to our latest inductee, Wayne dElboux. Im sure you are going to enjoy many years of Nomads golng and camaraderie especially as you are not yet 40. Always remember that the more you participate the more fun you will have. Wayne ended up in the Worst Playing Fourball and had to help pack away the altar, it can only improve! I had a telephone call from an old Nomad (circa 1973 to 1982), Dick Smith now living in George, he asked to be remembered to the Gauteng Nomad old toppies. What a lovely surprise seeing Heinz Walter at Roodepoort for a drink with the guys. We hope it wont be too long before he is mobile and back in the eld again.

Thank you Aly Xesha for your amusing nes session but I think that as Bev put you rst off that you should have found more individual nes and not nailed November everyone for a R10.00 group ne! Brian Burns

Talking of Heinz Walter, he is the Nomad whose age is the current exact average age of Gauteng Nomads (60 years 3 months). You younger Nomads can thus see just how urgently Mike Ulyett and Andy Harris played we need you to speak to your golng another look-see game each and they buddies to come and have a look at are both looking being forward to being Nomads. inducted, probably at Germiston, in the Dont forget that this years A.G.M. will New Year. be held at Randpark Golf Club on Congratulations to Aly Xesha and Tuesday the 15th November 2011. This Lucien Tager on being awarded their 15 is your chance to air your grievances or and 5 year ties respectively. Well done to comment on any aspect of the to Malcolm Sheppard on receiving your running of your club, with which you 200 game badge, this was achieved after may have some complaint, rather than just 202 months. There arent too in the pub! many of those around. I had a call from a Natal Nomad Ian Thank you Andrew Mossie Mostert Bruwer, he asked to be remembered to for your entertaining rst time nes his former Gauteng Nomad buddies session. and to tell me that he was receiving his 10 year tie this month and still had an BIRTHDAY AND ANNIVERSARY unbroken playing record, there arent to WISHES many of those around either. continues...


BLAKES BLAH! BLAH! ... continued

It is with regret that I have to advise you that Peter Clayton has decided to call it a day as a golfer and thus as a Nomad. Peter was a 32-year Nomad and was the 1994 Gauteng Captain. For the past 20 years he has sponsored Petes Feet on one of the short holes for which we thank him most sincerely. We trust that he will enjoy much better health in his retirement with the knowledge that we would always love to see him, for a drink, when we play near his residence. efcient manner and you will be sorely missed on and by the Gauteng Nomads Executive Committee. Of course you have shattered my hopes that you would take over the Archives and the Blah! Blah! from me! I know that you are not moving away from golf administration, we wish you well in your future endeavours and extend all the best to you Wendy and your family, in Shark country. Please remember that if you swipe your SAGA Golf Card at a monthly game it is open and you must enter your score within 72 hours or else you will be given a penalty score. This has happened to a number of you after the Roodepoort and the Bryanston games so please be diligent about following the right route. preferred the night to the day Race Meeting. You just cant keep Ronnie Panaino out of the limelight. Somehow he managed to drive his golf cart into one of the dams at Bryanston; there must have been something strange in the four or ve Bells and milk, which he had before he teed off! Talking about a nailbiter, in the Gary Plate semi-nal Tony Luyt & Eugene Marais were 7 points up playing the 18th hole; both of them blacked out and their opponents had two birdies for them to win by one point. It just shows you what a great competition this is and how quickly things can turn around at any stage of a match. Good luck to the nalists in the Gary Player and the Gary Player Plate as well as to all of you that are vying for the numerous competitions on Gold Cup Day. ITS A GOLF THING On the 2nd tee of the golf course, with his wife, the husband says, Twenty years ago I had a brief affair, it meant nothing. I hope you can forgive me. His wife was hurt but said, Dearest, those days are long gone. What we have now is far more valuable. I forgive you. They embraced and kissed. On the 17th tee, the husband was

This of course leaves an opening for someone to sponsor a Short Hole at a monthly game. If you and/or your company would like to consider doing this please call Captain Gavin (or incumbent Captain Pat) immediately and discuss the nancial implications. Remember this involves a single monthly prize and the prize (or the Nomads Golf Club and Golf Clubs value thereof) is totally at your generally, countrywide, are going discretion. through a huge downward participation spiral and so we are We unfortunately have to say a fond asking all of you to think about two farewell to Steve Sherwood too. Steve items as far as Gauteng Nomads Golf was a 27-year Nomad and the 1996 Club is concerned. Firstly how do we Gauteng Captain. I remember how attract new members? and secondly surprised he was when I called him what should we, collectively, be doing from New Zealand, in January 1996, to to jazz up our current membership? wish him good luck for his rst Have a chat to your fellow members prizegiving, at Germiston I think. We and then come and talk to the Captain thank him for the sponsoring of our or any other member of the Executive golf playing cards (with Brian Cusins), Committee about constructive changes for many years, and hope that he will that could be implemented. As a carry away many fond memories of suggestion, lets get the Gold Cup Nomads. It is quite a coincidence that evening back to what it used to be, Steve and Peter Clayton were born on even if we have to have designated the same day. drivers to take us home after the evening! Now comes the biggest bombshell of all and that is that Mike Gahagan has It is very interesting to see that despite also resigned from Nomads. Mike is the huge increase in the playing fee, at relocating to his home in Umhlali, Natal next years National Tournament, the and feels he has done all he planned to Gauteng National Co-ordinator has do at Nomads and it is time to move received 48 entries for the Tournament on. Mike was a 10-year Nomad and and we have only been allocated 37 the 2009 Gauteng Captain and he really spots. Another thing I didnt realise was dedicated himself, virtually from day that Mike Perkin owned an hotel down one, to the Nomads cause. He had an the South Coast, well he must do as 12 unbroken playing record right up to his Nomads and 6 wives will be staying last game in September. He held many with him! By now the team should portfolios on the Executive Committee have been chosen. and each and everyone was handled How sorry I was to miss the Race Day with dedication and perfection. If you this year (the rst time since its wanted something done properly then inception 1977). Im sure that it was a just ask Mike to do it, at times he was great evening and that the Vice-Captain doing portions of more than one will give us a full report back. Spero is portfolio at a time. Mike you may have looking forward to some feed back for rufed a few feathers at times but you next year, from those regular Nomads certainly got things done in a super Race Attendees, as to whether you

starting his back swing when the wife blurted out, Im sorry darling, Ive been co conscience-stricken since you told me about your affair. Since were being honest with each other, I have something to tell you also. Thirty-two years ago I had a sex change operation, I was a man before I met you. I hope you can forgive me. The husband froze at the top of his back swing and then threw a t! He slammed the driver into the ground, kicked the ball into the woods, stormed off the tee, pushed the golf cart over on its side, broke the rest of his clubs one by one, then started on hers. He screamed and ranted, You liar! You cheat! You despicable deceiver! How could you? I trusted you with all my heart and soul. . . . And all these years youve been playing off the ladies tees!" Some things are sacred!


Divisional winners all sponsored by Mercedes Benz East Rand. Divisional runners-up all sponsored Kleinhoekkloof Wine.
A Division Larry Bredenkamp Antonio da Mota H/C 7 10 Pts 39 38 B Division Alec Lewis-Williams Dion Cuyler H/C 11 12 Pts 37 37 C Division David Brown Terry White H/C 21 18 Pts 36 34

Best playing four ball Pringle Gavin Ditcheld Tyron Zaaiman

H/C 18

Pts 138

R/U playing four ball SAB Larry Bredenkamp Nic du Toit

H/C 44

Pts 136

Cox Trophy

Pts 36

John Warwick Hennie le Roes (G) H/C 23 Gavin Ditcheld John Warwick H/C 55 Pts 105 Pts 133

Rob Cunningham Denton Thiele (G) H/C 44 Pts 136

Tyron Zaaiman Bolties Suprise Pts 119 Mike Perkin Ferrars Ferret Cyril Ferrar Steve Anticevich Saunders Sizzle Alec Saunders Pts 21 Peter Redmond Rays Revenge Byron Price Hole 11 Hole 7 Hole 5

Best drawn four ball Bells Mike Carr Fernando Guilherme

R/U drawn four ball Bells Chris Leicher James Luyt Best playing pair Golfers Club Larry Bredenkamp

Alec Lewis-Williams Andrew Sommerville H/C 22 Pts 75

Worst playing four ball Breden / Larry B Brian Bolton Alf fyfe Vans 100

Riki Corthouts Sid Rickhoff

Rob Cunningham H/C 10

Mercados Matchbox R 500 400 300 Meat Rafe Fernando Guilherme Ian Taylor Rob Cunningham Brian Bolton Hole In One R 250 150 50 50 Hole Eagles Tyron Zaaiman Clean all Over Lance Cuyler Pick 3 : 39 - 37 - 36 Lance Cuyler Ralph White

R 400 400

Graham Bishop Petes Feet Peter Clayton Andy Ostle Sids Server Brian Cusins Mike Perkin Wununders Graham Bishop Hole 18 Hole 17

Hole 15


Divisional winners all sponsored by Mercedes Benz East Rand. Divisional runners-up all sponsored Kleinhoekkloof Wine.
A Division Robin Gray Andrew Sommerville H/C 10 5 Pts 37 34 B Division Richard Moore Eugene Marius H/C 15 11 Pts 40 33 C Division Kenneth Blake Andrew Cunningham H/C 25 21 Pts 35 34

Best playing four ball Pringle Ian Bradley Eugene Marius Tony Luyt Ian Taylor

H/C 39

Pts 123

R/U playing four ball SAB Dean Moore Otto Redlich

H/C 34

Pts 121

Cox Trophy

Pts 28

Richard Moore Ryan White (PROS) H/C 42 Richard Moore Andy Harris (PROS) H/C 15 Pts 68 Pts 121

Sommerville, Watson & Warwick Bolties Suprise Pts 123 Walter Kuner Ferrars Ferret Cyril Ferrar Darren Holm Saunders Sizzle Alec Saunders Graham Bishop Rays Revenge Byron Price Hole 11 Hole 9 Hole 4

Best drawn four ball Bells Kenneth Blake Malcolm Sheppard

H/C 70

Pts 123

R/U drawn four ball Bells Jamie Gowans Sid Rickhoff

Pye Bredenkap John Walsh H/C 62 Jonny Davis Wayne dElboux (IND) Pts 96

Worst playing four ball Breden / Larry B Derek Browne Ron Sinclair Vans 100 124 - Spero Marinaki 53 - Alec Saunders 199 - Andrew Cunningham Meat Rafe Phil van Acker Darren Holm Glen Dalton Allen Needham Hole In One

Best playing pair Golfers Club Richard Moore

Ryan White (PROS) H/C 18 Pts 20

Mercados Matchbox R 500 400 300 R 250 150 50 50 Hole Eagles Clean all Over Andre Germs Pick 3 : 37 - 40 - 35

Walter Kuner Petes Feet Peter Clayton Warren Wallace Sids Server Brian Cusins Darren Holm Wununders Pat Frampton Hole 17 Hole 14