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A Publication of Ravellette Publications, Inc., Philip, South Dakota 57567. The Official Newspaper of Haakon County, South Dakota. Copyright 1981.
Number 52
Volume 106
August 23, 2012
Market Report
Winter Wheat, 12 Pro...........................$8.10
Winter Wheat, Any Pro ..........................$7.30
Spring Wheat, 14 Pro ...........................$8.21
Milo ........................................................$7.49
Corn .......................................................$7.44
Millet ...................................................$23.25
by Nancy Haigh
To reopen a rural school is un-
heard of in South Dakota, but
Haakon County did just that, with
the first day of school on August 15.
Deep Creek School, about 60
miles northeast of Philip, was
closed in 2006 when attendance
numbers dropped too low. Now
young families are filling the area
once again, and the Haakon School
District Board of Education made
the move last January to open the
school. But, it was at the cost of
closing another school. The Chey-
enne School along Highway 34, just
west of Billsburg, closed just weeks
before the 2011-12 school term
began when families decided to ei-
ther bring their children to town or
homeschool them. These decisions
created a situation that made keep-
ing the Cheyenne School open un-
Theresa Deuchar, the Cheyenne
School teacher, and the remaning
students were moved to the Miles-
ville School. Dani Foss, the teacher
at Milesville, and Theresa split the
teaching duties into upper and
lower levels. Foss continues this
year in Milesville.
When talks began about reopen-
ing Deep Creek, Theresa agreed to
take the instructor position there.
She has five students, one second
grader and two each in the third
and fourth grades. All five of the
students had been attending Stan-
ley County’s Cheyenne School.
Theresa is excited about being
part of the school’s reopening and
continuing the tradition of a good
school. Some of her students’ par-
ents were pupils at the school.
For Theresa, it is a one-way trip
of 35 miles to a school that is on
Central Time. To help cut down on
travel, she plans to spend some
nights at the school.
“I told the kids they are a very
special group,” said Theresa. To re-
open the school was a big effort, she
said, and she wants the kids to
T.J. and Jeanine Gabriel have
two children attending Deep Creek
this fall. Dylan is in fourth grade
and Kori is in second. They also
have two-year-old Kaler at home.
T.J. noted the kids were excited
about the change, but then they’ve
only had a few days of school. Since
all five of the kids know each other
and have attended school together,
the change was a little easier.
T.J. said they carpooled with
Adam and Jodi Roseth, but it was
still 40 miles round trip for both
families, one took them in the
morning and the other picked them
up. Now, T.J. said, they travel 10
miles for each round trip.
Adam and Jodi have a daughter,
Bobbi, attending the third grade at
Deep Creek. Bobbi said she misses
her friends at Cheyenne, but so far
she likes Deep Creek. Adam and
Jodi also have two younger sons,
Jax and Kam, who they plan to
send to Deep Creek.
For the Roseths it was 14 miles
one-way to Cheyenne, versus the
present four miles to Deep Creek.
T.J. said the dads got together
and helped with the spruce-up
around the school grounds. They
stretched a fence, mowed, weed-
eated, erected a new flag pole and
filled in an old cistern. Adam noted
they plan to work on the fence
Becoming part of history, not just studying it, are the teacher and students at Deep Creek School, 60 miles northeast of
Philip. The rural school reopened this school year after being closed in May 2006; an event that has their community ab-
solutely excited. From left are Theresa Deuchar, Noah Johnson, Zakry Sinkey, Dylan Endres, Kori Endres and Bobbi Jarvi.
Courtesy Photo
trip 2
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by Del Bartels
Part of the Haakon School Dis-
trict board of education meeting
Monday, August 20, was the board
members touring the high school
for changes and proposed changes
for this school year.
The old weight room will now be
used for aerobics and AAU
wrestling practice. The Digital
Dakota Network room is now in
room A-1 near the high school of-
fice. Its old room west of the Fine
Arts Building stage is now the
weight room. Air conditioning units
have been installed in the class-
rooms and are being used.
A wall in the hallway south of
the commons area will be deco-
rated as the senior wall. Each
year’s senior class will paint that
area to their designs.
A good problem is that awards,
plaques and trophies earned by ac-
ademic and sports teams are so nu-
merous that display space for them
has to be rethought. Upper wall
areas touching the ceiling around
the building will continue to be
filled with future plaques. Some
trophies from decades ago might be
put in storage, but not thrown
away. The high school entryway
contains trophy cases and a large
swinging case of yearbook photos of
all past classes. The school board
and administration will discuss a
better location for the swinging
case so visitors will see the event
ticket booth more easily.
This year has nine students ap-
proved for open enrollment. One
eighth grader came from Stanley
County. From Kadoka Area are a
kindergartener, a sixth grader, a
seventh grader, one eighth grader,
three ninth graders and one tenth
grade student. That makes 150
students in seventh through 12th
grade attending the Philip school,
and 151 in kindergarten through
eighth grade, including the two
rural schools, for a total of 301 in
the entire system. One student in
the district will be homeschooled.
There will be a guided study hall
this year, for those students who
scored basic on the Dakota STEP
test in reading and math. Also, a
Homework Opportunity Time will
be for students who do not com-
plete their homework.
So far, 21 high school students
and 25 junior high students are out
for volleyball. Football includes 27
high school and 23 junior high stu-
dents. Cross country has 11 mem-
bers. Homecoming will be Friday,
September 14, when the football
team will host the New Underwood
Tigers. The annual Drive 4 UR
School Program by Philip Motor
and Ford Motor Company, where
donations to the school are made
for every test driven vehicle, will
also be September 14.
Graduation has been set for Sat-
urday, May 11. Baccalaureate will
be at 2:00 p.m. and graduation ex-
ercises will be at 3:00 p.m.
The board was notified of lane
changes resulting from continuing
education for Deborah Snook,
Brigitte Brucklacher, Kim
Bouman, Laura O’Connor and
Marie Slovek. The board officially
approved contracts for Linette
Donnelly as an alternate educa-
tional aide/detention/library, for
Lacey Clements as the junior high
volleyball coach, and Ralph
Kroetch, Jr. as the cross country
coach. Tracy Hand’s contract was
tabled for further interpretation of
the negotiated contract agreement.
The 2012-2013 Internet policy
was given its second reading.
Keven Morehart’s superinten-
dent’s report began with that the
newly reopened Deep Creek rural
school is going well. Morehart
stressed that Title program infor-
mation can be found in student
handbooks, in the high school and
elementary offices, in the Title
room or on the district’s website.
The next meeting for the Haakon
School District 27-1 school board
will be at 7:00 p.m., Monday, Sep-
tember 17, in room A-1 of the
Philip High School.
School board views changes
by Del Bartels
The Quilts With Love project for
United States veterans was the
presentation by Paula Vogelesang
at the Bad River Senior Citizen’s
Center in Philip, Thursday, August
Local residents then completed
nine jean quilts that will be given
to veterans residing in the Ft.
Meade and Hot Springs veterans
The project was begun in 2003 by
Maggie Jones, Republic, Mo., who
first sent some quilts to United
States service members in Iraq. “It
just kind of took off. We have al-
most 3,000 quilts made and mailed
oversees,” said Vogelesang, whose
father was a World War II veteran
and two brothers served during
Vietnam. “Everything we use is do-
nated; everything from materials
to time to postage mail.”
Heavier quilts cost more to ship,
so the project was expanded to in-
clude presenting quilts to local vet-
erans. Stating that she and other
quilters had a lot of demim, Voge-
lesang and the group decided to
send completed quilts to the resi-
dents of the Ft. Meade and Hot
Springs Veterans Administration
facilities. “We have a lot of cowboys
out here, and they have a lot of
jeans,” said Vogelesang. “I knew I
needed some help when the seven
stacks of material (in her walk-in
closet) got over seven foot tall
Quilters in the Haakon County
area will meet every second and
fourth Thursdays at 1:00 p.m. at
the Bad River Senior Citizen’s Cen-
ter. “Anyone is welcome to come
help,” said Vogelesang. “Basically
it’s a bunch of ladies in tennis
shoes. You couldn’t do this without
lots and lots of help.” Donations of
materials and time can be given
during the local meetings. Mone-
tary donations, mostly for shipping
costs, should be sent to Jones at
139 S. Lynn, Republic MO, 65738-
Quilts With Love project for vets
From left, standing: Rae Crowser, Paula Vogelesang, Norma Oldenberg, Jody John-
son, Barb Kroetch, Kay Payne and Mary Parson. Seated are Marlin Evans and
Phyllis Hajek. Not pictured: Alicia McQuirk. At right, the Quilts With Love label
sewn on to each quilt. Photo by Del Bartels
Chip sealing of Pine Street from Stanley Avenue eastward to Highway 73 is completed. Three other small areas were also
done, N. Center Avenue, part of Elm Street and part of Philip Avenue. The “wear barrier,” also called a rejuvenator, was
started over a week ago, but was put on hold because of the wind and other duties by the Philip crews. “Don’t like shooting
oil when it’s windy,” said Matt Reckling, public works director, “tends to get on people’s property and it’s a pain to get off.
And, we like it hot (the weather), but not scorching hot. It’s a fine line between bleeding (oil coming up through the chips)
and washboarding (the oil on a cooler day making the chip surface uneven).” The work was scheduled to be done this year,
though Reckling apologized for any inconvenience to motorists. He said that the work should be sufficient “for a good three
years if not longer.” The chip sealing is a “wearing surface” that helps preserve the blacktop on the road. The oil rejuvenates
the blacktop material and the rock chips preserve the base. Phase I of rebuilding Pine Street in Philip was completed in
1992. Phase II was completed in 1998. Since then, both areas have received chip sealing at least once. According to
Monna Van Lint, finance officer, the city of Philip budgets to chip seal a number of blocks each year, on a continuing rotation
basis, as a good maintenance policy. She said that most cities no longer do the work themselves, but contract it out, “so
Philip is still the exception,” said Van Lint. Philip purchased a used chip sealing machine last year. Just under $21,000
Chip sealing in Philip finished
Community excited by Deep
Creek School’s reopening
The school
board and ad-
ministration will
discuss finding
space for aca-
demic and
sports plaques
and trophies.
The swinging
yearbook photo
display in the
high school en-
tryway may be
put in a better
spot. Some peo-
ple, hurrying in
to sports events,
do not see the
ticket booth.
worth of oil was purchased, which will
last for at least a couple of years, and
the 213 tons of rock chip material was
purchased at $25.30 per ton.
Photo by Del Bartels
Lookin’ Around by Syd Iwan
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If you were hoping to buy a set of
encyclopedias in the near future,
you’re flat out of luck. They don’t
make them anymore. “Why ever
not?” you might inquire. Well,
they’ve been replaced by the infor-
mation highway, commonly known
as the Internet. You can now go on-
line and get just about all the in-
formation you want on almost any
subject. Sometimes, in fact, you get
way more than you want.
Frankly, I never was too fond of
encyclopedias. They were often too
scholarly for my tastes. The Amer-
icana set wasn’t too bad generally
speaking, but the Britannica was a
bit beyond me. There were others,
too, such as Compton and The
Book of Knowledge. I could handle
those fairly well although The
Book of Knowledge was poorly or-
The best you can buy right now
is about 2010 editions which aren’t
yet completely sold out. They will
cost you in the region of a thousand
bucks, but do you want to pay that
much for something that’s already
out of date? If you don’t mind being
behind the times, we have several
sets of reference books sitting
around the house that I can give
you a real deal on. Sure, one of
those is over fifty years old, but it’s
bound to have useful info on some
things. If you’re short of reading
material, it would take a while to
get through the complete set.
Newspapers are running into
similar problems thanks to the In-
ternet. A lot of folks don’t want to
wait a day for the news when it is
so readily and instantaneously
available on their computer moni-
tors. My Dad would have been ap-
palled. He cherished his daily
paper and read it very thoroughly
including the bridge and sports
columns and Ann Landers. He
would especially have missed the
crossword puzzles, and, admit-
tedly, it is hard to do crosswords on
a computer. To do them, you’d
probably have to print them out.
I, on the other hand, never liked
daily papers. They are published
on big unmanageable pages and
take more patience than I have. I
can handle the shorter local weekly
papers just fine, but the dailies are
just too much. Wife Corinne used
to like them pretty well except she
sometimes got behind on reading
them, and the newsprint turned
her fingers black and irritated her
skin. As a result, both Corinne and
I now read the news from the local
daily paper via computer. One ad-
vantage is that the cost is roughly
a third of the printed version, and,
if you don’t want an exact copy of
the printed paper, it might be free.
Sure, you have less paper around
to use for starting the fireplace or
wrapping fish, but neither do you
have to burn the old copies or cart
them off to the dump.
All print media has been af-
fected, it seems. Bookstores are
closing right and left. That would
be because more and more people
are reading their books on elec-
tronic contraptions of some kind or
other—even cell phones. I person-
ally have a Kindle which is an elec-
tronic device strictly for reading
books, magazines etc. Not only can
I read books on the Kindle, but I
can transfer them to any regular
computer as well which I fre-
quently do. If this option had been
available thirty years ago, maybe I
wouldn’t have a house stuffed full
of books, most of which I will prob-
ably never read again. Here, too,
the cost is cheaper when there is
no paper and ink involved, but the
prices have gone up quite a bit
since I first started ordering them
on line. You can still get many of
the classics for next to nothing, but
the newer ones are more expensive
than they were although still con-
siderably cheaper than their
printed counterparts.
One place, incidentally, where it
is harder to use stuff from com-
puter disks than in print would be
with instruction manuals. It is
much easier to flip back and forth
through an actual in-hand manual
than on a screen. One program I
have for typing up music scores
only came with a computer manual
which was tedious to use in the ex-
treme. I ended up printing a good
bit of that and putting it in a
binder for ease of use. That worked
out okay, but it was a fat manual
and took quite a bit of printing.
One print media that doesn’t
seem affected in all this would be
those awful gossip magazines you
see next to checkout counters.
These tell all the traumas and di-
vorces of the “beautiful” people. If
those mags fell on hard times and
disappeared, it wouldn’t bother me
very much. I could live okay with-
out them.
All of this, of course, is bad news
for those of you who despise com-
puters or don’t own one. Things
haven’t become completely desper-
ate for you yet, but they are apt to
get worse. Fortunately, I like com-
puters, but, as they say, “The times
are a-changing.” Hope I can keep
Make your opinion known … write a letter to the editor!
Fax signed copy to 859-2410 or e-mail with your
phone number to:
Decisions ... by Del Bartels
The man, on a visit back from his new job in the city, slowly clicked
the range of his rifle scope to zero in on the prairie dog about 30 yards
out. His brother-in-law impatiently leaned against the old pickup.
The citified country boy had driven in yesterday, not flying because
of the extra paperwork to get his rifle checked in as luggage. It was
registered, as it had to be, in his new home state. His brother-in-law
had some reloaded ammo, thus that didn’t have to be signed for when
purchased back home. The former country boy had driven his foreign
compact car instead of his own truck, a brand new automatic, short box
luxury rig that was only used to haul their speed boat.
Accidentally having mentioned some of his vacation intentions being
prairie dog shooting, he quickly backpedaled and lied to his office co-
workers. He would never shoot those poor, defenseless dogs. Lying was
getting to be part of city life. Many of his associates gave big bucks to
the humane society. His boss, an anti-gun supporter, was known for
using unrelated reasons to redact employees whom he didn’t agree
with. In South Dakota, you shared a beer and life went on.
The man and his wife were getting used to driving through toll
booths. They had needed most of the travel time to reacclimate to talk-
ing freely. Funny how social taboos can be more easily kept if they
aren’t broken even at home. Just by being spouses, they had to be care-
ful about offending people who had “alternative lifestyles.” Their kids
were actually both of theirs, a rarity in the city. They both were of the
same Old World heritage, also a rarity. Going to church, even praying
before supper, were traditions they quietly hold onto. Still, their coun-
try upbringing was slipping a bit. City life, even from the suburbs, was
sapping it away; more income, more costs, more stress.
He looked forward to having a beer at the rodeo later that evening.
He tolerated people sipping wine coolers while discussing soccer
matches. Steak was now often replaced by a salad. Freshly caught
large mouth bass was now sushi. He missed his rusty old stick shift
Chevy. He missed walking in the nearby town in the evenings and
chatting with friends, rather than avoiding the wrong side of town.
Helping his brother-in-law with the ranch was still an option. But,
he was actually using his fine arts college degree, doing what he
thought he wanted. But, they had to lock up everything. He rode an
hour each way for work. Their condo had no real yard. Barbecuing was
not a possibility. English was not always understood by people he had
to deal with. Pets weren’t allowed (especially big hunting dogs). He
mentally ticked off more items as he gazed through the scope.
The fast-paced city life was actually slowing his decision making.
Being back home would take getting used to. His brother-in-law finally
gave a silent huff, swung his own rifle over the box of the pickup and
pulled the trigger. There would be plenty more prairie dogs.
some more as well as other little
maintenance items. Both men said
they are excited about the reopen-
ing of the school.
T.J. said that while all the fami-
lies in the area attend the Deep
Creek Church, the school will bring
the community even closer to-
gether. He said it was tough on the
community when the school closed
six years ago. T.J. was a student at
Deep Creek through the eighth
grade, leaving after the 1990-91
term. Adam attended Deep Creek
through the seventh grade, leaving
when an older sibling started high
school in Philip.
Cindy Sinkey said her family
loves having Deep Creek open as it
is much closer for them. They trav-
eled 19 miles one-way to Cheyenne,
now it is only 16 for a round trip.
Their son, Zakry, is in the third
grade. Cindy said he, too, is miss-
ing friends from Cheyenne, but he
likes the new school and the
teacher. Cindy said her family is
looking forward to all the fun
events that Theresa has planned
for the school year.
Cindy also likes that there are
fewer kids, so they get more indi-
continued from page 1
A few residents of the Philip Nursing Home again took advantage of the state’s
free fishing licenses to nursing homes. This year’s excursion, Thursday, August
16, at a private fishing dam owned by Glenn O’Connell, was again coordinated
by Cheri Heeb. Marty Hansen, Jack Hansen and Corky Thorson assisted the res-
idents. The residents caught many small mouth bass and walleye. State regula-
tions restrict the bringing in of meat products to the nursing home kitchen, thus
the residents could not supply a fish supper for themselves and other residents.
That worked well, since the dam is a catch-and-release-only area. “Just like last
year, we couldn’t have asked for a nicer day,” said Heeb. M. Hansen said, “It’s
just good to get the residents out so they can get a little fresh air and have some
fun. They caught over 100 fish, and I had to go back to town to get more bait.
They had fun! We hope to do it again next month.” Shown above is Mary Kennedy
and J. Hansen, with Irene Becker in the background.
Residents gone fishing
Wanda Heeb and Marty Hansen showing off one the many fish caught.
Helen Slovek and Corky Thorson on the annual nursing home fishing excursion.
Irene Becker and Cheri Heeb during the nursing home residents’ fishing trip.
vidual attention. Connie Johnson,
the teacher at Stanley County’s
Cheyenne School, said that this
year she has nine students, three of
whom are kindergarteners.
Connie said she was very glad
Haakon County reopened Deep
Creek, not only did it ease numbers
for her, but also her son, Noah, a
fourth grader, will have someone
else as a teacher. Connie has
taught Noah since kindergarten.
The Johnsons live just under
seven miles from Deep Creek and
17 from Cheyenne.
Connie added that it is easier for
Noah since he doesn’t have to leave
as early, nor stay as late. He can
spend more time at home with his
dad, Jon, or with his grandparents,
Dick and Gene Hudson. All around,
it’s good for our family, she said.
Connie said Noah is very proud
to be a Scottie. His older brothers,
Avery, a sophomore at PHS, and
Wyatt, who graduated in 2012,
both wear Scottie clothing. Connie
said Noah has already gotten rid of
any clothing with Stanley County
Buffaloes on them.
Wyatt attended kindergarten
and first grade at Deep Creek, so
Noah has that connection now too.
Superintendent Keven Morehart
said that numbers should expand
to 10 kids within five to six years.
Adam said he figures the numbers
will peak in four years. Another
young family in the neighborhood
has three who will attend in the
near future.
Theresa has taught for more
than 30 years in the Philip school
system, most of them at rural
schools. Other rural schools she
has taught at include Plum Creek,
Old Trail, King, Lincoln, Hart, and
Alfalfa Valley.
She knows well the challenges
faced by families who have stu-
dents at rural schools and she’s ex-
cited to be part of the reopening of
Deep Creek. Theresa hopes to help
bring that sense of community
back to Deep Creek.
Connie said that while residents
from Deep Creek sent their kids to
Cheyenne, they never felt that it
was their school. Deep Creek is
their school and the parents are al-
ready interlacing their community
around the school.
Community excited by Deep Creek School’s reopening
Rural Llvlng
1hursday, August 23, 2012 · 1he Pioneer Review · Page 3
SÐS\ SunI!owev und
CommevcIu! Covn und
Soybeun P!ot Touvs
SÐS! IxfonsIon wIII hoId n four
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TrInI on Wodnosdny, Soµfombor
l2, bogInnIng nf 5:00 µm CÐT. To
gof fo fho µIof, from I-90, oxIf 226
nf Irosho, frnvoI 6.5 mIIos soufh
on SÐ Hwy l83, fhon 4.25 mIIos
wosf. Knfhy Crndy, SÐS! Ixfon-
sIon OIIsoods SµocInIIsf, wIII µros-
onf nn ovorvIow of fho µIof, nnd
dIscuss dIsonso, Insocf nnd ofhor
Issuos fhnf nro nµµnronf nnd how
fo mnnngo fhom. !oµrosonfnfIvos
from sood comµnnIos wIfh hybrIds
In fho µIof hnvo boon InvIfod fo
fnIk nbouf fhoIr µroducfs nnd nn-
swor quosfIons.
Inforosfod growors nro nIso In-
vIfod fo n four of fho commorcInI
corn nnd soybonn µIofs nf fho KIm
HnIvorson Inrm, nf nµµroxImnfoIy
6:00 µm CÐT fhnf ovonIng. Tho
µIofs nro Iocnfod four mIIos soufh
of I-90 oxIf 235 nf Konnoboc, nnd
l.?5 mIIos onsf. In nddIfIon fo fho
corn nnd soybonn hybrIds fhnf
KIm offors, ho hns osfnbIIshod n
corn µoµuInfIon fosf, consIsfIng of
µoµuInfIons from l6,000 fo 28,000
µInnfs µor ncro. KIm wIII offor n
monI of µork IoIn snndwIchos foI-
IowIng fho four In hIs gnrngo.
Iu!! WIntev WLeut Touv ÷
Ðukotu Iukes ReseuvcL Iuvm
SÐS! IxfonsIon wIII hoId n InII
WInfor Whonf Tour nf fho Ðnkofn
!nkos !osonrch Inrm, Wodnos-
dny, Augusf 29, bogInnIng nf l0:00
n.m. CÐT. Tho Ðnkofn !nkos !o-
sonrch Inrm Is Iocnfod l? mIIos
onsf of IIorro on SÐ Hwy 34.
Tho four wIII consIsf of n vnrIofy
of µrosonfnfIons µorfInonf fo wIn-
for whonf µroducors IncIudIng vn-
rIofy rocommondnfIons, wood, dIs-
onso nnd Insocf confroI. A monI
wIII bo sorvod nf noon, sµonsorod
by fho S.Ð. Whonf CommIssIon.
Tvees und ÐvougLt
Tho symµfoms of sovoro
droughf-sfross for docIduous froos
IncIudo Ionf scorchIng (mnrgIns of
fho Ionf nnd nron bofwoon voIns
furnIng brown), yoIIowIng, wIIfIng
nnd ovonfunIIy shoddIng, bogIn-
nIng fIrsf wIfh fho oIdosf Ionvos
nnd µrogrossIng fo fho youngosf.
ThIs Ioss of Ionvos In somo sµocIos
Is n mochnnIsm fo survIvo fho so-
voro moIsfuro dofIcIf.
Tho symµfoms of sovoro
droughf-sfross for conIfors IncIudo
noodIo brownIng fhon yoIIowIng on
µInos nnd noodIo fIµs furnIng yoI-
Iow, fhon rod for sµruco. Ivonfu-
nIIy fho oIdor noodIos nro shod,
nnd fhon fho youngor onos.
Whnf cnn bo dono now¨ Ivon If
your froo Is bogInnIng fo shod
Ionvos If shouId sfIII bo wnforod on
n roguInr bnsIs. ConfInuIng fo IrrI-
gnfo wIII Imµrovo fho chnncos fhnf
fho froo wIII rosumo normnI
growfh fho noxf yonr. Wo nro nIso
comIng uµ fo fho fImo whon froos
bogIn fo µroµnro for wInfor nnd n
sfrossod froo Is Ioss IIkoIy fo com-
µIofo fho hnrdonIng µrocoss nnd
moro suscoµfIbIo fo wInfor Injury.
WnforIng froos, µnrfIcuInrIy
conIfors, from mId-Augusf fhrough
Soµfombor Is crIfIcnI fo fhoIr wIn-
for survIvnI. An osfnbIIshod froo In
fho ynrd shouId rocoIvo n sIow
sonkIng nbouf onco or fwIco n wook
for nf Ionsf 30 mInufos, nµµIIod
wIfhIn fho rndIus of hnIf fho froo`s
hoIghf. ThIs Is onough wnfor fo
nIIow fho froo fo survIvo undor so-
voro droughf condIfIons, nof fo
fhrIvo. Wnfor Is fho onIy rosourco
froos nood now. Ðo nof forfIIIzo
droughf-sfrossod froos nnd nvoId
nny horbIcIdo uso If µossIbIo ns fho
nddIfIonnI sfross mny furfhor In-
juro fho froo.
8/2l-23: ÐnkofnIosf, MIfchoII
8/29: InII WInfor Whonf Tour,
l0:00 n.m. CÐT, Ðnkofn !nkos !o-
sonrch Inrm, l? mIIos onsf of
IIorro on SÐ Hwy 34
9/l2: SunfIowor, Soybonn, Corn
IIof Tour, 5:00 µ.m. CÐT, ÐusfIn
SmIfh nnd KIm HnIvorson Inrms,
Irosho nnd Konnoboc, SÐ
Extenslon News
by Bob lanning
lield 3peoialist, winner
Regional Lxtension Center
As mosf of you know by now, fho
Imorgoncy ConsorvnfIon Irogrnm
(ICI) sIgnuµ for Hnnkon nnd Jnck-
son CounfIos sfnrfod Mondny, Au-
gusf 20, 20l2 nnd wIII run for 30
dnys; fho dondIIno Is Soµfombor l8,
20l2. Ðuo fo fho ongoIng droughf,
ICI Is boIng ImµIomonfod fo hoIµ
nIIovInfo IIvosfock wnfor µrogrnms.
Tomµornry or µormnnonf µrncfIcos
mny bo cosf-shnrod ns fho nood ox-
Isfs. CurronfIy, fhoro Is no fundIng
for ICI buf wo hoµo fo soo fundIng
In fho nonr fufuro. SInco ICI funds
nro curronfIy 'µondIng`, wo nro onIy
nbIo fo nµµrovo nµµIIcnfIons ns
¨µondIng fundIng¨. In ofhor words,
fhoro nro no gunrnnfoos fhoro wIII
ovor bo monoy fo fund fho ICI nµ-
In ordor fo bo oIIgIbIo for ICI cosf
shnros for IIvosfock wnfor, nµµII-
cnnfs musf hnvo nn Inndoqunfo
wnfor sourco (duo fo fho droughf)
nnd fhoy musf hnvo grnss nvnIInbIo
for grnzIng. If fundIng Is µrovIdod,
oIIgIbIo µroducors mny rocoIvo cosf
shnro nssIsfnnco doµondIng on how
much monoy Is nIIocnfod for ICI,
how mnny nµµIIcnfIons nro submIf-
fod nnd how much monoy Is noodod
fo honor fho nµµIIcnfIons. Tho
Counfy ISA CommIffoo mny sof cosf
shnro rnfos nf 50 µorconf uµ fo ?5
µorconf nnd fhoy wIII IIkoIy sof fho
rnfo In consIdornfIon of fho fhroo fnc-
fors I jusf monfIonod.
Two omorgoncy IIvosfock wnfor
µrncfIcos undor ICI woro nµµrovod
for Hnnkon nnd Jnckson CounfIos.
IrncfIco IC-6 Is µrImnrIIy for In-
sfnIIIng µIµoIInos nnd sforngo fnnks
ns nnofhor sourco of wnfor bocnuso
fho µrImnry sourco Is Inndoqunfo.
IIµoIInos mny bo nbovo ground (con-
sIdorod n fomµornry µrncfIco) or
boIow ground (consIdorod n µormn-
nonf µrncfIco). IrncfIco IC-? Is for
hnuIIng wnfor fo IIvosfock.
Ior moro InformnfIon or fo submIf
nn ICI nµµIIcnfIon, µIonso confncf
fho Hnnkon-Jnckson Counfy ISA
OffIco nf 605-859-2l86.

!SÐA Is nn oqunI oµµorfunIfy µrovIdor, om-
µIoyor nnd Iondor. To fIIo n comµInInf of dIs-
crImInnfIon, wrIfo fo !SÐA, AssIsfnnf Socro-
fnry for CIvII !Ighfs, OffIco of fho AssIsfnnf
Socrofnry for CIvII !Ighfs, l400 Indoµondonco
Avonuo, S.W., Sfoµ 94l0, WnshIngfon, ÐC
20250-94l0, or cnII foII-froo nf (866) 632-9992
(IngIIsh) or (800) 8??-8339 (TÐÐ) or (866) 3??-
8642 (IngIIsh IodornI-roIny) or (800) 845-6l36
(SµnnIsh IodornI-roIny). !SÐA Is nn oqunI oµ-
µorfunIfy µrovIdor nnd omµIoyor.
Raakon-1ackson Farm 8ervlce Agency
Uuke westerberg, County Lxeoutive 0ffioer
~æaa/e·¸ 5c../e ? \e.
íccæ//¸ c,·ea ? cte·æ.ea
·´´.÷·. · ¹/./.t
÷Dusi Dags
÷Pour ons
÷Coldcn Malrin Fly Daii
First NationaI
Bank in PhiIip
859-2525 · Philip, SD
Since 1906 Member FDÌC
It's a jungIe out tbere! BankIng J InvestIng J
retIrement pIans J annuItIes J IRA .
DO NOT go tbere aIone. Get an experIenced
proIessIonaI you know and trust to gIve
you dIrectIon, see
Iowa’s Rainbow Ridge Gardens
will be selling Colorado peaches &
pears, Iowa sweet corn & tomatoes,
Woonsocket melons
& much more!!
Sunday, August 26th
9 a.m.
On the corner of Hwys. 14-73
(across from Morrison’s Pit Stop)
Cood mornIng from !ochosfor,
MInn. Tho mornIngs hnvo boon cooI
horo nnd I nood fo wIµo fho dow
from fho wIndows boforo drIvIng,
fomµornfuros In fho hIgh 40s nnd
Iow 50s fo sfnrf fho dny.
Anybody who hns ovor soon ono
of fhoso chnso sconos fhrough n
µnrkIng rnmµ suro novor drovo In
fhoso rnmµs. As I wInd my wny
fhrough fho mnzo nnd rondIng fho
dIrocfIons nbovo IookIng for fho
oxIf, I know fhnf rnmµ Isn'f ono
usod fo chnso fhrough.
Tony Hnrfy sµonf Mondny rocov-
orIng from fho bIg fnmIIy rounIon
wookond. Ho nIso hns fnIfhfuIIy
cnIIod onch dny fo chock on IIII.
Mondny wns n froo dny for IIII
nnd mo horo In !ochosfor, MInn.
IIII couId onf nnyfhIng fhnf dny,
buf fhnf nIghf ho hnd n sµocInI
showor fo fnko nnd fhon Tuosdny
mornIng, Augusf l4, nnofhor
showor usIng fho snmo sonµ nnd ro-
µorf In nf fho MofhodIsf HosµIfnI
horo nf 5:45 n.m. Ynwn, n Iong dny,
surgory fook µInco nnd IIII nnd I
snw onch ofhor ngnIn nbouf 4:00
µ.m. A fummy fuck fook µInco
nffor n chunk of coIon wns romovod
In ordor fo gof nround fho scnr fIs-
suo. Ho wns vory uncomforfnbIo
from fho surgory. Ior fhoso who
hnvo boon foIIowIng our journoy on
Incobook, I'm gInd fo bo nbIo fo
kooµ frIonds nnd fnmIIy Informod
nnd suro hnfo fo go Info nny dofnIIs
oxcoµf fo Iof you nII know wo nµµro-
cInfo your fhoughfs nnd µrnyors
durIng fhIs fImo. IIII Is honIIng
sIowIng, wo hnvo ndjusfmonfs fo
gof nccusfomod fo. Ho gof fwo unIfs
of bIood Snfurdny nnd Sundny. Hns
boon wnIkIng fo gof sfrongfh buIIf
uµ. Tho hosµIfnI Is fosfIng mo fo
soo If I cnn fInd IIII onch dny, wo
wonf from socond fIoor, fo sIxfh
fIoor, l0fh fIoor nnd fInnIIy fIffh
fIoor. Af fImos, I fInd mysoIf won-
dorIng whoro I nood fo go, buf gon-
ornIIy fInd fho cnr In fho µnrkIng
rnmµ nnd IIII In hIs room!
Ðon nnd VI Moody onjoyod n nIco
vIsIf wIfh !nynno (Irooks) Iuch-
hoIz from IrvIngfon, AIn.,Mondny
nffornoon ns sho nnd ÐnvIdIuch-
hoIz woro vIsIfIng ÐnvId's mom,
!nmonn IuchhoIz, nnd frIonds In
fho IhIIIµ nron. Sho drovo ouf
fofho rnnch fo cnfch uµ on fho Inf-
osf sInco !nynno sµonf n Iof of hor
youfh nf Iob nnd ShIrIoy !nm-
µorf's nnd of courso VI fnughf hor
ovoryfhIng sho knows nbouf
horsos, cnffIo rnnchos, nnd ovon
hnrnossIng n drnffmnro for n sIn-
gIohorso buckbonrd wngon whIch
wns In fho 50fh nnnIvorsnry µn-
rndo In IhIIIµ.VI nnd !nynno woro
nof fhowngon mnsfors fhough or
If fhoy woro, noIfhor ono cnn ro-
mombor If buf fhoy do romombor
drIvIng fho wngon wIfh
QuoonIo fowIng If nII ovor fho
rnnch.VI's dnd musf hnvo fhoughf,
¨Tho fIrsf fhIng fhoso gIrIs nro
goIng fo Ionrn Is fo hnrnoss fhoIr
own horsoµowor!¨!nynno gof hor
foof sfoµµod on by n mnssIvo hoof,
so fhnf wns ono of fho fIrsf Iossons
Ionrnod.IhIIIµ nnd Irono Hnnson
woro on fho µInco fhon hoIµIng Iob
nnd ShIrIoy. IhIIIµ musf hnvo hnd
Iofs of fun wIfh fhoso young gnIs
growIng uµ ns !nynno romombors
hIm µuIIIng hor IongbrnIdod hnIr
whon sho wns rIdIng Tnr Inby, fho
young fwo-yonr-oId coIf bnroIy
broko nf fho fImo. !nynno nIwnys
kIdsVI nbouf hor goffIng fho nowIy
broko sfock, buf ovoryono hns fo
Ionrn "how fo bo fough" on n rnnch.
Ðon nnd VI wonf Info IhIIIµ nnd
vIsIfod wIfh !nynno nf fhoIr frnIIor
whIch wns µnrkod In IhIIIµ. !ny-
nno nnd ÐnvId Ioff Tuosdny for
fhoIr rofurn frIµ homo.
!nynno nIso vIsIfod nf Sonny nnd
Ioffy !nIonu`s whIIo sho wns In
IhIIIµ. Thoy hnd n good vIsIf nbouf
oId fImos nnd shnrod Iofs of funny
sforIos of whon fhoy woro youngor.
!nynno sµonf n Iof of summors nf
Ioffy`s µnronf`s homo durIng fho
summors. If Is nIwnys good fo ro-
connocf wIfh oId frIonds.
KInsoy, ÞnfnIIo nnd Kohon CIf-
fIngs wonf fo !nµId CIfy Tuosdny.
KInsoy gof n four of fho schooI ho'II
bo nffondIng fhIs fnII.
Tuosdny, Tony Hnrfy vIsIfod
ShIrIoy HnIr buf If wns n hof dny so
ho soffIod In nf homo nwny from
fho honf.
Ðon nnd VI Moody woro busy
Wodnosdny workIng wIfh cnffIo
nnd nro fryIng fo wonn fhoIr cows
from wnnfIng fo sfny In fho froos
nnd whnf wIfh cooIor wonfhor nnd
ofhor µnsfuros sfIII wnIfIng for nu-
fumn grnzIng fho cows wIII hnvo
fo roncqunInf fhomsoIvos fo fho
movo onco n fnd bIf of sorfIng gofs
dono.Thoy sµonf quIfo n bIf of fImo
wIfh fhoso cows for n fow hours gof-
fIng moro mInornI fubs ouf, ofc.
Tho cows nron'f suro of fho Cnfor
yof, so fhnf wns n fnsf drIvo by for
suro. Thnf wns jusf n fun ovonIng
drIvo fhough fo onjoy "cooI"
Wodnosdny nffornoon, WIImn
Sfouf nccomµnnIod Tony Hnrfy fo
!nµId CIfy whoro fhoy nffondod
fho CommunIfy AcfIon Irogrnm
moofIng, hnd suµµor nnd dId somo
shoµµIng boforo rofurnIng homo.
Coorgo CIffIngs wonf fo fho bon-
ofIf for Shnron Andorson IIIwoIn In
If. IIorro Wodnosdny ovonIng.Our
fhoughfs nnd µrnyors go ouf fo
Shnron nnd fnmIIy.
Ðon nnd VIMoody Ioff Thursdny
for !nµId CIfy for vnrIous nµµoInf-
monfs. IrIdny ovonIng, fhoy nf-
fondod fho ConfrnI Sfnfos InIr nnd
onjoyod fho wosforn µIonsuro rId-
Ing judgIng nf fho Irny
Aronn.Thoro Is Iofs of gnrdon µro-
duco boIng soId nII nround !nµId,
so fhoy hnd Iofs of µIckIng nnd so-
IocfIons of goodIos. Thoy nIso hnd n
sfoµ for nn Ico cronmsundno IrI-
dny on fhoIr wny fo fho fnIr.
Jody CIffIngs onjoyod hoIµIng
KInsoy CIffIngs gof Info fho hny
fIoId nnd hoIµod wIfh fho µuffIng
uµ of somo hny for Coorgo CIffIngs.
Thursdny, Tony Hnrfy fook Ion-
nIo !IggIns nnd ShIrIoy HnIr fo
WnnbIoo on busInoss, nnd mndo
somo doIIvorIos nround Kndokn on
fhoIr rofurn. Knfhy Irown wns n
vIsIfor nf Tony's fhnf ovonIng.
Þo nows from fho SfurgIs nron
nnd !nIµh nnd Cnfhy IIodIor musf
jusf bo onjoyIng mIId fomµornfuros
nnd Ioss frnffIc nround fhoIr IIffIo
IrIdny, Tony Hnrfy hnd bronk-
fnsf nnd vIsIfod ShIrIoy HnIr In fho
nffornoon. Ho nIso vIsIfod Insfor
nnd ÐorIs WoIschnrf nnd wonf fo
fho rnnch bronc rIdo nf fho Kndokn
IuffnIo Sfnmµodo In fho ovonIng.
Our symµnfhy fo fho fnmIIy of
JIm CoffsIobon. JIm nIwnys hnd n
smIIo nnd good words for nII ho
Snfurdny for Tony Hnrfy wns
bronkfnsf ouf nnd n vIsIf nround
fown wIfh foIks. Thnf ovonIng, ho
wonf fo InforIor for suµµor.
JossIcn CIffIngs fook ÐnnIoI fo
WorfhIngfon, MInn., Sundny nffor-
noon so fhnf ho cnn sµond somo
fImo wIfh hIs dnd.
Sundny nffornoon, Ðon nnd VI
Moody hnd orrnnds nround !nµId
CIfy In fho Cnnyon !nko nron nnd
fook n drIvo ouf wosf on Hwy. 44
µnsf fho SfnvkIrk ChnµoI In fho
IInck HIIIs nnd on Info Johnson
SIdIng fo soo frIonds for n IIffIo vIs-
IfIng. If wns n bonufIfuI cooI
drIvo.IvoryfhIng Is vory groon In
!nµId VnIIoy, buf rnIn Is sfIII vory
much noodod nII nround.
Sundny, Tony Hnrfy wonf fo
church nnd hnd dInnor ouf. Thon
ho wonf fo fho Wofn counfry nnd
vIsIfod nf fho homos of JIm nnd
John Horbor nnd mof fhoIr now
noIghbor, Mnrk. Ho vIsIfod John
nnd CnroI SoIon, chockIng on how
John Is rocuµornfIng from hIs horso
wrock fhnf ho hnd nbouf n monfh
ngo nnd hnd suµµor wIfh fhom.
John hns boon on fho horso ngnIn,
buf goffIng on nnd off Is n bIf of n
Hnµµy 60fh bIrfhdny fo Ðnvo
Konsf. !oonnrd Konsf cnIIod fo
chock on IIII nnd foId us nbouf fho
surµrIso coIobrnfIon In !nµId CIfy.
You cnn foII fhoy nro sfIII young, ns
fhoy cIosod down fho osfnbIIsh-
An nrfIcIo In fho Augusf l6 ¨!SA
Todny¨ cnughf my nffonfIon, ¨!sod
cnr scnms onsIor fo µuII off onIIno.¨
A word fo fho wIso, If you soo n
vohIcIo ndvorfIsod nf n snIo µrIco
much Iowor fhnn fho vohIcIo Is
worfh, If Is µrobnbIy foo good fo bo
fruo. Ðon'f µny n sfrnngor for n
usod cnr or nny Ifom vIn Wosforn
!nIon or MonoyCrnm. IrosµocfIvo
soIIors cnn onsIIy µosf µIcfuros of n
cnr onIIno or vIn omnII fhnf fhoy
don'f own. Thoro nro mnny wnys fo
chock ouf InformnfIon, so bo cnrofuI
nbouf fhoso good donIs fhnf mny nr-
rIvo In your omnII.
BetwIxt PIaces News
by Marsha Sumpter · Sß?-B04S · bIImar©
Rlt & Mlss
1hursday, August 23, 2012 · 1he Pioneer Review · Page 4
I¸ Víuíun Hunscn - uíuíuí224¸¸uIoo.con
o¡ Ictt¸¸¡íoncc¡-¡cuícu.con
£!dev!y Meu!s
TLuvsduy, Aug. 23: ChIckon
Cordon IIou, WIId !Ico IIond,
!onsfod Þnnfuckof VoggIos, !oII,
Cormnn ChocoInfo Cnko.
IvIduy, Aug 24: ChIµoIfo !Imo
TIInµIn, Inby Inkors wIfh Sour
Cronm, CnuIIfIowor Au CrnfIn,
!oII, IruIfod CoInfIn.
Monduy, Aug. 2?: ChIckon IIc-
cnfn, ScnIIoµod Iofnfoos, !onsfod
Cnrdon VoggIos, !oII, ChorrIos.
Tuesduy, Aug. 2B: ChIckon
IrIod Sfonk, Mnshod Iofnfoos,
Corn, !oII, !omon IuddIng.
Wednesduy, Aug. 29: IfnIInn
Sub SnndwIch, Ions nnd Chooso
SnInd, WhIfo Ionn ChIckon SnInd,
ÐIcod Ionrs.
IrIdny, Augusf l0, nf Somorsof
Courf wo hnd nImosf n fuII houso nf
mornIng oxorcIsos. Thon fhoro wns
nn onrIy shoµµIng frIµ. I snw
Shnwn nnd Snndy comIng In wIfh
shoµµIng cnrfs fIIIod wIfh IncIdon-
fnIs. Thnnks, gIrIs, If mnkos nn ouf-
Ing nnd somo rosIdonfs IIko fo do
fhoIr own shoµµIng.
MnrIIyn Iuffs wonf fo fho mnII
fo wnIk nnd vIsIf wIfh frIonds IrI-
dny mornIng.
In fho nffornoon, wo hnd cookIng
wIfh Snndy, Shnwn nnd Susnn.
!osIdonfs hoIµIng mnko fho doII-
cIous sfrnwborry/rhubnrb dossorf
woro Irod, Irono Cox, VIoIof, IIoy,
Anno, nnd VIvInn. !ynn !ovo`s
fhroo dnughfors, McKonnn, l6,
!ommI, l3, nnd IIµor, l2, woro
fhoro. McKonnn wouId IIko fo bo n
fIIghf nffondnnf, so sho cnn frnvoI.
IIµor hoµos fo bocomo n Inwyor
nnd gIvo jusfIco. And !ommI wouId
IIko fo bocomo n chof, bocnuso sho
Iovos fo cook.
Shnwn broughf dozons of µhofos
of rosIdonfs whIch sho hnd fnkon nf
ovonfs fhIs summor. Somo woro
fnkon nf fho SµonrfIsh IIsh Hnfch-
ory nnd somo woro nf fho Somorsof
Courf Iunu. Ofhors woro fnkon nf n
µIcnIc In fho µnrk. Ask hor fo show
fhom fo you.
Wo hnd musIc wIfh Skoofor
Ioyor. Mrs. Ioyor nnd n grnndson
nnd fwo IIffIo dogs woro nIong. Wo
hnd n good bunch of rosIdonfs como
fo IIsfon: VIrgInIn, AddIo, Vordn,
!ucIIIo, ÐorIs, Irono A., MnrIIyn I.,
Irmn, ÐwIghf, Irod !oss, Joyco,
Wnrron, ShIrIoy H., Mnry !ou Io-
fors, who Is now, ChnrIIo nnd
Jonnno, MnxIno, nnd VIvInn.
Thnnk you, Skoofor. Somo of fho
songs woro ¨ModIoy of IIuo SkIrf,¨
¨Konfucky WnIfz,¨ ¨Tonnossoo
WnIfz,¨ ¨Þorfh To AInskn,¨ ¨WIII
fho CIrcIo Io !nbrokon,¨ ¨On fho
!ond AgnIn,¨ ¨How Cronf Thou
Arf,¨ ¨Jusf n CIosor WnIk WIfh
Thoo,¨ nnd ¨Show Mo fho Wny fo
Co Homo.¨ If rnInod n fow droµs.
Sundny wo hnvo church sorvIcos,
of courso you know fhnf Is nof nII
wo do. Tho fIrsf fhIng wo do Is gof
uµ! Thnf Is nn ovonf. Cof drossod.
Hnvo bronkfnsf. Iosf monI of fho
dny! Affor bronkfnsf, I IIko fo wnIk
fhroo Inµs nnd fnko n nnµ. Somo
rosIdonfs go ouf fo church nnd
ofhor rosIdonfs hnvo comµnny or go
ouf wIfh roInfIvos. Sundny noon
monI nf Somorsof Courf Is nIwnys
sµocInI. Ivoryono Is In fhoIr Sun-
dny bosf nnd wo nro n µroffy good
IookIng bunch.
Sundny, Augusf l2, 20l2, nf
Somorsof Courf, Ðon Sfonsgnnrd
hnd comµnny, hIs dnughfor,
ÐonoIIo !IIIIg, from Soufh Cnr-
IIIoon TonoId µInyod hymns In
fho ncfIvIfy gnrdon. Thnnk you,
Sundny, Augusf l2, wo hnd
church wIfh !ov. nnd Mrs.
!Ichnrdson. Jnck Humko µInyod
for sIngIng. Mrs. !Ichnrdson snng
for us, ¨SwIng !ow Swoof ChnrIof.¨
Thnnk you nII. Tho !Ichnrdsons
broughf fhoIr dnughfor nnd fhroo-
yonr-oId grnndson fo vIsIf us. Wo
hnd soon fho boy whon ho wns n
bnby. Ho Is n gronf joy fo fho
!ov. !Ichnrdson confInuod hIs
fhomo from fho Insf fImo nbouf
how fo mnko us fooI usofuI. Wo
musf romombor fhnf our wondorfuI
kIds nnd grnndkIds hnvo buIIf on
fho knowIodgo nnd oxµorIoncos
fhnf wo hnvo gono fhrough boforo
fhom. Wo hnvo boon nIIowod fo
grow so oId for n ronson, fo Iof fho
youngsfors soo us ns survIvors. Wo
hnvo mof ndvorsIfy nnd fIgurod ouf
wnys nround If. Wo hnvo sfudIod
nnd wo µnss our IonrnIng on fo fu-
furo gonornfIons.
!ov. !Ichnrdson usod fho oxnm-
µIos of ÐnvId nnd CoIInfh. CoIInfh
wns vory bIg, buf ÐnvId hnd Cod on
hIs sIdo.
MnxIno KIImor kIndIy Ionf mo n
song book wIfh fho song, ¨Thoro`s n
Homo In WyomIng.¨ Thnnk you,
MnxIno. In fhIs book fhoro nro n
numbor of ofhor oId songs I dIdn`f
hnvo: ¨Cnsoy Jonos, wns n Irnvo
IngInoor,¨ ¨A Ionny n KIss, n
Ionny n Hug,¨ ¨Thoro`s nn OId
SµInnIng WhooI In fho InrIor,¨ ¨I
Ðnncod wIfh fho ÐoIIy WIfh n HoIo
In Hor SfockIng,¨ nnd ¨OIo InIfh-
fuI.¨ Thoso oId songs mnko mo
fhInk of my husbnnd, VIrgII, who
usod fo µIny fho vIoIIn whon wo
woro young. Ho hnd fnkon Iossons
from Immn IoInIcky, n fIno
fonchor of fho oId dnys In fho coun-
fry ouf norfhonsf of IhIIIµ.
If wns µIonsnnf fo rond fho JuIy
26, l962, ¨IInsf Irom fho Insf¨ In
fho Augusf 9, 20l2, IhIIIµ IIonoor
!ovIow. Thoro wns nn Ifom nbouf
fho 45fh woddIng nnnIvorsnry of
AusfIn nnd AnnIo O`Ðon. Tho ovonf
wns hoId In fho IhIIIµ Sncrod
Honrf HnII In IhIIIµ. And I nIwnys
onjoy Mnry IIdo`s CrIndsfono
Þows, nbouf my oId frIonds nnd
Ðo you ovor drIvo down fho rond
from !nµId CIfy fo SconIc on HIgh-
wny 44¨ Ðown fhoro by fho
Choyonno !Ivor Is n bIg f-rox dI-
nosnur roµIIcn. If wns buIIf of con-
crofo Iong ngo by fwo Crosfon
busInossmon. Whon fho vIIIngo
dwIndIod nwny, fho dInosnur foII
Info dIsroµnIr. If wns robuIIf n fow
yonrs ngo, by n grouµ of cIvII ongI-
noorIng sfudonfs from fho !nµId
CIfy Soufh Ðnkofn SchooI of MInos
nnd TochnoIogy ns n work µrojocf
fo uso sovornI ongInoorIng fncfIcs.
M.!. Hnnson sorvod ns fhoIr ndvI-
Our now rosIdonf nf Somorsof
Courf, Mnry Cnffnoy, wns n WWII
nurso nnd workod In fIvo counfrIos.
Anofhor now Somorsof Courf rosI-
donf Is John Iuurmn.
On Augusf ll, Mnuroon IoffIg
nnd MnrIIyn ShoIfon, !nµId CIfy,
cnmo fo vIsIf fhoIr nunf, Inf SfnIoy,
nf Somorsof Courf. In fho nffor-
noon, fhoro woro four for whIsf nnd
four for µInochIo nnd n fow wnfchod
fho movIo.
My dnughfor, VInnIo Hnnson,
Snnfn Cruz, CnIIf., sonf n bonufIfuI
cnrd. Sho hnd jusf oncounforod
somo chokochorrIos on fho odgo of
fho µnrkIng Iof nf fhoIr !Ivo Onk
!Ibrnry. Thoy mndo hor fhInk of
oId fImos nf IhIIIµ whon wo wouId
mnko chokochorry joIIy. Thnnk you
for fho µroffy cnrd, VInnIo. Tho on-
voIoµo Is IIko n µnfchwork quIIf nnd
on fho fronf of fho cnrd Is n goIdon
bIrd. VInnIo roµorfod fhnf Augusf
ll wns hor fIrsf gIg of fho sonson fo
µIny koybonrd wIfh n ukuIoIo or-
chosfrn down by fho oconn, ¨Tho
Sons of fho Ionch.¨
!oforrIng fo ÐoI InrfoI`s
µoIgnnnf coIumn of JuIy 26, In fho
IhIIIµ IIonoor !ovIow, ¨Tho !nIns
WIII Como.¨ My noµhow, !oonnrd
Moyor, omnIIod fhnf ho wns
fouchod by ÐoI`s sonfImonf. Wo ro-
mombor n droughf or fwo nnd how
wo survIvod.
¨Thoro`s n Homo In OId
WyomIng¨ Is n song fhnf sµonks fo
mo of l935, bnck In Coffonwood.
Tho Coorgo Vnn Mofors hnd n
µInyor µInno, nnd fhoIr dnughfor,
!ufh, nnd ofhor hIgh schooI kIds
nnd I wouId µIny If nnd ofhor roIIs
fuII bInsf ovor nnd ovor. Thnf yonr,
fho Vnn Mofors fook off for Homo-
dnIo, Idnho. Thoy found work In
fIoId gnrdons nnd orchnrds. IIrsf
on fhoIr wny wosf fhoy soId fhoIr
µInyor µInno In !nµId CIfy.
An ncfIvIfy nf Somorsof Courf
Mondny wns fhroo dImonsIonnI boo
hIvos wIfh sfIck on fIowors, boos,
nnd honoy jnrs. Thoy couId sIf or
hnng. Thoy woro cufo nnd coIorfuI.
Amy VoyIos, our voIunfoor, hns ro-
covorod somowhnf from hor hurf
Iog. (Sho wns sfnndIng on n foIdIng
chnIr nnd If foIdod.) Sho wns nbIo fo
joIn us. Susnn wns fhoro fo hoIµ,
foo. !osIdonfs mnkIng boohIvos
woro AddIo, Agnos, IIoy, Irono C.,
IIIoon, Mnrgnrof, nnd VIvInn.
Thnnk you for fhIs µIonsnnf ncfIv-
Mondny nffornoon, wo hnd fho
movIo ¨Tho !ockofoors¨ on fho bIg
scroon on fhIrd fIoor. Wo Ico coId
roof boor nnd frosh hof µoµcorn. In
fho Info l920s, us kIds nf counfry
schooI usod fo dronm of µorsonnI
sIzo rockofs. Tho movIo wns con-
frIvod fo Iook IIko fho fInmos from
fho rockof woro bInsfIng rIghf nf
fho Ind`s Iogs. Tho bosf µnrf of fho
movIo wns sooIng fho l920s cnrs.
Af movIo fImo, sovornI µooµIo
gnfhorod In fho ncfIvIfy gnrdon for
cnrds. M.!. Hnnson cnmo for scrnb-
bIo. Inrbnrn nnd WIIIow hnvo fIn-
Ishod fhoIr vIsIf nf HoIIy`s by Sf.
InuI nnd nro drIvIng fo TIffnny`s In
Iown CIfy, µrobnbIy 400 mIIos.
Irono McKnIghf hnd comµnny
Mondny, Augusf l3, hor grnndson,
ngo fIvo, nnd hIs mom from Ab-
Af Somorsof Courf on Mondny
our fnvorIfo dIsh soomod fo bo
Insngnn, µrobnbIy fho bosf I ovor
Tho IhIIIµ IIonoor !ovIow Au-
gusf 9, 20l2, hnd nn Insorf nbouf
SocInI SocurIfy. If foId vnIunbIo
hIsfory nbouf fho !SA SocInI Socu-
rIfy µrogrnm sInco Ifs bogInnIng.
Thoro mny bo fhIngs you dIdn`f
know nbouf how If works. In ordor
fo rocoIvo fho mosf bonofIf, If Is Im-
µorfnnf fo know fho roguInfIons.
!uIos of CIvIIIfy nnd Ðoconf Io-
hnvIor by Coorgo WnshIngfon Is n
guIdo fo good mnnnors. I fooI suro
fhnf ho wouId fnko mo nsIdo nnd
corrocf my bohnvIor. I IIko fo do
crosswords nnd sudokus nf fho dIn-
Ing room fnbIo whIIo wo hnro hnv-
Ing monIs. I cnn`f fnIk whIIo I nm
chowIng, nnd If sooms n shnmo fo
wnsfo nII fhnf fImo. Yof, I fonr hIs
ruIo numbor l8, wouId nof µormIf
my bohnvIor. ¨!ond no Ioffors,
books, or µnµors In comµnny, buf
whon fhoro Is n nocossIfy for doIng
of If, you musf nsk fo Ionvo.¨
¨Io nof forwnrd, buf frIondIy nnd
courfoous, fho fIrsf fo snIufo, honr
nnd nnswor. Io nof µonsIvo whon
If Is fImo fo convorso.¨ ¨Sµonk nof
InjurIous words, noIfhor In josf nor
In onrnosf; scoff nf nono, nIfhough
fhoy gIvo occnsIon.¨ Coorgo Wnsh-
Tuosdny, Augusf l4, 20l2, wo ro-
coIvod nows of fho donfh of formor
Somorsof Courf rosIdonf, IIossIo
AIbrIghf. My symµnfhy fo fnmIIy
nnd frIonds. SorvIcos nro µondIng
nf IIunf.
Augusf l4, wo hnd µIng-µong
µokor. Wo foss µIng µong bnIIs Info
n Inundry bnskof from n dIsfnnco of
l2 foof or so. MIIdrod Young won
ono gnmo, nnd Irono Arbnch fho
ofhor. !osIdonfs µInyIng woro MII-
drod nnd hor hoIµor, Kny, IIoy,
Irono McK., Mnry !ou Iofors,
AddIo, VIoIof, Irod, IIIoon, MnrI-
Iyn I., JIm HoImos, nnd VIvInn.
Snndy nnd Susnn koµf scoros nnd
µIckod uµ bnIIs. Conorous Somor-
sof bucks woro gIvon fo nII who
µInyod nnd nddIfIonnI for fho wIn-
AIso on Tuosdny, wo hnd bIngo
wIfh Snndy cnIIIng fho numbors.
Susnn wns fhoro fo hoIµ. VoIunfoor
Amy VoyIos nnd hor grnmµs, John
Ðonovnn, cnmo fo µIny bIngo. Two
of !ynn !ovo`s dnughfors cnmo fo
µosf numbors. IIngo wInnors woro
HoIon A., fwIco, Annoffn, Anno I.,
Irono A., MnrIIyn I., VIoIn, nnd
Mnry !ou Iofors. If wns Ðon
Sfonsgnnrd`s bIrfhdny nnd ho nnd
hIs dnughfor, ÐonoIIo from Soufh
CnroIInn, broughf n bIg docornfod
mnrbIo cnko nnd fho Somorsof
Courf kIfchon suµµIIod frod fruIf
knbobs. Thnnk you nnd hnµµy
bIrfhdny, Ðon.
MnrjoIIno SoIf hnd comµnny nf
bIngo, HoIdI Murrny nnd dnugh-
fors, !oboccn nnd AshIoy.
AddIo !orvIg snf uµ n gnmo of
µInochIo on fhIrd fIoor. Whon I Ioff,
VIoIof hnd showod uµ fo µIny.
!oconfIy, fho Soufh Ðnkofn
SchooI of MInos nnd TochnoIogy
sonf ouf fhoIr Augusf 20l2 nIumnI
nowsIoffor. Ðr. MoIIy CrIbb, hond
of SÐSM&T cIvII nnd onvIronmon-
fnI doµnrfmonf, sonf hor groofIngs
nnd monfIonod mnny ncfIvIfIos
fhnf hnd boon cnrrIod on nf
SÐSM&T fhIs yonr.
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`·' . · |··'·
(÷· : .·. ` `, |··'·)
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|'. ' . , /·'' ·c !. ' . ·¸
They are registered at Walmart & Target
You’re invited
to a
Come & Go Bridal Shower for
Taylor Holman
(ancée of Cody Espinoza)
Saturday, August 25th
2:00 to 5:00 p.m. at the
Ravellette home
(2 mi. N, 1/2 mi. E of Philip
on Lake Waggoner Road)
e bride-to-be is registered
at Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond
1ou u·« :n.:í«u ío u
Com« . Go B·:uu! Snou«·
Jo· Su·un Fo!unu
(J:uncé« oJ Jo.«pn K«nn«uy oJ B«·«.Jo·u, SD)
Suíu·uuy, du¸u.í ..ín
J·om . ío ! p.m. uí ín«
Buu R:.«· S«n:o· C:í::«n'. C«ní«· :n Pn:!:p
Tn« coup!« :. ·«¸:.í«·«u uí
B«u, Buín . B«yonu unu Tu·¸«í
August 24-25-26-27:
Total Recall
Fri: 8:00 p.m. Sat: 8:00 p.m.
Sun: 1:30 p.m. Mon: 7:00 p.m.
Gem Thea¡re
SS9-2000 - PbIIIp
August 31, September 1-2-3:
Diary of a Wimpy Kid:
Dog Days (PG)
ceme oisb tbe Ierteee toies
8eµµ, 8ðtb ðirtbde,//
Vcra NcIson & Vcrn fortunc
Saturday, Scptcmbcr 1st
WaII Community Ccntcr
Cakc & Coffcc
1 to 4 p.m.
At 5:00, ve'íí huve u
potíuck supper íor
uíí the íumííy &
íríends vho vunt
to stíck uround &
vísít some more!
B4 Yeuvs Ago
August 23, 192B
ÐurIng fho µnsf wook n fIno now
µIoco of oquIµmonf, n !Ighf Thor-
nµy mnchIno hns boon InsfnIIod by
Ðr. !nmsoy In hIs offIco. Tho mn-
chIno Is usod for fho romovnI of
wnrfs nnd moIos nnd sImIInr
growfhs nnd for fho fronfmonf of
rhoumnfIsm, Iumbngo, nnd In-
jurIos, by fho monns of honf rnys.
Tho now dovIco nIrondy hns sovornI
romnrknbIo curos fo Ifs crodIf sInco
A gnsoIIno burnor usod In fho
kIfchon of fho now MIdwny Cnfo
oxµIodod cnusIng no smnII nmounf
of confusIon Snfurdny mornIng.
Tho fIro doµnrfmonf wns on fho job
nImosf ImmodInfoIy nnd fho fIro
wns oxfInguIshod wIfh IIffIo hnrm
!ocnI Þows . IInn fo honr somo
of fho now µIocos on fho Orfho-
µhonIc nf fho IhIIIµ Ihnrmncy.
IIµo orgnn nnd fho Infosf In fox
frofs, by fho worIds dnnco bnnds.
InuI !nmsoy hns nccoµfod n µo-
sIfIon ns bnnjoIsf wIfh Immn`s or-
Tho InforIor of fho formor MId-
wny Cnfo buIIdIng Is boIng doco-
rnfod nnd mndo rondy for fho
occuµnncy of fho IhIIIµ InnforIum.
Mr. Sundo oxµocfs fo bo woII osfnb-
IIshod In hIs now IocnfIon boforo
fnIr fImo. H.W. Wnno wIII hnvo hIs
rndIo shoµ Iocnfod In fho buIIdIng
Mrs. Þod !onnIng wns cnIIod fo
IIorro IrIdny fo bo wIfh hor IIffIo
dnughfor, ArmIsfn, who Is suffor-
Ing from orysIµoIns, Tho fhroo !on-
nIng gIrIs vIsIfod Insf wook nf fho
homo of fhoIr uncIo, Ion Young, nf
If. IIorro nnd whIIo fhoro ArmIsfn
bocnmo III. Sho Is roµorfod boffor nf
fhIs fImo.
Ðr. !nmsoy roµorfs fho bIrfh of n
son fo Mr. nnd Mrs. Hnrry IInn of
A dnughfor wns born fo Mr. nnd
Mrs. MIIos Connor of Offumwn, on
Augusf l?fh nf fho IInnn hosµIfnI.
¨Tnd¨ fho IIffIo son of Mr. nnd
Mrs. InuI ÐnIy wns fho vIcfIm of n
sorIous nccIdonf Insf IrIdny, whon
fho fonm ho wns drIvIng run nwny.
Tho Ind hnd boon rnkIng hny usIng
n woII broko nnd gonfIo fonm, buf
If wns fhof fhnf fho horsos woro
bofhorod by fIIos whIch cnusod fho
fonm fo run nwny.
¨Tnd¨ wns fhrown ngnInsf n froo,
hIs Iog wns brokon nnd ho wns
bndIy jnrrod uµ. Ðr. !nmsoy sof fho
Iog nnd ho wns fnkon fo fho IIorro
hosµIfnI Snfurdny ovonIng for fur-
fhor fronfmonf.
?5 Yeuvs Ago
August 19, 193?
Iormor IhIIIµ boy, Vornon Vnn
Iµµs, who grndunfod from IhIIIµ
HIgh SchooI wIfh fho cInss of l935,
Is now n brofhor of fho ordor of fho
HoIy Cross, ns n rosuIf of hnvIng
µnssod hIs µrofossIonnI fosf Sun-
dny, Augusf l5. Tho HoIy Cross Is
nn ordor of fonchors nnd Vornon,
who Is fo bo known ns Irofhor VII-
Innovn, wIII onfor fho fnII form nf
Þofro Ðnmo for n yonr`s frnInIng fo
fIf hIm for hIs work ns n fonchor.
Ior fho µnsf oIghf monfhs ho hns
nffondod Sf. Josoµh`s ÞovIfInfo nf
!oIIIng IrnIrIo, Ind.
CrIndsfono Þows . Choyonno
Iofo snys fho onIy objocfIon ho`s gof
fo onfIng ronsfIn` onrs nnd wnfor-
moIon Is fhnf ho hnfos fo gof snIf In
hIs onrs.
MnrIo nnd MnxIno Iorfuno on-
forfnInod fho 4-H cIub IrIdny.
Thoy rognIod fhoIr guosfs wIfh
homo-grown fomnfoos, nffor fho
fwo fonms µrncfIcod fhoIr domon-
Mnny In fhIs noIghborhood nro
IosIng horsos from sIooµIng sIck-
noss. Horsos nro scnrco nnd µro-
cIous, nnd fho donfh of ono Is n
sovoro Ioss. IosIdos fho fInnncInI
Ioss, fho horsos on n fnrm nro oId
frIonds of mnny yonrs sfnndIng nnd
fhoIr donfh brIngs ronI sorrow.
IofwIxf IIncos . Wo oxfond our
congrnfuInfIons fo Mr. nnd Mrs.
!oubon Horrmnn on fho nrrIvnI of
fhoIr bnby boy.
!ocnI IrIofs . A dnughfor wns
born fo Mr. nnd Mrs. JIm Cnrr Au-
gusf l0 nf Hof SµrIngs. Tho bnby
hns boon nnmod ConnIo !oo.
Þows of fho donfh of ÐIck Hod-
don ronchod fho IIonoor !ovIow of-
fIco jusf ns fho µross wns boIng
Mr. nnd Mrs. W.S. Humµhroy
nro fho µnronfs of n bnby boy born
Mondny mornIng, Augusf l0. Tho
Humµhroys IIvo on fho McIIrnvy
µInco norfhonsf of IhIIIµ.
Mrs. Crnco InIrchIId Ioff IrIdny
nIghf for Þow OrIonns, !n., whoro
sho wIII ombnrk for fho Isfhmus of
Innnmn, fo vIsIf hor son, Jnsµor,
omµIoyod fhoro ns n govornmonf
Tho H.H. WIIIInms homo soufh of
IhIIIµ wns fho scono of n µroffy
µnrfy Tuosdny nffornoon whon
noIghbors cnrrIod ouf n showor
µInnnod for Mrs. JIm Cnrnor, who
unfII hor roconf mnrrIngo wns MIss
Soufh Crook Þows . Konnofh
HoIfzoI wns fnkon sorIousIy III wIfh
bIood µoIsonIng Insf Mondny nffor-
noon. Ho wns hoIµIng fhrosh nf AI-
borf ÞoIsons nnd hnd n soro on hIs
knuckIos of ono hnnd, buf hnd nof
µnId much nffonfIon fo If. In fho nf-
fornoon, whIIo IondIng grnIn, hIs
nrm cnusod hIm gronf µnIn nnd ho
wns rushod fo Kndokn whoro doc-
fors nnd nursos workod ovor hIm
nnd ho hnd fo romnIn In Kndokn
undor fho docfor`s cnro for sovornI
Iuffo VIow Þows . IooµIo In
fhIs noIghborhood nro sfIII IosIng
50 Yeuvs Ago
August 16, 1962
IhIIIµ HIgh SchooI IoofbnII
Conch Chuck Sorson fhIs wook Is-
suod hIs fIrsf cnII for foofbnII µrnc-
fIco for fho l962 ScoffIos. IrncfIco
Is schoduIod fo bogIn on Mondny,
Augusf 2?fh In µroµnrnfIon for
BIast trcm the Past
Frcm the archIves ct the PIcneer RevIew
Church & Community Thursday, August 16, 2012 • The Pioneer Review • Page 5
for obituaries,
wedding or
Send to:
Philip – 859-2664 –
Fr. Kevin Achbach
Saturdays: Confession from 3 to 4 p.m.
Saturday Mass: 5:00 p.m.
Sunday Mass: 8:30 a.m.
9:30 a.m. (August)
Tues-Wed-Fri. Mass: 8:30 a.m.
Thurs. Mass:
10:30 a.m. at Philip Nursing Home
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Midland – 859-2664 or 843-2544
Fr. Kevin Achbach
Saturday Mass: 7:00 p.m.
(Feb., April, June, Aug., Oct., Dec.)
Sun day Mass: 11:00 a.m.
(Jan., Mar., May, July, Sept., Nov.)
Confession: Before Mass
* * * * * *
Milesville – 859-2664
Fr. Kevin Achbach
Sunday Mass: 11:00 a.m.
Sunday Mass: 7:30 a.m. (August)
Saturday Mass: 7:30 p.m.
Confession: Before Mass
Monday Release Time: 2:15 p.m.
* * * * * *
Pastor Frezil Westerlund
859-2336 • Philip
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 10:30 a.m.
1st Sunday: Coffee & Rolls after worship
First Lutheran Ladies Bible study.
There are two Bible study groups: each meeting
monthly. One meets on the second Tuesday at 12:00
p.m. at First Lutheran Church and the
other meets on the second Wednesday at
1:00 p.m. at the Senechal Apts. lobby.
No Bible studies during June, July, & August.
Pastor Frezil Westerlund
Midland – 843-2538
Ruth Circle: 3rd Tues. at 2 p.m.
Nowlin Circle: Last Wed. at 9 a.m.
Rebecca Circle: Last Wed. at 7 p.m. (Nov. thru Feb.);
6:30 p.m. (Mar. - Oct.)
* * * * * *
Moenville – 843-2538
Pastor Frezil Westerlund
1:30 p.m. (CT)
ALCW: 3rd Thursday, 1:30 p.m.
* * * * * *
Long Valley
Pastor Frezil Westerlund
* * * * * *
Every Sunday in July
Services at 10:00 a.m.
followed by potluck dinner
Pastor Art Weitschat
Kadoka – 837-2390
SUNDAY WORSHIP: 10:00 a.m.
* * * * * *
(605) 669-2406 • Murdo
Pastor Ray Greenseth
Sunday Worship Services: 1:00 p.m.
* * * * * *
Pastor Andy Blye
843-2143 •
Sunday School: 9:30 a.m.
Worship Service: 10:30 a.m.
Bible Study: Wed. at 7:30 p.m.
Women’s Ministries: 2nd Thurs., 1:30
10 miles SE of Midland
Pastor Glenn Denke • 462-6169
Sunday Worship: 10:00 a.m. (CT)
Sunday School: 11:00 a.m. CT
* * * * * *
Pastor Gary Wahl – Philip – 859-
Sunday School – 9:15 a.m.
Sunday Services – 10:30 a.m.
Last Sunday of the month –
potluck dinner following church serv-
Last Monday of the month –
Evang. Ladies Service/Bible Study -
7:00 p.m.
Wed. Night Prayer & Bible Study: 7
Everyone Welcome!!
* * * * * *
Pastor Gary Wahl – Philip
859-2841 •
Worship Service: 8:00 a.m. • Children's Church:
8:30 a.m.
Ladies’ Aid - 2nd Thurs. at 7:00 p.m.
Bible Study & Prayer, Mondays at 7 p.m.
* * * * * *
Pastor Kathy Chesney • 859-2310
Home: 859-2192 • E-mail:
Sunday Worship: 10:00 a.m.
UCW meets 2nd Friday at 9:30 a.m.
* * * * * *
Pastor Kathy Chesney • 859-2310
Sunday Worship: 8:00 a.m.
Rush Funeral Home
Chapels in Philip, Wall & Kadoka
Jack, Gayle & D.J. Rush
859-2542 • Philip, SD
Ronald G. Mann, DDS
Philip, SD
Ancient wisdom for modern life
God takcs mcrcy upon us sinncrs timc and
timc again. Yct whcn dcaling with cach othcr
and mcrcy is callcd for, wc may fccl compcllcd
to do othcrwisc. Rcsist thc urgc, or prcparc to
pay thc pricc as thc scrvant did. Show mcrcy
rcpcatcdly as God docs.
Shouldcst not thou also havc had compassion
on thy fcllowscrvant, cvcn as ¡ had pity on
Natthcw 18:33 (KJV)
This space for rent! Call
859-2516 to have your
message placed here!
Come help celebrate
Don Keyser’s 80th birthday
Saturday, August 25th
1:00 to 3:00 p.m. at the
Trinity Lutheran Church
402 Kansas City St., Rapid City
Follow balloons on church doors!
No gifts, please!
HOURS: M-F: 7 A.M. TO 5 P.M. • SAT: 8 A.M. TO NOON
S. HWY 73 • 859-2100 • PHILIP
•Wood Pellets
•DeWaLt tools
•Storage Sheds
•Gates & Fencing
•Skid Loader Rental
•Pole Barn Packages
•House Packages
•Feed Bunks
•Calf Shelters
We offer …
& new Colormatch System for
all your painting needs!
Call today for your
free estimate!!
Eleanor Harkin_________________________________
Eleanor Harkin, age 93, of Inte-
rior, died Wednesday, August 15,
2012, at the Hans P. Peterson Me-
morial Hospital in Philip.
Eleanor Louise Vifquain was
born May 9, 1919, in Springview,
Neb., the daughter of Elmer V. and
Nellie (Kenaston) Vifquain. She
grew up on a farm near
Springview, and graduated from
Keya Paha High School in
Springview, in 1937. As a young
lady she worked in Alliance, Neb.,
as a waitress and also worked at
St. Agnes Academy.
Eleanor was united in marriage
to Burnis J. Harkin on January 21,
1942, in Alliance. They made their
home in Alliance for a short time
before moving to a dude ranch
south of Spearfish. They moved to
Rapid City for a short time before
moving back to Alliance in 1948.
They made their home in Alliance
for 10 years before moving to
Cheyenne, Wyo., in 1958, where
she worked for P.I.E. as a secretary
for two years. In June 1960, they
moved to Denver, Colo., where she
worked for a dry cleaner for three
years, and then worked for Blue
Cross & Blue Shield until retiring
in 1980. In the summer of 1980,
Eleanor and Burnis moved to Inte-
Eleanor was an avid horse-
woman and Eleanor and Burnis
rode over 800 miles during the
South Dakota Centennial Wagon
Train in 1989. They were also in-
volved in many other wagon trains
in South Dakota and Nebraska.
Her husband, Burnis, preceded
her in death on January 17, 1993.
Eleanor continued to reside in In-
Eleanor was a member of the
Holy Rosary Catholic Church, and
a former member of the Current
Events Club, both of Interior.
Survivors include seven sons,
Joe Harkin and his wife Shirley of
Vancouver, Wash., George Harkin
and his wife, Ann, of Denver, Colo.,
Victor Harkin of Denver, Bill
Harkin of Denver, Pat Harkin and
his wife, Suzanne, of Model, Colo.,
Jerry Harkin of Pueblo, Colo., and
Ricky Harkin and his wife,
Michele, of Model; two daughters,
Barbara Manley and her husband,
Larry, of Interior, and Mary Beth
Perkins and her husband, Scott, of
Interior; 23 grandchildren; 27
great-grandchildren; two great-
great-grandchildren; a brother,
Jerry Vifquain and his wife,
Louella, of Nemo; and a host of
other relatives and friends.
In addition to her husband, Bur-
nis, Eleanor was preceded in death
by her parents; one brother, Victor
Vifquain; and a sister, Elizabeth
Funeral services will be held at
10:00 a.m. on Thursday, August 23,
at the Interior School Gym, with
Father Leo Hausmann as cele-
Music will be provided by
Dorothy Shearer, pianist, with con-
gregational hymns.
Ushers will be Kevin Kruse,
Perry Guptill and Chuck Carlbom.
Pallbearers are Joe, George, Vic-
tor, Bill, Jerry and Rick Harkin.
Interment will be at the
Fairview Cemetery in Interior.
Arrangements are with the
Rush Funeral Home of Philip.
Her online guestbook is avail-
able at
James W. “Jim” Gottsleben_________________________
James W. “Jim” Gottsleben, age
83 of Philip, S.D., died Wednesday,
August 15, 2012, at the Philip
Nursing Home.
James William Gottsleben was
born April 14, 1929, to William and
Helen (Gehan) Gottsleben in
Pierre. Jim grew up ranching and
lived most of his life on the
Gottsleben Ranch, which was
homesteaded by his grandparents
in 1907.
Jim graduated from Philip High
School in May 1947 and attended
Black Hills State University that
summer. He began his teaching ca-
reer at Alfalfa Valley School, lo-
cated three miles from his home
place. He taught there two years
followed by another two years at
Enterprise School. During this
time he lived at home (due to his
mother’s death in his senior year of
high school) helping his dad farm
and ranch.
Jim married Myrna Coleman on
November 29, 1952, at Sacred
Heart Catholic Church in Philip.
To this union five children were
born. Upon his father’s death in
1956, he purchased the homestead
and surrounding land. Jim also
added an insurance agency
through Missouri Valley Mutual
Insurance Company to the farming
and ranching operation. He re-
mained an insurance agent for 54
years. In 2005, Jim and Myrna sold
the ranch to their son, Bill. They
then moved to Philip where they
have since resided.
Jim served on the Deadman
School board and on the ASCS
Committee for several years. He
was a Farmer’s Union Cooperative
member. He belonged to Sacred
Heart Catholic Church in Philip.
Jim was awarded an Honorary
Lifetime Membership and held the
position of financial secretary for
over 50 years with the Philip
Knights of Columbus.
Throughout his life, Jim was a
hard worker – proud of his home-
steading heritage and dedicated to
the land, his family, community,
and faith. In spite of health issues,
he continued to stay strong up
through his last few years. His per-
severance was a credit to his char-
Grateful for sharing in his life
are his wife of 59 years, Myrna
Gottsleben; one son, William “Bill”
Gottsleben and his wife, Jayne, of
Philip; four daughters, Sharon
Baxter and her husband, Darwin,
of Arvada, Colo., Kathy Gottsleben
of Rapid City, Barbara Larsen and
her husband, Carl, of Caputa, and
Carolyn Brooks and her husband,
Jim, of Dupree; 13 grandchildren;
seven great-grandchildren; two sis-
ters, Mary Pekron of Philip, and
Ann Pattno and her husband, Tom,
of Hastings, Neb.
Preceding Jim in death were his
parents and a brother-in-law,
Henry “Hank” Pekron.
Mass of Christian burial will be
celebrated at 10:00 a.m. on Thurs-
day, August 23, at the Sacred
Heart Catholic Church in Philip,
with Father Kevin Achbach as cel-
Pall placement will be done by
Jessica Larsen, Kara Larsen,
Chana Gottsleben and Brittany
Brooks. Gift bearers are Tara and
Tyana Gottsleben. Eucharistic
ministers are Joe Gittings and
Lloyd Frein. Altar server are Alli-
son Pekron and Tristen Rush.
Ushers are Marvin Eide and
Chuck Carstensen. Pallbearers are
Zach Baxter, Tim and Dustin
Larsen, Lee Brooks, Kevin Cole-
man and Steve Pekron. Honorary
pallbearers are the Knights of
Columbus #2679 of Philip and all
relatives and friends in attendance.
Interment will be at the Masonic
Cemetery in Philip.
Arrangements are with the
Rush Funeral Home of Philip.
His online guestbook is available
Mark and Karen Foland of Mid-
land are pleased to announce the
engagement of their daughter,
Sarah, to Joseph Kennedy, son of
Tom and Terri Kennedy of Beres-
Sarah is a 2007 graduate of
Philip High School and a 2011
graduate of South Dakota State
University, Brookings, with a
bachelor of science degree in early
childhood education.
Joseph is a 2006 graduate of
Beresford High School. He gradu-
ated from South Dakota State Uni-
versity in December 2012 with a
bachelor of science degree in agri-
A September 22, 2012, wedding
is being planned in Philip.
Philip’s entry into the 11-man
ranks this year.
Grindstone … Johnny, the small
son of Raymond Dean could bask in
some reflected glory if he under-
stood what that is, or cared. When
Dr. Frances Kelsey was in Philip to
take the place of Dr. Mangulis
when he was on vacation, she de-
livered Johnny.
Kiel’s 1947 Chevy truck probably
traveled its last mile Saturday
evening. Loren was driving it home
from Philip and when it hit a chuck
hole in the road southeast of the
Triolo house the steering mecha-
nism failed. The truck took off for
the ditch and Bob Jones’ pasture,
shearing off a telephone pole.
When it came to a stop, it had with
it several feet of fence, but it had
left its front wheels and axil be-
hind. Loren was only shaken up a
bit and was truly thankful it had
not happened a short time previous
when he met two cars.
Kay Fortune and Colleen Smith
left Sunday for Newcastle, Wyo., to
inquire about a teaching position
for Kay, who finished a two-year
course at Chadron State Teachers
Northwest Corner … Keith
Kuckenbecker has returned home
after helping Charles Price haul
Arlen Keyser is working for Mar-
vin Coleman now.
Beverly Gabriel visit Saturday
night with her girl friend, Virginia
Wier at Marcus.
Sooper Dooper Market … 2
pounds bacon $1.09, 5 pound can of
hams $4.89, carrots 2 pounds 19¢,
green peppers 2 for 15¢, seedless
grapes 2 pounds 29¢, ButterNut
Coffee 3 pound can $1.89.

Blast from the Past
continued from page 4
South Dakota Rural Women will
once again host their annual fall
conference, but in a new location
for 2012. Slated for October 4-5, the
conference will be held at the K Bar
S Lodge in the Black Hills near
The theme for this year’s confer-
ence is “Faces of Agriculture.” At-
tendees will hear from various en-
trepreneurial personalities in-
volved in South Dakota agriculture
and how they found their place in
the industry.
Keynote speakers will include
Brenda Elsagher, who will offer up
a funny take on serious life matters
with her message, “A funny thing
happened on the way to my crisis.”
Runner, Elaine Doll-Dunn, will
help give ladies an action plan –
where you are, where you want to
be and how to get there - for includ-
ing your mark in agriculture or ac-
complishing any goal.
“We invite women in the region
to join us for the two days. To ex-
plore their role in agriculture, con-
nect with other women like them
and just have fun in a beautiful set-
ting,” said Robin Salverson, confer-
ence chair.
The conference kicks off Thurs-
day, October 4, with a wine tasting
at Prairie Berry Winery, followed
by evening sessions at K Bar S
Lodge. Elsagher and Dunn will be
part of the Friday conference
lineup that begins at 8:30 a.m. and
concludes at 4:00 p.m.
Pre-registration for both days is
one price, while for Friday only is
less. Registration and payment is
required by September 21. For a
registration form, contact the
SDSU Lemmon Regional Exten-
sion Center at (605) 374-4177 or
email Salverson at robin.salver-
Rural Women Conference
October 4-5 in Keystone
Philip Motor, Inc.
Philip, SD
(800) 859-5557
2008 Ford F-150 Lariat
Low Miles, Local Trade
Give Tyler a call today!
1hursday, August 23, 2012 · 1he Pioneer Review · Page 6
Contact Sonla Nenec º 843-2564
e-nalI· hone_naker_sonla©hotnalI.con
Mldland News
Need to get water to your cattle?
Need to get water to your cattle this fall?
We have dierent sizes of water
tanks available with or
without a drain hole in the
bottom of the tank. Also do
waterline installation and any kind of backhoe work!
Teton River Trenching · Jon Jones · 685-8548
CaII for
1oppq ?Utb
Sonio ^cmcc!
Cards nay Ic scnI Io.
Ðox ?+?
MIdIand, SI 5755?
It Happened In 1942
Jan. 13th - Henry Ford patents a method of constructing plastic
auto bodies
Feb. 5th - "Woman of the Year," starring Hepburn & Tracy opens
at Radio City
Feb. 9th - Daylight Savings War Time goes into effect
Feb. 11th - "Archie" comic book debuts
April 18th - James H Doolittle bombs Tokyo
May 5th - U.S. begins rationing sugar during WW II
May 29th - Bing Crosby records "White Christmas"
June 14th - Walt Disney's "Bambi" is released
July 30th - FDR signs bill creating Women's Navy Auxiliary
Agency (WAVES)
Aug 25th - Sonia (Meyers) Nemec
born at MidIand, SD
Oct. 1st - Little Golden Books begins
Nov. 21st - Tweety Bird, debuts in
"Tale of Two Kitties"
One Year Iree
leIayed Irice oiorage on MiIIei
Vldwest Cooperatlves ls offerlng free
DP on ml||et untl| September l013 ln
P|ease ca|| for detal|s:
Phl|lp: 859·l501
Phl|lp To||·Free: 877·307·5505
Kadoka: 837·ll35
Plerre: ll1·5935
Plerre To||·free: 800·658·5535
Sundny, Augusf l2, !oron nnd
!oso KIoI fronfod !oso's noµhow,
Mnrk Infos, nnd hIs wIfo, IhyIIIs,
of rurnI IrookIngs, nnd fhoIr
dnughfor, KnrI, IIorro, fo Iunch In
IhIIIµ. Tho Infos' hnd boon fo vIsIf
Mnrk's brofhor, Mnff Infos, nnd
hIs wIfo, Irondn, IIodmonf Mond-
ows In fho IInck HIIIs, nnd woro on
fhoIr wny bnck homo. Thoy hnd do-
IIvorod n horso frnIIor Iond of smnII
bnIos of hny nnd n bordor coIIIo
µuµµy fo fho Mnff Infos homo.
!oron snId fhnf fhoy onjoyod fhoIr
dInnor hour fogofhor. !nfor fhnf nf-
fornoon, !oron nnd !oso conducfod
fho worshIµ sorvIcos nf fho nursIng
homo nnd nIso onforfnInod wIfh n
fow soIocfIons of musIc µrIor fo
sorvIcos wIfh !oron µInyIng fho vI-
oIIn nnd !oso fho µInno. !oron snId
fhnf fhoy fhoughf fhoy shouId ro-
fIocf n IIffIo on summorfImo nnd
fho bogInnIng of fnII, so fhoy µInyod
"Sformy Wonfhor," "Tnko Mo Ouf
To Tho InII Cnmo," nnd "SchooI
Ðnys" nII oId-fImo songs.
I dId nof know If I wouId bo nbIo
fo wrIfo fho nows ns my comµufor
wns ncfIng uµ. I Iosf my scroon nnd
couIdn`f gof If fo como bnck on. I fI-
nnIIy fhoughf I wouId jusf gof my
books ouf nnd soo If I couId fIx If. I
couIdn`f soo fhnf I couId do nny
moro dnmngo. I wns µroud of my-
soIf In foIIowIng dIrocfIons. I gof If
workIng ngnIn. I fhInk If Is µrobn-
bIy onsIor fhnn n cnr fo work on ns
n cnr hns Ifs own comµufors nnd
mnny gndgofs fo confond wIfh.
!nsf Sundny, I sfoµµod In IhIIIµ
for n Info Iunch nnd rnn Info Chuck
nnd !ufh Cnrsfonson who woro
nIso hnvIng n Info Iunch. Chuck
nnd !ufh boughf my Iunch, fhnnk
Thursdny, Horb nnd HnzoI SIoIor
hnd suµµor In Kndokn wIfh !owdy
nnd CIndy SchuIor fo hoIµ !owdy
coIobrnfo hIs bIrfhdny. Thoy nIso
nffondod fho Insf dny of fho rodoo
nf fho InIfh coIobrnfIon whIch fhoy
Horb nnd HnzoI nro my noIgh-
bors nnd wo nro roInfIvos buf don`f
gof fo soo fhom fhnf offon.
KIIoy SIoIor sµonf somo fImo nf
ÐonnIo nnd ÐoIoros Ioss` fho µnsf
fow dnys. Sho wns horo nnd bId
fhom goodbyo. Sho onjoyod n horso-
bnck rIdo wIfh ÐonnIo, who doos
nof rIdo fhnf much nny moro. Thoy
woro bofh fIrod from fhoIr journoy
whon fhoy gof bnck. ÐonnIo, IIko n
Iof of rnnchors, rIdos fho four
whooIor moro now fhnn horsos.
Iofh ÐonnIo nnd ÐoIoros dId mosf
of fhoIr work wIfh horsos n fow
yonrs bnck.
Horb nnd HnzoI SIoIor wonf fo
IoIIo Iourcho fo fho funornI of Ðo-
Inno ÞIxson.
Augusf ll, fhoy wonf fo MnrvIn
CoIomnns for n fIsh fry nnd µofIuck
suµµor. Tho rosf of fho wook, Horb
hns boon busy wIfh hIs job ndjusf-
Ing croµs.
Tuosdny, Augusf l4, CInrk Mor-
rIson nnd ThoImn Hnrdf fook
ArnoId nnd IvoIyn !owIson nnd
Mnry IIdo fo dInnor downfown
IhIIIµ. Thoy onjoyod sµondIng
somo fImo vIsIfIng wIfh ArnoId nnd
IvoIyn boforo fhoy Ioff Wodnosdny
fo confInuo on wIfh fho rosf of fhoIr
Our symµnfhy goos ouf fo fho
fnmIIy of JIm CoffsIobon. JIm nnd
Myrnn woro our good noIghbors for
mnny yonrs. Thoy IIvod jusf n mIIo
nnd n hnIf soufh of us. Tho
CoffsIobon fnmIIIos nII Ioff for
Shnron`s In CoIorndo for fhoIr
grnnddnughfor nnd nIoco`s wod-
dIng fhnf wns µInnnod mnny
monfhs ngo nnd wns nof nbIo fo bo
I sfoµµod In for n fow mInufos nf
Þormn OIdonborg`s Tuosdny nnd
sho Is mnkIng quIIfs for nII hor
grnndchIIdron. A bIg fnsk fo com-
µIofo fhnf wouId fnko n Iong fImo
for mosf, buf sho whIµs fhom uµ
µroffy fnsf.
CnrIn IIdo cnmo IrIdny nIghf fo
µIck uµ hor kIds nnd fnko fhom
homo so fhoy cnn gof rondy for
schooI. WhIIo horo sovornI fnmIIy
mombors gnfhorod nf MnrvIn nnd
VIckI`s fo hoIµ Tnogon coIobrnfo hIs
nInfh bIrfhdny. Thoso who nf-
fondod woro fho Trovor IIfch fnm-
IIy, CIIff nnd !Ifn !nmsoy nnd
Mnry IIdo. CnrIn nnd kIds Ioff
Sundny nffor Iunch fo rofurn homo
fo CIIIoffo.
WhIIo Trovor wns nf IIdo`s for
fho µnrfy, ho wonf ouf fo Iook nf hIs
corn nnd broughf n fow onrs Info
fho houso. Wo nII fonsod hIm nnd
nskod If ho jusf µIckod fho bosf ho
couId fInd¨ AII In nII ho hns somo
µroffy nIco corn. Ho µInnfod If onsf
of fho houso nnd I cnn`f boIIovo If
hns dono so woII In fhIs droughf.
ThIs modorn sood corn nnd no fIII
sooms fo work.
Ono of our noIghbors hns fIoIds of
corn nnd sorghum on fho hIII norfh
of us whIch Iooks gronf. Thoy fhInk
fhnf fhnf fho corn wIII mnko ovor
40 bushoIs. Somo of fho ofhor
noIghbors nro wIndrowIng fhoIr
mIIIof goffIng If rondy fo combIno.
If Is sfIII hnrd for mo fo boIIovo If Is
ns good ns If Is.
SfIII fhoro Is no hny Ioff for fho
cnffIo fo grnzo nor fo µuf uµ for
wInfor. Somo µooµIo nro foodIng
somo cnko nIrondy. Mnybo fhoy cnn
do somofhIng wIfh fho sfrnw for
food nffor fhoy combIno. I nm suro
fhoy wIII gnfhor uµ whnfovor fhoy
cnn. If wo hnvo n mIId wInfor If wIII
bo onsIor, buf wo nood moIsfuro
ovon If If comos In snow.
Tho bIg quosfIon Is whnf If fho
droughf confInuos Info noxf yonr¨
If Is fhon wnfch ouf µooµIo If wouId
bo n dIsnsfor IIko fhoy hnd In
Toxns, buf fhoy nro goffIng rnIn
My nows wIII gof foo Iong If I
wrIfo nbouf fho quIIfs, so wIII wnIf
fIII noxf wook fo do fhnf.
¨Tonch us onch dny ns wo sfum-
bIo nIong. Ivory hour show us how
wo shouId IIvo; HoIµ us fo bo whnf
wo know wo shouId bo. And nII our
frnnsgrossIons forgIvo. Thon joy
nnd µonco wIII bo our fo hnvo.¨
!nurn Wood
0rIndstcne News
by Mary BIde · SS9-B1SS
Sundny nffornoon, Augusf l9,
Cory SmIfh nnd Ðobrn CrnybII
woro mnrrIod nf fhoIr fnrm/rnnch
In nn oufdoor coromony µorformod
by Insfor Cnry WnhI. Ðobrn hns
fhroo chIIdron, CnIfIIn, n soµho-
moro nf Soufh Ðnkofn Sfnfo !nI-
vorsIfy, son Ðusfy, n sonIor, nnd
Jncob, n soµhomoro In hIgh schooI
In MIchIgnn. Iofwoon 80 nnd l00
noIghbors nnd frIonds nffondod fho
ovonf. AII onjoyod nn ovonIng of
voIIoybnII, dnncIng, nnd n Iof of vIs-
IfIng. Cory Is fho son of VIrgII nnd
CnrIn SmIfh. CongrnfuInfIons,
Cory nnd Ðobrn!
InrI, JodI, !nchoI nnd Snrnh
Inrsons, JodI's µnronfs, MIko nnd
Ioffy McÐonnoII, nnd hor brofhor,
Joo McÐonnoII, HIghmoro, sµonf
from Augusf 9 fhrough fho l6fh on
n frIµ fo Ðonmnrk. Thoy fIow fo
Coµonhngon fo nffond fho woddIng
of MIkkoI TroIIo nnd Jonnoffo
!Indorf. MIkkoI wns nn oxchnngo
sfudonf who IIvod In HIghmoro
wIfh JodI's µnronfs sovornI yonrs
ngo. In fho dnys foIIowIng fho wod-
dIng, fhoy fourod !nngoInnd, IIsI-
nor nnd Coµonhngon. Thoy swnm
In fho InIfIc Son, cnughf joIIyfIsh,
nnd fourod HnmIof's cnsfIo. If wns
whonf hnrvosf fImo fhoro nnd fhoy
woro surµrIsod nf fho sIzo of fho
combInos for such smnII fIoIds. Tho
wonfhor wns µorfocf, fho food wns
doIIcIous, nnd fho µooµIo woro vory
frIondIy nnd fIuonf In IngIIsh.
TonchIng nf fho MIIosvIIIo SchooI
fhIs yonr nro ÐnnI Ioss, !nnn
IIshoro nnd Knron ÞoIson. Tho l3
sfudonfs nffondIng fhoro nro Mnrk
SfnngIo, oIghfh grndo, Annn
IIroufok, sovonfh grndo, CnrIoo
IIfzgornId, sIxfh, Aufumn Inrsons,
CoIby IIfch nnd !IggIn Andors,
fIffh, John IIroufok, Snrnh Inrsons
nnd Wynff IIfzgornId, fourfh,
KnmrI Inrsons nnd ÐyInn
Incknrd, socond, Wndo IIroufok,
fIrsf, nnd Jonson IIfch, kIndor-
Sfudonfs nf IhIIIµ IIomonfnry
nro MIsfI Iorry nnd Kongnn IIfch,
sovonfh grndo, Cnrson HnmIII nnd
IrIco Hnnson, sIxfh, Crnco Iokron,
fIffh, KoIfon QuInn nnd TnyIor
Hnnson, fourfh, nnd !onh Sfnbon,
fIrsf grndo.
AffondIng IhIIIµ HIgh SchooI nro
Josh QuInn nnd Snm SfnngIo, son-
Iors, ÞIck HnmIII, Jndo Iorry, InI-
Ioy !ndwny, nnd AIIIson Iokron,
junIors, Irnydon IIfch, CoIo
!ofhonborgor, Jnmos IIfzgornId,
!nchoI Inrsons, Ion SfnngIo,
Irock Hnnson nnd InIIoy Andors,
Thorosn Ðouchnr Is fonchIng nf
fho nowIy ro-oµonod Ðooµ Crook
SchooI. Mnry ÞoIson Is fho kIndor-
gnrfon nIdo In IhIIIµ. Wo hoµo
ovoryono hns n gronf schooI yonr.
!nsf Tuosdny, Iyron nnd Ioggy
Inrsons drovo fo !nµId CIfy for
Iyron's schoduIod gnII bInddor sur-
gory. Tho docfors woro unnbIo fo
µorform fho nrfhroscoµIc surgory
bocnuso of scnr fIssuo so whnf fhoy
fhoughf wouId bo 'In nnd ouf'
furnod fo bo quIfo n bIg IncIsIon
nnd fIvo dnys In fho hosµIfnI. Thoy
gof homo Sundny nnd Iyron Is fooI-
Ing quIfo woII. Wo hoµo you con-
fInuo fo Imµrovo, Iyron!
Id nnd MnrcIn MorrIson roconfIy
vncnfIonod In YoIIowsfono ÞnfIonnI
Inrk nnd Cody, Wyo. Thoy hnd n
wondorfuI wook nf fho µnrk nnd ro-
nIIy onjoyod IuffnIo IIII's Musoum
In Cody.
CnmµIng In fho IInck HIIIs fho
wook of fho bIko rnIIy woro Iyron
nnd Ioggy Inrsons nnd Mnrk nnd
Inf Hnnrnhnn. KnIIo Hnnrnhnn
sfoµµod by ono nIghf nnd µIckod uµ
Ioggy nnd Inf for fho SugnrInnd
concorf nf fho IuffnIo ChIµ.
TIm nnd !orI QuInn nnd fnmIIy,
Ðonnn QuInn, Knfhy Iorkovoc nnd
KovIn, !orI, AIyssn nnd IIIIof IIor-
wngon, onjoyod fho wookond cnmµ-
Ing nonr ChnmborInIn.
IIII nnd KnryI SnndnI nnd Ðon-
nIo nnd MnrcIn Iymor nffondod
fho nnnunI suµµor nnd onforfnIn-
monf (n mngIcInn) In !nIon Confor
IrIdny nIghf.
Snfurdny, IIII nnd KnryI SnndnI
woro In Þow !ndorwood for fho
rnnch rodoo.
IhII nnd Knron CnrIoy, Abby
CnrIoy nnd son Wnco drovo fo
!nµId CIfy Tuosdny. Thoy mof
Knron's sIsfor, KnfhI, nnd dnughfor
CodI nnd hoIµod fhoIr mofhor, MII-
drod O'Crndy, coIobrnfo hor bIrfh-
dny. Wodnosdny, fho CnrIoys Ioff
for Couor d' AIono, Idnho, whoro
fhoy nffondod fho woddIng of
Knron's nIoco, Hnnnnh Morono,
IrIdny. Knron snId µnrfs of Mon-
fnnn nnd Idnho nro groon nnd Iush.
Tho fIowors fhoro woro gorgoous
fho hydrnngons ns bIg ns bnskof-
bnIIs nnd sfnndIng fIvo foof fnII.
Thoy rofurnod homo Sundny nIghf
nffor drIvIng n fofnI of 2,000 mIIos.
!IIn (ÞovIIIo) Amos, formor
MIIosvIIIo rosIdonf, foII whIIo vIsIf-
Ing hor sIsfor, Crnco Mnck, nnd
husbnnd, JIm, In !nµId CIfy. ThIs
hnµµonod somo fImo In onrIy Juno,
ruµfurIng hor vorfobrno nnd ofhor
InjurIos. Sho sµonf unfII mId JuIy
In fho !nµId CIfy hosµIfnI nnd n
nursIng homo. Sho fIow fo hor
homo In Croon Iny, WIs., nnd wns
In n nursIng homo fhoro unfII Insf
Thursdny. Sho Is nf homo now wIfh
hoIµ from hor husbnnd, CnroII. Wo
wIsh you fho bosf, !IIn! !IIn nnd
Crnco nro sIsfors of Jorry nnd Iob
Hugh Hnrfy's frIond, Ann, sµonf
n fow dnys ovor fho wookond horo
In MIIosvIIIo. Thursdny nnd Snfur-
dny nIghfs fhoy woro suµµor guosfs
nf JIm nnd AdoIo Hnrfy's. IrIdny,
Hugh nnd Ann nffondod fho ?5fh
nnnIvorsnry of Crossonborg ImµIo-
monf In WInnor.
!oo nnd Jonn Inffon fook Irono
Inffon ouf fo dInnor whIIo In IIorro
Snfurdny mornIng, !oborf nnd
!Indn WuIf, !nrchwood, Iown,
sfoµµod fo vIsIf fhoIr nIoco, JodI
nnd InrI Inrsons nnd gIrIs. ThIs
wns fhoIr fIrsf frIµ fo MIIosvIIIo nnd
fhoy woro vory Imµrossod wIfh fho
dIrocfIonnI sIgn nf IIIIsburg. Thoy
fhoughf sInco fho sIgn Is n µrojocf
of fho Womon's CIub, fho womon
ouf horo musf ronIIy wnnf vIsIfors
fo bo nbIo fo fInd fhom!
Kongnn IIfch nnd hIs cousIn,
Hunfor Ioforson, nffondod fho
hunfors snfofy courso In IIorro IrI-
dny nIghf nnd Snfurdny.
Irnydon IIfch, Joff, Jon nnd
Irody Jonos nnd InuI CuµfIII on-
joyod n dny of fubIng down fho ÞIo-
brnrn !Ivor nonr VnIonfIno, Þob.,
Snfurdny. Tho rosf of fho IIfch
fnmIIy joInod roInfIvos for fho nInfh
bIrfhdny µnrfy for fhoIr cousIn,
Tnognn SIoIor, nf MnrvIn nnd VIckI
Tho JIm SfnngIo fnmIIy wns In
!nµId CIfy from Wodnosdny
fhrough Snfurdny for fho SÐVMA
conforonco. Sundny, fhoy nII nf-
fondod fho OId SoffIor's µIcnIc nf
Suµµor guosfs nf Mnrk nnd Inf
Hnnrnhnn's Snfurdny woro Chnd
nnd Knfhy Hnnrnhnn nnd Knfhy's
mofhor nnd sIsfor, CnroI nnd
MoIIssn Ioforson, nnd hor nunf,
ÐInno Svobodn.
JIm Murµhy, Kndokn, vIsIfod hIs
sIsfor, Ioboffo nnd ÐonnIo
SchofIoId ovor fho wookond. Tho
SchofIoId's grnndsons, Irynn nnd
!nndon SchofIoId, sµonf Sundny
nIghf wIfh fhom.
MIIosvIIIo foIks who nffondod fho
50fh bIrfhdny coIobrnfIon for CIonn
Inrsons Sundny woro IIII nnd Con-
nIo Inrsons nnd Mnrk nnd Inf
Hnnrnhnn. Tho ovonf wns hoId nf
!nko Wnggonor CoIf Courso wIfh n
goIf scrnmbIo foIIowod by n monI.
Ioyd nnd Knrn Inrsons nffondod
fho woddIng of fho brofhor of fhoIr
son-In-Inw, ÐusfIn !Ischo. If wns
hoId IrIdny nIghf In IoIIo Iourcho.
Thoy sfnyod In !nµId CIfy IrIdny
nnd Snfurdny nIghfs. ThoIr dnugh-
fors, Andron nnd KnyIn, nnd fhoIr
fnmIIIos sfnyod wIfh fhoIr grnnd-
mofhor, Jonnno Inrsons. Ioyd nnd
Knrn, Jonnno, KnyIn nnd KnIdyn
InsfInn onjoyod Iunch fogofhor In
!nµId CIfy Sundny.
Cono nnd Thorosn Ðouchnr
joInod fho Shnd nnd Jonnn IInn
fnmIIy nnd fho Zob nnd Mognn
Hoffmnn fnmIIy for fho rnnch rodoo
In Þow !ndorwood Snfurdny. Tho
fonm IncIudIng Shnd IInn, Zob
Hoffmnn, !ovI Hnµnoy, nnd
Sµoncor Cordos, won fIrsf µInco.
CongrnfuInfIons, guys! CoIo nnd
Cnss IInn µnrfIcIµnfod In fho muf-
fon busfIng nnd mndo n fIno show
of rIdIng. Jonnn coIobrnfod hor
bIrfhdny nf fho rodoo wIfh cnko
nnd gIffs.
Znno nnd Iofh JoffrIos nIso nf-
fondod fho rnnch rodoo Snfurdny.
Murdock Arfhur nnd Jndo Iorry
nIso fook µnrf, onch on dIfforonf
AIso nf fho rodoo In Þow !ndor-
wood Snfurdny wns Mnff Arfhur.
Tho IIshoro's nnnunI gof-fo-
gofhor cnmµIng frIµ wns fhIs µnsf
wookond In ShndohIII. Tho wonfhor
wns µorfocf for fhoIr oufdoor ncfIv-
IfIos. Thoso nffondIng woro JIm,
!nnn, TIm nnd Judy IIshoro,
Jonnn IIshoro, !onny nnd MIsfy
Andorson nnd fnmIIy, nnd Andy
nnd ÐonoIIn IIshoro.
Our kIds nnd µnrf of fhoIr fnmI-
IIos sµonf fho wookond horo wIfh
us. Thoy IncIudod Irynn nnd
Shnron OIIvIor, Coorgo nnd Þnncy
HohwIoIor, InrI, JodI, !nchoI nnd
Snrnh Inrsons, nnd MIko nnd
MoIody Inrsons, InIIoy, Cnrfor
nnd !nndon. JoInIng us for Sundny
dInnor woro TyIor OIIvIor nnd hIs
frIond, Sfncy.
Kooµ fho dnfo of Soµfombor 9 In
mInd ns fhnf Is fho dny of fho Hnrd-
Ingrovo Church's nnnunI µIcnIc.
IIII nnd ConnIo Inrsons wIII bo
hosfIng If wIfh church sorvIco nf
fhoIr µInco nf ll:00 n.m., foIIowod
by n µofIuck dInnor. Ivoryono Is In-
Wo nood fo confInuo µrnyIng for
MIIesvIIIe News
by JanIce Parscns · S44-ßß1S
Tho Soufh Ðnkofn Irnnd Ionrd
hns nnnouncod nn Incronso In fho
brnnd InsµocfIon foo fo 90 confs µor
hond, offocfIvo Soµfombor l.
Tho brnnd InsµocfIon foo hns
boon 80 confs sInco 200?.
HIghor cosfs of fho InsµocfIon
µrogrnm nocossIfnfod fho Inrgor
foo. Tho foo Is chnrgod for roquIrod
ownorshIµ InsµocfIons of cnffIo,
horsos nnd muIos boforo fhoIr snIo,
sInughfor or romovnI from fho IIvo-
sfock ownorshIµ InsµocfIon nron
wosf of fho MIssourI !Ivor.
!nrry Sfonrns, Sfnfo Irnnd
Ionrd dIrocfor, nIso romIndod
rnnchors fhnf, ns of JuIy l, IonvIng
fho ownorshIµ InsµocfIon nron
wIfhouf InsµocfIon Is n CInss l mIs-
domonnor wIfh n mnxImum
µonnIfy of $2,000 nnd ono yonr In
Iocnuso fho droughf hns
µromµfod onrIIor fnII cnffIo snIos,
µroducors noodIng IocnI InsµocfIons
shouId confncf fhoIr brnnd Insµoc-
for ns onrIy ns µossIbIo boforo shIµ-
µIng dny fo nvoId doInys, snId
Ior moro InformnfIon on fho In-
sµocfIon foo or fo confncf nn Insµoc-
for, cnII fho Soufh Ðnkofn Sfnfo
Irnnd Ionrd nf 8??-5?4-0054 or
Brand lnspectlon fee lncrease
CeII: 60S-441-2SS9 - Res: 60S-SS9-2S?S - Fax: 60S-SS9-32?S
S20 E. Hwy. 14 PO Box 3S
PbIIIp, SD S?S6? -
°1 oon ]1nd
1ooK1ng ]or!"
÷Duuíd Hu¡nctt,
2DD4 Merourg Mon1ereg
Pouer S11d1ng Doors, Leo1Þer, TÞe WorKs
1hursday, August 23, 2012 · 1he Pioneer Review ·Page 7
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August 30 - September 9, 2012. Receive a consumer mail-in rebate on all Valspar®
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Ingram Hardware · 859-2521 · PhiIip
by SonIu Nemec
!Ifo fnkos us on somo InforosfIng
journoys nnd somofImos wo wIsh
wo hnd nskod moro quosfIons!
Thnf offonfImos hnµµons wIfh fnm-
IIIos. !Ifo Is busy wIfh work nnd
rnIsIng n fnmIIy, fho kIds grow uµ
nnd ovonfunIIy Ionvo homo nnd
hnvo busy IIvos of fhoIr own wIfh
coIIogo, mnrryIng, rnIsIng n fnmIIy
nnd fho cycIo confInuos. In fho
busynoss of IIfo, offonfImos n µor-
son doos nof fhInk nbouf nskIng
fhoso quosfIons, unfII n µnronf or
grnndµnronf, µnssos nwny nnd
fhoso quosfIons you wIsh you hnd
nskod bocomo Imµorfnnf. Iuf, If Is
foo Info; fho ono fhnf couId nnswor
fhoso quosfIons Is no Iongor fhoro
fo nsk.
Thnf Is fho cnso wIfh Jorry WnII-
nor nnd hIs wIfo, Mnry !ou (Iosfor)
WnIInor of !nmsoy, MInn., whon If
comos fo Jorry`s dnd, Irod WnIInor.
Thoy woro Iucky fhnf Jorry`s
mofhor, MIIdrod, hnd snvod nII fho
nrfIcIos, µIcfuros nnd momornbIIIn
of Irod`s mosf InforosfIng cnroor In
bnsobnII. Tho ono fhIng mIssIng Is
fhnf Irod Is nof fhoro fo shnro hIs
momorIos of fhnf fImo ns ho µnssod
nwny In 2005.
To gIvo you n IIffIo bnckground of
how I cnmo fo Ionrn of Irod WnII-
nor, Mnry !ou cnIIod ono dny nnd
wns oxcIfod ns sho shnrod somo of
Irod`s sfory. Mnry !ou grndnfod
from MIdInnd HIgh SchooI In l960.
Wo hnvo confInuod fo kooµ In fouch
nnd whon Mnry !ou cnIIod nnd foId
of hor fnfhor-In-Inw, Irod, nnd hIs
bnsobnII cnroor, nnd sho boIng n
IocnI gIrI, nnd somo foIks In fhIs
nron boIng MInnosofn TwIns fnns,
I bocnmo Inforosfod In doIng nn nr-
fIcIo for fho IIonoor !ovIow. And
from fhoro fho journoy bognn!
Mnry !ou Is fho wrIfor In fho
fnmIIy nnd, wIfh Jorry`s Inµuf,
wrofo fho foIIowIng. ¨Wo know
Jorry`s dnd µInyod n Iof of bnsobnII,
buf dIdn`f know fho doµfh of hIs
bnsobnII/µoIIcomnn cnroor unfII ho
µnssod nwny In 2005. Irod µnssod
nwny nf fho ngo of 92. Irod`s wIfo,
MIIdrod, µnssod nwny In 200? nf
fho ngo of 9l.¨ Mnry !ou romom-
borod hor mofhor-In-Inw foIIIng
fhom fho Imµorfnnco of IookIng
fhrough ovoryfhIng boforo fossIng
If nwny. Mnry !ou wonf on fo
wrIfo, ¨Whon wo sfnrfod goIng
fhrough nII fho housohoId µnµors
wo oµonod uµ Inndorn`s box. MII-
drod hnd snvod ovory nrfIcIo from
fho nowsµnµors nbouf Irod`s bnso-
bnII hIsfory. Whon our son, KnIo,
wns l5 yonrs oId, hIs Crnndµn Irod
hnd gIvon hIm hIs vory fIrsf µoIIco
bndgo nnd hIs MInnonµoIIs MIIIor`s
unIform. Ior fho µnsf sovornI
yonrs wo hnvo hnd fho unIform on
n mnnnoquIn In our homo. So,
whon wo uncovorod Inndorn`s Iox
whnf n surµrIso wo woro In for. HIs
bnsobnII µInyIng cnroor sµnnnod
from fho mId l930s fo fho onrIy
l960s. In l948-49, Irod sIgnod con-
frncfs by fho AAA MInnonµoIIs
MIIIors nnd fho foµ Þow York CI-
nnfs (nof fo bo confusod wIfh
fodny`s foofbnII fonm) mInor Ionguo
fonm fo cnfch. Ho wns unnbIo fo
µIny fuII fImo nnd frnvoI ouf-of-
sfnfo bocnuso of boIng n µoIIcomnn
nnd n fnmIIy mnn whIch koµf hIm
In MInnonµoIIs. Ho µInyod for nu-
morous fonms nnd wns n Iong
sfnndIng sfnr In fho TwIn CIfIos
Ionguos. Ho wns nn oufsfnndIng
cnfchor fhnf usunIIy Iod fho Ionguo
In n bnffIng nvorngo of .636. HIs
froµhy from fhIs gnmo wIfh hIs
nnmo on If Is now nIso µnrf of fho
momornbIIIn nf fho TwIns sfndIum.
Ho nof onIy µInyod for fho MIn-
nonµoIIs MIIIors ho µInyod for
CornoIIus bnsobnII fonm, Town
Iumµs fonm, AngIosoy bnsobnII
fonm, Shnkoµoo, MnµIo !nko, WIn-
sfod, Þow !Im, nnd ÐoInno (nII
fowns found In MInnosofn). Somo
of fho nrfIcIo cnµfIons rond: Ho
wIngs IIg Inf InsobnII cnfchor
nnd crook cnfchor; Coµ Irod WnII-
nor µrofIcIonf wIfh bnf & nIghf
sfIck; KIng of fho MInnonµoIIs cIfy
µnrk bnsobnII sIuggor Is Irod WnII-
nor; MIIIors gof WnIInor fo cnfch;
Irod WnIInor n Inrk Horo.¨
Jusf roconfIy, Jorry nnd Mnry
!ou found ouf fhnf Irod Is In fho
Sf. CIoud Amnfour InsobnII HnII of
Inmo, bosIdos boIng n 32-yonr vof-
ornn of fho MInnonµoIIs IoIIco Ðo-
µnrfmonf. In fho nrfIcIos MIIdrod
snvod If foId fhnf hIs skIII In bnso-
bnII wns Iogondnry, buf fho Iovo ho
dIsµInyod for hIs µrofossIon nnd hIs
fnmIIy of fhroo sons oxomµIIfIos hIs
Iogncy. MIIdrod dId nof cnro fo
wnsh Irod`s MIIIors unIform bo-
cnuso If wns mndo of wooI. Ho hnd
nn oxfrn µnIr of µnnfs, nof wooI,
fhnf sho mndo hIm wonr nnd cnIIod
fhom hIs rnIny dny µnnfs. Jorry
nnd Mnry !ou roconfIy found fhnf
µnIr of µnnfs fuckod nwny wIfh
somo bnsobnII momornbIIIn. Mnry
!ou snId, hor fnfhor-In-Inw, ¨novor
brnggod nbouf hIs bnsobnII µInyIng
yonrs, buf In hIs Infor yonrs whon
nf fhoIr homo, ho wouId sIf nnd
Iook nf hIs MInnonµoIIs MIIIors unI-
form on fho mnnnoquIn In fhoIr
homo. Wo`ro suro n Iof wns goIng
fhrough hIs mInd. Irod wouId bo so
honorod fo know hIs MInnonµoIIs
MIIIors unIform, µhofos, nnd mom-
ornbIIIn nro now In fho hnnds of fho
MInnosofn TwIns nssocInfIon nnd
nro boIng µormnnonfIy dIsµInyod In
fho gInss oncIosod dIsµIny cnso for
vIowIng nf fho now Tnrgof IIoId
SfndIum In downfown MInnonµo-
IIs, MInn.¨
Whon nf n bnsobnII gnmo of ono
of fhoIr grnndson`s n Indy cnmo uµ
fo fhom nnd nskod If fhoy woro nof
fho WnIInor fnmIIy¨ Thoy foId hor
fhoy woro. Sho hnd n TwIns Mng-
nzIno for Juno/JuIy 20l2 wIfh nn
nrfIcIo sho fhoughf fhoy mny bo In-
forosfod In, ¨Irom Tho MIIIors To
Tho Mnjors¨ by Sfow ThornIoy. In
fho nrfIcIo If foId fhnf MInnonµoIIs
hnd n rIch µrofossIonnI bnsobnII
frndIfIon µrIor fo fho nrrIvnI of
mnjor Ionguo bnsobnII wIfh fho
TwIns In l96l.
Ior you soo, nffor fIndIng nII of
fho nowsµnµor nrfIcIos, µIcfuros
nnd momornbIIIn of Irod`s bnsobnII
cnroor, Jorry nnd Mnry !ou`s son,
KnIo, fhoughf If wns Imµorfnnf fo
do somofhIng wIfh nII of fhnf bnso-
bnII hIsfory, rnfhor fhon hnvo If
sforod In fhoIr homo. Thoy nII
ngrood, nnd so KnIo bognn IookIng
for oµfIons on fho Infornof. Ono
fhIng Iod fo nnofhor, bocomIng n
roIIor consfor rIdo of oxcIfomonf ns
fho journoy of n IIfofImo wns nbouf
fo unfoId. Whon fho MInnosofn
TwIns nssocInfIon Ionrnod of Irod
WnIInor`s bnsobnII hIsfory fhoy
woro hungry fo Ionrn moro. IosIdos
Irod WnIInor`s MInnonµoIIs MIIIors
unIform, µhofos nnd momornbIIIn
boIng µormnnonfIy dIsµInyod nf fho
Tnrgof IIoId sfndIum, fho MIn-
nosofn TwIns woro hnvIng n ¨Turn
Inck Tho CIock Cnmo¨ on Juno 30,
20l2, honorIng fho MInnosofn
MIIIors nf fho Tnrgof IIoId, µInyIng
fho Knnsns CIfy !oynIs. To furfhor
honor fho formor MIIIors fonm on
fhnf dny, fho TwIns woro drossod
In sµocInIIy mndo MIIIors unIforms.
KnIo WnIInor, wIfh hIs fwo sons,
Irody nnd Irondon, by hIs sIdo
wns fo fhrow ouf fho fIrsf µIfch of
fhnf gnmo. Irod WnIInor`s MIIIors
unIform wns shown on fho bIg
scroon on fho fIoId, jusf boforo KnIo
fhrow ouf fho fIrsf µIfch. Cnfchor
Ðrow Iuforn cnughf fhnf fIrsf
µIfch, sIgnod fho bnII nnd gnvo If fo
KnIo. Ofhor µIcfuros of Irod`s bnso-
bnII cnroor woro shown on fho bIg
scroon fhroughouf fho gnmo.
Tho nrfIcIo In fho TwIns Mngn-
zIno for Juno/JuIy 20l2 wonf on fo
sny, fho MInnonµoIIs MIIIors fIrsf
µInyod In n fuIIy µrofossIonnI
Ionguo In l884. Ovor fho noxf
docndo fhoy µInyod In n vnrIofy of
shorf-IIvod Ionguos In shorf-IIvod
bnIIµnrks. IvonfunIIy wIndIng uµ
µInyIng nf n now bnIIµnrk jusf off of
!nko Sfroof nnd ÞIcoIIof Avonuo
whIch bocnmo fho MIIIors homo for
60 yonrs nnd cronfod momorIos for
sovornI gonornfIons wIfh Ifs quIrky
fonfuros nnd gronf fonms. IosIdos
Irod WnIInor somo of fho ofhors
woro Tod WIIIInms, !ubo WnddoII,
WIIIIo Mnys nnd CnrI YnsfrzomskI.
In l955, fho MIIIors won fho Amor-
Icnn AssocInfIon µonnnnf wIfh n
honvy-hIffIng fonm fhnf sof n
Ionguo rocord by hIffIng 24l homo
runs. Tho mnnngor wns IIII
!Ignoy, who Infor mnnngod fho
TwIns. In l956, fho MIIIors movod
Info n now sfndIum In suburbnn
IIoomIngfon, whIch hnd boon buIIf
wIfh fho hoµo of IurIng mnjor
Ionguo bnsobnII fo fho sfnfo. Tho
quosf wns succossfuI, fho MIn-
nosofn TwIns movod Info MofroµoI-
Ifnn SfndIum In l96l. Tho fInnI
yonrs of fho MIIIors woro mnrkod
by nµµonrnncos In fho JunIor
WorId SorIos In l958 nnd l959. Tho
MIIIors movod ouf of fho nron nffor
CnIvIn CrIffIfh nnnouncod In Ocfo-
bor l960 fhnf ho wouId movo fho
WnshIngfon Sonnfors fo MInnosofn
fo bocomo fho TwIns.
Mosf MInnosofnns woro fhrIIIod
fo gof Mnjor !onguo InsobnII, buf
If wns nIso fho ond of n rIch nnd ox-
cIfIng µorIod of mInor Ionguo bnso-
bnII, ono fhnf Is sfIII rocnIIod fondIy
by fhoso Iucky onough fo hnvo IIvod
fhrough If. And for fhoso who hnvo
dIscovorod n fnmIIy mombor wns
µnrf of If nII.
Thoro nro µooµIo who IIvo nnd
bronfho bnsobnII! Though I nm nof
ono of fhom, I couIdn`f hoIµ buf fInd
fhIs whoIo bnsobnII hIsfory n mosf
InforosfIng sfory. If nof onIy foId
of bnsobnII hIsfory, buf somoono
MIdInnd rosIdonfs know µorsonnIIy
wns InvoIvod In fhnf cIosIng jour-
noy of mInor Ionguo bnsobnII, ns
hor husbnnds fnmIIy wns n bIg µnrf
of fhnf hIsfory.
Mlnneapolls Mlllers-Mldland connectlon
Clyde Uoepner, ourator for the Minnesota 1wins, stands next to lred wallner's
Millers team shirt whioh is on display at 1arget lield. 0ourres, lhoro
lrom left are Brody wallner, Kale wallner, an unidentified man, and Brenden wall-
ner. Kale threw the first pitoh during the Minnesota 1wins' ¨1urn Baok the Clook"
game 1une 30. 0ourres, lhoro
Nioollet Base Ball Park was home to the Minneapolis Millers. 0ourres, lhoro
A game program. 0ourres, lhoro
A lot of newspaper artioles about lred wallner featured the polioeman/baseball
player oonneotion. wallner served as a polioeman for more than 30 years.
0ourres, lhoro
(contInued Ivom !ust week)
Mnrgo IrIggs snId sho monsurod
.29" of rnIn Snfurdny ovonIng
vory woIcomo moIsfuro. Sho Is on-
joyIng zucchInI from hor gnrdon.
Sho hns boon sufforIng wIfh nrfhrI-
fIs µnIn In hor hnnds, buf fhnnk-
fuIIy fhoy nro goffIng boffor.
!on nnd HoIon IockwIfh onjoyod
n vIsIf from fhoIr dnughfor, !oso
IrIggs, nnd hor fnmIIy ovor fho
Chnso nnd KoIIy IrIggs nnd fnm-
IIy woro In IIorro ovor fho wookond
nffondIng n fnmIIy rounIon on hor
mofhor's sIdo of fho fnmIIy. Hor
mofhor Is Mnry (SmIfh) Þoss. KoIIy
snId nII fhroo of fho sIbIIngs nnd nII
of fhoIr chIIdron woro nbIo fo nf-
fond, so fhoy hnd n good crowd.
!ufh Þouhnusor hns hnd n busy,
fnmIIy fIIIod wookond. IrIdny, hor
grnndson, Troy, hIs wIfo, An-
nnIuIsn, nnd fhoIr son, AuroIIo,
µIus AnnnIuIsn's brofhor, !ucn
Irnnco, cnmo fo vIsIf. Thoy IIvo In
IfnIy, nnd fhIs wns !ufh's fIrsf oµ-
µorfunIfy fo moof hor gronf-grnnd-
son, AuroIIo. Ho Is nonrIy l0
monfhs oId now, nnd sho snId ho Is
dofInIfoIy n kooµor! Snfurdny, Troy
nnd fnmIIy wonf fo IhIIIµ fo joIn
hIs µnronfs, !ynn nnd ÞInn, nf n
ÞnchfIgnII fnmIIy rounIon fhoro.
Tho grouµ nII rofurnod fo HIgh-
moro Sundny fo sµond fImo wIfh
!ufh. Thoy'II bo hondIng bnck wosf
Tuosdny. !ufh Is n rosIdonf nf
HIghmoro HonIfhcnro, nnd I jusf
cnn'f sny onough good fhIngs nbouf
fho fncIIIfy. Ono fhIng fhoy do for
fho rosIdonfs Is mnInfnIn n Inco-
book µngo for fho fncIIIfy µosfIng
µhofos of fho rosIdonfs so frIonds
nnd roInfIvos nonr nnd fnr cnn soo
nII fho ncfIvIfIos nnd shnro vIcnrI-
ousIy In fho sµocInI momonfs. If
wns n joy fo soo Aunf !ufh hnvIng
Ico cronm sundnos nnd µosIng for n
four-gonornfIon µhofo wIfh hor
fnmIIy. I nm nof n ronI fochIo µor-
son, buf I suro onjoy somo of If!
If wns n quIofor wook horo nf fho
rnnch. Thoro Isn'f nny hnrvosfIng
or hnyIng fo do, so fho guys hnvo
boon busy chockIng on fho IIvosfock
nnd roµnIrIng corrnIs nnd foncos. If
you wnnf fo soo how dry fho ground
Is, you cnn fry dIggIng somo µosf
IrIdny, !nndy nnd I woro suµµor
guosfs nf fho homo of AInn nnd
Shnron Ankor nonr If. IIorro. Snf-
urdny, I sµonf fho dny In Kndokn
hoIµIng my sIsfor, IIIIo, µnck uµ
moro of hor housohoId goods. Sho
roconfIy movod fo !nndor, Wyo.,
nnd sho Iovos fho nron nnd Iovos
hor job fhoro I'II hnvo fo fnko n
rond frIµ ono of fhoso dnys fo soo
hor µnrf of fho worId.
ThIs wook, I nm grnfofuI for
cooIor fomµornfuros. As I snId onr-
IIor, ovon 90´ sooms good nffor fho
ronIIy hof fomµornfuros wo hnd
onrIIor! Tho µInnfs, fho IIvosfock,
fho oquIµmonf, nnd osµocInIIy fho
µooµIo, nII soom fo do boffor wIfh-
ouf fho sfIfIIng honf. Tho Insf cou-
µIo of dnys, I hnvo sfnrfod fho dny
wonrIng n swonfshIrf nnd swonf-
µnnfs (Þo fnshIon sfnfomonf horo!),
fhon frnnsIfIon fo shorfs nnd n f-
shIrf ns fho fomµornfuro rIsos, onIy
fo µuf fho swonfshIrf bnck on In fho
ovonIng whon If cooIs down n bIf.
Iuf I'm nof comµInInIng fho
cooIor fomµs soom fo mnko for
cooIor fomµors nIso. nffIfudos
soom fo Imµrovo ns fho fomµorn-
furo modornfos. I'm nof IookIng for-
wnrd fo fho subzoro fomµornfuros
of wInfor, buf I wIII ronIIy onjoy ?0´
whon If gofs horo!
Co ouf nnd mnko If n gronf wook!
And bo on fho wnfch for snnkos
our guys hnvo soom bnby rnf-
fIosnnkos nonr fho shoµ nnd In fho
grnIn shod durIng fho µnsf wook.
And µIonso, confInuo fo µrny for
rnIn. As fho µrnIrIo fIro In our nron
Insf nIghf shows, wo nood fo ro-
mnIn vIgIInnf wIfh fhoso dry condI-
McenvIIIe News
Thursday, August 23, 2012 • The Pioneer Review •Page 8
Sports & Accomplishments
Rock ’N
Roll Lanes
859-2430 • Philip
Now open for the season!
It’s time to line up your teams!!
Leagues start September 4th!
Weekly Special:
Ham & Turkey Melt with Fries
Sunday Special:
Roast beef
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Salad Bar & Dessert
Walker Automotive
Now open Mon. thru Fri.
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Tune-ups ~
brakes ~ Service
859-2901 • Philip
2 Bedrooms available
2 Bedrooms available
(washer/dryer hook-ups)
apartments carpeted throughout,
appliances furnished,
laundry facilities available.
For application
& information:
1113 Sherman St.
Sturgis, SD 57785
605-347-3077 or
A breakfast program is a new offering this year at the Philip school cafeteria. “Stu-
dents and staff don’t have to come every day, but they are welcome every day,”
said head cook Michelle Butler. Breakfast time begins at 7:15 a.m., and ends at
7:50, with students reminded to be done by the first class bell. The morning
meals will vary, some days offering a cold breakfast and some days offering a
hot selection. Breakfasts and lunches always include milk. Shown is Gracie
Fitzgerald with her cereal and orange Photo by Del Bartels
New - school breakfasts
The Badlands Cowboys for
Christ Rodeo Bible Camp was held
on August 6-9 at the Kadoka
One hundred and six campers,
along with over 70 volunteers, took
part in the four day camp. The
campers received two days of rodeo
instruction in events of their choice
and then they competed in the final
days in two rodeo performances.
Each day the campers also at-
tended chapel, took part in small
devotional groups, participated in
games and enjoyed music.
Tie Down Roping: 1st – Rolly
Fortune, Interior, 2nd – Taylor
Schmidt, Sturgis, 3rd – Jason Hap-
ney, Harrold, 4th – Klay O’Daniel,
Bull Riding: 1st – Jordan
Hunt, Faith, 2nd – Norman
Chantry, Hayes, 3rd – Casey
Heninger, Ft. Pierre, 4th/5th Ryan
Schlabach, Kadoka, and Brady
Jandreau, Lower Brule.
Barrel Racing: 1st – Hanna
Hostutler, Midland, 2nd – Bobbie
Till, Dupree, 3rd – Brooke Howell,
Belle Fourche; 4th – Alex Smiley, Kadoka.
Goat Tying: 1st – Tawny Berry,
Carter, 2nd – Becca Lythgue,
Colton; 3rd – Vanzi Knippling,
Chamberlain, 4th – Bailey Tibbs,
Ft. Pierre.
Breakaway Roping: 1st –
Elsie Fortune, Interior; 2nd – Bree
Albers, Hartford, 3rd – Kecia
Miller, Newell, 4th – Kamira
Miller, Newell.
Bareback: 1st – Trig Clark,
Meadow, 2nd – J.D. Anderson, Hill
City, 3rd – Dylan Riggins, Kadoka,
4th – Denver Paul, Carson, N.D.
Saddle Bronc: 1st – Jordan
Hunt, Faith, 2nd – Reed Johnson,
Philip, 3rd – Chantry; 4th – Hap-
Steer Wrestling: 1st –
Schmidt, 2nd – Ryne Baier, Buf-
falo, 3rd – Logan Christensen,
Kadoka, 4th – Hapney.
Team Roping: 1st – Fortune
and Austin O’Dea, Philip, 2nd –
Tayle Brink, Newell, and Sadee
Hurst, Buffalo, 3rd – Reed Johnson
and Rance Johnson, both of Philip,
4th – Fortune and Garrett Murphy,
Torrington, Wyo.
Pole Bending: 1st – Brianna
Sexton, Bison, 2nd – Justina
Cvach, Midland; 3rd – Lythgue,
4th – Hostutler.
Girls All-Around: Lythgue.
Boys All-Around: Schmidt.
Perseverance award: Dustin
Hicks, Allen.
Cy and Dorothy Porch Me-
morial Bibles: Cvach and Baier.
Badlands Cowboys For Christ
Rodeo Bible Camp in Kadoka
Receiving the Cy and Dorothy Porch Memorial Bibles were Justina Cvach, Midland,
at left, and Ryne Baier, Buffalo, center. Presenting the Bibles was Roger Porch,
Philip. Photo by Robyn Jones
Morrison’s hosted the seventh
annual Badlands Match Bronc Rid-
ing in Kadoka, Friday, August 17.
In addition to the three rounds
of bronc riding and the wild ride
featuring five cowboys, Christy
Willert of Kadoka made her debut
in trick riding. Her husband,
Jamie, was also a bronc ride con-
tender, but had tough luck in the
first round.
The top winners in round one
1st – Lane Stirling, Newell – 71
points, 2nd – Travis Nelson,
Philip – 69 points, 3rd/4th – Dillon
Schroth, Buffalo Gap, and Jade
Blackwell, Wall – 68 points. Also
scoring in that round were Wyatt
Kammerer and Trey Fortune, both
of Philip, Levi Hapney, Quinn,
Cody Taret, Rapid City, and Travis
Schroth, Buffalo Gap.
The top four winners who ad-
vanced in the second round took
home money as well. 1st – Stir-
ling – 75 points, 2nd – Blackwell –
71 points, 3rd – Hapney – 69
points, 4th – Kammerer – 67 points
The short go was winner take
all. With his 80-point ride, Kam-
merer collected the top prize.
This year’s bronc ride was a part
of the Badlands versus Sandhills
Bronc Riding Challenge. The riders
also competed in Valentine, Neb.,
Wednesday night, August 15, just
two days before the match in
Kadoka. The rider with the highest
total score from both events was
awarded with a bonus cash award
and a championship buckle. Stir-
ling was the Badlands versus
Badlands Match Bronc Riding results
Above, Wyatt Kammerer won the short
go with an 80 point ride on Broken
Arrow's Faubio.
Below, Travis Nelson, Philip, bucking
off of Spud Creek's Boogie Board dur-
ing the second round.
Sandhills champion bronc rider
with a total of 447 points after six
rounds between the two events.
Allison Stahl, a 2012 Philip High
School graduate, has completed
United States Navy boot camp.
Having officially joined the
Navy, July 27, 2011, she attended
boot camp from June 5 to August
12. That time include eight weeks
of training plus several days of pro-
Stahl’s rank is E2, and her pe-
cialty is ATO Airman Apprentice,
an aviation electronics technician.
Her future training goal will be to-
ward being certified as a judge ad-
vocate general.
She is currently stationed at “A”
School in Pensacola, Fla., waiting
to class up. Her current military
mailing address is:
ATO AA Stahl, Allison
230 Chevalier Field Ave
Pensacola, FL 32508-5151
Stahl stated, “Boot camp pushes
you mentally and physically. You
are constantly reminding yourself
why you joined and who you’d let
down if you gave up. It’s not for
everybody, but I’m glad I did it. I
love Pensacola and I’ve met new
friends and have learned a lot.”
Stahl is the daughter of Kim Pe-
tersen, Philip, and Ryan Stahl,
Rockerville. Grandparents are
Neal and Vickie Petersen, Philip,
and Bill and Penny Stahl, Midland.
Great grandparents are Peggy
Drury and Dorothy Stahl, Philip,
Ann and Vic Simon, Hoven, and
Gertrude Petersen, Desmet.
Stahl in the Navy now
Elle Moon, granddaughter of Jack and
Gayle Rush, did a time of 3.12 sec-
onds on breakaway roping.
Hanna Hostutler won first place at rodeo Bible camp with an average of 33.952
after two performances.
Reed Johnson took second place at rodeo Bible camp in saddle bronc.
Right, Trey Fortune, Philip, bucking off
of Spud Creek's Angel Wings during
the second round.
Legal Notlces
1hursday, August 23, 2012 · 1he Pioneer Review · Page 9
There will be insufficient funds in the
budget allowances in the 226 Emergency
Management Fund in the 2012 budget of
(226-222). This is due to the FEMA re-
quirement to update Haakon County's
Pre-Mitigation Disaster Plan. For Haakon
County to remain eligible for FEMA
grants, this had to be completed. Ìt is
hereby proposed that the following Sup-
plemental Budget be adopted for the
2012 year.
226 - 222 Emergency Management
Notice is hereby given that the Board of
Commissioners of Haakon County, South
Dakota will hold a public hearing on the
above proposed supplemental budget for
the year 2012 at 1:15 p.m. on Tuesday,
September 4, 2012, at which time any
person interested may appear and be
heard in favor or opposed the proposed
Edward Briggs, Chairman
Patricia G. Freeman
Haakon County Auditor
[Published August 23 & 30, 2012, at the
total approximate cost of $25.99]
Proceedings of
West River Water
DeveIopment District
JuIy 19, 2012
CALL TO ORDER: The West River
Water Development District convened for
their regular meeting at the West River
Water Development District Project Office
in Murdo, SD. Chairman Joseph Hieb
called the meeting to order at 10:30 a.m.
Roll Call was taken and Chairman Joseph
Hieb declared a quorum was present. Di-
rectors present were: Joseph Hieb,
Casey Krogman, Marion Matt, Veryl
Prokop and Lorne Smith. Also present:
Jake Fitzgerald, Manager; Kati Venard,
Sec./Bookkeeper; Dave Larson, Larson
Law PC.
APPROVE AGENDA: Motion by Director
Prokop, seconded by Director Matt to ap-
prove the agenda. Motion carried unani-
APPROVE MINUTES: The minutes of
the June 20, 2012, meeting were previ-
ously mailed to the Board for their review.
Motion by Director Krogman, seconded
by Director Prokop to approve the June
minutes. Motion carried unanimously.
- $56.61, Casey Krogman - $56.61, Mar-
ion Matt - $56.61, Veryl Prokop - $56.61,
Lorne Smith - $56.61, West River/Lyman-
Jones RWS - $1,000.00, Pennington
County Courant - $28.92, Lyman County
Herald - $31.58, Murdo Coyote - $35.38,
Todd County Tribune - $32.24, Pioneer
Review - $32.17, Kadoka Press - $37.36,
United States Treasury - $111.72. Motion
by Director Smith, seconded by Director
Prokop to approve the District bills. Mo-
tion carried unanimously.
REPORT: The financial status of the Dis-
trict to date was previously sent to the
Board. A copy of the June Financial Re-
port is on file at the District office in
Murdo. Motion by Director Smith, sec-
onded by Director Krogman to approve
the June Financial Report. Motion carried
Fitzgerald presented his July report to the
Board. Motion by Director Krogman, sec-
onded by Director Prokop to approve the
Manager's Report. Motion carried unani-

10:45am (CT) Chairman Joseph Hieb
read the following notice: "This is the time
and place set by published notice for
hearing statements of arguments relative
to the budget proposed by the West River
Water Development District Board. All in-
terested parties may make a statement.
Persons who have indicated they wish to
make a statement will be called in the
order in which they have signed in. After-
wards, anyone else may make a state-
ment.¨ Nobody from the public was
present at the budget hearing. Motion by
Director Matt, seconded by Director Krog-
man to close the FY 2013 budget hearing
and adopt the 2013 Budget and Budget
Resolution. Motion carried unanimously.
There being no further business, the
meeting was adjourned at 10:47 A.M.
Kati Venard, Recording Secretary
Joseph Hieb, Chairman
[Published August 23, 2012, at the total
approximate cost of $35.41]
Proceedings of the
Town of MidIand
AUGUST 14, 2012
The Town Board of the Town of Midland
met on Tuesday, August 14, 2012, at 7:00
PM in the Town Hall with the following
members present: Diana Baeza, Jared
Fosheim, Rock Gillaspie, Finance Officer
Michelle Meinzer and Utilities Operator
Lawrence Stroppel.
Also present: Reuben Vollmer, Jr. and
Angie Doolittle.
Minutes of the July 10, 2012, meeting
were read and approved as published.
Merchant Appreciation Day "Free Day"
will be held on September 22, 2012. Mid-
land Fire Department/Commercial Club
has requested a temporary beer license
for this day. A hearing will be held at our
regular meeting in September for this li-
Vollmer met with the Board to discuss the
old municipal alarm system. Vollmer
would like permission to take down the
old system as it is no longer in use and
has been determined to have no value
due to the age of the electronics. Fosheim
made a motion, second by Gillaspie to
allow Vollmer to take down the system.
Motion carried.
Discussed water treatment plant. Board
and Utilities Operator will meet on Thurs-
day, August 16, 2012, at 6:30 PM to tour
the treatment plant with Vollmer.
The Midland graduating class of 1992 has
requested planting a tree in the Town
Park in dedication from their class and
also as a memorial to one of their class-
mates and to future classmates. They
also asked to hold their class reunion in
the Park during "Free Day". Fosheim
made a motion, second by Gillaspie to
approve planting a tree in the park and
also for the reunion to be held there.
Meinzer will contact Class President con-
cerning this memorial dedication.
Discussed responses concerning salvage
yards within city limits.
Utilities Operator gave his report. We dis-
cussed chip sealing, boring the water line
under highway for the upcoming bridge
project, memorial benches for the park,
DENR report, street signs, sewer lagoon
#2, water hookups, sewer rates and prob-
lems at the sewer plant.
Chip sealing is scheduled to be done by
the end of August and several benches,
given in memory of loved ones, will be in
place before the weekend of "Free Day".
Stroppel has been approached by several
citizens inquiring about removing the stop
signs that run North and South on Elm
Street. Citizens are wondering if there is
actually a need for them as long as we
keep the stop sign that runs East and
West on Dakota Street. Feedback from
the community is needed on this inquiry.
Discussed problem of non-biodegradable
wipes/towels being flushed down the
sewer system. These wipes/towels plug
up the system and cause considerable
damage. Board requests that these not
be flushed down the system in order to
keep our system running smoothly.
Discussed DENR recommendation that
the Town raise the monthly sewer rate.
Board is checking into raising the rate
from $7.00 to $10.00 per month.
Discussed residents hooking up campers
to meters without Utility Operator`s knowl-
edge. This is a violation of the Town of
Midland`s Ordinance. Stroppel was in-
structed to take a photo when a violation
has occurred so that our Ordinance can
be enforced.
The Board would like to thank Marty
Hansen for the use of his colony traps.
Discussed complaints. A letter needs to
be drafted to send to landowners about
the upkeep of their yard. Some of these
landowners do not live here but own land.
Letter will need to state that they need to
hire someone to take care of their prop-
erty if they are not able to do so them-
selves. Letter will be drafted and sent to
owners as a reminder.
Finance Officer presented a budget. A
motion was made by Gillaspie, second by
Fosheim to approve the proposed
A motion was made by Gillaspie, second
by Fosheim to pay the following claims:
Central Culvert Supply, Culvert ...240.00
Second Century Development,
Broadcast fee ..........................112.50
Lawrence Stroppel, Wages ......1,885.07
Lawrence Stroppel, Insurance, Phone,
Michelle Meinzer, Wages, Phone, Filing
Fee ..........................................671.57
Ernie`s LLC, Supplies..................208.52
Electronic Federal Tax Payment, Em-
ployee Tax ...............................776.28
G & A Trenching, Repairs............270.00
Golden West, Phone/Internet ......138.83
Grainger, Supplies.......................396.56
Heartland Waste Management, Refuse
Service ....................................984.00
Ken`s Repair, Repairs ...................35.00
Konst Machine & Welding,
Midland Food & Fuel, Fuel ..........428.05
Pioneer Review, Publications......150.75
Ron Larson, Repairs ...................240.00
SD Dept. of Revenue, Lab Fees ...13.00
SD One Call, Message Fees...........1.11
SD Retirement System,
SD State Treasurer, Sales Tax ......78.72
USA Bluebook, Supplies .............114.51
West Central Electric, Electric
Supply .....................................901.27
WR/LJ Rural Water, Water
Supply ..................................2,271.25
There being no further business to come
before the Board, the meeting adjourned.
Michelle M Meinzer, Finance Officer
Diana Baeza, President
[Published August 23, 2012, at the total
approximate cost of $57.18]
Proceedings of Haakon
County Commissioners
August 7, 2012
The Haakon County Board of Commis-
sioners met at 1:15 PM on Tuesday, Au-
gust 7, 2012. A quorum was established
with Chairman Edward Briggs, Vice
Chairman Stephen Clements, Members
Rita O'Connell and Nicholas Konst in at-
tendance. Commissioner Gary Snook
was absent. Auditor Pat Freeman, Deputy
Auditor Carla Smith, Highway Superin-
tendent Kenny Neville, Highway Adminis-
trative Secretary Val Williams, Sheriff
Fred Koester, Extension Secretary Sheryl
Hansen, CHN/WÌC Heidi Burns, Librarian
Annie Brunskill, Mike Gebes, Dakota Mill
and Grain Manager Lester Pearson, Ron
Mitzel and Barton Banks from the Gen-
eral Council Dakota Mill and Grain and Pi-
oneer Review Representative Nancy
Haigh were also present.
A letter was received from Western South
Dakota Community Action out of Rapid
City, SD, requesting that a representative
from the Haakon County Commission
hold a seat on the Board of Directors.
This agency services fourteen counties in
Western South Dakota with a 42 member
Board of Directors. Executive Director
Linda Edel offered to come and visit with
the commission and explain the programs
and what they do. The commission re-
quested an appointment be confirmed for
the next meeting of September 4, 2012.
Dakota Mill & Grain Manager Lester
Pearson, General Council Dakota Mill &
Grain Representatives Ron Mitzel and
Barton Banks met with the commission in
regards to the plans to build up the pres-
ent Dakota Mill & Grain. After research-
ing, it was found that the Haakon County
Regional Railroad Authority had been
filed with the Secretary of State's Office
on January 3, 1994. The commission will
need to meet and appoint two current
board members to act as representatives
of the subdivision respectfully in the exer-
cise of their powers as Members of the
Haakon County Railroad Authority. A res-
olution will be needed to support the proj-
Mike Gebes met with the commission to
discuss the Lakeside Estates Road. Sev-
eral suggestions were made as to how to
fix the road. Highway Superintendent
Neville was also present and stated that
he would look at solutions for a possible
fix to the problem.
The July 3, 2012, Regular Minutes was
reviewed. Vice President Steve Clements
amended the third paragraph sentence
which stated, "The rent has been $60 a
month for many, many years.¨ This will be
amended to read, "The rent has been $60
a month for approximately 36 years.¨ The
motion was seconded with the amend-
ment with all in agreement. The July 25,
2012, Special Budget Minutes were ap-
proved as read. Motion carried.
The following July 2012 fuel bids were
Courthouse: None
Highway Dept:
07-12-12 Fitzgerald Oil ........$3.33 No. 2
07-12-12 Cenex...................$3.27 No. 2
07-24-12 Fitzgerald Oil ........$3.40 No. 2
07-24-12 Cenex...................$3.37 No. 2
07-26-12 Fitzgerald Oil ........$3.39 No. 2
07-26-12 Cenex...................$3.40 No. 2
07-26-12 Cenex.....................$3.42 Gas
07-26-12 Fitzgerald Oil ..........$3.32 Gas
Highway Superintendent Kenny Neville
met with the commission for his monthly
report. Ìt has been a goal of the highway
department to get the Robb's Flat County
Complex upgraded before winter so that
a blade and county employee could be
available to plow roads as soon as possi-
ble for the residents in that area. After the
commissioners inspected the area, they
found the old trailer house needed to be
surplused as it was infested. Even the
wiring was chewed through and not sal-
vageable. Member Rita O'Connell made
the motion to surplus the infested trailer
house and lean to. The motion was sec-
onded with all in agreement. Cody Briggs
will be moving the old trailer and lean-to
out and disposing of it. There is still a
working propane tank located on the
complex. There is a well located on the
grounds but not good water. Vice Chair-
man Steve Clements made a motion to
run rural water to the complex and this
would save on any problems with water
in the future. Member Rita O'Connell sec-
onded the motion. Member Nicholas
Konst abstained from the vote. Motion
was approved with two members voting ÷
yea, one abstaining and one absent.
After searching for a used trailer house,
Chairman Ed Briggs found a trailer house
for sale in the same area for $17,500.00
which was in good shape. He also stated
that a volunteer had offered to haul the
trailer house to its new location. Member
Nicholas Konst made a motion to pur-
chase the trailer house for the Robb's Flat
County Complex from Terry Hand for
$17,500.00. The motion was seconded,
with all in agreement.
Superintendent Neville informed the com-
mission that Leigh Furnival was due for
his first step raise from $10.38 to $11.79.
A motion was made, seconded, with all in
Haakon County Sheriff Fred Koester
gave his monthly report to the commis-
sion. Ìt was reported that some newer
used bar lights were found for the two
Sheriff's vehicles. The lights had been
surplused at Ellsworth Air Force Base and
purchased by Haakon County Sheriff's
Department. Sheriff Koester requested to
surplus the old bar lights and then donate
them to the Philip Fire Department. The
Philip Fire Department would help re-
place the newer bar lights on the county
vehicles. A motion was made by Member
Rita O'Connell, seconded with all in
The implementation of a burn ban was
discussed with Sheriff Koester. Ìt would
be more for the protection of the county
and would also give the Sheriff's Depart-
ment something to fall back on if there
were such an incident. With the fire dan-
ger so high within the whole state, it was
agreed, after much discussion, that
Haakon County should implement a burn
ban. A motion was made by Member Rita
O'Connell to approve Resolution 2012-7.
The motion was seconded, with all in
WHEREAS, Haakon County is
experiencing very dry condi-
tions due to lack of snow cover
last winter and moisture from
rain this spring; and
WHEREAS, Haakon County
wishes to provide guidelines
for open burning; and
WHEREAS, Haakon County
has consulted with local and
state fire officials and other
public safety individuals with
regard to the severity of this
issue; and
WHEREAS, for purposes of
this Resolution, "open burning¨
shall be defined as stated in
Ordinance 2007-1, "the inten-
tional burning of any sub-
stance, whether natural or
manmade, or the intentional
casting off of any burning sub-
stance, except the burning of
such substance in a container
sufficient so as to prohibit the
escape of any of the burning
substance, or any sparks,
flames or hot ashes from such
container. The escape of any
such burning substance, or any
sparks, flames or hot ashes
from such a container shall be
deemed prima facie evidence
of an open burning set forth
herein. The maintaining of a
fire in any interior fireplace,
stove or furnace is specifically
excluded from the definition of
an open burning as contem-
plated by this ordinance¨.
that a fine not to exceed two
hundred dollars for each viola-
tion, or be imprisonment for a
period not to exceed thirty days
for each violation, or by both
fine and imprisonment, if found
in violation of this Resolution,
as per South Dakota Codified
Law (SDCL) 7-18A-2, and that
the cost of suppressing any
fire, including response fees,
mutual aid assistance from
other agencies or fire depart-
ments, reimbursement to gov-
ernments for suppression
efforts and compensation to
the firefighters for time lost
from their employment, be born
directly by the individual or in-
dividuals responsible for set-
ting the fire.
Dated this 7th day of August,
Haakon County Commission
Edward Briggs, Chairman
Patricia G. Freeman, Auditor
Librarian Annie Brunskill gave her quar-
terly report to the commission. Ìt was re-
ported that a South Dakota Broadband
Ìnitiative Grant had been awarded the
Philip Library in the amount of $2,339.21
which would be for computer equipment
and is an in-kind match consisting of the
annual accrued software and hardware
maintenance contractor cost. The 20%
match amount to be satisfied is $584.80.
Permission was also requested for atten-
dance to both the South Dakota Associa-
tion Conference in Huron, SD, from
October 3-5, 2012, and to the Mountain
Plains Library Association Conference in
Omaha, NE, from October 18-19, 2012.
Annie is currently the President of South
Dakota Library Association and expected
to attend these conferences. A motion
was made by Vice Chairman Stephen
Clements, seconded with all in agree-
Veteran's Officer Terry Deuter's monthly
report was reviewed.
CHN/WÌC Heidi Burns gave her quarterly
report. There were many items men-
tioned such as baby care, WÌC, Family
Planning, immunizations, school health
and upcoming events. There are many
good things done for the community thru
this office under the supervision of nurse,
Heidi, and her secretary, Kristin Martin.
Sheryl Hansen, Administrative Secretary
for the Extension Office, gave her quar-
terly report. Ìt was reported that the Ìnter-
net in her office had been eliminated by
hooking up with the Ìnternet in the Audi-
tor's Office. Ìt saved approximately
$625.00 a year from her budget. Ìt was
still felt that not enough time was being
given to Haakon County on 4-H projects.
One of her biggest concerns is that the 4-
H members of Haakon County get the
best experience they can have with what
we are able to offer. When considering
the State payment of $4,187.50, a lot
could be offered to the county thru our
own Extension office.
The commission is still giving this serious
The Auditor's Account with the County
Treasurer was presented as taxes for the
month of June 2012.
Haakon County Certificates of
Deposit .............................235,000.00
Haakon County Library Certificate of
Deposit ...............................61,940.02
Cash Management Fund .....902,239.10
Bank Balance...........................1,291.34
Checks & Cash on Hand........15,112.39
The Gross Courthouse Salary & Pay-
roll Warrants for the month of July 2012:
Commissioners, Wages ...........2,820.00
Auditor's Office.........................4,683.97
Treasurer's Office.....................4,535.79
State's Attorney's Office...........3,468.34
Director of Equalization............2,586.53
Register of Deeds.....................2,911.17
Janitor ......................................1,902.56
Veteran's Office...........................810.00
Sheriff's Office..........................5,230.87
Highway Department .............24,787.71
WÌC and Health Nurse Sec......1,089.92
Librarians .................................1,877.46
Extension Secretary.................1,296.36
Emergency Management ............940.47
Weed Supervisor......................2,733.64
Wellmark Blue Cross
Blue Shield.........................13,295.57
Special Ìnsurance Services......1,258.91
AFLAC, premium ........................577.92
SD Retirement System ............6,222.84
Delta Dental ................................745.90
Vision Service Plan .....................155.65
First National Bank,
SS & WH............................11,760.58
The Vendor Warrants were presented
for July Expenses paid in August 2012:
Pioneer Review Ìnc, Publishing ..242.05
SDACC, Clerp Legal Ìns Exp...1,322.95
Century Bus Leasing Ìnc. Maint -
Connecting Point, Dues & Computer
Connecting Point Travel ................25.00
Coyle's Super Value Supplies .......11.29
First National Bank Group Ìns.......10.00
Golden West Tele Co Telephone.179.85
Quill Corporation Supplies .......1,165.75
Ron Larson, Dues/Computer
Connecting Point, Professional
Fees ....................................3,910.00
Golden West Tele Co,
Ron Larson, Professional Fees...202.83
Philip Health Services, Professional
Fees ........................................140.00
Tollefson Law Office, Office
Tollefson Law Office, Telephone ...75.00
Tollefson Law Office, Misc/Postage/
Etc ............................................45.00
City of Philip Utilities ..................319.50
Coyle's SuperValu, Supplies ........22.42
Ìngram Hardware, Supplies .........81.14
Kone Ìnc, Professional Fees ......230.03
MG Oil Company, Supplies ..........26.14
Petersen's Variety, Supplies ...........4.48
Servall Uniform, Supplies ...........147.53
Walker Refuse Ìnc, Utilities ..........70.00
West Central Electric, Utilities..2,237.29
Connecting Point, Professional
Fees ....................................4,805.00
Connecting Point, Travel ..............25.00
Golden West Tele Co,
Telephone ...............................142.49
Petersen's Variety, Supplies ...........5.56
Quill Corporation, Supplies ..........36.40
Reliable Office Supplies,
Supplies ...................................43.68
Ron Larson, Professional
Fees .......................................101.42
Golden West Tele Co,
Telephone ...............................101.21
Ìngram Hardware Supplies ..........12.47
Milcrofilm Ìmaging Systems Ìnc, Profes-
sional Fees .............................200.00
Quill Corporation Supplies ...........18.20
Golden West Tele Co,
Telephone .................................38.84
AT&T Mobility, Utilities ..................81.38
David Butler, Fuel .........................37.51
Golden West Tele Co, Utilities ....138.19
Law Enforcement Targets Ìnc,
Supplies ...................................36.00
MG Oil Company, Fuel ...............137.46
Morrison's Conoco, Fuel ............547.07
Petersen's Variety, Supplies .........39.90
Quill Corporation, Supplies ..........36.40
State Radio Communications,
Teletype ...............................2,250.00
Winner Police Department, Jail Ex-
penses .................................3,266.91
Quill Corporation, Supplies ..........18.20
Carrie Weller, Travel ...................162.24
Rod Geppert, Travel .......................4.50
Golden West Tele Co,
Telephone ...............................116.19
Quill Corporation, Supplies ..........36.40
Reliable Office Supplies,
Supplies ...................................24.98
Ron Larson, Repairs & Maint .......90.00
Petersen's Variety, Supplies .......100.97
A&A Tire & Repair, Repairs &
Maint ........................................16.50
AT&T Mobility, Utilities ..................48.10
Brown's Small Engine Repair, Repairs &
Maint ........................................27.30
Butler Machinery Co Ìnc, Repairs &
Maint ......................................799.72
Butler Machinery Co Ìnc,
Supplies .................................388.44
Cenex Harvest States, Supplies ...81.87
Cenex Harvest States, Fuel ....6,659.66
Coyle's SuperValu, Supplies ........40.12
Dakota Mill & Grain Ìnc,
Supplies ..............................4,805.00
Eddies Truck Sales Ìnc, Repairs & Maint
EMC Ìnsurance Companies, Liability/
Workman's Comp Ìns. ..............58.00
Fitzgerald Oil Co, Fuel ............3,490.60
Godfrey Brake Service, Supplies ...3.06
Golden West Tele Co, Utilities ....236.66
Heartland Waste Management Ìnc,
Utilities ......................................42.40
Ìngram Hardware, Repairs &
Maint .........................................11.99
Kennedy Ìmplement & Auto Co, Repairs
& Maint .....................................21.11
Kimball Midwest, Supplies ..........111.93
Konst Machine, Repairs &
Maint ......................................518.04
Konst Machine, Supplies .............56.70
Town of Midland, Utilities .............19.00
NAPA, Repairs & Maint ................54.63
NAPA, Supplies ............................92.34
Philip Body Shop, Repairs &
Maint ........................................55.00
Philip Motor, Ìnc, Repairs &
Maint ......................................139.90
Pioneer Review Ìnc, Publishing ....36.00
SD Dept of Transportation, Road/
Bridge Projects...................10,842.43
Sim's Glass, Repairs & Maint .....558.00
Sioux City Floundry Co, Repairs & Maint
True North Steel, DOT/Cty Swap Agree-
ment Exp .............................7,343.00
Walker Refuse Ìnc, Utilities ...........70.00
Walker Automotive, Repairs &
Maint ......................................348.00
Warne Chemical & Equipment Co, Re-
pairs & Maint ..........................761.50
West Central Electric, Utilities ....234.07
West River Water Develop Dist,
Utilities ......................................87.50
Centurylink, 911 .........................142.63
ESCC, 911 ..............................4,000.00
Golden West Tele Co, 911 .........499.60
Central Enhancement, Other
Expenses ..........................14,895.00
Golden West Tele Co, Utilities ....101.14
Petersen's Variety, Supplies .......124.98
Quill Corporation, Supplies ..........36.40
Lola Roseth, Travel ....................171.68
Lola Roseth, Other Expenses ........1.10
Coyle's Standard, Building Fund...17.80
Ken's Refrigeration, Building
Fund .......................................138.16
Moses Building Center Ìnc, Building
Fund ...........................................6.50
Thomson West Law Library, Amt
Held ........................................720.65
Total Checks ..........................89,065.16
A Court Appointed Attorney voucher for
$2,476.99 was not approved. Voucher will
be referred to the State's Attorney for
A motion was made by Member Nicholas
Konst to approve all the above listed war-
rants. Ìt was seconded with all in agree-
A motion was made by Member Nicholas
Konst to approve travel and attendance
to the 2012 County Convention for Com-
missioners and County Officials in Sioux
Falls, SD, from September 17-19, 2012.
The motion was seconded with all in
A copy of the resolutions worked on
throughout the year by the Black Hills As-
sociation of County Commissioners and
County Officials meetings were handed
out to the commission. These resolutions
will be approved/disapproved at the 2012
County Convention in September and be
passed on, if requiring legislative action.
An Ultra Software Meeting is scheduled
in Pierre, SD, for the Auditor, Treasurer
and Director of Equalization on Wednes-
day, August 8, 2012. A motion was made,
seconded with all in agreement.
A motion was made by Vice Chairman
Stephen Clements to supplement the
Emergency Management budget by
$14,895.00 to pay for the 2012 Update of
the Haakon County Pre-Disaster Mitiga-
tion Plan. Without this update, which was
done by the SD Enhancement District for
Haakon County, the county would not be
eligible for any FEMA Grants. The motion
was seconded, with all in agreement.
There was discussion on the creation of
a lease for the City of Philip for the 2013
year, as they requested. Nothing definite
was decided upon and further discussion
will be done. The commission requested
Auditor Freeman to contact the City Fi-
nance Officer, Monna Van Lint and re-
quest the Haakon County Commissioners
be put on the agenda at their next meet-
ing on September 4, 2012. Notification
was received from the City of Philip that
they will no longer be paying half of the
teletype expenses in 2013, which is
$2,250 a year. Haakon County will be li-
able for the full $4,500 in their 2013 Sher-
iff's budget.
The next Special Meeting is scheduled for
Tuesday, August 21, 2012, at 1:00 PM in
the Commissioner's Room at the court-
house for working on the 2013 budget.
The next Regular Meeting will be on
Tuesday September 4, 2012, at 1:00 PM
in the Commissioner's Room at the court-
house. The meeting was adjourned at
5:30 PM.
ward Briggs, Chairman
Patricia G. Freeman, Auditor
[Published August 23, 2012, at the total
approximate cost of $247.90]
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lc sccn ai 608 SunsIinc Drivc
in PIili¡. PF52-2i¡
looling for a Conncrcial A¡¡li-
caior for iis Murdo, SD locaiion.
Class A CDL w/clcan rccord.
Con¡ciiiivc wagc w/lcncfiis.
Call Jacl ai 381-0031 or sio¡ in
ai iIc Elcvaior and iall wiiI
Doug. WP52-2ic
a nanagcr and Icl¡crs. Call
Linda Livcrnoni, 433-5323, or
scnd rcsunc io. Do× 63, Inicrior,
SD 57750. P37-2i¡
HELP WANTED: Pari-iinc
casIicr, 2-10 sIifi. Fricndly,
¡osiiivc worl cnvironncni, flc×-
illc scIcdulc. Pcrnancni ¡osi-
iion. Musi lc 21. A¡¡ly ai
Kadola Cas & Co. K37-2ic
SD, is sccling a full-iinc wcldcr.
E×ccllcni siariing wagc. In-
cludcs lcncfiis sucI as grou¡
IcaliI and lifc insurancc, ¡rofii
sIaring, and ¡aid vacaiion. Call
374-3841 or 1-800-658-5534 or
scnd rcsunc io. Crcgorian Inc.,
PO Do× 209, Lcnnon, SD
57638. Equal O¡¡oriuniiy En-
¡loycr. P37-2ic
WANTED ai iIc Wall Colf
Coursc. Call Sian ai 381-2861.
Focl Fcsiaurani in Wall. Call
Lori ai 279-2387. WP51-3ic
HELP WANTED: Cool/clcan/
siocl, 9-5 sIifi, 2-3 days a wccl,
sonc wcclcnds, flc×illc scIcd-
ulc, ¡crnancni ¡osiiion. A¡¡ly
ai Kadola Cas & Co.
SD, is sccling a full-iinc forn-
ing and finisIcr. E×ccllcni siari-
ing wagc. Includcs lcncfiis sucI
as grou¡ IcaliI and lifc insur-
ancc, ¡rofii sIaring, and ¡aid
vacaiion. Call 374-3841 or 1-
800-658-5534 or scnd rcsunc
io. Crcgorian Inc., PO Do× 209,
Lcnnon, SD 57638. Equal O¡-
¡oriuniiy En¡loycr.
PROGRAM is looling for an cn-
iIusiasiic, cncrgciic, rcliallc in-
dividual io worl ¡ari-iinc. Musi
lc 18 wiiI a IigI scIool
di¡lona. Plcasc coniaci Mandi
ai 279-2156 c×i. 2110 for norc
infornaiion. Dcadlinc is Augusi
31si. PW36-2ic
HELP WANTED: Full-iinc &
¡ari-iinc siariing Augusi 13iI
ai Focl 'N Foll Lancs, PIili¡.
Call 859-2355 for norc inforna-
iion. P33-ifn
cסcricncc ¡rcfcrrcd lui will
irain. Salary ¡lus connission.
Possililiiy of u¡ io $12.00 ¡cr
Iour wagc. Housing is su¡¡licd
in Wall. You will nalc grcai
wagcs, ncci lois of ¡co¡lc and
Iavc fun. Posiiion availallc May
1, 2012. A¡¡ly ai ColdDiggcrs
on Mi. FusInorc Foad in Fa¡id
Ciiy or call faciory ai 348-8108
or fa× rcsunc io 348-1524.
FOR SALE: Full sizc YanaIa
clcciric organ (doullc lcyloard}
and lcncI. Insiruciion lool and
sIcci nusic includcd. E×ccllcni
condiiion. Asling $150. 462-
6238. PF52-3ic
FOR SALE: Alio Sa×o¡Ionc.
YanaIa YAS 23. Ncw ¡ads rc-
ccnily, grcai condiiion. CIcclcd
ovcr ly Haggcriy's lasi noniI.
Concs wiiI alio sa× casc, nccl
sira¡, corl grcasc, clcaning
¡icccs. Call 859-3271.
FOR SALE: Mayiag wasIing
nacIinc, vcry good condiiion,
$135. Call 279-2858. WP51-2ic
FOR SALE: Found iallc wiiI (4}
cIairs, darl wood siain; fuion;
cIcsi of drawcrs. Call 279-2222.
FOR SALE: Fo¡c Iorsc Ialicrs
wiiI 10' lcad ro¡c, $15 cacI.
Call 685-3317 or 837-2917.
NOTICE: TIcrc will lc a Hoff-
nan fanily rcunion, Sc¡i. 8iI ai
iIc Quinn Connuniiy Ccnicr.
LuncI will lc ¡oilucl.
annual crafi sIow, Sc¡icnlcr
8iI. Call Julic ai 441-9305.
roon Ionc wiiI garagc, locaicd
on Wood Avc. in PIili¡. Call 484-
5409. PF52-2i¡
Malc an offcr! 2 lcdroons, 1
laiI, dining roon, a¡¡lianccs,
fcnccd lacl yard. 859-2483 or
859-3095 or lcavc ncssgc.
FOR SALE: 3 lcdroon + officc,
1-1/2 laiI nolilc Ionc,
$17,000. Call 685-4085, Jcrcny
Noicloon, PIili¡. P36-2ic
HOUSE FOR SALE: 307 Myrilc
Avc., PIili¡, SD. 3 lcdroon, 1-
1/2 laiI. O¡cn concc¡i wiiI
laninaic Iardwood floors, siain-
lcss siccl fridgc and siovc and
wasIcr/drycr all includcd. Ncw
roof, windows and froni dccl.
Largc fcnccd-in laclyard wiiI
sioragc sIcd and covcrcd con-
crcic ¡aiio. Closc io scIool. Call
859-2470, lcavc a ncssagc if no
answcr. P36-4ic
1999 Fcdnan 28'×72' 3 lcd-
roon, 2 laiI, 150'×75' loi, sIcd,
doullc car¡ori, Midland. Call
Paula, 441-6967. $49,500 (nc-
goiiallc}. K50-4i¡
air/Icai, couniry liicIcn, 3
ldrn Iousc for salc. 2 garagcs,
sun ¡orcI. 700 9iI Si., Kadola.
837-1611. K35-ifn
PHILIP: 3 lcdroon, 2 laiI,
2100 sq. fi. Ionc on a largc loi
locaicd on a quici cul-dc-sac.
Has aiiacIcd 2-car garagc, sior-
agc sIcd, largc dccl and an un-
dcrground s¡rinllcr sysicn
wIicI o¡craics off a ¡rivaic wcll.
Coniaci Dol Fugaic, PIili¡, ai
859-2403 (Ionc} or 515-1946
(ccll}. P24-ifn
FOR RENT: 1 lcdroon a¡ari-
ncni in PIili¡, $275/noniI
¡lus dc¡osii. Call 391-3992.
APARTMENTS: S¡acious onc
lcdroon uniis, all uiiliiics in-
cludcd. Young or old. Nccd
rcnial assisiancc or noi, wc can
Iousc you. Jusi call 1-800-481-
6904 or sio¡ in iIc lolly and
¡icl u¡ an a¡¡licaiion. Caicway
A¡arincnis, Kadola. WP32-ifn
FOR SALE: 2009 Polaris 500
ATV, 4WD, ¡urcIascd Sc¡i. '09
and rodc vcry liiilc duc io
IcaliI. E×ccllcni sIa¡c. Call
843-2516 or 515-3150.
FOR SALE: 1997 Polaris 6×6
w/¡low, rcluili cnginc, ncw
cIains and s¡roclcis, $5,600.
Call 685-4085, Jcrcny Noic-
loon. P36-2ic
PLEASE READ your classificd
ad iIc firsi wccl ii runs. If you
scc an crror, wc will gladly rc-
run your ad corrccily. Wc accc¡i
rcs¡onsililiiy Ior tbe IIrst In-
correct InsertIon onIy. Favcl-
lciic Pullicaiions, Inc. rcqucsis
all classificds and cards of
iIanls lc ¡aid for wIcn or-
dcrcd. A $2.00 lilling cIargc will
lc addcd if ad is noi ¡aid ai iIc
iinc iIc ordcr is ¡laccd. AII
pbone numbers are wItb an
area code oI 60S, unIess otber-
wIse IndIcated.
TIunI ¸ou to Co¸íc`s Su¡c¡-
Vuíu ¡o¡ tIc ¡í¡st uíd Iít I uon ín
¸ou¡ unníuc¡su¡¸ d¡uuíng.
T¸¡onc Moos
TIunI ¸ou, P¡csIo LíucstocI
und tIc HuuIon/JucIson
Count¸ Fuí¡ Hou¡d ¡o¡ tIc Pcn o¡
J Icít IucIíc uc uon ut tIc ¡uí¡.
Mu¡I ö Luuonnc SíoucI
Vc uouíd ííIc to tIunI ou¡
duugItc¡s, Mu¡¸ und HctI, ¡o¡
Iostíng n¸ ¡ctí¡cncnt ¡u¡t¸ ut
tIc ¡í¡c Iuíí. Aíso to uíí tIc ¡co¡íc
uIo sIoucd u¡ to sIou tIcí¡ u¡-
¡¡ccíutíon und to uíí uIo scnt
TIunI ¸ou so nucI,
Hu¸nond ö Víínu Gu¡tnc¡
TIunIs to uíí ¡o¡ tIcí¡ ¡¡u¸c¡s,
uísíts, ¡ood, cícuníng, cooIíng
und Icí¡íng uítI uIutcuc¡ tusIs
nccdcd to Ic donc to ¡uí¡ííí
A¡noíd`s uísI to stu¸ ut Ionc.
Mun¸ tIunIs to tIc ¡uníí¸ ncn-
Ic¡s und tuo s¡ccíuí ¡¡ícnds uítI
nu¡síng sIííís uIo Icí¡cd so
nucI du¡íng tIc íust du¸s o¡
A¡noíd`s íí¡c.
TIc Uníon Ccntc¡ Hu¡tíst
CIu¡cI ís to Ic tIunIcd ¡o¡ ¡¡o-
uídíng u uondc¡¡uí ¡íucc ¡o¡ tIc
¡uníí¸ to gutIc¡ und sIu¡c u
ncuí togctIc¡. TIunIs to tIc
íudícs uIo sc¡ucd tIc dcíícíous
ncuí Ic¡o¡c tIc sc¡uícc.
TIunIs to tIc CMCCC ¡co¡íc
uIo sct u¡ tIc nun¸ tuIícs und
cIuí¡s und Iundícd tIc ¡u¡Iíng.
Aíso tIunIs to Monícu und tIc
Huíí C¡ccI Cu¡c c¡cu tIut sc¡ucd
u g¡cut íuncI, und to uíí tIc
TOF/Duilding Ins¡ccior for
HUCHES COUNTY, full iinc.
O¡¡oriuniiy for organizcd, inno-
vaiivc, dcdicaicd, good naiurcd
and sclf noiivaicd individual io
guidc couniy dcvclo¡ncni cf-
foris. Salary $18.23/Ir DOQ.
Coniaci your local Dc¡i of Lalor
or Karla Piclard, 605-773-7477,
HugIcs Couniy CouriIousc.
Closcs Oci 5. EOE.
SION is ialing a¡¡licaiions for
full- iinc Douglas Couniy HigI-
way Su¡crinicndcni. Musi Iavc
valid Class A Drivcr's Liccnsc.
Eסcricncc in road/ lridgc con-
siruciion/nainicnancc ¡rc-
fcrrcd. For a¡¡licaiion coniaci.
Douglas Couniy Audiior (605}
siiion locaicd in Siou× Falls. Prc-
vcniaiivc nainicnancc on
irucls/irailcrs uscd io Iaul
fucl. Scnd rcsunc. Harns Oil
Con¡any, Aiicniion. Hunan
Fcsourccs, Do× 940, Droolings
SD 57006.
TOF TIis full-iinc ¡osiiion is rc-
s¡onsillc for iIc organizaiion's
consisicni acIicvcncni of iis
nission and financial oljcciivcs.
For norc dciails and an a¡¡lica-
iion. Iii¡.//www. ¡icrrcarcarc-
iurn-lcy lusincss, rcnodclcd
s¡oris lar, Ioi s¡oi for fisIcr-
ncn and Iunicrs, lusicsi ¡lacc
in iown. Vandcr Lindcn Pro¡cr-
iics 605-380-8240
ncni lisiings, soricd ly rcni, lo-
caiion and oiIcr o¡iions.
www. sdIousi ngscarcI. con
Ihc Pionccr Pcvicw
Busincss & ProIcssionol DirccIory
K0NA|| f. MANN, ||8
FamiIy Dentistry
Monday - Tuesday - Thurs. - Friday
8:00 to 12:00 & 1:00 to 5:00
859-2491 · Philip, SD
104 Philip Ave. · South of Philip Chiropractic
Qualiiy Air-Eniraincd Concrcic
CaII toII-Iree 1-SSS-S39-2621
RIcbard HIIdebrand
S3?-2621 - Kadoka, SD
Rent Thio Spuce
3 month min.
ricd Cou¡lc will ¡rovidc loving
and siallc Ionc for your ncw-
lorn laly. All cסcnscs ¡aid.
For infornaiion ¡lcasc call 1-
888-728-5746, Carolyn and
VOCEL FAFMS - Fccd, Livc-
siocl, and Haying Equi¡ncni
Auciion. Saiurday, Sc¡i. 8, 1
¡n, Onala, SD, www.nan-
drauciion.con, www.sdauc-
iions.con, M&F Auciions, Cary
605-769-1181, Lcwis, 605-281-
1067, San 605-769-0088,
Honc 605-948-2333, Kcvin
Vogcl 605-281-0336.
IDEAL sccd 96 gcrn. Ovcrland
sccd 98 gcrn ccriificd. Availallc
inncdiaicly. Call Dalc 605-204-
0217, Fyan 605-870-2515 or
Micl 605-530-1895. Pcrnii
nunlcr 56510.
PFESS o¡craior o¡cning in Mo-
lridgc, SD. Livc, worl and ¡lay
on iIc largcsi sul-in¡ound-
ncni lalc of iIc Missouri Fivcr.
Call Larry Ailinson, 605-230-
0161 or 800-594-9418.
·Complete Auto Body Repairing
·Glass Ìnstallation ·Painting ·Sandblasting
ToII-Free: 1-800-900-2339
Pee Wee & Toby Hook
859-2337 · PhiIip, SD
ALL types!

Tire Tanks
Located in
Kadoka, SD
Home: (605) 837-2945
Cell: (605) 381-5568
Excavation work of
Welding & Repair
· DOT Inspection
· CompIete TraiIer Repair
· FuII Line of Bearings & SeaIs
· Tractor Front End & SpindIes
· SeIIing New SteeI
· RecycIing OutIet
· Refrigration & A/C on CommerciaI,
ResidentiaI & VehicIes
0eorge: 111-3ê0Z · Lee: 111-3ê0ê
859-2970 · Philip
oontinued on page 11
Ior ull yoor

Philip, SÐ
F08lll0ß 0¢0ß
Web & Sheetfed
Press Operation
seeking full-time help.
We are willing to train.
* * * *
CaII Don or Beau
or pick up an appIication at
the Pioneer Review in PhiIip
1hursday, August 23, 2012 · 1he Pioneer Review · Page 11
80 l0lßkl߶ 8000l 8l8fll߶ 8 80080fl¢ll0ß
l0f ¶00f 00ll0¶0 8l000ßl l0l8 l8llII
¯ ¸ ¸
¸' ¸¸ ,
It's AImost Back-to-CoIIege TIme .
Are you ready Ior anotber semester oI bard work and Iun?
Use tbese beIpIuI tIps to make tbe most oI tbe comIng scbooI year, wbetber It's your IIrst or Iast!
· Don'i scIcdulc classcs lacl-io-lacl. You won'i lc rusIcd, and you'll Iavc iinc aficr class io siudy.
· Cci involvcd! If you didn'i lasi ycar, ¡lay a s¡ori, join a clul, or siari onc of your own.
· Havc fun! A lalancc lciwccn worl and ¡lay is iIc lcy io a good ycar.
· Talc lrcals wIilc siudying ÷ 10 ninuics for cvcry Iour is sufficicni. Also, siudy in iIc dayiinc as nucI as ¡ossillc.
· Malc and siicl wiiI a livallc ludgci. Don'i forgci io facior in liiilc iIings lilc CDs and Iaircuis.
· Crcaic o¡cn connunicaiion wiiI your roonnaic(s} carly on. Cci io lnow cacI oiIcr's ¡crsonal valucs, Ialiis and
I|t ï|aattt Ktv|tw
Box ?SS - PbIIIp - (60S) SS9-2S16
I|t ïtaa|açtaa |a. |attaat
Box 43S - WaII - (60S) 2?9-2S6S
I|t Ka1aka ïttss
Box 309 - Kadoka - S3?-22S9
I|t |a|t| |a1tjta1tat
Box 3S - FaItb - (60S) 96?-2161
I|t f|saa |att|tt
Box 429 - BIson - (60S) 244-?199
I|t Mtt1a |ayatt
Box 46S - Murdo - (60S) 669-22?1
I|t Ntw 0a1ttwaa1 ïast
Box 426 - New Underwood - (60S) ?S4-6466
ßll 00ll0¶0 $008 l0 8߶
0l l0080 ß0N8¢8¢0f8.
$Z4.4Z l8K lß0l0000
l8 18l 0ß8k.

l8 18l 0ß8k.
Start your newspaper subscription
today and see the Iight. Get aII the
Iatest business, obituaries, sports,
IocaI news and more.

Pleneer Bevlew
859-2516 · PhiIip,SD
¡¡ícnds tIut I¡ougIt dcssc¡ts, us
ucíí us to tIc Cí¡cuít Hídc¡s, Pus-
to¡ Hu¡oíd DcíI¡ídgc und ¡íuníst,
S¸íuíu HIodcn.
A uc¡¸ s¡ccíuí tIunIs to
Hc¡níccc A¡nc¸ ¡o¡ uíí ¸ou Iuuc
donc ¡o¡ ou¡ ¡uníí¸ und uc uíí
u¡¡¡ccíutc ¸ou¡ contínucd su¡-
¡o¡t. You u¡c u t¡uc Iícssíng to
ou¡ ¡uníí¸.
Most o¡ uíí, I uunt to tIunI n¸
¡uníí¸ ¡o¡ Icí¡íng gct cuc¡¸tIíng
o¡gunízcd und ¡o¡ ¡cuíí¸ coníng
togctIc¡ to gíuc tIcí¡ Dud u
ncuníng¡uí scnd-o¡¡. TIunIs to
Mu¡íon und Du¡ícnc, Cíí¡¡ und
Jud¸, Díxíc und Duuc, Hon und
Ton¸u, Stuníc¸ und Gícndu,
Kcnn¸ und Cínd¸, Mu¡ícnc und
Puuí, Hcuc¡í¸ und Vudc, und
Honníc und Stcuc.
TIunI ¸ou ö
God Iícss uíí o¡ ¸ou,
Eísíc Mutt
oontinued from page 10
Tho fInnI Inw onforcomonf sfnfIs-
fIcs nro In concornIng fho wook of
fho nnnunI SfurgIs MoforcycIo
IIguros nro comµIIod by fho
Soufh Ðnkofn HIghwny InfroI from
four mnIn dIsfrIcfs, SfurgIs, !nµId
CIfy, Soufhorn HIIIs nnd fho Ind-
Innds. Tho fIguros IncIudo uµ fo
6:00 n.m., Sundny, Augusf l2.
Totu!s 2012 2011
Ð!I nrrosfs 25l 235
Ðrug nrrosfs
MIsdomonnor l85 l49
IoIony 34 43
Ofhor foIonIos 2 9
CIfnfIons l,l89 l,26?
WnrnIngs 4,l96 4,234
VohIcIos soIzod ? 5
Cnsh soIzod $9,368 $l,853
ConconIod wonµons nrrosfs
0 6
Þon Injury 50 42
Injury 50 80
InfnI 8 4
TofnI fnfnIIfIos 9 4
rally law
Soufh Ðnkofn Is roµorfIng 26
now cnsos of humnn Wosf ÞIIo
vIrus, brIngIng fho fofnI fo 6? fhIs
yonr. Thnf Is fho hIghosf numbor of
cnsos sInco 200? whon 208 humnn
cnsos woro roµorfod.
¨Cnso numbors fIucfunfo from
yonr fo yonr, buf fho vIrus Is on-
domIc fo Soufh Ðnkofn nnd wo cnn
oxµocf fo soo cnsos onch summor,¨
snId Ðr. !on KIghfIIngor, sfnfo oµI-
domIoIogIsf for fho Ðoµnrfmonf of
HonIfh. ¨Wo oncourngo µooµIo fo
mnko usIng Insocf roµoIIonf µnrf of
fhoIr summor roufIno, fho snmo
wny wo urgo fhom fo gof fIu shofs
onch fnII nnd wInfor.¨
KIghfIIngor nofod fhnf hIsforI-
cnIIy, mId Augusf Is fho µonk fImo
for Wosf ÞIIo vIrus cnso onsof In
Soufh Ðnkofn, so moro cnsos nro
So fnr fho vIrus hns boon do-
focfod In 28 of Soufh Ðnkofn`s 66
counfIos. Thoro hnvo boon 6?
humnn cnsos roµorfod, IncIudIng
ono donfh. Thoro hnvo nIso boon 22
Wosf ÞIIo vIrus µosIfIvo bIood
donors, sIx µosIfIvo horsos, ono µos-
IfIvo bIrd nnd 56 µosIfIvo mosquIfo
Irovonf mosquIfo bIfos nnd ro-
duco fho rIsk of Wosf ÞIIo vIrus by
usIng mosquIfo roµoIIonfs (ÐIIT,
µIcnrIdIn, oII of Iomon oucnIyµfus,
or I!3535) nnd IImIf oxµosuro by
covorIng uµ. !ImIf fImo oufdoors
from dusk fo mIdnIghf whon cuIox
mosquIfoos nro mosf ncfIvo. Cof rId
of sfnndIng wnfor fhnf gIvos mos-
quIfoos n µInco fo brood. Suµµorf
IocnI mosquIfo confroI offorfs.
Thoso µrocnufIons nro osµocInIIy
Imµorfnnf for fhoso nf hIgh rIsk for
Wosf ÞIIo vIrus µooµIo ovor 50,
µrognnnf womon, frnnsµInnf µn-
fIonfs, IndIvIdunIs wIfh dInbofos or
hIgh bIood µrossuro, nnd fhoso wIfh
n hIsfory of nIcohoI nbuso. IooµIo
wIfh sovoro or unusunI hondnchos
shouId soo fhoIr µhysIcInns.
SInco Ifs fIrsf cnso In 2002, Soufh
Ðnkofn hns roµorfod moro fhnn
l,800 humnn Wosf ÞIIo vIrus cnsos
nnd 2? donfhs.
West Nlle
cases rlse
Pioneer Review
Tuesdays at Noon
3ome 72 years ago, Marie (0lio) 1edrow, left, and Mabel (0mdahl) Brunner posed
for this pioture when they were 18 years old. Born on the same day of the same
year, they oall themselves the non-sister twins. 0ourres, phoro
Two young IndIos grndunfod
from hIgh schooI In Mny of l940
nnd Infor found ouf fhoy hnd moro
In common fhnn fhoy couId hnvo
ovor ImngInod.
As If furnod ouf, fhnf summor
MnboI OmdnhI nnd MnrIo OIIc bofh
workod nf Ðncofnh HofoI In
Kndokn, whIch wns ownod by
Irnnk nnd Mno Hnfnor. MnrIo wns
n wnIfross; MnboI workod In fho
kIfchon mnkIng nnd bnkIng brond
nnd µIos.
WhIIo wnIfIng on n cusfomor
MnrIo mndo commonf fhnf If wns
hor l8fh bIrfhdny. MnboI ovor-
honrd fhnf from fho kIfchon nnd
snId If wns hor bIrfhdny, foo. Como
fo fInd ouf fhoy woro bofh born on
Augusf 24, l922. MnboI wns born
In Coffonwood nnd MnrIo In ImIny.
Thoy nIso shnrod fho snmo InIfInIs.
¨Wo woro bondod from fhnf dny
on,¨ MnboI snId. ¨Affor workIng fho
summor monfhs nf fho hofoI, wo
wonf fo !nµId CIfy In Soµfombor fo
nffond IInck HIIIs CommorcInI CoI-
Iogo nnd fnko n fwo-yonr busInoss
MnboI wns n !ufhornn nnd
MnrIo wns n CnfhoIIc. Thoy roomod
In coIIogo wIfh fnmIIIos of fho oµµo-
sIfo fnIfh, MnboI rocnIIod.
MnboI rocnIIod fhnf MnrIo dIdn`f
sfny vory Iong bocnuso sho oxcoIIod
In fho subjocfs so woII. Tho Þow
!ndorwood Innk wns soIIcIfIng
hoIµ nnd MnrIo nccoµfod n µosIfIon.
Hor cnroor gof off fo n gronf sfnrf
nnd sho romnInod In bnnkIng for
mnny yonrs. Sho now rosIdos In
MonnwhIIo, MnboI fook n job nf
fho Ionfngon whoro sho workod for
n good mnny yonrs. If wns fhoro
fhnf sho mof nnd mnrrIod !nrry
Irunnor, who wns n µoIIco offIcor.
!nfor fhoy rofIrod In Sun CIfy,
ArIz., whoro MnboI hns rosIdod for
moro fhnn 40 yonrs.
MnrIo bocnmo fho wIfo of !ussoII
Todrow nnd fhoy hnd fwo sons.
MnboI nnd !nrry novor hnd chII-
dron. Iofh of fho IndIos hnvo Iosf
fhoIr husbnnds.
MnboI onjoys IIngo, nffor Sun-
dny church, doIng voIunfoor work.
Non-slster twlns' 90th blrthday
AInn Andorson bognn hIs formnI
dufIos ns fho now WnII ÐIsfrIcf
!nngor onrIIor fhIs summor, buf Is
nIrondy woII-known bocnuso of
comµIofIng fwo µrovIous ncfIng
rnngor roIos In 2009 nnd onrIIor
fhIs yonr.
¨I nm vory much IookIng forwnrd
fo workIng wIfh fho IocnI commu-
nIfy, CrnssInnd VIsIfor Confor nnd
WnII ÐIsfrIcf µorsonnoI, ndjnconf
µubIIc Innd mnnngors, nnd IocnI
govornmonfs In hoIµIng fo mnnngo
fhIs nmnzIng nnfIonnI grnssInnd
rosourco,¨ snId Andorson. ¨ThIs
nron Is unIquo In fho nnfIon for Ifs
bonufy, bofnnIcnI nnd wIIdIIfo dI-
vorsIfy nnd muIfIµIo susfnInnbIo
uso oµµorfunIfIos nnd I fooI forfu-
nnfo fo bo nbIo fo µIny n µnrf In
hoIµIng fo mnnngo If.¨
IrIor fo comIng fo WnII, Andor-
son sµonf fhroo yonrs ns fho forosf
ongInoor for fho Þobrnskn ÞnfIonnI
Iorosfs nnd CrnssInnd In Chndron,
Þob., nnd nIno yonrs ns n suµorvI-
sory cIvII ongInoor for fho IInck
HIIIs ÞnfIonnI Iorosf. IrIor fo hIs
fImo wIfh fho Iorosf SorvIco, ho
workod for fwo yonrs ns rond con-
sfrucfIon Insµocfor wIfh fho Soufh
Ðnkofn Ðoµnrfmonf of Trnnsµorfn-
fIon In !nµId CIfy nnd 2? yonrs ns
n commIssIonod offIcor for fho Þn-
fIonnI OconnIc nnd AfmosµhorIc
AdmInIsfrnfIon workIng In mnrIno
ongInoorIng nnd hydrogrnµhIc sur-
voyIng. ThIs work µuf hIm In, or
fhrough, nII of fho sfnfos In fho
!nIfod Sfnfos, IncIudIng fhoIr
consfnI wnfors nnd sovornI Cnnn-
dInn µrovIncos. HIs Insf nssIgn-
monf fhoro wns ns commnndIng
offIcor of fho ÞOAA ShIµ !nInIor, n
23l foof survoy vossoI, conducfIng
hydrogrnµhIc survoys In fho consfnI
wnfor of AInskn.
Andorson hoIds n bnchoIor of scI-
onco dogroo In mochnnIcnI ongI-
noorIng from fho Soufh Ðnkofn
SchooI of MInos nnd TochnoIogy, n
mnsfor of scIonco dogroo In mnn-
ngomonf from fho ÞnvnI Iosfgrnd-
unfo SchooI In Monforoy, CnIIf.,
nnd hns comµIofod fho oxocufIvo
somInnr for nnfurnI rosourco mnn-
ngomonf nf Onk !Idgo, Tonn.
Whon workIng for fho IInck HIIIs
ÞnfIonnI Iorosf, ho wns n mombor
of fho WhIsµorIng IInos VoIunfoor
IIro Ðoµnrfmonf nonr !nµId CIfy,
nnd sorvod ns fIro chIof durIng hIs
fInnI fwo yonrs.
AInn nnd hIs wIfo, Susnn, rosIdo
In !nµId CIfy. Thoy woro rnIsod In
SfurgIs nnd MobrIdgo, rosµocfIvoIy.
ThoIr fwo grown chIIdron, nIso on-
gInoors, nro workIng nnd rosIdIng
In Ðonvor, CoIo.
0lstrlct ranger a famlllar face
AccordIng fo fho AmorIcnn
SchooI Ius CouncII, schooI busos
nro dosIgnod fo bo snfor fhnn µns-
songor vohIcIos In nvoIdIng crnshos
nnd µrovonfIng Injury.
Hnnkon SchooI ÐIsfrIcf doos nof
hnvo schoduIod bus roufos, buf
doos uso busos for oxfrn-currIcuInr
ncfIvIfIos nnd fIoId frIµs.
Todny, ns comµnrod fo yonrs ngo,
schooI busos nro buIIf wIfh snfofy
In mInd. In fncf, n sfudy by fho
!nIfod Sfnfos Ðoµnrfmonf of
TrnnsµorfnfIon sfnfod fhnf chII-
dron nro snfor rIdIng fho bus fo nnd
from schooI fhnn boIng drIvon In n
cnr by nn nduIf. Whon you nro
shnrIng fho rond wIfh schooI busos,
foIIow fhoso fIµs.
SchooI busos hnvo yoIIow IIghfs
fo wnrn drIvors fhoy wIII bo mnk-
Ing n sfoµ nnd rod fInshIng IIghfs
nnd nn oxfondnbIo sfoµ sIgn fo foII
drIvors fo sfoµ. YoIIow doos nof
monn go fnsfor, If monns sIow
down. Io nwnro of your surround-
Ings nnd nIwnys como fo n comµIofo
sfoµ. Ðo nof confInuo drIvIng unfII
fho IIghfs hnvo furnod off nnd fho
sIgn Is µuIIod In.
If Is IIIognI fo µnss n schooI bus
on fho rIghf sIdo of fho rond bo-
cnuso you cnnnof bo nwnro of
whoro fho bus noods fo sfoµ fo Iond
or unIond. AIwnys wnIf for fho bus
fo movo fo fho rIghf Inno or sfny n
snfo dIsfnnco bohInd If. AddIfIon-
nIIy, If Is IIIognI In nII 50 sfnfos fo
µnss n schooI bus fhnf Is sfoµµod fo
Iond or unIond chIIdron. If Is vIfnI
fhnf you sfoµ your vohIcIo nf Ionsf
l0 foof nwny from fho schooI bus fo
nIIow for rIdors fo onfor nnd oxIf
In mosf sfnfos If Is roquIrod fhnf
schooI busos sfoµ nf nII rnIIwny
crossIngs. Io nIorf whon n crossIng
Is nhond nnd n schooI bus nonrby so
fhnf you cnn sfoµ ns woII.
You musf nIwnys sfoµ for fInsh-
Ing rod IIghfs; howovor, mosf sfnfos
do nof roquIro drIvors fo sfoµ whon
on fho oµµosIfo sIdo of n dIvIdod
hIghwny. !so oxfromo cnufIon If
you nro In fhIs sIfunfIon ns µnsson-
gors mny bo fryIng fo cross In fhnf
nron, osµocInIIy If fhoro Is n cross-
Jusf IIko frucks, busos hnvo n
wIdo furnIng rndIus. !omombor fo
µrovIdo fhom wIfh nmµIo furnIng
sµnco so fhoy cnn mnnouvor onsIIy
on fho rond.
Wnfch for chIIdron wnIfIng for
fho bus. As fho drIvor, you nro ro-
sµonsIbIo for kooµIng nn oyo on fho
rond nnd on chIIdron wnIfIng for
fho bus. Como fo n comµIofo sfoµ nf
nII sfoµ IIghfs nnd sfoµ sIgns. ÐrIvo
sIowIy nonr bus sfoµs nnd wnfch for
chIIdron crossIng fho rond.
SIow down. !so cnufIon If you
nro drIvIng In rosIdonfInI nrons nnd
schooI zonos. IInos for sµoodIng In
nn nron cnn bo hoffy.
AIIow for oxfrn fImo durIng your
commufo. SchooI bus drIvors hnvo
fo foIIow fho snmo sµood IImIf ruIos
ns ovory ofhor drIvor; howovor,
fhoy mnko froquonf sfoµs whIch
cnn doIny frnffIc. AIIow nmµIo
frnvoI fImo whon schooI Is In sos-
8afely share the road
wlth school buses
PhiIip Livestock
FaII Horse SaIe
1hursday, August 23, 2012 · 1he Pioneer Review ·
(605} 685.5826
Midland · (605} 567.3385
JEFF LONG, FIeIdmanJAuctIoneer
Fcd Owl · (605} 985.5486
Ccll. (605} 515.0186
Fcva · (605} 866.4670
Milcsvillc · (605} 544.3316
Yard Foreman
(605} 441.1984
Siurgis · (605} 347.0151
Wasia · (605} 685.4862
(60S) SS9:2S??
lkllll ll\läIê|K 1||IlêK
lkllll, äê|Ik 01KêI1
Upoom1ng Co111e So1es:
LANDERS LIVESTOCK - 300 DLK STFS .......................850-900=
FREIN - 250 DLK STFS..................................................700-800=
ROCK - 180 DLK STFS ..................................................900-950=
NI ...............................................................................900-950=
ROSETH CATTLE CO - 60 DLK STFS...................................850=
EISENBRAUN - 50 DLK STFS & SPAY HFFS..................700-800=
MILLAR - 50 DLK STFS & OPEN HFFS........................900-1000=
SHEARER - 50 DLK OPEN HFFS ..........................................750=
FERGUSON - 35 DLK FALL CLVS; FS.............................500-650=
HELMS - 31 FWF STFS & OPEN HFFS........................700-1000=
JOHNSTON - 30 DLK & DWF STFS & SPAY HFFS .........700-850=
PORCH & PORCH - 25 DLK TESTED OPEN HFFS ................900=
MADER - 20 DLK OPEN HFFS .......................................850-900=
THOMSEN - 20 DLK & CHAF X OPEN HFFS.........................850=
WEISS - 20 DLK TESTED OPEN HFFS..................................900=
RICHARDSON - 10 FED STFS.......................................800-900=
THOMSEN - 10 DLK TESTED OPEN HFFS............................850=
JOBGEN - 10 DLK TESTED OPEN HFFS...............................850=
2DJ2 Horse So1es:
BARBER - 100 DLK CLVS; FS...............................................500=
WELLER RANCH - 50 DLK CLVS; FS,ASV......................400-500=
BARNETT - 15 DLK CLVS.....................................................650=
VIEW SALES LIVE ON THE INTERNET! Go to: UpcomIng saIes & consIgnments can be
vIewed on tbe Internet at, or on tbe DTN: CIIck on SALE BARNS NORTH CENTRAL
PLA |s now qua||f|ed to hand|e th|rd party ver|f|ed
NhT6 catt|e (Non-hormona| Treated 6att|e}.
TUE8., AUC. 28Th AT 12:00 HT:
Reep suppor11ng R-CALF USA! R-CALF USA 1s
our vo1oe 1n governmen1 1o represen1 U.S.
oo111e produoers 1n 1rode morKe11ng 1ssues.
]o1n 1odog & Þe1p moKe o d1]]erenoe!
PhiIip Livestock Auction, in conjunction with
Superior Livestock Auction, wiII be offering
video saIe as an additionaI service to our consignors,
with questions about the video pIease caII,
Jerry Roseth at 605:685:5820.
PhiIip, SD

A b1g run o] ue1gÞ-ups & o b1g run o] Þorses. Ne×1
ueeK o b1g Speo1o1 Yeor11ng So1e u11Þ 2DDD Þeod.
Co1o1og Horse So1e So1urdog, Sep1ember 22nd. TÞ1s
u111 be 1Þe 1os1 Þorse so1e o] 2DJ2, so ge1 gour Þorses
11´s 11me 1o s1or1 ge111ng gour oo1ves oons1gned & 1Þe
prospeo1s ore 1Þo1 1Þe morKe1 oon be be11er 1Þon
on11o1po1ed. Co11 ong o] our ]1e1dmen.
ReIndI LIvestock - Custer
6 ..........................................Dll Cows 1433=........$81.00
Robert Tbomsen - Long VaIIey
1..........................................CIar Dull 2255=......$108.50
Wayne & MIcbeaI Hamar - Long VaIIey
4 ....................................Dll Cowciics 1136=........$99.50
2 ..........................................Dll Cows 1420=........$77.00
1............................................Dll Cow 1535=........$76.00
2 ..........................................Dll Cows 1343=........$75.00
CbarIes Karp - Owanka
1 .........................................CIar Cow 1225=........$80.00
Lawrence ScboIIeId - MIdIand
1............................................Dll Dull 2100=......$107.00
Steve CuIIum - Custer
1............................................Dll Dull 1995=......$107.00
F Lee BaIdwIn - EIm SprIngs
1............................................Dll Cow 1365=........$79.50
Tom DeVrIes - MIdIand
1 ...........................................Fcd Cow 1390=........$79.00
2 ..........................................Dll Cows 1435=........$74.00
AmeIIa HurIey - PbIIIp
1..........................................CIar Dull 1800=......$102.50
Steve DaIy - MIdIand
1............................................Dll Cow 1610=........$78.50
Wayne Hamar - Long VaIIey
1............................................Dll Cow 1500=........$78.50
2 ..........................................Dll Cows 1420=........$75.50
LyIe & CIndy Long - EnnIng
1..........................................CIar Dull 2135=......$102.00
MIke LIvermont - BeIvIdere
1............................................Dll Cow 1600=........$78.00
MIckey DaIy - MIdIand
1............................................Dll Cow 1560=........$78.00
1............................................Dll Cow 1615=........$74.00
Grant Patterson - Kadoka
1............................................Dll Cow 1375=........$78.00
1 ...........................................Dwf Cow 1665=........$76.50
1 ...........................................Dwf Cow 1565=........$74.00
Tbad Stout - Kadoka
2 ..........................................Dll Cows 1313=........$78.00
1............................................Dll Cow 1235=........$76.00
Casey BrInk - UnIon Center
1............................................Dll Dull 2040=........$98.00
Terry HotcbkIss - Mud Butte
2 ..........................................Dll Cows 1385=........$77.75
Laverne Kocb - New Underwood
1..........................................FWF Cow 1460=........$77.50
BIaIne Krogman - WbIte RIver
1............................................Dll Cow 1545=........$77.00
1............................................Dll Cow 1390=........$76.00
Jobn McGrIII - QuInn
1............................................Dll Cow 1420=........$77.00
Jobn MansIIeId - MartIn
1............................................Dll Dull 2090=........$96.50
DennIs & Kay SIeIer - QuInn
1............................................Dll Dull 1960=........$96.50
Fred Karp - Owanka
1 ...........................................Fcd Cow 1635=........$76.00
Jason HamIII - MIIesvIIIe
1............................................Dll Cow 1565=........$76.00
CbIIders Rancb LLC - Edgemont
9 ..............................Dll & DWF Cows 1424=........$76.00
CIIII Krogman - WbIte RIver
1............................................Dll Cow 1415=........$76.00
PauI Harvey - InterIor
1............................................Dll Cow 1670=........$75.50
DarreII Peterson - PbIIIp
1............................................Dll Cow 1580=........$75.50
Lawrence ScboIIeId - QuInn
1............................................Dll Cow 1480=........$75.50
MerIe & LInda StIIweII - Kadoka
2..........................................CIar Dull 2055=........$96.00
1..........................................CIar Dull 2415=........$95.50
Under 999#.......................................10.00 - 20.00Jcwt
1000# - 1199# ..................................1S.00 - 2S.00Jcwt
1200# & over....................................20.00 - 30.00Jcwt
SaddIe Prospects ............................42S.00 - 9S0.00Jbd
Lunch 8pec|a|s:
11:00 to 1:30
6a|| for
Regu|ar Henu
Ava||ab|e N|ght|y!
* * *
Fr|day ßuffet
5:00 to 8:00 p.m.
0swa|swa l||||ç
—Saturday, Aug. 25—
Top Sirloin Special
—Monday, Aug. 27—
1/2 lb. Cheeseburger
I|t ä|ta||sast k lsaa¡t
êçta 0a||¡ Msa1a¡ ||ra äa|ar1a¡
—Tuesday, Aug. 21—
Petite Ribeye
—Wednesday, Aug. 22—
Basket of Pork Ribs
—Thursday, Aug. 23—
—Friday Buffet, Aug. 24—
Ground Sirloin
£V£N1NG. S££ YOU TH£R£!
CroofIngs from sunny, bonufIfuI,
sfIII dry-ns-n-bono norfhonsf
Hnnkon Counfy. ThIs µnsf wook
hns boon nbsoIufoIy gorgoous, wIfh
cooIor fomµornfuros nnd vory cooI
ovonIngs µorfocf for sIooµIng wIfh
fho wIndows oµon! And I'm suro
fho nIr condIfIonor hns boon fhnnk-
fuI fo hnvo n IIffIo rosf. Ivon fho
gnrdon hns docIdod If cnn grow n
bIf now fhnf fho fomµornfuros
nron'f so hIgh.
I sµonf somo fImo In fho gnrdon
yosfordny, hnrvosfIng somo groon
bonns nnd cucumbors. I ovon hnvo
n rIµo fomnfo If's n mIrncIo! Tho
fomnfo µInnfs nro soffIng on moro
fruIf now fhnf If Isn'f so hof, buf I
doubf If fho fruIf wIII hnvo n ghosf
of n chnnco of rIµonIng boforo frosf.
Howovor, foIIowIng fho horrIbIo
hnII sform In onrIy Juno, I dIdn'f
fhInk I wouId hnvo nny gnrdon µro-
duco nf nII! So mnybo fho fomnfoos
wIII surµrIso mo nIso! Tho µofnfoos
dIdn'f surµrIso mo fhough fho
croµ Is goIng fo bo µIfIfuI, jusf ns I
oxµocfod. WhIIo I wns In fho gnr-
don, I nIso sµonf somo fImo µuIIIng
woods. If Is n mysfory fo mo how
fho woods cnn bo so Iush nnd
honIfhy whIIo fho µInnfs I cuIfI-
vnfod sfruggIo fo grow µorhnµs
fho µInnf scIonfIsfs shouId consIdor
somo gono sµIIcIng obvIousIy fho
woods nro droughf rosIsfnnf nnd
hnvo mnrvoIous roof sysfoms,
whIch couId bonofIf somo of fho
croµs. Iuf ns Is fho cnso wIfh mosf
of my wondorfuI Idons I'm suro
somoono fhoughf of fhnf n Iong
fImo ngo!
SInco fhoro Isn'f ns much fIoId
work fo bo dono fhIs yonr duo fo
dry condIfIons, sovornI foIks In fho
noIghborhood hnvo boon workIng
on foncIng µrojocfs. A fnrm suµµIy
busInoss In !nIon Confor snId fhoy
hnvo soId moro foncIng suµµIIos
fhnn usunI fhIs yonr, so I guoss
foIks nII ovor fho nron nro fnkIng
fho oµµorfunIfy fo Imµrovo fhoIr
foncos. Wo hnvo boon doIng somo
foncIng horo nf our µInco, nnd fho
guys foII mo fhnf fhoro Is no moIs-
furo In fho ground nf Ionsf nono
ns dooµ ns fho µosf hoIo dIggor
goos. I cnn'f boIIovo I'm snyIng fhIs,
buf I suro hoµo wo gof somo snow
fo hoIµ µuf somo moIsfuro In fho
SchooI hns sfnrfod horo In our
communIfy. If Is so nIco fo soo nc-
fIvIfy nf Ðooµ Crook SchooI ngnIn.
Tho fonchor Is Thorosn Ðoufchnr,
nnd sho hns fIvo sfudonfs fhIs
yonr fwo fourfh grndors, fwo
fhIrd grndors, nnd ono socond
grndo sfudonf. I hoµo fhoy hnvo nn
oxcoIIonf yonr!
Cono Hudson hns boon busy In
hor ynrd fhIs µnsf wook, goffIng fho
nron sµrucod uµ. Snfurdny, Cono
frnvoIod fo !nIon Confor fo µIck uµ
n suµµIy of frosh µonchos. I guoss I
know whnf sho wIII bo doIng fhIs
wook! ÐIck nnd Cono nffondod
church Sundny, nnd Jorry nnd Joy
Jonos nnd CnssIdy Trnµµ woro suµ-
µor guosfs nf fho Hudson homo.
Coroon !osofh snId fhnf fhoy
hnvo boon sfnyIng fnIrIy cIoso fo
homo. Tho guys fInIshod uµ sIIng-
Ing ncfIvIfIos fhIs wook If Is nI-
wnys nIco fo hnvo ono moro fnsk
IIIIy nnd ArIyno Mnrkwod nIso
sfnyod cIoso fo homo fhIs wook.
Thoy nffondod church Sundny, nnd
nfforwnrds Ðunno nnd !oIn !osofh
joInod fhom for n fow gnmos of
T.J. nnd JonnIno CnbrIoI's chII-
dron, KorI nnd ÐyInn, sfnrfod
schooI Wodnosdny nf Ðooµ Crook.
Inronfs nnd kIds woro nII vory ox-
cIfod fo soo fho schooI yonr sfnrf.
T.J. workod cnffIo nf IIIIy nnd Ar-
Iyno's IrIdny. Sfovo McÐnnIoI nIso
hoIµod, nnd ArIyno fronfod fho
crow fo dInnor. Snfurdny, T.J. nnd
JonnIno wonf fo !nµId CIfy, nnd
fhoy droµµod fho kIds off wIfh
T.J.'s dnd nnd sfoµmofhor, !nrry
nnd Jon. If wns n fronf for fho kIds,
bocnuso fhoy gof fo go swImmIng
nnd vIsIfod SforyIook IsInnd. Tho
kIds sµonf Snfurdny nIghf wIfh
!nrry nnd Jon CnbrIoI, whIIo T.J.
nnd JonnIno wonf fo !ood nnd IrIn
Ioforsok`s woddIng nf SyIvnn !nko.
Tho Ioforsoks nro frIonds from
CoIomo. T.J. nnd JonnIno wonf
bnck fo !nµId CIfy foIIowIng fho
woddIng, fook In n movIo, nnd
sµonf fho nIghf fhoro, rofurnIng
homo Sundny nffor µIckIng uµ fhoIr
chIIdron. T.J. nffondod nn Angus
moofIng In !nµId CIfy Tuosdny. If
sounds IIko T.J. nnd JonnIno's kIds
nro now nII sIck wIfh fIu! Hoµo fhoy
fooI boffor ronI soon.
Snfurdny, Irnnk nnd ShIrIoy
HnIIIgnn fook fhoIr grnndson,
JorIn, fo IIorro fo fnko In µnrf of
fho coIobrnfIon of fho Onho Ðnm
dodIcnfIon. Thoy nIso nffondod fho
fIIm nf fho fhonfor, whIch wns fIIIod
fo cnµncIfy wIfh somo sfnndIng In
fho bnck. Affor fho fIIm, fhoy hnd
Iunch nnd fhon fourod fho µowor
houso nf fho Onho Ðnm. ShIrIoy
snId sho wns nf fho dodIcnfIon In
l962 whon sho wns l2, nnd JorIn Is
now l2 nIso, so sho wnnfod hIm fo
soo If. Af fho dodIcnfIon In l962,
IrosIdonf John I. Konnody µnssod
rIghf by fho sfudonfs ns ho wns
IonvIng, nnd If wns vory sµocInI
momory for ShIrIoy. Thoy onjoyod
n round of mInInfuro goIf boforo ro-
furnIng homo. Irnnk nnd ShIrIoy's
grnndsons sfnrfod schooI Mondny
In InIfh. Thoy nro oxcIfod fo hnvo
n now schooI buIIdIng, fhnnks fo
fho gonorosIfy of so mnny.
!ny nnd Þnncy Þouhnusor's nc-
fIvIfIos fhIs wook mosfIy rovoIvod
nround funcfIons nf fho sonIor con-
for ns woII ns !ny's cnrd µInyIng
grouµs. Þnncy hns boon hoIµIng
hor chIIdron mnko µroµnrnfIons for
fho SfIrIIng fnmIIy rnnch rodoo fo
bo hoId noxf monfh In If. IIorro.
Tho rodoo Is nn nnnunI ovonf, wIfh
fho µrocoods goIng fo fnmIIIos fIghf-
Ing cnncor.
IIII nnd IoIIy Iruco onjoyod vIs-
Ifs from n couµIo of fhoIr grnndchII-
dron Insf wookond. IrIdny, fhoIr
grnndson, Jnckson Iruco, (Andy's
son) sfoµµod by. Ho wns jusf fInIsh-
Ing uµ hIs summor's work for fho
Ðoµnrfmonf of Cnmo, IIsh nnd
Inrks nnd wIII soon bo hondIng fo
coIIogo In Abordoon. ThoIr grnnd-
dnughfor, ShoIby SImon, (MnrcIn's
dnughfor) sfoµµod by on Snfur-
dny sho wIII bo nffondIng coIIogo
In IrookIngs. IIII nnd IoIIy's
dnughfors, Cnfhy nnd !Indn, nIso
hnvo chIIdron sfnrfIng coIIogo fhIs
fnII. AII fhoso grndunfIon quIIfs
fhnf IoIIy mndo wIII µrobnbIy bo
µuf fo good uso In fho dorm rooms!
IIII nnd IoIIy's son, ÐnvId, cnmo
from hIs homo In !nµId CIfy Mon-
dny fo sµond n fow dnys hoIµIng ouf
nf fho rnnch. I wnsn'f nbIo fo con-
fncf VInco nnd KnfIo Iruco for
fhoIr nows, buf I honrd fhnf fhoy
fook In fho rnnch rodoo In WhIfo
!Ivor ovor fho wookond.
CIInf nnd !nurn AIIomnn hnvo
hnd n busy wook. !nsf Mondny,
fhoIr nIoco, Morgnn, sµonf fho dny
wIfh fhom, hoIµIng onforfnIn
AIIvyn. Tuosdny, AIIvyn sµonf fho
dny wIfh Crnndmn Cnrmon nnd
Morgnn whIIo !nurn workod nf fho
nIrµorf In Hnyos. CIInf sµonf fho
fIrsf µnrf of fho wook gnfhorIng
buIIs. Wodnosdny, !nurn nnd
AIIvyn mndo n frIµ fo IIorro, sfoµ-
µIng In Hnyos on fho wny homo fo
wIsh !nurn's mofhor n hnµµy bIrfh-
dny. Thursdny, CIInf nnd !nurn
fook somo buIIs fo fown. IrIdny,
fho AIIomnns wonf fo MIdInnd fo
fho fnrmor's mnrkof, nnd fhoy hnd
suµµor boforo rofurnIng homo.
Sundny, fho AIIomnns nffondod
church nf Ðooµ Crook. Chnuncoy
Jorgonson wns fho guosf sµonkor
fhoy hnd n nIco crowd, nnd !nurn
µrovIdod Iunch foIIowIng fho
church sorvIco. Affor church,
CIInf nnd !nurn wonf fo Hnyos fo
hoIµ !nurn's brofhor, Þnfhnn, coI-
obrnfo hIs l8fh bIrfhdny. Chnso
IrIggs Is hoIµIng wIfh sIIngo cuf-
fIng ncfIvIfIos nf fho AIIomnn µInco,
so KoIIy IrIggs nnd chIIdron sµonf
µnrf of fho dny Mondny vIsIfIng
wIfh !nurn nnd AIIvyn.
Joyco Jonos wns In OnIdn ono
dny Insf wook fo nffond n houso-
wnro µnrfy nf hor dnughfor, KIm's,
homo. CrnndchIIdron, MnffIo nnd
!uko Jonos, sµonf n fow dnys wIfh
fhoIr cousIns In OnIdn Insf wook
sorf of n Insf hurrnh boforo schooI
sfnrfs for fho youngsfors. Joyco nf-
fondod funornI sorvIcos for n frIond
In IIorro Insf wook. IrIonds from
IrookIngs sfoµµod In for Iunch on
Mondny. Joyco snId fhoy hnvo boon
hnvIng somo oIocfrIcnI Issuos nf
fhoIr µInco, cnusIng hor fo gof cro-
nfIvo whon If comos fo cookIng, ofc.
Sho snId fho guys fhInk fhoy hnvo
fho µrobIom fIgurod ouf nnd nro
workIng fo soIvo If hoµo wo don'f
hnvo fo nIcknnmo nnyono "Sµnrky"!
!ufh Þouhnusor hnd n quIofor
wook nffor nII hor comµnny Ioff.
!nsf Mondny, KovIn, Mnry, IrI-
nnnn nnd ÞIck Þouhnusor joInod
!ufh nnd fho ÞnchfIgnII fnmIIy for
suµµor ouf In HIghmoro. Tho
ÞnchfIgnIIs Ioff Tuosdny, sµonf n
couµIo of dnys In !nµId CIfy vIsIf-
Ing roInfIvos, nnd fhon sµonf n cou-
µIo of dnys In Cusfor vIsIfIng ÞInn's
cousIn, Shorry. WhIIo In Cusfor,
Troy ÞnchfIgnII's young brofhor-In-
Inw, who wns frnvoIIng wIfh fhom,
gof fho oµµorfunIfy fo go horsobnck
rIdIng, whIch wns n ronI fronf for
hIm. Tho ÞnchfIgnIIs nro now bnck
In Choyonno, nnd fhoIr dnughfor,
Tnrn, wIII bo comIng fo sµond fImo
wIfh fhom boforo hor brofhor, Troy,
nnd fnmIIy rofurn fo fhoIr homo In
IfnIy. !ufh snId fhnf sho hns µhys-
IcnI fhornµy sovornI fImos n wook,
whIch sooms fo bo sIowIng down
fho muscIo Ioss fhnf sho Is donIIng
wIfh good nows!
If sounds IIko work nnd schooI
nro kooµIng !uss nnd CIndy SInkoy
busy. ThoIr son, Znkry, Is now n
sfudonf nf Ðooµ Crook SchooI, nnd
CIndy snId If Is so nIco fo hnvo Ioss
mIIos fo frnvoI. CIndy confInuos
hor work wIfh dInIysIs µnfIonfs nf
IngIo Iuffo nnd Shnrµ's Cornor.
Mnrgo IrIggs Is onjoyIng n shorf
vIsIf from hor grnnddnughfors,
SfoµhnnIo nnd !ochoIIo, fhIs wook.
Tho gIrIs nro fho dnughfors of
Mnrgo's dnughfor, JnckIo. Mnrgo
snId sho hns n hugo rndIsh In hor
gnrdon If wns ono fhnf wns
µInnfod In n hIII of cucumbors, nnd
If hnsn'f gono fo sood yof. Sho snId
If Is so bIg fhnf sho wIII µrobnbIy
nood somoono fo hoIµ hor µuII If!
Cnrmon AIIomnn, hor dnughfor,
KoIIy ÞoIson, nnd grnnddnughfor,
Morgnn ÞoIson, frnvoIod fo IIs-
mnrck IrIdny. Cnrmon snId If wns
n fronf fo soo fho nron so groon
fho µInco soomod so cIonn nnd
frosh. Tho IndIos rofurnod homo
Sundny. Morgnn wonf bnck fo
IIorro fo gof rondy for fho bogIn-
nIng of fho schooI yonr. !oo IrIggs
Is cuffIng sIIngo nf fho AIIomnn
µInco fhIs wook.
Our wook horo hns consIsfod of
fnkIng buIIs fo fho snIo, chockIng
cnffIo, nnd ofhor sonsonnI work.
IrIdny, !nndy nnd I wonf fo
Kndokn nnd joInod frIonds nf fho
mnfchod bronc rIdo hoId fhoro. Tho
Kndokn communIfy hns µuf n Iof of
work Info fhoIr rodoo fncIIIfIos, nnd
If shows!
My nµoIogIos fo fhoso I wnsn'f
nbIo fo confncf fhIs wook hoµo-
fuIIy wo'II gof cnughf uµ soon.
ThIs wook, I'm grnfofuI for nIr-
µInnos. I'm goIng fo gof on n µInno
fhIs wook nnd go sµond n fow dnys
wIfh our dnughfor, !orI, In Wnsh-
Ingfon, Ð.C. If I hnd fo drIvo, fho
frIµ wouId fnko moro fImo fhnn I
hnvo fo sµnro nf fhIs fImo of yonr.
Iuf I Iovo boIng nbIo fo cIImb on n
µInno, Iof somoono oIso "drIvo", nnd
bo nbIo fo nrrIvo nf my dosfInnfIon
In n fow hours rnfhor fhnn n fow
dnys. Crnndmn Iorfhn Þouhnusor
onco foId mo fhnf If usod fo fnko n
wook fo go fo IIorro fo frndo for
suµµIIos fhroo dnys In, ono dny fo
fnko cnro of busInoss, nnd fhroo
dnys bnck fo fho rnnch wIfh n fonm
nnd wngon. I'm suro sho wouId bo
nmnzod fo fhInk fhnf I cnn frnvoI
from horo fo fho Insf Consf In n
mnffor of hours!
McenvIIIe News
by Leanne Neuhauser · SB?-ßßBS