FROM 2252 TO 244,072

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long leach, Calif—Sunday, De<. 31, 1V5O

Long Beach Counts Milestones of Half Century

AT MIDNIGHT TONIGHT tlie last second of the first half of tho 20th Century v/ill tick away. To Lonq Bench live golden decades have brought success
beyond all dreaming. In 1900 tho l i t t l e salt air resort Kee. She had spurned his had a population of 2252. In love. number of residents it was f i f t h 1902—All aboard! Pacific Electric in the county, t r a i l i n g Los Ancompleted its $1,000,000 line geles, Pasadena, Pomona and from L. A. The first trolley Santa Monica. Two decades later, tourists arrived July 3. w i t h 55.503. it jumped to second 1904—Something had to be done place. Now the Cinderella Town about speeders. City dads of the Southland has 2-1'l,072. came up with a limit of 8 miles per hour for horseIT BI-:C,AN AS JTST ONF. drawn vehicles, bicycles or MOKF. of the crazy dreams of "any other vehicle". venturesome men. 1905—Ian. (i: The Pike pavilion burned clown. Loss? $15,000. On (Jet. (5. 15-12. the Columbus of the Pacific, J u a n Rodrigue/ 1900—Xov. 9: 10 workmen were killed when portions of the Cabrillo, sighted Santa Catalina f i f t h and sixth floors of Island. ( I t was a clear day:) Two days later he coasted Ihe H o t e l Virginia collapsed during construction (The f u t u r e site of Long Beach. hotel opened Mar. 31, 1908, More than throe centuries later failed in 1932, was torn came the dreamer. William F.rwin down in 1933.) Willmore, who looked out on ihe f l a t lands and envisioned Willmore 1907—First city charter adopted. — Another first — the first City. Willmore was too soon. stool shipbuilding plant on CHIEF CALLS FOR HELP—Chief I. E. Shrewsbury, who served from 1902 until nn apparatus Willmore City was renamed Long the coast south of San collision cost his life in 19T6. is pictured calling more firemen to a blaze at Third and MagBeach in 1881. And W i l l i a m F.rFrancisco was established nolia shortly after the turn of the century. Behind him stands a dog like the dog that shows win Willmore, broken in health up at every fire. here by John F. Craig. and pocket, as the 20th Century began, was a forlorn figure, eon-'' 1908—The last town marshal, son, for whom the big road passenger t r a i n service 1936— Xov. 28: The Pao, lie Coast's signed to the County Farm. Thomas W. Williams, beLegion post is named, was ended. first p a r k i n g meters s t a r t e d Willmore was lost in the rush. came chief of police as the the first Long Beach soldier —April 21: Henry was here, tie' av. av 1 ho N i c k < Is city charter took effect. killed in action in France. * * :f in the form of the new here. LONG BEACH HAD. in 1900, 1919 — July I : A SJOO.OOO bond Ford plant. an area of 3.1 square miles, from issue was okayed by S b,d—.July 3: Herbert Hoover Pacific HI Alamitos. from Ocean lots, backing up plans for signed appropriation for the to 10th, w i t h an arm stretching a new c i t y h a l l . iCost was 12.500-foot breakvvaler ex- l!)40 — Harbor Department B u i l d east Id Orange Ave. south of 1910—Jan. 10: America's first underestimated. A $200.000 a v i a t i o n meet opened at tension completed Dec. 2!l, ing on Kl Kmhaivadcro Fourth St. bond issue had to be voted Domingucz Junction. Lewis 1937, for 55.500,000. Goodcompleted lor S(i5(in(i. The first City Hall had boon in 1922 to f i n i s h ihe job.) Paulhan ijan. 12) rose to bye, breakers! — Dee. 10: 5T5.ilOO.Oltt) naval dedicated the year before a —This was the year the flood the "greatest height for an —lire. 31: Officer William H. s h i p v a r d i i u i b o r i / e d . iTho handsome edifice costing $9000. control channel was started. aeroplane yet recorded in Waggoner was paraly/ed in first ship entered No 1 Then.1 were t w o schools a $000 By completion d a t e in 1923 America"- 1100 feet. In an bullet battle with four gi.nDock Apr. 7. ]9-12. Fi'll beginning for Burnett School at cost was $1..".80.000. a l t i t u d e lest b e t w e e n men of the Ralph T. Shela c t i v i t y began in March. H i l l and A t l a n t i c , and the historic * * * Lincoln Beachey and Roy don gang who wore kid10-13. F.mplov I:H: Hi. nun at tirst s t r u c t u r e b u i l i for school Knabonshuo the same day, naping gambler Zeke Cart h e peak, t h e v a r d was a purposes on 1he h out Invest corner Hoy made 800 feet! (Three rss. They had checks from prime arsenal of World of Sixth and Pine. days later a fellow named 1920— Deo. 1C: Shortly a l t e r noon, Xeke t o t a l i n g 550.000. heat War II. ]t d - a c t i v a ' . ' d Bank deposits totalled $118.000. Clenn 11. Curtiss whipped the rap in Long Beach but collapse of construction at June 30, in.'idj assessed v a l u a t i o n $1,-19G.877. Paulhan in a 16-mile race. First C h r i s t i a n Church topwere convicted in L. A. Now look at Long Beach. 1950: Time: 21 minutes, 5-1 secpled t h e dome, i n j u r i n g f i v e 1931—June: T-I-D-E . . . TIDK! 1941— Dec. 6: KirM eoneivie was 3-1 elementary schools. -1 high poured lor Long Beach onds. ) workmen. 35 escaped. schools, S junior highs. City Col(Proctor & Gamble opened N a v a l (now YA i Ho<pit: 1. —July 1: Long Beach fame 1921—Apr. 14: Council-manager a $4,600,000 p l a n t ) . lege-: t o t a l enrollment 52.722, ex—Oct. 18: D.,u-:l; s A i r c r a l : . charter adopted, g i v i n g t h e 1932—April: The Public U t i l i t i e s lor b a t h i n g beauties wax cluding parochial schools arid tlie first p l a n t i:i world in cily t w o argumentative founded when Miss Hal tie Long Beach State College. Building w a s completed, produce a l.-:llio.i dollars' bodies i n s t e a d of one. W h i t n e y petitioned the city Area, 35 spuare miles: l a n k vastly improving f a c i l i t i e s worth of a i r p l a n e s . v:.s —June 24: oil: The f i r s t procouncil for permission to deposits. $300.0011.01)0: assessed for gas bills. dedicated. I t ducing well in the Long wear a beach .suit w i t h v a l u a t i o n , $302.000.000. —Marine Stadium was t h e 01 id. On ll.e Beach area i Shell No. I l short sleeves, low neck, scene of Olympic rowing work s t a r t e d ( was lirouL'ht in at H i l l St. bloomers to the knee coverraces. (The Yanks won I W H Y H A S THF. C I T Y Oiill a d d i t i o n . and Temple A v e . on Signal ed by a full skirt. I l a t t i e G R O W N 0 Climate, oil. A rapDec. 5: Walter Wandorvvell, 30i)0 F i x i n g Fi'i Hill. No. 1 is ' t i l l producing promised to wear her robe i-kipper of the yacht Caim-i icily developing harbor. A i r p l a n e s . ( i f f t h e a-vc:-'! 5 barrels a ihy. to t h e water's edge. and husband of the beautiAutomobiles. Soap. Iodine. i l ) o w ti. ]!I12. 1 —Septoinher: S i t; n a I H i l l —July 1-5: The Pino Ave. Pier Chemical Corp. from t h e o i l f i e l d ful Aloha, was slain aboard again! This t i m e they diswas shattered by a storm. ship here. Curly Guy, crew lfl!4—\»v. 10: N;.\;.| brine ol Long Beach makes ltd covered the body of a man —Dec. Hi: This was oorncrlion and Ni ; l ' i •|; it eonimember, was a c q u i t t e d . per cent of the n a t i o n ' s iodine. -10 apparently someMone day for Poly High. nii-.sie.noil. P.-a'; s - a l f \ \ a s per cent of the world supply. I whore eKe. l i e v. as never 1933—Repeal made liquor 'legal for !'00 civ ilinn.-. 1' i -ailors. Those and a thou-anri other 1911—Karl S. Daughorty qualified the first time in the cenident if it d. —On Now V Yc.'r's Kve. 17 lop an a v i a t i o n license. (He factors made Long Beach grow. t u r y around here. Long J'o; •h '• rv i -e i:n :i lounded the town's first 1922—April: P a t r o l m a n " T w o But the s c i m i l a r of sand which —March 10 (5:51 p. in.): Ci'lebratin Gun" ] l a v ' s caught two in .'timoiulii school of aviation in May, gives t h e Queen of the Beaches EARTHQUAKE. Toll 52 s t i m u l a t e d a i<-.-',\ • 'or V e t burglars at a house near 391!). and was the guiding i i s name cannot be overlook! d. 1 dead, 500 injured. 2200 resierans M e m i ' r i : . S'.adin;-.!. Ocean and Quito. He shot spirit in establishment of Nor t h e endless beat of t h e Padences and other buildings Costing S i . " i : » I i!-,,. v v e - t them both dead. M u n i c i p a l Airport in 192-).) cific and t h e t i d e ol commerce it jolted off foundations or stands w e - > d •1::.-. , ;| ,|m,.. —Dee. 10: C a l b r a i t h Perry 1924—Outer harbor development washes i n t o t h e West's latest wrecked. 2. 1950. <T!"- e i - . - : i n ; - | e M i Hodgors completed the first growing harbor. s t a r t e d vv i t h $3.179.565 maic for TV. i I > a:ids w a s t i a n s c n n t i n o n t a l a i rp l a n e A n i l the f i s h i n g is j-ood: That project. $55' l.OOO.) f l i g h t from Sheopshead Bay, means more t h a n t h e v i t a m i n —June :10: Charles W. Dorris N. Y. t i l e started Sept. 17!) packed t u n a i n d u s t r y it means IflJG—".FC a u t . ' . o i i . - e l ;:.e Arm-.was accused of k i l l i n g bis I'ishin' w i t h o u t a f i n a l "g." a 1918— May ','5: When the Pine to lot Ka. : - ( :--'-"r.--/cr Corp. wile and a Pasadena m i l Ave. Pier approach to Muchance to sink \ o i i r worrio--. Tnoccupy 2 ' j h i i i ' d i n g s . at lionaire. Henry Movers, in important? Name a m a j o r n i e i p a I Auditorium colthe Dorris a p a r t m e n t , i DorHistory is full of och<>e«. metropolis whore you can't go lapsed. 350 men women and ris was acquit led, but's turn hack to Hie Clirist- 1H47—.June: Ouch! The Supn n.,> fishin'. l.ns AiiL'eli".'.' Los Angeles children plunged to the killed a few months later mas season of 1934 when Ofi'.ccr Court heid t h a i t l i e federal has Long Beach! san,]. 50 lives wore lost. It by a Los Angeles street \V. J, .McLean pursued Marry government I-..-•< p a r a m o u n t * * * was a mournful ending to car.) Arax, a forgery suspect, up (lie l i g h t s to oil-rich tidelands. Here are. a few (if (lie rcdB r i t i s h celebration of Em—Dec. 81: Four b a n d i t s stairs of a little hotel near i So far ( h i s |,.-.s tied u-i pire Day. Irttcr dates in the hfstnrv <if copped $1500 at the Ana- I'ino Ave. S72.OoO.000 in Long Beach l»n(r Beach, 19IM»-1850. Smile 1915—I-VI>. 24: After raking u p ' heim and Ori/aba branch oil revenue. Arax shot McLean (lead anil mark progress, sonic tragedy. S3UO at the PL Station, of California N a t i o n a l . It esciiped. True Detective M:i«a—Aiiff. 7: The run on footThey're all part of the record: three bandits thumb-nosed happened at high noon. zinn ran Hurry's picture and a b a t h s was c v i r. A f t e r K ' l * * * away by boat. (Folks up in 192C—Septemher: Wilson H i g h man in Wyoming turned him in eight -week s t r i k e , huso* Oregon caught them.) for S250 reward. were back on schedule. was occupied, i Poly never 1910—Nov. 25: Long Beach became Sent up for life, Arax escaped heard the last of tills.) I'JOO—A man named Molhevor (his year from a minimum se- I!!18—.Jan. 10: Commodore Heini the first Jitney Bus city —Xovemlier: A nationwide Bridge, world's l""hesl and chose the corner ol Ocean when a bus lino franchise search for Lee Dan Mur- curity camp near his home in widest vertical l i f t bridge, Blvd. and Pacific Ave. for was granted phy followed t h e "most Fresno. True Detective pubdedicated. the slaying of a Miss Me- 1918—Si-»t. 12: Arthur L. Peterb r u t a l murder" of Mrs. lished the story. This time, the —June 18: A Los Angeles iniiii who found Harry Arax got Murphy. crash cost Ihe lives of four 1927—Junior College mow City $100 and this time'it was in Jordan H i u h graduates, reCollege I was anlhori/ed. Idaho. s u l t i n g one rear later i;i (JC occupied a Wilson High The I n d e p e n d e n t ' s lirst a r campus b u i l d i n g u n t i l 1935 —June. 2: Blast at Riehfield's 1 nual "safe and - a - o graduIn 1900 the area of Long Beach was 3.1 square miles. Major landwhen it moved out to Lakeabsorption plant, 27th and marks in expansion of UK.- city follow: a t i o n party" - - n; M u n i c i p a l wood. I Lime Ave., killed nine. Oct. 14. HHK'i A l a m i t o s ' Beach Townsite, including Alamitos Auditorium. —.May 8: Officer S l i p ] t o n July: The body of a wom(Bixby i Park was annexed. slew Le Hoy Hunter. That an, all marks of identifi- 19,10—Xov. 7: Voter o!:ay for -Nov. it. lilll!) The sixth-class city of Belmonl Heights was voted ended t h e holdups of autocation removed, was found in. i I'o keep Belmont Heights Irom joining up with Los Angeles $19,800.000 in bonds set ir> mobile spoolers. in Bixby Park. Police Chief Long Beach l a t h e r s had promised to b u i l d a pleasure pier for the building of 1-1 row schools-. 1929—Frank Hawks, Poly High Alvin F. Slaight and Detecarea. Belmont Pier was constructed in 1!)15.) Hard hit by the 1!:33 e a r t h grad, set a record in a 36tive Chief Lorin M a r t i n Xov. 9, lO-JS-Thc A l a m i t o s Bay and Naples districts were anhour f l i g h t from L. A. to learned she was Mauve quake, the c i t y ' s puhl. • nexed. A quaint residential a i e a developed on land dredged from Moore of Los Angeles. Six N. Y. and back. lOn the the bay where once a major harbor was envisioned. school plant now was valued same day. Glad.vs O'Donyears later. Fred H. L i t t l e Dee. ••«, HI'W—Long Beach added 1C) square miles to its total at $100.000.000. of IS square miles by the Greater Long Beach annexation. nell of L. B. scored a clean pleaded guilty to second de—Nov. 12: Kay F r a n c e s iV u iV sweep in her events at gree murder. Krickson, 10, was found •Tan. 27, 1M50—Lakewood Park Corp. bought Montana Land Go's the Cleveland National Air 1934—Frank F. Men-lam of Long Races.) 3375 acres for $8,800,000. laimchinp; a $125,0(10.000 project for 15000 dead in t h e studio apartBeach succeeded to gover* » • homes. This brought to the borders of Ixmg Beach the world's largnorship following death of ment of her footer m o t h e r est housing development. Gov. James R. (Sunny Jim) and accordion teacher. VioH:\LK-CKNTritY-Ol-'-INFLATION XOTK: In 1897 Montana Rolph. let John Borling. whose Land Co. bought 813!) acres for $405,000, or 550 an acre. The 3375 1930—UP t r a - k ; wore removed —The first 4 townsites of acres remaining in the parcel a half century later cost Lakewood Superior Court t r i a l begins from Alamitos Ave. nncj Lakewoood Village sprouted Park Corp. an average of $21)00 an acre. Ocean Blvd. and steam railon sugar beet land. Tuesday.

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