47 and Apperson Drive, Rhinelander, WI 54501 1. Chairperson Scott Eshelman called the meeting to order at 5:30 pm.

2. In attendance: Paul Kuhn, Connie Muckelberg, J.R. Bartelt, Tim Thuemling, Bill Jaeger. 3. The minutes of June 19, 2012 were approved as drafted. 4. The member lake associations reported as follows: a. Tom Doyle— The lake association has begun a program of regular Seechi disk measurements of lake water clarity. They are also in the early stage of establishing a personal watercraft (Jet Ski) ordinance for Tom Doyle Lake. An ordinance is being drafted and will be presented to the Lake Association for discussion and approval at the September member meeting. b. Two Sisters Lake— The lake management plan is progressing. Plan committee and the consultants met on June 28th to review the draft plan. The primary message from the consultant is that Two Sisters Lake has very good water quality and an aquatic plant community of high quality and diversity. A second planning committee meeting was scheduled for July 23rd. The draft plan will then be presented to the Association general membership on August 4th. The Two Sisters Lake Property Owners Association annual membership meeting was on June 30th. It was relatively short and congenial but attendance was less than usual. Holiday visits to lake property were probably split between two weekends resulting in fewer members being available. c. Lake Mildred/Clear Lake— The annual Mildred regatta was on June 30th with 11 boats participating which is about average for this event. The association has a paid AIS inspector monitoring the boat landing. d. Flannery/Velvet Lake— A construction company has been filling a tank truck from the lake. Some lake residents have been wondering if there are any legal obligations for that operation. The June 30th annual membership meeting was uneventful but there have been some jetski complaints since then. The membership approved funding of an aquatic plant survey of the lakes which is to be done this August. This survey will be compared to the last one in 2007. Matt Berg has been hired to do the work. e. Pickerel Lake— No one present to report. 6. Discussion turned to the Rapid Response Pamphlet. There was consensus that the pamphlet is near the desired final draft so discussion centered on applying for an education grant to print and distribute the one sheet flyer. The grant application form was reviewed and there was discussion of additional information needed to complete the application. The grant application deadline is August 1st and additional information was needed to complete it so it was decided to hold a special lakes Committee meeting on July 24th to ready the application for submission. Assignments were made to committee members to draft needed sections of the application. 7. The discussion on effective strategies for waterway usage compliance was postponed to a future meeting. 8. Administrative matters. The next regular meeting will be on August 21, 2012 at 5:30 pm. 9. Public comment. None received. 10. Adjournment. On a motion by J.R. Bartlet and a second by Paul Kuhn the meeting was adjourned at 7:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Bill Jaeger Recording Secretary

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