RuSA Declaration of Sovereign Intent Travels to South Dakota 8/22/2012 The following is an invitation to us from the free state

of South Dakota: President Turner has asked Senator Jim Odle to assist with bringing the DECLARAT ION OF SOVEREIGN INTENT (DSI) also known as the Utah document, and other documentation to areas in addit ion to cities on the Presidentâ s State of the Union tour.

Roslyn, South Dakota (60 miles east of Aberdeen, South Dakota) Roslyn Creamery Company Museum 604 Main St, Roslyn, SD 57261 August 25, 2012

9:00-11:30 AM â Bring your long live birth documents and a photo ID (drivers lic.) a nd become a Citizen of Record. There will be a Naturalization Officer and a Cour t Clerk to swear you in. 12:30-1:00 PM Sign in for viewing 1:00 â 4:30 PM Reading & Viewing of the documents

4:30-5:30 PM more Citizen of Record work. Please send an email to Senator Odle at of your inte ntions to attend and the number in your party approximately 48 hours prior to th e event. For Security purposes only those in the Republic will be allowed admittance. Ple ase bring your current DSR or ASR to the event or complete a new one at the door . Your Citizen of Record will also work. Please do not miss this historic opportunity to view these documents, receive up dates and ask questions. Marlene Kay Kerns Secretary of State, Minnesota free state E-mail: Phone: Cell: 955-952-4575 612-298-2852

Skype Name: marlene_kerns

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