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Dear Community School Supporter: We are seeking your help and support this year as we unite our PTA efforts with those of our community in purchasing the Accelerated Reader program for the new Crossroads Elementary school, located within the Crossroads subdivision in Riverbank. The Accelerated Reader program is a program that provides an essential practice component in a core reading curriculum. As students read books, they are able to test on their reading and are awarded for their comprehension using a point system. This program has been extremely motivational and has achieved great success in all the other elementary schools in the Sylvan Union School District. Most of the students that will be attending the new Crossroads Elementary have been using the program and have benefited by it. However, the school has no budget for this program at this time and in order for this program to be available for the students at Crossroads Elementary when the school opens, the PTA must raise the funds to purchase it. We estimate that it will cost $12,000 to purchase, install, and implement this program for a student body of approximately 800 students. In order to reach this goal, we are soliciting businesses and individuals in our area for assistance. We truly appreciate your consideration of our request. Your sponsorship and support of the school and students will be noted on the PTA website (, in PTA and Crossroads Elementary newsletters, and on the school website. All contributors will be recognized by being listed on the wall of the new Crossroads Elementary school library. Additionally, businesses that contribute $500 or more towards the program will be recognized for their generosity by having an enlarged logo placed on the wall of the new school library, and will be given a link to their business website from the PTA website. Donations may be submitted via our website:, or by mail: Crossroads PTA, Accelerated Reader Project, 5800 Saxon Way, Riverbank, CA 95367. This is truly a win-win project for the students and for the community. We appreciate your time and consideration. With your support and creative help we can provide our students with a program that will benefit them in their education and for years to come. If you have questions you may contact: Amie Bennett, Accelerated Reader Committee 209-863-8563

Crossroads Elementary - Parent Teacher Association

What Crossroads Teachers say about the Accelerated Reader Program:
Heather Alfaro, 3rd Grade Teacher: The Accelerated Reader program is a fun way to help increase a student's fluency, improve his/her comprehension level and incorporate technology into language arts. This program enables students to check out books from the library that are not too easy and not too difficult. Each is at his/her individual reading level. We can set up trimester goals for each student and monitor his/her progress throughout the year. The older students have even learned how to check their own progress. At C.F. Brown, we also had AR bracelets and different incentives to help encourage the students to continue reading. Over the past seven years that I've been using the AR program, the students have been very successful and I've been amazed by the reading progress each child has made.

Ellen Tornell, 3rd Grade Teacher: There are many benefits to the Accelerated Reader program. I think its biggest draw is that it makes kids want to read. As any teacher will tell you, a student who is reading is improving his/her spelling, writing, language arts, grammar, even problem solving skills. The best way to boost a child’s academics is by having him/her choose to read. The incentives built into and added to the Accelerated Reader program as well as its customized leveling encourage students to want to read and help them be successful. It is a powerful tool that, with the right encouragement and enthusiasm, produces amazing results!

Kristie Jones, 2nd Grade Teacher: I have been using AR for three years now and I can't begin to express the motivation it has on my students to read. The levelized books help each child select appropriate books in the library. It also is a guide for parents when checking out books for home. It makes children feel successful as they begin to grow as readers and their AR ranges advance. I see the enthusiasm and excitement when they answer comprehension questions with 80% or above proficiency. Parents, teachers and students are able to see the success as children complete their goals and add more charms to their bracelet. The AR program gets children excited about reading and that is amazing in it's self!

Jean Smith, 4th Grade Teacher: Why Accelerated Reader? Why AR? It is a question I will answer with another question(s). Do you want your child to love to read? Do you want them to have reading materials written at their own reading level, with opportunity for timely assessment? Do you want your student to receive incentives and feedback to read more, read often, and read what they can read independently as well as in the genre they enjoy? Do you want another way for your child’s teacher to evaluate your student’s progress and produce diagnostic reports to share with you? Simply put, as a parent myself, a reader myself, and a teacher, I know AR is worth every penny! I encourage all Crossroads Cougar parents to rally for your students. AR will provide a wonderful addition to the CR Curriculum.

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