Time Line

• • • Feb 27, 2012: JAXPORT Board directs CEO to notify the St John's River Ferry contractor that the Port will terminate its contract on Sept. 30, 2012 Feb 29, 2012: JAXPORT CEO gives Hornblower Marine Services notice of termination of agreement for services effective Sept. 30, 2012 Feb 29, 2012: Ad Hoc Committee for funding the St. Johns River Ferry
Members: Bill Gulliford (Chair); CM Holt, CM Anderson, CM Boyer, CM Carter, CM Crescimbeni, CM Schellenberg

March - Present: JAXPORT staff works detailed plan to either (1) turn Ferry over to another organization or (2) to close the Ferry May 8, 2012: City Ordinance (2012-23S-E) creates the St Johns River Ferry Commission

• •

Proposed St Johns River Ferry Commission Members
• • • • • • John Crescimbeni (City Counsel Member Aaron Bowman (BAE) and Chairman of Commission) Elaine Brown (Former City Counsel President) Carl Cannon (Owner of Atlantic Coast Marine) Rich Reddick (Small Business Owner) larry Williams (legislative Aide to Representative Janet Adkins)

Time Line
• Jun 28, 2012: JAXPORTBoard conditionally
approves a contribution of $200k to the Ferry Commission based on: (1) funding secured by all parties (2) legal document relieving JAXPORTfrom all liability and (3) legal transfer of assets

July 2012: JAXPORTStaff working with OGC to develop the Ferry transfer legal

Aug 2012: JAXPORTStaff in conjunction

with OGC presents Ferry transfer legal

documents to the Board

• •

Sept 2012: City Counsel approves Ferry transfer legal documents Sept 30, 2012: St. Johns River Ferry Commission takes responsibility for operating the
St Johns River Ferry

St Johns River Ferry Commission
• •
Consider using the Coast Guard's form of Bill of Sale in lieu of Exhibit 2; Revise the Post-Closing and Further Assurances Agreement (Exhibit 5), on page 2, section 4(a) (regarding JAXPORT'sprovision of Victoria Robas as the Authorized Representative for the Hornblower contract) from October 31, 2012 to be through December 31, 2012 ( in order to provide more time for the Commission to identify staff to manage the Hornblower contract);

Revise Exhibit 5 Post-Closing and Further Assurances Agreement, Exhibit 1 Lease from JAXPORTto Hornblower, as follows:
Change the lease to be from JAXPORT to the Commission, with the Commission subleasing to Hornblower for the last contract year/term of October 1, 2012 through September 30, 2013; Increase the term of the JAXPORT lease to the Commission from 1 year to be 2 years; Consider the relocation of the existing Hornblower another location at JAXPORT's expense. office and maintenance building to


Revise the Post Closing and Further Assurance Agreement that the $35,000 limit includes coupons sold prior to October 1, 2012 (with or without expiration dates)



Bill 2012-522
• Ordinance 2012-522:
Property Transfer

• Exhibit 1: Special Warranty Deed; Quit Claim Deed • Exhibit 2: Bill of Sale and Assignment • Exhibit 3: Assignment and Assumption of Contract • Exhibit 4: Consent to Assignment and First Amendment to Contract • Exhibit 5: Post Closing and Further Assurances Agreement
Hornblower One (1) year occupancy lease of 4610 Ocean Street Vessel Grant: $295,985 balance Authorized Representative: Victoria Robas Reimbursement of redeemed prepaid coupons (without expiration date marked) up to $35,000 until September 30, 2013



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Acquired from CO) Acquired from others

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