DATES Adventures of Zoya Ali by (Ravi Guria) Registration No.

10183/2011 In accordance with Section 45 of the Copyright Act. 1957 The Registrar of Copyrights Ministry of HRD, Govt. Of India Copyright Office New Delhi : 110001

Genre: Action/Thriller/Adventure/Drama/Comedy Language: Hindi/English

Name: Ravi Guria Address: H-Block, 45/B, Saket, New Delhi-110017 (India) Phone Number: +91 9910391971 Email: / Website:

MAIN CHARACTERS Zoya Ali : (Age- Mid twenties) Zoya Ali comes from a conservative muslim family in lukhnow. She is a rebel and has gone against her father's wishes to choose a career in films. She is trained in martial arts that got her an entry into the Hindi film industry as a Stunt double for Heroines. But there is nothing more important to her life than making her debut film as a director.

Bade Mian : (Age- Mid Forties) Bade Mian rules Mumbai underworld. People revere him as Bade Mian, but his real name to Aslam Khan. He dreams of establishing himself as the biggest arms dealer in the world. He has reached thus far through immense competition and struggle, and guards his supreme position ruthlessly. But in the heart of hearts Bade Mian is an emotional person. He is also quite a romantic at heart, but hides his true self diligently from others. Zoya manages to break that shell.

Shivam : (Age- Mid to Late thirties) He belongs to Bade Mian's core group and manages south-East Asia for him. He has a goofy and colourful personality who likes to fool around. But inherently Shivam is a ruthless customer. His aim is to topple Bade Mian, and he could go to any length to achieve his goal. Ironically, he enjoys Bade Mian's complete trust.

Synopsis Zoya is all set to direct her debut feature film that she had been struggling for a long time. But when everything was set, Mumbai’s most feared underworld Don, Bade Mian, hijacks all the dates of her hero, for his film, from right under her nose. Now if Zoya has to make her film, she will have to get the dates back. How she does that through her will, courage and intelligence is what the film is all about. Its a roller-coaster ride. The most unconventional journey any film-maker would ever take.





Zoya is fighting for her life. Her opponent is a much more skillful fighter of martial arts. Zoya is clearly no match to him. Consequently, he beats her to death. Now he turns around to charge at Zoya for a fatal strike. He moves towards her with great speed, lunges in the air while pointing his leg at Zoya in the position of a flying kick. But instead of defending herself Zoya has a metaphysical experience. Her opponent’s reflection is etched in her eyes. And in her mental space, she goes few days back in recollection of events that led to this critical situation. Caption- This film is dedicated to the Indian Girl Child TITLES Caption- Few days back 2 I/E. CAR - DAY 2

A car is travelling at a high speed. Suddenly, a girl drops on the bonnet of the car. The driver tries to shake her off but she is clung on tight. After a few intense swerves the car takes a 360 degree turn and comes to a halt. The girl goes flying off the bonnet of the car into the bushes on the side. 3 EXT. FILM SET - DAY Zoya who was performing the stunt emerges from bushes with some scratches and bruises. STUNT DIRECTOR (angrily) Zoya bonnet ko pakad ke rakhna tha na. (announces) Retake. ZOYA (walks upto the Stunt Director) Sir cable toot gaya hai..isko replace karna padega. STUNT DIRECTOR (rudely) Replace karne ka time nahin hai...abhi tu isi se manage kar. ZOYA Lekin sir yeh dangerous hai. Abhi hero ya heroine hoti to aap log change karte hi na? 3


STUNT DIRECTOR Tu heroine hai kya? (pause) Retake ke liye fatafat tayyar ho ja. Stunt Director walks off. Tukaram the Production Manager walks upto Zoya. TUKARAM (comes close to Zoya) Zyada chot to nahin ayi? (but Zoya is sulking) Kya hua? ZOYA (angrily) Arre hum hero ya heroine nahin hain to kya insaan bhi nahin hai? Kaise baat karta ha yeh aadmi? Tukaram inspects the cable. TUKARAM Main isko fix karwa deta hoon. Tu tab tak chai pi. ZOYA Koi zaroorat nahin...usko bol yeh stunt kisi aur se karwa le. Bahut seh li uski batameezi. TUKARAM (stops Zoya) Kya kar rahi hai? ZOYA (takes of her cable suit) Director banane ayi thi Mumbai...aur stunt man ban kar reh gayi hoon. kitni baar iske liye apni jaan khatre mein daali hai maine...ek insurance bhi nahin dete hain. Zoya walks off, and Tukaram watches her helplessly. He walks upto the Stunt Director and whispers the bad news into his ears. STUNT DIRECTOR (screams) What!





Zoya is sitting thinking what to do next. Through the bus window her eyes are focussing on the exploitation that takes place in every day life. Like an old man being pushed in the bus line; a street kid being beaten by police. Suddenly, there is a commotion in the bus. YOUNG LADY Bhaisahab aap theek se khade hoiye na. A MUSCULAR MAN (arrogantly) Theek se hi to khada hoon. After sometime. A YOUNG LADY (irritated) Aap apna haanth side main rakhenge? A MUSCULAR MAN Side main hi to hai. A YOUNG LADY Aap udhar jakar bhi to khade ho sakte hain... A MUSCULAR MAN Mere idhar khade hone se tumko kya problem hai? Bus is practically empty, except seats are all occupied. ZOYA (offer her seat to the lady) Aap idhar baith jayiye. YOUNG LADY (to Zoya) Aapko utarana hai? ZOYA (gets up to give the seat to the lady) Nahin. Par mujhe khade hona hai. YOUNG LADY Thankyou so much. Mere paas bahut samaan hai. ZOYA (makes way for the lady) Hmm.. Zoya goes and stands where the lady was standing.





The bus stops at a bus stop and the Muscular man goes flying out of the window and crashes on the pavement. Zoya comes down from the bus and gives the man few punches on the face and belly. Thereafter, one frontal stretched kick has the man biting the dust. Zoya looks up at the young lady in the bus, and the lady gives her an admiring look. 6 EXT. PARK - LATER 6

Zoya is sitting in a park depressed. She looks up at the poster of a film and focusses on the producer’s name, which displays Bommie Chopra. She immediately checks her script in her bag and bounce up to go. 7 INT. BOMMIE CHOPRA’S OFFICE - DAY Zoya enters Bommie Chopra’s office. ZOYA Mujhe Chopra sahab se milna hai. RECEPTIONIST Aapka appoinment hai? ZOYA Nahin...lekin woh mujhe jaante hain. Mera naam Zoya Ali hai. RECEPTIONIST Just a minute. Receptionist talks on phone. RECEPTIONIST Woh office main nahin hain. ZOYA Unki car bahar khadi hai. Main jaanti hoon woh office main hi hain. RECEPTIONIST Mera matlab hai woh meeting main hain. Zoya barges into Bommie’s room, who is sitting drinking with his friends. They also have some young girls in their company. ZOYA Aap mujhse milna nahin chahte? 7


BOMMIE (showing fake surprise) Zoya tu hai? Mujhe kisi ne bataya hi nahin. Aa ja..baith. Zoya sits. BOMMIE (to his friends present in the room) Meri pichli filum main jo wo heroin ka stunt tha...woh isi honhaar ladki ne kiya tha. MALE FRIEND (his eyes are glued on Zoya) Kaun sa stunt? BOMMIE Woh aag wala stunt nahin tha? ZOYA Bommie sir aapko yaad hai maine aapko ek kahani sunai thi...script bhi diya tha. BOMMIE (uncertain) Haan-haan badi achchi kahani thi woh. ZOYA Aapne kaha tha ki agar meri film hit ho gayi to mere paas aana. Hum tumhari film ko produce kar sakte hain. BOMMIE Produce kar sakte hain? Kaha hoga...mujhe yaad nahin. ZOYA Aapne kaha tha. BOMMIE Toh? ZOYA Toh kya aap meri film produce karenge? Bommie takes a sip of his whisky. BOMMIE Dekh Zoya...meri filum ne utna business nahin kiya hai jitna main soch raha tha. (MORE)

7. BOMMIE (cont'd) Agar main teri filum produce karoon to mujhe financiers se paisa uthana padega. Aur woh log paisa kyon lagayenge? Na to teri filum main koi hero hai aur na hi tu jannimaani Director hai.

ZOYA Aap log mauka denge tabhi to koi naam kamayega na. Mauka hi nahin milega toh koi kaise apne aap ko prove karega. BOMMIE Teri baat theek hai. Par film industry aeise nahin chalti. ZOYA To phir kaise chalti hai? (pause) Main kuch bhi karne ke liye tayyar hoon. BOMMIE (almost spills his whisky) Kya? ZOYA Casting couch to karte hi hain aap log. Main tayyar hoon. Bommie indicates his friends and girls to go out. BOMMIE Tu kya baat kar rahi hai? ZOYA Mujhe aap jaise logon se kai offers mil chuke hain Bommie sir. Socha tha kabhi nahin karoongi...chahe kuch bhi ho jaye. Par aaj main tayyar hoon. Bataiye yahan aoon ya apke ghar par. Bommie thinks. BOMMIE (after a very long pause) Chal tu ghar aa ja. 8 I/E. BOMMIE’S HOUSE - NIGHT Zoya all dressed up arrives at Bommie’s house. His servant opens the door. 8


BOMMIE (looks at Zoya from inside) Arre?! Tu to aa gayi. (to servant) Inhe study room main le jao. 9 INT. BOMMIE’S STUDY ROOM - MOMENTS LATER 9

Zoya sitting in Bommie’s study room. Bommie comes and sprays the room with perfume. Then he comes and sits next to her. Zoya is quite nervous. Bommie slowly gets his arm to rest on her thigh, and Zoya gives him a tight slap in return. Bommie immediately gets up holding his face in shock. ZOYA (gets up) Ah! I’m sorry Bommie sir. (embarrased) Main yeh nahin kar sakti. Bommie goes over to his table and starts laughing. Next he takes out Zoya’s script from his drawer. BOMMIE Main jaanta hoon tu yeh nahin kar payegi. Tere main woh baat nahin...lekin tere main baat hai. (flips through Zoya’s script) Main teri script padh raha tha. Mujhe lagta hai iske liye Rishabh kapoor achcha rahega. ZOYA Lekin woh to bahut busy hai. BOMMIE Correct. Woh Darjeeling main shoot kar raha hai. Tu mere ghar tak aa gayi. Isse yeh to pata lagata hai ki tere andar apni filum banane ke liye kitni tadap hai. Lekin kya tere andar woh aag bhi hai? (pause) Agar tune Rishabh kapoor ko yeh filum karne ke liye mana main teri filum produce karne ke liye tayyar hoon. (pause) Manzoor hai? Zoya thinks for a while. ZOYA Manzoor hai.


And they shake hands in agreement. 10 EXT. DARJEELING - DAY Zoya is standing at a vantage point observing the shoot happening down hill. There’s lots of security around. She takes a deep breath and heads forward. 11 EXT. FILM SET:DARJEELING - LATER 11 10

The area where Rishabh is sitting is completely cordoned off by his bodyguards and security. ZOYA (catches hold of a spot boy) Javed Sheikh kaun hai? SPOT BOY (indicates in a certain direction) Woh udhar hai. ZOYA (takes out a ten rupees note from her pocket and offers him) Usko ek baar bula do. Spot boy takes the note and goes off, while Zoya waits. He comes back with a man after sometime. The man walks upto Zoya questioningly. ZOYA (to the man) Javed Shaikh? JAVED SHAIKH Haan? ZOYA Main Zoya Ali hoon. JAVED SHAIKH Achcha haan...Tukaram ka phone aya tha. Apko Rishabh Kapoor se milna hai? ZOYA Ji haan. JAVED SHAIKH Dekhiye...main apki meeting karwa sakta hoon...par aap paanch minute se zyada nahin lena. (MORE)

10. JAVED SHAIKH (cont'd) Kisi bhi bahar wale ko Rishabh Kapoor se milna allowed nahin hai.

ZOYA Ok. Javed goes off. After sometime he gestures to Zoya from a distance to come. So Zoya follows him. Javed takes her to Rishabh. JAVED SHAIKH (introduces Zoya) Sir...yeh Zoya Ali hain. RISHABH KAPOOR (looks up at Zoya) Haan bataiye? ZOYA (slight nervousness) Rishabh I’m an assistant director in films. Main stunts ke liye bhi duplicate karti hoon. RISHABH KAPOOR Thats nice. Aapko chahiya kya? ZOYA Main Bommie Chopra ke liye ek film direct karne jaa rahi hoon. Uski kahani sunani hai apko. RISHABH KAPOOR Mujhe kahani kyon suna rahin hain. Main koi story critic thodi na hoon. ZOYA I was hoping ki aap yeh film karne main interested honge. RISHABH KAPOOR (politely) Dekhiye...thankyou for considering me...lekin mere paas agle do saal ke liye koi dates nahin hain. Aap mujhse do saal ke baad contact kijiye. Thankyou. Rishabh turns away. Javed gestures Zoya to leave, which she does, albeit reluctantly. 12 INT. HOTEL LOBBY - NIGHT 12

Javed is going across the lobby when he is waylaid by Zoya.


ZOYA (calls out) Javed! JAVED SHAIKH (surprised) Arre! Zoya ji? ZOYA Meri Rishabh ke saath ek aur meeting karwa do. JAVED SHAIKH Dekhiye Zoya ji. Tukaram ke kehene par maine aapki ek meeting karwa di...lekin aur meeting ab possible nahin hai. Please aap meri majboori ko samajhiye. And Javed walks off. Zoya notices Rishabh’s bodyguards hanging by the pool. She starts to walk towards the exit when she overhears two ladies speaking. LADY (excitedly) Rishabh is staying right opposite my room yaar. He’s so cute. Zoya thinks for a while and rush towards the ladies. ZOYA (feigning excitement) Kya aapne Rishabh ka autograph liya? LADY Not yet. But I’ll take it in the morning. ZOYA Even I want his autograph. Kaun se room main hai woh. LADY (excitedly) Room number 712. ZOYA Thanks. Ladies walk off. Zoya observes Rishabh’s bodyguards entering the lift. After the lift has gone she goes upto it and checks the floor indicator. The lift stops at seventh floor.





Zoya arrives at seventh floor by lift. The door opens and she peeps into the gallery from inside the lift. Rishabh’s bodyguard’s are outside his room. She immediately comes out of the lift and walks to the other direction. She has absolutely no plans in her mind. She is wondering what to do next. She looks out the window at the end of the gallery and finds that she can reach Rishabh’s balcony by scaling the wall. Its a seven floor drop, so she has to be careful. However, Zoya is motivated by her determination and desperation. And she completes her task successfully. 14 I/E. RISHABH’S ROOM - LATER 14

Zoya enters Rishabh’s room. She can hear him talking on the phone. RISHABH KAPOOR (on the phone) Gangtok se kitna pehle hai? Achcha! To iska matlab hai mujhe subah saat baje yahan se nikalna padega. Lekin jab tak main pahunchu aap sab kuch tayyar rakhna...taki immediately shoot shuru kar saken. Mausam ka bhi bharosa nahin. Haan theek hai. Ok. Rishabh hangs up the phone. Zoya enters the room. ZOYA Rishabh! RISHABH KAPOOR (turns around) Yes! (discovering Zoya) O Shit! He runs and hides behind the bed because he is only in his underwear. ZOYA Hi! Remember me? RISHABH KAPOOR (shouts desperately) Sandy.... The bodyguards come running inside the room. ZOYA Rishabh relax. Main aapko sirf apni kahani sunana chahti hoon.


RISHABH KAPOOR (screams at his bodyguards) Yeh ladki andar kaise ayee? BODYGUARD Oye! Tu andar kaise ayee? RISHABH KAPOOR Take her out immediately. The bodyguards take Zoya out of the room. 15 EXT. DARJEELING STREET - LATER 15

She looks slightly roughed up. She stops at a momos shop to have some momos. There is a young local boy, who is looking at her curiously. ZOYA (to the boy) Momos khayega? The boy nods. So she offers him some from her plate and orders some more. The boy happily eats, while Zoya looks at him with a shine in her eyes. 16 EXT. HIGHWAY - NEXT DAY 16

Zoya is focussing on Rishabh’s car with her binocular that is climbing the hill. When the car comes closer, she makes sure that there is no other car in front and gestures to her young friend from previous night hiding on the other side of the road. The boy throws something on the road and as soon as Rishabh’s car goes over, it ends up with two flat tyres. The car stops few meters up the road. All the occupants get off the car, which includes the driver, Rishabh and his two bodyguards. RISHABH (looking down at the tyres) Shit! (to driver) Kya tyre puncture ho gaye? Purane the kya? DRIVER Nahin sir ek dum naye tires the. RISHABH (looking at tires) Naye to nahin lag rahe..


DRIVER Mera matlab hai...sirf ek hi saal purane the... RISHABH Achcha jaldi theek karo isko. DRIVER (nervously) Sir spare tyre to ek hi hai. RISHABH (astonished) Kya? (looking at his bodyguards) Ab kya karen? (the bodyguards give a helpless look) In the meantime, Zoya’s boy is observing them pretending to be an innocent by-stander. DRIVER (to the boy) Yahan koi tyre repair shop hai. BOY (indicating at a direction) Neeche gaon main hai. DRIVER (to Rishabh) Sir main gaon se inhe theek karwa kar laata hoon. Tab tak aap yahin rukiye. RISHABH Haan theek hai jaldi ja. (indicating at one of his bodyguard) Yeh Ballu ko bhi saath le jaa. (Ballu makes a face) Driver and Ballu dismantle the tyres and follow the boy. While Rishabh is trying to call up the Director to inform him. In the meantime, the other bodyguard also excuses himself for a pee break. Now Rishabh is standing in the middle of the road all by himself. At this opportune time, Zoya decides to come out of her hiding. ZOYA Hi Rishabh!


RISHABH (struggling with his mobile, doesn’t even look up) are you? (then he realizes and looks up and gets a shock of his life) Tum!!?? (stumbles) Tum yahan kya kar rahi ho? (looks for his bodyguard) ZOYA (pleading) Rishabh please...main sirf tumhe apni story sunana chahti hoon. RISHABH (angrily) Story sunani hai to proper channel ke through aao. (suspiciously) Aur tumhe pehle se kaise maloom ki meri car yahan puncture hone wali hai? (realising) Wait a minute...kahin tumhi ne to meri gaadi puncture nahin ki? ZOYA (admitting) Of course. Isn’t it obvious? Lekin kya fayda hua itni mehnat ka...story to tum phir bhi nahin sun rahe. RISHABH (angrily) Story? Tumhe iss baat ka zara sa bhi andaza hai ki tumhare karan aaj ka shoot cancel ho sakta hai. You know what that means. Lakhon rupyon ka loss. Jis insaan ko doosaron ke production ka khayal nahin...woh apna production kaise sambhalegi. (notices his other bodyguard coming after relieving himself) Sandy tu kahan ghoom raha hai? SANDY (comes running) Apko bata ke to gaya tha.


RISHABH (indicating to Zoya) Yeh dekh...yeh ladki phir se aa gayi. SANDY (bullying tone) Oye! Tu phir se kaise aa gayi? (tries to go upto Zoya but Rishabh pulls him back) RISHABH (holding Sandy) Chal rehne de. Zoya goes and sits on the rock. After sometime ambulances and police vehicles are passing by blaring their sirens aloud. One police jeep stops. POLICE Aap log yahan kya kar rahen hain? RISHABH Humari gaadi puncture ho gayi hai. Kya hua sir? POLICE Aage major land-slide hua hai. You are lucky, warna aap bhi land-slide ke neeche hote. Please return back to Darjeeling. (Police jeep leaves) Rishabh is stunned. He takes a long pause for a while, and then looks at Zoya. There tyres have arrived after being fixed. BODYGUARD (to Rishabh) Boss tyres aa gaye. Rishabh just nods because there is something else on his mind. He walks up to Zoya. RISHABH (to Zoya) Sorry for the way I behaved. (pause) Aaj aapke karan meri jaan bach gayi. (pause) I am a strong believer in destiny...aur mujhe aiesa lagta hai... (pause) (MORE)

17. RISHABH (cont'd) things are looking good for your film.

ZOYA (anxiously) To kya ab aap meri kahani sunenge? RISHABH KAPOOR Sure. BODYGUARD Boss gaadi tayyar hai. RISHABH KAPOOR (to Zoya) Want a lift? Zoya happily accompanies Rishabh. 17 EXT. DARJEELING MARKET AREA - EVENING She is excitedly talking to Tukaram. ZOYA Tukaram woh maan gaya. Rishabh kapoor is doing my film. I’m so happy. Ab apna sapna saakar karoongi. I’m going to direct my own film. (pause) month 23 days diyen hain. Haan-haan main kar loongi. Otherwise he is saying do saal rukna padega. I can’t wait that long. Haan-haan bahut kaam karna hai. Main kal morning ki flight se wapas aa rahi hoon. Ok bye. And she does a spontaneous merry dance in a crowded area. All the locals are watching her with amused reaction. 17


Zoya and Tukaram are working day and night to organize things for the film- Bommie hugs Zoya on her success, auditions, locations, music etc. 19 I/E. INSIDE CAR - AFTERNOON Tukaram and Zoya travelling by taxi. 19


TUKARAM (to Zoya) Rishabh se baat hui? ZOYA Nahin. Woh ayega to phone karega. Usko Bommie ji se bhi milwana hai. TUKARAM Usko to wapas aye ek hafta ho gaya hai. ZOYA Achcha? (pause) Tu aeisa kar...mujhe Rishabh ke ghar par utaar de. TUKARAM Ok. (to taxi driver) Yahan se left le. The taxi stops outside a building. Zoya gets out. TUKARAM Main bhi ayoon? ZOYA Nahin its ok. Tukaram drives off. 20 INT. RISHABH’S APARTMENT - LATER 20

Zoya sitting and waiting for Rishabh in his living-room. Its already been half-an-hour. Finally he comes out. RISHABH KAPOOR (hesitantly) Hi Zoya! He goes and hugs her a little uncomfortably. ZOYA How are you? RISHABH KAPOOR I’m good. (pause) Would you like to have something? ZOYA No thankyou. There is a certain awkwardness in the way Rishabh is behaving. He is not looking at Zoya in the eye.


RISHABH KAPOOR Ok. ZOYA Shoot ki saari tayyari almost complete ho gayi hai. RISHABH KAPOOR Ok. ZOYA Mujhe maloom nahin tha ki aap wapas Mumbai aa chuke hain..warna main pehle hi aap se milne chali aati. RISHABH KAPOOR Ok. ZOYA Mr. Bommie Chopra bhi aapse milna chahte hai..taki hum aapka signing amount de saken aur baki formalities bhi khatm kar saken. RISHABH KAPOOR Hmmm.... ZOYA (sceptically) Rishabh is something wrong? Rishabh gets up. RISHABH KAPOOR Zoya tumhe maloom hai ki main really tumhari film karna chahta hoon. Don’t you? ZOYA (suspiciously) I hope so... RISHABH KAPOOR But there is a problem. Bade Mian ko bhi dates chahiye. Aur tumhe to maloom hi hai ki 23 days jo maine tumhe diye hain...wo actually maine apne vacation ke liye rakhe the. Jo tumne mere liye kiya uske baad main tumhe mana nahin kar paya...aur jo Bade Mian hai..uske liye main usko nahin mana nahin kar sakta. Isliye tumhare sare dates unhone liya hai. Please understand. ZOYA (stunned) Kya??? (MORE)

20. ZOYA (cont'd) (confused) Yeh Bade Mian kaun hai?

Rishabh gives her a perplexed look. 21 EXT. TUKARAM’S HOUSE - NIGHT Zoya and Tukaram are at Tukaram’s roof. TUKARAM Bade Mian bahut bada underworld don hai. Bahut khatarnak aadmi hai. Extortion, smuggling bahut saare dhandhe hain uske. Filmon main bhi rupaya lagata hai. Abhi Rishabh ko agar usne kaha hai ki meri picture main kaam Rishabh kuch nahin kar sakta hai...usko uski picture main kaam karna hi padega. Warna wo usko kal hi tapka dega. (pause) Ab teri picture ka kuch nahin ho sakta hai. Woh do saal ke baad dates de sakta hai na...le le...Bommie Chopra ko bol ki usko abhi hi sign kar saal dekh chutki main nikal jayenge. Tukaram’s wife comes up with tea. TUKARAM’S WIFE (gives tea to tukaram and Zoya) Lo chai piyo. ZOYA Thankyou bhabhi. TUKARAM (to his wife) Bachche so gaye? TUKARAM’S WIFE (stands next to Zoya) Haan. (to Zoya) Kya hua? koi tension hai kya? ZOYA Ek underworld don hai Bade Mian naam ka...usne mere hero ke sare dates par kabza kar liya hai. Ab main apni fim nahin bana sakti. 21


TUKARAM’S WIFE Iss desh main aurat ke saath hamesha anyay hua hai aur hota rahega. Woh underworld don hoga apne ghar main...usse jakar mil aur bol ki mere dates wapas karo. TUKARAM (angrily to his wife) Chup kar. Tere ko maloom bhi hai tu kya bol rahi hai. (turns to Zoya) Zoya abhi tu ghar ja. Kal subah Bommie Chopra se milne main bhi ayoonga tere saath. Zoya finishes her tea and leaves. Tukaram and his wife also climb down to their house. Tukaram locks all the doors. They are getting ready to sleep, when the door bell rings. TUKARAM Ayi shapath! Abhi kaun aa gaya? Tukaram opens the door and Zoya is standing before her. ZOYA Main Bade Mian se milna chahti hoon. TUKARAM Kya? ZOYA Bade Mian ke saath meri meeting fix karwa do. TUKARAM Zoya yeh itna asaan nahin hai. ZOYA Aap karwa sakte ho to theek hai...warna main kisi aur ke paas jaati hoon. She starts to walk away. TUKARAM Nahin ruk...main hi fix karwata hoon. Tu aur kisi ke samne kuch nahin bolegi. ZOYA Ok. Zoya leaves; whereas Tukaram stands frustrated at the door.



EXT. DHARAVI-SLUMS - DAY Tukaram and Zoya enter dharavi. TUKARAM (instructing Zoya) Bahut sambhal ke baat karna. Bade Mian hai woh. Ankh main ankh daal ke mat dekhna...neeche dekh kar baat karna. Aur woh na bole to chupchap aa jana...bahas mat karna uske saath... A Police constable calls out to Tukaram from a tea stall. CONSTABLE Tukaram.


Tukaram turns towards him and waves. Constable comes close to them. CONSTABLE (indicating to Zoya) Yahi hai? Tukaram nods. TUKARAM Main bhi aoon? CONSTABLE Nakko. TUKARAM Thoda dhyan rakhna. Meri bahan jaisi hai. Constable gestures not to worry. Constable takes Zoya way inside the slums. After walking for quite a while they reach a godown. It is guarded by armed men. But the constable smoothly makes his way inside waving at everybody. They reach an inner room. There are some more armed men in the room. Some guns are on display on the table. And a middle aged man with his back towards the entrance is trying out an AK-47. CONSTABLE (respectfully calls out) Bade Mian. Bade Mian turns pointing his AK-47 at the Constable. And he pulls the trigger. The Constable flinches at the sound of empty gun. BADE MIAN Kya re Gaikwad? Itne main phatati hai teri. (MORE)

23. BADE MIAN (cont'd) (turns to his men) Maal achcha hai. Aur kitne guns hain unke paas?

MAN Itna hai ki South-East Asia ke saath-saath akhkha Africa aur South America bhi apna hoga. BADE MIAN Hmm! Shivam ko bol baat karna shuru kare. (turns to Constable) Gaikwad...Rajan ke saath ja aur truck ko nake check post se niklwa de. CONSTABLE Theek hai. Bade Mian yeh ladki ko apse milwana chahta hoon. (to Zoya) Kya naam bataya? ZOYA Zoya. BADE MIAN Haan main dekhta hai...tu fatafat ja. Gaikwad leaves. Bade Mian looks at Zoya. ZOYA (feebly) Namaste. Bade Mian nods and gets busy with something else. BADE MIAN (suspiciously) Journalist to nahin ho? ZOYA Ji nahin. BADE MIAN To phir kya kaam hai? Bade Mian is not looking at Zoya. ZOYA (tenaciously) Rishabh Kapoor ne apko kuch dates diye hain...apki film ke liye. BADE MIAN Woh hero? Haan woh meri agli film kar raha hai.


ZOYA Usne woh sare dates meri film ke liye commit kiye the. BADE MIAN (looks at Zoya) Toh? ZOYA Woh apse darata hai isiliye kuch nahin bol paya. Main aapse apne dates waapas lene ayi hoon. BADE MIAN (aggressively moves forward) Ae ladki tera bheja to nahin phir gaya. Tu janti tu kisase baat kar rahi hai? Suddenly a bullet brushes the arm of Bade Mian. BADE MIAN Ae!! (looks at his wound) Koi goli chala raha hai. Suddenly, firing starts from all sides. The armed men surround Bade Mian to protect him. However, one of Bade Mian’s own bodyguard points his gun towards him. He was about to pull the trigger, when out of some strange reflex action Zoya gives the traitor a side kick. He immediately falls down by the impact, and other bodyguards shoot him on the spot. Thereafter, Bade Mian is swiftly whisked away through the back door. Now Zoya is all alone in the room. She peeps from the window. All Bade Mian’s men outside have been killed. Just then she hears someone coming and immediately hides in the almirah. Zoya can sense that someone has entered the room, but cannot get a clear view. The foot steps come close to the almirah, and she manages to see the boots of the man. They are unique cowboy boots made out of snake leather. Somebody calls out to the man from outside. MAN’S VOICE Bade Mian nikal gaya haamare haathon se. The man in the room gets a fit of rage and Zoya could hear him rummaging everything in the room. His shoes become visible to her again. He stands in one position without moving for sometime as if he is thinking. Suddenly, his phone rings. Again, its a unique ring tone. The man makes a flamboyant quick swoop turnaround and leaves. When Zoya is absolutely sure that killers have left, she slowly comes out of the almirah.





Zoya is walking in the bylanes of Dharavi. She takes an autorikshaw and goes to the studio. She enters the studio. Rishabh is shooting there. She waits for him to get free. Knocks at his make-up van. Rishabh lets her in. She tries to convince Rishabh, but he expresses his inability. Zoya leaves disappointed. 24 EXT. TUKARAM’S HOUSE- ROOF - NIGHT TUKARAM (reprimanding) Yeh to hona hi tha. Tu kya samajh rahi thi ki tu Bade Mian ko bolegi aur woh chup-chap tere ko tere dates wapas kar dega. Pagal hai kya. Woh bahut bada Don hai. Shukra hai shoot out main tere ko kuch nahin hua. Uske liye yeh sab roz ka tanta hai. Tukaram’s wife comes with tea. Gives the tea to Zoya and Tukaram and stands next to Zoya. TUKARAM’S WIFE Abhi kya tension hai? ZOYA Bade Mian mere dates wapas nahin karega. TUKARAM’S WIFE (to Zoya) Jis desh main neta auraton ka huq dene ko tayyar nahin...wahan gundon se kya umeed kar sakte ho. Tu Police ke pass kyon nahin jaati. TUKARAM (shouts at wife) Chup kar. (to Zoya) Zoya main aur kuch nahin sununga. Tu wapas kaam par aa ja. Tere uss sarphire stunt director se main khud baat karunga. Do-teen galiyan dega sun liyo. Zoya leaves. 25 EXT. TUKARAM’S CHAWL - LATER 25 24

Zoya climbs down the stairs and then suddenly stops. She is about to turn...


TUKARAM (standing behind Zoya) Peche mudne ki soch bhi mat. ZOYA (turns) Lekin ek baar Police ki help lene main kya burai hai. TUKARAM Hargiz nahin. Police aur gansteron ko main tere se zyada jaanta hoon. Chal. Tukaram holds Zoya by arm and they walk away. 26 INT. ZOYA’S LUCKNOW HOUSE - DAY ZOYA’S FATHER (angrily) Tumne meri izzat mitti mein milane ki thaan rakhi hai kya? Tumhaari saari friends koi doctor hai...Rupali IAS ki tayyari kar rahi hai..aur tum bambai jaa kar filmein join karna chahti ho. Bewkoof. ZOYA Abu main film director banana chahti hoon..isme burayi kya hai? Duniya mein itni saari women directors hain. ZOYA’S FATHER (screams) Shut up! CUT TO: 27 INT. ZOYA’S ROOM-MUMBAI - MIDNIGHT 27 26

Zoya immediately gets up from her sleep. She realizes that she is sleeping in her room. She was dreaming about her past confrontation with her father, which came back to haunt her like a nightmare. She gets off her bed. 28 EXT. SEA BEACH - MORNING Zoya is sitting looking aimlessly at the horizon. After a while four hefty men approach Zoya. MAN Tumko Bade Mian ne bulaya hai. 28


ZOYA Kyon? MAN Bulaya hai bas...abhi chalo. ZOYA Kahan jaana hai? MAN Pata chal jayega. Chalo. Zoya walks with them to an SUV parked close by. The moment she enters the vehicle, the men cover her face with a black hood. ZOYA Hey! MAN Bas thodi der ke liye. Irritated Zoya hustles to make room for herself. 29 INT. RANDOM APARTMENT - LATER Zoya’s hood is taken off and she finds herself sitting infront of Bade Mian. BADE MIAN (to Zoya in a bullying tone) Zoya naam hai na tumhara? ZOYA Ji haan. BADE MIAN (bullying tone) Tumne kya soch kar mere bodyguard ko laat maara? ZOYA (politely) Woh aapko goli marne wala tha. BADE MIAN To tum meri jaan bachana chahti thi. Kyon? ZOYA Pata nahin. Uss waqt jo theek laga...kiya. 29


BADE MIAN Wahan aur bhi kisi ko dekha tumne? Jab goli chal rahi thi...ya mere jane ke baad. ZOYA Aapke jaane ke baad ek admi aya tha wahan. Bade Mian’s men get attentive. BADE MIAN (coming to the edge of the sofa) Kaisa dikhta tha? ZOYA (confidently) Bade Mian aapko yaad hai main aap se milne kyon ayi thi? BADE MIAN (sternly) Tumhe Rishabh Kapoor ke dates chahiye the. ZOYA (interrupting Bade Mian) Ji nahin...mujhe apne dates wapas chahiye aapne Rishabh Kapoor se jabardasti le liye hain...apni film ke liye. BADE MIAN To?? ZOYA To yeh ki..agar aapko meri madad aapko mere dates wapas karne honge. One of Bade Mian’s man gives a mobile to him to talk on. BADE MIAN (screams into mobile) Saale bhaduwe...ulta latka kar bheje main goli maroonga tere...saale harami...teri itni himmat ki mere maal par nazar dalta hai...kashmir se kanyakumari tak tere jitne bhi pariwar wale hain na...sab ko zinda bhun doonga...maa ke jene... (bangs the mobile on the floor. Mobile breaks into pieces. Turns to his men) Pakad ke lao saale ko. Aaj to mere hantho marega hi marega yeh. (MORE)

29. BADE MIAN (cont'd) (turns to Zoya) Haan Zoya ji. Kya keh rahin thi aap?

Zoya keeps quite for sometime. ZOYA (mustering her courage) Main keh rahi thi...agar aapko meri madad mere dates wapas karne honge. BADE MIAN (bullying tone) Aur agar nahin kiya to? ZOYA (pause) To main kisi ko bhi identify karne main interested nahin hoon. BADE MIAN (threatningly) Zoya ji aap janti hain ki main apke saath kitni sharafat se pesh aa raha hoon. (Zoya keeps quite) Main chahoon to tumhare parivar ko tumhari laash bhi nahin milegi...main chahoon to iss film industry main koi tumhe aaj ke baad ek spot boy ka bhi kaam nahin dega... (pulls out his gun) Aur main chahoon to iss bandook ki saari goliyan isi waqt tumhare bheje main utar sakta hoon. ZOYA (putting up a brave front) Zaroor...aap kuch bhi kar sakte hain. Ghar aye mehman ke saath aiesa salook karna to aapki fitarat main hai. (pause) Lekin mera jawab abhi bhi wahi hai...agar meri madad aapko Rishabh kapoor ke sare dates mujhe wapas karna hoga...otherwise main aapki help karne main interested nahin hoon. Zoya turns around and walks to leave. Bade Mian randomly shoots twice to frighten Zoya. But Zoya just keeps walking. Bade Mian’s man blocks her way.


ZOYA Tumhi ne mere sar par kaala kapada daala tha na. Zoya punches him on the face and grounds him with a back kick. One man grabs her from behind. She strikes him with the back of her elbow and chops him in the neck. A couple of men cover her from both the sides. Zoya swirls and take one down with a ferocious kick and before the other one could react, pulls him by hand and hurl him to the floor with a lightening speed. Some more men come forward. BADE MIAN (shouts) Bas. Bade Mian’s men back off. And Zoya walks out the door, while Bade Mian watches her go. 30 EXT. FILM SET - DAY 30

Zoya has gone back to her old job of assisting the Stunt Director. The Stunt Director is behaving very badly with her. STUNT DIRECTOR Yeh Zoya kahan gayi...phir bhaag gayi kya... (Zoya comes) Haan...agle stunt ke liye fatafat tayyari kar....time nahin hai... Zoya gets busy. A van with black glasses comes and stops at the entrance of the set. One muscular man gets off and calls Tukaram who is standing nearby. Tukaram goes close. MAN Zoya yahin kaam kar rahi hai na? TUKARAM (cautiously) Aap kaun? MAN Usko jaakar bolo..Bade Mian usse milne aye hain. TUKARAM Bade Mian uss van main hain? MAN Bula kar lao usko. Tukaram immediately rushes to Zoya.


TUKARAM (out of breadth) Zoya...Zoya...Bade Mian tujhse milne aya hai. ZOYA Kyon? TUKARAM Arre! Mujhe kya pata. Khud aya hai. Shayad Rishabh ke dates wapas kar de. Zoya comes to the van. MAN Andar. Man opens the van and Zoya enters. She finds Bade Mian sitting inside. The man closes the door back. BADE MIAN (after a long pause) Koi mera apna admi mujhe marna chahta hai. (Zoya is silently looking at him) Mujhe pata lagana hi hoga. (pause) Main chahta hoon tum meri madad karo. (pause) Tumne uss bhadwe ko dekha hai...main chahta hoon tum pehchano usko taaki main uske bheje main goli daal sakoon. (Zoya is still silently looking at him) Haan...woh jo tumhare dates hain...woh tumhe wapas mil sakte hain....lekin mera kaam ho jaane ke baad. (pause) Kya bolti hai? ZOYA Ek minute. Zoya gets off the van. She goes upto Tukaram and has a word with him. He stands stunned. She comes back, gets into the van, and drives off with Bade Mian. While Tukaram goes and whispers the news into stunt director’s ears. STUNT DIRECTOR What?????



INT. DARK ROOM - DAY Bade Mian is showing photographs of all his men through a projector. BADE MIAN (browsing through photographs) Anwar, Rajan, Shivam, David, Joseph, Rafiq, Kishore, Shiraz, Sudhir, Arindam, Majnu, Shabeer, Tony... (stops) Inme se koi tha? ZOYA Aeise nahin bata sakti. Mujhe inko actually dekhna padega. Maine usko almari ke peeche se dekha tha. BADE MIAN Tune dekha to tha na? ZOYA Bilkul. BADE MIAN Hmm... (thinks) Kal raat apna saman-waman pack kar ke tayyar rehna. ZOYA Hum kahin jaa rahe hain? BADE MIAN Haan.


Bade Mian goes out of the room. Zoya sits there thinking, as she is scared out of her wits. She has no idea what the man looks like, but the ring tone and the cowboy shoes of the attacker is etched in her mind. 32 EXT. TUKARAM’S HOUSE- ROOF - EVENING 32

Zoya is standing with Tukaram and his wife at his roof. They all are nervously silent. TUKARAM’S WIFE (nervously) Deva re deva. Ismein to bahut danger lagata hai. (to Tukaram) Aap chahe mujhe daanton ya kuch bhi kaho...mujhe lagata hai aapko Police ki madad leni hi chahiye.


TUKARAM Hmm...pehli baar tune akal ki baat ki hai. Tukaram calls up somebody. 33 INT. RESTURANT - LATER Zoya and Tukaram are sitting with an Encounter Specialist contact. ENCOUNTER SPECIALIST Lekin yeh Bade Mian jaa kahan raha hai? ZOYA Pata nahin. TUKARAM Sahab. Mere ko iski bahut chinta hai. Aap kuch karo. ENCOUNTER SPECIALIST (thinks) Achcha ruko yahan. He goes out and makes a call. Comes back after a while. ENCOUNTER SPECIALIST Chalo. 34 I/E. INSIDE JEEP - LATER 34 33

Zoya and Tukaram are traveling with the Encounter Specialist. They stop outside a shady looking locality. Encounter Specialist gets down. ENCOUNTER SPECIALIST Aao. 35 INT. SHADY CHAWL - LATER 35

Zoya, Tukaram and Encounter specialist are waiting. Two shady looking middle-aged men enter and sit before them. ENCOUNTER SPECIALIST (points Zoya to the men) Yeh ladki hai. (to Zoya and Tukaram) Solanki...Naydu SOLANKI Bade Mian Cambodia jaane ki tayyari kar raha hai. Wahan uska ek bahut hi bada deal hone wala hai. (MORE)

34. SOLANKI (cont'd) (Zoya listens) Cambodia mein bahut time se civil war chal raha tha. Ab civil war to khatm ho gaya hai...lekin iske karan wahan bandookain bahut ikatha ho gayi. Kafi bandookain wahan ki sarkar ne barbaad kar diye hain...par kafi bandookein abhi bhi black market pahunch rahe hain. Bharat main, Afganistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, sabhi deshon main atankwadi inhi second hand banddonkon ka istemaal karte hain...aur in tak yeh bandookain pahunchate hain...Bade Mian jaise log.

NAYDU Iss baar Bade Mian ek bahut hi bade bandookon ke bhandaar ki deal karne jaa raha hai. Ek baar wo bhandaar uske haanth lag woh second-hand hathyaron ki smuggling ka betaj badshah ban jayega...aur sabhi deshon mein hahakar macha dega. ZOYA Aap log kaun hai. SOLANKI (caution) Hum bhi gangster hain...virodhi gang...aur hum nahin chahte ki Bade Mian ka yeh deal kamyab ho. NAYDU Dekho Zoya...Cambodia main hum tumhe poora protection denge...lekin ek shart par...tumhe Bade Mian ke gang main hamara khabari banana padega. Iss deal ki har khabar hum tak pahunchani chahiye. ZOYA (thinks) Ok. (pause) Lekin main aap logon ko contact kaise karoongi? NAYDU Hum tumhe contact karenge. (takes out a red hankerchief from his pocket and gives it to Zoya) (MORE)

35. NAYDU (cont'd) Yeh laal rumaal tumhe jahan bhi dikhe...iska matlab hai hum tumhare aas-paas hi hain. Aur agar tum chahti ho ki hum tumse contact ishi rumaal ko apne gale main daal lena.

Zoya and Tukaram look at each other in assurance. 36 I/E. SEA-BOAT - NIGHT Zoya travelling with Bade Mian and his men in a boat. 37 I/E. WILDERNESS-VAN - MORNING Travelling by van on bad roads. 38 I/E. JUNGLE-VINTAGE PLANE - DAY 38 37 36

They board a vintage plane from a make-shift air strip in the middle of jungle and take off. 39 EXT. CAMBODIA JUNGLE - DAY 39

Bade Mian’s vintage plane lands in the makes-shift air strip in the middle of jungle. Bade Mian, his armed men and Zoya get off the plane and are greeted by Shivam. Shivam is Bade Mian’s main man in South-East Asian countries. He is young, ruthless and extremely sharp. Bade Mian greets Shivam with a hug and kiss. Shivam looks curiously at Zoya. BADE MIAN Yeh meri nurse hai. Zoya Ali. Shivam looks suspiciously at Zoya. His sixth sense tells him that there is more to Zoya than meets the eye. Zoya also develops an instant dislike towards Shivam. Suddenly they are surrounded by armed guerrillas who jump out of the bushes. Bade Mian is shocked. His Men pull up their arms. SHIVAM (to Bade Mian’s men) Aaram se...aaram se. Ye apne hi aadmi hain. (to Bade Mian) Khatarnak ilaka hai. Yeh humain bahar tak nikaal denge. Shivam gestures for vehicles to be brought. Vehicles which lay camouflaged come out and they all get inside. The armed guerrillas lead the way through the jungle.



INT. INSIDE VEHICLE - MOMENTS LATER Shivam is travelling in Bade Mian’s vehicle. He sitting in the front seat with the driver, Bade Mian and Zoya at the back seat and the armed men are sitting further back. SHIVAM (turns to Bade Mian) Aapki tabiyat kharab hai kya? BADE MIAN (looking out thee window) Haan thoda khaasi-zukaam hai. SHIVAM Khaasi-zukaam ke liye aap nurse lekar ghoom rahe ho...kya Bade Mian. BADE MIAN Yeh thoda katarnak wala khaasizukaam hai. SHIVAM (looking at Zoya who looks away) Achcha? (his phone rings. He has got funny ring tone) Hello!





Bade Mian’s vehicle enters the Cambodian capital and drives through the city. They are no longer accompanied by guerrillas. The vehicle enters a busy street and stops infront of an old building. Bade Mian gets off. BADE MIAN (to Shivam) Yeh kya jagah hai? SHIVAM Jo minister apne saath hai...uska ilaka hai. Iss area ki police aur criminal...dono humko protection de rahen hain. BADE MIAN Hmm... They all walk inside.



INT. INSIDE THE BUILDING - MOMENTS LATER BADE MIAN (to Shivam) Sab log aa gaye? SHIVAM Hmm...aapka wait kar rahe hain. (to his man) Madam ko inka room dikha do. BADE MIAN Zoya mere saath hi rahegi.


Shivam stares at Zoya in contempt. They all walk into a hall that is filled with people. BADE MIAN (comes close to Zoya and whispers) Yahan mere sare khaas aadmi maujood hain. Sabko dhyan se dekhna. Zoya nods. 43 INT. HALL - MOMENTS LATER 43

Everybody greets Bade Mian. Bade Mian goes and stands next to a table that is filled with bundles of money, unpolished diamonds, cocaine, gold jewelry, ivory, rhino horns and tiger skins. Bade Mian inspects the items. Shivam fools around with Tony. They are sharing dirty jokes and giggling. BADE MIAN (picks a tiger skin) Itne saare tiger skin kahan se mil gaye? (Bade Mian turns to Tony who is giggling over a dirty joke sent to him by Shivam) Tony... TONY (hurriedly realizes) Bhai... BADE MIAN (reprimanding tone) Tum log yahan kaam karne ke liye aye ho ya masti karne ke liye? TONY (embarrassed) Bhai...Shivam mujhe gande-gande jokes bhej raha hai.


TONY (whispers to Tony) Gadaar. BADE MIAN Woh to tharki hai. Tujhe bhi uske samaan banane ka hai kya? (addresses the gathering) Jab tak main bol raha hoon...sabke phones off hone chahiye. (While everybody else is putting their phone on silent, Shivam’s phone rings with a different ring tone. Bade Mian shouts on Shivam) Shivam.. (Shivam runs away. Bade Mian turns to Tony) Itne saare tiger skin kahan se mile? TONY India. BADE MIAN (picks a tiger skin) Woh toh bolte hain sher khatm ho gaye hain...phir itne saare sher kahan se maarte hain. (checks out ivory and blood diamonds) Kahan-kahan se orders mile hain? MAN Africa main demand badhta hi jaa raha hai. Afganistan, Pakistan, India, Colombia, Nepal sabhi deshon se orders mile hain. Zoya can’t believe her ears. Shivam comes and stands next to her to make her even more uncomfortable. But her focus is on everybody’s shoes. BADE MIAN (addresses his men) Sathiyon...jab Amrica ne Afganistan main Mujahideen banaya tab main mera Anna seth ka chaiwala tha. Lekin mera ankh aur kaan humesha khula rehta tha. Hathyaron ka smuggling maine usahi se seekha. Mere ko humesha se idea tha ki yeh yudh ka karobar bahut chalega. (MORE)

39. BADE MIAN (cont'd) Phir Soviet barbaad hua, Mujahideen Taliban ban gaya, Pakistan haiwan ban gaya, India apne main hi ulajh gaya...lekin sabse zyada kamai hui jab Bush ne Iraq par chadhai ki. Ab Africa aur South America bhi humare kabze main hai. Ek baar Cambodia ke bandookon ka bhandaar humare haanth main aa gaya...hum hathyaron ki duniyan ke betaj badshah ban jayenge. Duniya ke har atankwadi aur guerrilla ke haanthon main humari bandookain hongi...aur woh din ab door nahin.

Bade Mian’s men rejoice. MEN Hey! BADE MIAN Aaj ka din aaram..aur kal se kaam. Bade Mian leaves. Zoya follows him. 44 INT. ZOYA’S ROOM - LATER 44

Zoya is anxious and nervous by Bade Mian’s proclamation. She is looking out the window for the red handkerchief so that she can pass the information to the protectors. Suddenly she notices a little boy holding the red handkerchief on the roof infront. Zoya immediately finds the way to the roof of the building and gets there. 45 EXT. ROOFS - MOMENTS LATER 45

Zoya puts her red handkerchief around her neck. The little boy looks at Zoya, waves the red handkerchief to her and starts running away. She realizes that all the roofs are adjoining, so she follows him. The boy is going away very fast climbing and crossing over one roof after another. And Zoya is following him equally fast, when she fails to see the gap between two houses and goes hurtling down and becomes unconscious. 46 INT. ROOM - LATER Zoya becomes conscious and the same boy is overlooking at her. The boy runs away and calls a couple of men. ZOYA (suspiciously) Main kahan hoon? The man shows Zoya the red hankerchief. 46


MAN Hum aapki hifazat ke liye hain. Koi khabar? ZOYA Bade Mian ko arms smuggling ke liye poori duniya se orders mile hain. Aur kal woh deal ke liye jaa rahe hain. MAN Kahan? ZOYA Pata nahin. Par main bhi shayad unke saath hi jaoongi. MAN Theek hai...ab aap jaiye. ZOYA Main kitni der se behosh thi? MAN Do ghante. ZOYA (shocked) Kya? She rushes. MAN Chat main ab unke aadmi hain. Isliye ab apko main entrance se hi jaana hoga. ZOYA (nervously) O God! MAN (pointing at the boy) Yeh ladka aapko wahan tak pahuncha dega. Zoya quickly leaves with the boy. 47 EXT. BUILDING PREMISES - NIGHT 47

Zoya enter the premises and heads quickly towards her room, but she is waylaid by Shivam, who is drunk. SHIVAM Kahan se aa rahi hai?


ZOYA (lowered voice) Walk ke liye gayi thi. SHIVAM (comes closer) Yeh koi park hai jo tu walk ke liye nikali thi? ZOYA Sorry. Agli baar bata kar jaoongi. SHIVAM Kisko? ZOYA Aapko ofcourse. SHIVAM Tunhe mujhse dar lagta hai? ZOYA Nahin. SHIVAM Kyon? Main tumko khatarnak nahin lagta. ZOYA Lagte ho...par mujhe tumse dar nahin lagta. SHIVAM Tumko lagta hai Bade Mian tumko humesha protect karega? ZOYA Main apne aap ko protect kar sakti hoon. Suddenly, Shivam takes an aggressive posture ready to wrestle Zoya. SHIVAM Come on. Protect yourself now. Shivam moves forward to attack Zoya, but she catches hold of his hand and in one move twist him around in the air. And the next thing Shivam knows is that he is resting flat on the ground. Zoya walks off. 48 INT. LIVING ROOM - MOMENTS LATER Bade Mian is sitting watching TV, when Zoya enters. He is slightly drunk. 48


BADE MIAN (lookin towards TV) Kahan thi? Comes and sits infront of Bade Mian. ZOYA Bahar Shivam ke saath baat kar rahi thi. BADE MIAN Koi pehchaan main aya? ZOYA Main dekh rahi hoon sabko. BADE MIAN Dekh Zoya...mera dushman meri gang main hi hai..itna main hundred percent jaanta hai. Agar tu usko nahi pehchaan saki...toh tu humare bare main itna kuch jaan gayi tere ko zinda rakhna mere liye bahut mushkil hoga...aur agar tu use pehchaan tujhe teri zindagi tohfe main mil jayegi. Zoya looks on. 49 EXT. BALCONY - MORNING 49

Bade Mian is on the phone and Zoya is having breakfast, when Shivam enters. He is holding his back in pain. BADE MIAN (turns to Shivam after finishing his call) Kya hua? SHIVAM (sits) Peeth main dard. BADE MIAN Peeth main dard?? Idhar aa.. Shivam goes closer to Bade Mian. Bade Mian grabs him from behind holding his hand in folded state over his shoulder and lifts him with all his strength. SHIVAM (screams) Ahhh!!


BADE MIAN (releases Shivam suddenly...holds his own back) Ahhh!! Meri peeth.. Bade Mian walks off. While Zoya just keeps a straight face as she finishes her breakfast. Shivam comes and sits opposite Zoya. SHIVAM (helps himself to some breakfast) Aap kahan se hain nurse sahiba. ZOYA Mumbai se. SHIVAM Aap paida bhi Mumbai mein hi hui hain? ZOYA Mein originally Lucknow se hoon. SHIVAM Aaah! Lucknow ka naam lo to tunde kabab yaad aa jaate hain. Apne khaye hain tunde kabab. ZOYA Lucknow mein rehne wala har insaan tunde kabaab khakar hi bada hota hai. SHIVAM Sahi jawab. Mujhe bahut pasand hai tunde kabab. (pause) Aapko aate hain tunde kabab banane? BADE MIAN (calls out) Shivam... SHIVAM Boss calling... (goes off) ZOYA (looks in the direction Shivam went) Idiot..





Bade Mian, Zoya, Shivam and some other gang members traveling by car and a truck is following them. They reach a village in the middle of jungle and stop. There are armed guerrillas all around. Bade Mian and others get off. SHIVAM (whispers in Bade Mian’s ears) Bade Mian iss nurse ko apne saath lane ki kya zaroorat thi. Yeh humare baare main bahut kuch janane lagi hai. BADE MIAN Achcha hai na...baad main goli marne main asani hogi. Shivam smiles at Bade Mian’s devilish intention. Bade Mian comes close to Zoya. BADE MIAN (whispers into Zoya’s ears) Tum jitna late karogi..tumhare zinda rehane ka chance utna kum ho raha hai. (walks away from her) Zoya looks at Bade Mian nervously. Then Shivam comes close to Zoya. SHIVAM (whispers into Zoya’s years) Sab kuch dekh...achchi tarah dekh. (walks away from her) Zoya checks his shoes. They are not the one she is looking for. 51 EXT. CAMBODIAN VILLAGE - MOMENTS LATER 51

An old man in army uniform greets Bade Mian at the village. SHIVAM (introduces to Bade Mian) General Chien (to General) Bade Mian. General and Bade Mian hug each other.



INT. BUNKER - MOMENTS LATER The General takes them inside a bunker that is filled with arms and ammunition. Bade Mian is ecstatic. Shivam has a glint in his eyes, and Zoya cannot believe it.





Bade Mian opens the back of the truck and it is filled with bundles of currency, gold jewelry, ivory, animal skins, and he personally hands over a bag filled with unpolished diamonds to the General. General goes mad with joy. BADE MIAN (to Shivam) Sara maal nikalwane main kitna time lagega. SHIVAM Kum se kum ek hafta to lag hi jayega. BADE MIAN Hmm... 54 INT. ZOYA’S ROOM - EVENING 54

Zoya is furiously writing the next set of informations to be passed on. ZOYA (writing) Saw the bunker full of guns...lot of is done. Payment is made...from tomorrow the guns will be transported out of the country. Do something fast. 55 EXT. BUILDING ROOF - LATER 55

Zoya is sitting with the red handkerchief around her neck. Some armed guards are also standing at a distance. After sometime she notices the same young boy hiding behind a water tank in the adjoining roof. Zoya quickly drops the letter and leaves. 56 INT. DINNER TABLE - NIGHT Zoya is sitting and having dinner with Bade Mian. Shivam comes running. SHIVAM (nervously) Bade Mian ek gadbad ho gayi hai. (MORE) 56

46. SHIVAM (cont'd) Minister ka phone aya tha..woh humen Cambodia se immediately nikalne ko keh raha hai. Governemnt ko iss deal ke baare main kahin se pata chal gaya hai...aur unhone surveilance badha di hai. Kuch dinon tak hum maal nahin nikaal payenge.

Bade Mian throws and break his whisky glass. BADE MIAN (rage) Aur jo humne payment kar diya hai uska kya? SHIVAM Woh payment lekar kahan bhagega Bade Mian...lekin iss waqt humen yahan se nikal jana chahiye. BADE MIAN Yeh jiska bhi kaam hai na...usko to main chodega nahin. Zoya has a faint smile on her face. FADE TO BLACK. FADE IN: 57 I/E. ZOYA’S ROOM - MORNING 57

Zoya wakes up. She goes out to the balcony and takes a panoramic view of the capital of Thailand, Bangkok city. She hears a knock on her door. Opens the door and finds Bade Mian’s bodyguard. BODYGUARD Bade Mian bula rahe hain. Zoya nods. 58 INT. GYM - LATER 58

Zoya comes down and finds that the building where they are staying houses a massive gym in the ground floor. Martial arts training is also going on there. Bade Mian and Shivam are there talking some business. Zoya comes and joins them. BADE MIAN (introduces Zoya to Thai men) My nurse.


Zoya greets the men, while Shivam stares at her amused. Zoya watches the mock fight going on in the ring with lot off interest. Bade Mian notices her. BADE MIAN (comes close to Zoya) Try karana hai. ZOYA Nahin...nahin... Bade Mian looks Zoya straight in the eye. BADE MIAN (indicating to Zoya announces) She is coming up. Everybody is amused, and so is Shivam. Zoya climbs up the ring. BADE MIAN (comes close to Shivam) Kitna lagata hai. SHIVAM Kiss par? BADE MIAN Sau...yeh jitegi. Shivam chuckles. Zoya fights and wins. Bade Mian proudly looks at Shivam, while he is amazed by Zoya’s fighting skills. Others around are also impressed, especially the master fighter of the gym Chan. Zoya comes off the ring, and Shivam goes close to her. SHIVAM (to Zoya) Nurse...haan? 59 EXT. ROOFTOP RESTAURANT - NIGHT Zoya and Bade Mian are sitting having dinner. BADE MIAN Tere ko mere liye kaam karna chahiye. ZOYA Main logo ki jaan lene mein believe nahin karti.. 59


BADE MIAN (chuckles) Hum log businessman hain. ZOYA (crudely) Aapki shaadi ho gayi? BADE MIAN (surprised) Nahin? ZOYA Koi pyar? BADE MIAN Kya?? ZOYA (stress) Aapko kabhi pyar hua hai? Bade Mian thinks. BADE MIAN (nostalgically) Pyar...hua tha ek baar...uska naam...Ruksana tha. ZOYA Phir? BADE MIAN (pain in eyes) Mar gayi woh... (pause) Mujhe maarne aye the...aur use maar kar chale gaye. (pause) Maine bhi kutton ki maut maara unhe...ek-ek ko bhun kar rakh diya. ZOYA kya aapko ehsaas hai..atankwadiyon ko bandookain bech kar..aapne kitni Ruksaanaon ko maara hai...kitne gharon ko ujada hai...kitne bachchon ko anaath kiya hai...? Bade Mian looks at Zoya as she gets up and stands by the railing. 60 INT. FLASHBACK:BADE MIAN REMEMBERS:MUMBAI CHAWL- DAY 60

Ruksana applying medication on young Bade Mian’s wounds. He had a fight.


RUKSANA (reprimanding) Tere ko zara bhi ehsaas nahin...yeh charas aur gaanja bech kar tu kitne gaharon ko ujaad raha hai...kitne bachchon ko anaath kar raha hai? A group of armed men forcibly enter the chawl and open fire. Young Bade Mian jump out of the window, while Ruksana gets killed. 61 I/E. FLASHBACK:BADE MIAN REMEMBERS-LOCAL TAVERN - NIGHT 61

Young Bade Mian barge into a local tavern with a gun in hand and shoot down the men who killed Ruksana. 62 INT. RESIDENTIAL BUILDING - NEXT DAY Bade Mian is approaching Zoya’s room. BADE MIAN (calls) Zoya. But Zoya doesn’t answer. So Bade Mian gently pushes open the door of Zoya’s room which is ajar. And he finds Zoya reading namaz. He is riveted by the piousness of the image. Hence, he quietly bolts the door back and leaves. 63 I/E. CAR - MOMENTS LATER Bade Mian enters the car waiting for him outside his residential building. Shivam is already sitting inside. SHIVAM Aj aapki nurse nahin jaa rahi? BADE MIAN Nahin. The car drives on. SHIVAM Bade Mian...maal ko Cambodia se transport karna ab mushkil hai... To humain saara maal dhire-dhire kar ke by road Thailand lana hoga...ek baar maal idhar aa to humare aadmi use yahan se nikaal denge. Bas border cross karna thoda tricky hai... BADE MIAN Hmm.... (pause) (MORE) 63 62

50. BADE MIAN (cont'd) Shivam....meri tabiyat theek nahin lag rahi...tu meeting ke liye akela chala jaa....

SHIVAM (concerned) Gaadi ghumwaoon? BADE MIAN Nahin...mujhe yahin utaar de... SHIVAM Aapko yahan kaise utaar dain Bade Mian? (to driver) Gaadi ghumao... BADE MIAN (angrily) Maine kaha gaadi roko. Car stops. Bade Mian gets down. His bodyguards also move to get down. BADE MIAN (to bodyguards) Tum dono Shivam ke saath jao. SHIVAM Lekin boss.... BADE MIAN (interrupts him angrily) Tum mere liye kaam karate ho ya main tumhare liye kaam karta hoon...jao. Shivam is taken aback. He leaves. 64 EXT. BANGKOK STREETS - LATER 64

Bade Mian is in a thinking mode. He walks back to the residential building. He sees Zoya walking out of the building wearing the red handkerchief around her neck. Bade Mian follows her. 65 I/E. BANGKOK MALL - LATER Zoya enters a mall. A man brush against her and ask her to follow. Zoya follows him. He goes and stands at a coffee counter. Zoya goes and stands next to him. MAN Bade Mian tumhe follow kar raha hai. 65


And the man leaves immediately. Zoya goes and stands behind Bade Mian. ZOYA Aap mera peecha kar rahe hain? BADE MIAN (caught unaware) Nahin...nahin... (pause) Maine tumhe jaate huye dekha to socha ki aaj tumhare saath thoda waqt bitaya jaaye. ZOYA (interrupting) Mujhe film dekhni hai...mere paas paise nahin hai. BADE MIAN (smiles) Theek hai. Chalo. 66 INT. THEATRE - MOMENTS LATER Zoya and Bade Mian are sitting watching a film. ZOYA To aap mere saath waqt kyon bitana chahte hain? BADE MIAN Kal raat jo tune ehsaaas waali baat kahi...usane hila diya mujhe. ZOYA Kyon? BADE Ruksana ne bhi kaha tha...usi tumne kal raat MIAN kabhi aeisa hi kuch andaaz mein jaise kaha. 66

ZOYA (looks at Bade Mian affectionately) Hmm... 67 EXT. BANGKOK STREET - EVENING Zoya and Bade Mian taking a walk. BADE MIAN Achchi film thi. 67


ZOYA Aapko films dekhna pasand hai? BADE MIAN Pehle dekhta tha...first day first show...Amitabh Bachchan ki filmen.... (pause) yeh waali Kiski thi? ZOYA Martin Scorcese ki... BADE MIAN Kaun?? Scor.... ZOYA Scorcese... BADE MIAN (chuckles) Baap re! Bahut khatarnaak naam hai. Zoya smiles. 68 EXT. SONG:NIGHT LIFE:BANGKOK - NIGHT 68

Zoya and Bade Mian wandering in the market, enjoying street food. They walk back to their residential building. Shivam is watching them from the balcony. 69 INT. LIVING ROOM - MOMENTS LATER 69

Zoya and Bade Mian enter. Shivam is sitting staring at Zoya. She goes inside, while Bade Mian comes and sits opposite Shivam. SHIVAM Kafi der se intezaar kar raha hoon aapka. BADE MIAN (nods) Hmm... SHIVAM Abhi tabiyat kaisi hai? BADE MIAN Theek hai. (pause) Kaisi rahi meeting?


SHIVAM Border main setting ho jayegi. Cambodia main maal bhi load ho jayega. (pause) Kal apne saare aadmi aa rahe hain. BADE MIAN Hmm...theek hai. Bade Mian gets up and leaves. Shivam is surprised by Bade Mian’s cold response. 70 INT. ZOYA’S ROOM - MOMENTS LATER Shivam comes to Zoya’s room. SHIVAM (knocks on the door) Main andar aa sakta hoon? ZOYA (suspiciously) Haan? SHIVAM (politely) Main do minute baat karna chahta hoon. Zoya nods. 71 I/E. BALCONY - MOMENTS LATER Zoya and Shivam standing in the balcony. SHIVAM (emotionally) Main saat saal ka tha jab Bade Mian ko main gutter mein pada hua mila. Maine kafi dino se khana nahin khaya tha...bukhar se mera badan tap raha tha. Tab Bade Mian...Bade Mian nahin the...chote-mote gunde the. Unhone mujhe asara hi nahin diya..par mere liye woh sab kuch ki shayad mere maa-baap ko karna chahiye tha. Apne maa-baap ki bas dhundhli-dhundhli si hi yaadein hain. Shayad kaam ki talash mein bambai aye honge...aur na jaane kya majboori mujhe marne ki liye gutter mein chod gaye. Ya marmura gaye..kya pata. (pause) (MORE) 71 70

54. SHIVAM (cont'd) Mere liye to Bade Mian hi..meri maa...bap..bada bhai...sab kuch hain.

ZOYA (suspiciously) Tum mujhe yeh sab kyon bata rahe ho? SHIVAM Aj Bade Mian tumhare saath aeise hi chale gaye....paanch ghante se pareshaan ho raha hoon main. Unko agar kuch ho main apne aap ko kabhi maanf nahin kar pata. ZOYA But he’s fine. SHIVAM Haan...but its not safe for him. Waise hi ek baar attack ho chuka hai unpar. (pause) Tumhe maloom hai na? ZOYA (feigning ignorance) Nahin.. SHIVAM Waise kahan gaye the tum log? ZOYA Aeise hi ghoom rahe the...idharudhar... SHIVAM Idhar-udhar haan? (digs into his pocket) Ayinda...tum Bade Mian ke saath idhar-udhar jao to... (hands over something to Zoya. She realizes that its a mobile phone) Ise hamesha apne paas rakhna. (gives a surprised look to Shivam) Bade Mian ka mobile unka bodyguard rakhta hai...unhe mobile rakhna pasand nahin. (pause) Unhe mat batana ki maine tumhe mobile diya hai. (Zoya nods) Mujhe ring do..


ZOYA Kya? SHIVAM Mujhe ring do. (pause) Mera naam saved hai. Zoya gives a ring on Shivam’s mobile and a strange ring tone rings. ZOYA (laughs) What? SHIVAM (laughs) I have a philosophy. Duniya main har insaan ke liye ek sound hota hai. This sound is you. ZOYA Deep philosophy. (laughs) Tumhe kaun sa sound describe karta hai. (Shivam gives Zoya a ring and Zoya couldn’t control her laughter) So true. This is you. SHIVAM Chaliye aap araam kijiye. Main chalta hoon. Shivam turns to leave. ZOYA Shivam... (Shivam turns) Tumne pehli baar mujhse itni achchi tarah baat kiya hai. (pause) Thankyou. SHIVAM (nods) Shubhratri. Zoya smiles. 72 INT. LIVING ROOM - THE NEXT DAY All the gang members are coming in one by one for the meeting. Zoya also walks in and comes across Tony, one of Bade Mian’s main man who handles Africa. Tony has just arrived and he gets a phone call. 72


Zoya is shocked because it is the same ring tone she had heard when she was hiding in Almirah. She immediately walks upto Bade Mian who is also coming in. ZOYA (whispers to Bade Mian) Maine aapka gadaar pehchaan liya hai. BADE MIAN (stops) Kaun? ZOYA Tony. Bade Mian ferociously stares at Tony who is talking on phone. Soon everybody settles down. Some are standing and some are sitting. Bade Mian is standing in the center, Zoya sits in the far corner and Shivam is standing at the back in the opposite direction with a small bottle of beer in hand. Tony is standing right infront of Zoya. BADE MIAN (walking around; going over to all his men) Mere upar kuch din pehele ek hamala hua tha...jahan mujhe marne ki koshish ki gayi. Mere apne bodyguard ne mere upar bandook tani. Main samajh gaya...ho na ho yeh kaam kisi andar ke admi ka hi hai...koi mera khaas...ek aeisa mera wafadaar hone ka dhong karta hai...par uski nazar meri kursi par hai. koi aeisa samathta hai ki mere baad woh mere dhandhe ko hathiya sakta hai. Aur main sochne laga kaun ho sakta hai woh admi...kaun ho sakta hai...kaun ho sakta hai... (walks upto Tony and looks him in the eye) Kaun ho sakta hai...aur jaante ho woh admi kaun nikkla? TONY (to Bade Mian) Kaun? BADE MIAN Kyon...tu nahin jaanta Tony? Bees saal mera namak khaya...aur ab gadaari karta hai... (MORE)

57. BADE MIAN (cont'd) (catch hold of Tony’s collar and pushes him in the center) Saale bhadwe...

Bade Mian starts beating him. He is uncontrollable with rage. All the gang members are shocked. BADE MIAN (while beating) Mujhe bola Somalia main hoon...aur Mumbai main baithkar mujhe maarne ki planning kar raha tha... Bade Mian pulls out his gun. TONY (pleading) Bade Mian meri baat suno...mere chote-chote bachche hain.... But Bade Mian is in such a rage that he is about to pull the trigger, when he notices Zoya’s expression. She is horrified. Bade Mian hears sounds in his head. ZOYA’S VOICE (in Bade Mian’s head) Kya aapko ehasas hai...apne kitne gharon ko ujada hai...kitne bachchon ko anaath kiya hai? RUKSANA’S VOICE (in Bade Mian’s head) Tere ko zara bhi ehsaas nahin...tu kitne gaharon ko ujaad raha hai...kitne bachchon ko anaath kar raha hai? Bade Mian puts his gun down. BADE MIAN (to Tony) Dafa ho ja meri nazaron ke saamne se. Bade Mian’s bodyguards block Tony. BADE MIAN (to bodyguards) Jaane do ise. Tony scampers off. While Shivam is observing the whole scenario with lot of interest. Anwar comes close to Shivam. ANWAR Bade Mian ne Tony ko jaane kaise diya?


SHIVAM (with a smirk) Pyaar...ishk...loooove (pause) Yeh ishk nahin asaan...itna samajh lijo...ik aag ka dariya hai...aur doob ke jaana hai... (chuckles) INTERVAL 73 INT. GYM - NEXT DAY Zoya is teaching Bade Mian some martial arts move in the ring. BADE MIAN (to Zoya) Tumne itna achcha karate kahan se sikha? ZOYA Mera fighting style Jeet Kune Do hai. Ise Bruce lee ne invent kiya tha. (pause) Bruce Lee. Shayad naam suna ho apne. BADE MIAN (excitedly) Haan suna hai...kungfu-karate karta tha. ZOYA (chuckles) Haan...filmon mein bhi kaam karta tha. Kabhi dikhaoongi main..apko uski filmein. BADE MIAN Kab? ZOYA Dikhaoongi... (pause) Humare Lukhnow ke paas a monastery tha...wahan ek Chinese Monk rehta tha. Monks dharmic guruon ki tarah hote hain. Woh Buddhism padhate hain. Unke under dus saal training liya hai maine. (pause) India main ek ladki ko survive karna hai to usko apna bachav karna aana hi chahiye. 73


BADE MIAN Ladke chedte hain? ZOYA Sirf ladke hi nahin...budhdhebudhdhe uncle bhi haanth pherne se baaz nahin aate. BADE MIAN To kitne logon ko abhi tak peet chuki ho. ZOYA Thode bahut. And she swings Bade Mian and puts him flat on the floor. BADE MIAN (looking up) Ahh! ZOYA (comes over Bade Mian) Bade Mian..mere dates?? (Bade Mian nods) Shivam is observing them with a lot of interest from a distance, when Tony arrives in a haggard condition and talks to him. 74 INT. A MOODILY LIT ROOM - LATER Tony is sitting infront of Bade Mian and Shivam. TONY (crying) Bade Mian...mere ko nahin maloom aapko kisne galat information diya hai...lekin maine aapko maarne ki kabhi koshish nahin ki. Arre!! Main to aeisa soch bhi nahin sakta hoon. Main bees saal se aapke saath kaam kar raha hoon...aapke liye goliyan khayi hain...aur abhi bhi kha sakta hoon...aur aapne ek jhatke mein mere upar itna ganda blame laga kar mujhe nikaal diya. Isse to achcha hai aap mere ko goli hi maar do...khatm kar do mere ko Bade Mian...shoot me right now... BADE MIAN To uss din tu kahan tha? 74


TONY Somalia main...aap chaho to wahan Abdullah se main aapki baat kara deta hoon...Uss din subah jab meri apse baat huyi thi main...usi ke saath baitha hua tha. Bade Mian looks at Shivam for reaction. SHIVAM Mujhe ispar vishvas hai. Bade Mian immediately gets up and leaves. Shivam is keenly observing Bade Mian. 75 EXT. BALCONY - MOMENTS LATER Zoya is standing in the balcony, when Bade Mian barges in. BADE MIAN (seriously) Kya tumne uss din Tony ko apni aankhon se dekha tha? ZOYA (nervously) Main almarih main chupi hui thi...aur maine uska ring tone suna. BADE MIAN Lekin tumne use apni aankhon se nahin dekha. ZOYA Maine usko dekha. BADE MIAN (screams) Tumne Tony ki shakl dekhi thi ki nahin? ZOYA (feebly) Nahin... Bade Mian bangs the door and leaves in a fit of rage. 76 EXT. BANGKOK STREETS - DAY Zoya leaves the residential building and goes with the red handkerchief around her neck. Shivam, who has become increasingly suspicious of her follows her in his car with his men. 76 75



EXT. PARK - LATER Zoya is wearing the red handkerchief around her neck and waiting. One man approaches her. MAN (whispers) Kya khabar hai? ZOYA Bade Mian Cambodia se saara maal by road Thailand lane ka plan kar raha hai. Border main saari setting ho chuki hai. Phir yahan se saari bandookain alag-alag deshon main bheji jayengi. Shaayad meri jaan ko bhi ab khatara hai. MAN Theek hai. Tum jab bhi chaho...hum tumhe wahan se nikaal lenge. Suddenly Shivam comes out. SHIVAM (to Zoya) Kya baatein chal rahi hain bhai.


His men surround Zoya and the man. Zoya is shocked. The man takes out his gun, but Shivam shoots him. Zoya takes a fighting posture. That is when Chan, the master fighter of the gym, comes forward. Zoya attacks him but he proves too good for Zoya, and she is captured. 78 INT. GYM - LATER 78

Zoya is on her knees infront of Bade Mian. Shivam and his men are also standing around. Bade Mian is staring hard at Zoya with disappointment. SHIVAM (pulls his gun out) Bade Mian main to bolta hoon isko isi waqt uda dete hain.. Shivam moves forward and points his gun on Zoya’s forehead. BADE MIAN Ruk jaa... SHIVAM (frustrated) Kyon? Iske karan humara saara kaam chaupat ho gaya. Iss gadaar ne agar humare plans leak nahin kiye hote to aaj hum yahan Bangkok main baithkar sad nahin rahe hote. (MORE)

62. SHIVAM (cont'd) Main aapko bolta raha mat lejao iss lagki ko humare saath...lekin aap par to pyar ka bhoot sawar tha.

Zoya looks up at Bade Mian. BADE MIAN (points his gun at Shivam in rage) Aey! Zyada mat bol. (lowers his gun) Ise abhi basement mein band kar de...baad main sochte hain iska kya karna hai. Shivam is taken aback that Bade Mian pointed gun at him. 79 INT. GYM’S BASEMENT - MOMENTS LATER 79

Shivam drags Zoya to the basement and hauls her inside a room. Zoya picks herself in frustration, while Shivam bangs the door close. Zoya is just about wondering what will become of her, when she hears a mobile ring. She is shocked because it is the same ring she heard from almirah. Its her mobile ringing that Shivam gave to her. She picks up the phone. VOICE ON THE MOBILE Shivam...Shivam.... Zoya disconnects the phone. ZOYA (Shocked) O God! Its Shivam. The door opens. Shivam enters while on the phone. Zoya’s eyes focusses on his footwear. He is wearing cow boy shoes, but not the snake leather one. SHIVAM (talking on phone) Haan..theek hai...hmm...main tere ko phone karta hoon...hmm... (comes and stands over Zoya) Phone... Zoya quietly hands over the mobile to him. And when Shivam turns around to go, Zoya’s eyes light up. Its the same flamboyant swoosh turnaround that Zoya witnessed on the day of attack on Bade Mian. ZOYA (prancing up and down) Shivam hi hai gaddar...I know its Shivam...par Bade Mian ab mera vishwas nahin karega. (MORE)

63. ZOYA (cont'd) Main kabhi apni film nahin bana paoongi. Shayad yeh log mujhe zinda bhi nahin chode.

Zoya looks around for a way out. She finds a vent shaft above that could accommodate her to crawl through. So she enters the vent shaft. She realizes that even a slight sound would expose her. All of Shivam’s men, Chan and others are in the gym practising. Finally, Zoya manages to get out. 80 EXT. STREET - LATER Zoya manages to escape. She runs fast, as far as possible. But then suddenly comes to a grinding halt. ZOYA (to herself) Mera passport. (looks back with apprehension) Zoya Turns back and clandestinely goes back to the building. She is unsure of entering in the day, so she waits until night, when there is absolutely no activity around. (Time lapse of building from day to night) 81 INT. RESIDENTIAL BUILDING - NIGHT 81 80

Zoya enters the building. There is no one at the gym. She climbs up the stairs. Constantly dodging Shivam’s men, she reaches a room from where Shivam’s screaming voice is coming out loud. SHIVAM (shouting on his men) Woh ladki wahan se bhaagi kaise? Woh tumhare sar ke upar vent se nikal gayi aur tum logon ko maloom bhi nahin chala. (pause) Yeh baat bhai ko nahin pata lagani chahiye. Main usko bolunga ki use kisi aur location main le jakar band kar diya hai. Ab dafa ho jao yahan se. All the men come out of the room and Zoya immediately moves from there. She goes up the stairs and finds Bade Mian’s two bodyguards having dinner. She moves ahead. Bade Mian is sitting in the living room completely sloshed. The way to her room is through the living room. So she has to pass. Since, Bade Mian is drunk, she decides to take her chance. She moves forward.


BADE MIAN (to Zoya) Ruko...kahan ja rahi ho Zoya freezes in shock for being caught. While Bade Mian gets up and comes close to her. BADE MIAN Kab tak dhokha deti rahogi mujhe. Tum humeha ehsaas ki baat karti ho...kya tumhe ehsaas hai ki kitna akela ho gaya hoon main tumhare bina? (Zoya is dumbfound) Maine to socha tha tum mujhe kabhi chod kar nahin jaogi. Hum shaadi karenge...humare bachche honge...tum mera ghar sambhalogi...wagairah...wagairah... wagairah... (Zoya has had enough. She tenaciously turns to Bade Mian to answer him) Tum kyon meri zindagi se chali gayi Ruksana... (cries) Har ladki main tumhe dhoodhta hoon maloom...baar-baar mere kaan main tumhari ek hi baat goonjati hai...tere ko zara bhi ehsaas nahin...tu kitne gharon ko ujaad raha hai...kitne bachchon ko anaath kar raha hai? Bade Mian comes close to Zoya and freezes with his eyes wide open. ZOYA Main Ruksana nahin...Zoya hoon. But Bade Mian doesn’t respond. Zoya pushes him on his forehead with her finger and he falls back on the sofa. Apparently, he is out of his senses. Zoya hears some sound outside and immediately runs inside. She goes to her room and fetches her bag. 82 EXT. STREET - LATER 82

Zoya managed to get out of the Building with her valuables and is running as far as she could. She finally stops, having made sure that she is out of danger.



EXT. BANGKOK MALL - LATER Zoya is wandering in the mall with the red handkerchief around her neck. But nobody contacts her. Disappointed she comes out of the mall.





Zoya lumbers around in the street. She is hungry, but she has no money. On the street she notices a fast food van, which is called Kabab corner. Zoya orders one plate for herself, and finishes it in no time. ZOYA (to the shop owner who is an elderly Thai lady) I don’t have money. (offers her ear ring) But you can keep this... Thai lady is a cantankerous old woman. She gives her a long stare. THAI LADY (checks the ring and keeps them) One more plate? Zoya nods. Thai lady gives Zoya another plate. The lady observes Zoya intently while she eats. There is something about her that makes her curious. 85 EXT. BANGKOK STREETS - LATER 85

Zoya is hanging around Bade Mian’s building clandestinely. She watches Shivam come out and leave. Then she wanders around. Its quite late in the night. Zoya sits on a bench and starts crying out of her helplessness. After a while she hears a constant honking of a horn. She looks up and realizes that the Kabab corner Thai lady is trying to catch her attention. Thai lady gestures her to come closer. Zoya goes close. THAI LADY Why sit here so late night? Go home. Zoya stares at her a while and without saying anything exits her presence. She walks around and finds another bench to sit. Two police officers arrive after a while. They come close to Zoya and make enquiries in their language. Zoya doesn’t understand. She again hears the honking of Thai lady’s van. Zoya along with the police officers turn towards the direction the sound is coming from. The Thai lady calls one of the officers. The officer goes and has some words with her.


He comes back and tells Zoya in his language something indicating at the Thai lady. Zoya doesn’t understand and look towards the Thai lady who gestures at her to come towards her. Zoya walks closer. THAI LADY (literally ordering) Sit inside. Zoya obeys silently and sits in the van next to the Thai lady. THAI LADY (sympathetically) Who are you? (Zoya looks at her blankly) May be I can help. And the van drives off. 86 I/E. VAN - LATER The van stops at a different location and the Thai lady is abusing furiously in her language. Apparently Zoya has narrated her predicament to her. THAI LADY (furious abuses in Thai) #*###*##* (stops to catch her breath) I have good contact in Police. ZOYA No. No police now. I have to find a way to get my dates back. THAI LADY Ok. Don’t worry God is great. I know me. (Zoya nods) Come. (she freezes) Wait. (Lady digs into her pocket while Zoya wonders. She takes out Zoya’s earrings) Take. ZOYA it..please. THAI LADY (screams) I said take it back. 86


Zoya immediately takes back the rings. 87 INT. THAI LADY’S HOUSE - MOMENTS LATER Zoya enters Thai lady’s house along with her. THAI LADY (shows Zoya a room) You sleep in this room. Thai lady goes off in another room. Zoya lies down in the bed and closes her eyes. 88 INT. ZOYA’S LUCKNOW HOUSE - DAY ZOYA’S FATHER You’re a disgrace to the family. ZOYA (almost crying) Abu please...aeisa mat kahiye. ZOYA’S FATHER Maine tumhe ek bete ki tarah pala. Best bhi kuch afford kar sakta tha woh sab tumhe diya... (shakes his head) All waste... (pause) Kash tumhari jagah beta paida hua hota. ZOYA (tears roll down her eyes) Abu!! Suddenly wakes up and realizes that her confrontation with her father has come back to haunt her like a nightmare. 89 INT. THAI LADY’S HOUSE - EARLY MORNING Zoya has woken up at last night so didn’t paper cutting neatly the Thai lady in her at it curiously. 89 88 87

the Thai lady’s house. She was too tired look around her room. There is a newsframed and hung on the wall. It shows younger days being arrested. Zoya looks

THAI LADY I killed my husband. (Zoya turns and finds the Thai lady standing at the door) He was a bad man. (MORE)

68. THAI LADY (cont'd) (indicating at the framed paper-cutting) I keep it like that for inspiration.

Zoya nods. ZOYA You speak very good English. THAI LADY I had a good teacher in jail. (pause) Sleep some more. It is still very early in morning. ZOYA (shakes her head) I’m not sleepy anymore. THAI LADY (nods) Ok. Thai lady leaves and Zoya follows her into the kitchen. ZOYA What are you doing? THAI LADY I’m doing Kabab preparation for the day. Zoya observes the lady for some time. ZOYA Can I help? 90 EXT. OUTSIDE THAI LADY’S HOUSE - MORNING Zoya is cleaning the lady’s van. 91 INT. RESIDENTIAL BUILDING - MORNING Bade Mian shouting on Shivam and his men. BADE MIAN (screams angrily) Kaise nikal gayi woh ladki? Bade Mian throws things in anger. 91 90


BADE MIAN (looks into the camera) Kahan hogi iss waqt...Zoya. DISSOLVE TO: 92 I/E. INSIDE THE VAN - MORNING 92

Zoya is right outside Bade Mian’s lair driving past with the Thai lady. TIME LAPSE 93 I/E. INSIDE THE VAN - LATE EVENING Zoya and the Thai lady are driving back home. THAI LADY (to Zoya) You are a good help. Thankyou. Soon they are driving past Bade Mian’s building. Zoya steals a look around but could see no one. They go a little further and turn a corner. Suddenly, she spots Shivam walking on the pavement. Zoya digs her eyes into him without letting him out of sight. There is lot of traffic on the road. Suddenly, the lady presses a sudden break. Zoya is shaken. She looks ahead and finds a young woman crossing the road dragging a cradle. Zoya hurriedly turns back to find Shivam, but he has disappeared. She struggles to locate him but in-vain. Disappointed she slaps her thigh. Thai lady resumes to drive ahead when Zoya is shaken by another sudden break. She looks ahead and freezes in shock. Shivam is standing right before her holding his hand to the van as a gesture to stop. Zoya nervously thinks that he has recognized her and starts preparing herself for a showdown. But Shivam just walks past across the road. Zoya hurriedly turns to track him. He is going into the market on the other side of the road. But the Thai lady drives ahead. ZOYA (holds Thai lady’s hand) minute.. Thai lady stops the van, while Zoya stretches to spot Shivam in the market. She couldn’t see him. THAI LADY I have a spot in that market. (Zoya looks at her) I sell my Kababs here also on certain days. Zoya is in a thinking mode, while the Thai lady drives on. 93


ZOYA (after deliberating for sometime) Aunty you know...the place I come from in India...Luckhnow...we make a special kind of Kabab there called tunde kabab. THAI LADY Is it good? ZOYA It is famous. THAI LADY Really? ZOYA Yes. I can teach you how to make it. THAI LADY (exited) Teach...good... ZOYA It will be good for your business. THAI LADY OK. 94 INT. THAI LADY’S KITCHEN - LATER Zoya makes the first tunde kabab and gives it to the Thai lady to taste. THAI LADY (takes the first bite) Its good. ZOYA Make some more? Thai lady nods. 95 EXT. BEACH - LATER 95 94

Zoya and Thai lady sitting under the moonlight enjoying tunde kabab with some beer. THAI LADY (reminiscing) I am a prostitute from 16 years old. I married my pimp. After working for many years..I wanted to stop and have babies. (MORE)

71. THAI LADY (cont'd) But he wouldn’t let me. He would say I cannot be good at anything in life but a prostitute. I became pregnant without telling him and gave birth to a girl. He became very angry and killed my baby. And I killed him. (looks at Zoya) I cut him with an axe. (pause) I was in jail for many years. But because I was good in jail..I was released early..and police help me buy this van to start this business. (Zoya kisses and hugs the Thai lady) Have you decided what to do with your villains?

ZOYA I saw him today. He was going into the market. THAI LADY When we were driving back? ZOYA (nods) Yes. THAI LADY So what will you do? ZOYA I don’t know. (thinks a while) Aunty...can we park there tomorrow? THAI LADY Sure. 96 I/E. MARKET - EVENING 96

The van is parked in the market, and Zoya’s tunde kababs have become very popular. They are selling in large numbers. The Thai lady is very happy. THAI LADY (happily to Zoya inside the van) Tunde kabab selling well. Sometime later in the evening Zoya hears a familiar voice.


VOICE (to the Thai lady) Good tunde kabab Aunty. Zoya clandestinely peeps out, and she sees Shivam. He is walking further into the street. ZOYA (to Thai lady) Aunty just coming. THAI LADY Where? ZOYA The man who just spoke to Was him. THAI LADY (nods) Go. She gets off the van and runs behind Shivam. He enters a club. 97 I/E. MARKET - NEXT DAY 97

Zoya is eagerly checking her watch. Yesterday Shivam had come around seven. She is hoping that today also he will keep to his schedule. And he does. SHIVAM Aunty one plate. When Shivam takes his plate and enters the street, Zoya jumps off the van. She follows Shivam. He goes fooling around with the by-standing prostitutes and enters the same club. 98 INT. THAI LADY’S HOUSE - NIGHT 98

Thai lady is counting the profit of the day, while Zoya is arranging her items in the kitchen for next day. THAI LADY (calls) Zoya... Zoya comes, and the Thai lady hands her a bundle of Thai currency. ZOYA Whats this? THAI LADY This is your money.


Zoya wasn’t expecting this windfall. ZOYA (takes the money) Thank you Aunty. (pause) Aunty I will have to go soon. THAI LADY (smiles) I have your battle to fight....but stay with me as long as you need... ZOYA (hugs and kisses Thai Lady) Thank you Aunty. 99 I/E. PHONE BOOTH - NIGHT Zoya talking to Tukaram on phone. TUKARAM Kya re? Tu ek dam pagal hai kya? Ek picture ke liye itna sab kyon karne main aage bhi to mauke milenge na. Tu ek dam wapas aa. Main arrange karta hai tera ticket. ZOYA Nahin nahin...abhi ruk jaa. TUKARAM Zoya mat khel apni life ke saath. Zara apne maa-baaap ka soch..kyon kar rahi hai aeisa? ZOYA Arre..main theek hoon...itna pareshaan mat ho.. TUKARAM Abhi kya karna hai tereko? Tere dimaag main kya chal raha hai? ZOYA Main Shivam ko expose karna chahti hoon. TUKARAM (casually) Abhi tu kya uske upar sting operation karegi kya?? Zoya freezes for a moment. 99


ZOYA (eyes light up) Sting operation... (pause) Yes....thats it... (excitedly) Sting Operation..yehi to karna hai... TUKARAM (confused) Kya? Tu pagal hai kya? Chod na usko...unki aapas ki ladai hai...wo Bade Mian ko maarta hai to maarne de...tereko kya... ZOYA (her eyes light up) Itna aage akar ab main peeche nahin hat sakti Tukaram...samajha kar...Bade Mian ko mere dates wapas karne hi honge. TUKARAM Tu nahin maanegi na? ZOYA Nahin. TUKARAM Theek hai apna plan bata. ZOYA Tu mujhe Bangkok main ek achcha sa crew dilwa sakta iss kaam main meri madad kar sakte hain? TUKARAM (thinks for sometime) Theek hai...mujhe thoda time de....aur sun... ZOYA Haan... TUKARAM (softly) Apna khyal rakhna. ZOYA (tenaciously) Khuda rasta dikha raha hai Tukaram...yeh plan kaam karega...aur Bade Mian mere dates bhi wapas dega...Shivam khud meri jholi main aakar gira hai...ab mujhe sirf usko dabochana hai.





Zoya is sitting next to the Thai lady, who is driving the van to their spot. When they reach their spot they find a bunch of Thai boys standing there; who must be in the age group of 21-24. THAI LADY (in Thai) Move aside we have to park the van. BOY (in Thai) We have to meet Zoya. THAI LADY (indicating to Zoya) Zoya. ZOYA (looks at them hard) Crew? BOY (smiles) Yes. ZOYA (whispers to herself)’re the best. 101 INT. INSIDE THE VAN - MOMENTS LATER Zoya talking to the crew. BOY (introduces his team) Myself Polly, he is Richi...and last but not the least Prince. ZOYA Nice to meet you guys... (pause) See...I have to do a sting operation on one guy...who is a it could be quite dangerous...because if we get caught...then we will be in a lot of trouble... POLLY (smiles) Don’t worry about that...what is your plan? 101


ZOYA No plan...not yet... POLLY So a recce will be a good idea. Zoya nods. 102 INT. CLUB - LATER 102

Zoya with the boys enter the club. They sit there for a drink while looking around. It looks like a normal club. POLLY What time our guy comes? ZOYA Roughly around seven. POLLY Ok! You go back to the van, while we’ll hang around here to make ourselves familiar with the place, When the guy comes, you call us. ZOYA Ok! 103 I/E. INSIDE THE VAN - EVENING 103

Zoya is waiting inside the van waiting for Shivam to come, while Aunty is busy serving up her customers. It is well past seven and Shivam is still not there. At seven-thirty Zoya decides to go to the club to call off the plan for today, where the boys are hanging around. So she gets off the van and walks towards the club. 104 INT. CLUB - MOMENTS LATER 104

Zoya enters the club. She spots Polly and gestures to him that the plan is off, when she hears a familiar voice right behind her. SHIVAM Excuse me. Zoya freezes. She looks from the corner of her eyes and realizes that Shivam is right behind her. To make matters worse Polly and his gang are coming from the front to exit as per Zoya’s earlier instructions. Zoya is too scared to move incase Shivam recognizes her. That would certainly be a death trap. So when Polly comes close to her...


POLLY (to Zoya) He is not com... Before Polly could finish his sentence, Zoya grabs hold of his hand and pulls him towards her. She gives him a tight hug, immediately covering her face behind Polly’s head. Polly is surprised, so is Shivam. SHIVAM (to Polly in jest) You’re the man... And Shivam walks away. ZOYA (lets go of Polly) Thats him... POLLY Our guy? ZOYA Yes. Shivam goes up the stairs that is guarded by two huge bouncers. POLLY (to Zoya) Ok...come... 105 EXT. STREET - MOMENTS LATER 105

Zoya, Polly and his team enter a back alley that is the rear portion of the club. They look up that must’ve been about four floors high. Polly gestures to Prince who opens his bag. He takes out things from his bag that pulls an unbelievable sigh out of Zoya. He takes out mini cameras, mini mikes, headphones, ropes and other items. All three guys mount the mini camera’s on their heads and equip themselves with other gears, and start climbing the wall like monkeys. Zoya finds their skills to be exceptional and quite unbelievable. And in no time they are on the top floor. ZOYA (to herself) are great. 106 INT. STUDIO - LATER 106

Zoya is reviewing the footage that Polly and his team have recorded with their hidden camera. Shivam is conversing with a man who is hidden behind the wall. ON TV:


SHIVAM Abhi sab Bangkok main hi hain. Kuch bhi karna khatarnak ho sakta hai. HIDDEN MAN Monday ko kitne trucks aye. SHIVAM Sirf do. Border main abhi bhi problem hai...kuch time lagega...lekin main sambhal loonga. HIDDEN MAN Alright. Parson (Audio problem) Shivam and the hidden man exit. ZOYA (to Polly) Play the last part again. Polly rewinds the last part. ZOYA Shit! Its not clear. They are upto something for sure. We’ll have to keep an eye on Shivam. POLLY (nods) Ok. 107 EXT. OUTSIDE BRISTOL HOTEL - NIGHT 107

Polly arrives with his boys. Zoya is already standing there waiting for them. ZOYA (to Polly) Shivam has gone inside. POLLY Ok...lets go. They all walk towards hotel’s entrance. 108 INT. BRISTOL HOTEL - MOMENTS LATER Zoya, Polly, Richi and board on display which Calypso Ladyboy Show”. Shivam talking to some inside the green room, Prince enter the hotel. There is a promotes tonight’s show- “Bangkok They go a little further and find cross-dressers. Soon after he goes which is meant only for artists. 108


POLLY (to Zoya) Lets go... They enter the green room. The room is filled with crossdressers, who are getting ready for the show. Zoya looks around for Shivam, but he is nowhere to be found. ZOYA (to Polly) Go find him. Polly hands over his bag to Zoya. POLLY There is portable monitor and walkie-talkie in the bag. ZOYA Ok. Polly and his boys move forward. Zoya hides herself in a cabinet. She takes out the portable monitor from the bag and switches it on. She can see everything that is seen by the hidden cameras mounted on the heads of Polly, Prince and Richi. 109 INT. CLOSET - MOMENTS LATER 109

Shivam is selecting a dress in the closet, which is more like a big room filled with various costumes. While selecting the dress Shivam can sense that he is not alone, while Polly and his gang are playing hide & seek with him. They are suspending and using anything and everything to hang themselves with in order to maintain their anonymity while shooting. 110 INT. WASHROOM - MOMENTS LATER 110

Shivam enters the loo. Here also he has a strange feeling of being watched. He opens a lavatory and finds Polly there. SHIVAM Oh! I’m so sorry. And then he realizes that the man he just saw inside was rather strangely dressed for the occasion. He opens the door again, and there’s no one inside. Shivam gets utterly confused. As a matter of fact, Polly is suspending and shooting him right above his head. 111 INT. GREEN ROOM:CABINET - MOMENTS LATER Zoya is watching everything on her portable monitor. 111


ZOYA (makes a face) Shit! (to Polly on waklkieTalkie) No shoot... Zoya looks away and stands to check out the costumes. After a while she comes back to the monitor and cannot believe what she sees. 112 INT. GREEN ROOM - LATER 112

Zoya comes out of the cabinet she has been hiding in. She observes the ladyboys who are set to go on stage. And then she turns to the closet from where Shivam emerges as a ladyboy. Zoya is dumbfounded. Shivam sees Zoya, and they both keep looking at each other intensely for sometime. But Shivam couldn’t do much at that moment. 113 INT. STAGE:SONG - MOMENTS LATER 113

Shivam dressed as a ladyboy leads his group of ladyboys onto the stage. And they all put up a fantastic calypso performance. Zoya stands dumbfound through out the performance. 114 EXT. STREET - NIGHT 114

Zoya, Polly, Richi and Prince walking back after their sting operation. POLLY (chuckles) The famous ladyboy, Shivam... (pause) I don’t believe this. ZOYA (walking like a zombie) Unbelievable... 115 EXT. RESIDENTIAL BUILDING - DAY 115

Zoya is lying in wait of Shivam to come out of the residential building. She is disguised as a Thai Rikshaw rider. She has a walkie-talkie hidden in front through which she is constantly communicating with Polly, Richi and Prince who are also around. After waiting quite a while, Shivam finally emerges from the building.


ZOYA (in her walkie talkie) He has come out. Shivam goes little further and a motorcyclist stops next to him. He hops pillion and ride off. ZOYA (frantically) He is going...he is going...come fast. Polly, Prince and Richi come running to the cycle rikshaw. ZOYA How are we going to chase him. POLLY (to Zoya) Sit behind. ZOYA (surprised) In this...they are on a bike. Polly removes the cover from the engine of rickshaw. Zoya is zapped and impressed. He starts the motor and with Zoya, Prince and Richi in the back drives off. 116 EXT. BANGKOK ROADS - MOMENTS LATER 116

Polly is right behind Shivam’s motorcycle. At one time he comes almost next to him. Shivam looks at his vehicle and with an impressed expression even waves at Polly, while Zoya hides her face. After sometime Polly loses Shivam because he preempts the wrong road. Polly comes back and takes the road that Shivam took. After going some distance on it they come across a dead end. ZOYA That means they should be somewhere around here. Polly rides around looking for the motorcycle. After some intense looking around they find the motorcycle parked infront of a building. Polly parks his rickshaw at a distance and they all walk upto the bike. 117 INT. BUILDING - MOMENTS LATER 117

Zoya along with Polly and the team enter the building. They move ahead very slowly. It is an abandoned building. But they can hear sounds of people. They are going through a corridor, when they hear some people coming through from the other side of the blind turn. Zoya freezes and looks around, Polly and his boys have disappeared in thin air.


Just a moment ago they were with her. The men are just about the take the turn, when four hands appear from above and lift Zoya up. The men pass by under them, and Zoya discovers that Polly, Richi and Prince are suspending in air balancing themselves like a remarkable circus like posture while also holding her fine. They come down from there and move ahead. They find a stair going up, but two armed men are guarding it. They efficiently climb the wall and lift Zoya also along with them. They reach fifth floor and find that an arms deal is taking place with some foreign clients in the hall and wooden boxes filled with guns are on display. Shivam is striking the deal, while Zoya, Polly, Prince and Richi are perched up witnessing the whole scenario. ZOYA Yeh saara maal thodi hi der main yahan se nikal jayega. Isko rokna padega. (to polly) Give me your mobile. Polly gives his mobile. ZOYA Have you saved aunty’s number in your mobile? POLLY Yes. Polly dials aunty’s number and gives it back to Zoya. ZOYA Network problem. You guys shoot all that you can...and get out of here...I’ll go and call up police from outside. POLLY Ok. ZOYA What is this place called? Polly writes the address on a paper and gives it to Zoya. POLLY Here. ZOYA (thinks) How will I go back down (thinks) Ok no worries.


POLLY Are you sure? Zoya nods and show him a thumbs-up sign. Zoya takes the stair this time to go down. In the ground floor she comes across two armed guards guarding. But she catches them unaware and with some efficient and lethal flying kicks, takes care of them in no time. 118 EXT. STREET - MOMENTS LATER 118

Zoya immediately runs out of the building and makes the call. ZOYA Hello! Aunty? This is Zoya. Can you give me the number of your contact in the Police? It’s urgent. (pause) He’ll call me back?? Ok! Zoya waits restlessly. And then her phone rings after some time. ZOYA Hello! Yes..yes this is Zoya. There is an arms smuggling deal taking place here...please take down the location. 119 EXT. ROOF - LATER 119

Zoya, Polly, Prince and Richi standing on the roof of another building and watching police arrive. The police arrest the criminals and bring them out one by one to put in their car. ZOYA (to Polly) How was the shoot? POLLY (proudly showing his camera) Some good stuff. Zoya quickly runs through the footage. ZOYA Put it in a CD and give it to me. POLLY Shivam as ladyboy also? ZOYA Leave that out.


POLLY Ok. Tomorrow morning? ZOYA Cool! 120 I/E. PHONE BOOTH - NIGHT TUKARAM’S VOICE Tu wapas Bade Mian ke paas jaa rahi hai? ZOYA Haan kal. TUKARAM’S VOICE Kisi ko apne saath le jaa. ZOYA Kisko le jaoon. Aur phir main apne saath kisi aur ki jaan kyon khatare main daloon. TUKARAM’S VOICE Solanki aur Naydu ka kya hua? ZOYA Unse contact choot gaya hai. TUKARAM’S VOICE Main yahan se contact karoon? ZOYA Haan kar...unke aadmi saath rahenge to achcha rahega. TUKARAM’S VOICE Theek hai. ZOYA Ok. Puts the phone down. 121 EXT. THAI LADY’S HOUSE COMPOUND - MORNING 121 120

Zoya is practising martial arts moves just outside Thai lady’s house. It is her way of preparing herself for the big day that she anticipates ahead. When she is finished, she turns around and finds Polly standing with the CD. POLLY (to Zoya) Good Morning. (walks upto Polly) Good moves... (MORE)

85. POLLY (cont'd) (Zoya smiles) Your CD.

ZOYA (takes the CD) Thanks Polly. Come in. POLLY No its Ok. I have to go. Hugs Polly. ZOYA Thankyou very much. POLLY (smiles) You’re welcome. Polly leaves. Zoya turns to the door and finds a red handkerchief lying at the side of the door-step. She picks up the handkerchief and looks around. But there is no one around. 122 EXT. STREET - LATER 122

Zoya is walking on the street with the red handkerchief around her neck. After walking for a while, a car comes and stops next to her. Zoya is rejoiced seeing the man on the driver’s seat. ZOYA Arre! Solanki ji...aap khud hi aaa gaye. SOLANKI Andar baitho. Zoya enters the car. ZOYA (exited) Aapko dekh kar main itni relieved ho gayi hoon ki main kya kahoon. SOLANKI Ready? ZOYA Yes. Solanki drives on.





Zoya and Solanki enter the building. Chan and other’s in the gym get alert seeing Zoya there. But Solanki pulls his gun out. ZOYA We are not here to fight. So relax...we just want to meet Bade Mian. Zoya and Solanki climb up the stairs. They come across Bade Mian’s two Bodyguards. Solanki points his gun at them. SOLANKI (to bodyguards) Humen sirf Bade Mian se milna hai. The bodyguards lead them to Bade Mian who is talking to his men Tony and Anwar. BODYGUARD (indicating to Zoya and Solanki behind) Bade Mian. BADE MIAN (surprised) Zoya? (sits back unperturbed) Tere mein sachmuch bahut himmat yahan marne chali ayi. ZOYA Main aapko yeh batane aayi hoon ki aapke gang main aapke khilaaf kaun saajish kar raha hai. BADE MIAN (shakes his head) Tu phir game khel rahi hai mere saath. Tereko apni jaan ki zara bhi parwah nahin? Aaj kiska... Anwar ka naam lene aayi hai? Toni to bach gaya uss din. (to Toni) Tere ko to marwa hi diya tha isne. (gets up and raises his voice to Zoya) Sachai to yeh hai ki tere ko kuch maloom hi nahin hai. Tune uss din kisi ko dekha hi nahi. ZOYA (raises her voice) Dekha tha. Aur uss din maine jisko dekha tha woh Shivam tha.


BADE MIAN Lo...ab koi aur nahin mila to Shivam ka naam le rahi hai. (comes close) Main tereko maar doonga haan...bol raha hoon. ZOYA Maar dijiyega. Pehle yeh CD dekh lijiye. Zoya shows the CD. BADE MIAN Kya hai ismen? ZOYA Saboot. Takes the CD from Zoya. BADE MIAN (cautioning tone) Zoya ek baat tu dhyaan se sun le...iss CD main bhale hi kuch bhi nikle...tere ko to main apne haanthon se hi mmaroonga. Zoya keeps silent. BADE MIAN Toni...yeh CD laga. Dekhen kya hai isme. Toni takes the CD and puts it in the player. ON TV: SHIVAM Abhi sab Bangkok main hi hain. Kuch bhi karna khatarnak ho sakta hai. HIDDEN MAN Monday ko kitne trucks aye. SHIVAM Sirf do. Border main abhi bhi problem hai...kuch time lagega...lekin main sambhal loonga. HIDDEN MAN Alright. Parson (Audio problem) CUT TO: (FOOTAGE OF ARMS DEALING. SHIVAM IS NEGOTIATING. (MORE)


CUT TO: (SHIVAM’S BACK IS TO THE CAMERA AND HE IS COVERING THE MAN HE IS TALKING TO) SHIVAM Achcha daam mil gaya. HIDDEN MAN Main aeise hi dealers line up karta hoon...aur tu trucks paar karwata ja. SHIVAM Theek hai... (Shivam moves aside and exposes the man. It is Solanki) SOLANKI Bade Mian ko to heart attack hi a jayega. SHIVAM Aeisa mat kaho yaar. THE CD STOPS. Bade Mian cannot believe what he just saw. He is literally in tears. Zoya is herself shocked to see Solanki in the video. And Solanki is pointing the gun at everybody. When people in the room were just about recovering from the shock, another unexpected person makes his entry. SHIVAM (pointing his gun at Bade Mian) Kyonki main Bade Mian ko apne haanthon se marna chahta hoon. Zoya is shocked, she thought that Shivam has been arrested. ZOYA Shivam? Anwar jumps at Shivam in rage.. ANWAR Kutte. But Shivam shoots him.


SHIVAM (to Zoya) Jo tumne Bristol mein dekha woh mera personal matter hai. I hope you respect that. ZOYA Woh clip maine CD main nahin dala hai. SHIVAM Ok...thanks. Suddenly, the CD which hasn’t been stopped starts playing the footage where Shivam is performing as a ladyboy. Everybody is zapped. Shivam immediately shoots the TV set, which blows into peices by the impact. SOLANKI Shivam woh tu tha kya? Shivam stares at Zoya. ZOYA I’m sorry. Mujhe maloom nahin tha. Bade Mian is overwhelmed with shock of betrayal by somebody he absolutely trusted. He is looking at Shivam. When Shivam turns to him... BADE MIAN (eyes filled with tears) Tune gadaari ki mere saath. Tune... (pause) Tu to mera chote bhai jaisa tha re... SHIVAM (patiently) Chota bhai ab bada bhai banana chahta hai. (pause) Mere bhi life mein kuch sapne hain..isme burayi kya hai? (pause) Tumne bhi to apne boss ko tapkaya tha...Aslam Khan. Woh to tumhare baap jaisa tha. Kyon? (pause) Kyonki....tumne apne life mein kuch sapne dekhe the. Zindagi ek chakkar hai bhai...gol-gol ghumti hai. Kal tum meri jagah khade the...aur aaj udhar kahde ho. Kya pata bhawishya mein main tummhaari jagah khada milun. Its life. (pause) (MORE)

90. SHIVAM (cont'd) Chaliye..ab kyonki sab kuch khul kar saamne aa gaya main sab ke saamne kabool karta hoon... (clears hi throat) Haan...uss din Dharavi main...maine hi tum par goli chalwayi thi. Lekin tum to bach gaye. Aur shukra hai ki bach gaye...kyonki woh meri bewakoofi thi. Josh mein apne hosh kho baitha tha main.

ZOYA (interrupting) Tum abi bhi bewakoof hi ho. SHIVAM (to Zoya) Shut-up. (turns to Bade Mian) Mujhe ehasas hi nahin tha ki Bade Mian akhir Bade Mian hai. Aur uske jaisa dhandha sambalne ke liye...mujhe uske jaisa network chahiye. (turns to Zoya) Aur uske liye main Zoya ka shukra guzaar hoon. Pehle usne Bade Mian ko bachaya...aur uske baad bhi... (pause,chuckles) Mera plan kabhi kamyaab nahin hota...agar Zoya nahin aati. Kyunki agar Zoya nahin Solanki mujhse nahin milta...Solanki nahin mujhe mera partner nahin milta. Yani mera sapna kabhi sakaar nahin hota. (pause) That means Bade Mian Bade Mian hote..aur Shivam unka ek adhna sa mulazim hi hota. (slaps Solanki’s palm in bonding) Aur abhi bhi...hum to Bade Mian ko kuch aur din zinda rakhne ki soch rahe the... (to Solanki) Nahin? (to Zoya) Lekin Zoya ji ki ati smartness ke karan...Bade Mian ka ticket ab jaldi kat gaya hai... (to bade Mian) Come on Bade Mian aap itne chup kyon hain. Apke paas kehne ke liye kuch na kuch to ho ga hi...meri kaminiyat par... Bade Mian keeps silent.


ZOYA (to Shivam) Kya tumhe shuru se meri asliyat maloom thi. SOLANKI Nahin. Usey kuch nahin maloom tha. Tumhare bhaag jaane ke baad maine ise contact kiya. SHIVAM (to Zoya) Mil gaya jawab? (turns to Bade Mian) Bade Mian? TONY (to Shivam) Mujhe kuch poochna hai. SHIVAM (frustrated) Bolo. TONY Tu kya hum sab ko maarne wala hai? SHIVAM (to Tony) Tu mere saath kaam karega? TONY (angrily) Main ek gadaar ke saath kaam nahin karoonga. (shoots Tony) Phir tu mere kiss kaam ka...yeh le. (goes over Tony’s body) Mil gaya jawab? (turns to Bade Mian) Bade Mian... While Bade Mian is holding his gun on Shivam’s forehead. Seeing this Solanki holds the gun tight on Zoya’s head. BADE MIAN (to Shivam) Ab meri baari hai bolne ki. SHIVAM (lets out a sigh) Chalo bolo... BADE MIAN (to Solanki) Shivam ke bina teri koi aaukat nahin...yeh tu jaanta hai...Zoya iss taraf aa ja.


Zoya comes behind Bade Mian. And Bade Mian’s bodyguard’s pull out their guns and point it at Solanki. SHIVAM Achcha Zoya abhi favorite ho gayi..very good... Somebody shoots down one of Bade Mian’s bodyguard from outside. The other one ducks. Bade Mian’s attention gets diverted and Shivam shoots him in the stomach and slips out. Bade Mian manages to shoot Solanki in the back, who drops dead immediately. A shoot out takes place. Shivam’s men are outside and Bade Mian and his bodyguard are holding the fort inside. Bade Mian is bleeding badly. ZOYA Bade Mian marne se pehle please Rishabh ko phone kar dijiye. BADE MIAN (irritated) Lekin abhi main mara kahan hoon? ZOYA Aapka bahut bleeding ho raha hai. Please phone kar dijiye. Maine apna promise rakha hai...ab aap apna promise rakhiye. Bade Mian smiles even in pain. BADE MIAN Achcha mera phone do. ZOYA Kahan hai? BADE MIAN Mujhe kya maloom..dhundho... She hunts for Bade Mian’s phone. SHIVAM (from outside) Bade Mian surrender kar do...hum bahut saare hain yahan...nahin bachoge. Zoya takes out Tony’s mobile from his pocket and calls on Bade Mian’s cell. The phone rings right under Bade Mian. ZOYA Aap apne phone ke hi upar baithe ho. Bade Mian lifts himself and Zoya pulls his phone out. She dials Rishabh’s number and gives the phone to Bade Mian.


RISHABH KAPOOR’S VOICE (nervously) Namaste Bade Mian. BADE MIAN (in pain) Namaste. Woh jo ladki hai na Zoya Ali... RISHABH KAPOOR’S VOICE Yes sir... BADE MIAN Tum uski film ke liye dates de do... RISHABH KAPOOR’S VOICE Aur aapki film? BADE MIAN Meri film cancel ho gayi hai... RISHABH KAPOOR’S VOICE Sure sir...thank you. Bade Mian puts the phone down. BADE MIAN (to Zoya) Kush? Zoya eyes are filled with tears. She hugs Bade Mian. ZOYA Thank you Bade Mian...thank you so much... Suddenly, Shivam comes in and shoots the bodyguard. Zoya realizes that Bade Mian is dead and let go off him. Shivam’s men come in. One man takes aim at Zoya, but Shivam stops him. SHIVAM Itni jaldi nahin. Iss ladki main bahut himmat hai...isko achchi maut milni chahiye. Shivam pours some cocaine in his handkerchief and throws it to Zoya. SHIVAM Zoya...tune meri bahut li hai...lekin jaane-anjaane main har bar tune mera koi na koi fayeda hi kiya hai...iss liye apne aap ko bachane ke liye main tujhe ek chance zaroor dunga. Woh kya hoga woh mere ko abhi nahin maloom. (MORE)

94. SHIVAM (cont'd) Isliye tu ye cocaine sungh...taki humtereko chup-chap yahan se le jayen.

Zoya doesn’t comply. SHIVAM Nakhre dikhayegi to main tereko abhi goli maar doonga. Shivam points his gun at Zoya. Therefore, Zoya picks up the handkerchief and snorts the cocaine from it. But she doesn’t become unconscious. SHIVAM (to Zoya) Rumaal idhar phenk. Shivam puts some more cocaine in the handkerchief and throws it back to Zoya. Zoya snorts it and still nothing happens to her. Shivam is frustrated. SHIVAM Charsi hai kya? Wapas de. Zoya throws the hanky. Shivam puts some more cocaine and throws it back to Zoya. She snorts it and still nothing happens. SHIVAM (to Zoya) Abe itna charas sungh kar to ghoda bhi behosh ho jayega...tu kya cheez hai. Checks the cocaine by licking it. SHIVAM Actually aajkal kisi cheez ka koi bharosa nahin...har cheez milawati hai. SHIVAM’S MAN (taps Shivam) Woh gayi. Shivam looks at Zoya who is about to become unconscious. SHIVAM (releases a sigh) Shukra hai! Chalo. Shivam’s man pulls Zoya. Zoya can observe hazily the occurrences around her and then completely conks off.





Zoya comes back to her senses. She is drowsy and has a huge headache. She gets back on her feet with much difficulty and looks around. She is in a room with no windows. There is just one small opening at the top for ventilation. She walks up to the wooden door and yanks it. Its not locked. So she opens the door and walks out. It looks like some kind of ruin. She moves forward with much caution in order to find a way out. There is no one around to guard on her. She goes further up, when a rope falls around her and starts tightening on her legs. She struggles and manages to free one leg, but the rope tightens on the other leg and pulls her down to the floor. Zoya tries hard to release herself but she is being dragged very fast. She tries to resist but the force on the other end is too strong. She is being pulled towards a gaping hole on the floor. Zoya manages to get a hold of a pole. But could not keep her grip for very long. She is devastated and literally scratching the floor with her nails to get some kind of a grip. However, all her efforts prove futile and she is pulled into the hole. 125 I/E. OPEN AREA-UNDISCLOSED LOCATION - MOMENTS LATER 125

Zoya finds herself hanging by the rope upside down, while Shivam and his men are laughing at her misery. She struggles to free herself that yields more laughter from adversaries below. SHIVAM (to Zoya) Kaisi hai Zoya? (pause) Maine tere ko bola tha ki main tujhe izzat ki maut doonga. Aur teri izzat ki maut hai Chan. Gym’s master fighter Chan, who has defeated Zoya once comes forward. SHIVAM Tu Chan ke saath lad. Agar tu haar to tu maregi hi...lekin agar tu jeet tere saath kya karna hai abhi mere ko nahin maloom...dekhte hain. Shivam shoots at the rope by which Zoya is hanging. The rope snaps and Zoya takes a somersault in the air and descends down. And before anyone could react further, she gives a hard kick to Shivam between his legs and immediately takes posture to fight Chan. SHIVAM (falls holding his crotch) Foul. (MORE)

96. SHIVAM (cont'd) (drags himself back) Arre yaar!

Zoya is fighting for her life. Chan is a much more skillful fighter of martial arts. Zoya is clearly no match to him. Consequently, he beats her to death. Now he turns around to charge at Zoya for a fatal strike. He moves towards her with great speed, lunges in the air while pointing his leg at Zoya in the position of a flying kick. Chan’s reflection is etched in her eyes. Chan’s strike sends Zoya in a semi-unconscious state. At that moment, Shivam pulls out his gun and points at Zoya. Zoya reminisce: (Glimpses of her journey from her home-town in Lucknow to Mumbai flash before her eyes in the rewind; stopping at the moment when she had confronted her father with the decision to leave for Mumbai to become a film-maker) ZOYA (with luggage in hand) Abba main jaa rahi hoon. ZOYA’S FATHER Aaj ke baad mujhe apni shakl nahin dikhana. Zoya opens her eyes as tears roll down because she regrets not fulfilling her dream of becoming a film-maker. And suddenly, out of nowhere she finds the strength to rise again. SHIVAM (excitedly backs off) Arre!! Yeh phir khadi ho gayi. (calls) Chan...finish her. Chan moves like a lightening to strike at Zoya with a kick, when with an exhilarating reflex action, Zoya moves aside and strike Chan with a back flip. Chan is floored. He gets up and prepares to strike again but Zoya strikes him so hard with a kick that Chan breaks his abdominal muscles. Zoya herself collapses on the floor. SHIVAM (calls) Chan But Chan could not get up. Shivam moves ahead and points his gun at Zoya.


CHAN (to Shivam) Wait she has won. Let her go. SHIVAM She may have won...but she is not going. CHAN Honour your promise. SHIVAM Shut up. I never promised anything. Shivam is holding his gun over exhausted Zoya to the ground and is about to pull the trigger. Zoya closes her eyes. A VOICE Shivam. SHIVAM Ab kya hai? Shivam turns around and finds that they are surrounded by Thai army. He is shocked. Zoya looks up and finds a familiar face pointing his gun at Shivam. It is Naydu. He is not looking like a gangster as he was earlier, but like an officer. NAYDU (comes to Zoya and offers her his hand) Gopal Naydu. RAW officer. Zoya takes his hand and gets up. ZOYA Aap to corrupt nahin hain na...Solanki ki tarah? NAYDU Solanki gangster tha...uske gang ko RAW Bade Mian ko counter karne ke liye support kar raha tha. (smiles) Hum aksar aeise kaam karte hain. Lekin usne to humen hi double cross kar diya. Tab se hum Solanki aur Shivam ko track kar rahe the. Army arrests Shivam’s men. SHIVAM Naydu sahab mera game to khatm ho gaya. NAYDU Tumhe ab bhi koi shaq hai?


SHIVAM Ek request hai. I want to do karate with Zoya. CHAN (being arrested) Don’t do it. NAYDU (to Shivam) Tu pagal hai kya? SHIVAM (staring at Zoya) Please one last request. NAYDU Zoya.... ZOYA Ok. Zoya takes center stage, so does Shivam. And Zoya beats the shit out of Shivam, who is grounded. NAYDU (comes over Shivam) Why? SHIVAM (laughs) Ehsaas... Chan appreciates Zoya’s skill through gesture. Zoya returns the compliment, and all the criminals are loaded in vehicles one by one. 126 I/E. IN THE CAR - LATER 126

Zoya is traveling with Naydu in a car. He is sitting in the front seat the driver, while Zoya sits alone in the back. ZOYA Cambodia main jo guns the unka kya hua? NAYDU Cambodian government ne saare guns seize kar liye hain...aur unhe jald hi destroy kar diya jayega...infact Cambodian border yahan se bahut paas hai...aaj raat do aur trucks paar hone wale the inke. (pause) (MORE)

99. NAYDU (cont'd) Iss operation ke successful hone ke baad...arms smuggling ke dhande main thoda to effect padega...lesser illegal guns in India, Pakistan, Afganistan, Africa jahan saikdon innocent public inse marti hai... (pause) Zoya...tumhare bina yeh mumkin nahin tha...Thankyou.

ZOYA (returns a lethargic smile) Main to sirf apni film banana chahti hoon. Zoya looks out the window as they cross a jungle area. A SONG PLAYS IN THE BACKGROUND. 127 EXT. FLIMFARE AWARD CEREMONY - NIGHT FILM CELEBRITY And the award for the best Director goes to Zoya Ali. Zoya comes up on stage and recieves the award. ZOYA (speech) Agar main kahoon ki iss film ko banane ki prakriya ne meri zindagi badal galat nahin hoga. Yeh samay meri zindagi ka sabse adventurous time raha hai..aur shayad rahega. Isme action hai, emotion hai, drama hai aur comedy hai. Zoya looks at Rishabh Kapoor, Tukaram and her father & mother in the audience who are clapping furiously for Zoya. Her father has tears in eyes. 128 INT. ZOYA’S APARTMENT - DAY Bell rings. Zoya opens the door and finds Naydu. ZOYA Hi! What a pleasant surprise. NAYDU Sorry to disturb you Zoya..par tumse koi milna chahta hai. Zoya looks at him confused. 128 127



INT. JAIL-WAITING ROOM - LATER Zoya is waiting. A VOICE Zoya. Zoya looks up and gets a shock of her life. ZOYA (excited) Bade Mian (hugs him) Aap zinda hain? O my God. BADE MIAN Kaisi ho Zoya? ZOYA Main theek hoon (surprised) Aap zinda hain. BADE MIAN Haan...uss din main behosh ho gaya tha...aur Naydu ne mujhe arrest kar liya. ZOYA (smiles) So how’s life? Ap kaise hain? Bade Mian smiles. Then he gets up and goes over to window. BADE MIAN Idhar ao..tumhe kuch dikhata hoon. Zoya gets up and goes over to Bade Mian to look out the window. She sees Shivam teaching martial arts to other prisoners. BADE MIAN Maar kha-kha kar apne aap ko Bruce Lee samajhne laga hai. ZOYA Aur aap apna time kaise katate hain? BADE MIAN Namaz padhta hoon. Aur phir meri yaadein hain. ZOYA Ruksana ki yadein? the



BADE MIAN Ruksana ki jagah kisi aur ne le li hai. ZOYA Achcha kisne? BADE MIAN Tumne.

Zoya gets the biggest shock of her life. And a caption appears on screen“AND THE ADVENTURE CONTINUES...” Song plays in the background.

The End