1962 - 1983


piled by

Col Louiso S. Morse, CAP



the Past l\ronty-I\rc


- 198r)

the above

ltrts ls the thtrd and flneI ln a serLca of tltlod mterlal.



Aa orplalncd ln the page tltlod clvll A1r Patrol Uniforms, a change has been nade ln the nethod of handllng thts gectlon. Descrtpblons of stsrulard Unlted States Alr Forcc unlfotm components have bc61,r onltted. Unlforms wtrlch aro entlrely dlstlncttve to Clvll Alr Patrol havc bcen chronicled.

Inslgnla ccction contalna ono page whlch has been revlgod fron Ttre Ptrst Ten Yearg. thlg ra3 Bdc posstble by the dlscovery of a copy of Gcneral l{mrandun IO3, w*rtch authorlzed the orlglnal Cl!"lt Air Patrol Service RLbbons. Addltlonal pagcs for thc Inslgnla scction brLng thls mtcrlaL up-to-dat6.

Included ln the lllustratlons sectlon are several revised pages as weLl as lnany nor ones, Bol[e of rfi1ch pre-date L962'
t'he dlscovery ches Has tha b,asis Revlscd Fges

of addltlonal obsolete rlng or r681on patfor the revlslon of theac fBgcg.

of reference raterlal are also provlded, The research reqtrlred to comp116 thts chronology of clvll Aln Patrol Unlforas and Inslgnla 1g an on-golng proJect. As new rnaterlal 1s uncovered, revlslons wILL be nade to future edttlons and an attenpt made to provlde thm by way of the clvlL AJ-r Patrol Nens, If any reader can provlde any of the nl_ssLng (*) reference mterlals or shcd any 3-lgltt on the {uestlons ieft unanswer*d ln the tort, 1t nlIL bc sLnccrely appreclatcd. The obJectlve ls to mkc thlg chronolory as conpleta and accurate as Posslble.

/,t-t//l-/A- ,/



IOUISA S. IPBSE, CoI,, 25Vl W. L?bh st.,
DE 19806







Since L96Z the Clvl1 Alr Patr.ol members and cadets have worn prlmarlly Unlted States Alr Force servlce and utllity unlfort conponents. Whan the caused Alr Force authorlzed a n6v lteaa, CAP occaslonally experlenced a dolay approof by the shortage of suppll€s or ih" n"ce"slty of obtslnlng approval



Addltlonal1y, Clvil A1r Patr.ol developed tts own dlstinctlve unJ-forras, tncludtng ttre offduty or blazer uniforrn, also used for the Internatlonal Alr Cadei bcchange partlclpants, and the Jumpsutt.
No atternpt has been made ln thls volume to chronlcle the many USAP serto vtce and ut[lty unlforn components whlch CAP members were authorlzad after wear. Dates of approvral genlrally colnctded wlth or followed shortly

those of the Atr i'orca. Ph*se-out dates, orlglrnlly far behlnd those of the USAF, wore gradually shortened to colnclde wtth Air Force polley. Hor'r€ver, cadets rreie permltt"a to wear obsolete unlform ltems for their local meetlngs--a pollcy wtrlch eased the flnanclal burden on these youngar memb€rs.

llstlng of stgnlflcant dates fo)-lows: 21 July 1959 Mass Dress Uniforur Appr.oved for Ctvll A1r Patrol Senlors" 19 l,{af 1921 Whlte Tape Band Elimlnated from Cadet 0fflcar Servlce Hat" e.Sepi. t9?1 Iong Uesl Dress Sktrt Approved for Fmle CAP Senlor Members" /+ June 19?6 Pantsult Approved for Feule CAP Hembers. j"rv rgZ5 Junpsult luinorrzJ (Sce Speclal Sectlon on.Jumpsuits). -Coat, Whlte Shirt) Restrlctod to 1 Jan. ISZZ Senni-Forre1 Unlfor^rn (Atr" Cadets. I July 19?7 Epulet Shlrt Approved for CAP ilcnbers. hfllover Sweater Approved for CAP Xembers. ;une 19ge Clvtl Alr Patrol Marmal 39-L, dated 1 Jarmary r"98 , incl-udes tha fo]-ler+,tultrortzls
l"ng changes:

not meet standards for wear of a nllltary-style USAF untfotm to wear mllltary grade l.nsJ"gnia on the CAP JunpsuLt or CAP fllghtstllt. Authorlzes w6ar of obsolete unlform ttems by cadets for a two-yoar perlod followlng phase.-out date excopt when partlclpattng ln nati-onnembers who do

In addltlon'to groondlg standards, establlshes weL3fit standards f,or wearing nftltarY-stYle untfotms. Establlshas new n*r"pl"t" (*fti, mllltary grade lnslgnla) for wear on CAP btrazer eomblnatlon.

al actLvlties.

wILl be fornd seetions coverl-ng the Intemati.onal Atr Cadet Exchange Unflorms, the Off-hrty or Blazer Un!.forrn, and the CivlL Alr Pattrcl Jumpsult. In the case of the IACE unifonn, documentatlon has been indlfflcult to locate, sJ.nce lnfonmtlon ls sent dlrectly to partlcipantserrors or rmnuals. Alyol" flndtng stead of belng included ln CAP regulatlons ln the unlfonns ae given hereln li asked to contsct Co}, Loulsa S' llorse, CAF,

tho fo}lorlng

2507 W.

17th St., WlLltlngton,

DE 19805.




Interrattonal Alr Cadct Dcchange began tn 1948 rlth an cxchange betrean tho Alr Cadct League of canada and thc clvlt Alr Patrol. For a rnunber of years CAP partlllpantc r;pre the currcnt CAP ntLltarT-type unlfola, whlle vlsltlng an lncreastng nunbcr of countrleg. Inltla}ly, rlng patches were not worn, and lt has besn rcXprted that a IJNIIED STATiTS arc uorrr on the rlght slecvo of the USAF "fkerr Jacket' by partlclpants ln the 1951 IACE.
CAP nembers wearing thc Illustratlons of the 1953 exchange showrrTkerr Jackets. UNITED STA'IES arc on the left sleeve of the

Mlnutes, Nattonal Drecutlve Board l{eetJ-ng, 5-6 Febnrara L95?. Unlform - Inter'natlonal Cadet &change Progran. The pr.oposal that a nell, unlfor.11 constetlng of grey-slacks and a dark blue blazer be adopted as the prescrlbed unlforn for CAP enchange cadets rras Fres€nted to the Board. No actlon ras taken on thls ltem as Lt nas felt it should be presented to the Natlona1 Board for actlon ln lts May
1957 rneetlng.

l.ll"nutes, Natlonal Boad }{eotlng, 10-11 l'lay L957, Spoclal Cadet Dross - Intcrretlonal Cadet &rchange hogram' In an effort to dcvelop a more vcraatlle tme of dress for the cadets partlclpatlng ln the Internatlonal cadet Exchange togl"r, NatlonaL Headguarters suggested that a nenr t34pc of dress (grey -s{9ks ard.dark bLuc bl.z"" wlth the CAP crost ennblazoned on the uppar left pocket) be authorized for "*oar *t socLal firnctlons rh1le ln the forctgn countrleg. The regr:1ar cadet untform r*ou1d be worn whIle ln a travel status and durl'ng other actlvltles not requlrlng forml-t3pe drcss. The Board beLlevad thnt, tn addttlon to the grey slscks and dark blue blazer, the blue Alr Foreq tie, r#"te sh5-rt, black socks and bl'ack shoes ghould be shr:ulcl become I part of tha unifoma. A1so, the sentor oscorts all-oned to wear thls unlfolm lf thcy so dcsbe. Motlon rras mde, secondcd and unanlnously passed by- t!9 B'oard thai thls matter be referred to the Cadet" Advlsory Cotrncll foi thelr dlsctsslon *nd reeorqunenr!{i'L:ir.rrrs; th*t the Natlenal eotuBnderts Cadet Comlttce in* fo.,uo", as the i{ati-onsl. Commnd*r's ?salnrng Cmdttee)alook lnto thls proposal ard subilit, thal-r ftndlngs and rocltmendattons as re$rlt thereorl" and that actlon be taken by the Board p'rlor to nerb yearts exchangs 'baserl upon the flnClngs and raeomnendatl-c,nq of these eoml-ttees.

H{nuias, l{ati-or;rtr Board HeetJ-ng, l+ Harch }958. Addltlonal Cader ilress -fnternatlonal C.adet Exchanga Pr.ogram. o . " The followlilg rasotrutlons wsre adopted: IIESC)T,VED by the NatlornL Boar{ of the CtvIL Alr Patro1 that the gray slaeks ancl dark bLue bl-azer rrlth CAP crest on the uppor left-hand pockat, the b-luo Alr Forca tler'xhlto shlrt, bleck socks and black ahoes, ls approveil and adopLod as addlttonal dress for CAP cadcts and senlor rnembers partlctpatfng tn tha Interrnattonal Cadet Drchangc at a cost not to exeeed $10.00 for the blazar ard ons patr of slackg.

Interrnatlonal Alr Cedet Exchange Unl-forms




Natlonsl Board of the Civll Al'r Patrol that geicctcd for tho Exchange pl' cannot-afforrd to ln tho event a cadet prrchase thls attlre, the rrl-ng to w*rlch ths cadct belongs rILl ;n:rchase the unlfonm for hl:n. Upon questlons from the floor, folLowlng the adoptlon of the above resolutlo.,", th. NattonaL Comlander etatod that tt was hLs understardl-ng prlco that the cost of the untfora would not exceed $30'oo' thlsuntforato l-n- be would ststed that thls clude the cost of the crcgt. He firrther Program. lncorporated lnto thc 1958 Cadet Exchanga
FURII{m by the

Weekly BfiLettn Numbcr l.2, N Harch 1958. 6, UnUorro for Interrratlonal Cadet b<change. ltre Nattonal Bo&nt haa approved a nerr addltlonal unLfom for partlcipants ln the Internatlonal Cadat Dcchange. It ts mndatory for cadets and CAP cgeorts parttcipatlng in the Drchange program to purchase at Least one of theso unl"forss through Natlonal Headqr.rafoers. A l"tt"r rll-L be forr*arded to al} concerted glYing detalls as to how the unlfor:n 1111 be parchased, prtces, Eeasulenonts, ete" In orrler to gct thls lnfomtlon out, 1t ts neccssary that the nanes of cadets and escorts rcach thls hoadqqarters not later tlun 31 March"
N011S: Although

the crest nas to be rort on the IACE blazer that partlclpants in the 1959 IACE wore the unlform, it the CAP saal blazers nlth a cl,rcular whlte patch, on rfiich was embr€lderodblazer' and on tho tn dark blue. No other patches of arry klnd were wom lhere !.ere no patches worn on the whlte shlrts'
appears that been determtned has



Manual 39-1, SePtamber 1961' chaptar I - untforms and Dlstlnctlve Inslgnla for cadets. ln elther norrr lr$. Blazer Unlform. The blazar unlfort may bels notb;r male cadebs, rrearn It' prescr!-bed for unLfo:m surmer or wlnter, whenever the servlee the Interrnatlonal ls a req3.rlred ltsn for cadets selected to vlslt countrles onsoclal flrnctions Wearlng of thls unlform at CAP Alr Cadet Erchange program. rsstriclnstead of the servlce un{form ls eicouraged. It rnay be wort without of: tlon on non-CAP occaslons. It ls composed a. coat. Blazer type, semlforrn-rltt"d, drape, sLngle breasted, tr+o-'butvent* ton model wlth one Ureasi patch pocket, trro-lower patch pockets, an{ 1e41. by the Mat,erla} is dark blue flannel or troplcal worsted" It ls orrramented pocket' CAP crest, attached or sswn to the breast frousers. Medlum gray flannel or troplcal uorcted rnater3-al, f\':11 eut,

stralght hanging, pleated, cuffed.

b. cr Shlrt. White, dress tYPe. d. Necktle. Sllver-graY" a, Footr.rear. Shoesr-b1ick; socks, black or dark bluen


Tlmes, May L965, Drchange Has Fashionable flLalr, psrt Ln Clvil A1r Patr.o1 cadots and senlor escort offlcers taklngmascullnethls. . fashton w![l strlke a nota of year's internatlonal Al-r Cadet Erchanga l, no^r IACE blazer unlform rrl3l glve CAP peras rlell as mllltary unlfonmlty" go' sonnel travellng oi"r"r*" thls year a well-dressed appeerance w1erever theywear Tho unlforrn has been authoilzed by Natlonal Headquarters for official

outsldc the temitorial ltmits of the unlted states, Air PaIl-re unlform includes a black three-buttoned blazer bearlng a Ctvl-l tr.o1 crest wlth a ',Unlted Statesr name strip€ on the left breast pocket" The trousers ara contlnental style (no front pieats) ln medtum graY color"

Intornatlonal Alr Cadat brchange Uniforme -

Page 3

on shlrt pockets.

I\rc palrs of trousers ar6 authorlzed. The neek tte ls grey and sn offlclal CAP lnslgnla tle-tack wtIL bo worr. lJhlta dress shlrts rlll be r*orn wlth the untforn. furchase prlce for the unLfo:m lncludes two lnslgnla patches for woar

partlclpants placod thctr ordcr r*lth Natlonsl Headguartors for the unlfott beforo AprIL IJ" Ttre prlce of $l+8.25 trrcludes one blezer, tro palrs of trouserr, orre necktle and all nocoslrarT coat and shlrt pocket patches. Tho unlfonn !s s{llr{lar to that authorlzcd for wear by naJ"e meulbers sc outllned ln CAP Uarnral 39-L, Chapier 2, paragreph 1/..

ltlnutes, Hatlonal b<scutlve Comlttee HeotlnS, 15-15 Harch 1968. Mr. Sorsnson: Here ls an outflt that ls onttrcly nsyt conat"ll$ of dark bluo blazer ard grey slacks. It haa bccn partlcubr).y rcconcndcd for thc IICE recomtnt cu bo r*ortr by all CAP nale nenbers. It ls the Jaeket partlcularlyour and mended by Colonel HaIe. It ts a mlraclo fabrlc n'lth a good-IJ'nhg bookstorl l,abel ls lxslde. It ls rrlnk].e rcslstant. Ttrls IACE crest on the pocket 1111 be stlghtly smller than shown and rlIL bc cloth. The whole Pck;;;-;;i;ior $20 io" irt CAP marnbors. Ttre retall- prlce rroul-d be $1o0-$11o. F.or LACE p.nrtlclpants, the Natlonal Board rrl1.l underwrlte tho cost of $20 for eaeh cadet lnrrolvsd. The blazer, the IACE, tho crest, t19, and two palr of slacks aII wrtnklo roslstant trouj-,t then bc avalJ.ab1c for $50. Thls ls also Thls the same blazer that rtlL bo on aala ln the bookstore for about #39.95.rrtll youngstors of this. Our ls a qualiLy materl-a}, nothing choap about any rrlth sornethlng they vlIL be on the tnsls of looklnr good and go and return cloth patch for the shlrl. . . . [roua to waar ]ater. There ls also a an equirralent unlform for feamle cadets, in respcnsa to a questlon about HaJor Andnrs stiited: We have attemptd to locate a suitabls outfit slxol-Iar to the ona shovrn for ihe nusle cad.ets Uut have not yet come up wlth anyLhing' We should be able to seiecf- somethlng ln the very noar f\rturc.
CAP liimes, Hay 19S8" Captlon Under-Fhoio: l"?68 SACE unLform chan6es wsre announced recentlyrfeaturing a dark bh:e, ssnt-fore. fLttlns coat rrlth 55 per cent hcron Po13por een+--r*ooI" Cade'L RJ-chard Kopf, HaxweIL Cadet Sq.e_A14.1 ester "na t5 models the thrae-ioekat, ihree*bnrtton, rrrlnkl-e-rsststant unlfotm. The s1-acks ars dark giaf, plaats. (Tra rser"s aro sitoun uneuffod. A strlpe sffv,irr aho:: l:, titi ?:.u"qas& poeket reads "IACE * Untted $tates." )

BLazer Patclr



Intorntlonal Alr for the fl-rst tlme ln

Cadet Dcchange

Unlforts -



NO1E: Female eedets parttclpatod ln the Interrratlonal Alr Cadet &change

Clvll A1r Patrol News, I'{ay 1959. Captlon Under Photo: New Wearing Apparel - Second Lt. Kathr.rn J. WILson of Natlonal Headquarters nodels the new blazer and sklrt to be worn by cadots solect6d to attend tho Inter:natlonal Air Cadet Erchange thte su.mer. IJnlform lnforutlon nray be obtalned by contacting the CAP Bookstore at Ma:orell AFB, AIa. (Ulustrated ls the blazer rrlth sma}l crest, CAP buttons, and AIlni sk1rt, as pictured ln the 18 Febnrary l7/O CAP [armal 39-f - sea OffDrty-Rlazer Unlfonn sectlon of thls book - but the blouso has a hlgh neck and ruff1es down the f.ront. )
CAP News, Aprl1 ln3. Females Get Neu UnLfor:n. Fqna1e partlclpants (cadets and oscorts) tn the Interrnational Atr Cadet Exchange (UCf) wfff rraar a new blazer unl-fort whIlo enJoylng Lheir three.+reek vlstt to one of soven forelgn countrles that w111 exchange girls rrlth CAP durlng thls surmer's annual exchange program. The new unlforr ls the result of exhaustlve research to replace the ragular female CAP blazer and sklrt conrbl-nation whlch ls no longer arral,lable h the ranga of slzas requl-red for fennle IACE partlclpants. Ttre new unlfor"rn conslsts of a nevy blue bf,azer, classlc tn appoarance, yet contemporary ln destgn, a brlght red, A-}l"ne sklrt, and rnatching slacks. These three items of polyester double-knlt fabrlc, along w'lth a whtte, short sleevo b)"ouse, and a searf rlth the offlcial IACE pln, are reqlrlred l-tems for each ferele IACE cadot and escort. Instmctl-ons on how to onler thls unlform wl-l1 be sent to each fenBle cadet and escort seloctod to partlcipate ln the 1973 IACE. (Illustratlon shows hlp-longth blazer rlth CAP buttons, CAP crest ,^'tth IACEUNI{ED STATES strtpe abovo, and standard CAP crest nameplaLe on opposLte side.

News, September 19?4. IACE IRESS - fl]ustratl-on shows same blazer as 1973, except belleved to bo gray"

that slacks


News, Febmary L975, Ner* Ferrnale Unlforu Comblnatlon Authorized. Female menbers, both cadets and senlors, rl11 be autho:'lzed to l'real" Ere"' ql-acks ln lleu of the grey sklrt wlth the blazer comblnation" the slac:';s w*l be plaln greyr cuffed or uncuffed, and can be purchasod comonercl-a)"1y-





- Senlors, 0B IUIY UNIFORI.{ 1. Herpose. To describe and authorlze the wer of an "off duty" unLfota by CAP rule personnel. 2. Components of the Off-Dnty Unlfonn, ltre offduty unlfonu consists of a. Coat, seml-form fltted, drapo, slngIe breasted, two-button model rrlth one patch pocket (breast) and two lower patch pockets, and r6ar vent. l{atcrlal is dark blue flannel or troplcal worsted. ltre breast pockct 1s or-namented by the CAP Crest, attached or sewn to breast patch pocket. b. Tr.ousers, of nodfu.rn grey flarurel or troplcal norstcd naterlal, ftrl1 cut, stralght hanglng, plcated and crrffed. c. tlhite dress type shlrt, wlth or wlthout hench cuffs, and slJ.ver grey four-ln-hand necktio, for casual wear and black bow tle for forml wo&r. d. Elack shoes, wlth black or dark blue socks. 3. Whcn Worn. lihle sontor rnembers Day rroar thls rullfom whenevcr tho regular duty unlform ls not prescrtbed for rear. Its near ls not conflned to CAP occasl,ons; nembers arc eneouraged to vcar thlc conblnatlon rhenBvor w6ar of a coat is appr.oprlatc. b. hrrchase. Although prrchasc of thls unlfo:"m ls cncoumSod, lt ls an optlonal itam, and commndcrs w111 not rcquLre ncubcrs to prchalc 8ano. Unlform storos catering to A1r Force pcraormcl gcnorally stock thc above ltems. At present only. OEttS@, Inc,r 395 Avc., Nry York 16, N,I. produces the CAP Crost. SpcclftcatLons v{]'l !g rcleased to other Eanufacturcrs as soon et possl-ble.


Letter )5-2, 25 l{ey L959.

ljkctcir o{ CAFl (-rr:ut of gold ir'.rIlion and CAP colorr used on CAP Natioral Flag. May be Bewn ()r'attached t() i:reaol ir,-;r-rket with fas tenet's.



Off-Drty Untforn - ELazer UnLform - Page 2
Junc L959. Cadet UnLforu Changes EYod. raccl"ved . . . THo offdutioutflts for both ssnlor and cadct nale ncnbers haves,oon. be ptbllshsd approval and 1111 be detallod ln a n€,t, unlfonn nanual to Wearlng thc off-duty gerb already ls authorlzed. Natlonel Hoadgrrirtcrs has approved an off-duty blazer outflt to be worn rhenevor lnforrnal ciothlng 1s appropriate. It conslsts of a dark blue eoat,' gpey trouscrs, rhl-te shlrt and grey necktle. Hlaln sllver color buttons are
CAP 1f,lnes,

ussd on the blazor. A Clvll Alr Patr.ol crest ts rorrr on the left breast of the blazor, Thts crest resembles the offlclal CAP soa1, rtth the worrls "Clvl-1 Alr Patrol" erurtrrol-' dered ln gold on a EcrrcIL at the bottom. A headquarters spokesten sald the crast w111 Ue avatlable fron Gensco, Inc ,, )95 Fourth Avenue, Nen York 16, N.Y" Dctalls on the blazor and soal wlIL be included ln CAP Letter 3r-2. Chapter 2 - Unlforns and Inslgnla for Senlors. IA, Blazer UnLfor:n, Male. the blazer unl.forrn may be xorn by roale senlor and eadet members, 1n oithor sut[trer or rrLnter, whenever the servlce unlform ls not prescrlbed for wear. Wcarllg of thls unlform at CAP soclal oecaslone instead of tn" servlce unlforn ts cncouraged. It my be wortt wtthout rcstrlctlon on non-CAP oeeastons. It 1s composod of: &. Coat. Elazer t;rpe, sentforr-fltted, drapo, elngle-frreastd, two-button model wtth one breast patch pocket, tro lower Ptch pockets, and rear vent. l{atcrlal !s dark blue flannel or troplcal rorsted. ft Is orrranented by the CAP Crest, attached or sevrn to the breagt pocket. ;. Trousers. I.tedlum grey flanne1 or troplcal worsted mterla], fu1l eut, stralght hanging, Pleatcd, cuffed. c. Shtrt, l'Ihite, dress tyPe. d. Necktie. Sliver-gray for norml roar. Elack bowLte for forual occaslons. €. Footrcar. Shoes, black; cocks, black or dark blue. 19. B1szer Unlforno, Fenaie, Feonale marbcrs By Yo&r the blazer unl"form, whlch 1g slnllar to the blazor unlfom for nen, xtrenewr the servLco unlfom Ls not presertbed for wear, Wcarlng of thle unlform st CdP soclal oecaslons tnstead of tle servlce unlforn l-s encouragad. It nay be r*om rl.thout re*irlctlon an


39-1, September 1961,

occasions" It ls conposcd of: a, Coat. Form-fltted, three-button, cotmerelal-model blauar wlth one breast patch pocket and trc lower patch pockots, Materlal ls dark blue flannei, troptr"eai *orrt*d, or slmilar corrmorclal bland. It Ls ortlamented by the C.[F e:'esL attachad or s6l,n to the breast patch poeket. b, Sklrt. F\r1I pleated of medlun gray fIannel, tropical wcrsiod, or sfur'-{lar conmerclal b1end, cc Blouse. Whlte, slmple deslgn, rrlthout nrffles or excesslve or:smenla* t1on" d. Footwear. Elther black tallored 1rmps with neutral nylon hoso or black leather loafers wlth blue anklets, as approprLate" Chapter ] - Uniforns and Dlstlnetlve Inslgnia for Cadets. 1,0" Elazer Unlfor.m. The blaser unlforr nay be norrn by m.le cadets, in ett'her su-umer or rlntor, rhenever the eerrd"ce unl-forn ls not prescrlbed for w&ar. It is a requlrod ltem for cadets selected to vlslt countries on tho lnternatlonal Alr Cadet Ebcchange program. Wearlng of th1 s unlfort at CAP soclal frrnetlons lnstead of thc serylcc unlform Ls encouruged. It nay be norn rlthout restrlctlon on non-CAP occasions. It ls couposed of: Br Coat. Elezer ty'p€, gemlform-fltted, drrpo, slngJ-e breast€d, trc-bntton

Off,-Duty Unlfor"m .* tslassr Unlform


pegc J


co Shtrt, lrlhtte, dross typo, d. NocktLe. S1lvor-gray, o. Footwear. Shoes, blackl soeks, black or dark blue. &,!" Bl'.*'zsr Unifomn. FamJ"e msmbere may woar the blazer untforrno vrhieh la sjm{l-ay to tiro b}aaer rurif':mn for men, wtenever ths eervlce unlfomn is not preseribed for wear. Wearlng of thls unj"fora at CAp occaslons lnstoad of the servl"*e rrnifora Is encouraged. It rmy be rvorn r*:lthout restrletlon on non-CAP oceasi-orxs, ft ls composed of : a. coat" Fornr"-ftttedu threa*button, commercial--noder blazer wlth one breast. pxrtchr pneket and two lower patch pockets. MateriaL ls dark bLue flannel, troplcal wors't,{rd, or sl*llar cormrerclal bIend. It ts orrramentocl
bv the

wtth ono bruast;:utch p,:ketu twr lowor patch gocketa, and resr rront" lg dark blus flannol or troplcal uorstcd. It lg ornsuent€d by the CAP crast, att*chad or aoHn to thc brceat pockct. b, Tltruaera, l{edJ.un grey flanncl or troplcal norstod rnetcrlal, frrll cut, stralght hanglng, ploatcd, cuffcd.

to the brcast pockot, flannel, tropical r*orsted, or slmlLar cournsrcl-al bl-enct, c. Blouse, hhlte, slmp3-e deslgn, without nrfflas or sxcosslva ornabo Sklrt. nrll" pieated of

spssX, attacherJ oi:


madlun gray


trmps or black leather lo*,fers wl.ttr i:Jua anklets, ss spproprl.ate. Hlnutes, Natton:ii Ekecur"*.s*u celrrsir-tttEo Msetlng, rJ-r6 ldarch r"96g. l{r. Sorenson: Here *e an outfiL that ts entlroly nerr contLsttng o! dsrk bl-'ae blager ard grey sl.acks. It hse beca parttcularly rcconcndcd tor the IICS but caa he rsr:rn tly aIL CAP mls mont erg. It ts the Jackct partlcularly rocoraurended by CoLonel- Fial-c" It L* a mLracle fabrl.c rrtth a good llnllg end our 'uookstore label ls *xnside" It 1s wrLrtkle reslstant. Thts IACE creat on the pockot, w1.1.1- i:e slf6ht,l"p sm"i.ler" tlran ehoun and wLLL bc cloth, The rtrolc peckage selLs for $70 for 413 C&i' n:enibere, 1?:e retall prl-ce rcu1d be $IOO-$1]"O. For IACE partJ.elpant,s, the t{st$"onsl Boed vlll- underwrite ths coat of $& for each cadst i.nvolvsd, The 'ul*xeru the trAcE, the crcat, t!.e, &nd two palr cf slacks alJ. *'r-{:mkl.e ree**tent wou}d then bs arallablc for $50" Ttrls 1s also the sarns bJ-azei t;!;at r**"11 he: on eale in tho bookstore for about #ig.gj. Thls is a qr:elLty mir'urs.t"1*;o nothS-ng *I:eap about any of thLs. Our youngsters wI[l g* *nd :"eturti or: the besfs of Looktng good and rdth eomcthlng they nl-tr} be proud tr: w't&r -!.;*ilsr"* ??iere J-s a}$o a cLoth patch for the shi"rt, r . In rosponi:"i t* a *uest"l-,*i1 e.borlt an equl,ralcnt unlfonir for fem,i,:l-e c&rla{.s. Ha.1or fuid-r:us si-+tt..*{i I r.,.,8 ir,grwrg l'j;',.e,lftptsd &o Loeste a sUlt*b1a oUtfj"t s.{nnl-Lar io t,he fln€ sit*rrri f*:'t.!:,* r#.r rlr.: *&dt:tg but ha'ae not fet come up r,*tth anybhing,, Wo slir:u-l.rl be atil-e t,* **}*l,i; .:c.rino-,',hlng in the very naar future.

d. Footwear,

Etrther black t*rIlored


nzutra1 nylon hose

non-.risr"y'1ee un*fr:.t"rq ss6.11 #,,1*ii];,?1}e t*l a}} mls members. 1he bLegel* {:{:.,*1. {* drs:"k bL.:,'e a;x.i euitable for yean-round ldoaroo Tne troo} and ela*vorl {:*r:,t,s s7.'* F!$x,r st,:.:kep:* lfi }b*42 short, 361;J+ reguiar and &0-i6 tr:ng slres, There are al-s* e;etitr 1on6 sS.res of liO, ln}, l*3 and &6, ',Tlrs xri:rld"e*res.{"etan'1, emrsh*proo.f, garrnent ls listed at $)l+.95" rt strnrLB tiand aebrsf.risrect f,AP ereet <ln tho Left-brcaat pocket and la ude of metalllc thx'ead t* dupli.eate the of,flcle] col,ors . , . rd, rtrl,te, bluo and gold" O:"rJevs she,r:-!-d be *ddrsened t* lfatlonat lloadgua*Lers CAP{ISIP, Aftt{:CPC,

CAP Times, .Jun* :YS8" F-.aarlr'rlnj fo:ur Cail.ed t'Dj-s*trr,:t,f-:r*?'* A nsw bJ-arer untf,;..t.t f+:'ruen, now arreilxble from NalS.onal Haadqr:arters, 1s te.h1:6d r'.v'off:!etals *e'i,h* npst d*, attrectlvo ard qualtty*fllled

Off-Drty Unlfort - Blazer Unlfor:m -



Maxlrcll AFB, Ala.36LL2 and lnclude $6.!! and catalog number 980 for thc

crsst. thc clv{Ll-an-type buttons rmst bc repJaced by the prchascr wlth offlctal CAP tmttons . . , three ?0 }lna and four 25 l{ne, scts ere 50f and ordars should speclfy blazer unlform. The rnen's slacks aro charcoal gray and my bo prrchased 1n olther of two fabrl-cs. The 100 per cent rool ls wrLnkla-reslstant, cmsh-proof and permnent pross ranglng ln slzes 8 ard 3}-l*lr (even sl.aes). An eq;ufialent quality slaci<s on thc comerclal narket gcll for $25, to CAP nembers the cost ls

lnclude catalog number 974. tles conrc ln two cholccs, four-1n-hand, sllvcr-gray m'do of sl}-k synthetlc ($4,rO catalog no. 9?5) and a four-ln-hand dcslgn cIlp on mdc of dacron and rrool (.$1.8o catalog no. 9?8). Natlonal Hoadguarters axp€cts that equlvalent qualJ"ty ladles unifo:as wl'll arrlvo fron the unnufacturer 1:r ths near futurc, and wILL feature the same qualltles as the rale unlforms.

$17. Onlers should shov catalog rnrmber 972. ltre other slack fabrlc ls synthetlc, ls ponnncnt prass, rrrlnkle-reslstant and washable. The pnlcc for thesc drtpdry slacks ls $8.10, ordere should

39-1, 18 Febr:uary 197O. 5 - the CAP Blazer. Chapter 6,-1. l.{on. The CAP bla.zer and slacks combl-natton (flgure 6-1) may bo urorn by all rmle menbers of the Clvll Alr Patrol regardless of grade. ft conslsts of: a. Coat. Elazer type, semrlforrn-fltted, drapo, stngle-breasted, two- or three-butLon model rrlth one brsast patch pocket, tr+o lower patch pocket.s, and rear veni. Material ls dark blus flannel, troplcal rorsted, or slmllar commerclal bIend. It ls omamented by the CAP crsst (ftgure 6-3), attached or selin to the breast pocket. b. l}ousors. Medlu.m gray flannel or tropical worsted rmtorLal, fu1l cut, stralght hangtng, pleated or unpleated, cuffed or uncuffod. ce ShLrt. hlhite, drsss type. d, Nccktie, Consorvatlvo, solld color. 8o Footvear. Shoes, blaek; socks, black or dark b1ue" 6-2. Women. 1?ro CAP blazer and sklrt cornblnat{on (figure 6-2) rnay be worrn by all female members of tha Ctyl1 Air Patrol regardless of grade. It consists of; &r Coat. For:n-flttcd, three-buttonr comerctal mdel" blazer wlth one breest patch pocket and two lover patch pockets. t{aterial J.s dark b1-ue flann,el, tropJ.ca1 worsted, or comtrorclal blend. It ls ornamented by tho CAF ersst (flgrlre 6-3\, attached or sswrx to the breast pocket, b, Sklrt" Stralght or A-llne, [edtu:n gray flanno], tropJ.eaJ- uorsted, or q'lrn{ 1ar connorcl"al b.!-end. c" &Louse. I'Ihite, slnple design, r*lthout ruffles or exce$slve onnamentatlon. d. Footwear. Elther black tallored plnps or black loafers rrith neutrel qylon hose, as appropriate. 6-3, When Worsr. The blazer rnay be worrr durlng any season of the year* It 1s encouraged for near at CAP soclal occasions ln lleu of the servl"ee unLform. It my be norrr vrlthout restrlctlon on non-CAP occaeions. NOTE: Illustrations show that the size of the CAP crest has bean reduced, and that the rule blazer unlform rnay be norrn with black bow tle for seral-forrnrl l{ear,
CAP Manua1

Off-D:tv Untfor:n - Blazer





cAPM 39-l






Womcn's Blorer


igure 6- I . Men': 8lo:or




CAP Crest

Off-Drty Unlform - ELazer Uniform -

Page 6

CAP Nems, Febrlar7. L975. liew Female Unlform Cqrblnatlon Authorlzed, Fern}e mernbers, both cadets and senlors, wI-IL be authorlzed to wear gr€y slaeks ln }leu of the grey sklrt wlth the blazor comblnation. The slacks wIIl be plaln greyr cuffsd or uncuffed, and ean be prchased corrnercialLy.

, 1 January 1977. the CAP Blazar. ?-1. Men. same as 5-1 of cAP lhrmal- 39-L, 18 Febmary 1970' 7-2. Wbmen. The CAP blazer and sklrt combinatlon or the blazor and slacks conblnatl-on rnay be run by all fernale members of the Civll- A1r Patrol regardlass of 6grade. It conslsts of : a. Coat. Forrnfttted, two- or three-button, conmerclal model blazer wlth one broast patch pocket and two lower patch pockets. !,latertal Ls dark blue flannel, tropical worsted, or simllar comlerclal bIend. It ls orrtamented by the CAP crest, attached or ssxn to the breast pockot. b. Sklrt. Stralght or A-Line, MedLum gray flannel, tropLeal worsted, or slm{'lpr commerclal blend. (Ploated skl,rts are not authorlzed.) c. S1acks. l{edlun gray f,Iannel, troplcal worsted, or simllsr comnerclal blend luterlal. the pants should have stralght legs (not tapered or bell-botton). They my be cuffed or uncuffod. d. Blouse. Whlte, slmple deslgn, rlthout ruffles or excesslve orflamen* tatlon. A piatn wtrlte greater "shell" may also be rrorn. o, Footwoar. E:Lther black tallored purps or black leather loafsrs with
Chapter 7
CAP l'{anua1


noutral" r1ylon hose, as approprlate. '/-3. When Worrr. Same as 6-3 of CAP Manual 39-L, 18 FabnrarY 19?0.

Ml.nutes, NatJ-onal Unlfora Comlttee Mcettng, 1 Decmber 19?8. L. A r+hlte turtleneck sweater was approved for wear rdth the blazer conblnatlon. the Cornrlttee decl"ded that thls would be a cormerctal ltea not carrled fur the bookstore and could be worrt by both men ard women. Both roguLar and rnock turilenecks wlll be authorlzod. AIso brought out durlng thls dtscussion yas the subJect of buttons on the blazer. After gome discusslon l-t was decided lhai the blaser would have CAP'suttons of the approprlats slze on it. Menmbers 1111 replace buttons on the blazer the same as they do when brlvlng arr Alr Foree unlfor:n"
Cl,P l,{anual

Chapter 7

39-1, I AprIL 1980. - the CAP Blazer. ?-1. &. Coa'*" Added: Comnerclal bnrttons wl.lL ba replaeed wtth CA-P but+.r:r:s *f approprl"ate size. c, Shirt. 'dhlte, dress type, or whlto turtloneck sweator (regu)"ar or


7-2, " &, Coat. Addedr Cormercial buttons wlIL be replaced lrtth CAP buttons c,f" approprlate slze. d. Blouse, White, slmple deslgn, wlthout r:rrf,fles or Bxcessive o:remen* tatlon. A plaln whlte sLeater I'shsIL'r or turtleneck *,eeter my also be worrl.
tsrlnutas, Natlonal Board Ueotlng, 13 August L982. New l{a,mo Hlate. Colonel Brookfield explalncd that the new nancplate vlth the lndlvldualrs rBu6, m*, organlzat!"on, ard thc CAP crcst rao declgned to be rom rrtth the Cl,P blazcr unlforrn or cldllan clothec. He satd the ramopLatc wl}} satla$ aome of tho obJectlons of lndLvldr:alg xho cannot wear ths unLform becauae of woight ard appearanca standards. Colonel Brookfleld str€sssd that comandors rmst snforce thc regulrement that membere clther mest welght and appearanco stardards or ),64r tho bLazer unl,form or othcr approprtate unlforas.

Off-hrty Unlfora - Blazcr UnLform Blazer Narneplate (Wtng or Rcglon)

Fagc 7

Blazer Naneplatc (Watlonal OitLccr)

l.{l-rmtes, Hatlonal Unlfott Covrunlttee Meotlng, 3 Decaber 1982. ). General Brookfleld polnted out that the wear poltcy for nembers not meetlng the groorat-ng or fltness standanls applles to aIL USAP stylc unl-for:ns to lnclude the servl,ce unlforrs, dress unlfor:ns, and fattgues. Hovcver, arqr member m'y wcar the CAP dLstlnctlve untforas w'lth gradc lnslgnla (blazer, Junpsult, and CAP fllght suj.t). -llr. Kopf rccelvsd I proposal for a CAP tlc slnllsr to one rrorn by Air i. Force Associatlon mnbcrs a:ccept that thc CAP logo lrould be placod htgher for rrlslblllty. the tic could be rrorn ctthcr ntth thc CAP blazcr comblnatton or civlLlan attLre. Hc was havlng dlfflculty ffudfng a suLtable vohd.or and pJans to eontact thc AFA for the nane of their rnanufaeturer. The Committce authorlzod hln to prrccaed. 11. A ngl, optlon conslstlng of CAP blazer, p181n rhlte ahLr"t, and bLaek bow tLe rras authorl-aad. One CAP nlnlature medal nay be worrr on thls comblsatlonn abova tha popket, ln e nanncr so as not to obseuro thc CAP crest.

l9-1, I January Lq83, 0hapter 7 - lhe CAP Elazer. 7-I,Men..r. f . (Added) Naneplabe (Rlazer). Elaek wlth CAP crest, Brtade lnslearr$ state or rcgton. Wonl lmredtately above the left breast pocket or nla abcve the CAP erest j-f bl-aser has no poeket. NOTE: In ordor that name badges can be used rrlth sther clvtllan attlre, only geographlcal areas wll: be usett, that i,::, l'Itsconsln, Pactflc, not rlng and regton ldentlflers' 7*2. Women. . f. (Aaa.ea) Nameplato (Blezer). &Lack r+'lth CAP crest, gr^ade furslgn{a and state e.rr roglon. Worm lrnedletel}, above the left breast pocket or above the erest ff tfra blaser has no pocket. Optlon f;r feroales: if tl.sre t.q not suffleient s1;ar:tif*r the naneplata to show on the Left breas., it nay be wor.n Ln a comsspondLng posltlon on the rlght. N0TE: In order tn;rt nayne badges can be usorl with other cl,rllLan attlre, only geographlcal ar,;,e ri-lI be usod, that ls, Wiscensln, Paclflc, not wlng and reglon ldentlfi-ons,







pletlon of the thlrd contract (wrtght hothers). the cadet w111 then have lhe optl-on of continuing to wear the junp* through the fourth contract (RlckenUacker) or woaring the basic service suLt uni-form. Upon completlon of the fourth contract, the cadet r*lll be roqulred to near the mlni-nmm basic unlfor:n, but the Junopsult may conttnue to be r*orn a3 an optl-onal utlllty uniform. thc Jr:mpsult wlll also be authorlrad as &n optlonal utlllt,.v lt om for aIL other cadets and senlor rnsmbers both male and fernale. These unlforos wiIL be aml"J-able through the bookstore Ln time fcr lmpS"ementatlon on Scpt" l, L976. Morc detalJ-s rlII be forthcoml-ng.
CAP Neffs, September 1976. Nev CAP Jurnpsult Now 0ptlonal Unlform. The new Clvtl Atr Patr.ol Junpsult rrtll be an OPTI0NI'L uniform whleh :na-v norrr by both cadets and senlor msrnbers for flylng actlvitleg or as an CFbe TI0NAL utlllty unlform, It was deslgned to be firncttonal aru{ at the same l,tme to pt'oJet:t a.1 ap*' peal:lng prbli.c lmage of Clvl1 ALr Patrol meobers 1n aetlon. Whl1e lt rray bo rorn es an OPTIONAL utlllty unlfor-m, lt wag not deslgnod as a 'tuork" unlfora and should ah*ays be kept clean, prossed, and in good :e*

Authorlzes New Junpsult. . . . A new speclal-desl"gn Jr::lpsult uniform has been authorized by Ctvll Alr Patrol's Natlonal ExecuLlvs Comnlttos. The JunpsulL wtll bo tha onl,y aut.horlzed unlform for new CAP cadcts .lolnlng after Aug" 31 , Ln6, thr.ouglr com-



The Jr:mpsult rmy al-so be authorlzed by the local- conrnander for wear b.1' cadets for cLassroon meettngs or spoclal prrrpose ac*-lrrlttes. $peelai prr;vrs€ actlvltles lncIude, but are not llmLted to, drlJ-Is, pa:'ades, toure of r:i-l"j'*' tary lnstal-latLons, m5.1ttar1y aj"rlLft, tmnnlng recrr.rl-ting booths, part5"c11** tlng in approved l\nd-ralslng actlvlttes, or aqy group sltuation rqliere th.': baslc servlco unl"forra is not mndatory. X'lTe Jurnpsult rril1 be amllable through the Crt"P Booksiclre fi.r',S-1"95" Thls prlce lncl-udes the CAP Cloth SaaI arvl CIYIL AIp-, PATRCL i,apo Nhtcir wi-]-r be already s6r{n on the garment and w111 also lncl,ude a wi"ng,pt,ch ar.d r,irfle* tape whtcir r*iil be sawn on by the mernber. Col-]ar in:s{gnla (mnbr*1ct*l'ijii r'*r senlore arrl nstal for cadets) nmst be prcha.oocl separateJ-y. 0rrler forms &ra Rolr belng prlnted and',rli] be dlstribut,ad tc alL trnli,s, Complete detsJ-ls wt1I be eovered Ln the new CAP unifort manual uhich is dr:e for dlstrlbutlon aarly nexL month,


!{lnutes, Natlonal Llnlfo:m Conrmlttee }teetlng, 10 Decenber 1976' j. . , it x*s the comrltteers r€commondatlon that Chapter 6 (of the nev unjfora mamral) concorr:lng vear of the Junpsult rlthout grade tnstgnta be ex* lxnded to lnclude cadeta uho do not meat the groomlng standards, (*rr:vrg the 90-day orientatlon phase the unLform ls optlonal, and cadets are not reqtlired to neet groomlqg standards. )
CAP HarmaL

Chapter 6

39-L, I January LflT. - Jurnpsrlts - ls raproduccd ln lts entlreiy on the ne:r* two pages,

C1vtl Alr Pairol Jumpsult -

Page 2

i )oa


cAPM 39.1




6-1. t!S.r1__l_S_.1_l-g-y_. 'fhe .1uttrpsuit is an optiorral uniform *'hich may' be 'worn by both cirdets anti senior memi;ers for flying activities or a.s an optlonal utility,rniforrn. lt was designed to bt: functional .urci rrt the san-re time to project an appealing public image of Civil Air Patrol members in irction. \Vhile it may be worn as an optional utility unifcrm, it was not designed as a "work" uniform anci should always be kept clean, presseci, ero in good repair. The jurnpsuit n-iay aiso i-re authorized by the local commander for wear b1'cadets for classroorn meetings o:'special purposes. Special purpose .rr-'tivities :nclucie, but are not limited to, cirills, 1,':lies, t.lurs.: .rf rnilitary installations, miiit.irv airlrft, nr.rnning recruiting booths, particii),lling lr') ap1;r'oved fund-raising activities, or' n_\'grou|; situ.rtion where lhe basic service ,rniforni is not l:r:itrdatory,

cutout oll the left collar. NOTii: Cloth collar devices are not authorized for cadets since the jumpsuit may be worn for other than utility purposes, and, in addition, the metal pin-on insignia greatly facilitates changing rank insignia as new grades are earned. (2) Seniors. Senior members will wear the grade insignia embroidered on a blue background on the right collar and the C.A.P. cutout embroidered on a blue background on the left collar. Senior members without grade will wear the cloth C.A.P. cutout on both collars.

f. Aviation Badge. Cadets will wear metal badges. Seniors will wear embroiderecl



frorl ihe marrirfacturer rr'ith the "CIVIL AIR i'}.,\'i'ilol-" clcih tape and cloth CAP seal sewn ,r.r . 1'he rvrng i-ratch arld clotlt narrre tape wil] be
prorirlr:d to l.le scwn on by the inclividual nrember.

I<;ng sie eves) and ltas an elastic gathered waist'lt,rnu r,,'ith velcro adjustments, front zipper, and rr left brr,ast pocket. The jumpsuit will come

-:. Descrri-rtion. l'l're,;urnpsuit is a bright rcliill uiue color, conlmrrcial style (short or

g. A communicator's patch or Nationai Ernergency Assistance Training (NEAT) patch may be worn centered on the left pocket. ('I'he member may wear one or the other, not both.) h. The Aerial 7 Radiologicai MoniLoring patch or an approved organlzational emblem may be worn on the right shoulder. (The member may wear one or the other, not both.) 6-5.

a. Any type plain black shoe, boot, or b. Black socks or neutral

i--i. ';l.'nere tne iunlpsuit_Can Be Purqhased. 'i'he jii rrrpsrrit is .i speci al manufacture item atailal;le only through the CAP bookstore. It c:rn be crrlered on snecial orie:'forrns avail-rt.:ie tr-r r,ll rnits" i--1. Authorizeri _ I)auqes grd Devicgs. For -,s:t,ls cf sl.rnrl:r,Jization anci r-r-niformlty, cnly ir, - :r i;:Cges irnd iievices listeci belorv wi ll be
., i:{

'!:r.'r: :1li the jllmpSUit:

c. Headgear. Flight cap or beret. In addition, wing commanders may authorize any type special headgear such as baseball caps, helmet liners, etc., for use in flying or special purpose activities. NOTE: Headgear is optionirl for female members except that the commander may specify headgear in those situations whercr uniformity is desired.
aJutergarments. Since lhe Jumpsuit is Air Patrol and isnotaUSAF clothing item, any tlpe cold weather outergarment may be worn.
uniquely Cirril

l,:rlCl: i)I. tht'



s lCr:vL, ,

,-r. "Cl\'lL,\iil ' :r tht i.;fi


l).\'Il{O1." tape


';. ii;lrtr t-.rilt c:r lhe right breast. :1" ,,lic.ti_ (_.\I) s|al above the name tape. '- li,: I:r-ig:.:.: (1) (lrr,.it:ts. (...r(iet.rirmen rvill wear iir,, :,irtrl .-rhevlcrr-,s or: tht r-igirt coilar: anci the rrjelri C..\.I). ,.,,:tout ln the ieft r:ollar. Cadet :.,ffi(jr-: ;s ,,"rli !vrll th{r rnlniature officer grade :rrsi;-nri:r on the right coillir and the met:rl C.A.P.

Groominq Standards. Senior rnembers not meeting military-style groorning standards are authorized to wear the jumpsuit; however, in such cases, military rank insigrria will not bc worn. The cloth C.A.P. cutout witl be worn on both collars by senior mernbers without grlcle and by senior members with grade who do not meet the grooming standards required for wear of the service uniform.



Alr Patrol Jumpsult -








CAP JumPsuit


Ctvtl Alr Patrol JunPcult Change

Page 4

)9-L, 9 Novcrnbot L7l7' p"i.F"pn-LJ" il;Jil Sdndards. Scnlor nenbers
1 to
CAP Manual

end ncnr cadcts

' ' '

L978' Hlnutcs, Natlornl Unlfor:n Courlttoc l{cetlng, 3 Harchthc CAP Junpault' T?ro dlscugslon about-vcar of B. Thore or. "orrperaure that thls unlCoamlttco op"""iia conce",l tfrat-itre p€op1c dldn't rcallzc an opttonal utlllty unlforil vas not "on"iaereA a scrvlee orriio'n. It lscvcrTonc should bc mdc afor:n or fllght unlform. thc counlttec falt that to partlclFBt! ln prbllc tmclncss ware that thls unlforu is not to b. ** rrll} prbllcLZc' meetlngs s,r"t *" the Nati.onal Boeld. t{8. 1'I11l18ns ras broughl op' colofor the Junpsult 9. The subJeqt of an undor gamontof I14!. icfgnt long slccvc turtle neck palle suggestcd that ssnencl dlsansal'on no "oJ svcater be autrroiGi"i;*-co"f-'c"tr'it'--lftcr Ionaldcraulc aanplc to the to brlng a declslon ,o" .*"t,oa" 0o1ono1 PaL}a tnhurtccrcd
Juno neettng.

HLnutasrllatlonalUnlforaComulttcaXacttngr2JuncLnS' 1lght'+rci-ght, 6. col"onel palka dtsplayod t.he cAF Junpsull_dth adccided that thts 8arsleevo shi.rt urdcrrraalh for consl.dcr{tlon. It ras authorlzcd. orc conlttcc ment roould glve addltlonal wernth and ahould bc corld nor be 1:'or,n undetemrl.nod that a iong-slcovod, dark b}ue turtle neck and rdIL not be stocked dor the Junpsult. thlse 1111 us of cormcrclal declgn l-n the bookstorau AprIt L979' -.ltlnutes, National Unlfor"ur conaai,ttea lrteetlng,ttt" rrcar of thc cAP Jr:npsult that the pollcy on7 . CoLonel Horse stat,ed gr?on+$.atsrdards needad to be standardlaod for n&abcrs ntt nectlnS-the rrag declded that nmcurTantly no potrlcy for cadets. It slnce thsre .oir" t-.a"t rras.;;i;;)-;Lt ,.ltr,re tla ,IT"1"F standatds rould wear the u* (no-CAP cutouts). J,npsult wl"ttr nittrlrrg'oo the co1lir

. --- L- the 6_5, d, I ron!-sr""rua, dark blue, turtle neck ghtrt nay be torn under
Henual 39-1,

I Aprl'} 1980'


nr{lttar7Standards, sonj-or nenbers and ncn cadcta not necttng tha Junpsult; however' jn to style groomlng standafils aro euthorlredCAF vcar r6IL not be lrontl' cutouts rsnk tnsJ.6nla and **"r." ;;;h


$lruj:es, Nat{ona} Unlform $r:m'lttCIo l{oetlng, 5 Decquber 1980' rcdlflrlng the i, Coronel Mcf,ormek br*'ugiit up r€yera} suigestlons conccrnlru getlsfectolT' T"."* t:mpsuit, fle fslt that th* cumcntly deslgnsd Junpsultasked l{r. Xopf to check -. :o Sr:.mi1tte* atx eod a:C aft*x' eonalder*ULi Atscil"llon .1.,: i :B FflssLbiffil" ef t*dtf3{"ng thc Jrunp'''l*t to lnclude such thtngs as Bp sort ane sllte-G tt" p:ekots" H" liles & 'se' askecl to chcck lnto soue


ofJo*pu*l-ttypeunifa:nst'i'"t'wouldbemorcpractlealfortonsn' !{i iutqs, I.iational Unlforro l,l.:mjil},n-l }{eettr,.J, 2S }krch 1981. g, l.{r, Kopf *JJrea the *oml"*'ie,.: that ths ':ext chlpuent o! Jumpsults rcu}d li*ve t.hs sLl-ts ln the pocket es roql6eted by the cmLttce ln Dccabcr'



l,[ational Unif*.,:":u []'::u:d:;tee Heot'L:g, 16 AprIt 1982' co].lar of the A" pr.oposal. to move *erij-{}?::ilaiL1:]otr gl!ea6'hsl{5nl}} f*T_the

6*elts r*1ll contl-nue to wear the grade on thc collar' C,i.P ldanual- 39-L, 1 Jarmar-v 1?8S, ---l -fil Senlors. se:rloi umbere rlIL voar regd-ar stze grade lnsitnia i-i.


to the "r.,"rr:-aur *o* *:.*J-;;;il


rlth policv)'

Clvll Alr Patrol Junpsult -



(cloth or plasttc) centered horlzontally on top of oaeh shoulder wlth bottom ed6e of lnslsnta placcd one-ha1f lnch fron shoulder seam. CAP cutouts rr11l not be Horn. (Jumpsults wlth J.nslgnla sewn on the collar nay be worn untl-l
no longer eervlccable. ) 64. Grooning Standards. Senlor mmbers and new cadets not moatlng m111ter:f-style grooralng and fitnoss standards are authorlzed to woar thc Junp-


CIvLI Al-r Patr.ol Insignla - Page 19


t,han 1O words per mlnuto ln fnterrrntlonal Morgc Code, and hold llaryLrlct,arl ltartlo Llcan;o or hlghor.



CAP fnstnrctlons, Supply 61 62t 10 Nov ll3 Unlforms. InsLsnla - CautLon agalnst Incorrect Wear 2. It h"s come to tte notloe of thLs Hoadquartors that somo CAP fllght personnel are wearlng modtflod AAF pllot l-nslgnta instead of the pllot and observer lnsignla destgned for Clvll Alr Patrol by the Offlce of the Qlarternuster General. This practice mrst be dlscontlnued lrruedlately.



, 2 December l9lr3, the follorllg Servtce Rlbbons for mombers of the Ckl]. ALr Patrol: a. Doscrlptlon of rlbbons: (I) RiUuons ),' lr, length and 1)" ln rldth of vhite wlth the Ctvll A1r Patrol 1-nslgnla funposcd ln the eanter ln natural colors. For rlbbons slgnlf:rlng 250 hours, unds ol rlbbon aro to have a 5fi6" greon stripe; fol rlbbons sf Enifyhs 5OO hours, the strlpe Ls to be r€d; for rlbbons signlfldng 1OOO hours, the strlPo ls to be blue. ' (il The rlbbons wl,lJ. be rror.:n by CAP mombars on CAP uniforns.ONlY and only one rlbbon w{ll be rrorr at one tlna. If a green rlbbon ls awarded, and subsequently a rod or a blue rlbbon ts arrarded, only the hlghest rankl-ng rlbThe War Departrnent-and Qrartorrnastor Gcnoral has appnoved
Meurorandrrrn 101

bon w-lll- be 'rom. (3) Tlmo comp:ted for sorvlcc rri1I NOT be restrlcted to flYlng tlmo, but w111 lncluda alJ" ACIUAL hours spent on CAP work. b. Awards to bo tude as follows: (1) 250 actual rrorklng hours rvlth onc y6ar nlnLmrm onllstment wlll be entliled to tha grean strlpcd rlbbon. (Z) 50O actual r*orklng hours w.lth a rnlnlmrn of elghteen months enIlstment wlll warrant ths rod strlpcd rLbbon. (-1) l0OO actual worktng hours rrlth a mlnlm:rn of tr*o years enllstment wlll .iustlf:r t,he blua rlbbon. Z, The above hours include actl"ve duty ser*rlce, aetlvo duty fHght servlce and actual worklng hours ln tho f1eld. 3, Perrnlsslr:n for wearlng thesa rlbbons 1111 be grairtod by the Wlng, Group Couuendor or Squadron Corsnanclers and a reconC of each rlbbon given out by alto. 62-12? by fllllng out CLP Fcrrn rmrst be sent l-n t,r: Nattonal Headquarters ','hicir will be kept rlth appllcant's Servlce RQcorrl . . . '

,;ti. Handbook, I9/+& Htij-tion (Southern Ellght)r 1 !'ebnrary 1941+ L9 Personrrel, APPcinf-mants appoint a i. I A Wing Cornrnander"r otr recorsnendatl-on of a unlt connnanderr maIthe officers' may wear ;rember in the t1tlo of fNSTRUCTOR. A member so appolnted also t.';pe unifcrm but r+il1 not woar inslgnla of officer grade u:rl-esg appointed wtII appolntments by the wing aB an offlcer pursuant to 18 and 19. Instnrctor tr only for members rfio are doctors, or hold a degree ln englneorlng, or hold a or gr^ound t,r:.icher,e cert,lficate issued by the State, or are certlf,Led as fllght offlcers have served as t:rstmctors by CR.,t, or hoi-d alrllne pllot ratings, or of the ;irsled forces of the Unlted States. 6Z Inslgnia I, I Fiouldgr sleeve embISn-CAP emblem wlth USr 2|"-diarneter, cloth; seff on 1efts1eeveofffia1"ments6c(ceptonArry1ssuedfLeece-1inedfLy1ng Jackets |" below shoulder seam.

Clvll Alr Patrol Inslgila 1. 11 Inptnrctsr--4n]y

Page 20

for- tnstmctors appolnted by Wlng Commanders pursuant whlto to (fg-f;f);-Th"-ahouldor aloove omblom (Si-f .1) wlth a hlgh; aaml-clrc1o trndorwear ln lleu of neath baarlng the word "INSTRUCTOR" ln red lettersr S/8" regular ernblem on all outer garments. .*vsvv',J v l+, 5 Lleutenant Colonel: SILver oak Ieaf. ll. 11. sloove rugclional Ins1sp19, optl-onaI, ?ltrp.d"""l*l! yly,"crf"!"l,lt.,lrn":*:l

;;Emna;ad!r,ombrolderod-onb1ug.tape]/B',*o:'andilbouL !".berow :1o"11:",:1"."1:-"111-:: ;iiT'i;;; i; ;1;;'r"i,tli":i7s;' i,rgn. -.wear o,rty tn place of Lhe wlng and pro-;ii;";"d;;;";, ro" Medical'offlcers ii.

96 CADETS, Supplv worn bv al-l Cadets as follows: b: i;ig"lt wiii tu 1 CAPg emblem, cloth: red 3-Utoa"O propellor on wlTlte trlang]-e on 2]' blue on dlsc, sarne as C,q.P emUlem wlth "USi'and with "CADET" added belor+ in red let't'ers and fleld Jackel, !" below the white background sewn on the left sleeve of shirt
above the 2 SIlver CAPC pln: 11' long ln letters 3/8".hlgh: ?rorn centeredthe pocket letters {" above the top of rlght shlrt pocket w-Ith the boLtom of the flap. a woven CAPC optional ln lleu of sl-lver, whLte letters on naqr blue, 2L" x rI" on a itr' with whtte 3*"cnrc cap enblem, croth: red 2-btaded propellerI" from the '"'I-ngs and half front' blue dlsc; seuTl on lhe loft slde of the garrl"on c*p, wey between the top and botLom of the cap' Resor"e in ), Ac sj-lver wlngs nny be worrn by raernbers of the AJ-r Corps Drllsted the buttonhole of the left shlrt pocket of the 0APC uniform. white on narrv b]-"le' a In lieu of the silvor wlngs, an oval cloth emblem, Z-t/lr,' x 2", is available to be esern on the left shlrt pocket' l+.-"Insignli for CAPC officers aro authorlzed as follow': Squadron ,Comsnder, SquadI fturctlonal tltles, cloth (5e-ff ) optlonal forw'van on blue fabric to be r.on Staff, and Fllght Leader, ,rtitu letteis !" trtgt'r centered |" balow the CAPC emblem. sel.Jn on the left "Iu"',r",- tdi-S) for grades prascrlbed in (91-7): khaki on r'*d 2 Cheronr,"li"if, way between the background same as prescrlbed for CAF, seun on both sleeves half shculder seam and the elbols. j"nslgnla axeepi' t'ne {ear 5" 0n cirrlllan ga:rnents, cAP Cadete wlll CAP" nc CAP cr CAFC groall lapel emblern (62-7) prescrlbed for
A-i.r Fa'troi vol" iII, No, 1], 28 Apri-t 19&/+ - ctvtl a golder: )-y:'e on 'l' bl1*k. unlts, BAND EmLEM-An ombl.em for members rr cnp i;and. fh., ti'lii Fi'f+'}t background, is now avail-able at 10f eac:h from I{arner woven La'nel the righL sl-eeve, 2' alrcvr-' t'hq" Ave., New York, N. Y. Thls emblem may be r+orn-on top of the cuff on lhe shirl or above the braid on Lhe office::s'l-'lr:use' GH-I29, 29 June 191+L - Natlonal Headquarters, clvil Al"r I'atrol Shtrt Collar and CaP Insignia author*z$ -le; 1. All cAp conrnissioned Jfflcers and uarrant offj-cers are herebysllve:' CAP wingsand the wear rank lnstgnla on the right slda of the shlrt' collar 1s and-propeller lnslgnla on the left sldo of the shl-rt coI1ar whenever the shtrtHorn as the outer garment of the CAP unlform' (ove:'* be worrr on the Z. The CAP plaln dlsk cap lnsigria is required toby a1)' enllsted garrlsonpersonnel' -Ih* by aIL personnel and Jn the servlce cap u"."i service cap by aI)".p CM wreathed dr;k' cap lnsignia 1s required tc be- ro'crn on the required to be wcrn inslgnla is .*arrant and f5ghl officerf . me Clp wlnged cap on the servlce cap Uy all comatssioned offlcers' cAP B1rl-letl-n

Civil Alr Patrol Insignla - Page 67 Monthl;r Brulletin Number t+, lg Aprl1 1953 of CAPR 19-) ' arrt'hor1"t'y 1,. Neor Rlbbon for Senl"or Msnu".tl- F.nir"g revlslon Rlbbon." Ellglblllty t: hereby granted for award. of "senlor Memiier Recmltor or eftor I January l-963' for awrrd wlII include recmrtrng-;ccompllshed on to senior members of Award of lhls rlbbon ney be rnade''by the unl-t comnander hls unit who quallfY as shown: recrulting sevgn-senlor members' Rlbbon--Awarded for for eacii addltlonal 10 senior members reBronze ci."flr*rded Inay !e cruited. (No more thin l+ bronze claspsof flfth issued') clasp for addltlonal' bronze in-lieu Silver Star--Ar,,arded addltlonal clasps have beon auarded; and-for eachthan flve 10 members after & bronze (No more ff"ut sllver star' 50 members recmited after "*"i of clasps wiIL not be worn with silver Bronze silver stars *, U" a',rarded.
GoldFropeller--Awardedb.vNatlonalHeadquartersuponrecorrnenda-50 of tion hy wfu.lg conunander ln lleu of a slxth sllver star upon recrultment will (Clasps or stars additional members after award of fifth sllvor star' nol be worn with gold ProPeller' ) Bronze clasp will be placed How Br.onze clasps are Rttactrea. The flrst on the rlght-inside blue on the left inside blue stripe. tt," second clasp The fourth on stripe. the ihird Bronze clasp on left outslde blue strlpe' rlght ouLside blue striPe' silver star will be positioned How sl]ver siars are Attached. The firsl onLhecenLerredslrlpe.ThesucondSl.lverStaronLheleftmid<l1ered and the fourth mlddle stripe. The thlrd Sl1ier Str" on-the rlght and the red stripe right outside the fifth on sllver Star on the l-eft outside rea strlf,e sLrrs,

red strlPe.

How+.heGoldPropellerisAttached.TheGoldPropellerwillbepositlonRlbbon. in the center ol tie senior Member RecmiterAngeles 1{, Callfornia, has adSouti.,-nroadray, Los i.iolf-Brown; ;;" ., Afi and other stores in vised that the ribbon wl1l be ""oiy for sttlpnrnent [o unlts two weeks.

four phases that are dosLgned to deyo,ng men and women tn lhe Ctvil" velop caref\r),Iy selected *na r,liiiiy-q*rrrred Air Patrol organlzat{cn. F'I}a:u I, urlentatlo,i: 'crv[ Air Patrol Leadershlp; and The four phases of lnstnrctlon in the program.are:ih.rse II, Aercspace Education;'-F,t;"; rg, Flias;e IV, AerosPace LeadershlP' th9-ceneral +' F' Currn phaso r, grlentati,on, irru"" ls one achlevement, of Civil Air I'atra1" ' ry Achievement, named. for the ii""t National Conrrnanderrequirement's and the ca. It is presented upon satiuf""toiy "o*pl"tion of the clet is appolnted to the grade of Cadet Baslc' Phasell,AerospaceEducation,is.gomrysed'ofslxachlevements:TheGet.C:ddard' the ,rral r{ap Annold, the General JilC'Doollttier.the Dr' }lobart H'Riekenbacker' the Capt' Ed'die ' A. Lidbergh, the Wrfgf'tt'irothersr-tld in any order' n',ay be completed achievemenLs'-in Phase Ii " fhe'',^rhen a *aut-completes all of Phase 1I req,irements-?"9. iLtends a surdner encampnentorapprovedsubstituteactivity,he.beconeseligib}efo:.theGeneral promotion to ihe tsil}y l,trtchell Awald, the cAP Certificate- or Proficiency and grade of Cadet l'{aster Sergoant' phase IIIr;iril Alr"Patro] Leadershlp, conslsts of eight achievements' conpletion of any one r+hlch may be completed irr any o.a"r. upon satlsfactory the Srade of Cadet 2nd Lt" achievernenl tn Phase III, cadei;-.;; promoted lo
The new cAP Cadet Program includes

'fi-nes, Decernber 1963.

Civr1 .{ir Palrol Insignia - Page


Upon satisfacLory cornpletion of any four achievements in Phase lII snd lhe satisfaction of other prescrlbed requlrelnents, the cadot. rocoivo:r Liio Amelia Earhart Award and ls promoted to the grade of Cadet }st, Lt., if this

ppade has not been attained previously. The General Carl A. Spaatz Ar+ard is glven for completlon of aI1 requlr€rnents ln Phase Iff . Phase IV, Aerospace Loadershlp, ls the firnl phase of the new progran. fhe Fal-con Arrrard, highest auard glven j-n the eadet program, is presented for satlsfactory completion of Phase IV. Leadershlp Shoulder Insignl-a for Cadel Non-Con"s: Fllght Serge.rnt, First Sergoant, Acadernlc Sergeant, Adminlstratlve Asslstant, Squad, Guldon Bearer, and Color Guard. Shoulder Inslgnla as pictured ,^1111 be worn by cadets gnder the new cadet program when it becomes nendatory J,,r1y 1, 1961+" Squadron corriunders may order these insignia frrcm Natlonal lleadquarters. ShouLder Boards, like those pictured, w'111 identlfy cadet offlcers ln the new CAP Cadel Program. The Boards wil-l be official grade insignia fr:r al-l- cadet uniforms and ney be worn onJ.y by quallfied cadets 'a&o have cornpl"eted one achlevement in Phase IIf and sueeossfully passed the CAP Cadet, Leiidership Ex-amination. The Boards ntry be prrchased from Natlona1 Headquarters any limo afNeir



The Falcon Arvard F"ibbon and l,ledal are




l,tirrutes, IILC Meetj-ng, 5 Decernber L963. ],lembers of the I':ational Executive Connlttee agreed Lhe:re rdas a ceiin;-le rieed for a Master 0bserver raling in Civjl- Air Patroi.

Civii Alr Patrol iieg-ulali-.or: 19-?, fl' lilarcir 1')/-i," 2. CAP Awards: a. The r:redals anC ribh,ons which mai"ne,r'*n:'ded are ltsi:ell belal+ i:nci ill,r:strated in attnehrnenl 1: Dec..:ra!ion, (iL::.1 .:jl-e:rrLdr:r-") *:::1 L:!g-13s (worn in o:",:l ,::_S-*j:y!
Silve r I,1 edal oI \ralor B ronze lv{edai of Vaior Distingui g hed Service r\ward Excepti..>nal. Service Award Me rltorii:ue Se:'vicc Award ljnit Citatir:n A'*,ard (for unrts) -;nit Crtatiorr Awarcl F.ibtron i1'or rndiviri'.raigl

Ceneral Bi).1y M:tchtll Awari I{ibbt:n Anreli a. Ii arlrart A',r,:r:"<i Ribb,in Ceneral Cari A. Spaatz Award Ribi:on
Falc i;n
y'owa r

d F-ibl:,;r:

,. :ervrce ,i).itr'cors (ltjcrn in orcle:" e;lrneil
.{lr )iea:'ch ancl F.eecL.te F-ibbcn Ileri Se r.rice il.rbbon Whlt.e Servrce ilil;bon B i re i€ rvice i'-:h'.r'-'r. ') rg ar": ze r I{:bt:or^. CaCre Rit:bon Cadet Aivisory Cor.r:'icil Ribbon Cadet F,ecruiter 11 ibbor: Senicr F.ecruiter Ribbon ECi i ra:ninq F-i;rbon zrw2rC Ba.'.Pes Solo B adge Aw'a: cl Ste*'ardes s B:idqe Arvard

achievernent lri,ibt-'on,r (ivci::r:' t,,6:rrier e:1 :'r).r'li Ceneral J. ;:. Cur:y Achievernent Ri'lbi:,n General !-Iap Arnoirl Achievement Itibl:c:: Cerieral Ji:::my Doc:i1.tle l"chiever:'!€nt R:ll,c:-, Dr" iicbert l{, Codr.,}r1j /rcjr:.ever*ent ii:LL:i-:: Charies A, Lind'oergh A.cLieve-:ent F.rt,ioi: C aptain Ed,die F.ickenbiu cke r .r\chi eveme nt Ribbon Wrighf B rothe:* Achie,ver-:rent Rilbr-n
c tivi t y Ri!! o n elyg:3*'jlgj:i-:i l"91i) I{ational. Drill }iibbon Special "4,ctivitiea Ribi:on Encampment Ribbcn {for aeniors oniyi International Exchange Ribbon Cirls Exchange P.ibbon Jet Orientation Courae (JOC) Rir:bon Aerospace Age Orientation Cr-ruree (.ti.-,:.OC ) Ribbon Space Age Orientation Course (SAOCi F.ibbc,n F-AA Orientati*n C curs e (Ij'AAOC ) Ilii.rborr

Civl I Alr Pat rol fnslgnla - Page


IJecr:r;rt,lorrs r Rlbbons, and lladges that May Be Awarded and |Jorn on the CAP ljniform. 4. . (l;ervlco and a ch l.evemant rlhtron s e.r rnod wlr11e rl crrd et' will nol be worn b;,r senlor mernbers: however, lf earned, Lile Milchell , Earhart, Spaalz, and Falcon Ar^rard Rlbbons, as well as one activit:r ribbon nrr;r be worn. ) 1/,. illgibilily crlleria for Arirard and Achievement Rj-bbons:Lhose former a. i-alcon Award lllbbon. I'hls aurard ls glven onl.y Lo


the cadets who have achieved the highest accornpllshments posslble wlLhln Ato become a dynamlc cAP Cadet Program and taken the subsequent steps merican and Aerospace Leader. This ar.rard is authorlzed only by Natlonal Headquarters and is glven Lo those cadets who have completed all of the served ."qrirurunts speclffla U CAPR 5O-5, achieved. the Spaatz Award,fol]gwin8: one gf the ln the Cadet Honor Cadre, and accompllsbed atJeast and successfully (rl secured uarniffidsmy cornpleLed the second )'oar of lnstmction' (Z) Secured admls"ton io advance ALr Force IOTC ln an accredlted

college or unlversltlr. (: ) Become an aetive senlor member of CAP and be recommended by the unit conrnander. b. other Award and Achi.ovement Ribbons. these ribbons are awarded to denote the level of achlevement In the cadet program as descrlbed ln
CAPR 50-6.

(1) General J. F. C,rry Achievenent Rlbbon. Successful completton of all Phase I requirements. (Z) General Hap Arnold Achievement Ribbon. Successful comple+.l-on of the specific requlrements ln Phase II llsted for thls achlevement' (l) "General Jlmnv Doolltt1e Achlevement Rlbbon. Successful compleLlon of the specifj.c requlrements ln Phase fI llsted for Lhls achteve(fr) Dr. Robert H. Goddard Achiavement Rlbbon. Stlccessful complefion of the speclflc requirements in Phase II listed for thls achievenenl.


(5) Charles A. Llndbergl LchlevemenL Rl-bbon. Successful compler.ion of Lhe specific requirements itr Phase II listed for th'is aelievemeni' (e) 'Captairr ndafe Rickenbacker Achievement Rlbbon. Successful complet,ion of thl specific requlrements in Phase I1 listed for il:is aehievement. (Z) Wright Brothers Achievement Ribbon, Successf,:1 cornpl-etion uf rire specific requirements in Fhase II l.lsted for this achieve'rent" igl Oeneral Bill-rr Mitchel-l Auard. Rj.bbor:. Successful :ompl':Lion of llas,: I, "rhe stx achl-evements of Phaso II, ''Operation Coun|ri,.-.'r/:r," ail enc:":.npnenl, and possessJ.on of General Elil-y l,titcnlff Ar^rard Certifj-cate iCe:'He'rd".lf1cale of Proftclency). Cerblfied and ar,ranied only by Nat,lonal nrr,. F't 6tc (9) Amelia Earhart Ar,,ra.rd Ribbon. Success{tl compleLion of tho ij. . ific requirements 1n Phase III. Certlfied anci awaried only by liaflonal Headquarlors. ^ (fO) General CarI A. Spaatz Amrd Ribbon, Su.ccessful compleLion c. ijnases I, iI, and III, and other requl-renents llsted for thls awar'd ln CAPR 50-6. Certlfied and ar^rarded only by National Headquarters. 15. Criterla for Award. of Servlce Rlbbons: a. Air Soarch and Rescue Ribbon. . . . the Air Search and 3) Combined Participatlon, A member who earrrs an aircrew member ldentifles himself as Reseue Ribbon as an alrcrew member, same indi1:tr na.ring the bronze propeller attachod to the rlbbon. ff this

20 years, noL necessarily consecutlve, g. Cadet Advisorlr Councll Rlbbon. Awarded b;i r.egion or uing comrurnrjers to cadet officers who have partlclpated as a msmber of twa or more Cadet Acivtsorl,r Counell meetl"ngs, ireld a+- eltiter wlng or regl_on" h" Cadet Recn:iter i?lbbon. A'x-.lrCed l:,,.' u, ru"rtt com;rs.t,rl er ic.lny clCet lr: his unit whose efforts are sliccessful- in recrtrltLng two ner.: qualil'ied senic:. cr cadet rnenbers for his r:nli, A cadet whc hae aarl:iixi the Cririrt, iiecr,lil,e;, Rllrbon,.rill be awarded a bronze slasp ft_.r on +-ir r: iiecrrtile:;,Rii;i:on fo:. each aridllional- twc members recnti.tecl ,

Clvil Alr Palrol Instgnla - Page ?O vldual earns clasps as a ground member of searches or rnlsslons, he ls aulhortzed Lo attach the clasps to lhe same rlbbon wl-th the bronze propeiler. This applles also to the lndlvidrral who lnltlaI1y earnod the Atr Sjaar-ch ancl Rescue ftlbtron as a member of a ground search party and at some later ciate partlclpat,es ln enough searches as ar) aircrew member; he j-s then;rrri:hor1.zed tc attacn the brcnze propeller to the ribbon. The flrst clasp, when arvarded to;r mernber with:r bronze propeller a1r*rd..r on ths rlbl.on, i.s placed ln thq mlddle of the wa'Yer's lefL-hand slcie oI'Lhe rlbbon bet,weelr t.lre edgcr:rnd tl;r: propeller: the seconC, on lhe opposlte side ln lire same pcsrt.icn" AC,Clllona1 clasps are placed so lhat the ribbcn w1I1 have a balanced appearilnce until a silver clasp replaces flve bronze clasps. h. Reci Sorvlco illhbon. Ar^rarded I'or 5C)C horirs ()f /rcL.ivr" trrirl,ir:11vit. lr.,ir ln CAP acllviLies and 2;,'ear.s as a senlor rnember in goorl st,inrjin6l . c. ;rhite Service R.ibbon" Awarded for 11000 hours of active urrticipr+-ion 1n CAF ac+-l-vities anri & years as a senlor mernber in gcori stanriing. d. F:}ue Service Ritibon. (1) Awarded for 2rO0O hours of actlve pnrtlcipatlon ln CAP activlties and 6;rears as a senior nember i:r good stanaing, A bronz* clasp is awarded for each additlonal 500 hours, plus 2 years additlonal, rnenbershi-p" A sj-lver clasp is worn ln place of fi-ve bronze clasps. T.he toLel service neecl not be consecutive :,, (Z) T\^rent;r-Year Servlce Devl.ce. To denote 20 service in CAP, gold-color, netal , Lf tr-inch nunerals "&" are ,nrorn in the cent,e:" rf tlie Bl.ue Servl-ce Ribcon, Th.ese numerals wiL1. replace all siJ-ver and bronze ciaeps cn this rlirtron. To quallfy, the nenber mrrsl have servetl ln cr.P fcr a L:Le.l oi

:,* l,pe,-:i,r) 11r:t,ivi1.irr,: i?-ibi.,:;t-i, lwirde'l fcr^ crr;r-L*+-i,,:i,..,{'EF{nc-Lri.l_ r:rLli.:.,:s )r p"ay t'):1is 11",'- it-, i. warig rrg1. Cl:.iter r,,'i*rt r:Or:er"gcj i: th j.r ',icl,t, in"lil Cl, :,t.,,..: l;een ;llPloved i,;,'- ItaLional- ilardquartero lr::i i,hj-s a.orarci. {i]c ,rbi-ain ;;.p;.p'q l . rerf;iee1,'ts,'l t-i- i'tl1 ruL"l i:ie c, f ;rroAriin,.ind rtl rscrlpfic,n of ar:ti..d-li+:s :n.rsr_ l,;- iiti-^ warded thr<;ugi i cir;'nneis to l,iaLicnal !"learJqu::.t,ers" ) c. Incamlrnent Ribban. .a.'rlardd, to senicr mr:mbers oni-;r i'or.s,li,isf;icLr;rr:,ion c-f ,ln encannmenL as a member of an encarnprent sta:';'" e, Gjr.l: Ixchange Ribbon, Cornplet,ion of a vj.slt as a ferple e:rd.eL or senio:'esccri on gir)-s' exchange between wings or::aglole Lhat, ha.,"e been forrm'llv established and operai:ed b:,'r^'i.ngs or regions. Otiier visits b;r iriciividuals or groups of members outsj-de thoir win5l whieh are not, a p,art oi a wing or region officlallv establl-shed girls' exchenge program do not qualify for thi-s ribbcn. l"lenbers provLousl), aw&rd.ed. the Inlernatj.cnal itrchange Ritbon for a gi-rls ' exehan6le p]:ogram wILI wear t"he Girls Excirari;"r: tr?ibbon j-nstmd. g. Aerospace Age Ori-entation Course (UOC) Bibl:r:n. par+-icirratlon as a

cf hi." uni-l whcse efforL-q are sltccessful in:.ecn:it,j,rifi stireo nF]rr.rlut,.,r,-i-{'ied senior q! caCet mernhers for the mern}:ersiij-rr unj-l . . 1"6" Crlier"ii-?ffE="a of Activit,rl iiil-'n.,ns .nC t-1a.ii,g.,r::r . I'jatian;1 ).*1i1 H1':,1-'c;n. Ar,nrieci fr.,:' :r*rt:-cipat -i;,r: ,{: rir* rlAP ii;r 1',:,, r .ai Drii-i lompet,i.+,ion as ;]. i,.ean nen'],.'r, ilrili. i:lstnretrrr, i:"cc;^t,r cl, nr:r,.li:qi* r r' l.latir.';rr, l lr j"_l I 2Tit:;anynnent. :itri i'j'"
: F-: ,."


;lenior BecruiLer Rlbbon"

A'nrarcied b.,'

:r :urii,





Civil Air Patrol Insignla - Page 7l cadet or escort jrr the Aerospace Age Orlentation Course. (ftls course uras forrnor1 .'/ cal l-ecl tlre .Iet Ago Orlentatlon Cource. ) J. Slolo lhdge AwanC. The Solo Badge rnay be awarrled by any unlt comrnnder to any cadet or senlor member who has ochtblted satisfactory evi.dence that he has soloed an airplane or a gllder, but lt w111 not bo r+orn by any mernber who possesses a CAP aeronautical rating of Comnand Pil-ot, Senlor Pilot, Pl1ot, Senlor Observer, or Observer. tho badgo wlIL be worn ln the sarme p.:sition on the uniform as a CAP aeronautlcal badge. the Solo Badge does nol entitle the wearer to any speclal benefits or rating, and it does not constitute an aeronautical rating. k. steu'ardess Badge Award. The ster'rardoss Badge rrur.v be awzrrrled any fom}e cadet who successfully completes a Stewardess Course. To quallfy, the course rm:st be sponsored by a rocognlzed alrllne and approved b;t Natl-ornl Headquarters as a special activity, The Ster.erdess Badge wil-l not be worn lf 1,he cadet holds any CAP aeronautical rating. Wing conmranders are authorlzed Lo award fhls badge to any cadet meeting the requlrements of thls paragraph, The badge w111 be worn in the same position on the uniform as a CAP aeronautlca1 badge. The Stewardess Badge does not entitle the woarer to an.y speclal benefits or raLing, and it does not constltute an aeronaut,ical rating. Page Ly of Attachment 1 - Obsolete Rlbbons: Effectlve wlth date of thls reguIaLion, lhese rlbbons m&lr no longer be awarded. Indivlduals previously awarrled these rlbbons may continue to wear them: BIue, l,Ihite and Red Cadel T\einlng Rlbbons, Intenratlonal Dr{1l Rlbbon, Certificate of Proficiency Ribbon.

Monthly Br-r]-Ietln No. 5, 15 May 1961+, 5, Model Rocketry in CAP. Natlonal Headquarters has recently received several lnqglrles concerrrlng CAP's rocketry programc At the present tlme, CAP does not have a model rocketry program. A pr.ogram of thls type ls in the prellnlnary stage, but 1t will be some time before it ls I\r1ly developed. As eoon as a sound, workable, and professional nodel rocketry program ls devised and offi-ciaJ-ly adopted, aI[ unlts will be advl-sed.

Honthly Br-rlletin No. 3p 19 March 1955. l. CAP SeaI Authorized for use on Wlng Stationery" CA|R 900-1 states that the Civj-l- Air Patrol- seal ney be used on "Stationery of the lia';ional Boani, Nalional. Sreeutj-ve Conrnlttee, natlonal coflnlitteos, Natiorral Headquart":rr, anrl Regi-on He.adquarters." this paragraph of CAPR 900-1 ls hereb;r an:ctided to permit the use of the seal on Wi:rg Headquarters statlcnery. This wi.rlbe i-ncorp"::'attd in tha reg.llation upon revision. A1I conce.'n':d. should ensure that CAP stati-onery is not used for any correspondence r-:lher than gi..
f ic




Operations ancl Safet;7 Bulletin No. 7, July 1965. ){ew Dnergency -services Patch. l,iost of you have prcbabl.y noticed the "unorthodcx" &nergency Services Patch r^rhich appears c,n the heading of this tsulletin. This patch has been selected ,is lhe new $nergency Serwices Patch and shor:.]-d become available ln the near f'uture. (See CAP times, August 1956.)

givil Air P:rtrol Irrslqnj;:" Monlhl;,,



11, 19 lioverniror 7965. Rlt;trons. Wlng Soarlng I}1s;rmf,merrt I11l')lluns &ro avallable aL the l,laLlonal He,rdqu;rrtars Bookstore. These ribbons se}l fcr

hrl leljn '). 'di19 l)oarlng
2Ol, each.

Monthlv Rul-Ietin llru,rber I, 20 January 1966. 11. Speclai Ar^aris Rlbbons Avallable at Bookstore. a. The new Senior Me;"nber Incentlve Awards Systern authorizes the incrrnbents of the posiiions shor.rn ln lhe fcl-lowing L-ible Lo w*lr f;he Speci;ri Awards Ribbon urith t,he prescribod attechmenLs:

*Roglon.r-l Con"J'*rIlCsr' ;rnd l'lliC Mernbers 3pecial A'"r-rr-ris Ribbon wlTnree Sllver St-ers +{-Chalri:ran and ViceChairm.:rlr of l'la ti"crn i Ilcarc xi';rsL wing :inri reglonal corrsnders and members of 'uhe l'iiiC are -uLhr.,rizs:i t,r; waar Lhls rii-'borr. -t-,,PrL",t- Chair:r.eri of 'Lhe l'latior"el Board ,tre authcrrl.zed lo w,aar ihis
ri , l-,,,.

s Ribbo n Awzirds Ribbon w/Bronze Star S;reciaiSpecral Awards Ribbon w/Sl1ver Star Special A',rards Rlbbon wiT'uo Sl1r'er Stars




r-rln coinrnr nd e rs Group Comnanders


'lhe ')1rr:cii.- A'xrr<1 s ir'l-t'bon l.s woI-1 I a: foLlows: (- ) :;:-L_,..., in4 rpe,li;r. I A..r.-injg .Q.ib::on naY i--e wofli, t,i:e i;n'; l-ecr-tT j -.,i*- rr- ni,q.r'f.pqr, ,rx..:riI.:,'ir heLr: (Ircr ti:e i:sL abcve). I''il' oxampi:: , ir rjirli: -.),--.-F wnc.bec;rnte tlre regicnal Ceputy conrnancier wcrrlri ccnl-'i-nue to wa,: rcr,r-ra1ie;: t"he wing c'on,n'inCt r's ribhcn, ltr:t :r wil:g cc':rrrlander whr> becane a i^egiot'"-i- ':i':'* nrnder wil:lrj w*rr cnl_-; Lhr: corinttlnderts ribtron. (:l) Att;"cl:lelrts iire cenf,erod in the biue are.e of ""he riL'hon, r)'l'i lhe rihbon is; wor-ir irl relation l<; ot,her ri.btrons .i.s ioiiour: (, ) l f one ribbc-.1 :.s 1rr lni; r'ow of +lr^nerJ ribbon:, t,he +'nat e'arr"eiL.rtbh'onr:nd both are A'.r.r111 s: Pirbc:l is 1-l]3".6 nexl 1'c Special cr:nr-ered on Lhs icp row" (Speclal Awards F-l-bbcn u;ij'j i-re Lc w&:i'el''': rj-ght'",' (U) If L'*"o r1bbons ai"e j.l the f;cp roo* ;l ea:::l'+rj :'i.bbons , L)re A'.rarcls Ribbon is tcrzr ceni',ered sbove the:le. S;ecral (. ) if th:-ee rlbbons are i n t,he t-cp I'.w of e'r rn+.d ribbon:. tir e Speci.;ri,A.u4rds Rli:bon j-s'^'orn eenLered abot;e r'hese. ; . i-.precral A16rds Rlbbon= sel-1" for 2C f each. ilr:,:, I if :ierl se nlcr rrerr* rri]/ criier,spprcri-rruite,'ho::s lrcrn t,he llailoiurl He;,jcuari,il:^s^s l-',i-l-':; 'lrcrn ccliTrin-' .;l,c;re " . " jl}ie .iirrro" roqulreil ,:rr:C ihe Cr.F posliion nelr'i ri :rn.i: "'r?ioani :!pi{:'; ,)er , -"tlr.4 corn;lnCer, NEC nembar, ei:e, ) he entersi :.
..* t ;6 .. ^A hf.'m

Civil Air Palrol ileEalati.on -?!?-3 , 22 June ]?56. 3. Decorations, ir,ibbons, and Badges Ttiat, lIa.'",'Ile Auardc* arid i"o,irrr: on t,he [.AF' Unifo rrn: : i'rri'.- dcecrat,ior] itr ri'r,i)ci: ..lesrc:lbed herei:: and an;i de'-:i::"alinn n: ri':r1on frev-iorisl-., aut,l:o:"i zed i,'r l\laf i.-'ri..1 iiearlquartors that ha s been awzrrded

j. mel:tljet- 5ir1r ie 1{(arrr . (;ir;rvlci-:,'rnil.,:ichj-e.;enent rj-}iborir: earnerrj uhl"l-e a cadetwitrl no*. be r,'orn'Lt1- senior nlembersl horre./r:r, if earned.. r;lie l'ti.t,c, e),I , rnrhart, SpaaLz, and Fal-con Award Ribbons, as well as one activi.ii':"lbbon narr Ue *orn. ) D""ortLions, awards, ribboirs, i,ind eertificates p'ret'icusl-.-r' aiithorizeri 'cul not described i-n lhis regmlation, i-nciudlng CAP '.ra:'ti"ne serYt{re rib:cr,s, re,r not he awarded after" lhe date r:f thl-s regula+"5-i;n'

Civll A1r Patrol Inslgnla ' Page 7) L5. Criterta for Award of Senlor Program R:Lbbons: ,.r. CAI, Momhorsirlp Award Rlbhon. Pass the Phase ff Flraminatlon nncl completo a recognizetl ftrst ald courso, ' b. CAP ECI A'*ard Rlbbon. Complete ECI Course 7C, tncludi-:rg passlng the CAP test on Drlll and Ceremoni-es. c. LeadershiP Auard: (1) I}lslc Rlbbon. Complete all_ tratnlng proscribecl ln tho rIp[)rt"* priate staff poritlon study 6.rlde and flIL a staff officer position I year tin tilu grade of second lLeutenant)' To Be Worn on the Baslc Rlbbon. Com-' \+.. -'- 'iZj Bronze St^a.r Attachment p}et,e a1l Lralnlrrg pru"crlbed in the approprJ.ato staff pnsltlon studlr Suldo officer positttn 2 years (fn tne grade of first lleu* and fill a SECOND "Lff tenant). (3) Silver Star Attachment To Be Worn on the Baslc Rlbbon, Replaclng the Bronze Star: (") Complete aIL tralnlng prescrlbed ln the approprlate comyears (tn ttre grade rnand posltlon study gulde and f111 a COlrynlto position 2 of captaln); 98., ' -fb) form a new CAP unlt and serve as its corrnander for 3 consecuf-ive years. (NOfgt In thls sltuatlonr.the basic leadershlp r1-bbon is presented with the sll-ver star attachment' ) d. AerosPace Auard: (1) iUsic Rlbbon. Attend one wlng or regional conference ln 2 years, pass the Aerospace Doctrine D<amlnatlon, hold the senlor momber certlftcale prlor U* of Proficlencl, (which requires attendance at a CAF encampnent orSclroo1"" S. 0ffleer militar:r service), and complete ECI Course 2, "Squadron Lwc (e) first konze Star To Be Worrr on the Basic Rlbbon. Attend(llvs professional reading w-ing or reglonal conferences ln d, years, complete Col1ege." frooiu), +----"" "ni conplele ECI Course l, "Alr--Conrnand and StaffRlbbon. Attend three on the Basic (il Slcond Brnnze Star To Be Worn or regic,na)- eonferences ln 5 years and eomplete trlcl cor:rse d, "Alv l{ar wing
Awairi ;. O111 Robb Wilson Arnrard Rtbbon. Attatn the Fhase IV Leader:shlpmajor) (whlch lncludes achlevlng the grade of wlth the silver sf,ar attachment anfl atlain the AerostrE.ce Awar{ Ribbon with the first bronze star at'tacirncnt' f . Itrational Co:rmanderrs Cltatlon Rlbbon. Attaln the Gi"l-i Robb i'jjisen Ar,,*rd iwhtch i:rcl,rdes achieving the grade of lieutenant eolonell', atta"r th'* the Indusi'rlsecond bronze s+*ar tc the Aerospace Award Rlbbon, and-compI9r-: course I'E,.'onofili':, oi'Nar':.cI"i al. {lo1}ese of the Armed Forces "o""u"pondence Securit."r. " L7. Crlterla fr,r A''*ar-d of Aetlvity Rtbbons and Badges: a cadeL or arl escor'1. a. Interrrational kchange Ribbon. Particlpate as in the International Alr Cadet Exchange outside the contLnental llmits of ihe

College. "

United States. b. Natlonal CAP Sumner Flylng &rcampnent R'!bbon: (f )- mf" ribbon is ainarded by Natlorel Hoadqparters to cadets whc eomnlete a National CAP Surwner Elylng Drcampnent, a8 follows: (r) Basi.c Ribbon. Attend and complete a Natlonal CAF Sunmrer Flying Encampnent, elther sailplana or slngle-engl-ne aLrp1ane. ' (U)' Baslc Rlbbon wtth One Sllver Star Attachment. Attend a::d complete a CAP Natlonal Sumner Elf'j-ng E:campnent and achieve the FAA prirnte slider nilol's license at the encampment. I (. (") Bastc Rlbbon wlth 1\ro Silver Star Attachmemts" Attend and complete a CAF National Sunomer Flying Encampment a:rd achieve the FAA prirate piloi's license at the eneampnent.

Clvlt Alr Patro1 Inslgnla - Page 7ll (Z) If a cadet who iras recetved the basic ribbon w'ith attachment(s) a"'tends a seconci CAP encamprnent and earns the olher prlvate pilot ratlng at that encampnent,LhestarorstarsareremovedfromthebaslcrlLlbonandabronzec}*sp is worrr centered on lhe ribbon, g. P,egionfr/tng Fl-ying Er:,camprnent. Rlbbon: (I) Tnls ribbon is awarCeci b;,. the regicnal or wing comtTnrrder to caCets #lro complete a rogional op wing f]ldng eneamp,-rent, as follows: (") Basic Rj-bbon" Ai;tend antl eomplete a reglona)- or wlng flr'i.' ' encampnent (sailplane or airplane). (U) Basic liibbon and One Si-Lver Star Attachment. Attend and com* plete a regiona] or wlng flying pneamfnnrlnl and achieve ths FAA private glider pil<ltts llconse aL the encarnpinent. (") Basic Ribbon and T\so Sjl-ver Sta.r At,Lachments. AtLenC and ccmplele a regionai cr wlng flylng encamirneni anC achieve the i'AA privale piiot's licefise at lhe encamprnent. (Z) If a cadel who has:"ecel.recl the b*rsj-c ribbon wjttr att-rchment(s) a't,/ a second regional or wjng fli.lng encampment and earns Lhr-' c-it.her prlvale tends p1lot ratlng, Lhe star or stars are remo"/eci frcm the ttasie rJ-bbon and a bronze e)-asp ls worn centered on the ribbon. 18. Crlteria for Ar,rard of Servics Rlbbr:ns: a. 11asni-)/-Yoary T*enty-Flve Year, and 1'l-rlrty-Year" Ijervlce Devlces. l'o de* ncte 20, 2J, or 30 vears' service ln Civil Alr Patrol, the gold-ccloreci, rnet^a}, l/A-incir nunerals ''20r" "?-5r" or "l0r" as apprcpriate, are worn in thtl ""tis]'of ihe Blue Service P.ibbon. These nu.inetriil.s w11.1 replace all sllver and brcnze cl-as;s on t,he ribbon. To quallf;,', tl:e me.mbeir mirsi have servd tn Ciwil riir Patro1 t'ire stated number cf yrears, not necesserlly eonseet:tiveIy. f. Cadet Advlsor.-r Council- Rlbi:cn. A-*arderi b;r regional or wtng comnranriers lo cadet officers who have pa:.tictpaled as a member of two or more Cadet Advisor.i' Councll meetings, held al ej-ther wing or" region" i-ip to three bronza stars are auihorized for participatlon ei r"egir:n::l *onfelences, one star for every two conferences at,tanded.

2 t,o 0ivi} Air I'at,rcl Regulai;lct:l ',7-'i, 2.2 ivrte 1,16i,, is reproCr.tced on the neXt F>lge. "lt gives e ar:.&ngernr+;rl, r:f rii:'ocrl,"; flt' bo+".h cadet s ;rrirl senl<-'i


tirnes, AuPSrst, l-9o0. A ns* em{rrgencj,, se:-vi*es *nbj-en wils ,l,ppi-"cvxJ b;' t,hc ii:r::j-r)i).i:l m}l4rri1:t,j"ve .,,r,,it.-ee (liIC)"rt l.:s neei.i-yig in CtJ-i'':'adn I1'r':-::;;-r held i5 i:'':':.1'rn:t'icr; *iti: 1:r:, Rocky Mctmvr-in l;leglcn *cY-;1'{1r'ci;ij :i, , l'* The tiew iatci: l+ar: l:-n,.ri"ti,l'ii,;ils1"r .:,rir.'r,L*3rl i.-;iii w:i.,1.-l- i:icf ual j'2,*l.t r'r aiI. c:-afl r;he ;rr:,":,, i..he p* i'ch wi.i-.i i.t-i liso s " arid for on liie ernblen" Asi ir '.:'lne a smirlier ';;ne Lo 'Dr+ w'::'li orl (:he car tire breast pockel and At the prerrio,.rs r-,ieeling ai'Lhe llfr{r a:: i:iier{en/iy services;x*1:en lrzs p:"oposal but lne cotmtl-ttee reeomnet'id.ed ehan;g*s ilr the oes167',,

Clvl-I Alr Patro1 Inslpgrla - Paga
AttachmenL 2 Lo


Ctvil Air Patrol Regulatlon 394, 22 Jvne 1965.






Srl,,'cr l\{t'ciirl of Va}ot l(itrl'r'ln Ilronze Nletlal of Valor Ilibbon tJrstingtrished Servir:e Aultrd RibIrcn l',xcepiional Servictr,\u'irt'cl ltrbbon
\'1 r:rtlorious Service ltrvalri llibt'rcn t..lnit Cilalron Arvarci Ilibbotr

(1. S. Milltary f)ecorations antl Riblrtns (\\'ot'n in ortlet' of Precedence)
Silver Medal of Valor Itibbon Bronze Medal of Valor llibbon DistinguLshed Service .{ward ilibbon Eilreptlonrl Servicc,'\wrtld ltll-rl'xrn Meritorious Service Award Ribbon Unit Citatton Award Ribbon
Speclal Award Ribbon National Comtnanclet''s Cltttiorr Iil Gill Robb Wllson Award Ribbon Aerospace Award Ribbon LeadershlP Award Ribbon CAP ECI Award Ribbon CAP MembershlP Arvrrd ltlbircn

General Carl A. Spaatz Award Ribbon r\ melia Earhart Award Itlbbon

i.'irlcon Award Itibl;otl

Cenerirl tsllly Mitchell Award Ribbon (or Certificate of ProflclencY Ribbon*) I)lrase II Achlevement tltbbons (Worn ln order


General Hap Arnoltl Achievement Rtbbon Cenera I ,Iimmy Doolltile Achlevement


ltlbtrn CMrles A. Llndbergh Achievement Captaln Eddie Rickenbacker AchleveRtbbon

L)r. Itobert i1.





Certlficate of Proflcitncy lllbl.ionr ECI Tratning Ribbon** BIue Serl'ice Ribbontt
Whlte Service Ribbon*t Red Servlce Rlbbon+*

Wrlght Brothers Achlevement
lvhite Cadet Training Ribbon*
Iied Cadet Training Rlbbona
BIue Cadet Trainlng Rlbbon*

ment Ribbon


Soaatz Award Ribbon earned while a cadet

l"lCi'I'raining Ribl.rn"l

Falcon Award Itibbon earned whlle a cadet farhart Award Ribbon earned while a cadet Mltchell Award Ribbon earned' while a cadet One Actlvity Ribbon earned rvhile a cadet
Internatlonal Exchange Ribbon Jet Orlentation Course Ribbon Aerospace Age Orientation Riblr--rrr Federal Aviltion Agency Orientation Course
Space Age Orientatlon Ci urse

rnationa I L-xchange Ribbon N-ational CAP Summer Flying Encampment Ribbon

Jet 0rientat-ion Course Ribbr'ln Aerospace Age C;rientation Couree Ribbon '[erieril Aviat;or-, A gency Orlentation Course
Itibbort Space Age Orientstrln Course Ribbon tii: gl onr'i" ing FIyin g1 iinca mpment Itibbon


I ibuon


Cir'1s Exr-'hirnge llih;!'on+ Speclal Activities lirbbotr Cadet AdvisorY Council Ribbon Cadet Ilecruiter Rlbbon

inttrr,ation:rl Drill Itibtx:n* + Nati,:n:rl Dr'1ll Ilrbl:on*

Drill Rtbtrcr' ' National Drill Competitiori Ri -'ron** Glrls Excttarrge Ribi'r' "
Spec:al A.t.','ities Ir'ib ot' EncalnPm nt Ribhonr A1r Search and Resc.,: Ribbon

Organizer Ribbon
Cadre Ribbon Senlor Recruiter Iiibt'on Antisubmarine Coastal Fitlci iltbbonr+ Southern Llaison Patroi Ribbon**r Tow-Target and Tracking Rlbbon*** Courier Ribbon*** Forest Patro] Rlbbon*i *


Ribbon* " *

. Mdt, be \t,an onlt' 1! erfi.d prtot to 20 Mat 6l' .. May be *'om only il eamed prior to 22 lun 66' ... hldy be |9on aolv tl caned between Fcb 42 ond Jul


C1vil /iir Falrol- InslBmja - ?ept:



illmes, (,cLobr:r 1966. 0f L'rmecllaLe inLerest Lr,,rII CAI'members are tho recent apprc-ive<i i:irsnges to unlform tnslgnla and ornarnents. The controversial rexl and blue "coca.-c<,1-a" patch, vril1 dlJpp@r from the CAP r:niform. In its place "*ri11 be * t':eat senlor or cadat rnemberts metal badge. fhe badgo maasures 5/8" x 3-3/8", w-ilh ralsed block letters and back. The badge i"s whlle trnrnze wlt.h r."rtLe<l o:Cdized background. The senicr badge w'jIL read: CIVil, AIX PATF,0L, AUXILI'{IIY L1ITED STATES AIR FQRCE. Cadet badges wil-l- rsad.: CADET, CIVft AIR PATB0L. New oxldized buttons have also boen approved for uniform wearc They wi-1"1 replace the present butLons. llutLons are not yet avallable. A new colLsr 1n*,i. has also been adopted. Thls will- conslst of rvhlte bronze cut-oui let* teis, CAp. o . The new forr.,rat elflrtnates the "perlods" and the letter "C" fr:rmerly used to designate a' cadet.
Monthly Br-rllettn No. 12, 5 December L966" Z. Unifornn Buttons. The new bultons for
r.miforrns will not be a'vai-labie be riade as soon a$ they nr'ny be cr*

,:ntif next sun,ner. An announcement 'rrill C ereci. j+, New Senior Member and Cadet Identificatlon Badges. 'fr.,,e rier+ serr-ior rnem'ce:" and c;rdet identrficaticn'r,adges are to be w<-,r:: centered'Lfz" abave the sr:an: of the right br,oast pocket on service coats and on shirts krcrn as a:r cuter 8ar'ment. The nane tag is to be r.rcrrr centered c.n Lhe flap of the righl lre;st, pockel 1/2" u;elow lhe searr. Air Patro)- iieguJ-ation Jg-?, iC Aprii I9b7. ':lc ai'l 1"5. t,. (S) Genera.r' ilillf' ).iilcheIl Ar"arxl F,ibhcn. -'uccess-fi-Li|-1; '-"r'pr8.1:rj' r:.uq"f""r*"nts in l]1lases f and fI of the CAF Cerdet h'ogram. (leri,J,fie':{ r+arded onh. b.t Naticnal l{r:adquarte:'s. 1'7 : 'xr;+r.p:1 .L Ciliirntrn a.nci Vice (lha jrmen of the liaiional I',oarcl ale aut.i:ot'Lze''] to waar lhis ribi'cn. (Speci:il ,\*"rd Ribbil vriLh 'lhree Sjl-ver llt.'rrs-) 13. tr. I'iat.t-or.rl C,l.I' :lunrmer 11 'r1nq ihcamlT:te:'tt [t*i:L' :': (1) This ribbon i-s ax.arde<l h;,, lla+;icruil I'i*dquariers 1,<-, c'rcets SrSi-U:!-lj. nenber enci.-ripnlent, sleff_qldicers nito complele : llatj-cnal CAP Su:rr',e r Flf inr Encani* .-^*+L . i:rUll t. LncanLxnent Rlhlon. Awarrled to carle*us for s:rtl.sfa*lo:';; *] fij' trr. ilncamfment and"Lc seni,ors fcr servlce as a Inenl,'er of ,xrl er,c.i,)'nim.eni qlafl. '9. c. ijlue;lervice ili'obor:: irl Cir.{-i iZ) Trent.,r-Yaar Service levl-ce" To ci,::nor,e 3) year;' $'":lrxlicej-n t'.1'tl t:e:l* v*oi:r: ,iir Patr.ol, ihe gol6*coIr:rg.l.! riiatat, -i-/l*-inch rlr:merals "20.";i1e ...,rr of ihe Blue ier.vl-ce ].libboi.. i1:ese r-ilmeral-$ wli.l ::e;:1ace -:Ii- silver':n'.i i-ri'irr?t: cr.,l.sps cn the rlbbon" Tc eurrlif.,'.u llie mrtnbe:" -"':;s'L h,ql'e sc*l'vE*cl in Clvl-l' A-1":'t'':.r*' lrsl the sLi"tedi nlinlle:' cf ;rearsr n'l ::ece'"isai'i}.y ccns*cuiiv*-i;rd, Silver Service 1i11:bon. A.wanled tc iienot,e 2$ yaars cf rne;nbership in +-he Civl-I Air Fatrcl-. Ser"vice as a cadef- and ser':rice a.s; serr-t'Jr Iner:i're]'na;r }:e ccitnrned for tne curnulative tot-:l- of 25 years' servtce" A brcr:'i,t cii:]p is a'"arcj"+C t,o denote each ;rdditicnat five years memt:ershJ-p.
Cir..llLl t -i' ---,*.

l{r:nfhl-;"' i}rll-elin l o. '', l-O Mar' :,9("1. 5" Cadet iiC0 Leadersiii-p Shr:ulcier Insignirr r lJon*comissioned offlcer' leiidei^shil: slroulder insignia is worn b;,' I'hase Ii caclef;s who are appoin't erJ lo the ircsi'biol:s of eaclet ffigfit sergeant, caclet, fl-rsi serg€anL, caCet aeadenic sergeant, cadet, administ,ralive assistant, cadet. squad leadero cadet p';uide, c*clet- gridcn l-'earer' and cadei color g.lar,i, lhe insigriia is wor:l cen'Lered cn th<: right, snoulder. Sguadron ccmrnander.s riprr/ obla j:r liCC leade:lshi-p shcui-uer -:.lsi6lr:ia L:;; subm:tr-ina cAF iorr:i i8ii, cadeL Insignia orrler Form, to Nationai |'ie*dquarters'

Clvil A1r Patrol Inslgnla I. Crlterla for

Paga ?7

Monthlir Bulletin No. B, 26 September 1957.

Particlpants On1y. hlalver ls hereby grantod to that porLion of CAPIi 39-l reading: "Outside the continental limits of the Uni.ted States." This waiver authorizes all cadets and escorts who partlclpated in the 1965 alternate IACE to be awarded the International Erchange Ribbon.
CAP Times, October 1967. New Corporate Plane l,larklngs Announced.

of International

Erchange Rlbbon





Marklngs for new corporate alrcraft were approved by the Natlonal ExecuLive Corrnittee of the Clrrt]. Al-r Patrol at lts quartorJ-y moetLng Sept. I in &rrloy,

offlclal I5-inch Clvil Ai-r Patrol seal w111 be placed on each slde of the verLlcal stabilizet, centered fonra:rC of the mdder, Seals w111 be arrai-l-ab1e through the Natlonal bookstore. A red, white and blue strlpe nith the name of the state or ownlng r^ring wiIL be placed belor+ each of the seals on the verblcal stabllizer. Size of stripe wILL be publlshed 1n a forthcomlng revisl-on of CAFt 900-1" The letters "CAP",18 lnches h1gh, rvlLl be placed on the under stda of the left wlng and on top of the rlght rring, centered half-way between the fuselago and the wlng tip. The state initiats of the CAP wlng ownJ-ng the alrcraft may be placed on lhe opposite sides of the wlng, uslng the same eize letters. This state rnarking ls optlonal.

Idaho. .


1, CAPR 39-3, 2O 0ctober 1967, 15, b. CAP ECI Adrd Ribbon, Comp1et,e course 7C (or prior equi'ralent E;I course), lnclu<ling passlng the CAP test on DrILl and Ceremonles. 19. k. Added, [encue Ribbon. Ar.rarded by the w'ing conmender (or a subordiry:.te comrander if authority ls delegated by the w'ing corrnander) lo anv LAP member of his wing who makes an actual "find" on search and reseu6 mj.q5i,ans" The find ma;,r be either from the air or on the ground. This may invoive cio'".naJ aircraft, lost persons, or both. A bronze clasp ls awarded for each add:i^ .:al find. A1so, if desired, the rescue ribbon may be prlnted on the aircra''; in which the find was made. and (1) Flnds by Alrcrew Members. In case of a searchr- rescue finr: all crew members, r' 'ep"':Ler l" b;r aircraft, a rlbbon wil-I be awarded to b,o;h "finC and reseue" operatlons and "flnd and report" operi'tio:'s. For'r'"'' ampl-e, when the search ob.jective ls sighted- rescue by aircreft n'sy be :.nt sitre, so the crew reports the find bi' relaring the ir:io:t'*tj'-'n ti' "n j'i ciai ground stat-ir:n. A bronze three-bladed propeller devi:e wil-l- be kcril , t;' tered on the rescue ribbon earrted 8.s alrcrew mmlbers. (Z) Fiads by Ground Personnel. If the find is made by search and rescue ground teams, the rlbbon w111 be awarded to all rnembers of the tea.rn which locates the obJectlve. Ground personnel will wear the rescue ribL.:t": without the propeller clasP" (3) Comblned Participatlon. A member who earns the rescue ribl'r:l as an alrcrew member ldentifles hlms.lf as an atrcrsw member by having the bronze propeller attached to the rl-bbon. If this same indl'-*duai earns a elasp as a ground member who makes a flnd, he is authorj-zed to attach the clasp to the sarne rlbbon with the bronze propeller. thls also applles to the indivtdual r'rho earns the rescue rlbbon as a mernber of a ground search party and at some later date rskes a flnd as an al-rcrew memberl he ls then authorized to attach the bronze propeller to the ribbon"

Clvtl Aj.r PaLrol- Insignl.a Fage

Page 78

At+.achment 1. Decorations. The note under the Unit Ci+.ation Streamer shou-l-d be cl;'rrrged lc ro;i.d : A sll"k scarleL stroamor wlth Lho words "tlnl t Clt ltion A,*ard" in whiLe si-l-k embroiciered leiLers. Ihe streamer 1s attached Lo the lop of Lhe unlt lpnner staff. ('Ihe ri.t.e will no longer he j-ncluded on Lhe




CAP TJ-mes, Noveinber 196r. New type CAP br:t,tons were

l'lrst, adverllsed as &v&ilabl.e ft-'r prrcliase,


Bu}letin tio. l0r 28 November 1957. 1. Senior l"{enbers Certiflcate of Frof1c1enc}, }llbbon, Ser:.' mo:rrti:er*s whc, rrt the CertlficaLe of Proficienc-v are aulhcrized to wurr' i:he fcrr:r:r. cadet CCP ribbon. the ribbon has a blue background L',roken by th::ee horizont"el whj.te stripes centererl w"ith a white propeller. Tiris ribbon rn.y be oi:tai::ed from ccmmerelal sources. It cannot be p;urchased fron the CAP b,ook store. When ir sonior mem* ber has completed lhe flrst half of ihe ECI course in Pltrse lli (defined in CAPM 50-1.7), he ls e1.rgi-ble i,o;r,ppl.v for the CAP Senior Member Certlficate r:f Proflciency, The appllcation .for:n for this certj-flcate is CAF Forr:n I1B, whicn nrust include the following attachments: a',rthenticateri tssL report indicating a passi:lg sccre cn the Phase fI: Indoctrlnatlon kaminati,:n; authenlic,:ted test retrrcrt lndicating a pessing scora o:: the Dri-II ard Cereinr:nies Emninaiion; iiCI Form 20, "Postcard Replyr" indl.cating "SaI;isfactory" eompletior: r:,f lh* Vol-u,ne Review Exercises on Unlts IV and VI in ECI Course 7C; antl eviderrce of prlor U. S. mllltary service or e,,"Ldenee of partlclpation at a CAP elicampneni.

Manual 39-1, l-5 ianuary 1958, 5-2, h. Speclalty Inslgnia. Chaplains, medical officers, nurses a::d !ffigl-* lqfe ,*11-1. woar iheir speclalLlJ lnsipnlia cenLersd one-half inch above the left ffist p.ccket cl Jackeis, coats, c1 s1rlri:s urcrn ae cuter garnents. If ylbbons and avlation bacges aro also wom, th*: speclalt;r insi6-":ia rx-i-]-l bs -v'ru::n one-lial:'

Badges. Orre Jrsiici:" liat,ional F.ifl-e by cad.ets '"nhen eal"ne''i a* ari aehj-e1,re* nent in.1 cccrdance'xi-tl: lhe Clvil Liv Fat:'ol" c:"riel j':'(:12r.rn- lirl-a'::,iiets xi-l-i wear t}:e badge .*,.i'"h lhe top edge cent,:::e<l on the i*.f'L ;vckei; f}"ap oi the se:'* raee eoat r:r" shirt lrorr: as an ouier g:rrrflerrL, iren*ie c&d.:i.."j w:11-1, i'"':s;1.-' .,i:.: iradge r,,tth bhe t,op edgr: cenle::ed cle-haif ineli L;elorv the:,t);, L"dI{* ";l'il ,r,i ",-r.rli.';';'rr'{-^1 ci the ser.ViCe Coirt* Ilcne iri-Ll irt': wt--rlrl1 on ihe Sh-';-rL;ais; " 'll:;.la:' 4L:i:l:+q.' a,ril rn:,ill ar'::.s badp:es wiii nof; be tlorr) r-)i-l 1;he u"nj.fir:n. il..nCel ll{10 Le:,dershi.p Shc,.l.}der" illri.:;:ni.;1.. ii.:ncoilirritsl;,lled oft-icer .f " l raCe:.s,hlp 1nstrr-,ia ir wcrn t,:, i'ias., II c,';.delt,c *d-hl lrre apix;i-nied Lc l):e ;.c*iti-cris of cacjet flight. sergr):.:it, r.:tCei, fi.l'st sslgeant, carie!'rcr:tii:n.!l: ler:geant, cadet, adnri-nistral.i-ve assis''L;r.nt, cadal, squad. i-ead-er, cadet g;i"de./ guLdon bearer, and, coic.r guard. 'fte j.nsig$ia f"s worrl lerter*d an
ft1ru:rery and ;qmal.l Arns Quali-f i-rrg Assccjatl-on Marksrxanship Badge ma), be lt rn

lnch above these,


righl shoulder. k, firganizaliona-i- .!)nb1em, Enblr:m appr*v6d by a i* ecm:xrnd*r for a subardinate unit rn:;; be worn center*d *n fhe right !:reast pockel of the uiility 'eni-forn. (i'iol<i orr se:"viee un1-t'onr"" ) F:gr:;:e J-J" Chevrons denotlng senior ntember *:lr:nan grades: i'iaster lie:'* geint, Technical Sergeant, Staff' Serg*nt, Sergoan* (.? stripes), Airr*:n First Cl-ass (e s**ripes), and Airnran (1 stripe). Figure 5-5, CAP cut-outs worn by Cadet l{a1e Alrmen and Cadet Maie Ci'-ficsr3 on both sldes of the ccllars of ou',er Barment shlr*.s ln sane:posit,j.on cn both open and closed ccllars" Inslgnia are p*.r".ii1*J." to top edqe of collar.

Clvtl" Alr PaLroI Inslgnla - Page 79

Figtre 5-7. Chevrons denot,lng cadet alrnen grades: Cadet First Sergeant, Cadet Master Sergeant, Cadet Technlcal Sergeant, Cadet Staff Sergeant, Cadet SorgeanL (3 ut"ff,os)r'Cadot Ist Clsss (Z slrtpci), and Cadot Alrrrrn (1 strlpe). Chewons worn wlth points down, bars, l-f any, above the Vrs. Figure 5-16. Speclalty Inslgnla. Includes Commrnlcator Badge. Flgure 5-L7. Cadet NCO Leadershlp Shoulder Inslgnla. Seven types aro lllustrated: F1ight Sergeant, Fl-rst Sergeant, Academic Sergeant, Admlnl.stratlve Asslstant, Squad Loader, Gutde and/or Grrldon Boarer, and Color

Communicatlons Newsletter, VoI. 2, No. 1, 2O January 1968. CO}.0,ffNfCATIONS A'TIARDS: Tho t.vpes of ar+ards have been approved for conrmrnicators. Thev are the CAP Corrnnunl-catlons Badge and Lhe CAP Commrnlcations Serrrice Ribbon. The tndge, which r^riIl be a!'arded to both cadets and senior members who work in the conum.mlcatlons prrcgram, 1s prinrarlly a specialty

'oadge. the rlbbon is for sustained ssrvlce to the CAP cormunlcations program. A bronze star attachment ray also be worn on the basic rlbbon. The followi:rg crileria rn:st be met for each of Lhe awards:
Cormmnications Epdse The Conrmrnlcations Badge rr111 be awarded to aII CAP corumrnicaLors, senior and cadeLs, who u,ork in the CAP communicatLons program and meet all the

CAP 9omnunlcati-ons Sarvlce-Rlbbon - Egsl-c Rlbbon The Cormmnieations Servlce Rlbbon w111 be ararded to senlor members r*ro meet aII the followlng criterla: a. Possess the Comnunlcations Badge or meet criteria for tl"e ar..rard of the badge. b. Complete the senlor rnember program Jtnctional training stud.yr gulde for squadron cormunications officer. c, Serve as a conrnunlcatlons offlcer ln any posltinn for a mlnj:mrn

following criteria: a. Pass the CAP Radio Operetor's Proflclency Test and/or hold valid CAP Radio Operatorrs Proficiency Certlficate. b" Actively serve ln any corrmrnicatlons posltlon wlthln CAP. c. PartlcipaLe ln at least one comlmLnications exercise. d. Serve as a commu,nlcator in one CAP operatlonal ml-ssion.


of three d"


Serve as cortrnunl-cations

Attachment tg Selwlce 3llbon A tsronze Star at,Lrchmeni w"j*l1 b,e awarded for wear on the CtP Coi:nmnicalions Servlce Rlbbcn to senior members who meet the fniicwlng criteria: &" Possess a valld amaLeur license, condltlonal or ,':lgher, or b. Fossess a valid comnercial license, seconci class or hignor"

(t) ( a) (:; ) (l) (:)

sAR test, sAR mlssion, CD exryrclse. oD nisslon.



at l"rrst twn 'f th:r l;.i1o',v-l-r:ry:


Bron3-e ltaf

CAP nd-ssj.on

lnllllvlng the safety of



a. Flgure l-1. Collar Inslgnia. fho cadet grade 1-nsignia should be deleted from the cadet officer lllustratLon. Tha "CAP" cutout should be


Monthly Brrlletin No. l, Maroh 1958. 2. CAP Uniforms. An errata sheet to CAPM 39-1 ls being prepared and r+ill be prblished ln the near l\:ture. The main ltems to be cl-a.rified are Ilsted




In.;1gr,1,r - I'irge


worn on borh the right:ind left coll-ar for cadet alrmen and olf'1r:ers. (ladet grade insignia will be worn only on the shoulder boards. b. !'igure 5-6. Ciidot Of flcor Shouldor Iloards. Illust rrrt.furrt 1s rttrt, corecl. Cadet officer grade i:rsignla will be centerd on the shouldsr board cn the tight blue band and will be placed paralle1 to t,he red-on-whl.t.e

c. Flg..rre 5-11 . Serrrice Caps. Cadets wilI not wear tire servlce cap authorlzed for senlor members. Cadets wlIl contlnue to wilrt' the flight cap and service hat authorized prlor lo pr-rblication of the new unilotm rrr:.nri.rl.
Minutes, liEC l'{eeting, 15 I'{arch 1968. Followlng the readlng of National lleadquarters Personnel Acfion l'Junl--,er 9, promoting Colonel Castle to the grade of Brigadier Genera1", CAP, General Viccell-io, Ccmnyrnder of Continental Alr Conursnd, and General- ll'ilcox, ihe llational Conynander, invesled General Castle witlr Lhe insi5inla of his new 61r'ade. ?imes, Apri-I 19{,8. Co1. Castle F,eceives First:ltar. National Eoa.rxi Chair-r,'.en L1,le r/. Cast-le was named a C.4.1'Rrls;.,riier Gr:ne:'al al +-.he recent I'rllionrl- irkecrtlive Cc,rmillee rneet,ing al l'{a-xwell- Ai'F, A}a" (UieMarnt- /], lf.:s t.i-e lirs"f, Line in CI-F's Jl year hlslor.r t,hal tl:t ilAF ranil . ,Gr !r l. . nf sprrprr.r"l ^.lir:ef itls i.,:eii Cc,nllefferi on:ifi'./ of it,s n;rtiofia].. exeCUtives. General ilillv l,lllchell Awrrrl * il,'iPM 5U-i5, Th* Civil /rj-r Fatrol Lrder Progran j-s curreni,i.r" under revi.sicn. lrhen the rer/rsed lrE"nua j. js :'t-l'e". 1r';d, cadets receivi:-ig 1he Ar^nrd wii.l be prornoted *-c the grade ol'cacie'l, uzirrant officer. Unttl such tirne;ls thi-s n'anual- t-,ecornes effective, the ear"ned graCe ior :.ecj-plents o,f tiiis a.,nrd r+il1 remin'Lh;it of cadet, rrrsler sergeanl,


for airc::afL are r'3r," a"r:.j-ltab)-e a cost of $r,,[]O eacii" througir tire Nalional i.r::; re;lardj";:8 aircraft i:;i'kiflg, At-i-achnent 1 to CAr-R 9OO-I , :pecifies two emb,lems are requireC lor each airerafr-., cne on each 'i{6i rlf rhe tail secLion,
New trecais


CAP qlr'-iem riecaL.s

i{e;rdquarters Br-,cksLore:it-


i: LirB reffrl;rr i'lont,hl-v B;-fletirl iio. 5, L{) l'ki..t' }96ti, L Change to il.irran Grades (Cadets and Senlors): Planse note I,^r;,i CIF i.'.ir';n':r: gan,l*, ,ie cclsistent, urjit'r l-l-cA!'qraCes t,rr:ncl-rrCur tne r.:cent 7'::;it:::,:sr:rti'r. '''' * "'::
:h* t,ht,r,,, .l-ower Hr,lces . fh:'ec rtrrip,:s is l.tow ,^:.r' el .iqc " ar;d one sf,ripe i.s ''Airiian""
,,, U \/*J \ ., ,

lriew Badge

'-;,1 'rfi;:ia.^ "-Ci*I iiow Awiilal;ie frort l','t"u' 1 iiq. ,.t.t: ...;*.ji,;,,rr 'be cjyYlered .rl ncw st,oekir:g ti",e Conu"ninica'rions LiaCge, "orhj-ch iu1., book St,t,re or'der forni-




li.l-.i-il-"'s -*, "'

'j)*':, 20 ,Iurle L')i-t!. r'P-,ii:. i-s I'tILrii"::: -0. c" (e)" Ur,.rnge Lhe first sentcnce r:I t,he J.d"cat-li'dF,ir i(,'be;:r:esr:nNe,i. i.c lJtrit Citialiop Award certiiicate and streaner rrili "Cyi-y one lhe unil receirring Lhe award. Fo:'example, if'an enf,ire ijr:oup {ra'.ner t,har: jrist the Sroup headquarters) roceives Lhe llnit CiLation Arlcird, lire cer*"ific:ile ind streamey will- be displaye<l at group he;dquar'+"er::s r:'iil;r; hovrever', ell r'lrbers ol group headqir,ir"fers and squacironsl,,rilhj-n l]:i;t, "':'.-'Jp:lre:utlrriz+d' f-'fliange 2 t,,; t,ivii ^i1 i','ilrol

Civil Air Patrol Inslgnla - Page BI vrear the Unit Citation Ribbon." 18. h. Special ActiviLies Bibbon. The Spi-ritual Life Conference is an approved special. activity on a pennanent basls and does not require Lhe requesl for approval.. 18. i. Ttre entire paragraph should be changed to read as follorts: "A senior member may wear the hncampment Ribbon after havirig served successfully on the sfaff of a T}pe A or T}rpe B encampxnent. A cadet member may wear the ribbr:n after he has arrrled the Bil1y Mitchell Award and at the concluslon ot- hj-s s*cond Tlpe A or Tlrpe B encamprnent, one of which he nrust have served successful-)-y as a staff member.'r
MonLhll, Bu].leLin No. 6, 2O June 1968. l-. Revised Cadet Program. . . A nel^l grade has been esta.bllshed to recognize and reward more equitably those who earrr the Ceneral 8111y Mitchell Avrard, and each cadet completlng Phase I tral-nllg sews on oRe sLripe. Perhaps the best way to show the new grade structure ls to sunnurlze it as follows: Phase I Achievement - Cadet (1 strtpe) Phase II, completion of Ist Achlevement - Cadet First C1ass (Z stripes) Phase II, completlon of AId Achl-evement - Cadet Sergeant (3 stripes) Phase II, completlon of 3rd Achlevament - Cadet Staff Sergeant (4 stripes) Phase II, completion of |th Achieveraent - Cadet Technleal Sergeant (J
Phase Phase Phase


II, conpletion of 5th Achievement - Cadet Master Serge,tnt (6 strlpes) II, completion of 6th Achlevement - llo awarrl of grade II completlon, General BlI1y Mltchell Award - Ca{et jr'/aryan!-Ol-flp-gr" blanket promotlons will not be effective untl1 puUflffi-ffifTffiE-8.



Mcnthly Bulletin I'lo. I0, 18 October 1968.

to CAPR j9-)t The followlng change will appear ln the next rerris'c!" :: 39-3: 18. c. Jet, 0rientaticn Course ("lOC) and ATC Advanced Jet Fanr-lliarization Course (ltcn.lrc) Ribbon, (f ) Bastc Ribbon. Ar*arded to cadets and escorts who a:;ten;' eit,h,;i
and Cne Silver Star Attachrnenl;" Awa;"ied +-c' and escorts who have attended both courses.
cours e.

(Z) Basic ltibbon



Monthly Bu]-letln No. 7, 21 JuJ-y \969. Mess Dress Unlform Approved for CAP. Insignia Lo be r+orn with mess dress uniform ls dest"r"ibed ,: -lcl--|.r,-' Ll' Fenale: 3 N l.igne CAP buttons slanted on each lr i Df Ja'cket. lhle: I 30 ligne C,tF bu.otcns on each side of frorrt r ; rcke"t, w:ltlr ;r il, (30 tigne) chain fastening across the "',':.istll,'. :.rJ Both: t/2" t:1'cr.1r.'1rino blue braid I ' i'rom sleeve end. (0f ficern 'buL the Shoulder boards, simll-ar ln deslgn to AF shoulder boards, braid Lo be ultranrarine blue. G.,:actre lrtslgnla to be standard ern'i:icJ'-' ,:" . i insigni-a of rank. Approprlate naterlal. (Officers o:il)'. ) CAP Seal" Enameled on a metal convex dtsk in gold, Ught, and iiark blue, red and white. Measures 2-5/8" ln diameter. Appnopriate netal. 'rlorn coverl-ng center button on rlght side.

l,ionthly Buil-etin I'lo. 10, 17 October 1969. I'iew Distinguished Service Medal. The Dislingrished Service Award is the highest auard for bestorvec by the Civil Air Patrol" Accordlngly, to I\rther enhance the award anci af.forti

Civl1 Air FaLrol Insignla -

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appropriate recognition to reciptents, a r.redal is curenti"-v being designed to acc,-,"rpany the Distinguished Service Arnard. An effectlve CaLe wlll- be announced wl': .:ri tlre nr:d;rl irt:cones av,ll-Iable. Upon the efle':tl're rllt'o, "l)ist irrgul5ilrld liervicc: l,leclaJ '' wll1 be usecl lo refer tr: the fc,rner "DisLin53:isher.l !,eryicr:,1 '..r,r'c." '\':,e nr..Car'dl.l be I.,rorrided free r-'f charge to all r'':'cipienl's afi"er +-he e1'f ec Lj_vr ,),it-,: anC r,ril 1 b': rvailacle fol" lxrch;rse lhroi;gh lhe CAF ilc;oksLc,rr: l(.r i., e;lrrring Lhis irwt-ircl pri r:r io Cesiplrr o I tne r,e1^r nerl;11 l,he mlnfar-ur-e niecl,r j li, Le w(.,rn rrrr +;ire mess rlress unl.lrirr:i '"'j-1"..]- i;,e 1l-rrcitiist<1 at, lhe wearer's otlt i:xpense .
Ribbons lor Ca<iet Speci,:ri Act,i'"it1es. j,al ;lr:t,ivi f ies CadeLs attending t fre fol}owi ng courses i-rre ..rutirorizeci li:,,: l-llrec Ribbon. lio new rict-.onr :ire being riesigned for lhese c()ursea: A erc) s FE c e Care er Exp)-o ra lt, r,.y" I-r min:. r Adwnceci Jet C;rieniltiion Course Air Force Acacienlv Srrrviv:rl. Course CadeL Leadership Seht.,olCorynltrnicatic,ns El.ecLronics Cr,urs': Nurse OrienLatlon Oor:rs'r

Spiribual Life


and shirt which is prescrlbed as their utility unlforr:: in newly reviserl CAFi'r 3g-1 scnedul-eC for printing in the nei:r future. The new con':runicai.lons p:i:ci' ts now ar,ailable frorn lhe National Headquarters Bookstcre and n'ay be ordered cn the re6ru1a.r bcckstore ortler form. Cosl per patch ls $,Bf posi Frid.

Conn'mnications Newsletter, Vol . J, Nos, 10, 11 & 12. Oct., liov. & iJec 19b? Conrnuni-ca tlons Fatclr Aulhori zed. Male senior. and cadel ccmmmicatlons personne)- autl:orizerj. to wear lhe "Comrnrnl-calions Specially lrtentifieation Badge" (in accc,rciance wlth plra l-0-1, *"he p-,atch as descriced below on lhe CAPl,l 1OO-]) r.r.e now authorized Lo wear right shirl p,ockel ol the ulility uniform. Fs'nale seniors and cadels-w-ilI wear the "Conrm.rnicafions Specia1t.1, Identificatlon Badge" with the bl-ue slacks


'l*o new:'i:i:lns h;ve l;r:elr approved for wr:ar b;,' members neei"ing the cri'"eria celc,w, i.e I.,rlicnal- SAR T:'a.ininq ltibborr is t-iew,.rnd will ir,: aval]ai:l"e lnrcugil cc:i:rcrci:ri c:i*uL.r:t,s jn tfre n,.:'ir li:tiirrt, fte Civj-l lJefense ii-il.,lborr l:': i,ir" srne rii:n6'r' i."si1,rri f:;,, t,l:e 0ffice c,i Cj-l:-i i"ie{'tnse a::id 1s ',':"ll-tr'nj e :,1-rrruflir ', j,*'
Defel,:,e :;()uirfrs rrrt.ji tllei'l-'econr: 111,()ii'i1)r,i,e fn,itr ccr-rfntl'.,iril"'rr-li.l-ef::::.ntl'1oa;11jp.1: i,.l :ir :, ;-;. ij, i,.:L{.c;nrl . I lr,ir-ri::;1 riihr- r,, .,\'^:';' j.r,1 b;r' "ril,g r-o::11ifi:i'rjt.i:':"; .i;i-: l:lr:riti:r: !',7.k-it) rr;' crit e:"j.:- : ri iheir" riirg:; ::hc te.::, ej riter r:: | qt-r:ri (:) r"-t: i'-r<.:r. l rii-,' r,.-:1'-1 "r,'. 'Lit:'; l:r^ri:c:'ilrl'-{i ,.r.-,iti'::rai ,..,i',:r:Li',;, l.: a 1.,",.-,.r,.i:i.rt-* l.l' t.iir: l,.f,i-,tlr',1 '.-,,yr:'t::. 'rtiri r'-"1:':;ue i:jclir.rr,:}, i:l,,.:J"ti'-''r i:,'.1"1:nri ', i' 'i:,f'r," ..'lie g] rr,iltirLl.,tt ,.::IL]-t;', 'r;r"1 ,-1l,.tit i-'!' i,nr: :'r;h,.:o.l W-i.I1 rr! ,;'i'.:"X':rj ii, f.1r-' ti,".



Mlcnigano and prticLpation ln one USAF authorize<l Ci'u:i-l- lJefense effect,i-veness +-est i-n an.r, ca;uclty. (*) Co:r.cie+,jcn ol an;r lwo 0CD )l+"aI'f tioll-egr ccrrespcnder,cL'ccursu;,.:':

;.1) Saiis i',:rct,cril;r ccmi)l,:lled r CA,I] e6iarch ,rrLC r';:scr, i: s,::i:'l,cl- ijs'1,;1i-)-i j s.,']': an'.1 supervised i:y l gradriat* c,f tl:e I,lali-c:ritl .---lerrrci: and ii'.*sc:,tc:ichocl,. 'o. ili vi1 i,eler,se ;)-ihb,'n (:"ec, while, -rnrJ. o1.ue) " ,\u:-r-)i? ' '.,.,' '+iri;r C{)r-rii!:irir().i"r, Lq nembers c.f their wi-ngs xi':c, rneet lny cne ol lhe fo1-lciring fcur r;:"ite:'j-;: (f ) Conf,let.ion of i:hr: l2 hcur Civii Defei:se Corirse, "F--rciiolcejc*.i. iior.i-.r-trrlng i"o:" inst;-.rc 1,,;:'s. " (Z) Ccnpleticn of the )-6 nour Civjl- Dei'ense {lc,rii'.?r 'P"aciciogic:ri I'ioni..'i,:ring (;i'LttCi;{" aird. parliclpalion in one l-IS.A}r euthotizeC Ci\ril- lefense efleclive:'.ess --esl in rnp'capacit;.', 3) Cornpl.etiorr of &n;rr re;3iCent, OCD Siaff College Course :i Satll-e Creek,





;,.! L,..w.

Ctvil Al-r Patrol Inslgnia part,ir:1;xtt-l.orr j-n one


83 1rr

authorized Clvl1 Defense elfectlver:essi tesL



5-2. J. CAP ConmunlcaLorts Badge. .The CAP comrmrnlcatortg tndge w111 be wom centered below the pockei fl-ap (or simulated oponlng) on the left breast pocket. (NOTE: iUagu *"" for**r}y worn above pocket flap.) r.r. Mode1 Rocketry Badge, The Model Rocketry Badge 1By be worrr by cadets when earned ln accor.d&nce vrith tho Clvl1 Air Patrol Model Rocket,rl' prcgram (ClfU 50-20). MaIe caCets will- wear the badge centered on the leftpocket of lhe service coaL or shir:t vrhen worrr as aIt ouLer garntent. l'eru]l-e cadets rrill wear ihe badge with the top edge centerd one-half inch beiow lhe top ecige of the left pocket of the serwiee coat. The badge will nol be worn on the female shlrt. o. CAP D-ramel Mess Dress Sea1. The enamel seal wi]1 be worn affixed tc the lower right fronN of the rness dress jaeket as depicted il figgre 2-5 and figrre ')-3. p. CAP Corn'nunications Patch. May be worrt by mombors qrleltfleci ft.'r the ComnrunicaLicns Speclalty Identification Badge in accordance wilh CAPM IOO-1. Patch w-il1 be worn centered on the ieft breast pccket, of Lhe nale utility shlrt. The patch will nst be worrr on any CAP unifonn, except lhe utillty r.inlfom" q. CAP National Staff Coltego Badge" Graduates of the CAP National Sl;;ff goilege wilL wear the CAP Nat,iona1 Staff College Badge cenLeral below the pocket flap (or si-r:mlabed opening) on the lefL breast, pocket cf all irniform combinalions. fhe badge nBy also be worn in lieu of the CAP crest on

CAP Manua1

39-1, 18 February 1970.

Lhe CAP blazer on an optional basis. rr CAP Cloth Sea1. (0pt1ona1. May be authorized by the wing comrr"nrler for wear on ftying clothing on1y. ) mu seal will be wort on i;he r:Ent breasr of the flying Jacket/coveral1s. This seal h,-IJ-l- not- be worn {-rn *ny CAP un-ifom, except flying clothlng, s. &rergency Services Patch. (Opt,iona1. .May be authnrized by t.tre wi:rg conrr, for wear on fl1dng clothing on1y. ) ttre emergency s*rrrices patcn may be worn by cad.ets and senior members quaU-fied l;o parti-ei-;:rle ln **org*y,"y servj-ces rnlssfu:ns lrl accordanee wlth CAPM 50-15, The patcl"l wilJbe r+orn on l,he right breast of the flyhg Jacket/coveral-}s and centererl on the front of lhe baseball-type flying caps (it thes* are,au"Lhorizecl by the ',rlng cc,ru"nander) n The patch wtll- not be worn )n any CAP unifonri, except f-l-t' clcthing. t, ke:^gency Servtces Decal. (Optlorr.rl. ifuy be &r:f,116v:*.',r'* r)! i."'wing ccn"rnande:: f,r:r wear on the u.hlte helmet llner by rneml'ers parti*:i,pating i;x emergeniy ser"',rices missic,ne, i 'I?:e *, servlce* rjer:al nril.I i:e '..;'"t: *ente::e<i on the irnnt of t,he,*rhite helmul lilrer by cad*t' arri :enlc)r rre::'bers participatirg ir: *mergeney servlces m-:..',.:lcnso ,-inrr*,.*4- ,l..del Officer Grade cn Shoulde:'Lioards. (CaCef warra:'il r-,*iice:^ .{:-.ide insig:-l= sane as cad.el 2i,i insignia except it j-s gold and'.ri'] } be i,r-'r'n r::' t.he srcul-iitr st,r;ip and col-far in ihe sane;xa,nner as insignia prescril:ed lcr eei"i-cr rr:e:liirer officers. Shoul-der l-roarCs ai't not. arrlhorized fr.'r'i.'t"'' r'l;.i'r:e Cet'v,z1t'Il;rlil, r,.fficers;, )
LFv, \. /

: 1,., Cj-vil Air Fat,rcl liepyrl-alion )9-3, 19 August 1970" g. c. Distingiished Serrrlce Medal. Conspier:ous performalrce ci' oulstl.nding service in a duty of great responsibJ-lity where lhe position held ar:d results obtalneci reflect upon the accomplishments and prestige of CAP on a naLional" sca1e. Recognitlon should be for an extremely ctifficult ciuti' of markeo nalional- significnnce wirich is perfor:ned in a c)-earIy outstanding marmer.;r service wirich clearly aided CAP tn l\rrti:erlng national pollc:es. c. frrcep+"ional Service A"nrard. Exeeptionally oulstanding service Lo

Civii iri.:' Palr,:;I
+.he Ci-vi.l-

Ir,sip;r:i "t




,.i.r Fa.lrol in. cuLy of greai res1rcnsibillty whl-l-e ser1,'ing iti iiti;,' * 6apacLt.v wlti: CAP. iicwever, Lhe dut..,' slrorrld ca rr.v the rr.l t.inr'r't-o rorJx'rr:11'i-l project rdih-in 1-t;- for the successl'ul cperalion of a regionr wittgr or ri'tajor tl:e regiorr or hring. The discharge of such drrty must involve the :cceptance ana fuIflll,:ent of the obligaficn so a.q'to greatly beneflt the wing r-rr ]'erljorr and Civll Alr Patrol. e, Meritorlous Service .i,wzrrrl . OuLst rnClng .rchlevenrerrL tir ltli;rl.Lorlott:r service rendered specificall;,' on behalf of Civil Air Patrcl-. Superior per'* loprnance cf nor.r"nal duties does noL, in itseif, constitute aulona.t,lc jirs*"lfi* cation lor Lhe Meritorious Service Avrard. Ar^rards shr:u1d be restricleci i-o Lhe recognltion of achlevements and services wltlch are clearly outsfarxlittg and unmiiLakably exceptional when comparerl to sj-nd-l-ar achievements and ac* conplishments of personnel of like rank ;rnd responsibillties. In j.risLances where rnrrn;,. individuals are affi-liateri with :in excepLionall;; successfui prcgram, pro Ject, r;r rnisslon, lhe Meril,crious .Service Awartl shoul-ci be ;rr';arriryi t,o the relalivel.y lew individuals wh.:se contributions clearl.y sl.ind (rui fr:oxi r.he othersr,rnci wh<-, hzrve contributed most to the success of the prograiil, The regional coil!*rtinrier is aulhor'lzed to arvard lhe Merllcrlous Slervice Ai"tird Lo members c-,f uniLs vrithin hi-s regJ.on. f. Ulit. Ci'".r,jcn Lv;.rri. irlcepLion:i11-y,- neriiorit.,us "'lqrrvj-ce c'r '.)xcef'jor,all--' r.r:+-s'.,1di;.4 ,ci j +r',..:.r,:r'. w).lcI- cierrll' sets ti,e r:t.iL ;ii.cvt :r1d ']- :i" :'rc: sl.: i L* r rln: '. t' (1) :iecL g1...11, ', ,,r' ,.,pi1,,-:;i,r ,,i:-r s:I'vice,- :,iitr:r:.]-li c.'vet' i friirr'i ,;i ', '-1, i*:Sli 1,wrjir,'t: li\-rli1-hS: iIr ''I'dt:I' t,t, i:r-l1111j-l r-l,r' r'i] tl,'rru;l',rr'.rl i.ttii rltt,ll'r i'i l.',r i.\ rlr'r,-,"ri,f-i. rr-1l,rt.,r,,i i' i1i-ic.ti'i, (:1)iiqrire '.1--1, f.iie rtlri t,:; ;il l,-ls j-,ley s:j-;,uit;rnt-,,t,.1 :L-, lri', 1 t :: iit i,is '.r'iirI r' t'egi;:r, rlt,j :r',.) *ci 1,],,,: lml.r' (,r-1+.,s't,,'-r]iiling rlrriL ne rjt,i.rii' 1.ile t,-'



(::) iicci,p;nitic,r ol r:rrtsL:rncling .iciri everneirt i.s inieno'ed L, 14s,-';'vii7.r a singJ,r slecilic,1 cr, ir: nc,iah-ie,eccl, lhat is scpAr:aLe,.rnri dj-s* t,inct i:"oi: the;i rissic,;i cr" reg:la:: .fiirrction of thq- rlnii,. fl1 r';'3vlod of an 6pi,sf; :lchievenent- is nomnll;r :;h<:r+. arri ch..rrticf.ertzec b.v ,ielin.lL;:
beginning and ending rlates.

:icnthly ilulletin ilo. 10, 21 October 1?7C. l,iation::1 Staff College Badge lio longe:" ,i.uthcrized. Effectjve i:nmeCiately 6aragraph 5-2q and fi,qure 5-Z+t CAP }lanua} -1]*1, as p*rtains lc ine Iiational Sta-ff College Eadge, i,s hereb.v :'escin,Jeri. 'Ilhi:i oa.rlge is; ::., J-onger au1:horized anci will not be'*orr: on the CAP uniforn" 'l.},-i: ciecision'.d-Il be reflected in an upconing revision to CAP Marrual- J9*'1""
i'{onthl;' B.rlie'"irr l'lo. 1.1, I8 }'rovember 1970. iAP Ri-bbons. fn keeplng with the CAP and USAF policy of a cle,an-l-l-ne, uncluttered unlforne the i{a+-ional Comirander directed thal we e:ralual.e the excessive number" of rLbbons aulhcrized for woar on the CAP untform. there we:'e ll c;ldet ribb+ns anC 42 senict'r"ibbons. T'his did not include the U. S. miiit-arv- afld F'QTf rin* bcns whleh were al-so arrlhorized for wear on lhe CAP uniforn. 'i1he prc';J-eli Hilij presented tc the l,laiional lJniforrn Comr,rilt,ee for consi.der":Ltio:t- Af't,er ';e.-i" carelul delitrer.ati66 ;rnd coorciiniiLl-on with the inleresteC sta-ff agencies ln 're liaticnal lleadquarters, lhe conn'n-ittee recormnended that the rluriber" al ribbc-ns subs+ianl-ia11-r' reduced for. bo+,h seniors and caCeNs. uladel rii:bons were recluced lo a possible 15 (or T) deper,ding on cadet achievernents) and the senior ribbcns were reCuced i.o 19. The yevised CAPII l9-3 wil-l refieci lhis new Fc;}ic..,r,,ns lo+,;rulhcr.ized :.n lhe revised regr:-l.rlion rmst i:e retnr-'vr;Ei "fr"o:'r the unifct'r, rio,l-:**


j vj I i..i y- i):lfyrtl lnslfrrl t - Page


l,trr l,lt,.ti ! ,l'rrirr,,r:/ 1')'/1. ltr Lltl j! (:(jIrn(Jct,1olr, ntinili1,111'1"1 111rrr.l;i.l:r l'L;t' ''r ritri'i', rlI'r,"t:r ,ittil',,t'ri rt',1 I,,rltry ,jrrv()l()ltxl (i,r' 'r'l I 'rttltl,,1' 1'llrlrtrtllt I'(!l.i!tt,',i. ilr,vt,:vt,t,t t,irJ.r l.rill l,r: ,r lit'r,:-(:r,rrsllnin[' ],r'ri(.irrtrs ;tIld Lilr. trle(lii"l I; wil.l tri,t t)t) LVr jl-,rl,.l t1 !'rt! :;i-,tirt: Li"r,, Lr; t)(rrns. i\ I1:;llrlil <.,I' t;l"ru ril)i)()r]:; t,U i,- I'tisl)rm:rry c\n eilch c:iLeg()r.y: t,T ir:ed are 1ist,erl below, ,rlong wlth ;r brief

a. ;\lthough cadets are eliglble for all CAF decorations, most, c"idets Co not earn these aw3rds; therefore, most cadets will wear the achiever-,1ent ribbons onl.y. b. lio nore than sjx achievement ribbons w111 be worrr al any one ti:re-the L\:rry through lhe Doolittle. lrlhen the BlI1y I'litchell Hibbon is earned, all previor,rs achievement ribbons leading up to il are renov,:d. (ttris is.rlreac.i.;, the practice in several wings.) c. ihe Goddard Ribbon has been eliminated completely since the Bil.I:r l,litcheIl itlbbcn will be awarded upon completion of all achievernenrs in Phase II (tfre Coddard Achievement is the last achievemenl in

If ). d. After the Billy l"tltchell Ribbon is earned, the cadet may wear Lhe Earhart and Spaatz ribbons (if earned). e. Cadets are now authorized to wear the Rescue "i'ind" idbbon ;rnd ..\ir Search and Rescue R.ibbon for participaLi-on in grounrl search ancl the rescue :rctivities. (These were restricted to serrior mernbers in the p:st. f. Caciels:ire now aut,horized lo wear the il,xi Service ihbbon (sam* criter"ia as for senior members). g. ,\11 activity ribbons, except for IACE, have been '"lei,:'tt'.," h. Ii.CIC ribbons are no longer authorized.


1. Senicr. nember ribbons salecled for reterit"jr,ri 1re reprl:nel:;.,,tjv.-' 1 lacels of Lhe senior rnember progran, r"r. 3eniors are authorized t,o wear eit,her Lhe.rr:iccn Atrird Ribbcn i:. the rr:-ghesi ribbon earned as a cadet,. c, iliF warline service ribbons 'nrl,ll contin'.te c. .)e w(rrr. 4. Rit,'l-,ons were elirni:i;rte<i where another form ol reccgnii,ior, :.{i',* i"ed. !'or example, the conmr,lni-calors h.;d a ba,i."e anC ",'r', r - -,, :i:bor. '.v-s cl ininateC. ... :-:. 1-r lhe Red -.:r,, -' it.ibirr;n {in cf t} :et-l , wltite, llue_ anc siJ-ver 3e:'vl-ce rilrbons) r..iIl- Je u$ i t.c dinote length ,f s,,, vi-ce The basic ribbo:: wili be authorlzed urr::-i cornpletion of t, years CAi-'servi-ce (irolh cadet and. senior service count). fhe firsl bronze clasp is added lor three addltional;gears ser', (denoting a total of five yea;"si service) and then bronze clasps are alided t"or e.ech aeici t{orii,ij.. fj.v* y&irs service. A silver clasp repiaces five brc.rae c1a.sps. f. Special activity ribbons were completely ell"nj-naiea, g. .{11 U. 3. nllitary ribbons and ROTC ribbonr are no loriqer a"rt,':r riz.':d for wear on the CAP uniform.

Civi-l Air Patrol Insignia C:-rdr:t jtibbons

Page B6

Se&,ior ilj.bbons Deccrations; liilver l"lecj:r] iif' V'L.l''rill'onzc Mcrrl,if ol' VirIotDist,i-nguisireC Servi c.r H'edal

Decorations Silver Mrxi rl , I'

Bronze Medal o I' V:r I L: I" Disling;lsheci Servrce l4edal Excepti r-,na1 Lier-vice A'rr:Lrd lleritorious Servi ce A'nr', rd

ii:t'i t



Unit Citat,irrn,,'*ard

Achievenent Spaatz

Earharl ItBllf i' l{i Lci:e1 l
Dooli+-t1e Lindbergh Ri-ckenba cker
i.l*..i ^t ,TI IK]i
a\. *-r. \rul I.!
+ U

lixceptionai Servlce Arra.r'C s llerr.tic e,l-vrlrd i.lnit d j,l; t.-j ,;r.. riwar.d Seni.ot' lti'ogr:rt ,'i',rvarC s liat ion'rI CorrnanderI g (lit,;r",.ion Gill- I"obb 'riil son





Service iiibbon iwirt, clasps for^ acldltional




Actlvity Civii

service ) Cadel Ar^rard s Falcon Awarrl or higi:est ribbon earned as a cadel
Rescue "Find" P.ibbcn Air Search and Rescue



Red Service ltii:bon

Rescue''Fixd" Ii.ibbon (ground crew) Air Search and ilescue (grcund crew)

i'ia:'tIne Service irihb,.ns Anti-subr,ra rine Ccii stai PatroI Southerrr Liaison Patrcl

Pcssibie pending
re::+-s )

Il or 15 (Ce-


Tow-'Iarget and Tracking Courier Forest Patroll"fJ-ssing






previous :chj-evernent ribbcns (C\rrr;, lhru Doclittl-e) '^riif. be rerno-/ed.

3i1i;r l,iitchel-i- is eorned, :11

)lcn+-:.1;r :illletin 1,r",. 6, 1 June -1971" r 1..., l' l:-r lr:- tL,., 'it-'.. ':".it;r.. L":j 1,,r". 1"1t/c) l-L-.-:. i.+': ;ti-] I':,v+rj -t e j.r,t,ir l'. 1',' .iL'r:: iciit:il Ii-"' The ilalir,n:'il. Urri..fci'rri ilc;mltl,:e r^,crCr] " L: t i-i i)'llrt.,l." anii L c:l r:lh Ir"rii:'r i-{f e fq;r w':,',.:' '.':i t.l+ ;rr. i r: l:'I l-r': "iroLh t-ipes ril,l be r:llranarine blue col-creri ,r()vei"l L.f,'-' l.-1 , "' L.i,r unifom. w1Ce cy 5'' iollg \t:.r-i. '1 f 1' ' hlg.l -,vjr j lr: l.eLL;:rs wc:v€n i nLegr:111;r 1n1-t, Lh',: '-.:; '" C)nl;' lhe iiisl nlne ,ri.L1 b'e rts;eci o:t lhe nlme f-aF'e" 'Ihc+ "ljiii:' t":r;'e ;"lJ i r"'' worn centered inmediaLelli above the left i:re.lsl pnr:ket anri the lr;.ine ili;e wiil be wor.n cenlered j:rnediately above the right bre.isl l-.lcket. T'a!:es:l;'^'r

he purch:ised lhrough the CAP booksLore. The meta-"L fD barlge and ilast,ic ri.'n" plale ma,-r be wor.n pending receipt of the new cloth tapes" ij-oirever, unar-it,h'::rizeC clolh badges cf various sizes and descriptions wiil rri:i l;e ircrtr.

Ciril Air Patrol- iiegSlation 39-3, 73 ,Iune L971. )ec: rrt,i cns r ir, j bhons r lnd Ar^rard iiadges 'Iirat _) ,


ile ,rilrn or; lhe tlAP llnj warr.'i'r'i':

a. .j,l-l clecorati.ons, ribbons, and tudges descrii;':<l hi:rei r: alri

Civj.l Air Pat,rol fnslgnla -

Page 87

sr:r.vl.r:,) rll,lrons lwrrded durlng bhe porlod F'ebrrary 191.2 - Jul..y 1.1)f 5 ntiy be worrr on Lhe CAI' rrnllorm. llr;wever, sonlor membors r+J.lI pot we:rr al I rltrlr,,tls earned as a cadeL, but w111 wear only the hlghest cadet rlbbon earnd. Other CAP decorations, rlbbons, and badges prevLously auLhorlzed but not described in this regulation w111 not be worn. b. All decorations, rtbbons, and ratlng badgos ear"ned through qual"lflcaLj.on.rncl awardod by cr:mpotent authorlty to a ntornbcr for sot'vlcs porfortirtx! i:r any branch of the Armed Forces of the United States or its allies may be worn on lhe CAP unifom. (Forelgn decoratlons, ribbons, badges, etc.l &w&ilIed |n wriLing to a member not in the Armed Forces of the Unlted States may' also be vJorrl . ) Aeronautical badgos, emblems, inslgnlas, rl.bbons, etc., glvon by a foreign government, or agency, as souvenirs or sn'b1ems of friendship do not qualify as earned awards and will not be worn on the CAP uniform" All cases where doubt exists as to the propriety cf a badge, meda1, or other device being worn wlII be rsferred to National Headquartars for deeislon. 1l+. Cadet Program Auards and Achievements. a. FYank Borrnan Falcon Auard. This award ls given only to thcse lorrner cadets who have achieved the hlghest accomplishments possible in the CAP Cadei Program and have taken subsequent steps to become a d;ynar.ric American and aerorp""* leader (Uottr mernbers and. non--rnembers are eligible for this ar^ard). The Falcon Avra:-d is ar-rLhorized cnly by Natlonal Headquarters and is awarderl onJ-y Lo forrne:. cadets rvhc complete all the requirements speclfied in CAP]{ 50-16, acl:ieve lhe Sp'ratz', Aw.rrrl, and accomplish at least one of the following: (1) Secure atlmisslon to the Air Force Acadenr,v and successfully cor,'iplete f;he second 1'ear of instn.rction. (Z) Secure admlssion lo adrranced Alr Foree R01f, in an ac('' tr1:.t,,]fl

ccllege or university.
by the unlt



an active sentor member

of Clvl1 Air Patrol

and be recon-


b. (1) Geeleral Carl A. Spaatz Arnrard. Successfully complete all phases Lhe CAP Cadet hogram and the General Carl A. Spaatz Awani Examinati-cn' This auard is certifled and awarried only by Nati.ona1 Headquarters. 15. Senlor Program Auards. a. GiI1 Robb Wi-Ison Ar,rard: (1) Successfully conplete Phase fV of the Senior Member Incentivr: Auards System. (Z) Successfully complete Levels One and I\m in Phrase V of 'he Senior Mernber Incentive Auards S;rster:. b. Natlcrral- Consnarrder ' s Citatlon: (1) i"ioJ-cl t!:,-, Glil Robb Wilson Award. (a) Con:plele Level IfI, Phase 'J, of the Senlor Membe' Ineentiva .*-" l*arrls Systan. (f) Complete the Industrlal College of the Armed Forces CorresponCence iourse, "l{atlonal Securlty Managenentr" or attend a itlational Secui i-t;r Serninar spcnsored by the Industrial College of the Armod Fr:rces. l-8, Crlteria for Award of Actlvity Rlbbons and Badges: a. Internatlonal Aj-r Cadet Exehange Ribbon. Awarded Lo cadets **g|S-q:it..:f: ;rrsrnber -esgorls partlcipeting ln the Internatlonal Air Cadet Exchange outsidt lne ccntinental li"rrits of the United States. i. Civil- Defense Ribbon. Awarded for partl-cipation in five USAF at:thorizeri Civil Defense tests and/or disaster relief mlssions and successfu-l- co:l' pleticn of one of Lhe fo1-lowing requi-rements: (1) CAP Regional Clvil Defense Coordinators Course. (Z) Civil Defense I'Iarngement Course. of


Civll Alr O) (t-) (5) (e I

l';rLrrrl- Inslgnl'r


i''l.l,qe riir

I;efonse Plannlng and Oporatl-ons Cortrsc' Sixteen-hour IIA-I.{C}{T Course in conJunctlon u{Lh .rn eigiit-}tour Airborne ir,edloiogical Monltoring Course. 0) Participatlon in other equivalen| CD activilies total-ling at l-east 32 hours ol'tctivlty cerLiflect by:r cD diroctor to lnclud o ir'rry c()nrbinaLlon ol' trainj:tg cours€s such as the r\erl.rl Radiologic;r] Survey 0otirst:, Baslc Monilori-rrg C.,,urse, or pa.rticipation in effectiveness t'esls and exe:"cises and naLurai disasLer support (in additlon Lo the five nissiorts cuf;l:-ned above), elc. Attachment 1. (lAi-'ltlbi.rtrns - Order of Precedenco. Same as given on Frge 86 except that IIC?C llibbons we:"e reinstaLec L'';,'CAi'r' cadels ]g-3, 23 June 797L, :rnd. followed l,-ivil Air Palrol. Ribbt'ns lo:" hot'h oi'iier (vrorrr i-n and senio: meinbers. U. S. l,iilit-ary Decoraticns and Ribbons fcr of precedence) were r',r:insL.lled'L)'re senior members, :ind precrxleti C,\F Deco'-1: iialcori Awa:-d or highest ribbr-;1, ?',Fll'lt-i rafions. iror:;?nii,r rne:nbcrs, a cadel was pliiceri ,,bove e ii,:rvice Ri'obr;n and the i.a.C;:l )rli l on r.r-a si zrjcie'.i L6 t,he Activit.:r iiibbons. In ::ddit,j-r;n lo anci fo11owin61 ilC'l{) Ribbc,r.s, t''^r':i:.t Deccralions wilre::einstal.xi fcr sertior niernbers. ,1 not-rlirn w:ts,'ide<l l.l:'rt' Service liibbcns (Cnf; rir'-r.y t)e worn orrly j-f e;rrned beLweelr i"r:trrir,r:"','

Radiological I'ionitoring for Instructors. itadl"ological Defense 0ffi-cer Course.


19+2 anrl



),fonthi-y 3ullelin l"<;. '1.)t 2 lieJ;ternber i?71. Oadel Allvisorv Cc,uncj.l Ribbon, ,tftt*,gf Lhe CaCei Advisory. Council- iijbbon has been

poinl oui tlrrl tlie criieria- ar:tho::izing the wsir of the ribb,on,lt.rngql;. The rib,bon is nc,w ruthorized ONLY for lhe chairmen and vice chaime:r of iiriadvisorl, cr-,r,:1cils. Chaj.rmen an<i v-i.ce chaj-rrnerr of Lhe W1-:rg Caciet A<ivi::r-;r1' Councili will wanr Lhe ribbon oniy. Chalrmen and vice chair':nen cl +-he F'e* gion Llarlet, Advisor;r Councils wiJ-I wear tlre ribbon rnrith r:ne br"onze S+,nr' Ile Ch"in ar-, i;nd the r/ice Cnaitrnan of the liat,ional. Cadet Adviso"qg Council '^:--I-i wear Lhe ribbcrr ,..rith c-,ne silve:: sl:r.
I?i l.rnnr.:


we r,"ish fr

:r*eciiately, the foll.cwing cAP ribbons are reinst;lt,jd: ;^-i1 achievernenl-, r.ibbons 1e*rling iri f,i-, 'Lhr: lii,J.)-i, I'iit,e!:e1i Ain'ai"ri CAD.ITS. (ti'1ua*,1t-{r now taken lff when *'h.. Bi11y l,lltc1"r e1l Ribi-.ol is e:rrl:-'.eli): t.i'r': i';.'',rrd th.l Carlel, iiecnlit er il"i :'or.,li, r'l e+. Ar jr-ri "or',r i,i'rrr:ci I Ii:-bbc,n : 'i'he CA! l"{enber.shii., A'*,-er"ci }iibbln (Iirase 1), Le;rci'.:i"si:1-J; Av:,rird }li-'r'SiliICP.:r. *- \ r,ar (\ F\.i sp *-, 1t :l,eycsl11ce ;i,^arrl l"ibb6r (Plrrls',' Iil), ar:d lhr: Serriirl: i'len};r::* iT ./\/rr fff*ti""
'Ihis ch:rr:51e vriil :,*.r t*':l'l i.:i:Led ir: t,l'ie next' r'er,'.isic'ri of r'l'i"?:: ?')*:: ' f n lhe order t,i" prec:,,ri ey,c.t:), iir.: i,,.rdr-'t. Pr-,q.ram i cn: evemerlt. i:i.t-'i'lr:s ('"ri:: cl' wil-I nor.i ccnLint:e Lc Le wc,r'n) fl;ll-ow rhe i3i"i.l1" I'Lif ci,el I "-"rit j"-'i rl':'xei's ic11-cl+ing t-i.e itilJ i.ct ivit;,, i,,ibro:. ir;r cailels is ti"i': ();:.rJ.,.,tr. Acl r,:::or.-1 Cl,';;.6''-' h.ibbo:: irnrj t.h:rn lhe,-;Iiet- ii.l(:ru1+",.).r- ll{}:oon" Ii'or lterric,rs, i't",i-.1-<.,',"riilr. t,i,e ClllI:obb W1l si,ri ii.iirIc-.:t c(:rrl.r Ll:r: Aerospr,-rce Awrrcl Iiibboli, Le.,rlershi'lr .i\:,t'irri ii. i.,i.'t,:,, ani the |,Ient,e:"shit, Ar*rri ir-i[1.,,->n, i-r. r-]-'.i orCer', The Selli.r,r i'"ecrr: i t i-'r i)'il'* bon fnlic'ds Lne IACE itibbcn.:Is a Serrio:',ictrvit"r "i'-ibbori"

i.:nr.iJ -lUU^ a.CUl



'L972, Honthl;7 3.i11elin iJ,,. l, i janr:ar;" liSC llane Pl-ale, il been noteC thaL scrie C;rF seni-c,;"::ie:i,e:': i;iic il'r'"',r:i* lended lhe CAF llalional litallf Col.lege (t,SC) are we.irinr; lht: ilSC r:ane;-=Lt on thej-r unjforn. The l,lSlC r,.rme L.rg willgot be wo::n r:xceFf during aclual 'tlendance as a sLudent :rt the liSC, i'Iaxwell AFB, AL"

Cirril Aj-r PaLruI Inslgnla -

Page 89

Monthly tsr:lIetln Number 2, 3 February 1972. Uniform Tip of the Month. Speciilty Insignia. Chaplalns, medlcal officers and nurses wjJ-l 'arear their speclalty inslgnia centered. one-ha1f l,ch above the left breast pocket worn, of Jackets, coats, oi shirts ',rcr'n as oqtergarments. If rlbbons arean avia* these. If ihe speci.ity ir't"ignia will be worn one-half lnch above cent,ered one-half tlon kage is also worn, the specialty insignia will be inch above the rlbbons ind one-ha1f inch beneath the ati-ation badge, except icr the chaplai-ns fursignia ,hich will be wor:r one-half inch above the avia-



Monthl-"r &rlletin }iumber 4, l+ April 1972. Changes t,o CAP Unifor"r PoIicY. r'i ll eu,:r ch;lnged pnifonn 1t"*= are not authorized withoui apr;rov:i i1re li:rl,ional -rr-the lr:ation:rl, I-Iniform comm-lttee and National Iieadquarters. Iorl'n Committee, which ls compriseri o-f senior CAF officers, is resi)cns:'l'l'-:

for me,inlaining:r plai-n, bul di-stinctive uniform and a consisLent prc'J-ic;" c'l: ai} uniform nnt,lers. this conrmlttee takes advantage of lhe cclj-ec1,i're ;uc5:nenL anri experi.ence o-f senior CAP officers to develop artd scrlicit ilems of uniforrn r:,1.clhing, accessorles, and lnsignia. Unit consnanders wi}l for:r'arti recorurrencLeC changes Lo the uniforrn, accessorles, or related ltems through "L:e fcr'char.r:els .Lo Naliona]- Headquarters (npyp). These suggestions will iiar+arded in tur:: to the National Uniform Comnrittee for consi<ieration. ilonal lieadqriarters'^ri11 advise the unlt of the committeets approva''l or Ci-;approrr*l. Suggostions not reconmended for adoption by w'ing or region headquirters should nct be folwarded to National Headquarters.
Goddarc Ribbon

Ilonthl;1 ijulletin llunber 5, 5 June L972. Since cadet achievemeni r.:-bbons continue to be worYi even after the B:ili' ltitchell- AwarC ribbon l-s earned., Lhe Goddard Ribbon has been:'einst-:Lei L' represent the l-ast achl-evement in Phase II of the cadet program. 'Itj-s';irange





'iniform Tip of the l'{onth.

'r,,ing cornnanclers may authorlze certai-n ltoms to be worn fc;r' s:,ec.lfic p:::* poses w1{iri:: their resplcttve wings (arUt team nembers might :'rea;' white bel-ts and matchi:rg hel-rlrets, for ocainple)n Hcvrever, membel's are rr:rC;rded ti'r'"i. these 1lems irave no natlonil stgnlficance or recognlti-on as a part of tht'lAi unif.:m. Therefore, they wtIL not be worn at nationaJ,ly sporrsored acliviti- ':r .,:nless specificalll.r authorized b3- l.iational Headquarters.

i{orrthly "3r11etin }iur:rber 9, 6 September J.972.

i:he foll-ov,-ing rules shoul-d be observed when miniali:re meCals,lre wi)ri: ,:n ihe mess dress rmiforrn; ,{hen fewer than 5 miniatrire nedals are worTi, all mrrst be fully ex!()sec r il rc:"e Lkzn l+ ninlature medals are worTl on one row, each rnedal will equal-1y i:ver"lap- lhe rnedal to lhe I eft but the over'lap wilJ- not e.rceed 5jfl; the medal nu.1.u*i ihe lapel r^rill- be fu11y exposed. Upper rows will be placed to cover Lh,: ribbr:n portion of the medals below. l- to ?nedals -l row; 8or grned.als -4 or 5 inbottomrowand4 in seconci row; 10 or 11 medals - 5 or 6 in Uottom rlow and 5 in second row; 12 or 1l r:f medals - 5 or T fu boltom row and 6 !n seconci rowl l-5 meda.l-s - lhree rovrs 5 eachi 15 medals - 6, 51 5i t'i medals '61 61 5; 18 medals - 61 61 5, etc. (lio row contains more medals than the row below, or under, it.)

ltip oI lhe


Civil Alr Patrol Insignia -

Page 90

Monthly Brlletin l'io. 9, 6 Septesnber L972, contl-nued.

Alnranf,:CO Grades Under the Ner^r Offlcer Promotlon Systen. Airn'nn and I'iCO grades have been elimi-nated under fhe new CAP promotion systom. However, members curently ln these gracies wiII not be ;rffected; there simply w"ill- not be any airrnnTSiCO promoLicns in t,he future. Membors curr.ently ln these grados h;rve tho oJrLlon of rtrtalrtlng thelr curent atrnan/ttC0 grade or of beir,g reclasslfied as senicr tnernbers w'ithouL grade. AirminliCC grades cut:renliy i:r lire system wlll be phased oul through ettrition. Cadet Offlcer Shou-l-der Boards. Cadet offlcer shoulder boarcls are worn on all rele service unifonir combirratlons to include tho sumrner shlrts (Tan )-505 and Blue 1550)" Shoulder boards are worn on all ferele service unlforms excepi the netv overblouse when worn as an outergarmsnt, Shoulder boarris are not '*orn

on fatlgues.

15. Senlor Program Ar+rrds. 4. Prank Bortnan Falcon Ar*ard,

Regulalion 39-3, 5 September 1972,

Awarded to those cadets and forrner cadets who have aehieved the highest accompllshments possible ln the CAP cadet Frogram and who have taken srrbsequent steps to beccme d,l,rriamic Amerlcans and aerospace leaders. Although thls award 1s partly I-n recognltlon of cadet program achievements, an lndirr.j-dua1 must also meet criterla which are not assoclated wlth the cadet program. Therefore, Lhi.s ar+ard ls adrrr-inlstered under the senlor progran. Individuals q'"ra1ify:rrg for this awarrl rmrst have compl-eted aJ-l re<Iuirernents of tho eadet program as outlined in CAPM 50-16, "The Leader's Handbook for the Cadet Prograrnr" aehleved the General CarI A" Spealz Auard, and aecomplished at least cne

of the followlng: (1) Secure admisslon to the Al-r Force Acaderry ariri successi:":Lly complete the second yaar of inshrrctlon. (.2) Secure admission Lo Adrnncr:i. Ai:" Foree B0T[ lrr an accredi* ted college or university" (3) Serve at, least one )/ai.r as an acfive senio:: me,mber cf Crrrl Air Fairoi arrd be reconrnended by lhe u::iL corl"r:ar.1ei'. liCTEr This is the cnly achl-evemenN award irr Civ-il Alr Pat:roi wlt:l:i; .-ati be a,,,r-arded even lhough the rec:-pient, might rr; longer be.i. iAF rrenber" ior exampJ-eo i.f a cacleL :lrcps his m,:r,be: ship -nihen he ,:nt,er:; ihe Air For*e Aca*" ar,a Xiational j;j dern;2, he wcuJC st,1l1-l qr:aiLfl,, for lire aurarcj upnn appli-ca aYi

Lavel I Cornprenensive Examinallcn.

CAF Membersiiip ArnrarC (i.t.',el I ) " ,r;rl,:'re:ls1uil;r g;npr ete l,*vei- I requlrerneni,s of lhe Serrlor J{embe:- llbainlng Frograrn, to j-nclude pe.:;:;ing t'ie


d. Leadershlp Awar<i (Level- II). Awarded f'on achl.evement ln fr:nctiona1 speclalty tracks in Level II cf the Senicr Member .ifaining Program a s

(1) Baslc Elbbon * ?echnician Rating. (Z) Bronze Star Attachment - Senior it:.r,i:rg. O) Sjl-ver Star Attachment - Master fiating. (tlOfn: The sllver star attaehment replaces the bronze star atLrehrnent, Bolh deviees are not worn. ) e. Aerospa.ce Ar^rard (Leve1 III). Successful-l.y compi.ele Leve1 lfi re-

ClvI[ Air Palrol Inslgnla qulrements



of the Senlor Member Ilainlng Program as follows: (1) Be asslgned to a conrnand or staff positlon. (Z) Altend tho CAP Nattonal Stsff CoIJ,ego. (l) Attend at least four wtng or reglon conferences. (l) Complete selected readings ln leadershlp and management. Ihese readings m,rst lnc1ude, bul are not llmlted to, CAP Pamphlet 100, "Introduction to CAP Leadershlpr" &nd CAP Pamphlet J01, "fntroductlon to CAP Management." (:) Attend a nationallir approvod tralnfu61 course such as a Joint &nergenc.y Operations Semlnar, AfC Circult Rider Cor:rse, National

School, Disaster Preparedness Course, etc, f. Gil1 Robb Wllson Award: (1) I{old the Senior Member Certificate of Proficiencl,'. (z) Hold the Aerospa,ce Ar,rard. (;) Conplele ECI Corrrses 2C and 2D, Squadron Officer School

,Jorrespcndence Program. (l) Compiete selected aerospace readings identified in CAP Famphlet 19, "CAP Reading fttide." A mlnlmum of ihree books is required lo satisfy this requirement,. (;) Present an aerospece/CAF lopic to a non-CAP organization or write an artlcle sultable for p:bllcaiion on a pertilent aeros5xce


g. IJational Commanderrs Citation: (1) iiold the Gi1I Robb wilson Au^ard" (Z) Complete the Air Wa:' College Corespondence Course. (3 ) Serve &s comnander or staff officer at group level cr higher for a mlnj:n:nr of three .r/ears. 19. d. Civj*t Defonsa Ribbon. (1) CAP Heglonal oL Wlnq Sponsored Civtl

Defanse Coordinators

Same as provlously lj-sted, Advlsory Councll Ribbon. Arrarded to the chairrnan anrl rrice e. Cadet chal.n:an of the cadet advS-sory couneils as follo'n'st (1) Easj-e Ribbon. Chalrman and vlce chalrran of t,he l{i-:rg Cadet AdvJ-sor1,' Councll. (a) Bronze Star Attaehmont. Chal-rrrpn and vlce chalrm:in of the Region Cariet Advisory Council. (3) Silver Star Attaehment. Chatr:rnan and vice chalrrnan of t,i:e l.,lalional C:-det Advisory Cc,irncil. (t'lote: The si-lver repl-aces the bronae star" Both devlces are not worn on the ribbon. ) f, Recn:iter F,ibbons. Auarded by the unit comnander to cadets and senior members i:: recognitton of our-standlng efforts to recrr:lt new men-

(2) thru (?)

for Civil Alr PaNrol. (1) Cadet Rlbbori. Arararded t,o cadets who recmit two new qual-lfied cadets or senlor p:enbers for Civil Air Patrol. A brr:nze clasp is awa:'ded for each addltlonal tr,ro members recn-riied. A si1'rer clasp replaces five brorrze clasps. Bronze clasps are not wcrn afNer the silver clasp is tr+arded, An adciillon;r1 si-lver clasp wil-l be ar"'arded i'or e"ach additional

10 members recruif;ed. (Z) Senior Ribbon. Awarded to senior members vrho reerrrit seven qualified cadets or senior members for Civjl- Air Patrol. A bronze new clasp is awarded for each additional ten members reen-:ited. A sil-ver closp replaces five bronze clasps. Bronze clasps are nct worn after the silver

clasp is awarried. An additlonal silver clasp is a:^iarded for each additiona] 50 ner:rbers rec:rrlted.

Civil Air Falrol Insignia ALlachmenL

Page 92

1 t,o


39-'1, 6 September 1972.

CADET RIBBONS Decorations Silve r MedaI of Valor Bronze MedaI of Valor Distinguirhcd Service Medal Exceptional Service Award Meritoriotrs Service Award Unit Citation Award
Cader Proqram Awards

U. S. Military Decorationa and Ribbons (Worn in order or precedence)
Decoratlonr Sllver Mcdal of Velor Bronze Medal of Valor Distinguished Service Medal Exceptional Service Award Meritorious .Service Awa rd Unit Citation Award

Frank Ilorman Falcon Award Cen Carl A. SPaatz Award Amelia Ear.hart Award ':'Cen Bilty llitchell Award

Cadet Prc-:gram Achievernents Dr. R.obert H. Coddard Achievement Ccn Jirrrmy F-. Doolittie Achievement Charies A. Lindberg)-, .Achieverrrent Capt ErlrJie Rickeni;acker Achievement Wrrght Brothers Achievr:ment Gen Hap Arnolci Acliievement f.l .:n J !'. Ctrrry Achieverrlent

Senior Program Awards National Corrmander's Citation Cill Robb Wilson Award Aerospace Award Leadership Award lr.4en-,bership Award
Cadet AwarCs CoI Frank Borman Falcon Aw'arC OR }JICH.ESI' RIBtsO}'' EARNIiiI ,iS CADET

rvice iled Servrce i( tt>l;',r.


Red Service Ribbori

Aclivitr' Rescue' Find" Ribb<>n (Crorrnd) Air Search and Rescue (Cround)
IACE Cadet Advisory Council Ribbon Cadet Recruiter Ribbon


cti.vity Rescue "Find, Ribban Air Search and Rescu,r i{ibi:on Civi} Defense P,il;bor:

Senior Recruiter Ribbon
$+Wartime Servlce ilibbons Antisubmarine Coastai Patrol Southern Liaison Fatrol Tow-Target and Tracking Courier !'oreet Patroi ,Missing Airc:aft ROTC Ribbons

ROTC Ribbons

Foreign Decorations * When the Biily Mitchell Ribbon is earned, all previous achievement ribbons (Curr y thru Goddard) will continue to be ** May be w"orn oniy if earned betq'een February 194? and i9a5,




Civll Alr Patrol Insignla CAP



liews, Januar.v 1973. Changes ApProved for CAP Unlform. Tbo changes to the CivIL Air Patrol unlform were apprc,ved during the December rneeting of the National Uniforro Coronlttee. The first change authorizes qua}lfled Aerlal }tadlological Monltors to


a special fntcii on Lhelr flying clothlng. Ttris pntch wll1 afftrrd tliose Pretrxrednoss lsenCAP members recognltlon es J)roscrlbecl b:r llie lJofense Clvllthe CAP Bookslore al a L'iler c.,,,. The new p*tcn will be ivallable through


other chanqe involves Lhe authorizatj.on of CAP nrembors we.rrlng a' disLlnctive headgaa" (1,."a hats) wlt6 the CAP emergenc.v sarvlces decl-r for' use drrrlng dise,sler activlties for oas.v ldentificatlon. This change would be an optlonal ltem for CAP members. The headgear w111 also be availahle through the Bookstore.

Bulletln Number 2, 7 Febrr:ary 1973. New ftnbIem Approved for the Sentor Member fltight Cap. HQ USAF recently approved a new device (mtnlaturized service hat insignla) for wear on the senlor member fl-lght cap, T\m devices will be emplo;"ed

(as the:r are on the servlce hat)--one for offlcer persorrnel and another for senior member alrmen and senlor menrbers without grade. The CAP Bookstore is curren+,I1r ln the process of procurement, and an announcement r"'ill- be narle as s(1on as th* devlces becorne avall.rrble for purchaso. All mornbers 'ire encourr:ged to ohtal-n the new emblom as soon as pnsslble, but nr:L lat'er thnn 1Jul:r Lg71. (Placement ls lllustrated as 1" from the front for femal.": iffght cap'and 1|" from the front for male fl-ight cap)'

1r: procur-enerit is anticipaLed. However, the CAP tsookstore ls currel'Itil,' nugotl-rtlng',,'5-th several veneiors for r,pnufacLrire and an annou:lcement vn-l-l' be yi:de as soon as the Cevl-ce becomes alrajiab] e for purcirase.

Specialty Inslgnia Approved for CAP Legal Offtcers' Hea4quarl"." USAF recently approved speclalty lnsignia for CAP legal officers fcr wear on the CAP unlform. An lllustration of the new device is shown be1:w. Since so few members qualify to wear this lnsigllia,, a p:"oble.,n




B March L9n ,

llonthly Brlletin

Number L2, h December L9?3. Eliglbillt;r fcr Falcon Award Drpanded" Clrent CAP dlrectives perndt. . . one of the followS-ng: (1) Successful ccnpleNion of ihe seccnd year aL the U, S. Air Force Acadenlv; (e) adr,tission to an advanced Alr Force ROTC prog::am; or (3) completicn of ane year serrrice as an actlve senior mernber and be reconrnended by the unit ccmmander, Forthcomi:rg changes to CAPR 39-3, CAFI'{ 50-15, and CAPM 50-17 w111 include the expanslon of ilternatlves (I)-and (2), above. Alternate (1) lrfff be expanded to successful completlcn o.f, the second year at lhe U. S. Ml1-i.tary

Clvil Alr Patrol Inslgnla -

Pago t/a

Acade4y, U. S. liarral Academy, or the U. S. Alr Force Acaden\y. Alterrrallve (e) wffi be changod Lo reflect admlssl-on to an advanced Arng', Na'ry, or Air Force ROTC progrim. AlLernatlve (3) above 1s unchanged. the expansion of these eliglbillty crltorla ls effectlve i.lmnedlatoly.

l,lonthly Bulleti.r: No. 1, I January :--971+. The reclrlting rfUUtn or clasp w'jl1 be awarded lo aIL mornbors (sonl.or and eadet) who recmit c'ne additional member between 12 Oe+"ober 19?3 and l1 Decemb er L971+. This is a temporary change to suppor+, the '+I recrui-ting program and to provi-cie i:rmedlate recognitlon to those rnembers who have raet


program?s minlnrun goal"

News, Itray l97l+.

Hat Device l,Iow Arrailabl e. The cadet c,fficerrs hat clevice for the male serrrice cap and fenal-e be* reL is now ava1lab1e from the bookstore.. . It ls a verl{ alLracllve erti--Ier and was designed and modified fron the cadel sltoulcier bcard irlsigiia" Tiii,s device ls to be r,rorn by caciet wamant officer through cadet colonel. Note fcr male officers: The flight cap grade inslgnia w:ilI be worl) '3s




CAP Ners, Febmary L975, Unlfor:n Changes" Clvil Air Patrol l4znual 39-t, CAP Uniforms, is currentS-y under revisj-cr: ,lnd ls nol expected to be lssued for several months. In the meant,ime soir,e ill-ustrations cn grooming stand.arcis and the proper placenenL of derrlces on the uniform have Ueen inctuded in Lhe 1975 Sqrradron Commander's ftride (CA? Parnphlet 51). In addit,ion, the Natlonal Unifonn Con'rnlttee has approved the

followi::g changes tc the uniforrr: Placenent of lhe ID Badge and Name P1ate on Male Ur:-iforn,' T'he ID baoge will be worn resting direcLly on top of the pocket and the j-n the i,Llustr"alicr; nanie pl-ate wil-I be aligned. w'ith the pocket searn as shcwn

Tnere will be nc change in the placanent of these ri"-:vi-ces on the -fe.nral"e unj,lor:-r, The name pl-a+,e *iti Uu worn cenlered. LfZ" below tl:e icie:rr-ificirticn
badge" Placement lJadge on i'enale iJniforyr," nril-l r.rear +*he contrsunj-catorrs badge 1/Z incn eii{ive lii e ri"i,b':ns Fernles ancl bel-cw Liie r",,ir:gs (in ltre same irsiti.on as ott',*r spee:la1iy i:ieigriia)' 1f a fernale member j.s;lsc qualified for oth,.:r spr:eialty irrsir:r-ia, ;ltch a.s:, tiurse, then'rlje coilrfiLirricatorts baCge wtl]- b,r ril t'tt,abcvr: t.i',r rii:bc,rls.lrnri i,ei-' low the snecia-Lly i-nsrgnia. Tne posi,'Lion on lhe 3>ckel .fr::: the tll;-i-e::e,*a:;r;; unchanged.

cf the Cor,nl:nicatorts

liniform Test

ID badge anr:i nane platt ci:nl,irultion has t-,e.:r-: rut,horized fcr test p-rrircses for nenbers of the I'iational Board.tnd certaj-r: selecterl nembers cf the itidcil-e East Regicn. 'ihis cievice'"'ri11 be','rorn ctrt.hi, )-ightweigh't sumrne:. sh:-r.t cnJ"y and ,rd--l-1. be ',^n:trt onl;,, by fln5s s*riic,r memi]ers '-iuLhorized during lhe test peri-od.

I+"en. Ttre i-ightr,reight combjrraticn

the Br:lletin Board, CAP I'iews, Ju.Iy 1975. l-. Clarification of Unifcrm Policy, At the June meeting of the National Unifon"r ComrLittee, clarification concertring wear of the 1'erple ID badge ano narneplate rnras provided as follows: "Iho metal ID piat* w:-11 be woi'l-t cen* terd directly above lhe nameplate," This policy sui:ersedes any previous
contraCictory puUlished guidance.

Ciuil- Air Patrol Inslgnla - Page


CAP Regulation 394, 2 January 1976. 15. a. (Z) Leadership Award Ribbon. Awarded for achievemenL in {\rnctJ.onal specialty tracks in Level II tralnlng as follows: (") Basic Ribbon - Tochnlclan Hatfug. (u) Bronze St^ar Attachrnent - Senlor Fating. (c) Silver St^ar Attachment - Master Ratlng. (Up to three nray be worn ln recogtrltion of oach Master's Ratlng oernod.) b. (1) Frank Borrnan Falcon A','rarrl. . . Appllcation wl-Il lncludo veri* ficatlon of the fol-lowlng ellgtblIlty crlterla: (") Reciplent of the General Carl A. Spaatz Anazri" (b) Completlon of one of thc folIowl-ng: t Second year o.f lrrstnrctlon at U. S. Milltary, Naval, Alr Forco, or Coast Grarrl Academy. Z Admlssion to Adrranceci Azrny, NaW, or Air Forco ROTC. L One yoarts servlce as actlve senl.or membor and comt s recommendatlon. nnnder 0) Grover Ioenlng Aerospace Award" . . Appllcatj-ott wiLl include verification of the fol-lowlng ellgibIllty criterla: (*) Current comroand or staff assigrunent. (b) Year attended CAP Natl-ona1 Staff College' (") Tit1e anri date eompleted other nalionally app::oved irai-n-

at feur reglon or wing conferences. of CAPPs 100, lO1, and 102. (t-) Gil1 Robb 'dilson Ar^rard. . . Avrard applicatlon will lnclu'Ce eertification of the followiag crlterla: (a) Date of Senlor Member Certi.ficale of Proflciency or conpleti-on cf, ECI Course 7C. "CAP 0fflcer Course." (b) Date o.f Level lII tralnhg compl-etion (i:rcludes att,end.ance at NaLional S&rff Coilega). (") Attach ECI Forms I rsflectlng conpletion of 5CI Courses ZE, "Milltary Management (S0S)r" a.nd. ECtr Course 2F, "Internatlonal- ikrvl"ronment and l'{lllt^ery &nplolment (S0S)r" or Squadron Offl-eer School Diploma. (a) TitLee of three aerospace books read" (u) Toplc of aorospace presentatlon and to whaL non-CAP grcup presented, or attach copy of roanuscrlpt presented for publicatton. $) Natlonal Commenderts Cltatlon. " . Award. applicat3-on r',{-Ll l-n-' clude certlflcatjon of the fol:-owlxg eltgibillty crlteria: (*) Nr:mber and date of GJI-I Bobb Wilson Awaxi. ('o) Attech copy of Alr War College Aesoclate Progr"am diplorn* or cerLifl-cate of c,:mpletion. (") Mininmm of three yearst experience aB corurcander or stailf offlcer at group or higher Ievel. 19. c. Rescue "Fhdil Rlbbon" Awarded by the wlng cor'unander.(or a suboxiinraerna+.e comnBnder lf authorlty is delegated by the wlng cononander) -tc any CAP mlssion' The ber of hls wlng nraklng an aclual ftnC on a soarch and roscue f:nri:rulv j-nvolve clownea alrcraft, lost p€rsons, or I-n sone instances, omergenc.r iccator Lransmltlers (fX,Ts), but nor:n:aIly a cieflnlte search obJectlve mus+have been assigned, locaLod ari& posliively ldent,lfled" Occaslonally lhe:'e or clearly w1--L1 be circurnstances surroundtng rn-isslons whlch aro not'covered, or his aulho::lzed Oefined, bv re51.)-atlon. fn these cases, Lhe r+-1-ng ccnrrander subor-dinaLe conrmnder wl1l evaluale the flrrd in question using all applicabl-e ''rihen a decisiol q.;liance as the'casis for hls declslon to awar{ the ribbon. shoulC cinnoi oe I e;lcheC, or the criteria is nol cleariy defj''ned, Lhe problein is a*,: Naiionai Headquarter"s/ms for g'.ridance. A brcnze c)-asp :::^efe:-red
Attendance Completion

i-:rg course.

(a) (u)

Ctvil Air Patrol fnsignl-a warCeC

Page 96

iar o;,,:h ,dCit,:.cnaI f lnC, A1so, if desLred, the llescue "f ind" F.ri-]bon mii.'r be gxinted cn the alrcralt in which the f ind was nrace. (l) F.1ndg for +,-'re rtniteci S+-ates Cc-rsL Grard (USC'I) or lhe USCG Auxlli:,r..r i:'.ycer,t.ions +,o r-he iilro.",e crltr.lrj-a mav i.e nude lor finds accc,'nplishej 4rrt'i::Fi oj' nisoicns ccrrr:.1r;cL.:d in r:oncerl the iISCG cr USCO Auxl.l-lari'. i.ile buik rts i'r1' patrol nr1 sslons co,qr.non],v roferr''xl t'o Jolnt effo: t r:onslsts cf cAP fl.vlng or crew iocates a bcat or perscns j'n dis"' Ioundo*n patrol. " ,"rten a CAP rnembEr tress and is inslrrrmenLitl, in their safe riiscovery, a "finc" rj-bbon;Tlav Le aw"arC"'ri, prcvided lhe effort i-s cl-asslfled as an "assist" by the USCC' (Z'l FLT l:'incls. ELT flnds w1l1 be crtxJltsd oniy 1"f lt, is considero<j 't rjisLress s1gna1 when Lhe rCsslon ls assJ.gned ' in addltlon, locatlng an !L'f slgnal at nlghi or'*'hi-Ie f1y-1lg above an undercast ul-l1 noL be conslde:"ed a frnd unless the ]-ocar-lng alrcrafl can effectlvell, dlrect * ground prll'Lc the solirce of Lhe lLT transrnlssion. and n(lscue flnd by $t Flnde by Alrcrer ltmbers. In c86€ of, a search appltee to both thle alrcreft, a rlbbon *,tit Ue at€ntsd to all crstf m€mbareo ,,fLnd end. rcscu€rt oporatlone anl ttflnd end reporttt opetatlone" For examplo' whm so ths crstr nay be the aoarch obJectlve ia slghted, r€scllo uy aGeraftoff1cLallmpoastble' ground' st*tlon" ]' to an roporbr the flnd [y r"f"fl-ig tl; bfonmstion wonr cosrt€red on th* &esc'ue rr]1ll]d'r devfce rri11 bs bronze thres-bdd".i ;;p;[Er Rlbbon oerrr€d as alrcr6!. members" and rescus If the fl"nd le fi&de i4i-- rr"d; by Ground *IL uosmbers of thoby eear*h Lceatce teara whi"slh ground toams, th" d;L;--11l be-e,,&dod I'r:i'Ild!' Rlbben rdthout t'he tho obJectlve. crrourd personn€l yALl vear the Eescue propo]*l€r cIBsP. '--'---- (5) ilonblned partl"elpatton" A nmber rfio oarns the freseue I'Ftlldri !l5bl{'n havl"ng thc bncnre a6 ah alrcrry mombor ld.entifles hlmsatf &s an e{rcrgH member by a clasp ao * 6erns props}ler attached to the rlbbon" If thls a&ne lndlvldual the clasp t0 t'he se'me ettach grFo,ri*d nember who mkes a flnd, ire ls authorLued to 1-nittal* prop€r16r. Thl.s also apprr-es to the t'rdivtduar xho 6f' silu:e rlbbon u.rth the bronze svg[ searsh l]s'rtr mslcbar or Iy oartrs the Rescuu ,,p1n 1"- lL[bbon as amember; ha a grou.rriauthorl'a$d to *ttacir th'{i i"g &hsn as an uf"""* later dato makes a flnd' b:"onza ProPeller to the rlbbon'

wil1 be N-orn
vYr*__ vv

Ai.:. s*, anci

TheCivillJefenseilibhcni,sauthcr"izedlorcacle"i;srrlO;l-ing.i:cji'"n;i:e:iLiie ;;;;;,'-(C"n,,t,r)-iiili,tr, ;rnri the lACE H'lbbo:: irr tlie rrr1er" ;''l'
' " t^ j '-:*-

precedence. Hibt_-0ns lLi'ri.r 'uvvl;rr

.!- r,ra F,c-i- r yl (.yi, r _r*^+r*wirile prirf"tcj-pating in t?:e rlu'r'-' i-J'lji:'i:'ri'e tontu. be,.;'rn when ihe cadei;:.:I'38nior mern-irel (:41:es r'Q fi:r- --Tney wilL "ro ilct,ive Prosr&n, c}-ptrte irr the

?re Bulletln tscerd, SP l'Jernrs, H:;'" 1?76sliir"t' r'n-t.h epiuiets New CAP Unlforn ltelns. Thu ne'rr sbyle -I*ng*sl-eev* panf;su{.t f*r USAF 'nn:nerr wil-L be ar:ti"rorecently approved. for USAF :nen and tho of 1-nstgnia and rlzed for cAp members BUT n,:t untl- weai p*itcy and plaeerieni Afi ellllolinceinent' wji-i d*vlces ha"re been de.bermlnrxi b;r lhe unJfor:n comnritteg' mer'i:ers" {lAF be rBdO u" u"o.,-rs the new items are epproved_forNational Urr:--fo::m ComnJ-tiee The z. Authorlzed'ri" L"t7B"";i;"iri.uliott, tack er bar to specify rocently craririea tne policy on the autho::lred tie jn an oxid'l-zed fl-nlsir a:'* aut'horized' that only tnose with th; c,qr- ci;si with colors are nol aurhcrized" Tie bars shiny naterial-s and enamer "tu"tu .*{th minla'bure officer grade i";;gil may also be u'ca'r:, b'ut only wii;h t}ie



Clvll" Alr Patrol- Inelgnla -



l{tnutes, I'Jatiorral Uniform Comrntttee }'leetlng, l+ Jrrne 1976. 3, a. Ms. i.iilli;rms advlsed the comn-ittee that AFJROTC had fornurl-I.y approved pin-on chevrons for CAP cadets sim-il-ar to those to be used by JROTC. c. Authority to use the acronym I'JEAT (Nationa1 Emergency Asslslance Training) was approved for use on the so-ca11eC ranger patch. lr. b. A proposal to authorize a new ribbon for SAR saves was apprcved, bul was modified Lo ar,rthorize a brrsic rlbbon for ggg life saved (now given li're Cerbificate of Recognition) anci a bronze propeller added for any save credited by AFRCC. Authorization to be retroactive for all members awar'ded the Certificate of Recognltion, but the SAE saves to be retroactive only to 1
January L976.
CAP llews, September L976. New CAP Jumpsult llow Optional Unl-form.

. tt,u Jumpsuit r"{-ll- be aval-iable through the OAP Bookstore for S13.95" prlce hcludes the CAP Cloth Seal and CIVIL AIR PAT?iOL tape which t+-i]-l be This already seurr on the garment and will also lnclude a -rring patch and nanetape whi-ch'rrili be ser,ln on by the member. Collar i:nsignla (ernbroidered for seniors and metal for caciets) nmst be prchased sepa.r"ate1y.
]iews, November L9?6. New Grade Insignia Increases Cost

. . - Effective Jan, l, I97?, the new rnetal pJ-n-on cherrr:ns will be used, anC a single chevron wlll- be lnclucied ln each of the apprcpriale.packets. (Crades lls",eci, all cadet, are: MSgt, TSgt, SSgt, Sgt, AIC, A'Ir.. )


Achievement Packets.

Manual 39-1, ) Janrra:"y 1"977. Fi'rure 2-3 and Figure 3-3; Senior Ma-}e and Fem,1e Hlight Caps-The same flJ'ght caf ernulen (offlcer type w.ithout rlng around eagle) is shown for both officers end aintre,n" This ie an er?or, wtrich was corected by change I to c-{P}'{ 39-\u 9 Novmber LW, vhare both typee of ernbleilra &ro gLven. Figure /+-3, Life-Saving ltibbon anC National Cadet Competition I'i.ibbon are i-ncl-'.i* Ceci flr. cadei.s. Life-Saving Ribbon -follows Red Service liibh,'r,,rr and liatictial Ca,J,e,; C.;npeti+-ion P"i.bbon follows IACE in order of i;rec':dence. ii6-ire 4-+, Li-fe-Savi,ng i.j-bbon i-s inclucled for seniors, fo]lr;wing fr.eC Serl:ce j*,1"'cbon ii orCer of precerience& Tacle 5-2. .laciet 0fflcer Grade Insignia - l'tiniaiure siae insignia tril-i br:'.ri,;"n on Lhe c,.:,1-lar of lhe o.,rerblouse (as outergarment), Iong-sleeve w:o-l- shirt, j'iie'd shj-rL {fenrale), ut,i1-lty shirt (optional)r-Junipsuii, poifi"n jacke+- (fern:"}e), '.'-l'-






f snal-e ) .


wear metal cherrons on the

right ccl.larllapel tf al.l r:-


0n the right breast allgned rdth top brutton. OId Scrri-ce Coat: Inrnedlately above the rlght pockot or sl$lrlatcd pocket, I b 2 lnehes abovo tho top bnltton" N01E: When rlbbonr ere rcrn, thc naneplatc vlJL alnayc bs allgned rtth the battom row of ribbona. 11. Aerlal Radl-ological Honltorlng Patch - t/e lnclr below the shoulder ssem of the rlght'sleeve of the male uttLlty shlrt and Jumpeuit. It rrl-Ll not be

acement of Badges anC Devices on the 'ui,iforrr"i" fdentiflcation Badge - I"enrale t L/2 irrch above the nairepl-ale. i. t. Na-meplaie - Fen'rrle: New Sedfitted Box Jacket and Pantsui.t Jackal: Cn Lhe rigl:t breasi 2 to 2| inches above tcp button. Overbiouse: Irr llie rnost, ;rttrac* bLve and eoafortable poeltion on the rlght breaat, allgned with or sllghtly abo.cre the second coyerod tmtton. Surmrsr Ibsas (Cotton Cords) and filo]d Shir*;:

Tabie 5-4. Prcpe:"

Clvt1 Alr FaLroI InslgrLla - Page
worn on


12. Nattonal

fcmlo flcld shltt. I?. CfV11, AIR PATROT tape - Inmodatal-y abovo the Lefi broast pockot on the n*ic ut1lity oh!-rt and Jumpsult. It ts not wort on the fmralo fl-cld shtrt. lg. Cloth Nance thpe (Uitramarlns BLue) - UtILlty shJrt,: InmedtatoJ-y abovo thc rlght brcect pocket. It ls not wort on the foutal-o fj-eld shl-rt, Jl:Ilp* sult: 0n tho rfgfrt brcest diroctly opposLte the CIYIL AIR PATfiOL t*pe. 20. CAP Cloth S;ef. - On tho rlght briist of thc flyfng Jackot/coveralls
and Jr.rmpsult. ?J+" Tla Tac/tlc Bar w/Crcst

Energency Asslatancc I?alnlng (WEA?) Patch - On the Ief,t broast pockct of, tho mafe utfUty shlrt and Jurnpmlt. It WILI not be r+ort on the

tho female fleld shirt.

- 0n the ti-o. Avlatlon Badges: Illustratcd (strai.ght, w1:ngs.o nat droopi-ng) figr"" 5-10, Cormand P{lot, Scolior P1lot, PLJ"ot, Gll-dor Pll"ot, MEstsr-Cbsarvor, "16, gbsorvor, 0bicrrcr, and Solo E3adgc .l,ward, thc lattor be5-ng u'nehangod Scnlor from prcvious llJ-ustratlons). Fcgurc 5-11. Sqrlor Mernbcr Specialty Insi-gnl&: Includes Logal 0fficer"
ReguletLon 39-) t 25 AFrll L97?. I8. Crltorie for Award of Acti"rlty R5"bbons" . . co Naticnal Cadct Compotltlon R[.bbon. Awe::ded for p*rt,*tl"on ae a tsam n6eber ln the Natlonal Cadet Competltion" The basl-c x'j"bbon ".r'i-i-l be *rorrr by the wlrurers of the ,rr5lg competition" A brcnae star r*tll be affJ-x*cl ior the wlnners of the regton competttJ"on, ard a sl"l-ver star r.d.11 'ro m:r:t 'oy the sweepstake yinners af the natir:naI-competition, (X0:g: I'l"mrcl of iij-s rLbb*?n ls retr.oactive "Lo the l-??l* l.latl-cna1 Cadet Uomp,::Lj-ti'ln") 19" C:"tterla for Auard of Servlce RLbbons' " . d.. tLfe-savlng Rlbbon, Awa:ried by NatJ"onal i{eadrylarters t,a uembers the Cer+,l.fleate of Eecognlttor: for Ll-fe (,:r Llves) $aved, A brcnzs propd-ler w'111 be add.ed. for any alrcrew e*arch &nd rascus *eYq crdited by' AXA.S, Arm,rd of th* basl-c rj"bbon Ls retroactj-ve to ali nsmhers eanr:i-ng t'ho Cortj-fLcate of Recognttlon" $e.arch and rescue s&ves r*ll-l- b,o ret"rsactl*'e to 1 Jarma:ry LYl6,

Hl-rn:tEs, Natlcrial- I'lnl-form Co'rrm:lttee Hoet'j-ng, J Jt"co l"?:T" t"h* ?, Sone quostton had also beon rra.!-s*<l abc'r:l t'.r'::at, u'::,l)-'i i';* l**ci}'i1. r:;l; vq"q u-*l'*' -Lh;,; r; the rre$ epaulets, it w"as elarj-fisd thai th,e *r:i;,n *tr:;';,{"r fcmn wj-tl: iha grarto lnsl-gnta anC:*.etal CAF cubt:ut n*vr wc,rn t:n the cr:i-l*r-'ld:iil. L'e r*"" pl"aek by the aparrl-et. Af.l- CIth,irr l:eidgex *nd dsv-tce****c.{.ng X-*it-*h, **mep'Le'-,*r. tiiLt*"-"*Ail" sttli bo uon1" $*war;a]. ra":r:1*.,*:* r:f *,ht r:*re egn::: *,"i1*ir'-,:J:rr LIl*p).ay*.I. *'{.I' i"+*ts,:'s the *; x.:u1d. be mor'::, *ttrt,.c*,*ve i-f the cormLi,tee felt the eo'llar end r:f thca eg*i:}"eh* H,:'wevrer, s:11i*'* si:l$er'*ni, i:ae nrers clceer to alread.y been recsj.vsd f:.*;r the &nuf**tureru j-t was dea$"dat *r; l';a""s i;he,* as Ls, but when the next o:der f-,t p3-aced.o the *Lntifa';t:*rer r*jj-i i;e loL<! to place the embroldon*d *g"P 3/h1'fr',onr the e*3-}"ar en'**

The new long*sleeve bl-ua shtrt alrd the orrur:l:louse xltir d:l-etfu.r;ti-re CAP opauleLs, and sntroidered gr'ade Inslgnta, tavc boen appm:'qed for l*m:"by *rlAFrr sm3*hbuo" of Cfvff Alr Patroi, Th* epuJ-ets muet hsve the l-*t.tere broLderd cn them and w111 be a"rrailabl-e onl.y ti'irough the CAF Bookst'cran liand ernbr.oldery ls not authontzs.l.

Saulet Shirt, fcr


t{*xs, June 1977"

CAF Wins CK.

Clyl). Al.:r Patno} IueLgnla


Page 99

39-L, 9 Hovmbcr LflT' mblm for mslo and feslc elllltrl hea e rJ'ng acic{*d anound Thc fIlght the eagle, E"pau}et Flgure 5-2, L. Shoulder l{ark Inslql. Ib Be l,Iorn wlth the New CAP anC rogu-lar siue Shlrtl Company C.=a"-(C"pt*1n ana Sefoi) - &ab'oldered' *oU"ofa""ea- fnslsnLa of grade, without etrlpe" sl'so n'r* Flalct Gril; (GlI" *rd Aboo") - nnUrolderocl CAF and rogulerat 81e*Ec strlps in effivor broldered lnslgnla of gnadc, r6th mbroldered 1/8" end of epaul6t' at collgr end ef Gerieral- Offlcer - L/8" embroldsred strlpe tn siiver wlth wrbroldored star, cpaulet, mbrxrldsr€d CAP and reg;Gr-slzo mt'roidcrod i7r.;"titps In silver at sleeve end of epaulet"

1 to

CAP Mam,ra1


19?7" Hl-nutes, Natlonal UnLfonm ComLttee Heetlng, 2 Decemberconeidtli:abl"o )-en6tlt-at j. The ngw opaulet shlrt for cad.ota r*as discuaecd f*r eadets" and the conmtttee ;;p;;J Combl-natl-on 2 as an opttr'onar" un*r1ryr Hr" K*pf for prcvlded by Ttroy also approved-iir" s**pfo shouldcr mrk lnslgnia j'nslgr$a wj't'h rear by cadet oiii"""". fi wUf-U, . baslc bluc ehoulder msrk offlcer ptps ptrnnod on" Trre CLF mbnoldered 1n sl"lvcr l{''lth mlnleturc cadat offlcer ihoul'aor boar'{ds wtl} eomlttoe also stiesa€d that tfrs cu*ent cadet ba uora on Sarments as *u"r*'ent* not be $om on the ahLrt, but w'llL contlnue to authorlzed for fwaLe ca$ei of).y authorlsd. tt,l,, n6r Lnslgnla wi}[ a]so be ead"e* the overblotrso (urftn fleers to wear or, 'rt u n*o o"rl1;,.r ;iif,t tufU colfar ancl thoepanlete) " metal eho:rrori *n ihe afu:mon wlIL wsar the CAF cutout on eonml''Lteo vc"-t{5{t rlght, ttrer not wear enythlnS on the -opsulet. A1ao, the bc*rds' shouLder to allorr cadet rrarrant offlcers tc'-uoar cadel oftlcor tho G111 Hobb $i1*iea:: l+. After uuch diacuaslon, thc comltteo declded thst rcnamed' fhe I'latlonei be and Natlonat Corrnanderrs Citetto" tlUUonu would not he a*arded urrder Comander,s Cltatlon rlbbon *f:.f "*r*fr, -Bt etaply "dq-not' --ifr"w111 rempfur as i-s au,d cr.rrrent Cttt noUU'WlJ.son rtUUon the nmr, p*g,.*rl :ctlL w€ar she nenr those eannlng ihe iltll Bobb trlJllson Award under the!t. crl'torl'a A new t"i-'h'bon:*lil b* d+' ol.d Grll Robb wlLson rLbbon wlth a bronze sts.r on slgne<i for the Paul E. Gartror A!'laxd" t';'-" 6* Thre rrear pollcy on the mutg"""y Serqlcee-Fatch was axFencleld Li: J'n*luds tl:e pa+'eh itrar1 pr'*v:i* Nigues, Thts *fr""g* wtll enabfE q#f*-fled ca6ote to weer $es'rior nenr'i'ers]' p"l,"r1]y by ou.s1y been reetrtc[ea to flyi*g cfothlng ro"r, ,rhewr:rdlnglnthounlfor^mmanualwl]"].bechangedtgroadthal-ti]31-.,.:.l1j.l.r:.rt.C;i Jnd fati{tr're}6 ih:"r:r iu'*'1l appi"; tr: serrr"Lcee ptch xay ba wovrx on fty4d *1:llbg thi-s pa*ch c::: t'i:* *enl-rjrs as wal.l *is *adets" mre polItuftty.6f .authortr,$-ng the 3rr':gpsr'rit h'rd l:o*:n tcs^" Ju.mpsults was also disc,.xsssd but'd.isapproove6-sl.;1ce t'9 presen* a *i*r;trr-'t1'nu:' slgred to tnelutie onl.y a ferw atanciard ttu*u ln order uncluttered aPPea::ance " Leir*:rti* g. }llr. Kopf brlef,ed tha cormlttee that oniy a l{'m{!6d nr:mber of sa'3etc"ad*t* be the .f$t*re fLcatlon badgos wcre left ln stock and recompnded that ln stclek cf eadqi b*C* authorlzed to xear the senlor member badgeo when the cu:'rent rNtf'h tl:e pr'rvlslo:: ges i-s dep).eted. The eomltt,ee approved hts roconulendstlot'ln that the cadet. badges rmal-lr optl.onal durlng the transition peri'cd". SAF) wa* cadete .(Afingfe arod lZ. Tho uniform lres"r polley for dr:*I epro11rdAruROTC/f"A'P }t**y wherei":y eadet'rs <iiscussed. The comdtlea ccnf*med the Jotnt wear the IS?C pa'b'*h qrn the wearkrg tho s&mo r:nlform for both p*gru*u could left sleeve and the CAP patch on the rlght' 13. Mr, Kopf dlaplayed sanples of the curyent aenrlor nenber shou-l-Cer mark i:r* !t I'r: sl-gnia aiong rith samples of the ontgina).Iy requested placmrent sLnce mbrotd'qre'd CAF tfune Lo reorder hls stock. Tlre "o'*Ltt"u reafifused thet the lrould ae 3/l* of an lneh off the top of, the deYice; however-' those now be1.*g wo:l with the CAP ln the nlddle would be wortn out'

ClviL Air Pa,trr:l Insignla *

Page lOC

Htnutes, Naitornl Unlform Conmlttee Meetlng, I l'darch )978. 3. Shouldor mark lnglgnl-a for gonlor membors rlLhout gr.iido wzrs cortsl,<iororl . The f,orrnlttee reco*r,"nded thirt, senlor members rlthout grade wear nothi-ng on ths spaulet, of the new long sloeve shlrt" [hey wtIL woar their wing pateh, tn badge and namoplate to dtsttnErish them as Cl,rl1 Air Patrol" mer:* brrs. The absence of ml-} 1t--rry rank inslgnia wi*l 1 further <ilgtlrrg.rlsh thos'r
members ft"om LISAP members.

Mlnutes, Natlonal unlforrn comnittee l',_ 2 Juns I9?S" from Lhe I]SAF -Hr.'wiUl..= announced that approval h5d been recel-ved ,; porrnanont Unlform Board for CAF mtx'nbors to wear tho nor,r t'trrao-} lne bl'r:e plnscorsnlttee wtth comp}ltlc nameplato" Mr. Kopf presente{ the members c'f theoverali appearance. lhri mentary namaplates and B\rery'ons wtls pS,easod Brtth the only suggesLed r-:hange wzrs that t,he pins be atlJlsted for betler flt ' }{r. KolI' sati frs-could do ltri:r, It was a.ls1l reaffirmed t,hat t,hese nor.l namef]'rt'es i' would be worn on aII servlce unlforrn courblratl-ons, exeept' Cornbl*'rti-'rns I, and C. ,[tra metal ID anrl black nameplat* r+'11I st,L]-l- be worn on the blue
some lr, A proposal- ro eflrrlrr,rie tho irixd Ribbcn w:rs dlscussei. App.a;:ent,Iyare vtot i:hal r+tngs cipg- .i1,{* rrllng thln rlbtxrrr for a1l- firrci,i}udlng Iii"T fl:lncis re.dis{ress slgrrrls. It w:g d.eefuieci ihar, the crtteria r*oul.c}- be changa} byl$:-tv€j trffect,, moving para.graph c(Z) ff.t Hnds, oi'CAPft J9-3" Thls uoukl, in the declsion Lo the *"itrg "o*r"r,tiurre <iescretlon as to whelher ar, ILl'flnd quallfles fr::' the rlbbon. i" o n the chap}al.n 1nslgnla nkry now Lre 'lru::n on the ut|].j-ty cap Lnsn"e'ird of

sar"vl"cB coaLs.

grade l-nslgnla


Tablc 2-1. g. horgency Servlces Fatch, errbrold*red, rrorn eine-half lnch airr,ve the tape e:: the utllity unifornn"

2 to

CAP Ha:rual Added:

19:L, { August 19{'8"


NCTE: ilarjet offlcers and. w"arrant hril-l near rnlni;iLure slz,fl meLaL ln-" stgerla on i,he nsw eFau:et shlxt shor:.}der rvsr:k inej^gn*a;r:; shnwn t.r: f{6lre 5*4"i-



NO*E: f,ad*t Identificatlon badges erra b*lng plias** tl.'Liiii CA,ii;.r:rYtli"iii):*:1 . Cadets are ;ruthorlaed to rraar the sonie;r n:*ffilisr iCsntifi,-:,ri.J-+rr ixd,iie' Casi'et re'ndln c'ptlonal during r''he transi{ton Fre:3i'Jil " b*adge*

figrrre 5-5,


Ftgu::o 5-5.1, *drted : $ew Na,meplate. ish,:yn.*"j-tl.: crvfi, ArR PATR0I, ulilTllIi s?A'ris ,1i11 rcililtr Ail:fj,i,{J,?, aY;d r:ans,} H.ALE: Worn resting on t.cp tf t''L ;ror.:ket, fiap, fm.{ALE: Alignr*l with second buLt,on crr ovsrblous*,$rrd tup Ltl,t*rr orl f*"eiri slij-ri" $pffl: Effective i iu]y 1??8 all rle&bers a:'* authcrlr*d io x,*,i:'th*.n*r* j*l-i,r': bl-ue nar:replate lns|Erd t;f the conblnation:fiet"il. CAF ldentffic;,i"1.;":: iradgq ilrrc black nameplate on unlform comhirurtlons ?, 3, anci,{i ft:s's1611 ;Lrirl ':*l*L:lnaticns 3, D, and the fiel.rt unlforn for wr:men, 'Ihe rnetal CAI'Itientlfiertll':n &idge and bi;rck rrrrmeplaLe ",v'i-'l-l *sntlrnee tr: be wurr: on r)niform somlrfu:'rti*n 1 flcr mtrn arxl corNbj,r.atlons A and C for r+omen ;,nel wtJ"l i'er.niri *pi;i.crral f'r:i- r:+.her tm.!-fornr comblnatlons until phase out dat'e is announced.


Hlnr:tss, llatlonal Uniform Conruittee Meetlng, 1 Decembe:: i??83. A proposed. "wlng" pat,ch fcr overseas squaCy"ons lr;.s 'i.ilscussed" 'fhe Aleon-' U"r_, C*Aut, Sqr:aa.ron (naf Alcc,nbury, EhgJ-and) srrb,ralti.erJ Lhe crlglnal stardar* dlzed CAP shculder prateh and lhe Andersen Cadeb Sguadr"on cn ftra,t subnLtt,ed a

fcr thelr


patch. After

some dlscussl-on


waa dsetded

tirat all

C1vtl Air Pabrol Inslgria




ov6rseas unlts would wear the patch submltted by A1conbury ln tho sam* posl* tlon ar! ttrs rlng prtch ln tha Contl.nantol tlnltod Statoa. Tf ovora$&n rrnit,r alao dsslre to have a unlt patch, they rnay authorlze ono for w*rr on t,he fattgues " l+. . . It ras dectded that the blazcr lrould havc CAP buttons of, the approprL* ate slzo on lt. l{embers w111 repl-ace buttons on the b)-acer the same as they do vhen tmfing an A1r Forca unl.for"m, 8, Colonei Br.ookfleld lntroduced a proposal to woar emergency medlcaL technlclan/paramedlc inslgnla on the unifonn. Ttrls 1s a cloth patch that te arrarded on}y aftea. compl-€tlon of the Eff tratntng program eetsbllghed by the Foderal Departmcnt of ltransportstlon. Aftor concl.dcrable dl.ccussion the Cor*rnlttse approved the uear of thls patch on thc lefL pocket of the fatlgus unlfonn ln the sane posltton ae the conm.rnlcatorg patch. If a menber ts quallfLed for bcth patchos, he will wo&r one to the axclusion of the other" He has appr<'dg. Xr" Kopf brought up the subJect of the old CAP AFX patchee, mtoly l+OCI ln stock and r*ould ltke to be able to seIL thess as bLaror;xtches. Ttre Corm.tttee agreed that !tr. Kopf could llst these patehes ln the eatalog for erls as blazer patches, etc, lhey rILL not be lro1-11 on thc unlfomt" 10. o . T116 Conmlttse agreed that when the cu:rent supply of oach pJ-astic rlbbon ls deplcied therc wll-l be no mors plaetlc rlbbons. The

Falcon Arxlrd ffLscontirued. The Frank Bortan Falcon Ar+ard wlll- }:e dls* contfutued begl-rning 1JuJ-y 1979. The arard rrJ.nncrs nroy contl-nue to waer the rlbbon. The doclslon rras rede by the Natl-onal E<scutlvo Ccmlttee


&rlletin Board, CAP Netrs, January 1979.

Decembar 1978"

CAP NEws, Pobruary Lng" NSC Deletes an Ararvl.

The Decsnber 19?8 Nattonal Executl-vr Conmj.tteo (NEC) deeldod to clolete Bor:nan Fa1con Ar*a:rC, effectlvo July 1, L979. For some tlme the award has not c:ectly flt etther the cadet prograil or the ssnlor member pr"ograru. 'fhs ar*a:d, glvon on-ly tc Spaatz Areard t*.l-n* ners, rras consldered the hlghest cadet &tard. It r-ras not excluslvely tled to actlve achlevement in Ctvt.]" Air Patrol. The HEC potnted out that as a result of thetr declsicn the Spaatx A* ward xould tnrly be the top cadet axant. However, present hclders of th* Falcon Arard may contlnue {o wear the rl-bbon durlng thelr sarvlce fn Ctvi-:Alr Patrol".

the Flank

Klr:rrtes, Natloru] Urrl"forra Coudttee Heetlng, tf, Aprll L979, 5, Hr. Xopf pr.oposed that all senl-or mernbsrs be a}lowed to wear the same hat trxsl"gnJ-a. Curentlg s€mlor menber officere anrd. sonior monbers "ctthout gred6 wear dl-ff,arent devtces craating a doublc lnventory. AlBo, most se.niore have to nake txo purchasoe*-one rrhen they ftrst com$ ln and sncther rhen they boeome an offtcer, Slnco the booketore lnvantory 1o cnrrently low for non*offtcero, he suggested, we authorlas the same {.nsi"grla for a}l e$ntor nmbers and authorlzo the cu:rrent tnslgnla f,or eemlor ruonl:ers wlth* ogt gradc as an optLonaL ltcm untll" ths preaent Bupp1y Lo depletad. Yhe proposal xas approved. (Itrf". deLeted onlythe ecrvLce hat mblen with

7, " . It was docided that aerurbers (cadet or Benlor) not mcstLng the gr<'omwlth nothing on th* collar: (no CAF lng standards nould wear the

the circle around the eagle.


CIvIL Alr Patrol Inslgnla


Paga 102

Rcgulatlon 394, 1 Sapteotbcr 1979. Paul E. CarUor Arrard" Succoasfu1ly complste Lovel- fV tralnlng ro"l ' gulranents f . G1L1 Robb WILson Award (r*ftU Bponze star attachroent.) S\rccessfulLs worn wlt'h Iy corapleto Level V tralntng requlremonts. -N01ts: lhe rlbbon l-Illeort Ar*rrd gtar attachment to dl-stln6rlsh j.t from tho Gl]1 Robb a Bronze earnod undor dtffersnt erl-teria pnlor to I Jarruary 1978. g. Dl"scontixued awards stfil authori.zed for wear on ihe CAP unlfor:ro: ln the Sonlor ifi N.tfonal Conmanderrs Cltatlon. Hlghest arrardby the neu C111 Meunbar T::"dfnfng hogran prlcr to L JanuarT I9?8' Replaced Eobb i{l-lson Awald w1th Bronzo star att-achment" --f il CU: noUU Wllson Awarrl (wlthout Bronre star attaci-unentlo The t"o I "ianuary second hlghest arenl ln the CAP Senlor fralnlng P3ogr*m pri-or 19?8. Replaced by the Paul- E. Garber Ar*ard. Cil r"";k Borrnan F;rlcon .Ar+ard (dlscontfurued ]o ,Iuna 1979). ll"mn* ded to members wfio achiove tha hlghest posslblc eccomp)-lshments ln t'he CAF program (Spaatz Ar.rard) and wtro took subsequent steps to become dy* ""J"t Amertcans and aerospace leadors. namlc


19. c.

the vl-ng rtbbon. "o*rrdi]G f. Cadet Adv{rory Colrncll R1bb,on. A*rrried to a}1" prfunry nembe::s of txch i:eead,ct advi-sory councll. Tho ri,bbon wlth approprlate davlce ac lndi.ratad is low is a psfirgnent cadet actj-vlty ar*a-d. AddLtlonal,ly, a shorrl'd*r cord c'r"r-1y lforn a..s a moans of ldenfi$ curent CAP nanbere; however, tb la'*'*:Yl durS-ng the tclu of off,iee. - (1) Wln6 Level. Basl"c ribbon anci rod ehoulder cold. tZ) RegIon tevel" Bael-c r'lbbon r*l"th brrcnae ster and, i:r1ue shouider cottl. (3) National Lsve1. Basl{: rlbbori with sllver star a:id go}ci :lhou-Idsr' (ltote: The sLlvor star r,lplaces t,he brtnze sta.r' Both d*vlees nol eord"
worn" )

Rescue 'rl?:Lnd'r Rlbbon. (Z) E,t Flndq, has beon

delatcd, ao &s to Isave the dscislon i'o dlecretlon as Lo whether an ELT flnC quaLtfi'ec for tha

1. Fc;. senior: rlbbons, crder cf preculencefor Serr{or Fxrg:"am A:*-&rds I's: C111 Robb Wilson r+fi3r.orrne Star Att.:iehniei:.*, l,Jatlorral Conroandar'g Ci, (earne-I p:"ir,r t'r ]- ,irlrtu.*"r'."g 1'"'Y[ii Paul E- il*rrber Awartt Glll iiobil '{1-1''son A-'*'ard ra/ci Bronani si';r'i" A1'Lacit'tt;:f. {*av:'rsd p:"i'*t'r"r ,tanuary ilYS Gr.tver Lc,lni.:rg Ael"ospace A*ard LeadershLP Ar,rard Msnbershtp Arard

H1nutes., Nat,I-or.,r1 llnlfcrm iloiiso"dt.trie Meetlnq, ? Iiilcennb*rt' -l-'?'7Q" ilr:r'c':r-1.t,tee 5* A, propv.:sal for a fied Crcss Set"vl*r: Rtbl,r,n wrs dlscussnd" Tfi e&'L this t':"*nie. appr-cva)- of arr aadi.tlorsl ribbon ldas ?dar-ranted dtd noi feel that liqwever, sfui*e Kr. Kopf was alre*ldy *i,ncerned ali,:,'-lt th* me"l;rl, rl*rrJ-ce on the Clvl"l llefense Ribbon, the Co:mutttee falt they coui-d p<isslhiy sclve bcih pr-obIoms at the same tlmu. Slnce the term, CivlJ' Defense, ls now pass6, t'he eu-r'* rently authorlzed urretal devlce ls neaningLess. By using lhe eame baslc rib* Uon and expanding the crlteria to lnclude Red Cr-oss apC olher dlsaetsr reL.Lef ser"rrlce, a Dlsaster Re]-iof Flbbon cou-ld bo estab]1eheC. LtCoI Hattson will nork rrl"ih Ms. Wli-'lLams on devaloplng ths crltoria whleh wtil include aI]- types of ,iisaster rellef work and dl.saster trai-nJ-ng.

ClvlL Air Fatro)- Inslgnla CAP Munua1

Page 101

39-1, 1 Aprl-J" 1980, Offlcors and Almsn, MaIa anrl Fourslo, authorlsod to woor ;ervlco hrt ornSenlor blems prevlously restrlctod to offlcors" Ilte alrrnan Bervlc€ hat lnslgnla nny contlnue to be vorrr by senlor member elr'men unttl a phasoout datc ts announced. F1ght cap and beret tnslgnla for alrrnsn stlll had rlng around the eagle. Ttre ncw 3-}dne bluo nameplato rnay bo worn l-nstead of tha metal CAP iclent'lflcatlon badgo and black namoplat,o on unl-form comblnatlons 2, 3e and d for mon and coroblnations B, D, and the ftold unlform forsomen* The metai CAP ldentlflcatlon and-black nanep).ate rrlJ-.l continua to be lrorn on cornbinatton I for men and comblnatlone A ard C for wprtren and w1,11 rmaln optional for othsr unlforrn comblnatlons untll phasoout dato 1g annouriced.
Rogulatlon 50-I, 5 Hay 1980. Chapter 4 - Aarons.utlcal triatlngs. 4-l: Rattngs and Requlrments" Requlrmrents for CAP aarrcnautlcal ratlngs are as follows: a. A CAP solo pllot rmst: (I) Be a CAP meunber, age 16 or older. Mlnfuum age is iJa yoars a gllder or balloon solo Pilot. for ( Z) Hold a valld l'"dA rnedlcal cortlflcate (not roquirod for g]lder or balloon). (l ) Hold an FM student pllot certlflcate, (l) HofO an FCC rostrlctecl nadJ.otelephone operator pomolt" (5) Have rocelved lnstructlon from an FAA CFI.

(6) Have soloed. l+-4. Authortty Lo llear an Avlatlon Badge. a. CAP avlatton barlges denote guallficatlon by tralning and expericnceo ArrthorJ.ty t,t wear a deslgnated CAP avLatlon badgo ts 6rt"lnte<i onJ-y Lc meftbens who are forrally ararded an aeronautical ratlng. lhe badge uust be
prrchased by the lndlvldual.
CAP Neva, Juno 19BO NEAT Patch * New llame Needed"

Thers is apparently ridespraad obJecti-on to the acror\fJx for the National Emergency Assislance Tratntng (Umf) patch" If yor"l have icleas for a more sultablo Ierm, please fonrard 1t to I,ratlonitr Headquarters/sPtl, HaxTrell AFts, AL 35+?, f-n Thess *fif- be presented to the Nationai- tln{foro ConrunLtt"ee f,ar consl-deration to December, Roeonmendatlons rrust bo roesl1red no l"ater ihan $ct" l'5 i-n order reeel-ve eonsiderati-on"

Regulatlon 394 * J" $optwher 198O" 9. Criteria for Atardlng EecoratLona. f. Counaredertr Conmdnd*tton Awa:d. Outetandl"Eg duty p€rforsance Hhsrg achlevmente end. sarvLee6 are cloarly ard umlstakable wcoptlonal rstren coutperd to slnl-Lar aahlevernsnts antl servicos of meubere of Llkc r:anlt and roan eoc* lponslbglty. In Instencea lrtore Bover€l mbera are affi.}.lated wlthA'*aIrC' ceptlonallv successl\.r} progre,m, proJect or u.Lgsion, the Carsnendatlon *ti: U* atrarlCed only to those wlio ciearly stand out fron the othere and wtro contrLbutod 69st to the success of the prograrf,. Itre Dr*eptlonal $ersj-ce Al*ard ard the Ftorltorious $ervl-ce Award differ fron the ComendatLon Atrard iJl that

they roco gn1ze achl-evements and servlces sJ.gnlftcantly a?xrve and beyond nor:nr} duty psrfor@neo. do S. Ltfe--Sa:r'lng Awar.rl. Aw&rriod tr: menbers who sdva & human l1fe, tn:tpro* of ?alor, A brrcnze not meet the crlteria for tiro B:r:onse or Silver iledal


Air Patrol^ Ihsigni.;r *




rf111- be added f*r any a;l.rcrew searcLr arrd rsscu* r*ave cnsllxetl by Afi-liS. of the b&slc r:"bborr:i* r'otroaetlve to ail- rnorabers earr:ing the Certj-flcate of Rocognltl.on" Sexrrch +rni les*u6 s&vea s:.e rotrcnlct"l-vs to i




(/r) Radfologlcaj_ H,:n1**o:.tng fo:: In.*tx"u*torso (5) Fa':iio1ogic:li ilerfene* {lflftc*r Courss" (S) Alrl'orne liad:i*.i*gleal HrrnlLoring C*.uil"se* {?} Farrl*t"pailq:n j:e nt,hor: eqe.S"vaient t{, :.*}-1c::' .:ri,j yJ-tJ.eE tctaillng;it i*"rst /+'-l hau::s *"; ii*y,J.v**y *ert*firxi by il iii::asis:::l"eij*f ;r^,Eh:-i* cX* T.hls c*uki inc"l-r-rrio ar:y t:r,+"irii:lg si,rrilar {* th* ;r'b,;r.rrr *orrirrys &r;.j.:..,r* actuar rnl-esion ,,ir:tl rlr:..r ifu: a*ott,iclr; 1.* t.he fi:re x.mqu*_rr*,; misslorrE),
Nar,l-oria1 Llnlfor-r: i*veut.n*t.s*: i4o*ti'r€, li il*eeuli-r*n" j".tffi, w'as br.:uqhr, t,:, t,he {lc;:m:i-l;t;eors att,*nt,tc:-, *hat, ih,s }}o*kxtor,-* st,<.:,*k. of, fiiiget, f'lcf Loadsr-chl-p i-,;.*1frni.l h*,p il**ri alm.:ret, rirrptef.,*d* "[L k,].$ euir* gested i,liat rhie lu.*i-ry:"1,1 *,: iiei*'::,*ri ;j--r**_" .r*cc,;.xlfu.:g fl,; ty, nan;,. r-u:it,s ars n{] }+ngor rlni.r:g t,hs:i" '{';'r. il.r,.im.i t.t6* "::,i:}:,i',:v,t:: t" j.'e*L1irr*}}:{letji,r:.: ;ind t,h* *.n.:iryria wli-.i. h{i }hii:r.irir''. ,:,t..i,, i,{*m}:,,*:.g rr?:;, ila:,",* *u.:::r,*:.:.i,.":.3 $,1{,i .l;1,..,is* lnrlgli:r ltrej. *d)ilbintua 'l,r) .L,,rr,;r" i];mr if i..!:o-; wi-:ri,:* *- '*:e re*eni rsr..ll j-ly: ,;;f' t:-i,i'i,{ i':il..i :.:si;:.1;.i i,;i:,,".* nlilr"tq, fl*r;-eli:,ren',:,:'..:-i-;:,:o.i.F.{. tr!rii:.i':.i ujii i_,t: :.xa;.d*ci iri ri;::rxr)i1j,a::t* wi l,:., r-r:1,*-i .:.::l i:::c ,;ihii-::, .:;t 9. Af Ler' ll* ;.*e i; i*.:t;.r+...Lh,,r' t, l ':.:ir: i.,;ur,:l-":.,t:i;tr i ."iskad Ll.}f sU#.qelrili;:;r, j'l-,.1 .;. .i:..:r,a :;i.itj,$J:.y..:r, ^{'i;;r' su€ge.$l,la,rrl lq'ill'Jr I"*](:i.1,{.'r{i,,ti " :.:.i i irf iTi. i,.jr,r'jf. iji:i: q1ien Nl.l: ija*(l;1;rii:* t"r.i:,- .";111,. , r r..;1_:. ,.r. '; .,j., ,': a, f,*mmi.t1.*e- i r*,i.+- t,.f,"i'i., i,itl :.,,.,,i: lr..: i l. : ."jer:F-*J t: +-':* ..f.,:,;'t:a .t:i

(to D[sagter ]ta,llsf' Fiihbon- .i''r*;,*'rit*ri fir ixl:.'LJ-eL.1xt.i-r-:rt j:r a*Lu.41/ tesf, dl"sasts?' reliel ntrns1<,i:s s,nri i:ompJ-,*Li-<.'n of '{*r*,-', .".,f r,;!r*r :]n},-lr:*ing: (1) All r:f t*hs f",lj.*vd.n5q- il*C {l.r"q:ss J{ru:r'si(-is; J.r.r :,r.*rJu,rt::,an of ll-l.sae-" ter ServLces; iior* the RpJ llrcss ijh*pt,*:: .p"rsnd.ers iimer.g*,,1*;y "r-L;rr:i-Ei*ai:c* iiisas* ter kmage Assessmsnti ai:il iiieL^Lar l{anapmn*nt. ( l) 1ho Red Cr"c,ss cr-utrse, k:"n',age &sse..:*rtenE .:irlg:<-'r-vtrrior: i.n lltsasf;er-(j,} the Rtxi {lrg,ss ,rour:{ss, CaritLc,*ft:-}.:nc:r,a:.,y }:i.e$iier:j.iaj;ton and Ad.* wncesi tlrst Aid.

procodence, i:ho Meritorlo;l:ra Se:-",r{ce lluarxl is f'ollour+$ I,y t h* nendatLon Award an,:j lr:*;.t r',1;* Lif***<avtrip Award. 19" Crl^terl-a for A,wrr"ci .;fl fiey.vtr:e F.ibla::i;r"

N0TE: ?hls regulat,ioi: changui. il:e Llfo tlaving*f,tbli*n fi"om a Berqtce :"ib!.r,:r to a decoratlon, ;rnd aci,rl*xi the Corruanr.l:*,".'r Conunend&t,lon Awar",l" .in orxlelx. i f




3, it



*s.!:L,{r! r"rritI"l -Lliq,:i il,.far ;inL*hen befr+nr* a",i::iiobi* . J-2' -It was h.rt:ugl-"b :.lp ii:,,. ; ,-Ij,j-l^*:ii. i.>r. 1,..i ,.:,.,. ::,;r:*e:ri:.l.ig or;r,. :l11 ji,l.ifi*,..: .ji.iJ. ;":l weaf thg L'f:it, f,lr;iLi{}n rij::;:r.-:j1 i:1,.i,:;:11t*f .ti.t;r_j"i:{,ri lel-.*l;.1.}it: il:-.:" j;..+,:-cr.:1r:j.J.r:"-,r_ *.lr' rergulatio;: i:t*i1*s tha,l :air;' lil<:1e.rj.iJ::,;;j. .ri.r:i) ",€i*l ;j, Ttef31r*i-. r,.:".' .i;,.li;r. r.:n:l:" durlxg ,l'njr p:"'r';ioii +3" {..x,* ']i',;.'-' r*\-i..*1,:l t-r'tr: .l'*rsrvl }*a;.* gl1,g1'; ,ij":r,? r{*&f,. .i:ii+: :-"i1,-.,





th*y ar-*g i:n,rnl:r**J.s ri+. r'.he:$:i-i:;,. i'.i;*.i-!l;.. 1:,*I.:r* p*;-:"y ls that, th:ls rib'b,:;r is dos:fl as i,, peflriti&*nt parl,: ,:i" ii:.h* xxrij_rfir.xri l:;; *ac):: per* son who t*a* ass-i-ptadi to Lh* rul:Ll.*.t, *ri3. t,:-rue *urLng tlie p*r1.*d +f ;r*tlor-i for wl'rich t}i* .rusrd r+ar giv*n.. th* eemmttt*er i:rg.:.**: :., s:i:.,yrge the ilji.F policy to agr'qrt rrith tire ji-'.:.-r" F*r** sxilgey* T'i warr i-i..r.: ,,,,,,'.*ru$ned th&t lktrr_r* Unl't Citaf;"{.r''n dxards wr:t.ri,l ntt, Le glvefl to *nLLyt i,,{.1..ti.:j.,3 ar:**.mns tc tiuts.}*, nat,lealJ-rr lr:ciuds subr.::".1i.riat* uirriis ancj th*I r m*ni:r*.r,s,, ;i.-i<:h tndJ,virfu:ai rrn{t

t,he ribbori.+s i'r,ng e.:

C1rr1l "4.1r

Patrol InsigrJ-x * Fags 105

should ba r"eeo6r:iaed with a st*lxrate awayd and ln the t\turs &rLV tlnlt Cltations wlll bo awe.rrisd to the rtnglr+6ton headquert*s only, and oopnr.nto cltatlons anay."tlerj Lo subordlnote un5'te r{3"thln the rlngr/rogl"on lf approprl-ate. 15. ftr. Kopf brtr *fed the Cownl-tt*o that tho current stock of the mstal breagt pletes and ID lxdgCIe rras a}$B$+. eiepLefd" H6 suggsniod that thts ltsn be phaued out at lh.e emd of, t,ha *urrent* fieee.l year" Aftar mrch dlacussl-on, the Cornorlttee clscl"dori thr.t eff';::e1,1=r* *:alner"tJ,atel-v the b1ua, tlrreo-ffuie comblnaf,lon ID badge/rrameplat,* w:uld bs &.ittr*ri'r.ed as an opttorilcl lLun on Lha Clasa A uniforna, rts t:f I *luJ-g l-981 t,]lts! i.'*,Brs w3*ll b':coms manda&ory'"

fhe &rlletln B*ard' CAp hlaws, Ooc.eraber 1980. 1, llew CAP De**ratic,n" Tha C*.rmurxide:'t* 0ommeruXatl-*n A"aard ls now avaliabLe and may be awardsd t* me,rube:'s w{r* hatie dernonstratd. oubstanding duty perfo:aanee u-'hsro ;uehievemont,s aricl ssrvl*** ar'a clearS.y and urucletakabfur exeepttorurl r,rh*n cor*pr.r;:ad Lo s1r,l-l-ar achlevmxsnls and sertrlcss o-f ruetnbora of llko rank anrl r*s5xins:Lb:L}1|"y', Apprtrvatr ls at tLng level" Untl-l CAP Forsr 12O ls revi*ed, u:r:L'" r:Enrrend*r"s '3estr'furg t* fulltl,ate recoruaandatl"one f*r the Cormendatton Arsard should add thi.s armrvf 'h*r Part One of tho fo:m and for*warrl through channels to t1:* ai:I,.rrcprtrage w'J"ng comnnnder for approml. 5, Thei Corml,Ltoe;ippror"ecl +*he uice $f netaJ- numbors bo bo afflxerd c,n Lhe rod somrlco r1-brbcn 1',o denoto 1*n6tn of servLce, h*sa numbers x.ilI bo aw.ll-ablo tn {neremonts c,f fts'rs,rirrg witti lTl y&-s}s eervlee. L to iil' F{.rrua,* "ig*J r iC }9S-1. Ptgme ,*"10, Cherlqr.r no*,*s rr:, i"*ad: "fns ners trlue plaut,le 3*l-lne nannoplato uay bo trcrn '":itii ai-,|. ssrtdcs unlfonn comblruit1orr$ and thrc fleld ehlrt for. Hoffien" the CAP m*'tal- J.CenLi.t'leatJ-on "oaclge and bleek namaplate cornblnatlon is opttonal untl..l 1JUI-y tr981 at whi"ch tfuae tho b}"ue,3*11ne namepl-ate wlil be Har*Cat*Ff olr ai"} *e;rvtes urutf*:::: eomb*natlons and the fleld ehlrt for

fu:v*n'i:oqy, Cad*t,.s i.$i:,& *rrrr*ri*-ly authorl.sod the lnsl63d& 6y contlnue i,* we*r tlier* ij}l';.]-l, e pha*;*out da,te i$ aluloune6d" fn Flp:re l+*l+ the Falc';u."rd rlbboxr *..s i.j"i-us'brat&d as w.l"th vertlcal st*ripesy "rirlteu reci", a;.i-d* i"rlnrE ts-j-tht-&i"f,e e"harso rnhl"*e, rd, and. r*hlte, i,}rts rl"bbon re5;&aeos"*,i.e +ia erainei. faJ-efin ha,ad l:adg*, Thc F'a}.*or; Avuar".i r{.btun could an].,v h* cc*J"rr !.f rt;:l?:r.",*l p;:"i"cri;r: .i. .:r::y 19'19,



5*If," I:*lets, fl*dt*t H{$ Lead*:'shl.p 3nsfurrj.a aro bolng


out of

9., ttv'" Koi:f




xr*re u*-i i r,r:{:r;:..:i*ri

shG'",,,rt'. ,:"i;;ip;,.**

Naef,fuiq, ff &ugust :981-" of t.ii8 n.*rV lor:rq+iti"ty det{C* (XJ, 25, etC,} *


k;ry "+he


ilimqqo I E* CAt' i,*p:u]-a-u:*n :iq'+* ]r) Septsmbr:r i98l-. i2" t)a {"Ji {.'n.i.,r 6;a iir:-rf^ Ui-+;,l,ti,on &w&rl: ce;rttftc;rte and slre.*.nar '*r:l-Ll b* p:r"esent,o*i to the:iirri{,, ri:ri-:6:lv:;tg"L},e atr*r-s*j_. iPol" erm,:tp}e, lf an *nLirs Souir (rather tktn ti** {;i:a gn:utrr }:eadc}:;s.:'Ler*i relcetvas ti:o Unlt ili"tat,fcn A',rardl 'ih€ e8rtLfic"rttr a,t:ri s?,t"r*:*uc*I" '..gill be dtspJ,ayeri at gr$up headquar+*ors rnl;r; howev;*:', aii.. xl*lxi:irrrs, *f i{r$up he*r*e;*"s and sqtrad,nens wlthin t"hat group arc nr.:fnc;ri.':;*L t.i" tnu ij'nl**, ilit&tl-on fi{?:bon. tke rn&ntier"s of, each unl-t x*rlch rseeive,{i iir* {.jni* l-l.r-illr,j"cr* Awar$ ar* authorl"U*d to u.oar the l,ir:lt Cl-tat*.r:n l{b'non. Thf,s rl"bilr:ri i-p not frrrr:l-:hori by Nat,*ona} }.{eadqrartens but may be trnirch;).,c$l lvr:m th.* tJ.{F tscokmtore or con*uercta} aour*os, The UnJ.t OltaLi-,rn ,rlll:t;on ai;15' t* .*q}rn l}&rmen*:rt1y by aXl J.rdivddr:,aLs nlro were nambers of the r:ntt ttt":vl-tt& ii!rl\i' pr:r"*lon cf th.e p€ +f t-*xr ::h*wn in the Natlonal


1..qsrs*trn*j" ai:ri., ,arui$uleelng ihe a"*rard* iT*ose raembers nl:o have auiir*ri"r*$ 'i* wuar tlie e.thb*r: tmrporar{}-y 'neea'rls* they Jo{nd a u:ilt af-


Alr Patrol Inslgn-ta sorrLco clted

Page 1O/:

Headqrartere personn*I ectton ceaae datad bofore i Januar"y 1981 my contirmc to wcsr thc rl.bbon un'tj'l tht*y as of nembership to bo nombera of the untt vhlch lron the arerd'' ) Bnrl-dencs vreer tho rlbbon. staigd above ls all that la necsssery for an l-nd.lrrtduel to ai-lgtbl}tty to un{t consnenders rrt.!*l post the nor-uber:st r*cords to show thelr noar the rlbbon, 19. CrlterJ.a for Axard of Serv"J"ce Rtl':bons' a. Rcd Service Rlbbon, Amrded at tho snd of two yeare (aa a cad'et cr ssnlor natbsr fur good standi-ng) " ---tii Rlret ilrorra" Claspl Ararded at t'hc end of three addi"tlonal

tcr tho parlod of

ln a Nattonal

y6ars (totar of fl-ve years)' '"-[;j -iaa*tlo*I

Bronze C1-aspo. on€;loruI brv:nu;e claap rrllL be arar.ded for sach addltionaL fLrre year$' sarrl"ce' A rn'nxl'mrm *f tliree bronre clasps (denotlng ]$ yearst aetrstcsi wiff be vrortto yflrrsr se:-wi-co, (i) Lngevrty Devj.ce" A metal rrumbertr denoting arranlod at the end of 2O yoars and tn tncrernents of flve ye<''rs t"he::eafior'. ;rnd the Tha longevtty derice ls Horrl centsred' on th* rod servt** rlbbon bronze clleps are no longer Horn. a" Carlet Adrrisory Ccuncll Rlbbcn' (3) National Level {Clgcontlnued Sopi:smber 19SU). Baslc rlbi:r::: rrlth sllver star may stll)- be worn i:y prl-1.*ary m*rrbsre af * nat't*:xl co't'lciJ


s:liver ::ilir r*"* vrcrn by currerrt r:.srnbr;'s unt,li Sept't.mber i98J-- {lioTBr thc are nol wsrn on th* rj"nbcn"i p1acos ths bronze siar. Both devtces , : * t llaieten tiis SoLo B*dg* wft{ch "*il'} b* *wa:*:l'::<1 in .*ecJiaar,ce wlth cAPn' 5o-1".
ttre &tLetin Boardr
CAP New*u blov*ruber1981




ChapJ"atn's :nsignLa on tr'* iii"f i j-i'1' {kF, f;ffecli;:i"','e *-mx*Ci'artr*iycer cnaptalns ml3' wea'r t'he f!*"y:l-;rln':'Insla:ntra *n the ut,i.-j.i.'L.f eit,p ln li-.*u o1' gratle lnsS-gnla" insignla wil-"l' b* '.:*fifer*rl cn t!:o fronr- .:f tlie l:t-1 i-lt;,' *er' I/a me,l ab*vu the Yisor" Thgs *hartg* rdl-l- 1:* ivi*l*,$u:vl :r:': {li*ff{ --.ji;'J- liF4I1





;llri)" hflnut,es, tdatlorr*} I-Irilfcmn f*rro{ li'sa Hsat,L:r.e.. i, i)*,'.:mlh5'" -*{+i:' i:';-:i;"-:Y''i9' {\;r* Baeig$ ?, A p-*nposal" t* modi-fy 'ihe *t;':l'*nt cs:mr,.*:1sat"o-r* Leeh:t-*^':i,:'n'* :"at$st&'' *r: q?:* ,r** p**posal ai]-$=rs f*f m,*m'r*rs i'?*q) itav* ea:n:lvd'*d:r: h*T * &Ill"]'l{irr:': i-';le se}nJ'rir waar lh* cilrrant Commi-nie.i"t,t;;:* EiidErr- Hqri-!-'l1i'* il;1f; ruOnt;ei ' 1j'l; ils*f*l *\:rl-:i*ril fat{r:g srX-lL lr&ar r-lts bir*if* $1t\ .,' lt;li' rrreT' i-.''rp* .r**,0r,..r. 'i"le ,::,".ifr*r!.t i.s.dg5* wt"-}: a :N,-' " :Ir,j' ;r::**t}t. '3 t,he ur,!"st,*r,s ral.Lrg "*{1Jsf,ar:da:n1 slse rl"bb*ns *i':n'jJar ?- Mr, Kopf p"o1***.t a plan ts trhas{: -'1.:r ne*r tc f,lis rtbi:ons novr uged on thry m-i,-nJ'*+',ura u*d.'i}.e* the $s5:.rytra "-'*r"]" sl":lfrht"ly tlllr:h rihl"tc'lrl Srr*m the current rtbb*ne l:rrt tlit* eni-*r's'in'r-,:r}.i;. renEli;t tlit:::ra:'n's* th* esni-er +d*i.l' b* re5:l;r**r'{ by l':"-liri-:un wltii that crr.rrentl-y has a destgn n"n ths same cr:}:rlng stmr).y Jm:.*tfne t,h+: c*:t*rr" d.esi6pr" fhis wil']- :"**ril..1', -''"n a +'"he nore prcfeesl-onal app,*ai*oCe, st*piianri sLr-.* ;:nd luss fu:v*ilLor;llLl*si f*r' 'rx:r*ksLcrs. Tha Cc,nndttee aptrr"nv*d thl* prop*sal a:'itJ. t,)"r* n'ew r:}['ii:nn'*+1]1 i:s phased i-:: siartlng tn JulY 19S?. i3, Ms. Willlam.r showed the ecnsnltt,ee ii,h* propcaed certi-fic;ite, rii:bon and for the nen Aercspace Educati0n p:rogram being lntrrrdtlcs'd. 'frrs col}m:i"ttee approved tha ribbon and d**!qn"


Clvl1 Alr Patro} Inslgni,a *

Page lOJ

CAP Nsils, Fobrr.rry 1982" Exocutlve ConorlLteo Hcnsbors Hoar Detal]s of Now EducnLlon Prcgr.tlm' o . . the AEPSH (Aerospace Educatj,on Program for Senlor }temrbsre) r+llJ use the a spocla}' CAP texibook, "Aerrcspace; Bra CtnllQngor'r as tts bastc textr and asslst the CAP ssnior menbers in their study. study gulcle w111 be *rttten to Conpi"fton of tho progl:am w-ILI tre olnluated by a 1o0-questton, conprchanolva eltau{natlon ' a paiolng Ecore of ?0 per cent. Upon succeesft:l conpleLi'on of the pr.ogram, * "irttrt"*t*, .rralLet eard and a n6y aerospace educatlon ribbon w111 be ararded to the senlor mombar. Tho new program 1111 be available tc' the senior membership on July 1, 1982. Botrreen Jin. 1, 1962, and the July 1 lmplemontatlon dato tho CAP liational- Board membars wIlI be *c,Dplottng the progran"

Hl.nutos, NaLlonal Unlfonn conna-lttoo Meottng, 15 Aprtl 1982" d, The pr.oposal to allow senlor mombsrs to wsar the Cadet CompetJ'tian Rlbbon oarned in cadet etatus as a partl"e!"pant ln the Nattonal Cadet Competltlon wag
" 1/+. A proposal to rcve s€nlor mernber gr€de lnslgnla fron the colIar of the (consfstent wlth fltghtsuit ' Jumpsul-t to the shoulder was also approrred uear ?ho grade otr tho coflaro Cadots will contlnue to

BulleLin Board,' CAP f'lous, May 19$2" ller standa::dlzexl ssnior Mamber Rlb,bons, fhe Natiorr;"tr Exacutive comittee re* cently adopted a pian tci phase ln ner, CAP ribbons of stanclarC slse and desigB. ?he destgn of the neur rlbbons rrl1l match the rlbbons now use'd on the mini* ature medals. The new rlbbcns w1-11 become arral"lable in the Bookstore as current stocks are depJ-atacl" Yhe flrst two ribbons of tha new doslgn and slze nor available fut the hcksLoro are the Merl.torlous Service Ar*ard arxi the Gr*vor loening Aerospace Ahiard rlbbons. Eventually aII rj.bbons sold ln the Booksiore 'r-111 'f:e oil the samo etandand slze and desl"g7r. The o1d rtbbcns m;ry ccintinue Lo be wcrn untj-} ;lI1 of the nerr rLbbone are avai-iable



phaso*out date anrrounced.

News, June \982,

New h:-l-Lover Sr+aater Approvecl

The dark lrlue, all*+rool pr1.}ov'er sreatsr r**enLly adi:pted by Ai;' Fcrce has now beeir appreved for Cfud"} AJ"r Patrsl nsubers, accordtng Lo persorrrrel officlals i,eru:, ?r':e s?t6&.ter ls fcr lnd'oor or outdooilrxear and uey be worn wtth roarle 1-rntiici-:n conbl.natlons 2, % aJld 3 or fsnal-e urr-tforui conblnatlons B and S, Senlor mcrmbers anC i':;rttrct c;fflcers r*ear CAP shculder nsrk inelgnla o:: the opaulets. Cadet alrnen w@ar met,al chewons centered horizontally on bhe op*ulet raith bottom of fuialgnla pJaeed ono Lnch from ths shouider so&r[o A shou]der patch m"rst b* Horn on t]re left slaevs try a']1 nernbere.
The Bu.l-Ietin Board, CAP Nmrsu July 198?6 lievj.ces on H{:liatrrre Msdal-. Some quostlorre have artseR *orcutn{rtg ws&r cf t}re nume:"a"} S"ongevlty derrices on the rl"bbon of the minlaturo modal. We are nolfl trylng to locate a sourcs for mlniature ruieetals proporttonato to tho smal-ler ribbons" In the mearrtlme, rasar of the regular sizs devtco on the mlnlaturc rnedal rtbbon ls optlonal.



T, Longevlty

Clvjl" A1r PaLroI .Inslgnl.a CAP

P;rge 108

Effectlve July t, 1982 tho nsH ssnlor mamber rlbbons aro 1rr stock' Nut*" OnIy the ne&t ones wtti Ue lssuodo Oxler undcr tho sumont Cat'alog ber. Note: Allhough thc propeller has been rmovod frtm the Red $ervLce Rlbbon, thts veretoi 1g for slnlor parsorlneJ. only. Cadeta wLIl eont'j'nua to ordir the Cat. !ls. 'rc9A. Secrior nembors should srrCor 1AiB.
Mlnutes, National Boant Heetlng, )-J August 1982"
Ncv Namo ELate.
:lnd11d"duColonel Brookflold explalncd that tha ncu namoplatc wlth thoto be wrrr:: rs na&e, rtank, organlZatton, and the CAP Creet r*ls desj"gned al nareepl'ate with tha CAP blazsr unlfor:e or cl-vl-l-lan clothos' H€ sal-d tho x'aarr the lnd"lv1riuals wto cannot rr|}I sattsfy sone of the obJoctlone of r:n{fotm becauss of welght .;.na appearance standardn. Colonel Brcokfiold stressod that eormanders m-rgt enlorce i,he requLrement that mwnbers elf,her m.eet relght and appearance standards or woar the blaser unlfor"ra or other approprl,ate unlforrns .

Hens, August L982. Sonlor Mernber Ribbons Now Avzrl]-able.

ltlnuter, Natl-orni Drecutlve Comittee l'io*tlng, 12 August 1962" E"lmlnatlon of Warrant Cffi-eer Gr"rdes. A motlon r+as passed that the grades of CAP t€trran+. oflleers ara e11m1* n&tod and ihe folJ-orring grade sLruitur,l *nd grade 1r:*i6ryrja uniqu$ to CAP arc authorisod for CAF senaor nffinbsrs under the age of 21, sui:Jact to ap* proYal of HQ CAP-USAF:
Ip}ls.fl"n CAUE};

4l1d&n-i+r& Hl"tchel]. Earhart
Spaatz ilLIEE&l" (BADE


rukht Offlcor Tech" fltght Officer




4 ?1, {, rlrUc



Senior Il"tghl 0ffleer


ALt -Qyd&_ $eN ICRjl-l 1-s- ail. ?Tts*ni-tr"ADE TT4INSTS $lA Lave]. I Off{cer Hltght Tsch. Fllgh* Cffl"cer Level I.T*Tech, {r moo as H,: $snion FL*.. Offlcer Loqe} il*Serni-cr 12 m" as Tg1}

,! F+ ,"- LL ". Ya


Aae #.


Hodlffeati,on of fiAF Corprrate Se"r-i' A motion was pa*eod hhat thr* rlivil. "{tr Pet,ril} Cr::r.*cr+rte lie*-L be mcdi.* flsd r-c plaee "ljl*{Led ,!t.iit,es A|r i:Gr*m ''.r:.xlJ-lai"r" $'t, i,he t.r::p ;r.:'id "fjl4 1"{:;' F;rtrol";;i bhe bottom *nti eo delst* ther C:vtl *rif*i;ne$l* f:'em tl'itl ersst' there ts nct, Hg"&g._L; The rosolutl-on r*rs lxsseci wlth nli* rurdersta,ndi-:"rg *hat ,.mder nc'' condltl,ons w{11" theys b': ,?,n fuitunt t,r char:ge the $ems +f the and Cly|t.4"1r Patrol Corporation; thab memil*rs' rank: wJ-ll *t-.rttinus to he rlesignatsd as ''CAP" rank; and t,hat, th,sre :*1-l-i ):e no eh.'r.irges t* OAF v.ntque features of the rrniforria as 1t now sxi.sts {1-s,"} {:A} tn;ttons, OAy *utotlts, *te*)* S.g_!g_?, S:b,sequont tc thls meetir:6, ffirmefiilrs obJe*tt,tns tc rieloting the ili) tilangle hevs been rals*d" Accortl:i.-ngty, Lh*r k**ui;lvo D3.::ac|o.r *111 rel.trtro* duco thls ltenr durl"rrg the lJeeennber :9E? riEi-l matsutng' Minutes, Nff Meet,ing, J Decerntioy' t9il2. It r"ras vot.erl tc plane Unlt,€ri States Alr l;orce Auxil:lxr:',ro,, thr: top of the CAF seal and Cirril Ai-r Pat::ol at the bot,tam. All- r:ihq,i"tr-lort ilnd de$lgn of ihe fortae:' seal to be retained,




, qfilte l"ettore, ad cnosgod red rifleeu uhlch do not show up ln the photocoPY. )

No has been }ocatcd to docurnent" this fu1slg.tla. It ts believed that lt was us6d at some Coast Patrol baseso Whether or not yas locally deslgned and usod or natlona}-ly approved is ur:l'cnown. T?rls patch ls |l'lustrated L9l+3, wlth the captJ.on: erard


iliil"r-ClpC "t""1 1s |n conflLlet rrlth the requlrm.ent that alL CAP nmbars woar the baslc CtrIL Air Petrol ahoulder s1ceve mblm on the }ef,t sleeve Just below ths
s6am. )

ln the Goographie Hagazlne, June at Base. Ttra tar0 statos: o'qJAF"D AI BASE. ior C.e'f grpr.d. Worn an laft eLoove at ehouldsr," (lhls

Inslgnl-a and Dacoratlons of the Uo 5, Ared Fcrcss, Hovlsed Edltion, December 1, 191+&r publlshed by th* $atl,o*aL i!*egraphlc Soctet',y, onlts tl:e CAP S-uard inslgnla and substLtutes servLee r{bhone ffrst authorl"zed l"n October 19Ir3.







CAP News



BrJ.letln, Vol. IV, No. 25 - 2d August,I9&5.Divlslon of the NEI* rNsrG.trA--w1;i ttre-cooier.atlon of the Heraldl-c ltems of CAF and Office of the Qrartetmastor General, a ntrmber-of newthe drar*lngs a'nd tho of CAPC lnslgnla havo bccn desl-gned. 0n conpletlon publicatlon of new regulatlois, Cf wl1[ lsvc a completoly consisL*nf' set of lnslgnla' Formemberspartlclpatlnglnthafllghtproflcieneyprogra*l!h*!11. PlLot Cfflptlot ,rlngs dth ; str"r wl11 bo awardea to ttrose rrho qqalify as obset-\tar P[Iot offlcers' ccrs and r*lngs rlth star and wreath for Hastsr Offlcers"

rdth star

have baen deslgnod



CdP News

2 Novonbor 19,l+5' the r*tx*r* announced Ln cAP Neirs Br" !{o' 25, tha.offi*e^of INSIC,I{trA-As nor* CAP *'-nsl6'3'a' torrnaster Genoral has been a"""iopLt! aertgna for ccrtain firet af t,hc y&dr' after the CompletLon of nprklng drarrlngs ls exfectod-soon and for the uso of manttf*e*ttrorEis 6 * for prbllcatlon to j.ifonn CAP memberefltght pnoflc*"snsy p:sog::&ilI €is e'ilP Pl'lci:i For pilots who check out !n tha Fiiglrt' sfflcers a 0ffLcer, the oAP pilot rlngs rlll- boar a etar; for $eniorwlng dnh sL':r' star and wroath; and for obserY6r offLccrs, tho obsorvcr

Brlletln, Vo1. fV, No. 35 -

the ne'ur Regulatlon 50-1, 20 Dscen&or 19&8, ls Io:rorm to havo authorlaed not beon iocated' "drooplng" w'lngs, but thle ragu)-atl"on has Air Force RaguJ.atlon No. &5-LL, 11 Januaql I9'+9' 7. Unlfonns: rslselons' alar l{embers of C,tP cngaged {n the perforrnance of offi*ial"i-nsignS-a auf;hosln{s though acting as clvlll-ar,--*r,rrrtu."", *1.11 wuar unLfor:zasanct lnsignta {offj"* rlzed by the Departmont of the Air Forcc" Tho unlfor"u'rs of thre d'ir Forc*t cers and airmen, pale and fsmalc) aro the cane ag those wlth the follow'ing dlstlncttve exceptlons: o ' ' deelgned and r*orn by CAF, ae -(fiiustrated badga as tll Sffilr pilot and obsoryonaro drooping.wings for comand pi-)"ot' shown !n attactrment'6:sanior pllot, pllot, obscrvar and senlor observer' )

Pllot and Observer h'lngs -



CAP Manual


Volune 1, Book 1, 1 August 19&9. 1-10* Aeronautlcal BatLngs. Senl"or members of the Civl1 Alr Patrol are authorlzecl aeronautlcal ratlngs after complylng rrlth prescrLbed tral-ning and other nec€ssary requlrements. The CAP fllght propem is designed to build an adoqtrate pool of quallfled pllotg and observers to meet regr:irements f,or fllght serrdces and ernorgency mlsslons. 1, CAP Pi-Iot-Clvtl Alr Patrol pllots are volunteer members who have completed ground fllght training and hold a CAA Prl"vate
CAP Sonlor Pl.lot-Thls ratl-ng is awarrCed senj.or members of the CIvIL Alr Pairol'd-th 2 years' servj-ce and Ir5OO hours of certlfied pIlot A CAA prlnate pllotrs license l-s also required" ). CAP Command PLlot-Senlor members hoLdlng a CAA prJ-vate pll"ol's .LJ-cense, and wlth 4 years servlce and 2r5O0 hours of eertLfied plJ-ot tlme, may w€ar the Command Pllot's badge. l*. CAP Observer-After ground and fllght tralnlng as an observar a senlor member of tho CAP mav be ar,anCeei thls aoronautlcal ra-




s llcense.

Fl1ot. d-ngs. Hore complote detalls covering ti:e qualifl-cartion and wearilg of aviation bradges &re covered Ln the 50 Ssries of curuent Cirrll Alr F,a-

5, OAP Gllder Pllot*Active CAP senl-or members who are quail* fled by the CA"A, as gllder pllots and wiro ft.Ilftll other standards estabLlshed by the conrnander v"lll- be auihori-zed to r*ear Glider


trol Regulatdons" liotg: though eriterJa ls not listed, the *;-e alsc ll.1-ustrated ln thls rnanuaJ-"
!{eekly BUJ-l-et,ln }io, {.!, J }Iotsmber

CAP Senj-or



5, HI},IIA1URE AYIATtrCN BADGES, !4lnJ-atura avlatj-on badges may be op* t:lonally racrn by CAP personnel who are authorizod to wear thls ltemr of lnstr"gnla. 'ftis applJ-es to both the shirt whsn'*orrr as an outer garrnent and the coat (rna1e); the x{rrter coat and teip of surmel: twopl*ce untfo:r (fernale).
H-'rmrtes, Nattonal Execut{ve Comdttee Heotlng, 6 Deceraber 195J " TlTo establ"lshment of a Master Obsoryor Hating tn Ctvl). Alr Patrol was approved.


A11 "drooping ntngs" aviatlon badges $sre repl-a-q4. ln l"??5 or 1976 by straight wlngs, whlch are fLrst l]]ustrated ln CAPI!{ 3?-1, I January

PLLot and Observer


Master er

Pilot ruot
Straight Wlngs - Actua1 Slze,

ffi s:
Glider P11ct









As lllustraterl ln )" January 197?.




Reduced Siaoe.


CAP l,lanuaI 39-1, I Januar.v t9?V. Flgure 5-10, Arlatlon Badges, stnalght wtngs, a$ above.

embroJ-clenod on




* .ntrit* embr.olderad on ultremrl-ne cloth'


Xanuat 39*1, 1"5 Jn.rir:ar.f I9S8" Z-7. . . The use of cloth badg*r and grade lnstgnta l"s encouraged on f,Ltght sults and unlforau ldsnn $llt$*le fl-3'1n8. tbble 2-4. Wear of Badgee and InslgnLa of Speeialty on the Ut{llty Unlfono. CAP Avlatlon Badge" - *tthur met*.} c,n emtrr*{dered of whlte cotton thread. toirgfii-Gag*"""tth a*ngs were vhite cn sag€ groen" )



39-i, i

JanuarY 19?7"

Avlatlon E*dges "* elther. setxil ox' esrbrr:fdersd *f wtrite eotton thread. itt """-r"ie str.a[gh+- w*"lgs em"hyt:j.d.ri::ed on ultra.rnarin* b]u* c]oth') X6TE: Embroldcrd *lCIth tns$.grrr9.a on ,f{ gr6en hc}tgrer:nd besrrne obgolete 1 July ln6.


6-l;. f.

Avl"ar:tr:n Badge. Ssni.ors rl-1-1 r*eer emrbroidored eloth"




Avlation badges, embrol-dered in bul11on, miniature size, were pl'escrtbed for wear on the mess dress uniform.
above are Senior Obsorver Wings of t;rpe and Pl1ot Wtngs of the later "stralght" typ".


the "drooping"



CAP News &:lIetln Vol-. IIi, RED IpOPS rc GO--. . . The

pri-:rctpa)- ehange i-n arldltlon to the rennval of the red loops and the red eleeve i-.r*.1-d" frorn the officers? blouses w111 be the placlng of tho words CML AIR PATHOL aborre the shoulder sl-eeve emblem. The new stroulder patch ls ln prcduct!-cil and al-i unlts w111 be advised as to supply sources when the new un.i-for"m regr:latl-on L:; lssuec.
cAP News &:1lelin vor. 1rr, No' 35, l-c ltrov" l-9&i+' IIEW SHOULDER PATCl{--fhe new CAP sl:ouid:er sleeve emblem (same as the blem wlth Lhe worrls CIVIL AIX FATF"ilL aclderl above) nny be ordered by

l{o* ?i", 2? t:cl,


unlt Embroldery Co. . Supply 0f ficers. Tko bl-ds ar+ .!-n: l-lernecc* , " Leonard Bids were requested for the .*"rrd.s L:IV"i-L .ti?. P.l"1'l1Ol to sew abcve the emblen but this *ouid have saved onlv a lsw peru:le*, tie lhough'; the members would prefer to have the whol-e pat*h new. The ,'i,jrjiiiori cf 'Ll:e new'*ording Lr: cid p:rlches which mlght, be faCext, wlt,h hand sL,i'..chfng between, would not' be neat"
CAp HanCbook, 19Ll+ EilttJ,oi:, lieconci P:-lnr.!.ng i5ou'-rhern Il-ight), 15 Nov, i9/i/r, 62 SUPPLY, Insignia. l. t Strorila"" Jl*"r* effrhi-r:n*-.fAl' arnblem w'j"th. tiS, 2*" cilan:eter, cl-oLh, rv1t,h Civil Alr Palrol ln r^rhitr l"*:tLei":,r'1 ,r'8" i,iSi,l;it::ecl are 1" in':Ce above the emblem: sew on left sl-eeve r:f :i.l-i oill-er gar:riitl;t's except r"rn '{rrryr issued fl'eece-




f1,-rlng Jackets

1" i.:eIc'"' si-.oulrle:'


CAP News &.i]letin Voi" IfI, i\lo- 38, 15 fsc" l';i*t. NEw sHOuLDrn PATCH--In adcilti'":n t'n the s::ppl:r scrdrces previousJ'y l5'sted the new type CAP shor:lder s}*eve en-L:iem, t,he firr:i af Schofler & Tteger.


has quoted-a prlce of l-8*. ?ir:l;.: trxteh 1s fr;)-I-y embroidered aver the whole .r"" f the tw{L1 backgror:.rrri Ls en+.i-t"'l:1;' e ove"rred i:}r 15u ernbroldery" The Lab bearing the words CIWL AL1: FAtnf)I,:1-:+ *r: int*gra-L prt of the emblern.
CAP Manual, VoI. I, Book 1, 1 Ar:9, 19/19. The CAP shoulder patch ls a pr5,rary cilsti-nguisirlng feature worn at the top of t,he left sleeve on all outer garrnenls-, one-hal-f, j-n*h below the shoulder seam. J+. is the emblem of the vrarttme Off{c* of tlt{iian }efense, a w{'rJ"te triangle



Shoulder Sleeve Insignia

- Civtl Alr Patro1 Addedr Page


on a blue cl-rcle wlth a rad 3-bladed propeller ln the triangle. The emblem was reglstered interrratlonally durlng the war so a CAP member on actlve duty, lf captured by the enotqy, would be treated as a prlsoner of,

Rgr1acgl by Ctvi)- Air Patrolr.USAF Auxlllary, breast patch for wear on , Force type unifornns (blue), when authorlzed by AFR L5-L6, 15 Aug. 195i"
Phased Out when CAP National Executive Board voted at lts 13-15 Sep. 1951 neetlng that, the Arnqr lype CAP unlforrn would not be worn after I Jan" 1955.

Xlrmtes, Natlonal Unlforn Comn{ttee t{eetl-ng, I Dcccnber 1978. ). A pr.oposed rrx{ngtt patch for overscas aqpadrons rdas dl"eeuesod" Ths A1Cad,ct SqrBdron- (nff Oconbnryy, ergland) trubnitted thc orlg{na1 st,an"""Urr* CAP chouldcr patch and thc Andaraen Cadet Sqrradron on Gus& suhtt* dazdlzed ted a deslgn for thcl-r oun patch. Aftcr somc dlccutgton it nas decldcd that all ovcrsces unlts rrculd xcar the petch eubnlttod by Alconbury lrr the saee poaltlon as the rrlng patch ln the Cqrttnental Unlted Steteso Hlnutos, Natlonal Unl-form Comntttee MeotJ-ng, ApriJ- 1980. of oven). Optional woar of the shoulder patch was approved for menberspatches. these units are having difficulty ln procurlng seas units shce


i! i.._;CN(







30 L.iCNE



Bulletln No. 11, Apr. LA, Lgb2, Natl-onal Headquarters, C,AP,. buttons for Patrol Buttons _ Natlonal Headquarters ioi, irr" a. supply of plastic buttons unlforms. They are dark in two slzes, 5/8'; ind ?/S" dlameters' the bear Lhe CAP triangle and propeller insignia' 0fflce of civtllan Defense Regulatlons No. 2, Supplementary Order No. 2,


Air Patrol' 5. Ofitcial ,A'rticles for the Ctvl1 basic lnslgpe g"ttons for Unlforrns. T'he i"jtons for uniforms.

28, L9l+2.

rnay be used

on & Iigne but-

GM-L?-Ar Aug.

are authorized 13. Silver ofiicial uniform in place of the for wear on all outer garment artlcles oi tht

L91,2, Natlona} Headquarters, CAP' buttons, embodyLng the triangte ind,


gold Arqt' buttons.

Bulletln VoI. II, No. 31, Aug. L3r 19t+3, Natlonal Headquarters, cAP' frorn will be removed WAC UNIFORM FOR CAP W0ME['tr--. . . WAC buttons and insignta and insigthe garments before sale and will be replaced by cAP sllver buttons nla. . .
CAP Rules

62 Insignia. to 1. L sLLver buttons--stamped with embleml wear on blouse and service cap repl-ace all gold A-rnV buttons: g larle , 7/F" dlam., Ilne 16. U sma11, 5/8" dLam., Ilne 2f. embl-em, brovrn; optlonal for wear on shirts 5 plasllc Uulton"--St.mped ,,rith buttot1s are not available, the plastic butand flyl,ng Jackets. In case sl]ver tons may be'silvered for blouse or service cap' 1 Large, 7/.8" dlam., llne 35. E Srna11 , 5/8" diam., Ilne 21,. Air Force Regulatlon No. t*5'L6, 15 Aug. t951: Reserve Forces, Preserlbed Uniiorms for Clv11 Alr Patro} Personnel' weight, circu2l*. a. Butlons" sllver-color metal- of suitable composltion and thereon a* prope)-ler design inprlnted f.;, convex, with the Clvt1 Air Patrol gainst a triangui"., 1ortzontally lined balkg3ound. (ltOff: hrttons illuslra* slzes on ted aL top of this page are from AFR 45-16. Caption indicates three uniforms') on right on women's left were used on men,s uniforms and throe sizes 19,67 ' (New type buttons first adFgplaced by new type oxydized buttol?t l?If in November 196? issue of CAP Tlmes' ) "";[-is"d













20 LlNt


0i i-n-r:lediate interesl to al.I aliiF:nembers are the recent' approvec changes Lo uniforr, insignia and orn;imenls. . .lJew oxidized butt.:ns h-'.',: also been approved fc,r unj-forn l.rear. They wi1-1 r'eplace Lhe present buttons. BLrltons are nol .yet trrra llabl e.
Monthl;' iirl } ir o . 12 , 5 Decenbe r L966 . 2. Uniforn S,rtlcns. 'fl:e new buttc,ns for CAF rlnif6rr--rs will not L:e irVail:il,l,r until nexl su,r,reer. Ar altnurrrrcenenL r,ril"l be nade as soor. 'ls Lhe)' r:tr;,' be ; ciered.
CAP ),Iew


fir,res, JcLober ).966,


iic,vember 1967"


buttons r{ere fjrst,;idverlised as avai-lab}e for p:rchase.

Ulrnrtes, Natlonal Unlfora Connrlttoo ileotlng, 1 Decmbor 1978' l+. . , . It-ras declded that the blaser r*ou1d have CAP buttons of the approPrlste sLze on lt. Mcnbcrt 1111 rcplac€ buttons on the blazer tho eame rray as they do when bruylng an ALr Force unlforr.



GM-L5, Jul

. 17, L9l+2, Natlonal lloadquartors, CAP. 2. fnsignla, b, Officers lnsignla shaI1 be: t Sllver C.A.P. lnstead of gold U.S. on rlght shirt co1lar lape1s of blouqo.

and on

to GM-L5, Sep. 29, J.9l+2, Natlonal Headquarters, CAP. Inslgnla for Enl-isted Men. 1. It ls permlsslble for enlisted and non-eonunlssloned personnel to wear' silver CAP cut-out lettors on each slde of the shirt co1Iar, when the shlrt ls used as the outside garment. 2, It ls also perrnlssible for enlisted and non-comrdssioned personnel to wear sllver CAP cut-out letters on the lapols of the enJ.lsted menrs winter blouse, 1n whicli ease the shirt collar lnslgnia wil1 be ronovod.
Addendum #2
CAP Rules , 28 OcL. 19i.j. 62 fnslgnia, 2. The si}ver CAP (letters 3/8" hl4h; width L-1/8" ) *fff be worn by offlcers on the right slde of Lhe shlrt co1lar 1" from the fronl, parallel tc the front edge, and by enllsted men ln the same posltlon on both sldes of the shlrt coIlar, excepL when the blouse is ln which case no orrraments wlll be worn on lhe shlrt. On the officers' '*ornenlisted blouse, the sllver or CAP wlll be worn on bolh lap,e1s, centered l/2" above the lower edge of the Iapel notch and paralleI thereto.

GM-129, 29 Jun. 191+l*, Natlonal Headquarters, CAP. Shlrt Collar and Cap Inslgnla. I. All CAP commLssloned officers and warrant officors are hereby authorlzed to wear rank insignla on the rlght slds of the shirt collar and the silver CAP wfug-and-propeller lnslgnia on the left slde of the shlrt collar whenever lha shlrt ls worn as the outer garment of the CAP uniform. (ruote: Thls removed the CAP letters from the rlght slde of the officerst shirt collar. )

Edltlon, Second Printtng (Southern flLtght), t5 Nov. I9&1. 62 Supply, fnsignia. 2. The sllver CAP (letters 3/8" hi4h; r*1dth L-l/8").. . fnstmctors (I9I.1) wil-I wear it on the rlght slde of the shirt colIar.
CAP Handbook, 1944

Chrll Aj-r Patrol Regulattron 35-I, 15 December 191+4. 2. d, (Z) cfffcerts garison (oversead cap w111 be as preseribed for Arqv offlcers, excopt that, in the placa of lnsignla of rank, there w'111 be worrr sl-lver cut-.out letters rfC,A"P,fr" (S) Sllver cut-out letters "C.A.P.i'will be worr, in Ileu of Arrny gold and sllver wlngs and prope'l]err centered 1r'from the leading edge of the Left collar on the officerts shlrt when the shlrt ts wom rithout the blouse. Alr Force Regulatlon Noo 45-11, 11 January 1949. 7" 3n (6) Cap and sllver w'lnged cap lnslgnla as no!, deslgned for the CAP, as shown ln attachnent 2. (Otflcer rarrk lnslgnl.a ls shordn on lcft sldo of oversoas cap, lndlcatlng that lt had rcplaced CAP cut-out. )

39-1, Sap. 1961. Offlcer rank inslgnla on fllght eap replaeed by cut-out Ictters.


Sllver C.A.P. Cut-Out Letters -

Page 2

Times, Cctober 1966. Of immediate interest to all CAP members are the recent npproved has changes Lo uniform lnslgnia and ortaments. . . A new col-lar insignia also been adopted. Thi; wll} conslst of whlte bronze cut-out letters: CAP' r . . The new forrnat elj-rlinates the "period.s" and the letter "C" formeri'y used to desi-gnate a cadet "

Whlte on grosn

WlrlLa on ultnarurlno


l'{anuat 39-1, 1} Jarruar.y 1968. 2-7. . . lte use of cloth t'aages and grade lnslgpla ls encouraged on fllght suits arrd unlforms worn r*hlle flylng. (Ctotfr cutouts are not llsted ln thts trtsnual but ere bellevad to havo baen arlal]-abIc. Orlglnally they nere wtrlto on sa8o 6roan. )



I.apel.nacotr*nInslgnla(clpcutout)-Matalorcnbrold'eredcloth.(1h" entroldered cloth cutout wiIL not be worn on anJr CAP unlfonm uccpb the

l'tanual 39-L, l8 FsbmarY 1970. Untforms,

utlltty unlform,)
UtILlty Unlfotm,
CAP Marmal

39-1, 1 January L977. Iapel .116 66r'lnr Inslgnla (Clp cutouts) - t{eta1 or erubroldered cloth on uItralprlnc blua cl.oth &.ckground. NOTE: hbroldared cloth grade.lnslgnla and CAP cutouts o3 u g"**i U*"t g*und becamo obsolete I JuIy L976,


l,{armal 39-1.,


Jarnrary L977.

6-t+. €r Collar Instgnta. (,Zt Sentors. Sentor menbers rl11 wear ttre gnado 'lnslgBla efiF broldorsC on a blue background on the rlght and the CAP cutout embrstdered on a blua backfiround on the ]-aft coll"ar" Senlor nmbors rithout g'rade wj.ll wsar ths cloth CAP cutout on both eollars'


Inslgrlla - 0ff,leeru -



InLtial rnad,c In

appolntaoents to the grade l'{ay and Juno 19{5.

of colonel tn Ctvll Alr Patrol
2L and 22)z

Am 45-15, 15 August 195I. 26, IndlvLduaf Inslgnla (flgs.

a. Ina16n1a of Grads: (1) Oftlcerg' Inslgnla. Rcgular-clue lnsl-gnla w111 be rrcrn on the shoulder ).oopa of the ovorcoat, coat, and Jackot wlth nlnlaturo slze optlonal for wsar on tl-re rlght sl-de of the coller rficn the shlrt te vorrt
as an outor garmnt"

t9, Nt

Regulatlon 35-8, I January l95l+. ]8. indlvldual fnslgnla of Grado. a. Inslgnla of Grade. (f ) -Offfcers and warrant offtcers w'111 wsar the regular slze offlcer grade lnslgnla of silver or gold color metal or silver or gold color rdre embroldery, flve-elghths Lnch from the outslde edge of the shoulder loops of the ralncoat (Ulue), overcoat, topcoat, blouse, Jacket, and Mlntature slze grade lnslgnia Ls r+orrr on ths rtght side of the collar when tho shlrt ls worn as an outer g4rrnent.
Change i+




22 iune 1956.
rEcur^r srrr rNsicNr^

o. Gl^ot

Actual slzeg lndlcated. ti
.-l --.r



lJtt IB{AHI COIO}.EI l*aJ()t







f,_- 1'--;
li(UTt|.14.d'1 S( YrQ'




*r- !q:-

L-- r"-J

i1 ii=*."**J






1l l:l s=l i l,H_--€r --?-'-i

o.f (r{{S4V(, CC{.(}l ,,t{?al

cr.,Fef wAlc.^}{T

#^TTANI cf , icf [. /co{L} coto, a4fr4l



AND r,t\tOtJ4

laUf tNAr{a.!

Clvl1 Al-r Patrol l{anu*X J9d, Septcrnbor 1961.

Hllrht cap insipnia. ffiI1Iwoartha,,C.AoP.''meta11ettors(rkure}0}ont,he Ieft front of ttie eurLairi of the flLght cap" . . (Th" cut-out repJ-acod the lnslgnia of gnade, prevlcusly r*orrr on tho flight Offlcer
Both Chlef l&rnrnt Offlcor ard l{arrant Offleer lnslgnla are dcseribed as being gold color m*tal and medlum blue er*.rael . Thls my have bcen an cmor as prlor and foLlorrtng regulatlons doscribed Chlef l&,rrant 0fflcer inslgnia as sllver eolor motal and medlun blue enamel.
cap' ) Grade Insigni-a, Sentors,

Inslgnle, $entors.


Insignia - Cfficers -



MinuLes, l,,lational Executi-ve Connnittee l, Meettng, 15 l"larch 196S. \-. I Following the reaclj.rrg of National \-Yl I{eadquarLers Personnel Action }iumber !, )ffi promoting Col-onel Castle to Lho grade of ,/ \ tsrlgaciier General, CAP, General Viccellio, Comnnnder of ConLinental Air Conrnand, and General Wilcox, the }.lational Conrrender, lnvestod General Castle with the inslgnia of his new grade.

First Star. National Boar.d Chai:rnan Lyle W. Castle uas named a CAP BrJ-gadier General ai the recent Natiorral Executive Conrnittee meeting at Maxwell AFts, A1a. It ls the first time j:r CAPrs n y@r history that the CAP rank of general officer has been confered on any of its national eXecuCoI.







i{lnutes, NetLonal Unlfora Cormtttce }'lcctirg, 16 Aprtt L982, Ilo. A proposal to novc gcnlor nober grad6 lnslgnla flon the coU-ar of thc Jtrnpsutt to thc ahou1dcr xas allo approvud (conalstont nlth fllghtnrlt pollcy). Cadats ytLL contirnre to rcar the gredc on thc coll3r.
Hlnuteg, NatlonaMecutivo Comlttee !.{eetlng, 12 August 1982.
trLlml-natlon of Warrant 0ffleer Grades. A mtlon ras passod that the grades of CAP prrant offtcarc arc e11m1nated and tho followlng grade stmcturo and gradc lnclgni,a rlnlque to CAP aro authorlzed for CAP senlor ncnnbers undor thc ago of ?)-, oubJcct lo ap-

proral of


FORXM CADETS &l{ARp r{Ye, HltchcIL


INITHL ORADE Ellght OffLcer Tsch. Ellght 0fflccr Ssrlor Ettght Offlccr
Atr. 0T1{ER SEI{IoRS (18-a) IIHE-IN-ffi DE E4D|nIG LevcL I Lcvel fl-Tach, 5 no. ac S Lsnral ll.*Ssrlor 12 m. as !F0


1 Lt.






Captatn Gradc 2 Lt,, Cept.

II|ITIAL Cfr,AIE Flllght Offlcer Teeh. f:Ltght 0fllcer


at Arc 21.

Flt. 0ffleer










l{anual 39-l-, 15 Jsrruary 1968" The use of cloth L*dg", and grade lnstgni,a ls encouraged on fllght sults and unlforms wortl n'h11e flylng" Ut,ll1+_y Unlforo. Inslgxia of Cradc Offl,cars. si.zer-nctal or eanbrotdered trn sllver or -iorisi*l-ly annbrolder€d i; deep yeilow or vhtte on sags Eroen cl-oth. ) e"iJlCAP

Z-7. o .

CAP Hanual 39*I, L JarnrarY LW?, Utt-ltty Unlfc:tu. Instgnta ef Grede" SanLor $twrbar Officers - Emtrroldered on uLtr.amsrlnc blus beckground, NOTE: &broldered cloth grado lnstgpla c,n e gr€€n background becatBe otrsolcte 1 July Lyl6" Ju-mpsu3.ts.

6d+. (e) Senlors" Sentor nernbors wlll rear tho gr.ade lnstgnla a bl..ue tmckgrourx{ on tha ri.ght collar" .

enbr"ol-dered on



,^416P 55no6rxf





l,iaster Sergeant Cherron

Air Force Regulatlon 45-15.


l!1.* St t,t,',


Actual sl-ze lndicated.

tttt't,tltt't \t itl\ttl)tttt

ol yru,!t:

Note: ltere j-s eome dlfference ln the actr:al chevrons used by CAP members after 1951' and those prescrlbed by I'rR f5-16 both 1n slze and in the curnature of the arc. tl ts hnown that the grade of staff sengeant ras aleo usad l-n Ctvlt A{r Patr.o1 at that ti-me.

a. (21 Senlor Hembers (flg. 19). The lnslgnla rrlll be cherrons composed of white strLpes embr.oidered on a bIue, shade. &], embroldered background. Cherrrons .r* ii" wide. (lctual sr.ze waa L-3/l*" wlde. ) 3?. b, Ch*vrons (ftg. Z6). Ctrenrons of grade rvll} be worn by senlor members and eadets of noncormrlssioned grade on the sleeves of all outer gartentsr BX2.6.

&F16, 15 August 195I.

cept the ralncoat, centered between the elbow and shoulder


Change li to CAP Regulatlon

35-8, 22 June L956.

f-r. , _i:.',1:st , \\ ii-r. .!*- .-.:_-:i ,r,-: ,r , . ---- ,/..,. a Ir :/,i \. r')^.----',.-,//-; ' \,'-\--:- --.1, :-,,:i-_ ----,aAtIgr lIiOt ^kT


Reduced sizeg.

lS\\S-,ZZl \r\V A \,//./ t\*.s\ +f, /,,.rj \\. /ll'\ ,/,/.'
\\'--./r/// ''-)1;:_1.'
rEcdxtcaL rsnotaxr lf Al7 ,{RCIAxI



tNu [N=-^ZJ fs.a-.zzj *1.5i \wrz \ffiy',

!aIlla alr



xlo n





l&nua1 3g-f , September 1961. Alr:nen Sleevs Grede Insignla, Senlore. !{en lr" wlde; Women J't wlde. Haster Sergcant, Technical Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, Alrmn lst Cbss, AJ.r.rnan Zrd Class, *nd Al.rmn 3rd Cless. (Au above.)

Senior l'lember Chevrons - Fage ?Clili l**tt;r\ .)')-'), L.5 ,i;i,nu;.try Ij(*l. b'Iypro 5-j. Chew.r:ns cir:notlng :rerrior membor ainruln gnrries: Master Sergeant, Iecirnlcal Serge.rnt, Staff Sergeant, Sorgeant (3 strlpes), Alnnan F:-rst Class (2 stripes), and Air:nan (1 stripe).
l'Ionth1:- Butlelin No. 9, 6 September 1972. ,tlrrnan,4:C0 Gra.aes Under the New Offlcer Promotlon S.ystem. Ai.rnnn and I,i(E grades have ireen eliminated under the new CAP promotlon system. However, members curently in lhese grades will not be affected: ihere simply will not be en.y airmenf,lco promotlons ln Lhe future. Members cprrenLl;,'in these grades have Lhe optlon of retalning thoir curront.rlnruan/

grade or of being reclassifled as senior members without grade. Airrn.rn,rl,itcO qrades currentl',2 in the s..rstem will be phased out through attrition.


.4, -w
Ot{-L5, Ju}y 1?, l9lt2

- National Headquarters, Civll Air Patrol. 2. INSTGNIA -[. --d-ivilian Wear--A snalI lapeI emblem trearing the CAP 3-bladed oropeller simi.]ar to the CAP pllot wings may be worn by accredited enbleil'wt{ffiffi-U:$. renbers not in uniform. No other insignla of the Patrol will be worn except on ful1 ard correct CAP uni,forms. Offtee of Cirrllian Defense Regulatlons No. 2, Amendment No. 2 to Supllementary Order No. 2, JuIy 28, l9lt2. Supolementary Order No. 2 dated May 28, l9\2, to Offlce of Civillan Defense Requtati-ons No. 2, is hereby amended. by adcilng Section 5 (1), whlch designates additional officia] artlcles for the Civ11 Alr Patrol as follows: q (i ) lapel Plns and Buttons plns, TITTn; basic lnslgne naY be used on metal 1ape1I'ClPrr nith spread above the cireagle wings on each slde of and the letters c1e, whlch Plns shall be 1* lnches ln length. (Z ) The basic inslgne alone *"y U" used on lapel plns and buttons I
inch 1n dlametcr.


Rules Cadets 96

0n clvlJ-tan garments, CAP Cadets wILI wear emaIl rlnged lapel emblen prescrlbed for CAP.

- ilarch 29, - SuPPlY

- Natlonal Headquarters, Civi1 Alr Patrol.
no CAP



lnslgnla excePt the

62 Inslgnta I. 7 Lapel-enblems--For uear on clvl-llan cl-othes by menbers and Cadets, scraw post or pln type. 1 Wlngs: SILver vrlngs, 1" span, wlth emblem enameled. !. Eound: Eurblem, 1/2" dl-arneter, enameled metal. CAP Handbook, 191+/+ Editlon (Southern Etieht), I Febn:ary 191*& 96 CADETS, SupPly 5, On ctvillan garrnents, CAP Cadets wllL wear no CAP or CAPC inslgnia except the sme11 lapel emblern (62-l) prescrlbed for CAP. NgtE: Some ttme after the CAP beeame an AuxIllary of the Unlted States Alr Force on 26 l{ay 1948, the revlsed version of the lapel emb}em appeared. It bears the rlngs, CnrIL lin plfnOl, and thc baslc emblon wlth USAF Auxlllary added. No docunentatlon has been found to authorlze thls Ltem.


Rulee 28 AcL


f,tlght), I

CAP Handbook,

ard pr.opel"t-er (62-3).

62 Inslgnia 12. Sltver Caduesus. For ltedtcal Offlcera

19[4 &lltton (Southern

only 1n placo of rlng.


2. WEARING OF,UED"I,CAL INSTGIIA. i{lng comandcrs are advLsod that Inslgnl.a) or any other type of tf'r" }tedlcal Inslgnla are not authorlzed to be norn on the Alr Force type of CAP unifort.
Phased out nhen CAP Natlone} Ibcecutlve tsoard vnted at lta L)-15 S"pt"-*,"b.1-1954 meetlng that the Arqy type CAP unlforru would not be rrcrn after 1 January 1955'

Bulletln No, l+0r 29 Septenbet Clrr1l Atr Patrol.

L95t+t Natl-ona} Headquartera,

3 to CivIL Alr Patrol Regulatlon 35-B' 3L August L955. 19" Inslgnla of Special-ty. a. Chaplaln, Medical Offlcer and Nurse. I?re Chaplain, Medical Offlcer and Nurse lnslgnta wILt bo worn centerd, lf2 lnch abcve the left broast pocket of the coat, Jacket or shlrt (when Horn as an outer garment). lrlhen rLbbons and/or a CAP avlatlon badge are worn, the lnsJ.gntB wIIt be centerea L/Z inch abovo them. Personnel authorlzed to wear these tnslSnla w'i1l be those asslgned duties ae Chapl-ains and l'tedtcal Offlcsrs in CAP unlts and are fuI1y quaS-ifled to hold these gnsl-ti-ons under provlslons of CAPRIs 155-1 ana 160-I r*spectlnely.

Medlcal Offl-cer


5-2, t. Speelalty Inslgnia. Chepbtns, ncdLeel offLcers, and nurses w{L1 rear thelr apeclalty tnslgnla contered onc-ha}f l"nch above thc left breast pocket of JacketE, co&tE, or shfu*s y.Dral alt outcr-


39-I, 18 Febnrary 1970.

Hedlcal Inrlgnta




gan4onts. If rlbbons aro Ltorn, thc speclalty tnslgnta nl.LI be-lrorn one-half lnch above thcsc. If an avLetLon badgc 1s also rorn, the apcclalty lnslgnla wlIL bs centorod one-half lnch above the rlbbona and one-hal:l tnch bcncath tho avlatlon badga, cxcopt that ths chaplalns tnstgnta w'l1-[ be wulr onc-half i-nch qbow the avlatLon badgc.




ldanual 39-L, I"5 Jarnrary 1968. uae of eloth badgos and grade Lnaignia ls encouraged on f,Llght atrl.ts and unifornE worn whl1c flyln8. Wear of Badges ard Inslgnls of Spectalty on the Utltlty Untfonas.

2-7, , . ttc

t{edlcal Insignla. Elthcr mctal or smbrotdoredo
CAP Manual 39-l' I JarnrarY LW. Woar of Badgcs and Speclalty Inslgnla on

the Utlllty Unlforta. spcctalty Inolgnla (tqsatcat or Lsgat) - etthcr netaL or obroldcred of rtrlto cotton thrcad" N01'19: Althoueh authorl"zed, the C,[P Hedlca] Spoctnlty InelgnLa rere not aml*labLc ln cloth untlL !0i.d-1983, whsn they wero aold by the Bookstore, embrotdcrcd tn whlts on ultraurlno cloth.




IJautsnant Colonel



Elrst tlsutanant

Second Lleutenant

Manual Volume 1, Book 1, 1 August 1949. Photographs of cadete, taken prl,or to publlcatlon of this mnual, and prtnted ln the manual, show cadets woaring "plps." No dlrectlve has boen locatod whlch glvea the e:ect date of authorlzatl-on of thls insigrfu. Page 8-11. IllustratLons shorr cadet offlcer lneignla worn on shoulder loops of battle Jacket, left side of garrtaon cap, and rtght slde of shlrt collar when shirt ls worn as the outer garment. A11 stx eadct offlcar grades, hd

Llstrtensnt through Colonel, are glven

ln thla Bnual, as lllustratcd



October 18, 1915. Vlolatcd ln Pnonottons. Sevu1al Wln6e have rcocntly rubdttcd for prbllcatlot |n CAP lfars ctorLes rhlch Ualcalcd carlous vlolatlont of CAP Rcgulrttonr rlttrtn tho Ulngs conccrncd. I\rc such storlcs told of cedcts rho havc ettatncd thc renk of rJor. CAP Rcgulatlon 8-L, attachncntg 12 and 13, authorluea e laxlnua S";a" of cadet captaln for i;l,P @dcta. Ttrcrcforc, thcrc ls no legal basls ior . CAP eadct to have a rank abovc cadct caPtafui. I?re llatlnnal Corusnd;r has dlrected that no newa relcascs whl-ch refleet a vlolatlon of CAP dtraetl.ves wLll be ude to thc prbllc or subnl'tted for

pmblteatlon l-n



l&nuaL 5A-2, Cadct Iog Book and Gulde, June L957. Cadet l4annlng fiUte gtvas thc gr.adc of Cadct l&Jor for tho Cadgt Commndcr of a Cadet or Conpo"lt" Sg,radron vith 45 or rnoro eadcts. Cadot gradas of Colonol and Lt. CoLonol are authorlzed durlng eneanfment pcrlods on]-y. Appolntnrent to these gradee rr111 be prcscrlbed by encanrpment dtrectlves. i{eekly Bullctln No. IL, JI Mrrch 1960. g. AuthorLzcd Cadst Inslgrla of Gradc. Interln lnstmcttona for wear of Cadet Inslgnla of Gradc ls contalncd ln attachraent I of thts b'tr)-letln. Attechnent 1 to Weckly Bul'lctln No. IL - Authorlzed Cadct Inslgnla of Grado. a. Csdct lnslgnla of gradc, offlecr, rILI be thc tradltional ROTC cadat offlcer lnstgnle as lJ-lustrated: Cadct.IlaJor; Cadet Cspt^aln; Cadot 1st Lleutenant; ina Cadct Zld Lleutenant. (Ttre tenporarT gradc-of Colone1, threa d.lamnds, and Lt. Colonel, tvo dlarcnds, ffi,ro Ilfposely onlttcd. ) Thls lnslgnta wILI be norn flve-elghths of an lnch from the outside edge of eoat. It the shouldcr loopa of thc ralneoat, topcoat, blousc, Jacket, and!,orn aE an o? ttrt shlrt vhen thc shir{ lc ylII be *om on ihc rtght collar outer garment or when thc sh1,t ls rrorn under thc shade 505 bush Jackct' Gradc lnslgnla rrIIL not be uortr on thc fllght cap.

Cadet Of,ficer Inslgnla




Manual 39-1, Septernbor 196I, Sectlon 3 - Dlstinctlve Inslgnl-a for Cadets. l+9" " . Cadet officor grade i-nslgnla wiIL be ronn by officers on the Isfb front of the curtain of the cap, centereri., and 1 l1e Ucfres from the front edge for men arul 1 lnch from the fr'ont odge for uom€nr

Mont,hly Bul-let,in I'lo. 6, 20 June 1958, 1. Revlsed Cadet Program" u . A new grade has bean establlshed io recognize and r, r'Brd more eqrritably those who earn the Gener"al- Biily i(itclieil A'nra.rd'. . Phase II compleLion, Generai Biliy i{i"tchell Award - Cariet Warrant Officer. o " lilanket promotions vri11 not be effective until prublieatton of CAPM 50*l-6.

Cadet Warrant 0fficer (c.::-O color meteL)

, IB Febrr:ar;r 19'10, Cadet, 5-6,.,rarrantCffj"cer Crirrle on llie Shor:.1-dcr Boarrjs' +Cadet officer gr"acie lnsigniir. same e,s cadeN ?J,i insigni-a excepL 1l is gold and will be,,^lorrr on lire shorrlcier strap and coj.lar Ln the sarne rrpnner as insignia prescribed fc,:: senior mernber offieers. Shoulder boards
l,fanual 3q-f

are not, a,lthorized for wear

b:7 cadei, vrirmant


llanual ]9*1, 1 Jarcrary I9'i?" 5*2. Cedet 0ff,leer firad{r In*36RlaHLnlature eLse lnslgnia rotll be worcl on the eoHar of the over*louse {whan worn a! an outergarmontll }ong*s1e*ove wpol shtrt,, fj.eld ehtrt (ferato), Jumpsult, popltn Jacket (femaie), tcpcoat/ratn*oat (fmals), e.nd ra.Sncoat (fmale). 0n l,iro utftty eh{rb eedele harve tho optt*n c'f' regu]"ar slse or mlnl"aturo si'ae l"n* Blgnie. Rogular le araLtrqbl-s *-n mbrroddery or notal, l{LnLature is aval}able i.x metal only.


WOmt $adet off,tcers ard, uerr.a.rat of,fl"*e;'e *rjJ-L wear mfudsture sl"ne metai insj-6* ril.r* on the nsw epaulet shfu.t sitou3der mxrk i'nsil4n*{-e" a ,



2 &o CAP Manual 3$*i-u I Augt:*:t






2-7. . . Ttrc use of cloth badges and grade lnslgrrta Le amcanr",aged on ftlght sults and rmlforns rorrr utrlle flyllg. UtI[1ty Unlform, Cadcts and Sqtl.ors" Inslgnla of Grade, 0fflcors - RoguJnr stza, netel or embroldcrcd ln sllvcr or gIId. (Orlsh;Ity anbroLdsroa h docp yellov or wtTtto on sage groon.)


uanusl 39-1, 15 Janua{r 1968,

Utlltty Unlform. Inslgnta of ksdo, Cadet Offtocrs - Collar: hbrolderod on u.]-tmmrlne blue background. N01E: EhbroLdercd cloth grade !-nstgnla on I g"cen background became ob-



39-I, 1 January


solete 1 JuIy LY76. Junpsults. NOTE: Cloth coll-ar devlcos aro not authorissd for eadcts slnce the $:lupsuit ury be rorn for other than ut1Ilty prrposcs, and, tn eddltlon, the netaL pln..on lnslgnla greatly faellttatcs changlng rrank lnctgnla aa ncw
grades arg sarned.



saR.l rrI

(neeuce* s5"s,o)
CAP Hanua1 Vol-urne

of cadets, taken prtor to prub.1.1eatl"on of thls xunual, and prlntod in the nxnua)-i show eadet,e r*earing theise chovrone, lJo di.rective iras boen locaterl n&rfeh g*"ves the e"\raet d*.f,e of authorLzati"cn of t'hls



)-, I- Auguat 19/c9'

of cha"ffy*ns l"s eh,)km ee haifqda;r betweon tl,}e and the elbr:w orr bc'th atreovee, Page 8-16" t']:e four cadet non*eommJ.sei"oned offLcer chewons shown above are llluetrated: Cadet Firut Eiergeant, Cadet Sergeant, Cadet Corlpora3-, and Cadet Pfe. Cgi.terj-a for tho arnrd of cado& j.s not 6;*-vert i.n the urenual.
Page Plaeeunent



" 8*11.


Weel<Ly Bu].-l.otfur

l{ei. }!, ?7 $+:pflamh,:r" :t5{,, TrtrSn{ng e,ry3 f-ncenti're Frcgrram" A new phr,ase II f&det f,raln*"ng 1" Cadet and Incenttve Ero[mm Le now ful the proeess of beLng dtstrf"buted to all unlts. N6w cadot NCO 6rc-cies of SSG?, mS?, and }tsOT are author{'red by this progran. Chsw-sne for thaeo gm*des }law baen devlsed azrrd wLl-l- aoori go lnto produet*on, Ysu wlLJ. be 6,d.v*-sed when they are avaLlabLe ard can be ordersrX fro4 GESffiCS {&rmfue*urer of trnl"form aeeegscrles},
IrtreekJ.y Bu}l-et:!"n

itrc" 11, 31 Harch 1'l$0. Attachment 1 * &uth*rtmr*d *.adet*",*i *f Grade" b. Cadot lns{gxla of grad* r,thsr t,h*n of,fia*r grades }sl-Ll be mlxl"ature *hevrons or rvdj-ts *'m'broido;:v l,l;".1' *"netr u3r 1*l/2 ineh wlde eeniered on a r"octsng::Lrr b*ekgr*:.uld r:f d-lrk li-'I-r:.* *f suffieJ-sit't, e1'*e t<l prevldo a 1/& tn*h brrrdor t*f "blusn l:"rslgri$r,a ,t* ili-ustra&txd ts: CIad** 1*$- Sgt;*t }k*ber $g$; T*ctr;:.{e.*i. 116$;; Cx.d*{; Stxf,f "tgt; tJe'det }st C)"e*s; Cadet 21d f;Less; efld #*i',*L ?rd l,i;ss. *lissr*r:s w{3} b* a"*mt on *il- outer of tho 6qarment,so *xe*pt, Lhe ssi.:r*.*rt" Ti:i*p tr$")3. he centerod on the outstde 'u+e:T' ,1.,rsf,3,g*365i t.hs e}r*ltlder s*,am and the bottors trsnn *f, tho sleeve' slserre haif trn al]- e.€!aag, tlt* i-r,:*rif, +f th* *'ir,*stqns mt}l Bol,nt downwex"d" Rqiu*sd s$.Ees,

Cadet Chevrons - Page


Orlglnal tYPee, whlto on blue, worn Polrrts



Strrg*:r:-it ilt]t.


Additlonal grades, orlglrnl-Ly wl-it




AJ.l above Eradss excePt

Plrst Serge*nt








Cadet Chevrons
CAP },lanua)




above the Vrs.

3g-t, I) January 1958. ligure 5-7. Cherrrons aenoting cadet airnran grades: Cadet First Sergefnt, (bdet l4:.ster Sergeant, Cadet Technical Sergeant, Cadet Staff and t: st.ipu"), Cadet Ist Class (2 Serseant, Cadet i".e;ri bars, if (t strlpe)" Chevrons r,rorn w'ith polnts down,"trip"s), any CadEt Airnnn










Achl"ovemant Packsts. ffi e;ie 11r;igr13 lnir**uua Cost ofghe naw uetal pln-on chwrons rrl1L be uaed, .I*rr" 1, 19ffi, o r " Effacil"u and a slngle ehevron ni.Il bo"Lnclude<{ {n each of tho approprlate.packets. eIC, lm") {Grades 11stod, aLL cad.etr &16:-ffigt, Tsgb, S$gt, SSt,
CAP Manua1

CAP News. Novemrber 19?6-

Cadet Alrmen fonng.


I JanuarY L977, rll.t wear metaL

on tho rJ-ght eollarA-apel

of aIL unl-

Mlrn:tes, Natj.onaL uniforrr conunl.ttoe Meotlsrg, 2 Deeember LV77. di"scussed 3, The ne,lr o;xulet sh.trt for celdeta Hasanr optlone}at eonsldersble length, and unlforro for cadete' ' ' corrqr{ttee approved Combtnatlon 2 as lhe the CAF cut*ut on the l-oft co]-i-ar and the netal cherrron Cadet almon *tti *r on the rlght. They wJ.11, not wear ar:ythlng on the epa'u-let'
New hr1]over Sneat,er Apprrcved for Members. o . , Cadet afu:uen wear nnetal. chewons centerd horLzontally-on the epaulet wlth bottom of inslgnla placed one Lnch fr"on the shoulder seami (Ihe epaulet ls
CAP News,

June 1982.



shoulder mark")



Weekly llulleLln No. 5, ! F'ebmar.-l' 195i ' jt CHAfLlIl,lS INSIGJ.IIA: Pendlng ;r forrml. .rmend.ment or' CA"I' Reg:-"[''ri"ion 35*t*, fuc r:f the RagulaLlon l:e arnended lo indicaLe @ragraph lleu that 6lvil Alr Patro1 fn*pf**ru w111 rsear bhe Ch*g;1.;ilnl.: i.nsl-gnla in senrice on the r:'nit"o:-rn '*fien the of the sllver wlngs and. propell"er Lnsl"gn{a

coat or Jacket l-s vorrl' rn addi-tlc'n, f*ragraph l+h u:f tl:*:logulation rrll1 be anonded Lo authori-sa Clx.ll d.ln PatrcJ- CirnplaS"nle Lr] lde.n{" ths Chaplains lnsL6nla centered one l-nch above the Ief,t bre*ist" ;mi:ket n"f *h* shirt ',rhen tire shtrt ls worn as an outen garment. Cathol-l': arrd. Fi"utesban'o Cha'plains w-Ll1 wear the platr-n sl-lver cross arul Jewish Chapl"a1riu uj-Il. the plaln

sllvar tablet.

(ALr For*e tHPe uni-fovrn") Arn &5-I5, 15 Aug:.rst I95I, (flgo' 7j anC ?-r,): 28. Inslgnia of Spocialty Chaplalne ' l"rrsignla c,*:is:i*t n i" "i *i-lver*color e r Chsplaln ( flg. ;3 ) . wtth dark bluei onamel, met:rl- cross or tabl-et klcked 38" Spcclalty iflg, 31). The epeej-alty insignfa w{.J-l L}€q }d.rYYl in. ac*or-ciance

the lef', breast pockol: of Lhs ccat, Jacke"L, or shirt, nd::sn wol?l as an ou16r garment" Vlhen rlbbons ar.e worn, Nire-L-,s16'nla r*'1,).1- b* eent*r*ii lfZ" al.rovl" it * top row of rLbbons, exeept t,hat ln no instance "''ii"L the insignla b*r plared closer ihan 1//r;'licrleontaily to th*:}.apt.L *f ths c,::.'L t>r.J;:ckei.
n i1] li0TE: The plal-n sllv13r ctro:ss or fiitri-t*i "*?$ wcrn t-;l ,ii(1 '.i'.:I:" t;?e n,''i.,. "blur: : i'-L '.::;" 'rnri Uniforrn, r+hi*ir was ph;,,*ed **t l iaRui:.'";-:r -i1;tri n i".irs iir lrorca type l-;iF unli,'oi:'ilr" or Labl"o!: ts wc'rr:6p

a. Chapl"alnsl Chapl"al-ns' insignia

the folloring:




l*nt,:i'e<i 1-/2" rbove

brruagt pae.tOt r;f "Ja,fkr.:**"u *i:fft&, o.i: Sh*"f4:"LJ i4*:'i:i a'i.r: ',i.-1.,*1.''f:r:;,l};lSiit.l:" if f":L?:-* br:r:s ar,e E**trfl$ th,.* ep**:ia..!-t.v",.*:i wi.l"L ?** til::"::';l)ri',*'*L::,r .i-f S-ttcti a',:'-,'v* tli*ee. If; a;r a"#,af,tom kxlci;i';* fs *isci y"ffg"dt, tir* *.;r:i-"i"ir i-r:l*$-{,::i* "s*l-i be eenterd oare*ht:.I"f trlsh alrcrr* *lro rftrb*vrs &.tld. ono-J;.c,,1-1" i*sth h€rn,Elsth ths a* vlatt*yl k'*dge., e,xeopt" *;ha* ti:+l *haple*"vrs *xe:i-gnJ-a 'rlii i:e, Irr*lq: *s?ry**ralf ln*h *kJry- the **.r"tr;r**.,rre ?:a,dga"

, 1* Feb::r.lary l"*?C:. ;. 5. Z. * Sper:.iity i.vret&l,i, Ch*5il,al.ns* rit.::tl:L:+.-:1 :l;.'t',i:i'&r i.L{'.:l r-ur*s35 ^"'*"'ttroi::-..tie r.*:"ty ir.*f g:,i-a c-*srtterlufi ;l**l:t ' i"*;'"]" +Irige *h* I eft, #..1f
*,AP $,a:mual 39*f .i,

5u + u * The cl:ap)" of grade fu:s*.9nfu.

H*ttonal [i$5:"oruc

e*ueai.tL**e H*o&$."rqg*

$-'nsS"prla me;f

* ,*un* -i??tl" nflu bo mrrx: en t'he ',:fl:.*j"ty ,;eil ins'A*&d

&rrlot$-n tsosxd, &P Fien*s' ili+'vr*xtrerr 1981' fumedS"ately, {iap, 3, Wsa.r of C6ap.Leln'CI hstgnJ"a on tke Utl*l-tty *ci ther:ffe*::'f,5r,-**p in l-leu utl3$t{ Tr,rsfgnJ.a CAf cnapUins may wmrthe {ftr,ap13fun'n of g:r.adb inslgntl " ftlsl.pi,r* w1"1"1 'be r:*:',t*t"*a{. qrn the fv"orrt nf the utt}tty xap \f 2 tnch a]:ov* {he vis*r"






not amllable

fltght suJ"ts and unif,ofl!.s mlrr while flylng" of Badges and Ins{gnla of Speeta}ty on the Uttllty UnLfor:ns. Chaplalns' Inslgni-a * o*ther metsl or embrol"derodn (These were

2-7. . o I1le use of eloth


39-l-, 1g

Jarruar-w 1968,

badgcs and grade lnstgnJ'a j-s eneoumged on

on greon" )

Manua} 39*1., t Jamaar.r' 1fi7, of Badgee and Sp*e1aL*y InstgriE on the U*l).tty Unl"foms. Chaplains' In*$.grtle * e$,ther uuetal, sr embrsidonod of whltc cotton throad. iNCte; ffire Cl,ri"etlan Chaplains' erogs xas evsntualJ"y awL1ablo, tmbroi"dered ln allvor on ultramrlne baekgrotmd, btrt not untll soaa t,Lme e{'ter the l" Ju}y }"976 phre-otrt dato for offLcor


Jwlsh Ch*prJ-ains' Tahlryt uss tnltlally avatlebl"e on cloth, ln slj.vsr on ul"tramnf.nre baekgroundn tn uai"d-}?&3.)

grade tnst6g'tt* and


*utouts embrol"dard on

grs@n backgnound" the











Harmal 39-L, Sopbubor 1961. 25. Hoedgeer Inetgnl"a, Soniore. a. ScrvLcc eap and hat. flro alrnente serrlco cap lnslgnla w111 be worn on the maLe eor\rlee cap arxl faaale serrlcc hato l{onthJ.y Brllatln Nr:mbor 2, ? Febnrary lTl3" Ncr* Ehblcn Appnoved for the Senlor Hoaber Hllght Cap. HQ USAF recsntly eppz.oved 6, ncw devj.oe (mlnlaturlaod sanrj,co hat lnsignla ) for va&r on tho ssrlor member fllght cap" I\rc dsvLcos l,r111 bc enployea (aa th*y ar& &n tho sorvl-ca het) for offj-cer personnel and another for ssnlor mmh*r" al"non and oenlor meflabers wlthout grade. t?rc Bookstorc ls eurrentl-y tn the proeesa of p::ocurmsnt, arrC an ennouncoent trlLl. be m*de as soon as tha devlcos beoona *rrallabLe for pr.rchaso" lJ.I Iumbers are oneourage<t to obtaln tha nerr canbl,eua as soon as posaLble, but

Cl\rlt Air FaLrol

not }ater than l JuIy 19?3" (Flaemcnt 1s Illuctrated ec I" ffon ths front of the fsmle fl*ght cap and 1$" fr^on tho front of the male flight

M!.nutee, Natlonal IJnlfo:m Connltteo Meet$-ng, 2f Aprll 1979. 5. l,b. Kopf p.oposed, that ai-L sen'j-or meorbars be alJ.owod to near the sane ("ee) hat lnulgnLa" Grrrcntly *snlor member offlcers and semLor tnffibers rrtthout grada wsar dl.fferent devlcss cretlng a cloubla inventory" Also, rnost aenJ.ors ha.rye to m,ke twe perelrasas---one when they flrst come j.n and another uhen they beeome an offle*r. Sj"nce the bo*kstore lnveDtory is eurrently low for nErn*cf,ftcers, he ruggeutod ne au'thorLae the a&!0s lnslgnis. for al-L aoni.or xm.bars and authorl-ue tho euruant lnaLgnia .for senior menobere r*Lthout gred* &B an opttei*al l"tem ufitl..L tho preaent supply l"s dGplcted. the propsal m.s approvedu {ftts e{s}eted snl"y thc servlcc hat mltsm *ttf, the cl-rels er*usd. ths o&sX*. )

!{anual 39*}, I AprIJ 1"9S, Senior Offtcers and ALrm*n, l'tale and Fm.lo, authorlaed to vrear eerrlce hat mbleln proviously restrtetd ts offlcsra, The aLnnEn sarirlce hat lnslgnJa uay contlrme to be wur:n by s€nl-or aamber al"men until a phaeeout date 1s announced. F'Itght, eap and berst lnelgnia for afumen stil.3" had rlng around

the eap$"e.




slse varteg.

and the Natlonal Comndor

CONTACT, Augnst 28, 1953" THE 0PFICIAL CAP SEAL has beon appr"ovcd

by the l[atlonal Sracuti"w Boarrt


wlll- ba dlspl,ayed wlth or rrlthout eolor"

of CivlL Alr Patrol, and by the Secratsry of thc Alr Foreo. The prepana*Lon of, ttro dcsi-gn lraa eceompllehed by the Heraldlc Branch of tho OffLce of Tho Qrarter:raster Gcncrral. ltrc seal

Ctvl1 ALr Patrol Regulatlon 9O0-1, ? AprLl Lg6A. Portlons of thl-s rogulatton whteh r+ers rovl-slons of CAPR 9OO-1, Iq Xay 195tr, are denotod by a 'lt* 2, Descriptlon, a. Clvtl Air Pqtg]I Seqj.. I?to CAP seal ls the i.rnprosston used on documents and recor:ds of Civil- Alr Pairol. The lnterpretatlon of the her* aldle descrlptlon f,ol-l"ows : (1) Cregt. The crest Lncludes the Amcrl-can EagJ,e, whlch ls symbolle of t'ha Unlt,ed St*ttes and atr-striklng power; the cloud formtLon behind tho oag)-e dopicts the ereatlon of & n6w flr:mmcnt; and thc twlsts of the rrroaths treneath the eagle incorpon*te the colors of the baslc shleld

clrcllng band wj,Ll b* v&t-1e, edgod tn gold; and the }atters on tho band wiJ.l be ultramarlne b1ue. 3 " Authorj-aed ltree, T]re Ctvj"l Al-r Patnol" s6al" and Ctvll Alr Patrol enblem wiIL not be placos $n eny ttsra used l-n a actlvlty but my genera)-1y be used as folLows: &, Ctvl-t Alr &"'brol SeaI. (1) Natlonal pmblteatlons, +(A) Offfclal Lnvttatlons, groettn&, and programs at natlonaI, regi-on and ',rlng level" x(3) Stat,ionery of the Natlonel Board, Natlonal &ecutlve Conrnlttee, nltional conrnittees., National" Hoadquarters, and Reglon HeadquarLers.

(2} Shleld" The bae{c CAF erubLem 1s superlmposed on the shlsld. b) EncLr"ellng stars. Tho enei-rclIng thlrtoen stars repreaent the orlglnal thirteen col"ontes of the Untted States and, by thel"r gr€uplng, set off three at the top of the desJ-gn whleh !:ortray the three dopartnonts of the Doprt,mont of Defenso*the Arry, the Havy, anC the ALr Force, (l) Enctrrelj"ng band, Gn a band encircling the *rhole design ar* the lnscriptions, "0ivl1 Afu'Patm1" and o'Auxlllary Unlted States Alr Foree." (5) Cr:lors" 'ltJren tho seal Le raproducod ln color, the baekgr.ound wtl1 be sJLver gr&yi the rtri.eld will be siark blue; the trLang)-e rrl1l be whtte; anci the three*bl-aded pr"op*}Ior u{11 be red. The tr*'lsts of the nreaths wllI be alternately whft,e and dark blue, and the oagle w'l1L bc tn natural coior ln front of, e uhtto c1nud. ths thlrtoen etars wILL be whi.ts. Ths an-


Cl.vII A1r Patrcl SeaI


Page 2

(l) faentl-flcatlon

and memborshlp carrls lssued by Natlonal Head-

uso of the saal ls dcslred ln caseg not covered above, requests w111 be forrrarrled to Natlonal Hcadquarters for approval, Requeats for apProrral of ths use of the soal ln advertlssments 1111 not be submltted to Natlonal Headquartors under thls provlslon slncc such use ls unauthorlaed.

*(5) Other Usos.


l{onthly Bulletj:n No. 3, 19 March 1965. 1. CAP SeaI Authorized for Use on l'Iing Stationery. CAPR 900-I states that the Civil Air Palro1 seal nray be used on "Stattonery of the National Board, Natlonal Executive Corrnlttee, national commlttees, Natlonal Headquarters, and itegion Headquarters." This paragraph of CAFR 900-1 is hereby amended to permit Lhe use of the seal on Wlng Headquarters stationery. Thls wjLl be incortrrcrated in the regulation upon revislon. All concer:red should ensure thal CAP slat,ionery is not used for any correspondence other than g[-




for new corporate aircraft were approved by the National Erecutlve Conmr-ittee of the Civil Air Patrol at its q.uarterly meeting SePt. B in &:rley, Idaho. . -An official l5-i::ch Civil Air Patrol seal w111 be placed on each side of the vertical stabi-lizer, centered forurarC of the mdder. Seals will be available throrrgh tl:e National bookstore.

times, October L967, Corlnrate Plane Markings

HLrnrtes, Natlonal Executlve Cotmlttee Meetlng, 12 Auguat 1982. HodlflcatLon of CAP Co:rporate Scal. A rctLon ras passed that tho Clvll Alr Patrol Corporato ScaI be rcdiflcd to placc "Unlicd Statcs Alr Forcs Au:dtiary" at the top arrd "ChrLL Ai! Patro}" at ttru botton and to dol-etc the Ctvl]. Defcnac trlangle from the crost,. IICItE 1: Thc resolutlon l,as pasaed wlth thc urdergtandlng that there Ls not srd 11yder no condLtlorrs rrl}l thorc bs an lntcnt to changc tho nane of the Ctyt1 ,{tr PatroJ. Corporatlon; that mmbere' rank w,lll contlnue to ba dealgnated ss ,'Cap', rank; and that thsre r*t].l be no ehangcs to CAP unlque fca- \ turee of the unlform as tt nou orlsts (l.en, C,AP bruttona, CAP q.rtouts, otc.l hlCITE Z: $ubsequent to thls, nunorous obJcctlons to delettng the CD tri-ang1a heve 6asn rslEod. Aecord{tr81y, thc Exocuttve Dlrector rjIL rclntroduco {hi.a ltm durlng tho Docqber 1982 t{EC ncetlng.
Mlrru"tes, Natlona} Exccutlve Conurlttee }feetlng, 3 Docomber 1982. Na?,lons1 Unl"fora Comittos Rcport. A rscolutlon rras paerGd that tho CIvIL Alr Patrol geal bc rnodlfled to placc Unlted Statcs Alr Foroc Au:{Llarf acroEs thc top of thc-soel and bfvff Alr Patrol at the bottom and thet all other colora and dcslgn of the CdP ssal be rotalncd. (Thla rosolution superaedes Agcnda Itm I[ of the 1? August 1982 Natlonal Srccuttve Comlttcc ucctlng.)

NOIts: Thc aeal, as Llluatratcd et thc top of thc nort PaScr waa used very briafly betwsan August and Dccabcr 1982. Coptcd la the Eoal on the cover of the 1989 Clvl-L Air Patrol Appotntnent Calender. (Wote that the trlangle
had been removed. )


Alr Patrol Scsl -



CtvI[ Ab Patr.o] Scal, ar

approved by NEC 12 Auguet ]982.


Air Patnol 5ea-1, as approvcd by NEC 3 Dec@bsr


Ncws, Febnrary 1983. I'Au:cl1larT'r CAP 5681 Glven New Look Wtth &phasts on thc CtrAL Alr Patro1 s6a1 hae bcen changed to place lncreasod enphasls on ,'UNIIED STATES AIB rcnCE AUrn.IAnT" by placlng thls phrase at the top of thc s6al. The yordg t'CfUfL AIR PAIBOL'i have bccn noved to the botton of tho 8ca1' CAPR 900-2 r*,llt be changed accordlngly. Ilre ncr dcsign doei not changc the namc of the Corporatlon, vhlch 1111 con-

CIYIL A1r Patrol Seal




tl-nue to bc known as Clvtl" ALr Patrol, and members' rank rdII contlnue to be daslgnatod as "CAP" rank. Alco, thLa modlflcnLlon portalno only It does not change other currsntly authorlzod ltcnns mto thc "e"1.ssal deslgn such as flags, unlfotm ltmsr otc. ploylng the ltrc ncw seal rlIL bo phaeed ln on an attrj.tlon basis and current stocks of soals, docals, ctatlonety, otc., urlth the old dco16n wiIL bo uged untll supplles aro oxhaustod"





- --l





Monthly B-rl1etin I'lo. J, 21 July 1969. Mess Dress Uniform Approved for CAP, Insignia to be worn with mess clress unlform is described as follows: and . , . cLp sea1. Errameled on a metal convex d' in gold, light Ap2-5/E" in dlameter. dark b1ue, re6 and white. l,leasures propriate metal. 'rIorn covering center button on right side



(.lu*p Suit Version)

3g-i, 1-8 irebniar)' 19?u. r. CAF Cioth lleal. (Ci;ticnal. ),i?y bu authoriz+:ci 'i-'i' t.he ."ririg r-:oir,* 5-2. mander for we;r:'on flyrng clothi::g orJ-y.) i't'e sr-al- will'5e i+orn on t'he .499 t]e }ioifi right bre;st of the flying jacket,/coveralls, This seal ,'.'.:.11 any CAP uniform, except flying clothi-ng.
CAP l4anualCAP


and Junpoult.

Xarlrsl 39-1, 1 Jarmary lVl?. llable F4' Proper Hlacuent of tsadges and Devl'caE {'}n ttre uniform" &, CAP Gloth Scal - 0n the right [reast of tho ft"ytng Jacket/eovora]-ls


(Authorlzed 7 Decsnbor 1959)

(Aut'horized {, August 19?S)
CAP Letter 39-I, 7 December 1959. ]' Descrlptlon of Name P1.rte, The standar.d CAP n.ime plaLe wll-l- be of black plastic composltion, 2-7/B inches w'icle and 3/l+ incn hi-gh. Manufaeture wil-l be of comblned whlte and black cornponents so as to givE a non-luster black plastic surface L,:ith l*rite engraved i" l-"isht. plate w111 be beveled from front to letterlng l/g tiin narrow whtte Edges of rear to f,rorrrae a border cresr, iii:.3_:l..ij: pIate. A metal CAp mountedapproxl_rraterv 9/lL incrr i:ign ana t/Lb r-nch in_color, r+ILI be approxlnateiy i/g inch tn from left edge "rlde, plate (ihe rrearer's rlght). The last name of the nember the of the w'ilI be centered on the rernalnder of thI piate. 2' l{ow worn. Tire standard name plate when worn w111 be centered. 1y below the CAP or CAP Cadet breast patch. It may be worn on all lmmedlateouter nlform garments, except the ralncoat ind overcoat, and it may be woj,i on uclvilLan clothes. 3' Rrrchase. Although purchase of the name plate is encouraged, it ls an optional item. ff purchased lt should be procured. from * ,ouice approved by National i{eadquarters and. advertised .. *r*h. CAP l.4anua1 39-I, September 1g61. Name Plate. The standard CAP name

yT" is

height. .


patch (on the

right pocket flap cf

plate i.s an optic,nal item; however. . . . white engraved lettering rroi i/i t, iie-i";]i lts It wil-I be wom centered fnmedjately below the CAp breasl i,;"
garments havi:ri
CAP name

a pocket) :


5-2' g.

},tanual 3g-1,

lB February L97O, P1ate. fire stanaard J-n|,

plate is an optlona]- iie,n. .


Unlfora Test It@. ths llghtwelght comblnatlon ID badse and nane plate conbtnatlon hae . been authorlzed for test fnrposos for uarbsrc of thc Nattonal Boarrd arrd eertaln selectod m@bers of the Ulddls Eaat tegLon. Ttrta derrlcc rrl1l be rortl on thc lightwotght sulmer shlrt onry end fuIL u" ,o* only by thosc sertlor nembcrs author{.sed durtng the tosi perd.od.



l{arnral 39-1,

Optlonal dcslgnatlon for nanoplatc dnopped--*ror nardatory.




ileua Plate


Page 2

!{anua1 39-1, 1 JanuerY LYn, tablo 5-4. Fr:op"r Hlacemcnt of Badgos and Dcvlc3c on the unlfonr" 6, ila.neplate - psymle: Nsry So',rf,Ltted Box Jacket arxl Psntsul't Jacket; On moat the r4hl breast 2 fo 2l lnehes above top button. gwrblousq: In theor poaltlon on tho rlght broaotr.allgned vlth attreclive and confortefilc sllghtly above the socond covored button" Surtmrer koce (Cotton Cords) and ffela Slfrt: On the rlght broast a].lgned vlth top button.. Old-Servlee 2lnches Coat: Imodlately abov6 the rlgltt po-tet or slmr].etod poclret, 1to w1}l aIVf,en ilUUonB &16 ltorrr, tho rerne$.ate abovc the top tmtton. N01ts: mys be allgned rlth the botton r"ow of rlbbone.

xLnnteg, Nat!.onal unlfonn corrnJ.ttos ltectlng, 2 Jr:ne l9?8" reccLvod 1?omtho hia 3. Ha.-Wrtrlans announcexl that approvalwoar beonnetr throo*11ne bLlreUSAF Par' dastlc thc nneurUers to ilnont Unlfora Boerd for CAP prcsontxt the mernbers of the eormnittse vtth compllmen* nancpLate. Mr. I(opf tary nancplates "nd ov€rJron€ vea plsasod Htth the ovecs)-} appoar&nce o fhs }{r" Kopf change rn*" tt*t the plns be adJrrstod for better flt. orrfy "oggcsteddo this. It rse also reafflnsed that thss6 naw nanspLates safd ho-could A rould bs rrcrn on al]" senrlco unlfors conbinettons, excopt Conblnatlons )-,blrro ltre rnotal ID badge and. blauk wl1I sttl] ba reorrr on ths and C. serrdco coat's.

2 to Flgure 5-5.
Change nane. )

Hanual 39-L, { August 1978. L. Addod: Nslr 3-Line Narneplato' Arn pAmol, uwrr&u tirATEs ArR FoflcE AUXTLTARY, and (iiiurt""ioa rrtn



Wort resting on top of rlght pockot flap' Fenate: Aligned *lth u."ond txrt[on o* ovor"b]-oueo ard top kmtto* on flsl'd

NgIE: Effoctlvo I ,IuIy

alL umbors are authorlzed to wear the nsw 3-Itne tlo" *r"plate lnstead of the comblrmti-on metai CAP ldentlfieatJ"on Badge and blaek nanlp1rt" on unj.fonn conblnatlons 2, J, and 4 for men and combfu:stlonsand B, D, and ihe fleld unlforu for rmmmr, B,u met&l. CAP ldontl-fi"catlon Eadge

Uiacft nameplate wl]] contLnuo to be umnn on unLfsrm ecu.'nl-"ration I for mon and Co,btnatlons A and C f,or wouren and. wl3l, rm:afui opfllona3' for other un{foru. comblnatlons untll" phase out date ts *nnoun*sd'

l{lnutea, Natlona} Unlfom Cw.i-tteo HoetinS, 5 i}e*ffio.ber L980. bre*ast II, Xr. fopf brj.efod Lhe CoreLttas that the eurrsnt, stock of th* uetal"be phaced }(e mrgg;erted, that ihi"er ttema pLt"u arA iU badges was alssee r{og*e+*ed. out at the end of the <mryont f$.s6el Y&&rc 3,-fher xmreh dl"rrtu's":'+n.. the ilanmlttes dccldod that sffectLve {nmnedfste}y the b}ue, thrse*}t-tro ecnbtnat*r:n ID oadge/ nancplate uould be authorired as an optl*nai i"tem on t"he Cl-*ss A urni'fo:mu Ag of I July ]981 this l-ton r+i.I[ boeome wndatory"
Changc I to CAP Hanual 39*\, 1"6 $hrch 198tr. fhe now blua plastie 3-11-no nanepLate my he uorn ai} ssrv*ee r,rniforva and tho fteld shtrt foi" wl:mev:u TIT* fi&F met*} lderlttfleation badgo and bLack nameplato combkiatlon te opttorel rmt1.l" I "ruI"y i?SI, at u{l{eh tlns the bJ.ue, 3-11ne naneplato wLlL be uandatoa'y sn all" ssr"vteec un-i-fonm combLnatl-one


the fleld shlrt for



Lj NEt.{ AWARDS AUTFORIZED. 1}re Depruty Chtof of Staff for Pensonnel at Nationel Fleadquarters recently announced saveral ch*nges l-n CAP Rcg;nlatlon 39-3, , . Ch*nga I to the ro6rlatlon gtves all the inforrotton. . , Follor*lrig jE the tl"tle end a brlef resulne of each: Solo F4'dqo. Any unlt eormander my authorizs thl,s new Solc Badge to Ue worn by members who exhlbtt satlsfaetory evtdenee thtit they havo soloed in an alrcraft. this badge Ls not an aeronautieal ra* tlng. It does, hoxever, ldentlfy an lndlvldusl rsembor of Civll Atr


October 1961.

PatrcI who has soloed l-n an al-ncraft but who haa not yeL attainod an aoronautlcai nating. firls metaL badge nny be wrcrn ohe-half lnch above ihe }eft breast pocket on all outar Sarnonta s'uch 6s eh{rte, soat,g and JaeketE. If rlbbons ers l+Qrn, tt u.lIL be worn one*half lnch above the ri-bbons, It wlll not be rrcrrr by any naernber rvho possocsoe a CAP acronauttcal rattng, Thc bastc deslgn of thls satln flnlshed oxl* dlzed sLlvsr badge is sinlIar to tha Alr Foree ROlt wlngs _rith pr"opeller and dlamla of CAP substltuted fr:r their shl'e1d'" (Nota: t?rls should read "proprl.ler and trla&glg of CAP.") IFROTC very ktndly euthorlaod CAP to utlLl"ae thalr basl.c deis5.6qn" thc orfglnal prtopoael for this SeLo Eedge ortglnat,od from the P*nn* sylmnle Wlng that desLred recognltlon for membere of, CAP who urere Laklng flylng lnstructL6ns and had ettatnod e sol-o ttcket;' Untfls and Lndlvlduals nray prrclrase thsee badgeo dtreet)"y frona eomroerelal vendore. Gomsco, Inc. ,195 FourLh AYB,, Ner* York 16, New York and l{olf*Brown, Inen, 536 So" Broadrray, ba furgoles 1lr, Ca}Lfonnf,a, who nanufacturs ths ROtC Wtngs, vi1} havc the Sotro Badge for sal-e wLth* ln th* next slx to elght ueeke.

Air Patrol Regulatlon 39-3, 20 l4arch 1961+. 16. Crlterla for &r,rard of Aetivity Rtb'borrs and Badges: J, Solo Badge Auarxl" The Solo Badge nray be award.ed b.v any rrnit comrurnder to any cadet sr senl-or membsr who has exhlblted sattsfactory evidenee that he has soloed an alrplane or a glider, but it will not be worn by any member who possessfls a CAP aeronautical- rating of Comnrand Pllot, Senlor Pj"Iot. Filot, Senj-or Obserrer, or 0bserver. 'Ihe badge will be worn l-n the same posltlon on the uniform as a CAP ae:"onautical rating b,adge, The -qolo Badgo does not entlNle the wearer to any special beneflls or rat,ing, and it does noi- const,ltute an aero*

nautleal ratlng"

are as follows:

- Page 2 Ctvil Alr Patrcl lte6platlon 6O-1, 5 l4a.v 1980" Chapter /* -,rl ltrt,lngs. 4-1 . P"atirrgs :,nd Requirements. F.equirements for
Solo Biidge


aeron.iutlcal raLings

a. A CAP solo pilot nusL: (1) Ue a CAP member,;.rge 16 or older" Minimum.ige ls }f vears for a glider or balloon solo Pllot,, ( Z) Hold a vallC FAA medical certlflcate (not requ.ired for gl,ider or balloon). (3) Hold an FAA str.rdsnt pllot certlftcirte. (tr) Hold an FCC restricted radlotelephone operat,or permit. $) Have received lnsbmction from an F,{A CFI. (5) Have soloed, 4-&. Authority to Wear an Aviatlon Badge, a. CAP avlation badges denote qualiflcat,lon b.y training and experi* ence, Authority to wear a designated CAP ardatlon i:adge is granted only tc members who are forrnally ar^arrled an aeronautlcal rating. The badge must be
purehased bv

the indirrldual.

MLnutes, Natlonal Unlform Counrlttee l.{eetlng, 5 Docember 1980. 6. The recent revlsion of CAPI4 5O-1 establtshed a solo ptl-ot aeircrautl"eal ratlng, thcrefore, the solo badge arc,nd vtll- be takcn out of CAPfl 39-3 and ararded in accordance wLth 6O-1 as tho other CAP eviat*-on badges &rec

Deletes the Solo
(Ssa above.)


I to Clvll Alr

Patr"ol Regr1latton 39-9, J0 Septmb+r 1981-, r*tllch t"fil uo arrarded fui aeconlance ud-th CAPR 60-l',






Tfpe Button

CAP Ti-.nes, December L96). Shoulder Boards, like those picturedr'r11I identif;r cadet officers in Lhe new CAP Carlet Prognin (when it becomes mandatory July 1, 1?5&). The Boards vrill be official grade insignia for all cadet uniforms and may be wo:rr orLllr by quallfieci cadets who have cornpleted one achievement in Phase fII and successfu.l-Iy passed the CAP Cadet Leadershi-p bcanination. The Boards nay be purchased from National Headquarters any time after Feb. 15, L964.

39-1, 18 Febnrari' 1970. Fimrre 5-5. Cadet Officer Grade on the Shoulder tsoards, r'C^eCel vraruant officer grade insignia same as cadet 2Lt insignia exeept il is gold and will be worn on the shoulder strap and co11ar in the same lllanner as insignia prescrlbed for senior member officers. Shouloer boards are not authorized for wear by cadet warrant officers.
CAP Manua:-.

Bulletin No. 9, 5 Septornber 1972. Cadet Officer Shoulder Boardi. Cadet offlcer shoulder boards are worn on all male service unlform combinations to inctude the summer shirts (Tan 1505 and ELue t55O). Shoulder boards are worn on all female servlce uniforrns except the new overblouse

Cadet, ,'ihoulder Boards




wfen worn '.i.

;\r outer gar::nent. Shoulder boards are not worn on fao"iSies.

lrtlrutcg, National Unlforn Comlttcc Hcetlng, 2 Dccobcr lTl?. 3, . . it," Comlttce votcd to all'ow csdct rrBrrr&nt offLccra to wear cadct

offlccr ahouldcr


Lllustratod tn orlglnal larger slzc.








. .Leadershlp Shoulder Insignia for Cadat },lcx-Con:s: Fllgirt Sergeant, Flrst Sergeant, Ac;rdemic Slrgeant, Administrative Assistant,, sg}3d" Leader, Guidon Bearer, and Color Glard,- Shoulder Insignia as pictureci woln by cadets under the new cadet program when it bicomes randat,ory 911 1, 196l+. !" Ju1.y squadron comrn:nders r,By order tfiese insignia from Natlonal He.rdquarters.
Month1y Bulletin ljc. 5, tO May L967. 5, Cadet IJCC Leadership Shoulder Insignia; Non-conrnissioned officer leadershir: shoulder insignie is'worrt by Phase If cadets who are appoint,ed Lo the p:s-i-tions of cadet flight, cadet first sergeant, cadet acad.ern-ic sergeant, cadei adnr-inistrative T ssistant, squad leader, cadet guide, cadet guldon'bea:.e:. and cadet color tllard. The lnsignia j s worn cent,ered o, lhu righ[ shou]der. Sqradron cornrnanders may obtain t'lCO leaaershlp shoulder insignia by subnr:tting cAF Form 18A, cadet lnslgnla Order Forrn, to National l{eadquJrters.

Times, Deeember 1963. The ne'* CAP Cadet Program.

NotE: cadet NCo teadership shoulder Inslgnla rere orlglna]-ly manufactured ln the sLze {"1'lustrated abovo. hlhen re-onlersa (aate untrrorm) Lhry r*"" ln a smalLer slze, approrl:matety L-L/l+,, by 7/g,,,.
Mlnutes, Natlonal Unlforrn Cona{ttoe Meetlng, 5 Docember l9g0. 2'. It-Ys-br"ought to the cormdttce's atte;llon that the Bookstors stock of cadet NCo Leadcrshlp Inolgnra has becn a}mst depleted. rt was suggeated that thls lnslgnla be dcleted mny unlts ar. no J.ongor uslng them. Ttre cour"tn"o ntttee appnorrad the recomendatlon and the lncrgnla il].r u" irrar"a out. Hambers who have cu*ently earned therc ;;;;-iy they rrlsh. "ontt,ue to ncar the,r lf

Leadcrahlp Shortdcr Inslgnta




Pagc 2


I to CAP [anual 39-], 16 t{rrctr 1981. Cedct NCO Lcadcrshlp Inttgrl,a arc boing phaacd out of thc CAP l"nvonto47. Cadeta rrho aro currently authorlzcd the lnalgnla my conttnuc to woer thcun untIl a phaseout datc ta announced.

Tlmes, August L966, A new emergency serVlces emblem Has applY-)ved by the NaLlonal itKecutive Connrlt+-ee (XnC) ai lts moetl"ng ln Oolorado Springs held in ccnJunci,lon w'ith the Roclry Mountal-n Region conforence' include a T-3i+ airThe new patch '*as urnnimousl;r adopto'd and r'ri-Il craft on the emblem" As i5 the ptlst, the patch v'lr-I1 come in bwo sizes, oile fQr the breast pocket and a snaller one to be worn on the cap. {lOtn: The smal1}r version was never mamr.faetrirerl" ) services p-rtch At the previous meeting of the NEc, an *rnel:gency tire rlesign. .yriis lrropas,:xl brrt lhe conmriitee recommendetl cl:anges irr

}I:rnual l'i-l, I8 Febniar;r 1970 b;i 5-2. s. i1-ergency Services Patch. (t'po.iorur1, I'lalr be authorizedser- ii're elothing r-rnly. ) tre elnergency wing cr:rmander for wear on .rices p,lch r,uiy be worn tiy cariels ancl senior nemb*rs qualified to pari-i c.ip:lLe in emcrgettcy terviees nissicns irt ;icci--'1ri:-:ttce with CAPM 50-1 5 ' 'ilirr: patch,.dU b; worn on Lhe rigll br',*.st .f lire fiy]'ng jacket/cover:lis and cenLerecl ,:n the frrrnt, oI tn* b.asrl'oall.-t11.,e f]-ying caps (if t,hesr-, caps;rre &r:lfisli.rud by the wirrg ccrrnanrier). lhe Sntch w'i1l 4p! ire r,rorn 6n aD] CAP unifenn e;<cept, flying c1othln61.

Xl*nutex, Nat,{.onal" UnLfo:sn Cc}urrittos, 2, $eesabsr LVI|. 6" The rsar po} on the Em*rgoncy Ser"n*ees Pateh waa wpandod to ln* ciuda fatlgues. 1*:J"* ehange l*lJL snabL€ qtraltf*cd oadstr to wsar the pat*h (had-prev{.ou*}y !:oen rastrictad, ts flIylng elothlng !ilom pri-martly memhenm)* Th* ldor.dlng {n tha unJ.forn matnral wllL be ehanged 6y "unior to read that tha ernergsrrc;r seffil-cee pteh me3r be worn on elothlng and fatlguos, ghts wll-} .pply to senlors as ltelL &8 a.adets. ThE possibltity o7 authortafng thls patch on th€ Jrrmpeulte was also dlecrrasd but dieapprovcd ai.nco the Junpauit haci beqr deslgnd, to lneluda od"y a fr stanCar* Ltama Ln oxdcr to present a, c16&n-I1ne, uncluttercd &ppoar&nceo

Tabla 2-3. B, fuorgency Servi"sss Fet,eh, mbrotriorod, wox'n ona.*ha1f lnch abovo the namo t*pro on the utffiL&y untfonn.

2 to


Kanusl 39*1, la Auguat 197S.




GLoth CAP Times, October L966.

tmmediate interest to all CAP members are the recent approved changes to uniform lnsignla and ornaments. The controverand b1u" "coca-cola" patch, wil-I dlsappear from the cAP ":-"1 "ua In its place will be a neat senior or cadet memberrs uniforr,r. rnetal breast badge. The badge measures 5/8" x 3-3/8", with-raj-sed block letters and clutch back. The badge ls white brcnze with nntted oxidized background. The sentor badge will read: CIVIL AIR PATROL, AUXILIARY UNITED STATES AIR TORCE.



hrlletin No. 12, 5 Deceiaber 1966. New Senlor Mernber and Cadet Identlfication Badges. The new senior member and cadet ldentiflcaLl-on bad.ges are to be worn centered 1/2" above the seam of the rlght breast pocket on service coats and on



worn as an outer garment.


unliorn lncludea
CAP Her*a,

l,{arnral )9-Lt Z-7, . . The usi ifiifri suits and

Identlflcatlon Badge, metal or mbroldered cloth. CIrlH BADGE replaced June 1771 by ultranarlne CfYIL AIR PAI?OL tape.

IJ January 1968. of cloth badges and grada lnstgnla ie encouraged on unlforus lrorn whllc flytng. Inslgnia for utlllty

plaeoeni of the in naage and Namc PLate on l,[ale Unlform. the ID badge nt!} be rorn rcatlng dlrectly on top of the pockct and thc namc DGte rtIL be allgned rlth thc pockot aoan &t shovn i-n the llLugtratton her6. ttrcre rvALL bc no change 1n thc pacencrt of thcce dcvlces on tho fennalc unlfora. tte nane ilrt" rftlt-bo rrcm cenrt€rql 1/2" bclov tho ldentlftcatlon badgo.

Febmary LYl5,

Po1lcy. At the Jtmc uecting of the Naf@Ie tlonal Ur111forn Connittcc, clar{.flcatlon concertlng neer of_t}re pJ"atc ID badge ard nancplate ras provtdod as follors: r'ltte netal ID rrILL bc rcr1 eontlrcd dlrcctly abovc thc nancplate.r' ttrle polLcy tu-

1. CLarlftcatton 6f

the BrILett! Boat{,


Nerr, Jttly



pcrscdec arly preirLous contradlctorY prbllshed guldancc'

l{1nutoo, Natlonal Unlfom Comlttse t{eetlng, 2 _Decabct L777. t. tfu.'Kopf brlcfed the comtttec thet only a Ild.tod nrnber of cadet and recomcnded that tn ldcntlflcaiton badgcs wcre lefb ln atockgonlor ncuber badgcs rhenthe the to rear the ft aG;-aaitc Uc ifi[orlrea

Senl-or Hember




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cugent stoek of cadet badges is depleted. The Comlttee approved his rBCottrnendation, wlth the provlslon that the cadet badges rerain optlonal duri-ng the transitlon perJ.od.
2 bo CAP l'lanual 39-L, l+ August LnB, Flgure 5-5. Added: NgtE: Cadet ldentiflcatlon badga6 aro being phased orrt of the CAP lnventory. Cadsts are authorizsd to wear the sonlor mgmber ldcntlfleatLon badge. Cadet badges wiIL remln optlonal durlng the trancitlon perlod.

}{lnutes, }dattonal Unlforrn Comlttee }toetlng, 5 Docember }98O. 15. Nr. Kopf brlef,ed the Comrlttes that the ;crffront stock of motal breast niates anA iO badges ras a]-most dopletod' He suggosted that thls ltem be pnasaa out at the ond. of the current flscaL yeatro AfLer mrch discussion, the bo,ralttoe decl,ded that effsctlva {'mredlately tho b1ue, threo-}lne combl-natLon iO U*Agu/l"nep1ate would be authorlced as an optlonal ltem on the Claes A. unlfo:m. As of I July 1981 thls ltm r*11I bccome mandatorT.
?he ntnr blua plasttc 3-Ilne naneplate may bo worrn rlth al.l serYlce unifort conbtrnt,lone and tho fleld shl"rt for women. Tho CAP metal ldentiflcatlon badge and blaek namopJate comblnatlon ls optlonal untll I JuJ.y 1981 at rhich the tr}:o, 3*11ne nanoplst* vJJL tre mandatoqT on all gerYlcs unlforu combinations and the fteld ehlr{ for wrcnsn.

I to




Uarch 1981.



Cloth Times, 0clober 1966. Cf irnrediate inte:"esl to all CAP:'nembers'rre lhe rocent a|proved changes +-o unifr:rm i-nsi-gni.a ;rnd ornatrtenlls" 'l'he controversial:'ed,rnd bl,lu "q;psa-sr:L'1 " 1ntch, dl1 cl isiilr]l'l'j"l- from the CAP uniform. Tn its lr1ace wil1 l:r: a na1 t r;enill'rrr caricl memt)errs metal broast lxidee" 'fhe b.arlge'.rnoasltres 5/8" x ',-'rft!'", wi1;h raiserj blr)ck lef,lers and clutch lnck" Tiie b*dge l.s white Lironze wlLh nraLled oxidlzed backg:"outld-, . . , CadeL baciges l,rill- read: LIADET, CTVIL AIR PATF-OL. (tiCln: For ca,lels, the new badge rei;l.aees tne blue cloth breast patch, rihicn bo:"e the same vrorcf-:Lng embroiderecl in while. )


Bulletj:l No. 12, 5 ilecenber' 1966. !+. liew senior Member and cartet l,l*rrbificati.c,l: Badges" fhe new- senior 'nenber and cadet iclentifj.caiJ.r-rlt lx*''iges arr': i.o i:e w'rn centereci 1/2" above t-,he saam of the right, t,re.:Ist pxrckel on service coats and orL shirt,:r '.tror*n as an or-tte:" g";lrrnu:ttt.

unl}orrn includos tiF fE{a*tl"fleat1:n il*cige, uretal or embroidored cloth. CrcI1f q$IqE replacod June* }??1 by rrl.tramarine CIVIL AfR PA'!R$L tape"

cAF Manual 39-1, 1$ JarmarY 1?68" 2-7. . , 1'hs u*" ,:i el$th i:aeig*u *nri gru.fle iflslgn{"a ls oneouraFs ., fllght sults and urnlfalu,s wtlf"l vrl:il-*r f:"ft-ng. Insign:5"a for -utiJ'{ty

plaeqoni of the ip n**g* and Naue Flats on l'{ale Untfonn,

Herrs, Febn:ary -l??5.

Tfrc ID badge wll-1 f,e wqrrfl rcstLng di-r*ct1y. on top of the pockot and the namo pdt,s trtil' tr* ali6ry:*d wtt'n tfre pcket s'6e'3r &8 shovn ln the l}lustratton here. Thero rrl-1"1 ba ns eh.+Irge [n th* 5:),acment of these devlccs on the fmle unlforu. ths nams p.*""tu xrif'l' be vacrn eenteret I/2" belorr thc

ldentlflcatlon txdgo'


C1arlflcatton gf, Unl.forrn Fo1tey. At the June neottng of the Natlonal Unlfor:r Comnlttaq, c[a::$,ficattar: eonccrnlng vsar of- the femalo ID plate ID badge end nae€nilsta was prol,l.dsc. * follows: "Ihe Betalpoltcy suaUove tha nauoplat€'" Itrta rrL1l be nor"n esntlred dlnecl]y persedcs any provlous contradlctory p"rbltshd guldanee'

&rllctln Board, CAp Hews, July 19?5





Page 2



2 tn

badge' cadet cadcta are authorlzed to year the-genlor n"tb"r ldcntlflcatton pcrlod. u"Jc", ri}l renraln-optlonal durlng the transl"tlon I98o' l6rnrtes, Natlonal Unlform Corrqltlttee Xeetlng' 5 Deccmber netal 15. l,tr. Kopf Uiiefed the Corrdttec that the curyent stock of the thls that breagt platee and ID badges res a]most depleted. He uuggested m'rch dlsourront flscal yoar' Aftcr ltor be phased out at thi cd of-tntorrcctlvc lnmcdiately the blue, threocuaslon, the co-,,rttee declded irr"i as an optlonal.lten tl"ne comblnatroilfn-u.asr7;i"plrt" Yould be euthorized become uandator?' 1981 thls lten rlIL on the Class A unlform, As or i .lu:-y



ilanual )9-L,

Auguat J.ylS'



badgee are bclng- phaaed

out of the

cAP lnvontorT'

1 to cAP t{anr:ar 39'Lt }6 Harch 1981' rlth al} servLeo unlform Tho nev blue plaetlc 3-Iine nancplatc nay b" y"t ghlrt'for rrcrnln' Tttc C'AP nctal ldentlflcatlon conblnations and tUe ffeta I July 1981 at vhlch badge and black nsmcplate conblnatlon ls optlonal untll scrvloc unlforn bc nandatory on aIL tlnc the blue, J-Ilne naneplatc rrll!. romen' conbLnatlons ard the field shlrt for



ldastcr Authorlzed 4 Dec. 1981

IJ JanuarY 1958. Speclilty Inslgnla. Chaplalns, medlcal offlcer, nurses and 5-2. h. j.l1ch conrmrnicators w111 wear ttlut. specialty inslgrri-a centered one-half worn as outer above the left breast pocket of Jackets, coats, or shirts garments. If rlbbons ind aviat,ion badges are elso worln, the specialty lnslgnla wil-1 be worn one-half lnch above these' Cornmnlcatlons Newsletter, Vo1-" 2, i'lr:. 1, ?O 'Tantrary 1968' Connntnlcatlons Auarrls: 1\^ro types of awards have troen approved for comrnuand the CAP Conrmrnicanicators, They are the CAP Corrrm:.nlcations Badgeawarded to both cadets tlons Service Rj.bbo.r, Tne badge, "rhtch wti"l be pr€8rari, is prlmarily a and senlor members who 'lork ki-tf:e cormmrntcatl-ons speclalty badge. " . It will be awarded to all CAP comn:unlcators, senlor ana caaels, ,ho work !n the CAP comrimnlcatl-ong prograxc and meet all the

l4anual 39-1,

fo]..lor,rlng crit,erla : &. Pass the CAF Radj-o gperatr:r's Proflclency T*st anrl/or hiold valld CAP Radlo Operator's Prcflciency Certlficate" b. Actively servo fui any conmnintcatLons pooitlon wl-thin cAP" co Partlclpate ln at leaet one eomm.ullcatlons exerclseo *o*icator j-11 one CAP operatl"onal mlssion' d. Serve


"" "

Tj:nes, AprIL 1958" Badge'ltow Rvattable from llattS- l{q. the Natlc,nal- Headquarters BookNer* store ls now stocklng the cornrmrnlcations Badgo, whLch may be ordered on the regular book etore order form.

& Dec' L969' Cornnnrnicatlons Newsletter, VoI. 3, Idos. 10, 11, &' L2, Oct'1 Nov', Conrrntnications Patch Authorlzed. to wear the l,trale senlor and cadet corrmrnicatlons personnel authorlzed

Comnn:nications Badge & Patch




,,Corunrnlcalions Sl,eclalty Identlfication Badge" (ln accordance with para' below now authorlzed to wear the patch as described 1.0-1, C/iPl'I IOo-f )

"re ontheriqhtshi"r.tpocketoftheutilttyunlforrn.Ferrraleseniorsand with Badge" cadets w.iII wear thl ,'Con'rnunications Splcialty Identification uniform in p"ul".ibed as their uti)-lty the blue slacks and shlrt which i" future' the newly revised. CAPR 39-1 scheduled flr printlng in the near l{eadquarters new comrTru-rlications patch is now availatle from the I'latlonal form' cost Bockstore and ney be ordered on the regular bookstore order per patch ls $.85 Post Paid.
Manual 39-1, 18 PebruarY 1970' badge w1J'I 5-2. J. cAP Conu.mrnicator's Badge. Th9 cAP.comnunlcator's on the left be wor.n centered berow the pncke[ ir"p (or slrmrlated openi"g)breast 1rccket. (UOtg: Badge vras formerly worn above tl" *1I:! flap')for p. CAp Conumrnicatlonf Patch. May be ,orn by members q*allfied CAPM the Cormmnlcatfons Specialty Identifictilot Badge l-n accordance wl-th nalo the pocket 1oo-I. patch wiIL be wom centered on the ]ggg-breastunifoto,ofexccpt the -ttro patch $rill B9!. be worn on any CAP utillty shirt.

utlllty uniform.



Nena, FebnrarY Ln5. of, the boruqnlcatortg Badga on

FmLe Untfora.

pocttlon as othcr sPoclalty-tnslgnla)' and below trre vils;lL-fir-fre quallfted for othcr epoclalty lngtgnlar. such ac a a ful"e ncuber li-aigo berabovc nufs6, thcn tho co-nunlcitorts U.Cg" rrtll bc rorrrpockct the rlbbona and uaLe rsalna for the Iow thc apeelalty 13ifsr,l". ft; Ssltton on the


Hlrmtcs, Natlons} Unlfona Coannlttce ilectlng, lr Dccobcr 1981. coril4rnlcatora 7. A propoaal to mdlfy thc curronthave earted thcBadgs YB? approvod. I,ttc tcchnl'cl3ntc ratlng to ,.i, p*p"sal a1loy.s for nmbcrc rrho Xeobsrs uho havc earned thc ssnl'or vser ths curs!:!t Com.mleators Badgc. eartred ratlng U.IIL wear tha badgc rdth a itar ov"r top,trlth "*t:I"^go Yreath' llg a atar ard have badgc the !&ster's r:aifurg wltl-wear the curreart


(Cfvff Alr Patrol-Air Force Auxiliary)

National Executlve Conrnittee Ml-nutes t L5-16 March 1958. The AFX Program was lntroduced io the llEC in Septenrber 1967 and to the Natj-onal Board in November 1967. Then i-n November, General Wllcoxrs letter went Lo all reglon corrnanders. Thls letter recltested that a test wlng be deslgruted h &ch reglon--attached to the letter were the text and slides for a sllde brlefing, a l1st cf precautlons, or do's and donrtrs, and a list of lncentlve ltems-things that 1^,ould make the AFX Pr-cgram appealing to alrcraft owners. . . Mass&chusetts has Just started. they had 3l- members left over from the for:aer "MemboF-at-Iarge" program and they are now
converted Monthly

to the AFX Program. .


Brllletln No, ?r 2O July 1.968" to Catalog Supplement, AIL reclplonts of the "Supplement to the Catalog of Aer.ospaee Eklucat{cn and I}ainl-ng Materlals" should disregard lhe parenthetl-ca1 statement on p3go 5 whlch prchlblts wearing of the CAP-AI.X 5"

tresb on the blazer unl-form. A recent declsion by }iational HeadquarLers permits mernbers to wear either the CAP crest or the CAP-AFX crest.

Monthly &rll-etln No.

Prograrn. &rring tire fourteen nonth test perlod for the Air Force Au;cillary Progran, jldlviduai wi-ngs harre been on thelr ow?l as to the 'rrays ariC mean-s of de.relopi.trg AI,1K rnembershl-p an<i prograns. To take the best of these existi-ng programs anc! to deve).op a National AI"X 0perations PLan, representatl-ves frorn the elght tu:i, CAF wings have been invii:,ed to National i{eiidquartars on 27*2t Febri:ary L969.



20 !'ebrrrary



Mcnt,h)-y Bulletin lJo. 10, I? il*tober l-9o?. AFX - In a recenf CLP letter, AFX' 2? Jr:"ly 1969,

to all reglon and wi:rg commanders, the "12 meetl-ngs" prr:grarn'das outllned for organj-zat,ions to use in conducting their AFX progran" Tni.s prcgram calls for sevoral aviation oriented fj-l-:ns to be used for pi"lot tralnlng and education. To assist i-n obtalnhe pertlnent end up*!6-date ali-atJ.on fl).ms, the FA,4. has dl-stributed a film eatalog whlch contains a llstlng of outstandlng, lnterestlng, and educati-onal avlatlon fl]ms, . .

Bulletln No. 9e 15 September 1970, Elirninatlon of AFX Program. memBecause of the many slnilarttl-es between the new General Avlatlon program, it rm.s rletemdned by the Natlonal bershlp category and thl AFX





el-lminated Executive Conrnlttee at the July neeting that the AFX would be the AFX prono ff,.rther applications for as a speclal program. Therefbre, g"., *i11 Ue forirarAed to this headquarters. Interestedaapplicants should be given the optlon of actLr" p.og..rn partlgipatlon wtth r:nlt or partlclpatlon in the ne, General Aviatior, **,L"rshlp cateSory. Wl-ng commandors are now in the process of notifylng current AFX members of the NEC aetion and lnvifing them to elther tyansfEr to actlve membershlp or General Avlation membershlp. Those i:rdividuals presently afflliated with the AFX program who do not elect any of Lhese membershlp optlons will retaln thelr current status rurtil Lhe end of their membershlp x@rr at whlch time they w111 be dropped from the rolls.

Hinutca, t{atlonal Unlforn C,mltteo liteetlug, } Deconbcr 19?8. 9, Hr" Kopf brought up the aubJect of the old CAP AIT patchos. He has approxlsat6li r-OO ln atoct< and uou-ld l"Lko to bo able to c6U thcss as blazer fot"h"". the Co61lttcc a6re€d thst Hr" Kopf cou-Id I1tt theso petchca lri i,no catalog for salo aa bl,azer patchcs, etc. they rr111 not be Hrrrn on the unLfom.



dlrectlve has been found which authorlzed these patches. It ls lonown that they were usod ln connectlon wlth the Cadet tcadershlP schools, lnttlil*ly held ln Reno, ltv, ln 1968 and 1969.

I 1i



l,lonthly l}:llefln No, ?1 21 July L969. Mess Dress Uniforrn Approved for CAP. Insigrria lo be i,,mrn with mess dress uniform is descrlbed as follows: . slroulder bcar.rls, sl."ni-l-ar ln design to AF shoulder boards, but Lhe trraid to be ultranarine b1ue. Gr.ld.e i-nsignia io be stanilarti ernbroidered tnsignia of rank. Approprlate material.





CAP l,lanua)-

The Model Rocketry Badge may b9 worn by Roeketry cadets when earned iJl accordance wlth the civil Alr Patrol Modelon tho wiLl wear the badge centered p;;g1.a, (capu 5o-N). Male cadets IefI pocket of the serrrlco coat or shlrt when worrn as an outer garment'ilch Fer,ra1e cadets will wear the badge wl-th the top edge centered-one-half below the top edge of the left pocket of the servlce coat. the badge will not be worn on the fenule shi:rt.

i-2. p. Utae1-Rocketry Badge.

39-L, 18 Febmary 1970.


39-1, 18 I'"ebrr:ary L97O. Naiional Staff College Badge. Graduates of the CAP l'lafiorial 5-2. e. St.ff iollege will wear the CAP National Staff College Badge centered below the pr:cket itap (or slnrlated. opening) on the left breast pocket of all unifor:n cor,rbinations. The badge may also be uorn ln lieu of the CAP crest on the CAP blazer on an optional basis.



Monthly Btilletin lJo. 10, 21 October 1970. National Staff College Badge No Ionger Authorized. Effective i.:iuned.iately paragrapt', 5-Zq and flgure 5-il+t CAP I'1anua1 39-1, as pertaJ-ns to the Natlonal Staff CoILege Badge, ls hereby rescinded' This badie is no longer authorized and. wlll not be v',orll on the CAP uniform' This rlecision w-il-l- be reflected i:r an upcoming relrtsion to CAP Manua1 )9-1.





itulletin I'lo. 6, 2J .Iune 197I. Cloth Tapes for the I'{aIe Ull}ity Uni-form. The Natitnal. Uniform Comraittee has approved a cloth tape depicting the '"ncrds ,,C1vi1 Air Patrol" and a cloth name tape for wear on the male utility uniform. notn tapes wll1 be ultranerille blue colored woven tape 1-1/8" wide by 6" long Atn l/5,' high r"rhite letters woven integrally lnto the tape. gn}y the last
wjl-I be used on the name tape. th; 'rCAP'r tape will be worrn centered i-'nmedlately above the left breast pocket and the name tape will be worn centered imnediately above the rlght breast pocket. Tapes may be purchased through the CAP tookstore. The metal ID badge and plastlc name plate may be worn pending recelpt of the new ctoth tapes. However, unauthorized cloth badges of various sizes and descrlptlons w'111 not be worrt.

C,A,P ltanus]- 39-L, 1 January L977. Tablo J-4. Proper Pleoosrt of Badgee and Dcvlccs on thc Untfora' on the I?. Cnffi, AIR irATnOL tape - ImcdGtcly abovc the lefb breast pockctshtrt. 1il'o1d mie utt1lty shtrt and Jruapcu!.t. It 1s not HDj1l on tha faale utl.llty shtuti ry"dPtc\v abovo 18. Gloth Naue Tape (uitrimrtne ELuc) -on thc fmla fteld ahlrt. Junpthc rlght breast pocket. It ls not norn urrft, on the rfeit, brcast dlrectly opposlta tho CIIIL AIn PASOL tapo.



ln), to the C1vl1 Air Patrol unlforrn rt6rc approverl during the Decembor meetlng of tha Natlonal Unlform Comalttee. the fl-rst change authorlzos quallflod Aorl.a} Radlclogical Monltors to wear a spectal patofi on thelr flying clothing. thla patch rrill afforrl those CAP nqlbers rocognltlon as prsscrlbed by the Defense CirlL Preparociness Agency. The naw p*t"ir wLL1 be arrallabla through the CAP Bookslore at a later d.ate.




Changcs Approvod for CAP Unifor.n. t\ro changes to the eldl A1r Patrol unl"for:n v6re approved drrrlng the Decqnber nceting of the Natlonal Unlform Comlttee. r . , The other change lnrcLves the authorlEatLon of CAP nenbers wearLn6 dlstlnctivc hoadgear (hard hate) vlth the CAF marganey serrl-ees




decal for uge durlng dlaaetar actlvltlcs change vould bo an optlonal ltenn for CAP



ldentLflcatl.on. fhls





l{ont}rly hrllctln Nunber l, 8lt{arch 19?3. Ner Speclalty Inalgnls Approvcd for CAP Lega1 0ffloore, Headqpartcrs USIF reoently approved epcclalty lnsfunia for CAP lcgaI offlcers for rcar on the CAP unlform, An llluctratlon of thc new dcvlcc le shot n bcIow" Slncc co fcr nabers qualtfy to vcar thls lnsl.gnl;a., a problo tn procur€osnt ls antlci.pator{. Honever, thc CAP Bookstore ls Gurrsntly negotfatfrg wltlt aavorlal vendora for mrnrfaeturc and an announcoent wALL bc mdc ee roon &s the dovlce bocomes aml]abla for lrrrchaac.
CAP ilarnral 39-1, I Jaruary LW, Ftgure 5-IL. Senlor Mernber Speei"alty

cer Insl6Enla.

Insignla; Ineludes Legal Offl-


(uare ) (uafe)


Nerrs, l[ay L97L. Hat Dsvlcc Now Armllab1c. The cadet offlcer's hat dcvlce for the mle serrLce cap and fa'na,le bcret l.s now aml.]"ablc llon thc bookgtore. . . It ls a vsty attractlve oblo and tas dcslgned ard rcdlflcd flon thc cadet shou1der board lnalgnl.a. thls dcl,'lec ta to be ronl W cadet narrant offl"cer through ca-

dct coloncl.

SmIl emblem, as lllustrated above, shorm on beret Ud on service het, rlth notation-Authorlzed for cadet offlcers only and only if authorlzed by the wilg conrnander.

ltanuaj. 39-1, 1 Jarnrary LW, l-1. Fsnale. Cadet. Offl"cer,



@ (O*atzea fhlsh



the tsu)-letln Bonrd. CAP News, lttzy L776. Z. Authorlzed IY-e'Tack/Bar--Clartflcatlon. 1he Natlonal Unlform Commlttee recent\y clarlfled the pollcy on the authorlzed tle tack or bar are to speclfy that only those wltir the CAP crest ln an o:ddired flnish auqtamel crests urith colora ars not authirized. Shfny mterlals and Lhorlzed. Tle bars rrith nlnlature offlcer grado lnslgnla may also be wern, but only wlth the blouso.
Table 5-L. Pr.oper Placement of Badges and Devices on the unlform. 24.Tie Tac/Bar i'/Crest - 0n the tie.


39-1, I JanuarY 1Y77,



Orlglna1 patch.

Revlsed patch.

Mlnutes, Natlonal Unlform Comn{ttee Heetlng, A June Ly76, 3. c. Authorlty to use the acronym NEAT (Natl-ona1 Emergency Aseistance "tl.f"L*) ,"" for use on the so..called ranger patch. "pp"oved
Jarnrary Ln7, Tab]e 5-4. hopcr Hlaceuent of Badgca and Dcrrlccs on tho Unifort' Left on L2. Natlona} Euergcncy Agslstance Tralnlns (NEAT) Patch - lflll tho be not shl,rt and JumpsuLt. It breaet pocket of tf,e nale utillty !.Ern on ths f@lc ficld shtrt.
CAP Manua1 CAP

39-I, I

Nms, Junc
Patch There



for the Napatcfr' If yol have ldeas for tlonal hcrgency Aeslsfince tralnlng a noro sultable tenm, pleaso fonrarl it to'Hattonal Hcadqua*ers/DFti, Unlfora Maxrell AFB, AL 36i2, lhese rl11 bc pr6scnt€d to the Nationalbe reDecaber. Rccouonendatlons utrst Cornn{ttee for coislderetlon ln ceived no later than Oct. 1, ln ordcr to rcccive conslderatlon'
obJectlon to the aeronylr

- New Namc Necded' ls apparcntly rrldespread

!{lrmtes, Natlonal UnLform comrl,ttec Mcetlng, 5 December 1980. genoral.nelrbershlp ms 9. Aft;r ttre laet ieetfns of the Connrlll"t-thc NEAT patch. lrlte a fer asked for suggestions for a ntr ecrorurD for the dectded that suggestlon" *ere ieeelved, ht nonc rtre acceptable. It rras when the Bookstore reorrCers thls patch the worrt NEAT vrtLL bc dcleted' The corm{ttee fe}t that the patch ttsalf waa dlatlnctlve enough and no one obJected to the deslgn, Juet thc rord, 'WEAT." }{embers Yho aro at1thorlzed to wear thla palct, i*y contlrmc io wcar the cu:rent dealgn untll the new patchea bscome amilsble.


F{lnutes, Nattc,rwl- l..lni"fomn Co:rxnlttee }4eetlng, } June \97'1" vtar"tr on the uni* g, Some quesgi-*n 1.ra,d *Xxo been ratsed aUoui, what would i:s the rn}Jr c}ierrgei *lras t'iiaL J'orm wlth ths n{r*; *ynr:-[*t,s, Xt was clarLfled thet wil-I t:r re* t,he g.,rade lns.Lgr:j& snC metal C.d.F cutout non Horn on tha col-lar patch' itanep)''atc" placod by ther ep;rulmfl- All oiher badges ard devlcos-""tftx16 glg.-wlll stlll be l*t:rYru Ssveral *[ptt" of the nero'oprulgt' trg]*tt disp)'ay**' th* CAF -I-*tt*rs 'lthe Cc,:mit,t.e* ful.t the op'*.ulet wculd be rnore aitraetJ"v'e lll e'-l-ilce *h3 px*nt' i'iael were closer ti: t!"r,* cq:L-lai *rrd of tho epauLet, i{orrev*l'* i:il* alruady been :.*r*1..."r+$ fn*m the marmfacirt"r, it tas Cerel-ris'l br laa"as thr:::l*nufactiiri*:'"*ril"i"'r'* placement a:l ts, btrt,'*'hen thO neXt order ls nlacd, told to pla.ce t.ite emtrr$fdr-:rrxl CA? 3f l+" from tho eo3-lar *rrd'

Sirlrt. for CAP 'sins 0K" ,f,he new ioog*ur**ve i:-Lue shlrt and the ovorblouse rstth dlsitj-ne'Lj"v* cAF u'ear'u"Y apauletsr:rrrd wni:;rcteered grri,de insignla, have boen app:'ove<i for" lrrJlrrt'*nn* have th* 1'qtLey's marnbers of C"ivii- Al.r Fatrcl., "Ihe e$uleig nmst Eot'kstor*. liimcl b:rcl"dersd on thelm :intx udtl be a:railabl-e only through the CAP mb:'oidery !s not, a.uthortad"

!{ews, June


l tc rlAF }*;srturl ]9*L, I lloveeber I9?7' Flgure 5*'i. L, Sh;ulder h{ark trnslgnla To Bo hbr"n wJ't'h *'htr }is}{ Ep*d'et Shlrb: CornF,ei\y"Cr*** {*aptafn ard Below) - fubrctdered CAP e'nd reg"r}ar s*xc' ennbrol.rlared furef.gnl;r of gade, wtthout strl"po' slile w1*ftLel4 U,r.i.iu, (m*.Jor auA lbove) - mUroldered' CAF and rsg1rlsP at' slee"ue 3& silrrer brroldered, in*i6ni* oi g4i.r*e, wlth surbroldered 1f8" etrf"p*




Shoulder Hark Inslgnla

for $pauloto -

Page 2

General Offlcer - Lfg,, cmbr.oldcred ctrlpe tn al]vsr epaulet, enbrrclldarcd CAP ard rcgdar slze obroldcrcd star, l/L" atrLpc ln slJ"ver at sleavc cnd of epaulct.

at coll-ar crd of rlth mbr"oldered

l{lnutes, Natlonal Unifort CororLttee l{oettng, 2 Deccrnbct LTI?, J. The neu epaulet shlrb for cadcts r{Ba discusccd at conslderable }ength, and the Corunlttee approvcd Cmblnatlon 2 aa an optlonal unlforu for cedcta. They also appnoved ifie sanpte ehoulder mark tnslgnla prtvlded b{ k. Xopf for ,*" Uy cadli offlccrs. Il rrLLL be a baeic bluc shoulder mrk tnslgnla r''lth CAP cmlroldered ln sllver rrtth nlnlature cedet offlcer plps pi-nncd on. Ttre Corrnlttee also stressed that the currqtt cadct offLccr shouldcr boarda rrlIl not be worn on tho ehlrt, ht rrIL[ contirnre to be rturtr on Sarments ao currsttIy authorlzed.. Ttrls nsw lnsignla rrlJ-l alco be authorLzod for fmle cadat offlcera to year on the ncw verelon of tho overblouse (rftn epaulets). Cadct ai::uen w'lIL woar thc CAP cutout on the lofb co]-lar and the netal chevron on the rlght. Tttoy rdIL not xoar anythlng on the cpeulct. 13. Ni. Kopf displayed aanplcs oi the curent gtrrlor mmbor shouldor rnerk lnrig"lg along rlth eamples of the orlglna)-ly requauted placmcnt alncc lt ls tGe to reotder hls stock, The Corm{ttce reafflmed that the embroldcrod CAP rould Ae 3/t+ of an Lnch off tho top of thc dcvlce; howcvcr, thoac nor bcLng nortr rrlth thc CAP ln thc rotddle would bc rprtr out.
l,tlrnrtes, Natlona1 Uniifom Comlttee Hectlng, I Harch Ln9, 3, Snoulder nark lnalgnla for senlor nsnberg vlthout gedc was eonaldared. ltre Comlttoe reeomendcd that acnlor nmbcra wlttrout grade woar nothlng on the cpaulet of the nsr long alecve shlrt. Thry rI]1 wcar thclr rlng petch, ID badgc and naneplate to then aa ClvtL Alr Petrol neubcrs. The absenci of n{'lltarT rank lnslgnla yIIt fu*her dlstlngulch thcac ambcra fron
USAF u"ea$ers.

Changc 2 to CAP Manual 39-L, 4 Awust 1978. lbb1e 5-2. Added: N0I13: Cedet offlcars ard r:rmnt offlcera wLLL uear mlnlaturc slzc mataL inslgnla on the new epaulet ehlrt shouldsr mrk l-nalgnla" ' i
GAP Net*s, Juns 1982. Ncn hrJ.J.over Susater Approved for Hobors. The dark b}ue, a}l-rool prllover awoater recently adopted by A1r Force has now been approved for CkI} ALr Patrol menbce, accordl,ag to persorural offictal-s here, Tho swester Ls for lldoor or outdoor rrc&r and my be rorrr rrlth msla unlfor:m comblnatlons 2, % and 3 or femoale unifor:rn combLrrattona B and D.

offlcers near CAP shoulder nark lnglgnla on the alnnen rroar netal chevnons centorod horlzoatal'ly on the epauepaulets. Cadot 1et, rlth bottoru of lnslgnta placod one inch fnora the shouldor sc&n. A shoulder patch uust bo r*orn on the }cft cloevo by all membcrs.
meorbers and cadet

Figure J{. Cadot Alrnran Grade lnstgnla. for R1gover Sweater, cadet afuuan lnsi-gnia ls shown on the lnslgnia wtth CAP as used by cadet offlcers.

Manual 39-f




same shoulder






1S-* ffi

Mlnutes, Nat,1-on,rl tjnlform Corrnlitee Maetlrre, 15 Aprl1 |Sii2" 11. A propnsal to authorize it r)sl{ plJ-ot p:'<;lilciency pi"lch lo recogrlr'e those pilots who have completed aI1 phases of t,he PAA proficiencr'i ir-r-r* griim was dtscussed. t}e bomnitt.le decided to teble Lhts ltem until' r,hev have an opportunlt;."'t,.: dlscuss lt theirrl.nq eonmariders lnd ,*i11 'nring their flncllngs Lo r.he next meetlng irr Au6.'ust, A slight nrodlflcat,lon Ln the wordj-nq was suggesled lf the prlch ls approved"
CAP Manuai )9-t, "

'Iab1e 2-3. Uniforms.

I January L963. of Badges and Speclalty lrrstgnia on tne lltiJ'lty IO, PILot Proflclency Patch, ombrolder*d, on the righr sleeve 1/2 inch below shoulder seam. When a member l"s qualifled to waar troth the Aerial Radtologlcal l,{onitorj.:ng Fatch and the Pilot Pr"qfictency Patch, he will woar one or the oLher, not both' table5*l+,boperPlacsnentofBadgesandDe.vlcesontheUnlfo:m' -L/2 inch below the shoulder 28" Pi1c,t hoficiency Patch * seam of the rlght sleeve of the utli-tt'y shirl and
Wear Jumpsu:"t.

Chapter 6 - Jumpsults. 6-L. Authorized Badges and Dovices. h" tht: Aerial tladj-ological Monltorlng ;rrtcha iir: apploved tirgarrl"zati_onal enblem, or the PiJ-ot Proflciency ptch ney be warn on the right shnrririe:"" (T}e member l.r!:i1'wear one or Lhe o+''h':rr
nr-:t lrr:Lh.


lttnutes, NatLonal

Boand Meetlng, 13 August 1982. Plate. CoIoncI Br.ookfleld cxplalned that the nen nauepJ-atc rlth the lndlvldualrs nanc, B*, organLzation, and the CAP crest m's deslgned to bo norrr rlth the CAP blacer unlforu or civ{Llan clothea. He sal"d the naneplate rLLL satlsf! some of thc obJcctlons of lndlvl"duals r}ro cannot wsar the unLfonn because of welght and app€arance atandatds. Colonel Brcokftold stresscd that corooanders mret enforce tho requi-rment that menbers elther meot welght and appearanc€ standards or rcar thc blazer unlforu or other appropriatc unLfoms.


il@-x il(!tr
BIue onds.
tlesi.gnad trY
Rod onds.

Green ends"

Offlce of


qDarterlosster GenarrrI, october




I'klprrrtmont and Qrartormastor Gonor;rl h;i3 tt'pprovad the followlng Servlce Rlbbons for mcnbers of lhe Clvl]- Air Patrol: 4. DescrlPtlon of rLbbons: (f) niuUons |" ln length;rnd 1|" 1n wldth of whlte wlth the Clvll i'i:' P.rtrol lnslgnla lmposed in the csnLer ln natrrral colors. For ribbcns slgnlfylng 250 hours, ends ol rlbbon are lo have a 5/16" green stripe; for rli:bonsr sfm{ftlng 5OO hout's, the strlpe ls Lo be red; for rlbbons signlf:'dng lC}ry-t hours, the slrlPe 1s to be b1ue. ' (Z) ftL rl5bons w111 be worn by CAP merntrers on CAP uniforms ONLY ariti onlV q>ne rlbtron wlll be worn at- ono tlme. If a Sreen rlbbon 1s axardod, 'rnci sub"sequently a rod or a blue ribbon |s awardd, only tho htchest r"lbhon w-ili t-e worn. (l) Tlmo compmterl for servlce wi1l NOT ba restricte<l to fI:rJnc time, i\rt 1111 lncludo .rl1 AClllAL hours spent on cAP r*ork. t,. A,rards to be rnade as follows: (f ) ZSA actual rrorklng hours r+tt,h one yerr nlnimrm errlistrnent wlll


Memorandum 101


, 2 Decernber

entltlsd to the green strlped rlbbon. (Z) 5610 actual worklng hours wlth a rrlnlrm:m of ei,ghteen monthe en* llslment w1I1 r*arrant the red strlpect rlbbon. 0) fOOO actual worklng hours rrlth a mlnimrm of trro vodrs enl"lslmrin"w1II ,fust,lf.v tha blue rl-bbon. 2. The above hours includa active duty serwlce, ;.cthno duty flight service rtnd actual working hours ln the flold. i. Per:nlsslon for r*earlng these rlbbons rrlll be granted by +.he Hin(, Grouir:r Squadron Corrnrnders and a record of oach rLbbon given out by a Corstlnd.e:" rmrst be sent ln to Natlonal Headquarters by fllling out CAP Form lio, {2-},2 .,'hich wll} be kepl wlt.h appllcant's Servlce Record ' ' iAp Handbook, 19&i+ Edltlon, Second Prlntlng (Soutnern fltght), 15 llov 1911" 96 Cadeis , 3rrpPl'r i" CAF Cadets nLr.'r woar . " . the CAP service rl-bbon (52-f'fO) ' under t,he same quallfte;:tlons as for adult mernbers.

rlAP News l):lletln, Vol. fV, No" 25 - Z+ Au83rst 191i5' Ni:,{ nSIGNIA--Wlth Lhe cocpueratLon of the l{eral-dic Dlvi-slon of the Offir:e r'j Tne rs\ General., a r:un-rer c,f ne-w liens of CAP and CA?C insig:1:' :''v': 5een deslgneC, 0n completlon ol thr.draw'lngs and the p-rblleatlon of nev rrrir'r.'!.;rtlons, inf ,*l 1I ha',re :r complelel..r conslstent set of lnslgnia. . The CAP servlce rlbbong aro to b,e replacerl bv nsw rlbbons of an lmptx-'v':';


l,{anua] Vo}.rme




I, I

Aug3rst 19&9,





type servlce


narrow blue, medium rod, and narow whlte. Central, wlde blue strlpe has flvo whlte stars on lt.

Stripes frorn each end are: very namow whi-te, very

lio dlrectlve has been found which authorlzed this ribbon. It is

that it was awarded for graduation from a Cadet Leadership School. The flrst such schools were belleved to have beon held in Reno, NV, in and a sorles of Cadet Leadershlp Schools were held ln Reno in tho summer of L969.



Manual 39-L, 18 Februaty LnO. The Cadet Leadershl.p Anard Rlbbon ls given ln the order of precedence between the General BItly MltchoJ.l Arrard Rlbbon and the Dr. Robert H. Goddard Achlevement Rlbbon.


not auLhorlzed ln the rol-ised regulatlon rm:st be removed from the r:niform no later than l January 1971. (ltre Cadet Leadership School Ribbon is nol authorized in the revised regulatlon. )



l-I, 18 November L97O.


rifi flitH


Lue rit,;L;r,r: wl Li; Lhre'; i.1.ql'r- i'.1 tl" .,t:d, r 6r, wi:i t,r: :+,ri l.*) ti.t:' :.i4'-'"

,li.ri-l i, ir i,rrt.rri liegu).r. L lt:l ')i)-'1 , l! ;i;,rii :')"'i . .j-i). i)1i t.,1p-l-;: f'or Aw,r'ci c,f irct,iv-i L.'r Iiibbons. fot' o. ll,,tj-on;ri r.laciei {)onJ-etitlon iiibbon. Awardal 'l'1.: p.r:.ici!''i 'r r + lv' sic 'l'ii'i""r' .r t,clrn t"lefil;eF 1n Lire IJatlorial Cadet Co:itpef iLir'n. r.i 'ne worn i)1.. the wlnners of the w-lng A l'rt>nzq sL rr' wiL.i .i wj I l, l-,e :i f f ixed lor Lhe winne:'s ef the regicn conpeLit,torr, &nd '' i -'* ver st;r:" xilI i:r: wcrn by lhe sweepst,;rke w-i-nr:ers of thr-: n'it.loli'11 ilol:* .l'i1a l"'')"r''' I.*t l-t, j.on. (titll;i: Ar.ard of lh j s rll;'rron is : eiroacLlve l'6; iJ.,. lion:r I r)ar)ezt, Ccnpletltlon. )
lrtlnutes, Natlonal uni.foru conmrlltea t{eotlng, }6 Aprll !982" 6, Thre J:roposal to alLsy Benlor memb€rs to rrsar the cadet, competition Rlbbon earnd ln cadet stirtus as a partlclpant tn the liatl"onal 'l*rdet' CompeLi+-ion 1{i s aPProvod "



whlte, blue, EraXr bIue, whltc, rcd.

In November i9B1 Br. Gen, Johnnle Boyd, CAP, then National Connander' instituted an AvLatlon Education Proirim for Senlor Menobers of Civll Air Patrol. After studylng appropriite rnatorial' a clos{-b:"k,e;aminaThe tlon was taken, the results frlfn*'deterrnlned on a pass/tatt basls' wlth Corporate Ieaders of CAP were thJ ftrst to take the o<amjlation, the' general membershlp particlpating in mld-I982'
l,llnutes, Natlonal Unlform Corrnlttee Meetlng, {
Ms. Wl1l1ams showed the conunittee the proposed cerbiflcate, ribbon :ind medal for the nerv Aerospace Educatlon program belng introduced. the Conrnlttee approved the rlbbon and deslgn'
CAP Nera, FebrrrarT L982. fxccuttvi Comtttcc Uobcrs Hcar DstalJ.g of N* E"qtlon hogrln. . . . The ASPSI,{ (Aaospacc &lucetlon Progran for Smlor t'[cmbcra) nil1ause the CAp texbbook)-A;;;p.."i rt " chsltsrgcr" 8E ttg bsslc to<t, and ln specLal etudy S,ria" 11'111 bc v;1ttcn to aailit tf,e CAP sqtlor umbcrg rr1ll be cvaluatcd thclr etudy. Coipf"tfon of thc score of 7Oby a lO0'qucapcr cent' rflt[ a tlon, conprchar"f* *f*tlon ra1lct ca:d Upon auccecaf,I-Iorpf"iion^of thc progrea, a ccrtificatc, adflor na" and a n6l, acrorp";;a"*tlon rlbbon rrtL-uc a*at.4cd to thc

December I9B1'


ner progrs! rrIIL bc ereIlsbLc to thc ssu[or uabcrahlp on July I' LgSz,BgtrccrJan.I,LgSLtardthcJu]Jllnp}aotetlondatcthcCAP Natlona1 Boerrt ncnbcri yIIL be couplcttng thc progran.

rnitlal arrard of thc Aeroepacc Eduaatlon Arsrd rtbbon ms ln Aprll L982. 39':,., clvlJ- Alr Patrol xatnnr -Amr"i I JarnrarT L98]' rlbbon lc i-Llustnat€d follotrlnS the cAP The Acroap""" rarrotlon and
Mobership Arar.d rtbbon ana prcccaUg thc Frank Botman Falcon Anard



141;lli. l}sT RirlICl











'lhe fl1es ql" t.he C1vlI Alr Pa+-rol Hlstorlcal

Comml+-t,ee lnr:Iude all of the items an aslerlsk (+), coples of which are bel:ig I i-*.ecj below except- t.hose nurked with sou91t, f.'., i.he comr|ttee. An:,- lnfcrn'rrlicn concernlrrq t,he nissing document" w1 Li. be welconed l-.;.,'tl,e Chairrnan, CAP I-itstorLeal- Conrmltree, lJat,ional lieadquF.rf-er-s, CAF , l{.exwell AFB, AL ? 6 112.

)-/t t1-2

Alrer;rft. 2/7j/1,? General Memorancium g, I)nifrrn-" and Inslqnla 16p luiff Personrrel. 3nAlL,2 eAP BuIlet-jn YcI. I, lJc. i', i,\i' I-lni fcrrns" ?/17/1,2 Oper;rtlons Dlrective No" iC, ;ieronatrllcal ilat,j.rrqs for Clvl.t Air i':rtrol Flytng Personnel" t,/3/L2 Ceneral Memoranrirm 18, Off{clal Cfficer's Iin1.for,:: * (Surm'ner), Cc"'missloned Personnel" Operattons Memorandurn j, Cor::ect,iort * Operations Dlrectlve t, /Z /t,2 L/La/1,2 cl,p ruttetln vc1. I, No. ]1, Bultons (P1a." ). 5/25/L2 General Memorandun 29, Clvtl Alr P;.rt.ro1 Inslg;ria. /2't /l'Z G,rneral Memorandum l1l, Mer"lt A,.rarcls, 5/2e/L2 Offlce of Ctvlltan Defense RequlatLr:ns lio, 2, Supplementary C;xler llo. 2, Specificattons for arrd Hanner of Wea:'anC llse of Offleia-!. Arli. cles ..;f : . , . Clvlj Alr Falro)- (Par, 5). 6n3/i,? Ceneral Memoranclurn lo, Sleeve Rank fnslgnl"a for CAP Offlcers. t,/)A/Lz ,{ar Department, l,,etter frorn Tiie AdJutani General aut,horizlng use cl standard ssrvlee uniforrns and lnslgnla cf grade used by the Ar4v Alr F'orces wlth cerlaln rJlsllnct.lvo exceptlons" "t /?-/tt2- leneral MemoranCum 39, inslgnia fcr Actlve D.rty Volunleers, Merlr iS

Generil 0rCers llc" -i" " :-r-rclurli-rrg $ec*-i.;n ViiI , Designat,lon 61 i)n1* lorm'., jind Iiecli,on iX, Iiesignatlon ri1' In:1qnt'' t.'jpr;r:tt. lonc Directlve ll'::. i,,l,i.spla..'of Civi"i Ai.r Pa+.rol Insisnl.1 c,r' ?-iL?/1,?.

i2/t,2 7 n7iir2.
-- !^,

r'ards, and Speciallsts,




l^,/.1.,' / /'

/, 1i.tit1 t.t

Generai Memorandum ,i,0, l'{anufaciuri-ng and urrder" of CAP Insisnll " Generai Memorandum L5, Unlforrn, Inslgnla, and Rank. lrenerrl- Me,'noranclum J+7, Cl'..rll Atr Pa&"ro1 insignia. i.refiar,.,l, ]1emor':rnrium !.9', Repl.acement ci" i.inl.fc:-i:t Shrr.riCer S+-: ai's (,liL

). t,o !1-1.5, U:aiiflcaii':ns; fr:r A';-f.ciirr-ter:L r"' ir-ank, r."r--";''r, iiinerl'lnri l, r-;n *c orm'ni" s s lon ed C f ilic er s " 't /2?/t,2 Oiflce of Ci-vtl,1,:n Defence F.egulalions lic. il, A;endment, l'i':. ')- +,r -':'.pIemenL.irl,'- Crder" l;+. 2, Lqpe)- Pj-ns and Br:t+"o:rs" ^ ^ y/t^1/i,r,t \-.€ner.1l Me,'no::anduri L7-A, Civl 1 Aj"r Pai:'o1 il:slgnl-a. Cenerrl lu{enror,endum 5?-, 0rg',.n1?,'.. l.i tirr."*l- 3t.'tnd,3.rri. ? /7a/l'2 B/L5/1.2 AclrlenCr:m f,o GM*l*?*A, Clvi"i ,',i1 i'*fr"ci i).ap inoignla. cenenal Yernrandu:n 5L, W.:men'e ',{inter lJnifcrm. 9lL/i.? /1,2 General Verrorandum iJ, Chevrons for licn*CornmLselcned 0J'f1cers. ) /1 g/i5/lr2 ChF i", pmbllsheC ln Loi.;e leaf fornrri b;r Southern Fllqhi. (L]>:traels on Unlforms for C.{P i}ei';,:r'.nel , pages iI3-l-ZC). g,/2t, /!,?" Acldendur,. #Z ta ffi{*lr7-Ar Rerl ;lleeve Brald fcr Offlcersr Blouses. ') /29 Addenqiun., #Z t"a ill,i.*t.5, rnsignl;* for hl,l"sted Men, ,l1,2 Gene;'a1 Menrcranclu,r 58 {CAPC*I), Ctvl], Alr Petrol Cadets. \a/L/1,2 La/2o/t,z Gener:,I } 59, lJniibrrri Reqr:l-remenls for Civil Air Pa*"ro1 , r^r-ilh ailached War Department Servlces of, Supply Letter , LA/B/t+2. 10/25/12 Generai Memorancium 62, lieprl,r* Cap for Cj.vtl Air Palrol Unlform. :t /A /t 't CAP Bull et,i"n Vo1. I, lJo, 1,1 , Caciel Tnniqrila .
"t t?'!




L <

Civil- Alr PaLroI Unlform and Insignl-a Reference Materlals * LL/L3/Lz

Page 2



Cl"vll Alr Patrol. L2/19/L2 General Memorandum 66, Cap Dovlce for Ctvl] Al-r Patro1 Offlcers' L2,/29/l'2 General Momorandum 68, Actlve Duty Dublems' l/8/l+3 CAP Bulletin vol. II, No. 2, New In-slgnla. -

Bulletln Vol. I, No, l*22 Cadet &nblems; C.arrison Caps. BulletLn Vo1. I, No . lr3, Cadet Dnb1cm. War Department Letter fron The AdJutant General authorizlng the of enlisted men's outer unlforrn clothlng for cash to members of

sale the

i'/Zgfirl General ?i, furchase of Unlforms from Post Exchanges. 2:/5i1.) Addendum No. 3 to GM-I+?-A, Clvll Alr Patrol rns1gnLa. )t1ig7,rl Gen"r.r Menucrlndum 78, cLi'Ru1e9 (rlrst rnstalment). L'tii6.l' General Memorandum 7a1-t,, CAP Rules (Second Inst^aJ:rcent). t-/g/l-3 CAP Bulletln VoL. II, No. L5, Drck C1ub. A'n'e,/Ll CAP Bulletin VoI. II, llo. 25, Flytng Cadets; Photo Emblem. l/lO/tl CAP Bqllstln Vo1. II, No. 3L, Form CAP Cadet Units. Uniform C,arrnents {nO'/l.S War Department Letter from the AdJutant Goneral. WAC for Female Members of CAP. S/\3/t-j CAP Bgllettn Vo1. If , No. 31, WAC Unlforrn for CAP Women" 8/2?/1.) CAP Br.rl1etln, Vol. II, No. 35, Trlck Inslgnla. g/i-:o/t.l cAP Bulletin, vo1" rI, No. lJ, OAPC unlforms. g/u/lr) cAP Bulletin voI. rr, No.39, Radlo Emblem. 9/271.? Cadet Insbmctions 6 and 7. LAfi/$ CAP Bullet{n VoI. II, No. !0, New C.:adet InsJ-gnla.





LZ/Z/13 Lzl2g/t+3 ii'ttrl' t/l lt t. CAP Handbook, 191+l+ Baitlon (Southertr Fllght). z/l/U Irizs/LL, cAP Er].Letln Vol-" III, No . L7 r Band &nb1em. 6/29nrL General Memoranduna 129, Shlrt collar and cap Inslgnia, l^.],/tL Week1y B:"r1lettn Nujnber 2, Warrant Offlcers Cap Insiprta, g/B'lt-;" War Department l4emo" 95-t+l+, Clvtl Al-r Pat::c,I, Ar:ny Air Forcos Auxillary. LA/26/l-1, +Letter Uy Corunand of the Cormrandlng Generalr, Arrlr Alr Forces, amending Ietter from fhe AdJrrtanL General dated 6/lO/t Z. rc/n/LL CAP News Bulletln Vo1. III, No. 34, Red Ioops to Go. L] /rc/h.t, CAP News Bulletln VoI" III, No. 35r New Shoulder Patch. ii'/i1'/t t, CAP Handbook, 191+[ Edltlon, Seeond-Prj-nting (Southern f:t]-ght) 12/7/LL National Gengraphic Reprlnt, Revised Edltlon, Inslgnla and Decoratlons of tha U" 5. A,rmed Forcos. CAP on pages 155-L57, L6l+.
L2h5/U+ L2/\5/t*t,
Rogulatlon 35-1, Porsormel, hescrlbed Unlfort. CAP Ne,r,ss Br:l"I-etin Vol. III, No. 18, New Shoulder Fateh; New Unlform Regulatlons; l'lisstng Alrcraft Search Ilnblem. LZ/ZZ/l+t+ CAF News Bulletln VoI. IIf, No. 39r Unauthorlzed Inslgniag Membershlp

Rules, Supply 61, Unlforms. Instmctlons, Supply 51, Unlfonns, Supp1y Sourcea" cAP Ru1es, supply 62, Inslgnta. CAP Instructlons, Supply 6L 62' Unlforus, Insignla, Cautlon Agalnst Incorrect Wear. General Memoranduru 100, h'earlng of flring Jacket and Pl"lot and 0bssrver Inslgnl"a" Gencral t{emprandun 109, Clvll Al,r Patro} Sorvlce Rlbbons. CAp Instructlons, supply 6L 62, wearlng of Civil Alr Patro_I uniforrn. Natlona1 Ceograpnl" nlprfnt of Inslgnla ard Decoratlons of the U. S" Armed Forces] blp on pages ?2O,732, T)?-LO. 7l+61 7t+8, and Plate VIII. CAP Bulletl-n Vo1. III, No. 1, CAp Sarvice Elbbong"


Clvll Air Patr.ol lJnlform and Inslgnla
Ll28/15 2/N/t*5 2/25/t 5 t /n /us
tr/3 / ),5


ilaterlals -



Now Shouldor Patch' bquadron l,leoLlng, Delawarc Hlng, Chcvrons. Hlnutes Wgnlngton The Dalawlng Talc Splnner, Ar:ry Chev:rona. War Departmint l,{erm-No. 9i{r5, Clv1l Alr Patr"ol, Al:t4v Alr For-

the Delarlng Talc Splnnar,

/zg/t s a/l5lLs




ccs Au:dllar:f, Mlnutes Wtlrfngton Sqpradron HooLl-ng, Dclawaro Hlng, Unlfoms" The Del.awlng Talo Sptnnar, Unlfor:n and Inslgnla Pri-ees' -S'qradron Meetlng, Dalaware wlng, unlfonts" l{lnuLes Wllnlngt,on I-lnifonno and Inslgnla" ltre Dalawing Tale Splnner, CAp tralnUl Otractive 36, C"aot Ofllcor and Non-Co'nloalonod


0fftcer Insignia.
CAP News


/ 2/1,5

B.r1letin Vol. fV, No. 25, New InalgPla. ths Delawtng Tala SPlnner, Servlce and SPeclallst )5-l+, Woarlng of Unl-forrns.







t/zs lt.6 n/za / ue r/LL/Le



Mlnutos Wifrrington Squad.ron, Delaware lrjtng, CAFR 35-,i. The Dclawlng Tale SpJ-nner, Inslgnia" CAP News &r["tln Vol. IV, No. i5r lnslgnla'' CAP News Btrllotln Vo1. V, |io. A, Unlforms'





a/Ls/st rc/ >/st

50.I. A1r Fcrce No. i+r-11, Civi] Air PaLrol (CAP}, auxlii* ary of the ALr Force" Ctvli A!r" Pa+.rol lifanual Voluma 1, Book 1" Weekly Bulletin No. Lp, Nev CAP Unlform. Weekly Bul-letln lrlo. 5, Chaplalns lnsignia. AFR No. &5-114, Glidcr Pilot i'Ilngs' l'ers':;:r'"'.- ' AFT. No . tr5-L6, Prescrlbad unlforms for civ-ii Air Patr.'l Cap Visor; Fllght Cap Braid; Dress Uni'AFn f'f", tri-til, Servlce


Bulletln No. 39r iJr,lforrn Vlolatlons. tL/?Jl52 Weekly Bulletin Nr" (&r 'r{oarlng of Al-r F9rc9 Biue Topcoat' weokly Bai*l-atJ"n bio, ar, corutfloalrc of Proflcl-oncy for senj-or / i'1 / Msmberg. ,{eek1y Bulletln No. lJ, Flytng ilnlform for Fena}e Menhers of CAF" e /L0/ 53 rol's-t /<'t *'eokly Br-ffLetin Uo, 3i, Suppfi Sources of Unl-forrn (Prlce Llsts)' Weekly BuJ.letln No. J+1, $.rpptry Sources of Unlform' tt/ >/ st tv/tzisl Weokly Bul-letln No. lr2, hrrehase of Cl-othlng' Weekly Bu.ll,etl-n No. le|, Cap hb1en. tz/t,is3 *CLF'R 900*1, CAP Seal and Dublern. /s1 cApti 30*6, A:rry-type ctlrll Alr Patr.o} lJnlforta for cadete. t/ t, / stCAFfl i0-8, Unfiortn'for Clvtl Air Patrol Cadets (Alr Fc,reo type). L/hi 5t+ CnFR 35*4, f*eacrlbed Decoratlons, Serrlco Rlbbons and Certlflcat'os" L/4/ 5L iCAPR 35*7., Anry*type clYt]. Atr Patrol Unlform for Senlor Menbers. \/ t./ st. (Alr Force CAPR 35*S, Ur,fi"o"ro for Civl-l- tlr Patrol Senlor Monober L/ L+1 )-]
L.J! r,r/ )-)

\ lL5l5t.

) '*L*f.iy Pn:-1Lailn No. 2, Clasa B-Combat Serviceable Clotl.l1ns - l{aie

type .

/ t+/29 /




Weekly fu]l-eil-n $o. 11, laartlma Actlve-Drty Servlce Rlbbons. Weekly Br"rJ.letl-n No" 17, Wear of Hltght Clothlng. Weekly Bullettn No, 2C, Untforru for Fsmale CAP Personnel; Uniforrr Iterrs Avallable for CAP Female Members"

.r.nd Female.

fta/Sir 6/t7/51

weekly Brrlletin No. Z)r Waekly BuJ.letl-n No. 2l+r

Inslgrla for Fenale CAP Offlcers.

Fer:ele F1ylng Uniforrn'

Clvll Alr

Patr.o1 Unlform and

Inslgnta Reference l'Iatcrl-als -



NgTB: On /+ Januaay L95l+ a n&r Berles of regulatlons was lseued, dlvldlng the mqterl;rl. l-nLo three categories: Cadet Unlforms; Semlor Unlforms; and Decoratlons, ,$ervlca Rlbbons and Ccrtlflcates. Llstcd bcIow, wlth aomo ltcms ropeated irom tha prevlous pgar are the new regulatlons and subssquent revlstons



lfi-Tffi cAPR t/t-/st, *change


1 to 0APR 3o-8 5/4/55 8/26/55 Change 2 to oAPR 30-8 3 n8/57 *Chan8e 3 to CAPB 30-B

30-6 (nrrry lype) 3o-B (usar ry"e)




3/\6/55 6ho/SS 8/31/55 6/22/56



(Arruy lYpe) 35-8 (Arrny qrpo) Chango I to CAPR 35-8 Change 2 to cAPR 35-8 Change 3 to CAPR 35-8 chanse 4 to CAPR 35-8

12/25/51+ +CAP

Pollcy Letter


5l t-/ 59


Letter 35-L, Letter 35-1,

Surrner Uniforrn, Shade 505 Surnmer Unlfortn, Shade 505

l-2/7/Sq 9/6L th5/6s



Letter 35-2,Off

Drrty Unlforrr


Letter 39-L,










LL/9/?7 8/bn*
3/L6/SL Lh/83


change 1 to OAPM 39-I Chango 2 to CAPI{ 39-1 CAPM 39-1 Change I ro CAPM 39-1 cAP!,i 39-1

cAPl{ 39-1 cAPu 39-1 cAPu 39-1

L/2t./58 L/L2/59


Lz/Stt Changc 1 to CAPR 35-l+ 5/L6/55 change 2 to cAw" 35-t+ cAPr 35-t 3/L/i7 *Change
+Chanse *Change

cAPR 35-r+

1 to CAPR 35-4 2 to CAF?. 35-t+ ) Lo CAW. 35-t+


35-Ll', unlt





*CAP Lettel"






8/20/65 Lfttr/??'ncAPR 9oo-2

CAPR 9Oo-2




Change Change

1 to 2 to

6/n/66 tr/to/62 10/20/6? Change I to CAPR 39-3 6/N/68 Change 2 to CAPR 39-) 8/19/lo Change 3 to CAPR 39-3

c,trR 394 c^m. 39-3 c,,pB 394

I to CAPR 39-3

WO-z 900-2



9/6/tz c^PR 39-3 s/8/ll Change 1 to CAPR 39-3 t/z/76 cAPR 39-3 L/25/77 cAw. 39-) 1 to cAPR 39-3 LL/qnl qh/zg change

c^w 394


g/a/so Gtrange 1 to CAPR 39-l cLw" 39-3

c^w. 39-3

1 to



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