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V JYOTHSNADEVI Mobile No: +918519815615


Completed intensive full time training program on Oracle DBA and Oracle Application DBA (10g,11g and 11i) and having the below technical skills Technical Strengths: Linux OS skills: Installation of Linux AS 4.0, Linux server setup, creating mount points Handful knowledge on regular usage commands Database and Application Admin Skills: Installation: Oracle 9i, 10g and 11i software installation on various clients/ servers platforms, creating Databases using various methods ( manual, dbca ) creating and managing multiple databases with single oracle home & enabling archiving. Patching: applying patchsets such as, and applying one-off patches using OPatch and adpatch. Refresh or Cloning: Manual cloning of database through backups. And also familiar in Application rapid clonings Space Management: Monitoring the database growth on daily basis; Modification of databases, Addition of tablespaces, datafiles and Modification of tablespaces, datafiles. Reorganizing tables and indexes. Modification and addition of primary storage objects; Forecasting database growth. Security: Implement and Maintain Database Security. Creating / Altering / Dropping Users as and when required and administer their respective quotas. Create and Maintain Roles and assign necessary privileges to users according to business requirements. Password file authentication Backup and Recovery: Establish and Maintain Healthy Backup & Recovery Strategies and Procedures. Performing Hot Backup, Maintaining High database availability for supporting non-stop Business Operations. Recovering the Database without or Minimal Loss of Data. Evaluating the Backup & Recovery Procedures on a Test Database to Minimize the Loss on Real Time Scenario. Troubleshooting: Monitoring the alert logs and other log files, concurrent manager issues, apache login issues, generating sql trace files, fixing the oracle inventory issues, installing and configuring RDA ( Remote diagnostic Agent), researching the issues and identifying the fixes using Oracle METALINK

Educational Qualification

Master of computer applications from S.K.T.R.M College of Engineering, JNTU University, Hyderabad with 78.00% during 2008-2011.

Tools / Skill sets Database Oracle Application Languages Operating Systems Personal Profile: : Oracle 9i, 10g,11g. :11i and R12 : C++, Sql : UNIX, Linux, Windows,

Name Gender Nationality Known Languages Permanent Address

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JYOTHSNADEVI.V Female Indian English, Telugu Dno: 1-7-75, Lig-94, AP housing board colony, Gadwal, A.P, India.