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SAP Note 32654 - Automatic account assignment at high level

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Valid Since 14.12.2011

Adding an invoice: For some transaction keys, the system does not determine the automatic account assignment at the detailed level (with key fields for the valuation level, the profit center, or the business area); instead, it does this at the higher level (without taking these key fields into account). This affects transaction keys for automatically generated lines that reference the entire document and not individual items. Example: Key "DIF" (minor differences) "UPF" (unplanned delivery costs) "KDT" (tax exchange rate difference) "KDR" (exchange rate rounding)

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Reason and Prerequisites
This is not an error. This is the intended system behavior. In a document, it is possible to post to several plants (valuation levels), to several materials (profit center) or business areas. As a result, a unique assignment of automatically generated lines without reference to an item for a valuation level, for a material (profit center), or for a business area can generally not be found. Therefore, the system must always take the automatic account assignment for transaction keys such as these at a higher level. Example: For the transaction for differences due to exchange rate rounding, a G/L account is specified that is defined as a cost element. When you enter a document in the invoice verification (MIRO and MR01), the system issues error message KI 235 "Account & requires an assignment to a CO object". The system also issues this error message if an account assignment is stored at the "Detail per business area/valuation area" level or "Detail per profit center" level in transaction OKB9. This detailed account determination works only with a unique reference to a document item. This unique reference is not possible in the case of the automatically created lines (KDR, DIF, UPF, KDT) because they reference the entire document.

You can define an account assignment for the transactions (KDR, DIF, UPF, and KDT) only at the highest level in transaction OKB9 (view: "Default Account Assignment"). However, you cannot do this at detail level.

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