Engaging in wild speculation daily. Links http://www.jmls.edu/ > http://www.uradeadbeat.

com/Deadbeat-Child.aspx http://www.palosheights.org/ Nancy is not a babysitter but a Nanny Nancy O'Brien Welch is a great teacher a wonderful loving person who raised seven children , taught herself to groom poodle's , worked in Woolco all the way on her own to book keeper and order for the store in Homewood also she worked in a Germany factory when her first child was young . Who was born Anna Francis O'Brien of Little Flower Church 7944 th and South Honroe , Chicago , Illinois the youngest of three , Theresa , Eileen and Anna Francis ( Nancy ) daughter of Tim and Anna O'Brien http://parents.berkeley.edu/advice/childcare/nanny/pay.html ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------In 2010 Typical take home pay rate for 2 kids is already $15-18/hour, and her nanny is getting only $13.50. Also, pay increases per child are usually $2/hour. Hope that helps ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Formula's --------------------------------------------------------------= Over the years( 1999 ) since our web site was stolen by Steve Torrence orders by Eric Ekvall and Drunvalo who were at the famous meeting in Washington DC . This is done in joint effect to stop Nancy Francis O'Brien Welch and Terry Welch from marketing , research , selling and even taking stopping people from knowing who the creator were .

Wesak arrange by Eric Ekvall , Peter Jackson , and Drunvalo in 1999 . Drunvalo spread misinformation disinformation about who the creators were . Drunvalo head of the Flower of Life also told many of his followers to stop the formula but only Terry's and Nancy Welch formula the bio-material that research and much more .

This is the truth the whole truth so help us God ! All Rights Rev , Terry Welch, Gerry Welch , A Welch , Perfect Science AD Inc. , Ayhan Doyuk Dead Beat Dad , Nancy Welch , Anna Francis O'Brien Welch and Note that Bridget is 10 years older then the child she is refering to0) Can agency brake the law and spy on you to cover their crimes ? Can they or their agents hire agency to go thur you banks, visa creite cards , and hire lisrening device to cover their illegal action . Could they also to their company like All-State or State Farm and make up a phoney law suit to cover their illegal action ?

It is our (American ) constitutional right to educate yourself in health and medical knowledge, to seek helpful information and make use of it for your own benefit, and for that of your family. You are the one responsible for your health. In order to make decisions in all health matters, What data do have to make all your personal views known on or research are you all refering too ? http://kevinthomaswelchbatman.webs.com

Welch, Kevin Thomas passed away June 21, 2009. Kevin was born September 11, 1959, beloved son of Gerald and Nancy Welch,

loving brother of Michael, Christopher, Terry, Kathleen Storrs, Wendy Butzbach, and Mary Eileen Siska, fond uncle of numerous nieces and nephews. Kevin attended Bloom High School in Chicago Heights and was a Prairie State College Nursing Graduate. He was also a long time member of the Plumber's Local 130 of Chicago. In his free time, Kevin was an antique dealer and collector and an avid "artifacts diver." An accomplished outdoorsman, he was a champion fisherman. Private family memorial services have been held. Mass to be said, Friday September 11, 2009 at 8 a.m. and Saturday, September 12, 2009 at 9 a.m., St. Kieran Church, 724 195th Street, Chicago Heights, IL 60411. 708-755-0074. Memorial Mass in his honor will also beheld June 21, 2010 at St. Kieran. Cremation Society of Illinois handling arrangements 708-747-7820.

Chris Welch baby sitter of Storrs

This was also the day of his Grandmother Anna OBrien Birthday Welch, Kevin Thomas passed away June 21, 2009. Kevin was born September 11, 1959, beloved son of Gerald and Nancy Welch, loving brother of Michael, Christopher, Terry, Kathleen Storrs, Wendy Butzbach, and Mary Eileen Siska, fond uncle of numerous nieces and nephews. Kevin attended Bloom High

School in Chicago Heights and was a Prairie State College Nursing Graduate. He was also a long time member of the Plumber's Local 130 of Chicago. In his free time, Kevin was an antique dealer and collector and an avid "artifacts diver." An accomplished outdoorsman, he was a champion fisherman. Private family memorial services have been held. Mass to be said, Friday September 11, 2009 at 8 a.m. and Saturday, September 12, 2009 at 9 a.m., St. Kieran Church, 724 195th Street, Chicago Heights, IL 60411. 708-755-0074. Memorial Mass in his honor will also beheld June 21, 2010 at St. Kieran. Cremation Society of Illinois handling arrangements 708-747-782 Kevin "Bat Man" Welch... What year was that green Dodge with the big fins a 55 or 59? I slept in the back seat a few times back then. Man did we have some fun! Every time that we got together all we did was laugh as we went from one swash buckleing adventure to another including the wine, women and song. The last one was when you talked me into bringing my scuba gear to the Kankakee river because you knew where the treasure was... LOL. After fighting the five knot current all we found were clams the size of footballs... (grin). Or how about the time during that Monday Night Football game that you, me and Pete ran up past the cops at the bottom of the outside stairs of Solider Field all the way up to the iron spiked gate as we three climbed over them in record time. The cops didn't have a chance of catching us and later we climbed the back of the score board in the South end zone during the game and drapped your hockey jersey over it blocking the time clock... (grin). I could write a book on just the fun that you and I shared. The fishing trips alone... you never got skunk'd! We've been in many situtations together (all good hearted catholic boy shannagians). The bottom line is.. You were a good kid, you took great care of your grand parents, you loved your family, you always had one plan after another and you were always there for your friends.

I know that you had your challenges and that you tried to handle them as best as you could. The world won't be as colorful without you Kev, and when it's my time I hope that you show up wearing that grin (but keep your tooth in) and fill me in. Luke Kevin: When you were small about 6 or so we had you Terry, Mike and Kathy to our house for a couple of days and we all went to the zoo. We started the day off when I thought everyone was in the car and I left you outside only to hear everyone screaming that you were trying to catch up with me with the back door open. That was only the beginning of the day. While we were at the zoo in the late afternoon; you took off decided to look at the elephants while we were together at the lions den. We found you and then decided to return home. It was rush hour traffic when we left the zoo. Michael who was in the front seat said he was getting sick. He looked very pale and I told him I would try to get over to the right lane but if he felt like he had to throw up, “ to roll down the window and let it go outside the car”. Mike got sick but nobody thought about the back seat. You were screaming at Mike because it all came back and hit you in the face. Everyone was laughing excepted you, Kevin, and I was trying to get off the expressway when a cop pulled up behind me and told me to pull over. He asked me why I was speeding and I told him what just happened. He took one look at you and told me to get home safe and “get the kid in the back seat cleaned up.” Looking back at all of this, you gave all of us who knew and loved you many fond memories numerous times. God only knows that when there was nobody around to support you; it must have been a hell on earth. You should know that we all realize this. We admit you did the best you could possibly could to make it all work. We also know how hard of a worker you were and that you were always there to help anyone who needed it. Everyone loved that about you Kevin. . I know you are at peace with Our Lord and Savior now Kevin. Love, Sis Engaging in wild speculation daily.

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Billy Storrs Jr son of Kathy Welch Storrs and Willaim Storrs Sr son of The Late Robert Storrs When Kathy brother The late Kevin Thomas Welch first shot himself ( which there the news article about the event . Kathy and Bill Storrs son William ( Billy ) said to his grandfather can I help you grandpa his grandfather replied[ Why yes ,grandpa Welch said to Billy you can help me pick up Kevin car.

Billy replied , sure The police had his car so Mr Gerry Welch then asked his grandson to help him pick up the car Kevin had in the police car lot which for a couple on SSA cost 500 USD but for a rich son and his wife both hard working up standing insurance agents the cost is nothing consider dear reading how many years for free this couple took for granted Kathy Welch Stoors parent . This was their time to step up and give back get balance give not

just take. But again as their history shows time and time not these two Palos Heights , couple . Never the less Mr Billy Storrs Jr ( All-State base ball player Robert Morris student ) grandfather did not ask his grandson for money he needed someone to help him get the car . On the day that Gearld Thomas Welch went to get Kevin car he talked to William Storrs Sr on the tel-phone and was told that Billy had base ball practice and had to rest for that and like his father was suffering from baseball injury . One human would realize thatMr Kevin Welch a bio -polar pt and client of William Storrs was of no more important to William Storrs or the Storrs Agency ( All-State ). Let alone being his brother in law and a long time client who Bill , Kathy and all his children made money off of him yes money off The Late Kevin Thomas Welch . After all Bill Storrs could send his wife and daughter over to Kevin and force him or trick him into staying with his agencies after all Kevin was bio-polar and handicapped , his father in law and mother in law was older . How they play at being human ! Who did them no harm while they on the other hand will have to deal with their demeans in the name of greed , money , and all kind of problems their issues that they make up in their mind dramas their excuse's not to be human .

Kathy Welch Storrs , always "justifies" what ever she does! She is perfect dont you know that . Why she born herself into this world . That the fact and the world according to Kathy !

Kevin Thomas Welch

Hey, Kevin Hope things are going well for you now in heaven . . I don't know what the plumber's local 130 is going to do; they lost the best plumber they ever had. Kevin could do the work of ten men, and did. When we were young, like all boys, Kevin and I built a lot of forts... a lot of forts, played army, played sports. I miss those days, and remember those days, building forts in the backyard, in the swamp, tree forts. Of course, Kevin loved nature, outdoors...everything about nature. It was his environment.... along with his friends and fun. As an athlete, Kevin was the best baseball player around for his age. As a hockey player, he was totally unique- no one played hockey like him, not even the pros! I remember going to a swimming hole with Robert Decosmo. I wasn't a good swimmer, got my feet tangled up in the weeds, and started panicking. I started getting scared. It didn't take long for Kevin to come out and save me. I probably wouldn't have made it. All I had to do was stand up= the water was only up to my chest. He laughed for awhile, but I was lucky he was there to save me. God Bless you, Kevin. You were a Cub Scout your whole life... walking around the world exploring. You were probably the best person I ever knew. We all lost an awful lot with your passing. Love ya, see ya later. Michael

We lost a loving brother taken by greed , misunderstanding , and no help from people who could help and choice not to all medical experts none human . All Kathleen , Wendy , Mary , and their husbands just wanting to blame Kevin their parents their father who all used and never said thank you to for being on this earth .

Anna O'Brien and Tim O'Brien

Grandma OBrien grandmother of the Welch's and great grandmother of the Storrrs

Kevin Thomas Welch

Kevin Welch

Kevin grandparents

copyrights T Welch 2009

Engaging in wild speculation daily. ms

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Kevin Grandmother

james mundo children and grandchildren who help kevin before jail ● http://www.royal-magazin.de/england/londonderry/londonderrydiamanten.htm

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perfect Science Supine intellectual pacifism is the occults rule they teach to lay down WWW.perfectscience.net - ‫ بث‬Google G One Planet Aromatherapy Essential Oils and Fragrances We are one ! Lets work on this thought! We are living now on a toxic dump. That what we have done when money rule us. Our pockets books to rules us but on the cheap side the bottom line . We cut pennies and loose dollars . We have cut pennies so long now we have lost the planet and all water on this planet . Think about it ! Where on earth is there no effect from toxic poison . Our formula system will transform all toxic material today.(PST) (IP)

Posted by Ayterion at 7:06 AM 0 comments Labels: perfect Science Terry Welch ayhan doyuk aydu Friday, March 26, 2010

Bridget Lawyer, according to Black's Law Dictionary, is "a person learned in the law; as an attorney, counsel or solicitor; a person licensed to practice law."[1] Law is the system of rules of conduct established by the sovereign government of a society to correct wrongs, maintain the stability of political and social authority, and deliver justice. Working as a lawyer involves the practical application of abstract legal theories and knowledge to solve specific individualized problems, or to advance the interests of those who retain (i.e., hire) lawyers to perform legal services. The role of the lawyer varies significantly across legal jurisdictions, and so it can be treated here in only the most general terms.[2][3] More information is available in countryspecific articles (see below).[clarification needed] Posted by Ayterion All About Leo Leos love the spotlight. Leos love attention. Leos are born to be drama kings and queens. Posted by Ayterion at 6:02 AM 0 comments at 4:54 PM 0 comments

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Kevin The Perfect Science teacher of Ayhan Doyuk

Magi (Latin plural of magus, ancient Greek magos(μάγος), Persian "‫ ,"مغ‬English singular 'magian', 'mage', 'magus', 'magusian', 'magusaean') is a term, used since at least the 4th century BCE, to denote a follower of Zoroaster, or rather, a follower of what the Hellenistic world associated Zoroaster with, which was – in the main – the ability to read the stars, and manipulate the fate that the stars foretold. The meaning prior to Hellenistic period is uncertain. Pervasive throughout the Eastern Mediterranean and Western Asia until late antiquity and beyond, Greek mágos "magian"/Magician was influenced by (and eventually displaced) Greek goēs(γόης), the older word for a practitioner of magic, to include astrology, alchemy and other forms of esoteric knowledge. This association was in turn the product of the Hellenistic fascination for (Pseudo-)Zoroaster, who was perceived by the Greeks to be the "Chaldean" "founder" of the Magi and "inventor" of both astrology and magic. Among the skeptical thinkers of the period, the term 'magian' acquired a negative connotation and was associated with tricksters and conjurers. This pejorative meaning survives in the words "magic" and "magician". In English, the term "magi" is most commonly used in reference to the Gospel of Matthew's "wise men from the East", or "three wise men" (though that number does not actually appear in Matthew's account, and various sources placed the number anywhere between two and twelve).[citation needed] The plural "magi" entered the English language around 1200, in reference to the Biblical magi of Matthew 2:1. The singular appears considerably later, in the late 14th century, when it was borrowed from Old French in the meaning magician together with magic. Posted by Ayterion at 5:56 PM 0 comments Labels: Kevin Welch Wesak 1998 he the real one

Mr Kevin Welch master teacher Mr Kevin Welch is the very person who brought the Perfect Science formula to Mr Donnie Braun in Crete , Illinois which really started the ball rolling for Drunvalo . Posted by Ayterion at 5:51 PM 0 comments Labels: magi / expert /history / collector of old books

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Engaging in wild speculation daily. Today this is no speculation this is a fact that happened in the life of my brother Kevin Thomas Welch beloved son of Gerald Thomas Welch and beloved by Nancy O'Brien Welch ,beloved Grandson of Tim O'Brien of Shaanah East , Castelmaine , Co Kerry , Eire , and beloved by Anna Dunleavy Meelick Ballintemple , Co Mayo , Eire Ireland , beloved by Terry and Anne Welch , beloved by Chris Welch , beloved by Theresa O'Brien Greboski , beloved

by George Greboski , beloved by Dianne his wonderful Greek girl friend that he wished he married , beloved by Micheal Welch , beloved Evelyn Welch and Harold Welch of 63 and Rockwell , Chicago , Illinois 2-23-2010 My therapy for today the 2 months of our Lord the twenty -three day of Lord and master Jesus Christ , the year of 2010 AD Bio-Polar disorder so miss understood . _______________________________________________________________ Family is a loose word when knowing the events of what some people will do to hide behind a mast of being human this is very well know to people who had to cope with mental illness , handicapped , aging question and in this case bio-polar disorder From the eyes of father , mother , Kevin himself , and myself a bio-polar pt of the world and living witness to the that was done to my lovin brother Kevin by the hands of his sisters Wendy , Mary , Katheen Stoors , Billy Storrs , William Stoors , Bridget the second year law student , Kurt the male nurse Wendy's husband and medical expert. How can we forget the reaction and what happend after Kevin shot himself Ms Mary Eileen Welch Siska the nursing student and John Siska her husband and our web master . Death has so many face's . After kevin was to be sent home after shooting himself , we call our web master who was my mother Nancy son -in law and daughter who also manage Perfect Science store for money for an order that went out . Our loving sister Mary Eileen Welch Siska , Nancy loving daughter had no time for drama and stated that my mother just wanted the money . Which was her money in which we needed to take her mother to see her sister so she would not have cope anymore with what Kevin did to himself. I called I guess to early she started shouting after I told I did not like what Kurt said about wanting to be a big man meaning about his land . Kurt who is a nurse not a Doctor not kevin doctor . But the student nurse like Bridget who did not

lisren nor let me finish talking which is a Leo trait just start yelling and crying . And I am bio-Polar not any of them! There an angrer issue here with all of these people . Then had the student nurse had husband John shut off her own mother web store which was a source of support to pay food shutter ect . She was shouting and crying so much what else could be done . I believe their is a have . problem from a bad solution she claimed to

All Leo's in our family have problems being cheap. The next call from the student nurse student study for her test then called her sister after taking down the web site and store because she asked to give money to the people it belongs too. Today all is being done ship by experts . She acted like she was working for free which she was not doing. She never does anything for free . She was given a free ticket to Ireland took a cut of the profits from supplies that were belonging to her father and mother to sell . She paid for none of them and just recieved profits from them . She also used the products herself and her husband . She was the web master a long time . We on the other hand needed the money so we had a place to bring Kevin to our home his father was the one who would take care of him .

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