Wanda and Peter, We would like to express that we are sorry you were unable to collect your money

from Ayhan Doyuk after your court proceedings. And if you desire to continue to sell formulas I will be happy to help you. Since you have brought to my attention that your efforts are and will be going toward Wanda's new books and their promotion your time is limited for anything else. I was happy to help you with fighting for the robbery issue but since you have not taken pursuit in the matter of the trademark infringement on Perfect Science Systems products I will be doing that myself. I will work with Dan O'Connell and other council to accomplish this. Since I will be taking on this endeavor myself, Perfect Science AD I will no longer extend to you the power of attorney. I revoke this power of attorney as of today June 11,2010; it is null and void. I am moving forward with Perfect Science AD with aiding the environment. I will, of course still pursue with the health formulas. As the inventor of the formulas and the environmental work I stand up for Turkey and America with my Turkish American Company and for Turkey's position in the middle east. I will fight for the Palestinian people. I will not support Zion connections and new age agenda of Drunvalo's Flower of Life , Spirt of Mar'at . These formulas are NOT magic water; that story was pushed by manipulative people. You were given explanation about these formulas but obviously you did not understand when it was being explained. It became clear by the comments you made in your letter. You had the opportunity to get proof of research by going to Sarasota while you were visiting the US last year. It was your choice to refuse that opportunity. You were also shown documents, specifically Turkey Standardization but you did not understand? You were told that the formulas were made specific. Serious scientist like Dr. Silvia Tomic from Croatia and Dr. Michael Mickley from the USA they trust and understand. You saw evidence of their support of the Perfect Science AD formulas This was a fact that evidence you got from us, Perfect Science you used in your court case and in the general public against Ayhan Doyuk. When you were in Chicago you had a hard time understanding real science which was done by real scientist . You had an issue, that after over a year you bring up. That point is the Flower of Life, Drunvalo's lies spread on the internet . We also explained the real clean up work in Turkey that was done not by spiritual ghost but by real people . Your letter was redundant. You should be happy to know, since you expressed it was important for balance for the planet and the yin and yang that I get passed old issues. I now as Perfect Science AD will trust and work with Ayhan Doyuk for the critical state of the planet. You should be aware as I did tell you it is not a matter of having the environmental formulas since they are made to specification. I am grateful for the production of the videos that Peter showed us the other day and will be happy to show them when he has completed his final editing. I do add that it has been a pleasure to meet the two of you and do offer to help you if you choose to pursue selling of the formulas. Sincerely, Terry ---- Forwarded message ---------- From: Centrum <centrumoffice@gmail.com> Date: Mon, May 31, 2010 at 6:58 AM Subject: RE: On notice! To: JoAnn Spreitzer <vitalearthsolutions@gmail.com> Cc: PerfectScience <perfectscience@gmail.com>

Hi Terry, hi JoAnn, This is Wanda who is answering this message. It is more than a year now that we have met in Chicago. Being there you stated that you only are interested in development and distribution of the health formulas. You told us that you are not interested in the environmental formulas although we were very much interested (we have a capability to distribute these). We have never seen these formulas working and have never been able to test these. We have therefore decided to test on our own the health formulas. We have accepted that kind of cooperation because we did not know each other. Now the oil issue is comes into the game. You are stating to diverse individuals, companies and maybe also governmental instances that the formulas are being produced in Poland which is just not true. We merely might produce them. At the moment we are only blending your concentrates for healing purposes and checking these on our own organism how they work. The analysis that they do not contain harmful substances is for us not enough to widely distribute these to general public. We just don't know what they really contain and how the long term effects on the human body and the psyche are. We do not know the principle of the invention. We trust you that you would not poison people and therefore we test the formulas on our own. The fact that you are informing instances connected to the oil spill about us producing the formulas is just not right. Also - for us to send information to people that the military is behind Doyuk is inappropriate. Imagine the military coming into our house and asking questions. We don't even know what the invention is about, we did never see how the formula is operating, if it is working or if it exist at all. The show that Doyuk is doing can be very easily done by using tricks. For example you can show that the formula is breaking down oil by mixing motor oil with concentrated detergent. They will mix for an even longer period of time. Or you can show the conductivity of water by putting salt into water. Then plain water becomes a conductor. These are tricks. We will not stand behind that. We have the ability to spread the knowledge about the environmental formulas and its distribution but only if we know what it is. We don't need details on how the production process is. We merely need to know whether and how the formulas are working. Until then we ask you not to use our address, phone, email etc. when contacting individuals concerning the environmental formulas. We are willing to come to the US to discuss this. Wanda even is ready to write about the invention in her book but we would really need more information. If we are talking about the environmental formulas we would need to receive samples and description of the content. We might even distribute the environmental formulas only to the people we know (and we have a very large amount of these people - we have a database of 50 thousand people who were Wanda's patients) but we would need at least to have them and be sure that they are really working. Think it over. We can come to the US, or you can come to Poland. Otherwise Wanda is of the opinion that the cooperation we have right now leads to nowhere. We have spent two years on Doyuk and we are not ready to get into a similar relationship right now. We are ready to engage ourselves only in something that would give humanity real advantage even if it is hard because of the current situation. Another cream or detergent is not something we would really give our time to. We wanted to just openly tell you our situation. Let us know if there is anything we can do so that you can trust us. At the moment either you do not trust us or you do not have the environmental formulas. Warmest regards Wanda and Peter

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