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UnitedHealth Wellness Resources and tools to stay healthy.

Feel Good. Be Healthy. Live Well.


Happy, healthy employees are better for your business. Help your employees improve health behaviors by taking advantage of tools and services offered through UnitedHealth Wellness, that are fully integrated with our care management and disease management programs. UnitedHealth Wellness is a suite of integrated web-based, telephonic and on-site solutions focused on activating individuals to adopt behaviors that enhance their personal health, well-being and quality of life ultimately resulting in cost effective health care. The UnitedHealth Wellness suite of integrated tools and services detect high risk members who may benet from UnitedHealthcares clinical programs, thereby addressing more complex health conditions and diseases. By detecting health risks early, members may reduce precursors of chronic diseases helping improve their quality of life that can ultimately improving your organizations bottom line. These tools and services are typically included with your medical benets at no additional cost.

You want your employees to be healthy. So do we.

Use UnitedHealth Wellness programs and services to support your efforts to keep your employees healthy. By implementing work site wellness programs in your organization, you can be on your way to: Increasing productivity Lowering your overall health care costs Reducing absenteeism Promoting employee satisfaction Incorporate wellness as a part of your organizations overall business strategy.

Factors that affect health are principally behavioral. 50 - 70% of all diseases are associated with modiable health risks - and are therefore preventable.

Individual employees are employers best hope for improving quality and cost efciency 10% Access 20% 20% Genetic Environmental 50% Behavior

Helping individuals to become aware of their modiable health risks and engaged in their personal health is a great way to effect change!
Source: IFTF, Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Identifying and Stratifying Employee Health Risk

Understanding and identifying the health risks of your employees is the rst step in creating a comprehensive wellness strategy that can address behavior change. Health Assessment1 The Health Assessment, available on, in English and in Spanish is a widely recognized health awareness tool from the University of Michigan Health Management Research Center that assesses individual health status. The Health Assessment is a comprehensive, condential online health questionnaire designed to analyze lifestyle behavior and identify individual health risks. Upon completion of the questionnaire individuals receive a personalized health report that provides them with preventive steps and recommendations to improve or maintain their overall health and well-being.

Personal Health Record Members can manage their medical records online at using the Personal Health Record. The Personal Health Record is an electronic tool that is pre-populated by the member with their personal medical history which enables them to have a more comprehensive ofce visit with their physician.

A paper Health Assessment is also available in both English and Spanish. For some customers, there may be an additional charge. Please see your broker or UnitedHealthcare representative for more information or for samples of the Health Assessment log on to:

Educate employees and help empower them for better health

Once your employees understand their current health status, they can be ready to learn how to make better choices and lead healthier lifestyles. Below are resources that may help you and your employees to make better lifestyle choices that can result in more informed health care decisions. Personalized content and tools Making the best health care decisions is important, so weve provided easy to understand health information, tools, and trackers on the Health & Wellness tab of from a variety of credible sources. Based on an employees age, gender and their health and claims records theyll see messages, reminders and online coaching personalized for their health status. 24-hour Help Lines Members have access to nurses and masters level counselors using our help lines 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.2 These professionals provide information to members on a variety of health topics including illness, wellness tips, nutrition, prescriptions and over-the-counter medications, so they can make more informed health care decisions. Nurses also triage acute conditions real-time and provide members with information on medical resources. Mental Health Programs The research, resources and professional support employees need to improve life at home and at work are available through OptumHealthSM Behavioral Solutions. Located online at, OptumHealth Behavioral Solutions programs integrate all the advantages of employee assistance programs with generous behavioral health benets, so your employees can get personalized care for everyday concerns and more serious emotional health and substance abuse problems. Health & Wellness Publications Your employees can register to receive the latest healthy living information through the Healthy Mind, Healthy Body e-newsletter at

Supporting appropriate lifestyle choices and behaviors can lead to better health and well-being.
Employees who make healthy lifestyle choices (big or small) can be on the road to healthier living and fewer health claims. Your employees can access a wide variety of tools and programs designed to support appropriate health and lifestyle choices that can result in happy, healthy and productive employees.

Care24 and NurseLineSM included with all fully insured medical plans.

Online Health Coach Programs The Online Health Coach creates personalized health improvement plans as a result of data extracted from the online Health Assessment that help activate and encourage individuals to embrace behaviors which can lead to a healthier lifestyle. In addition to the personalized improvement plan, the ve-week online health coaching program offers tracking tools, quizzes and behavioral tools designed to help the individual achieve positive outcomes. The Online Health Coach program offers seven unique modules that address: exercise, nutrition, weight management, stress management, smoking cessation, health lifestyle and diabetes lifestyle. Preventive Care Reminders Preventive care is critical to helping your employees prevent illness or detect and treat it at an early stage. Members in need of preventive care services will receive personalized reminders for preventive care treatments and screenings such as womens health, comprehensive diabetic care, adolescent and childhood immunizations and more to help them be proactive about remaining healthy. Health & Wellness Discounts3 Help your employees save money to encourage healthier living by promoting the UnitedHealth Wellness Health Discount program. Employees can receive discounts on health-related products and services not covered by most health plans. Health discounts such as: tness centers, nutritional services, weight products, vitamins and supplements, and other general tness apparel and more. The Health & Wellness Discounts program can help you typically save an average of 10-50 percent. Members also have access to special discounts on the following services: Alternative Care Services - such as chiropractic, acupuncture, natural medicine and massage therapy Laser Vision Correction Procedures - Your employees can save 15 percent on LASIK and Custom LASIK procedures Cosmetic Dentistry - Save on a wide range of cosmetic dentistry services, including teeth whitening Durable Medical Equipment - Get typical savings of 10-25 percent on walkers, grab bars, shower chairs and hundreds of other home health care items that are either not covered by your medical benet or are above plan limits. Hearing Care - Employees can save 30 percent of the manufacturers suggested retail price or $300 off the participating providers regular retail rates, whichever is the greater discount.

Subject to change without notice.

Promoting wellness begins with you

The key to successful work site wellness is to be a champion of wellness to your employees. By leveraging the promotional tools and services available to you at no additional cost from UnitedHealth Wellness, you and your employees are on the path to achieving overall health and well-being. Many employee tools and resources are available on by clicking on the Health & Wellness tab. For a demonstration of the available features and benets, visit or speak with your broker or UnitedHealthcare representative for more information. Employer eServices This valuable employer web site is your one stop shop for work site health promotion. UnitedHealthcare has developed promotional wellness marketing tools and resources that are aligned with our program solutions to take the guess work out of wellness communication planning. Access the Communication Resource Center on Employer eServices to download employee marketing and promotion tools such as custom newsletters, a worksite wellness plan and communication templates, which will help your organization successfully activate your employees to participate in the UnitedHealth Wellness programs.

Reporting Track employee involvement using the Health Assessment Participation Report. Additionally, if you have more than 50 completed Health Assessments in your organization, you can request an Aggregate Health Summary Report that will help you identify your most prevalent employee health risks among your population. Contact your UnitedHealthcare representative to order reports. Incentive Management Programs UnitedHealth Wellness can administer a variety company-sponsored reward and incentive management programs. These programs are designed to assist you with monitoring and tracking overall participation of your employees engagement. Speak to your UnitedHealthcare representative about creating an incentive program thats right for you.4

Making your Wellness Program work in the workplace

There are many elements to creating a successful wellness program for your organization and your employees. UnitedHealthcare would like to help you be successful by providing your organization with a dedicated Health and Wellness Director. Our Health and Wellness Directors are certied health education specialists and/or registered nurses with many years of experience in workplace wellness program design and implementation. They work directly with you to craft a comprehensive, strategic wellness program based on your organizations goals and the health risks of your employee population. They also assist in the analysis of your organizations Health Assessment aggregate results and other data sources to develop a customized wellness program that will help yield the highest level of participation and results. Last but not least, they will work in conjunction with your designated account management team to help leverage and coordinate the UnitedHealth Wellness programs and your medical benets in an integrated, cost effective health promotion solution. To qualify, your organization must demonstrate a strong commitment to health and wellness as part of your overall business strategy and have designated a Wellness Champion or team of Wellness Champions to help facilitate and drive activities. Consultative support from a UnitedHealthcare Health and Wellness Director is available at no additional cost to you.

Aggregate Health Summary Reports are available to you with a minimum of 50 completed health assessments. This report is available to you at no additional cost. Speak with your UnitedHealthcare representative about how to request your report.5

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Additional costs may apply. Additional costs will apply for additional aggregate report requests exceeding the standard offering.

Questions about UnitedHealth Wellness? Your UnitedHealthcare representative will be glad to discuss our health and wellness solutions with you.

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