The Daily Guru Yoga Sādhana of Jetsün Mila Zhepa Dorje

rang gi chi wor pe dei teng je tsün zhe pa dor je ni Above the crown of my head, upon a lotus and moon, is Jetsün Zhepa Dorje.

!, ,eJ-24/-3A-=-28.-0-hR-eJ:A-]-12-o/-HJ<-28$?-?R,, !, ,<%-$A-,A-2R<-0.-^:A-!J%, ,eJ-24/-28.-0-hR-eJ-/A,

,{-3.R$-}R-?%?-<?-.!<-$?R=, ,.2-<=-IJ/-.-KR$?-0-;A,

ku dog ngo sang re kar söl u ral gyen du chog pa yi The color of his body is clear blue and he wears white cotton. The locks of his hair are turned upwards. chag ye nyen gyi the kar ten yön pe nyam zhag thö zhal nam His right hand is held close at his right ear. His left hand is in the resting in equanimity mudrā, holding a skull cup. ye she ö nga trug pei long zi jin rab tu bar war zhug Dwelling within an expanse of the turbulent five lights of primordial wisdom, utterly blazing with majestic brilliance,

,K$-$;?-~/-IA-,.-!<-2!J/, ,$;R/-0?-3*3-28$-,R.-8=-2$3?, ,;J->J?-:R.-s-:O$?-0:A-[R%, ,$9A-LA/-<2-+-:2<-2<-28$?,

,$8R3-3J.-hR-eJ:A-3$<-.L%?-1R$?, ,,$?-eJ?-2.$-=-2lJ-2?-.$R%?,

zhom me dor je gur yang drog thug je dag la tse we gong resounding with melodious invincible vajra songs, through your compassion, think of me with love! ku nga ye she nga thob jin gyi lob ne lug rang zhal jal war jin gyi lob Bless me to attain the five kāyas and five primordial wisdoms! Bless me to meet with the innate face of the way things are!

,{-s-;J->J?-s-,R2-LA/-IA?-_R2?, ,$/?-=$?-<%-8=-3)=-2<-LA/-IA?-_R2?,

.nJ/-%/-=3-.nam tog gom du char war jin gyi lob kyen ngen lam du long war jin gyi lob Bless me so that discursive thoughts arise as meditation! Bless me so that I may bring negative conditions onto the path! i3-gR$-2|R3-.. le ngen dig drib dag par jin gyi lob ta wa göl sa chö par jin gyi lob Bless me so that negative actions.v-2-$R=-?-(R. . je tsün zhe pa dor jei ku rang sem trö dral nyi me dre The enlightened body of the Jetsün Zhepa Dorje and my mind mix without duality. .<%-?J3?-3R?-V=-$*A?-3J.:):-=?-3#:-.-:(<-2<-LA/-IA?-_R2?. . .(-=-(-2<-.$-0<-LA/-IA?-_R2?.-=R%?-2<-LA/-IA?-_R2?.-:P2-0<-LA/-IA?-_R2?. beyond elaboration.<-=$-<-@-?-2#->. .-0-hR-eJ:A-{. .:#R<-2-8J/-=R$-*J-2<-LA/-IA?-_R2?.-:SJ?.3A$?-3J.=?-%/-#A$-1A2-.-0<-LA/-IA?-_R2?.R. . misdeeds. and obscurations are purified! Bless me so that the pitfalls of the view are severed! khor wa zhen log kye war jin gyi lob ja lü kha chö drub par jin gyi lob Bless me so that I will generate revulsion to saṃsāra! Bless me so that I will accomplish the rainbow body and Khechara! .-%%-. chu la chu bur thim pa tar mig me ngang du nyam par zhag like water bubbles dissolving into water. Evenly rest in the state without concepts. om ah guru hasa bazra hung Oṃ aḥ guru hāsa vajra hūṃ .-3*3-0<-28$ .A3-0-v<.eJ-24/-28.

-2. and expressions of auspiciousness. aspirations. ..-0<->R$ dro wa chig kyang ma lü pa de yi sa la gö par shog Then.eJ-3A-=-28. seal the end with dedications.. may I establish all wandering beings without exception upon that ground! Thus.-GA-3. to you I pray! This was translated into English by Eric Fry-Miller Copyright © 2009 by Eric Fry-Miller.J-.$J-2-:. Laughing Vajra.A-?-=-:$R..J2?-?R. .-0-hR-eJ-=-$?R=-2-:.. may I swiftly accomplish mahāmudrā! .<-2:R. .. All rights reserved. May the blessings of Lord Milarepa forever grow in all directions! .:-o?-L:R. This was composed by Pawopa.K$-o-(J/-0R-:P2-I<-/?.A-.:PR-2-$&A$-G%-3-=?-0. &J?-2}R-(R/-=3->A?-2eR.0:-2R-0?-. ge wa di yi nyur du dag chag gya chen po drub gyur ne By this virtue.A?-M<-. je mi la zhe pa dor je la söl wa deb so Lord Mila.$ .

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