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Submission date:

June 2, 2012

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Product selected for alternate sales channel:

Everyday tea whitener

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Table of contents
Acknowledgement4 Executive Summary.5 Company profile..6 Target market...9 Positiong...11 Goals and objectives.....12 Consumer behavior...13 New idea development.14 SWOT analysis....15 Product life cycle.16 Price.17 Operational procedure.18 Sales Force..21 Promotional plans...22 Placement structure(POCs ND pjp)..23

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With the start of this project of sales management we are grateful to Allah who provided us with such an exploring abilities and capabilities that we can prove them in all aspects of life. We are thankful to our course instructor professor Agha Mehmood Ali who provides us with the opportunity to gain experience in practically implementing the theory and guide us in an authentic way to complete this project. This project would not only help us in our educational career but also it enhances our sales management skills and we cant ignore its importance. I am really thankful to our families who support us in all our work. They are really valuable for us for being providing financial, non-financial and moral support.

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Executive Summary:
With the start of this project we cover every aspect regarding the development of alternate sales channel for Everyday tea whitener. we develop goals and objectives for alternate sales channel, develop target market and positioning, do a SWOT analysis, mention future strategies regarding product life cycle stages and suggest prices for the new SKUs of Everyday for our alternate sales channel. Apart from that we also mention the operational procedures and standard operating procedurs, working of sales force, suggest promotional palns, develop more than 1000 POCs in Lahore for alternate sales channel and also develop placement structure. With all these aspects we cover all aspects a company might consider while developing alternate sales channel. The executive summary is concerning the summary of our project report. The detail of all the above mention points are discussed in detail in coming pages.

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Company Profile:
Nestl Pakistan operates in many ways but people, products and brands are the main flag bearers of the Companys image, and we continue to enhance the quality of life of people. Nestl Pakistan now operates the biggest milk collection operation in Pakistan, Currently; Nestl Pakistan collects milk from an estimated 190,000 farmers spread over 145,000 sq Km's in the province of Punjab and Sindh. Nestl believes in creating shared value and is committed to the communities it works and lives with. In Pakistan, the company is working closely with the communities in areas related to Nutrition, Water and Rural Development, and continues to enhance the quality of life of people throughout its value chain.

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Vision of Nestle
Nestls global vision is to be the recognized leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness Company. Nestl Pakistan subscribes fully to this vision of being the number one Nutrition, Health, and Wellness Company in Pakistan. In particular, we envision to;

Lead a dynamic, passionate and professional workforce proud of our heritage and positive about the future.

Meet the nutrition needs of consumers of all ages from infancy to old age, from nutrition to pleasure, through an innovative portfolio of branded food and beverage products of the highest quality.

Deliver shareholder value through profitable long-term growth, while continuing to play a significant and responsible role in the social, economic, and environmental sectors of Pakistan.

Mission statement of Nestle:

To positively enhance the quality of life of the people of Pakistan by all that we do through our people, our brands and products and our CSV activities.

Ambition of Nestle:
To be the leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness Company in Pakistan..

Permissible Business Activities

Briefly, company can engage in processing, packaging, manufacturing, sale, import and export of food and beverage items.

Company Registration Number: 0006661 National Tax Number: 0225862-5

SKUs For your convenience NESTL EVERYDAY is available both in powder and liquid forms: 1000g pouch, 400g pouch, 175g bag-in-box, 200ml UHT pack

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Nestle product portfolio:

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Target market:
Currently Everyday is Targeting its market in a good way but as a company continue to exist while facing competition, it must grow persistently and one of the ways to grow is developing alternate sales channel for Everyday tea whitener so for this purpose a company must focus on how to reach potential customers and this can be done through by properly identifying target market. For the purpose of alternate sales channel for Everyday tea whitener the target market is based on HORECA (hotels, offices and restaurants) We select the target market for the Alternate sales channel of Everyday on the basis of segmentation

Country: City: Region: Density: Size of population climate Pakistan Lahore North and south region Urban 10,000,000 Extreme hot and cold

Age income 25+ 30k+

Psychographics:Social class: Activities Upper, upper middle Working and professional

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Occasion: User status Benefits: Regular or daily user. Regular or daily user. Convenience

We will provide big SKU of Everyday tea whitener to hotels as the consumption pattern of hotels are in bulk.

We will also target offices as Everyday consumption of tea in offices are two cup per person in working hours so big offices can be our potential target market for Everyday tea whitener.

In restaurants, people use to drink tea during hi-tea and after lunch. So our target market will also include restaurants.

Similarly, Cafs provide tea as a beverage and recognizing the fact that they use milk for tea in high quantity we will also cater them.

Others include small shops, service stations, NGOs, police stations, government offices etc

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Everyday alternate sales channel positioning is To add convenience to your quest for soothing Everyday tea break so that you work the way you enjoy it. The positioning of Everyday tea whitener is ideal for its target market of alternate sales channel and that is that Everyday is providing convenience to its targeted customers through providing SKUs of different sizes complying the needs of its customers at their door steps on weekly basis. As we will provide vending machines which will automatically make a blend tea using Everyday powder tea whitener with in less time i.e. 5 cups per minute thats mean that getting a tea outside a home is now no more hectic. This vending machine placed at hotels, cafes and restaurants can also be use for self service as in case of hi-tea and tea timings which will provide great convenience.

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Goals and objectives of alternate sales channel

1. To increase the sale volume 2. To increase brand loyalty 3. To cater untapped markets (HORICA) 4. To develop more point of consumptions 5. Be the first choice of customers

1. Develop 2-3 top SKUs 2. To provide better services 3. Provide convenience at low price 4. Provide vending machines at 300 POCs initially 5. To add 3000-4000 POCs in major cities of Pakistan in one year.

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Consumer behavior in tea whitener industry:

The consumption of tea is become a part of Pakistani culture and its consumption is increasing every year. A survey report suggests that average consumption of tea in Pakistan is about 1kg per capita and Pakistan has a market of over 140 to 170 million kg for black tea. The way the tea is used in Pakistan is totally different from its origin of black tea without milk but in Pakistani culture the concept of tea is nearly incomplete without the use of milk in it. Recognizing the demand of tea in Pakistan nestle launch Everyday tea whitener for ease and convenience. So, as the concept was unique it was widely accepted for office use and some percentage at home. Although nobody could ever think of tea whitener ten years back but now it is readily available and with the increasing consumption of tea in Pakistan, nestle Everyday tea whitener demand is also increasing especially in urban areas. The Pakistani culture is so much strong in tea consumption that normally everyone at least offers a tea of cup to his guests and in offices, houses and shops everywhere tea being used at least twice a day. Moreover college and university going students develop a trend toward this beverage and feel relax after drinking it. With this increasing trend and many other factors like that tea is good for health as it contain anti-oxidants the tea is widely acceptable among health conscious people. With the advent of Everyday tea whitener, the convenience is much and you make a cup of tea with in minutes and in urban areas its consumption is increasing and there is an opportunity to create many point of consumptions like hotels, restaurants, tea stalls and cafes. Interestingly, Pakistani consumers pay more attention to the quality and blend of the tea leaves than to the milk used in it. Given this environment, Nestle must be look forward to increase its market share by developing alternate sales channel for it. The brand will show strong growth pattern with a great promise in the future.

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New idea development

Idea generation:
Idea of new sales channel was the result of prerequisite of the goals of the company to grow. So, the development of alternate sales channel for Everyday tea whitener is to pursue growth and cover the untapped markets for tea consuming target market in hotels, cafes, offices, restaurants and cafes

Internal idea sources:

We send the proposal to R&D (research and development) department of Nestle Everyday tea whitener to conduct a research on new idea generation for growth of the company. So, they conduct research from the users of the Everyday .most of the users of Everyday tea whitener in offices and restaurants when asked about that how Everyday can provide convenience to you in using tea whitener for your daily use? After a depth interviews from many of the users of the Everyday R&D of Nestle conclude that we need to develop alternate sales channel for our current and prospect customers because the sample population of our research was concern about the free delivery of the Everyday tea whitener

Idea screening:
After involving customers in idea generation for the Everyday tea whitener we got two ideas Free delivery of Everyday tea whitener SKUs at their offices. Provide smaller SKU of Everyday according to need of tea whitener for one cup of tea.

After getting these ideas for Everyday tea whitener, we screen the idea on the basis of future growth potential, the cost effectiveness feasibility of idea

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We than finalize that alternate sales channel development is feasible for company in which company will directly deliver it product to its target consumers on the basis of point of consumptions (POCs). We will also consider restaurants, cafes and restaurants as the POCs for the alternate sales channel as we are providing in bulk packs and considering the HORECA will help company to achieve economies of scale and economies of scope by using the distribution system of Nestle water to some extent.

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SWOT analysis:

Separate sales force CRM (customer data base) POCs approach Value added service Develop more SKUs for same POCs Increase target market for ASC are easy to

High logistic cost Difficult to handle bigger SKUs

Entrants of Competitors Bargaining buyers Increasing transportation cost power of

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Product life cycle:

Introduction stage:
Presently we are in introduction stage. In introduction, we are introducing only 2 SKUs. For 2kg pack we are charging premium pricing as we are providing value added services to our customers. But for 5kg pack we will charger skimming pricing as the target market of 5 kg pack are key-accounts i.e. hotels, restaurants and cafes

Growth stage:
The transition time for nestle Everyday alternate sales channel from introduction to growth will be less as it is a well known brand with already many users. In growth stage we will use the revenues to grow (market expansion) and we will increase the alternate sales channel throughout the country.

Maturity stage:
At maturity, we will introduce new SKUs like 8 gm SKU for one cup tea and other. We will use promotional strategies and provide price offs to our customers.

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As alternate sales channel of Everyday is providing in bulk quantity so the cost of packaging will be saved. On the basis of this cost reduction we will provide the new 2kg pack of Everyday tea whitener for RS. 1,040. As the packaging and promotional cost is less in this alternate sales channel so Everyday will still make high profits out of it. For 5kg pack for our key accounts the price is Rs. 2,250 because key accounts will only be our customers if we will provide them at reduced price. packaging 400g 1000g 2000g Price Rs. 225 Rs.540 Rs. 1000(suggested) 5000g Rs. 2400(suggested) 0.45 2250 Per gram cost 0.56 0.54 0.52 Price / 2kg 1120 1080 1040 Price / 5kg 2800 2700 2600

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Operational procedure:
For the operational procedure Everyday alternate sales channel, it will set SOPs (standard operating procedures) so that all the work force know the criterias to operate the business. SOPs (standard operating procedures) for Everyday tea whitener alternate sales channel Getting orders at POCs Getting Orders on phone Warehousing/ stocking Transportation/ delivery Cash term payment/ payment conditions

Getting orders at POCs:

Sales force of alternate sales channel will get orders on order filling form every time they deliver product so that they better manage the availability of product next time they visit. Every visit will be made exactly after week so orders will be taken for a weekly demand of the product.

Getting orders on phone:

Customers will be allowed to order on phone in case of extra need for Everyday tea whitener other than normal weekly orders and we will cover this extra order by additional sales staff for such orders by motorbike.

Warehousing/ stocking:
Everyday tea whitener alternate sales channel will stock product in excess of the demand for a week. Rather they will stock the SKUs for two week so in case of emergency they would able to cover the future demand.

Transportation/ delivery:
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For the transportation purpose, we will appoint distributor who is having his own vehicles and based on PJP we will deliver the demanded quantity on weekly basis.

Cash term payment/ payment conditions:

Payment conditions will be same for all and payment will be on cash basis and in case of key accounts the credit term of one week will be allowed.

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Sales Force
Sales force staff is very limited for the alternate sales channel, as the company is directly dealing with the points of consumption and the duty of sales force team is to ensure the availability of stock on the particular Point of Consumption. We have 200 Point of Consumptions in North Lahore and 200 in south region. We divide these 200 POCs in 2 different sectors with 100 Point of Consumptions each. A SKU of 2 kg will be provided at each Point of consumption according to the demand and usage the quantity can be increased. Coverage north region Coverage south region Total for 33 POCs / Sales staff 12 day for north for 33 POCs / Sales staff 12 day 66/day, 400/week for south Total POCs/ POCs/ 2 No. of vehicles 3 for north 2 No. of vehicles 3 for south Total 6

person per day

person per day

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Promotional plans:
As Everyday is not new in market and for its alternate sales channel ATL activities will be very limited. Besides for Promotional plans BTL activities will require.

Radio ads:
Radio ads will be played on famous radio stations like 89, 91, 106.2 and 107.4 in different timings of the day especially in the morning

Vending machines on cost or on installments:

We will provide vending machines or electric kettles based on the consumption pattern of the consumers on cost price and in installments.

Special discounts for key accounts

Special discounts for key accounts will be provided on the basis of quantity.

We will also do telemarketing by getting the numbers from different sources like yellow pages and mobile companies.

Ads in business magazines and newspapers

Keeping in view the target market for alternate sales channel we will give newspaper ads especially in business newspapers or business magazines

Sponsorships for events:

To develop PR we will sponsor events

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Placement structure:
Point of consumption for Northern Lahore:
The P.O.Cs of Northern Lahore have been divided into five categories namely: 1. Restaurants, 2. Businesses, 3. Banks, 4. Services Stations and 5. Others (educational institutions, hospitals, police stations, eidhi centres etc) The number of POCs we develop for North Lahore is more than 1000 but currently we are focusing on 200 of them. Rest of them will be for future reference. Remaining 800 POCs are attached separately. Here is a list of P.O.C which falls under Northern Lahore.

1. Cafe La Carte 2. Chopsticks 3. Cock 'N' Bull (Defence) 4. GoGo Restaurant 5. Khabe Restaurant 6. Kitchen Cuisine (Defence) 7. Lahore Chatkhara (Defence H) 8. Lahore Chatkhara (Defence Market) 9. Little Chef 10. Masoom's Coffee & Bake 11. NetSol Cafe 12. OPM - The Food Club 13. Peru's Cafe 14. Planet Cafe 15. Al-Nakhal (Johar Town) 16. Bread & Beyond (Defence CC) 17. Bread & Butter 18. Cafe 90 19. Cafe Forest 20. Cafe Heartbeat
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21. Cafe Pizzario 22. Cafe Senso 23. Cafe Xcess (Babar Market) 24. Cakes & Bakes (Amar Sadhu) 25. Cakes & Bakes (Architect Society) 26. Cakes & Bakes (Faisal Town) 27. Cakes & Bakes (Johar Town L) 28. Cakes & Bakes (PGECHS) 29. Cakes & Bakes (Raja Market) 30. California Grill 31. Canal Restaurant 32. Capri Halwa Puri 33. Caspian Sea 34. Chez Nur 35. Ciro's Pomodoro 36. Club Havana 37. Dream Lounge 38. English Tea House 39. Fresh Inn (Model Town Link) 40. Gloria Jean's Coffees (Defence C) 41. Gourmet Bakers (Al-Noor) 42. Gourmet Bakers (Barkat Market) 43. Gourmet Bakers (Defence Z) 44. Gourmet Bakers (Faisal Town D) 45. Gourmet Bakers (Gulberg) 46. Gourmet Bakers (Johar Town B) 47. Gourmet Bakers (Johar Town F) 48. Gourmet Bakers (Johar Town) 49. Gourmet Bakers (Model Town A) 50. Gourmet Bakers (PGECHS) 51. Gourmet Bakers (Zahoor Elahi) 52. Hot Spot (Gaddafi) 53. Jammin Java (Johar Town) 54. Lahore Grill 55. Luciano's (Ammar Belal) 56. Nando's (Defence) 57. Olive Grill 58. Pakistan Navy Officers' Mess 59. PU Students & Teachers Cafeteria 60. Ravi Kabana 61. Red Rock 62. Rehman Rajput Caterers (Johar Town) 63. Salt 'n Pepper (Faisal Town) 64. Sheikhoo Restaurant (MM Alam) 65. Shezan (Barkat Market) 66. Shezan (Liberty)

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67. Shezan Bakers (Johar Town F) 68. Silver Spoon 69. Smokies (Model Town) 70. Star Bakers (Johar Town) 71. Subway (Defence Y) 72. Tabaq (Gulberg) 73. Tai Wah 74. Taste Point (Faisal Town) 75. The Duke Restaurant and Cafe 76. The Sphinx Lounge 77. The Spice Ship 78. Veranda Bistro 79. Windmills Restaurant 80. World Fashion Cafe 81. YUM Chinese & Thai Restaurant 82. Ze Grill (Mini Golf) 83. ABN Amro (Gulberg) 84. Bank of Punjab (Defence Z) 85. Bank of Punjab (Garden Town) 86. Bank of Punjab (Johar Town A2) 87. Bank of Punjab (Johar Town G) 88. Bank of Punjab (MM Alam) 89. Bank of Punjab (Model Town Link) 90. Bank of Punjab (Model Town) 91. Citibank (Defence Z) 92. Citibank (Garden Town) 93. Citibank (Gulberg) 94. Dawood Islamic Bank (Hussain Chowk) 95. Faysal Bank (Barkat Market) 96. Faysal Bank (Defence Z) 97. Faysal Bank (Gulberg Main) 98. Faysal Bank (Johar Town G) 99. Faysal Bank (MM Alam) 100. Faysal Bank (Model Town) 101. Habib Bank (Defence S) 102. Habib Bank (Defence Z) 103. Habib Bank (Garden Town) 104. Habib Bank (Gopal Nagar) 105. Habib Bank (Guru Mangat) 106. Habib Bank (Johar Town G) 107. Habib Bank (Main Market) 108. Habib Bank (Model Town A) 109. Habib Bank (Model Town) 110. Habib Metropolitan Bank (Defence Z) 111. Habib Metropolitan Bank (Gulberg) 112. HSBC (Gulberg)

Page 25

113. HSBC (Model Town) 114. Muslim Commercial Bank (Barkat Market) 115. Muslim Commercial Bank (College Road) 116. Muslim Commercial Bank (Defence Z) 117. Muslim Commercial Bank (Faisal Town) 118. Muslim Commercial Bank (Firdaus Market) 119. Muslim Commercial Bank (Johar Town A) 120. Muslim Commercial Bank (Johar Town) 121. Muslim Commercial Bank (Main Market) 122. Muslim Commercial Bank (Model Town) 123. Muslim Commercial Bank (Qainchi) 124. Muslim Commercial Bank (Walton) 125. Muslim Commercial Bank Ltd 126. National Bank (Amar Sadhu) 127. National Bank (Barkat Market) 128. National Bank (Defence Y) 129. National Bank (Defence Z) 130. National Bank (Model Town) 131. National Bank (Punjab University) 132. National Bank (Walton) 133. Royal Bank of Scotland (Defence Y) 134. Royal Bank of Scotland (Gulberg) 135. Royal Bank of Scotland (Hussain Chowk) 136. Standard Chartered Bank (Barkat Market) 137. Standard Chartered Bank (Defence T) 138. Standard Chartered Bank (Defence Z) 139. Standard Chartered Bank (Gulberg) 140. Standard Chartered Bank (Johar Town G) 141. Standard Chartered Bank (Model Town) 142. Standard Chartered Bank (Peco Road) 143. Standard Chartered Bank (PIA Society) 144. Standard Chartered Bank (Walton) 145. Aadil Hospital 146. Abid Majeed High School 147. Achievers Guild 148. Alliance Francaise 149. Allied School (Harbanspura) 150. American International School System 151. Arif High School 152. Army Medical Complex (RA Bazar) 153. Army Public School for Boys 154. Army Public School for Girls 155. Battlefield Paintball 156. Beaconhouse National University 157. Beaconhouse School (Askari 10) 158. Cantonment General Hospital

Page 26

159. Cantonment Magistrate 160. Cantt Model High School 161. Cantt Public School 162. Cathedral Higher Secondary School 163. CIDPUSA Foundation 164. Citizen-Police Liaison Committee 165. CMH Lahore Medical College 166. Combined Military Hospital (CMH) 167. Controller of Military Accounts 168. Daewoo Terminal (Defence 1) 169. Daffodils Junior School Defence Club (Defence R) 170. Dentairecare Dental Surgery 171. Dharampura Police Station 172. Fortress Bowling Alley 173. General Post Office (Cantt) 174. Govt College for Women (Ghaziabad) 175. Govt Degree College for Women (Dharampura) 176. Govt High School (Wagah) 177. Govt High School for Girls (Tajpura) 178. Gymkhana Health Club 179. Ikram Hospital 180. Lahore American School 181. Lahore College of Arts & Sciences (Burki Campus) 182. Lahore Continental Hotel 183. Lahore Garrison Education System 184. Lahore Grande 185. Lahore Gymkhana 186. Lahore School of Economics 187. NADRA (Cantt) 188. NADRA (Defence 1) 189. NADRA (Fortress) 190. National Grammar School 191. National Hospital 192. PAF Intermediate College 193. PAF Officers Mess 194. Pakistan Customs (Wagah) 195. Punjab Secretariat 196. Qasr-e-Noor 197. RA Bazar Police Station 198. Sarai Hotel 199. Services Club 200. Services Club Banquet Hall 201. Services Club Guest House 202. Services Club Library 203. South Asia University 204. Sozo World Cinema

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205. Surgimed Hospital 206. The Lyceum 207. The Residency Hotel

Placement structure:
We have divided our northern region in six Divisions. This is done to ease our permanent journey plan for our sales personnel. Amongst our PJP we have shortlisted these locations to focus our attention on

Proper journey plan:

1st area division Defence: All blocks of defence 2nd area Gulberg : Gulberg area, barkat market 3rd division model town: Model town, faisal town, maulana shoukat ali road 4th division johar town: Jauhar town all blocks 5th division township: township, peco road and all connecting areas 6th division Wapda town: PIA society, wapda town and other areas nearby

PJP Basic plan for north region:

Our target market is well defined above according to our POCs we divide our POCs in 6 different sectors and every sector have an average 7 to 8 areas so one person should have to cover its sector in one week so in this aspect he have to cover one area per day so according to our plan 7 people a day covers 7 areas a day and through these projections they covers 200 POCs in one week.

Point of Consumption for South region:

1. Aitchison college Mall road 2. Jung office davis road

Page 28

3. GC unicersity Mall road 4. Pc hotel mall road 5. Avari mall road 6. Bank of Punjab mall road 7. Punjab university old campus mall road 8. Awan e adal mall road 9. State bank Pakistan mall road 10. Stock exchange mall road 11. Sp city mall road 12. GPO mall road 13. Holiday inn LDA road 14. Bundhu khan mall road 15. Salt & pepper mall road 16. Lahore high court mall road 17. Secretariat mall road 18. Assembly hall 19. Wapda house mall road 20. Habib bank mall road 21. National bank mall road 22. Bundhu khan mall road 23. Salt & pepper mall road 24. SNGPL office mall road 25. Alhamra hall mallroad 26. Governor house mall road 27. Zoo Lahore mall road 28. Race course park mall road 29. Jinnah library mall road 30. IG office Mall road 31. Session court mall road 32. PTCL headquarter mall road 33. JS bank mall road 34. Simba bank mall road 35. Western union mall road 36. Albaraka bank mall road 37. Alfalah bank head office mall road 38. Veternay university mall road 39. Ganga ram hospital queens road 40. Fatima Jinnah medical college queens road 41. Gold and smith queens road 42. Ubl bank urdu bazar

Page 29

43. Faysal bank biden road 44. Ptcl office biden road 45. Meo hospital anarkali 46. King Edward medical college anarkali 47. Habib bank hall road 48. Ubl bank hall road 49. The nation davis road 50. Pressclub shimla pahari 51. United bank davis road 52. National bank Pakistan davis road 53. NIB davis road 54. Public service commission office davis road 55. PIA davis road 56. Lahore college for women jail road 57. Kinnaird college jail road 58. Apwa college jail road 59. Cardiology jail road 60. Sims college jail road 61. Fmh shadman 62. Cothm school shadman 63. American lyceum 64. Asfaq hospital jail road 65. Services hospital shadman 66. Nor clinic shadman 67. Scholar college china chowk 68. Ring road office shadman 69. OMC jail road 70. Farooq hospital iqbal town 71. Sheikh zaid hospital iqbal town 72. UHS iqbal town 73. Habib metropolitan bank iqbal town 74. Post office iqbal town 75. Habib bank iqbal town 76. National bank iqbal town 77. United bank limted iqbal town 78. Standard chaterd bank iqbal bank 79. Faysal bank iqbal town 80. Mcb bank iqbal town 81. Habib bank sabzazar 82. Habib bank gulshan ravi

Page 30

83. Allied school gulshan ravi 84. American lyceum gulshan ravi 85. Interwood furniture multan road 86. Ubl bank samna bad 87. Allied bank Mustafa town 88. Standard chartered gulshan ravi 89. Haq arthopaedic hospital samnabad 90. Social security office muslim town 91. Laurel bank public school slamat poora 92. Laurel homes school salamat pura 93. LGS school link road 94. Society public school link road 95. Shalimar college Shalimar town 96. Pakistan mint Gt road 97. Bata factory Gt road 98. Interwood furniture Gt road 99. Queens college harnbanspura 100. Ghurki hospital BRB canal 101. Skyland Canal road 102. Ptcl office Gt road 103. Ptcl office 2 Gt road 104. National bank Shalimar town 105. Meezan bank daroghawala chowk 106. Alfalah bank daroghawala 107. Alfalah bank baghban pura 108. NIB bank link road 109. Virtual university link road 110. Ubl bank daroghawala chowk 111. Eastern leather sheikhupoora road 112. PNT leather sheikhupoora road 113. Royal leather sheikhupoora road 114. Honda atlas sheikhupura road 115. Faysal bank salamat pura 116. Virtual university canal bank 117. Lahore college of commerce Gt road 118. Nadra office Gt road 119. PTV office Gt road 120. Allied bank bund road 121. Ubl bank bund road 122. Ubl bank shadbagh

Page 31

123. 124. 125. 126. 127. 128. 129. 130. 131. 132. 133. 134. 135. 136. 137. 138. 139. 140. 141. 142. 143. 144. 145. 146. 147. 148. 149. 150. 151. 152. 153. 154. 155. 156. 157. 158. 159. 160. 161. 162.

Ptcl office shadbagh Allied school shadbagh Lasani restaurant mcleod road Tabaq mcleod road Nadra office abbott road Dunya tv Abbott road Passport office abbott road Allied bank abbott road Wordcall office abbott road Wateen office abbott road Shaheen complex abbott road Faysal bank ravi road Bank alfalah shahdarah Lady valingdon hospital ravi road Shezan factory multan road Masterpaint multan road Benz factory multan road Toyata factory multan road Pak hero multan road Super asia multan Lahore hotel mcleod road Allied bank mcleod road Faysal bank mcleod road Standard charterd bank mcleod road Queen marry college garhi shah Convent of jesus and marry garhi shahu Pujab college of computer sciences garhi shahu Quaid college garhi shahu Saradar riaz college garhi shahu Islamia college civil lines Islamia college cooper road Islamia college railway road Lurel bank public school Gt road Diyal singh college lakshmi chowk MAO college secretariat Punjab college ichra Punjab college harbanspoora Allied school shadbagh Comprehensive school ghoray shah St Anthony school shimla pahari

Page 32

163. 164. 165. 166. 167. 168. 169. 170. 171. 172. 173. 174. 175. 176. 177. 178. 179. 180. 181. 182. 183. 184. 185. 186. 187. 188. 189. 190. 191. 192. 193. 194. 195. 196. 197. 198. 199. 200. 201. 202.

Naml university alhamra hall Punjab university campus road Punjab group of colleges ichra Punjab law college muslim town Science college wahadat road Ambassador hotel davis road Royal palm canal road Bakhtawar hotel abbot road Lasani hotel lakshmi chowk Dera hotel montgoomry road Chamber of commerece china chowk Family hospital safon wala chowk Yasir browst chaburji Food street anarkali Food street badshahi mosque Cookoos restaurant badshahi mosque Ravi chargha minar e Pakistan Punjab medical and dental college and hospital azam market Uet Lahore Gt road Warid office near haji camp Railway headquarters Empress tower shimla pahari Awan e iqbal opposite holiday inn Omer hospital hospital jail road Hailey college jain mandir HBL data sahib Mobilink head office jail road Railway station CCPO queens road AIG insurance queens road Adam g canal road Roznama Sama canal road Roznama Masawat davis road Habib metropolitan bank bilal ganj National bank data sahib UBL bank badami bagh Honda display centre multan road SNGPL jia moosa Wapda office lakshmi chowk The educators Pakistan mint

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Proper journey plan for south region:

1st area division mall road: Davis road, LDA road, queens road, main mall road, anarkali, urdu bazaar, shimla pahari 2nd area railway station : Abbot road, lakshmi chowk, mintgumri road, biden road, haji camp,railway headquarters 3rd division Iqbal town: Multan road, iqbal town, samnabad, gulshan ravi, muslim town, campus road, Wahdat road , ichra, canal road, 4th division data sab sector: Ravi road, shahdara, data sab, bilal ganj, minaret Pakistan, session court, choburji, jain mandar, 5th division jail road: Shadman, jailroad, mazang, china chowk, race course, Jinnah garden, 6th division Shalimar town: Darogahawala ,G.T road band road, harbanspura, BRB canal, mughalpura link road , shadbagh,

PJP Basic plan:

Our target market is well defined above according to our POCs we divide our POCs in 6 different sectors and every sector have an average 7 to 8 areas so one person should have to cover its sector in one week so in this aspect he have to cover one area per day so according to our plan 7 people a day covers 7 areas a day and through these projections they covers 200 POCs in one week.

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