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Karu Jayasuriya M.P.

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Brief Notes on the Press Conference of 15th August 2012 - Hon. Karu Jayasuriya 1. With the announcement of the Provincial Council Elections the Government is highly sympathetic about the masses. 2. The Government sheds crocodile tears whenever there is an election. 3. Accordingly the Government took steps to reduce the prices of many consumer items. 4. The Government has failed in its attempt to hoodwink people. 5. Once again the Government is compelled to increase the import duty of Potatoes and Bombay Onions. 6. The Government is taking all these measures not to safe guard the Potato farmer and paddy farmer. 7. Due to corruption and malpractices within the administration of the Government. 8. Corruption and malpractices are unprecedented. There is no body accountable. 9. Look at the hedging agreement. Is it a simple amount? It involves several millions of rupees. A tremendous service could have been done for the welfare of the people. 10. Medicine for hospitals, new houses, school books, clothes and various other benefits could have been given to our people. 11. Now we pay this money to foreign banks. 12. Hedging is a system which has to be adopted scientifically. This is being done as a cover where large scale price changes occur. 13. This is a practice adopted worldwide. 14. But in Sri Lanka it was a gamble. When I was actively engaged in the private sector, we have obtained hedging cover in transaction for rubber and sugar.

15. Who is accountable for importing substandard diesel and petrol? Large amounts of money have been wasted and damage caused to vehicles is enormous. There are no remedies to these. Committees are being appointed. There are interdictions. Then they forget everything and the same mistake is repeated. 16. Who is accountable for the present condition of the Norochchalai power plant and the hardships the people undergo? The present Minister of Power and Energy has explained the current operation and the defects of the plant. Someone should take the responsibility for this wasteful purchase. 17. In the year 2002 we succeeded in supplying undisturbed supply of power, ending 8 hour power cuts and brought solace to people. 18. Day to day life of people is in disarray. This had become another affliction for the people who struggle to make a living. 19. It was reported in the media that Mr. Thilak Karunaratne, Chairman of the CSE is resigning, as some higher ups are expecting his resignation. He is an honest person. Previously, Mrs. Indrani Sugathadasa, a former Chairman, resigned as she could not go against her conscience. It is our duty to protect the EPF Funds of innocent workers. 20. Hambantota port, which was built without proper study has become a white elephant. Public funds were used for this project. Poor masses have to pay debts. Colossal amounts of funds were wasted for Suriyawewa Stadium, due to political influence. Cricket Board is going through a severe cash flow problem due to this waste all these wasteful activities have been carried out to boost the political image. 21. Recently President Mahinda Rajapaksa himself stated in Kandy, although the Government endeavours to stop fraud, corruption and malpractices it is rather difficult to stop these practices. 22. President has told that he needs public support to stop these. 23. What is apparent by this request? 24. Those who are in the Government are fleecing public funds. 25. The Government is unable to stop this. 26. The police and other authorities are not allowed to bring the corrupt officers or other accountable to arrest or bring them before the law. 27. We accept that the Inspector General of Police is an honest officer.

28. The Police and the Public Servants are unable to perform their duties diligently due to a mafia which has taken the political power unto themselves. We condemn the attempt to interfere in the judiciary. 29. The Court has issued summons to arrest 26 persons who are suspects of the attack on Magistrate Courts Manner. 30. This attack took place on 18th July. Almost a month bas elapsed. The Police say that they are unable to arrest as the investigations are not over. 31. The Police arrest the workers, university students, student leaders who agitate peacefully for their rights. The police can take into custody in double quick time, the employees including, female workers who prepares tea, of a website which profess a dissenting view. 32. Force is being used on police preventing the arrest of political henchmen. 33. Instead of one law for one country, there are two different laws for two groups in one country. 34. The President says he needs the support of the public to stop fraud and corruption in the country. 35. We introduced the draft of the Right to Information Act to the Parliament to prepare the legal background to enable people to know the activities of the Government. 36. Today the reason why the Government destroyed this draft act is proved openly. 37. This is why we said that the Government destroyed the draft act under the cover of the unlimited powers endowed on the President from the 18th amendment and the 2/3 majority of the Parliament since there are thing to hide from the masses. 38. So we say that there is enough public support today, yet due to interference of the Government and hiding of information, justice is not being implemented. 39. We reiterate that if the President has a genuine need to stop malpractices and crimes, he should restore the 17th amendment which was destroyed by the President. 40. Give the right to information to the people, which is being implemented in 90 countries around the world. Then you can see the difference. The powers of the Government should realize that they cannot deceive people forever by shedding crocodile tears. Karu Jayasuriya M.P. United National Party