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Spiritual Travelers, Red in this text represents Life In just a few days, Revolve Evolve 2012 will take

e place. A number of people have asked, What is Revolve Evolve 2012? Initially, as it was envisioned using Dr. Beckwiths Life Visioning Process, Revolve Evolve 2012 began with the idea of revolving around the essence of you, the essence of the individual. Stating this in another way, it is receiving, knowing the vision for your life, and then you Revolve around this idea, this vision of your perfect life, your intended life. Your Revolve could be your coming back to the idea of your Authentic Self over and over again in the course of a moment, a minute, an hour, a day, a week, a month, a year, or a lifetime. Dr. Rickie Byars Beckwith and the Agape International Choir sing a song entitled, Return to Me. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, in commenting on this song, said that each time you take a breath you can return to your Original Self, your Authentic Self. He made this statement as he was preparing to preach a sermon in his series celebrating the 25th anniversary of Agape. The series was entitled, Vision Quest. His statement in the sermon was that we are not here to get something from the world/universe, but to deliver something to the world/universe. We have a gift, a state of being-ness, that we are, and each person, as they discover that vision of being, is to deliver that gift to the world. The Re-Turn to your Authentic Self is another way of understanding the Revolve Evolve idea. It is the idea that there is an Authentic Self. The Authentic Person that you really are. As you Revolve around this idea, that you are, in the heart of Spirit, through Spirit, and as Spirit, you Evolve, to the next level of awareness, of consciousness. As you Evolve to the next level of consciousness, you then Revolve around this idea of the ever evolving, the ever becoming, the ever expanding you. You then are becoming more yourself with each Revolve, with each Evolve. Revolve Evolve 2012 has the intent of creating an environment in which an individual who has caught a glimpse of their Authentic Self, is able to take a quantum leap in their evolutionary process, their evolutionary journey. In ACIM this is called a holy instant, in the biblical tradition it has to do with the fact that before you call, the answer is already present, in the words of great mystics of today, it has to do with living in the now moment, in the tradition of the mystics of old, it is the recognition that there is only now. This is the idea of Revolve Evolve. It is the idea of the upward spiral of the DNA helix

it is the idea of the idea of our being Re-

earth Revolving Around the Sun, it is the Birthed, or our moving from Life to Life, as

the Egyptians, the Vikings and the Ancient Chinese believed and taught. It is the idea that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and that each of these experiences is a Revolve, a Do Again type experience in which we are growing more and more aware of our God-Self, our Spirit-Self, our Real Essence. Revolve Evolve has the intent that this would be more than an idea to you, it will be an experience, a quantum leap experience of Evolution. Blessings of Peace and Love, Dr. Dennis L. Waters, Sr. Invite your friends and family to register for Revolve Evolve 2012 at