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--- Legend Release Notes ---

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01/08/2012 Ben Mathers 10.9.9 Service Pack 12 Legend Suite

10.9.9 Service Pack 12

1. Ref #1909 Invoice inventory and GL code configuration Issue: Unable to set inventory item and GL code for inventory transactions. Solution: Two new configuration items have been added in Control Panel > Global Settings > POS tab, named; Inventory for Invoice transaction in FOH GL code for invoice transaction in FOH Both settings allow one inventory and on GL code to be set against invoices in FOH. This item is also linked to issue #1809 Invoice inventory item 2. Ref #1887 Inventory group fix Issue: If a client has greater than 32000 inventory items it is not possible to set them against a POS button as the drop down option will not load all items. Solution: The drop down has been changed to load inventory items in a new window, which can then be selected and assigned to a POS button. 3. Ref #1289 Various Control Panel user interface changes Amendments: Optional and Automatic discounts tab on inventory item has had the column widths altered to fit into the form and allow for improved reading of values. Agreement type, agreement price and selling period on the inventory discount form have been sorted alphabetically. Selling period on the inventory price form has also been sorted alphabetically. Inventory form has had the column widths altered for better reading, ensuring all content fits into the column width. Selecting an inventory item and hitting enter on the inventory form used to close the form; it now opens the selected inventory item. Inventory Item and Inventory description fields in the General tab of an inventory item used to only accept 20 and 25 characters, they now accept 25 and 50.

Highlighting an agreement and then clicking on the close button used to open up the agreement in the agreement form, clicking the close button now closes the form. The tab order was out of order in the payment tab of the workstation settings, this has been corrected to tab in the correct order. The permissions and ID columns in security tokens have been amended to allow for an increased view and ease of reading. Accounting number text box has been added to the Club Settings > Club Details tab. Inventory Detail has been redesigned to allow for larger drop down boxes. Width of receipt message box has been increased on the inventory detail form. Cost Centre identifier text box has been added to Data > Cost Centre and accepts alphanumeric values and checks for duplicates.

1. Ref #1906 Cant change user in FOH by swiping Issue: Swiping a FOH user added the user to the passport and as a member swipe rather than changing the user in FOH. Solution: The correct account is now logged into FOH when swiping users. 2. Ref #1899 Add member to class from waiting list Issue: In certain cases, FOH opens bookings when moving a member from the waiting list to a class. Solution: The member will now be moved directly into the class from the waiting list. 3. Ref #1664 Multiple invoicing lines being created Issue: Multiple lines were being added to the description for invoices created from billing items in FOH. Solution: Multiple lines are no longer being added to the description for invoices created in FOH. 4. Ref #1809 Invoice inventory item Issue: As an invoice is created without an associated inventory item it does not show in the category summary report, yet the totals include the value of the invoice. Solution: #1909 has added two new configuration items to enable invoices to show correctly in the category summary report. The invoice will show under the newly created category and inventory item. 5. Ref #1964 Courses not displaying correctly in FOH Issue: When looking at course in FOH it shows the name of the activity used to create the course rather than the course name itself. Solution: FOH will now show the name of the course and then the man category and sub category for consistency across FOH and the bookings application. 6. Ref #1966 Sales voucher error Issue: A run time error showed in certain cases when using a sales voucher. Solution: The creation and use of sales vouchers in Control Panel and FOH has now been resolved.

1. Ref #1871 Online charges Issue: The configuration setting 'SingleDiscountOnlySetting was not being used for online booking charges. In certain cases this meant that the price charged was incorrect. Solution: The setting is now taken into account when calculating discounts for bookings online so the final price charged will be correct. 2. Ref #2082 Non-member barcodes not appearing Issue: The non-member barcodes were not appearing in emails sent to outlook and possibly other email clients. The reason being is that some email clients were adding characters to the image URL which meant that the image was not being loaded. Solution: The image is now created without any additional characters and the barcode will now be shown, can be printed and scanned by a barcode reader.

1. Ref #1853 Issue disabling sports hall and classes on mobile Issue: The configuration settings to turn on/off the sports hall and classes for the mobile application were not being saved correctly. Solution: The configuration items are now being saved correctly and hence the desired result appears in the mobile application. 2. Ref #1913 Detecting mobile browser for reporting Issue: Certain new mobile devices were not being detected, which in turn didnt show the correct values in the report. Solution: The latest mobile devices have now been added for detection which will now show correctly in the online booking reports. 3. Ref #1895 Calendar subscription on mobile bookings Issue: When subscribing to the calendar there is sometimes and issue with the time zones and bookings appear at the wrong time. Solution: Bookings now appear at the correct time on the calendar.

1. Ref #1902 Credit card detail removal Issue: There is no way of removing members credit card token. Solution: A new button has been added to MM > Payments tab named Delete Credit Card. The button will be disabled if the member either does not have credit card details or the user does not have the new security token; MM_CREDITCARD_DELETE. Upon clicking the delete button confirmation will be requested and success or failure will be confirmed. 2. Ref #1289 ALT code against corporate sponsors Issue: It was possible to save an ALT code against multiple corporate sponsors, which could cause issues. Solution: Upon attempting to save an ALT code that is already in use the user will be prompted to select an alternative code.

3. Ref #2057 Invalid characters being saved in account details field Issue: Bank account digits being saved incorrectly in Membership Management account details, the bank account details are also greyed out. Solution: The digits are now being saved correctly and with the correct security tokens the user should be able to amend. 4. Ref #2049 Order of corporate sponsors Issue: The order of corporate sponsors in Membership management is unordered; this has been causing issues with people adding duplicates because the original cant be found. Solution: The corporate sponsor list is now ordered alphabetically by name. 5. Ref #1772 Balances not matching Issue: Membership management did not exclude DD advance charges for members; this created a discrepancy between MM and FOH. Solution: A new setting has been added to the Control Panel > Global Settings > Additional 1 > Exclude Adv. (DD) charges from outstanding balance which will keep FOH and MM balances the same.

1. Ref #1902 Reservation schedule form Issue: The sector drop down box was being partially hidden by the form below it. Solution: The sector drop down now shows on top of the form below it which enables the user to set a sector against the booking. 2. Ref #1958 Booking database performance Issue: After the release of FP8 it emerged that there was a performance issue with making bookings causing issues with bookings not being completed. Solution: The performance has been restored, bookings should now be completing. This issue was resolved directly after the release.

1. Ref #1801 Category Summary error Issue: The report showed and error if either the inventory item or GL code name included too many characters. Solution: The report now handles the maximum number of characters that both fields can take. 2. Ref #1249 Online signup report issue Issue: The report uses default GL codes so when names are altered the report has a variance in the totals. Solution: The report has been altered to use different GL codes and there will now be no variance between the totals.