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Supply Chain Management

Presentation Date: As communicated in class

Group Case Presentation

Weightage: 10%
Prof. (Dr.) Manoj K Srivastava

How to Present:

Prepare a power point presentation related to the case, where Supply Chain Management perspective is highlighted more. Focus should be primarily about Supply Chains
Major Issues in Upstream, Internal and Downstream side Integration initiatives among members Strategic and design issues specific to industry Demand Management and Customer service dimensions Location strategy Information visibility and Sharing Performance Measurement issues Procurement and Supplier management issues Transportation and Warehouse E-initiatives together with Technology and other related issues.
These are mere guidelines, those which will help you to plan your presentation better, but as such they are not the bar on your creativity.

Each slide must clearly convey the learning from supply chain managers point of view and should not discuss mere facts mentioned in the case. Only one or two dense slides may be made to show them for the sake. Highlight more, the managerial implications from the facts. Give proper references either at the bottom of each slide or at the end of presentation.

Send your presentation immediately to the prof. at his e-mail:

A fifteen minute presentation must be done to show coherence among team members, about the learning from the case and contribution in tandem to the questions faced. Not More than 15 slides in any case for this 15-min presentation. The purpose is to convey managerial learning from the case and this should be conveyed to the class in most effective and interesting manner. Just reading slides from screen must be strictly avoided. Though it is not compulsory, but preferred if all the group members are presenting the case in class. Videos, simulations, role plays may be incorporated to strengthen the presentation, but do not let them overshadow human cognitive ingredients.

Evaluation Scheme:
Marks are awarded as per the scheme shown below:

Presentation Content
(Critical Analysis, Managerial Implications, Innovativeness, Key learnings, mapping case with theoretical concepts taught )

: :

7 Marks 3 Marks

Presentation Way
(Group Coherence, Facing questions, class attention)

All the members of group will get same marks, other than those who are missing this presentation. There is no chance for missed presentation, so ensure your presence on the day.

AllocAted Group No., cAse ANd preseNtAtioN dAte

Jul 2012 S 1 8 M 2 9 T 3 W 4 T 5 F 6 S 7 5
6 7

Aug 2012 S M T W T 1

Sep 2012 F 3 S 4 S 30 2 3 4 5 6 7 M T W T F S 1 8


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Group-01 20 Jul 2012

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