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HP DesignJet Technical Training Advanced Training: Module 2.CP

HP DesignJet CP Series Printers

System Architecture: Electronics

HP Internal

This module last updated: 3- Dec-98

Electronics: Objectives This module gives a functional overview (the same as in the Basic Module 1.CP.c), and then gives the main points related to the electronics module, the hard disk drive and the SIMMs.

Electronics: Contents


1. Functional Overview 2. Electronics Module 3. Hard Disk Drive 4. SIMMs 5. DJ2X00CP Firmware History 6. Firmware upgrade strategy

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1. Functional Overview
Z-axis stepper X-axis stepper SVS Interconnect PCA Front Panel Primer stepper Trailing Cable Carriage PCA T sensor Humidity sensor

Refill stepper Elevator stepper

Bail stepper

Refill Interconnect PCA



Y-axis motor
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SIMMs X-axis motor Electronics Module


Functional Overview

2. Electronics Module
l Same for all HP DesignJet
HP DesignJet 3000CP Series only: different parts due to the printers extra width


CP printers. l Electronics module spare part assembly does not include: SIMMs MIO card hard disk

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Electronics module

Electronics Module
Most of the electronics used by the printer are located in the electronics module. This enables the electronics to be repaired simply by replacing the whole module. A new electronics module consists of the following: main PCA power supply unit (PSU) cooling fan Components which are not supplied with a new electronics module are: hard disk drive (HP DesignJet 2500CP and 3500CP printers only) MIO card (supports LAN connectivity) flash SIMMs (firmware) RAM SIMMs (memory modules)

3. Hard Disk Drive

HP DesignJet 2500CP and 3500CP printers only
l 4.3 GB capacity l For file queuing, file
Hard disk drive


processing and PostScript font storage. (For more details, see Postscript training module)
l Orderable as a separate


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Hard Disk Drive

4. SIMMs
l User-installable l Slot numbers:
Slot Number

1 2 3 4

1 2 3 4

Firmware SIMM Postscript SIMM DRAM memory module DRAM memory module

Push horizontally to final position

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45-degree angle of entry

5. DJ2X00CP Firmware History

A.01.05 A.01.07 A.02.08 A.02.16 A.04.05


Product introduction Spring97

UV inks support introduction Fall97

IDS troubleshooting improvement: new front panel messages

Current Firmware release at Nov98

Same SIMM module for all the CP platform
TUR support DJ2X00CP Refill types leverage DJ2X00CP Nesting spacing option

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6. Firmware upgrade strategy


A.04.05 release common for all HP DesignJet CP printers. Firmware deployment: r me DJ2000CP & DJ3000CP: sto ble Cu alla t FW kit includes 1 SIMM + instructions ins DJ2500CP & DJ3500CP: FW Kit includes 2 SIMM (FW+PS 8.1.01 ) + instructions
DJ2000CP DJ3000CP DJ2500CP DJ3500CP

n atio s tall Ins ruction inst

n atio s tall Ins uction str in

Kit FW

Kit FW

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NOTE: The connectivity CD-ROM (C6240-60011) containing UV color maps has been removed from the kit but it is still available as a separate spare part in case is needed