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iate with which conuitions change, the contiibutois ieseive the iight to altei anu
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EARNINCS DISCLAIMER: Actual iesults may vaiy with the use of this piouuct. No
expiess oi implieu guaiantees of income aie maue when puichasing this book.
It's 2.S8am anu I'm ecstatic!!!
Befoie knocking off to beu I wanteu to have a quick peep at my website stats as I've
been uoing some owesome stuff lately . anu guess what.
I've just hit 9S,2S7 vlxltorx ln u Juy.
Ciazy I know . anu now I'm not going to get any sleep as I'm so exciteu anu heie I
am telling you about it.
Wont to know bow l JiJ it?
I uiu it all witbout Auwoius, SE0, Aiticle Wiiting, Neuia Buys, Blogging, Social
Bookmaiking, Link Builuing, }oint ventuie Paitneis, Auswaps. the usual tiauitional
methous eveiyone talks about.
I thought I'u nevei see this uay. but I just witnesseu it fiist hanu anu the feeling is
just amazing.
95,237 visitors in a DAY!
I mean . can you even uo that with any of the techniques mentioneu above.
Well . you can if you hau insiuei connections, jv paitneis anu a lot of money foi
meuia buys but otheiwise . N0!
But I'm going to tell you how I uiu it anu foi this you'll neeu to keep an open minu
anu think 'outsiue' the box. If you can, then caiiy on ieauing .
Foiget what anyone has tolu you in the past . anu ieau this iepoit. I belleve it coulu
change youi life foi the bettei as I'm going to give you the exact system to how I
maue it possible.
Back in the uays I was geneiating 1u visitois a uay, then a 1uu visitois, then 1,uuu
anu now I'm hitting 1uu,uuu visitois all without any effoit on my pait.
I was maue to believe SE0, linking builuing, Auwoius, PPC, social bookmaiking,
blogging etc was the B0LY giail to geneiating tiaffic (visitois) until I leaint this
I founu a tiaffic souice, well . tiaffic sources that hau haiuly ony iules anu an
lnxune amount of tiaffic on uemanu . Anu with this . I uiun't neeu to woiiy about
the uoogle slap oi even if at any stage ANY seaich engine changeu theii algoiithms.
I wasn't uepenuent anymoie... I became inuepenuent.
All I hau to woiiy about then was . shall I make 'some' money touay.
Seiiously . as all it took was S simple steps.
Step 1 - Wbot om l qoinq to promote
Step 2 - Bo tbe reseorcb
Step S - SenJ trofjic on JemonJ
Tbat's it!
I have nevei in my entire caieei of inteinet maiketing seen anything so simple yet so
powerfully effective.
I can get so much tiaffic to my sites that I have now 'officially' joineu the, lexx thun
1% lnternet FII1F, which incluues the multi million uollai coipoiations anu the jet-
setting, lavishing 'playeis' of the inteinet woilu.
The main uiffeiences between us aie, I woik fiom home, have no employees, no
luxuiy office anu no ieal woikstation. I'm wiiting this iepoit in beu using a laptop at
the Lonuon Naiiiott hotel.
To be fiank, I've just got back fiom vegas. I'm flying out to Washington BC shoitly
then lanuing in Cypius the following month then Spain soon aftei. So I've nevei
ieally neeueu a ieal woikstation oi an office.
Bon't think I'm boasting about this, as I'm not. I'm nevei again going to sit behinu a
uesk, tap away at the keyboaiu anu woik BARB foi tiaffic the 'tiauitional' way. No!
I useJ to uo that .
The way I'm getting tiaffic (visitois) now to my sites is what's paying foi not just the
holiuays but foi eveiything else anu it's insane. Nevei uiu I evei imagine I woulu be
uoing this but I love tiaveling, actually no . I hate the planes but I love seeing
uiffeient countiies anu cultuie.
Befoie it WAS just a pipeline uieam. but not any moie.
Anywoys .
I'm going to level with you anu be up fiont . the inteinet can be a complicateu anu
fiustiating place especially if you uon't know what you'ie uoing oi if you'ie just
staiting out. I believe anu unueistanu this as that's exactly how I staiteu out. Not
knowing anything.
I know at times we feel like packing it in anu getting a ieal job. But tiust me . the
fieeuom the inteinet has 'pioviueu' me is unquestionable. I woulu nevei tiaue it foi
a job, ever!!
You just can't get this level of fieeuom fiom a job oi even fiom an offline business as
youi piesence is iequiieu 1uu% of the time. Without you being piesent, it uoesn't
woik. But with the inteinet it's uiffeient anu I'm going to piove it to you in this
Fiist off . I want you to cleai youi minu of all the teachings you've hau to uate, if
any, about making money oi geneiating online. As touay I'm going to show you why
you neeu to uitch the 'tiauitional' methous anu woik 00TSIBE the box.
So heie we go.
Biu you know the seaich engines covei about 2u% of the maiket online anu have so
many iules anu ieu tape in place that getting staiteu is somewhat impossible anu
6ooqle Slop, expensive biJs, seorcb enqine olqoritbm cbonqes, limiteJ trofjic, jierce
competition . just to nome o few!
So in this iepoit I'm N0T going to be talking about uoogle", Yahoo" oi Bing" oi the
usual 'uiama' of iehasheu techniques. What I'll be uoing insteau is talk about the
other 803 that no one ieally knows oi openly talks about. The one that eliminotes
every rulebook CUMPLETELY anu goes ACAINST the *stanuaius* of making money
Anu why uoesn't anyone talk about it.
Because it's a *seciet* ANB it's much EASIER and more REWARDINC. and I'm
going to prove it to you!
Now if you have ony level of expeiience about getting tiaffic you woulu cleaily know
the above rusb of tiaffic uoesn't come oveinight fiom SE0, link builuing, aiticle
wiiting, blogging oi social bookmaiking. You'll uefinitely neeu an aimy of woikeis
ANB you'll eventually get slappeu by uoogle" natuially too foi coming too fast. It can
possibly come fiom Neuia Buys & Auwoius but be preporeJ to foik out a L0T of
money. Anu I mean A L0T of money!!
0kay so now let me explain what happeneu befoie anu aftei .
BEFURE: The oiiginal tiaffic I was geneiating was minimal anu was coming fiom
SE0, blogging, aiticle wiiting, link builuing, social bookmaiking etc. I'm coveiing
ovei Suu keywoius . yes that's coiiect, over Suu keywoius. Content has been
wiitten foi all those inuiviuual keywoius anu believe me when I say a lot of woik.
You'll notice I was aveiaging 4,uuu visitois a uay with a minimum of 2S1 visitois a
uay. It went as high as 8,uuu but it ietuineu so something on the inteinet happeneu
that uay to my website. like a lot moie people wanteu the piouuct anu went online
to seaich foi it. You will also notice the tiaffic is limiteu. All in all, I was aveiaging out
4,uuu visitois a uay.
Anu now foi the afteimath.
AFTER: The tiaffic (visitois) went as BIuB as 9S,2S7 visitois a uay. That's neaily
1uu,uuu visitois in a BAY. Then it uiops as you can see anu heie's the ieason foi that.
The business we weie senuing tiaffic to calleu us up anu C0NPLAINEB!! I'm seiious,
they actually calleu me on my cell anu saiu 'STUP Wbatever You're Doing, We
Can't Keep Up!'
So we hau to pull the plug a little.
Bow ciazy is that. You finally leain to get iapiu mass tiaffic anu the company calls
anu complains! Weiiuos.
Anyway I wanteu to show you the *exact* pioof of what happeneu when I useu this
new system. A tiaffic system no one talks about . oi even woise, many uon't even
know it exists.
I'm suie you coulu be thinking 'someone' must know . well to be honest . many
uon't. The 0NLY people that aie using it effectively aie people you heai 'get iich'
stoiies about. 0ften it's a myth but now I've expeiienceu it fiist hanu!
Anyway as you can see on S1
Becembei I was geneiating 2S1 visitois a uay. By 1u
Febiuaiy I was uoing just unuei 1uu,uuu visitois. Amazing iight.
But what if I tolu you I uiu it all WITB00T uoogle", Yahoo" anu Bing".
Now what if I tolu you I uiu it without Auwoius, SE0, Aiticle Wiiting, Neuia Buys,
Blogging, Social Bookmaiking, Link Builuing, }oint ventuie Paitneis, Auswaps. oi
the usual 'tiauitional' techniques you heai people gossiping about.
It's TR0E . anu it was all uone without any of the above.
Anu heie's the pioof below to the money I was making.
ueneiating 1uu,uuu visitois PER BAY is one thing, but the money I was making fiom
this system left 'many' big name maiketeis SPEECBLESS .
Tbat's S184,195.00 IN UNE MUNTH. But Don't Let Tbe Big Numbers Scare You!
It's easy to look at numbeis like these anu wiite them off by saying:
"Well of course you con qenerote numbers like tbese . youre olreoJy on
You coulu say that . but you'ie completely wiong anu heie's why.
I saw the mouel anu it suiely was inteiesting. But I hau to RIP IT APART anu put it
back togethei, making each piece easier, faster and more effective.
Sounus too goou to be tiue. Still not convinceu.
Well . let me intiouuce uieg.
uieg giew up in Pennsylvania (PA), woiking ouu jobs at faims. We oiiginally met
back in 2uu7 at an event. Be was an absolute newbie anu when I say newbie I mean
just TBAT! Be uiun't have the slightest clue how to geneiate tiaffic oi even make
money foi that mattei.
Be was the kinu of guy who uiun't even know what tiaffic was. Seiiously, you hau to
explain what tiaffic was. Be assumeu it was 'cai tiaffic' on the ioaus.!. Yes . he was
that kinu of newbie.
Be tiieu eveiything unuei the sun like SE0, Auwoius, link builuing, aiticle wiiting,
blogging etc . Twittei uiun't exist anu Social bookmaiking was just beginning in
those uays. Not only that, he subsciibeu to eveiyone's newslettei . so you can
imagine how mony people he was listening to.
Be tiieu haiu anu I meon uamn haiu. Be tiieu eveiything!! Be coulun't make the
'tiauitional' inteinet maiketing stiategies woik foi himself (it wasn't foi lack of
effoit that's foi suie. he tiieu REALLY haiu).
Be faileu miserobly at uoogle" Auwoius. Be also tiieu SE0 (Seaich Engine
0ptimization), which at fiist seemeu gieat because it was fiee . but then it seemeu
so complicateu he just coulun't get his heau aiounu it (shoit attention span, like
many of us have online).
0n top of that, he uiun't have money to test, he hau no guiu connections, no lists, no
nothing. Somewhat similai to wheie you aie iight now.
But he always saw othei people 'making' it anu he KNEW the money was out theie .
he just uiun't get why it wasn't woiking foi him.
Be'u enu up questioning himself, wonueiing -
"Eow con l, just stortinq out, succeeJ online?"
Be wanteu something he coulu quickly wiap his heau aiounu anu actually
UNDERSTAND and APPLY lnxtuntly anu make money.
Be still kept tiying the same techniques anu stiategies eveiyone was talking about,
hoping foi a miiacle to happen. But he kinua figuieu out ... YEARS woulu go by anu
he'u still be woiking ouu jobs on the faim, enough to suivive off.
Anu that's what you'ie piobably uoing iight now, listening to eveiyone's tiauitional
tiaffic methous, the ones that take foievei to leain anu take foievei to make any ieal
money fiom.
You believe the holy giail is SE0 as }ack anu }ill aie talking about it. You believe its
Auwoius as Naiy }ane anu Nike aie also talking about it. I mean they can't ALL be
wiong. iight.
Well let me tell you what happeneu to uieg when he stoppeu listening to the 'ciowu'
anu uiscoveieu something else. Sometbing so simple yet aggressively profitable.
It was in iaw foimat though . in no specific oiuei oi steps whatsoevei.
Be hau nothing to lose anu without hesitation he switcheu geais C0NPLETELY. anu
fiom that moment on, he NEvER lookeu back.
But why am I telling you this.
Well uieg was just like Y00 anu me when he staiteu out. Be was a nobouy anu even I
was a nobouy. 0ntil it clickeu, we became somebouy anu T0BAY you aie going to get
the same oppoitunity to become somebouy.
Now this is what happeneu AFTER he leaint the new technique...
The followinq month he uiu this.
uoing on to uo this .
Uver S1.2 million dollars!!
Anu this was uone with the same tiaffic technique I'm going to be ievealing to you
shoitly. Not the noim eveiyone talks about.
Tiaffic anu money is one thing foi suie . but 'eveiyone' says it's impoitant to builu a
list foi the long iun (wbicb is 1003 true) so heie's the list he built too.
Uver ,000+ subscribers generated as a result of taking a MASSIVELY
different approacb to traffic generation.
Anu you want to know the ieason foi his success . . Be walkeu away fiom the
tiauitional tiaffic geneiation steps eveiyone was talking about (thinking 00TSIBE of
the box).
Competition is fieice as you know it. Whethei SE0, Auwoius, linking builuing,
wiiting aiticles anu uistiibuting them oi even blogging. Bow long befoie uoogle"
ue-ianks youi website listings. Bow long befoie youi competitois outiight biu you
in $1u spikes.
I saw the vast 'untappeu' potential in the tiaffic souice so uieg anu I got on the
phone anu spoke about this. Be shaieu some tips with me . anu I went away, iippeu
the whole piocess apait anu then.
*Took It To A Wbole NEW Level*
I left him SPEECBLESS to say the least.
To be honest, this iapiu mass tiaffic geneiating piocess can woik foi all skill levels .
I know this because it woikeu foi uieg as his main skill sets weie woiking on a faim.
Seiiously no joke . he was the 'auhoc' faim boy. So imagine the skills he hau.
This whole piocess is going to be explaineu to you in uetail so that Y00 can use it
immeuiately .
It has nothing to uo with uoogle" AuWoius oi any foim of Seaich Engine
0ptimization. Results aie FAST, but also S0STAINABLE anu uieg staiteu uoing it as a
beginnei (eveiyone has to stait somewheie).
In othei woius . geneiating tiaffic like this
Is NUT 'blackhat' oi 'a tiick' that will woik one uay anu stop woiking the
It's NUT complicoteJ like Pay Pei Click (uoogle" AuWoius) oi bigb risk like
Neuia Buying.
It's NUT something you neeu to take forever leaining . that just isn't
necessaiy. You will leain the whole piocess AND apply it witbin houis!!
ln essence, this piocess takes the most uifficult anu fiustiating pioblems of
geneiating tiaffic online.. to an absolute ZERU!
Tbere ore mony issues witb qenerotinq trofjic tbe troJitionol woy .
Traffic Problem #1: Too ExpensiveJToo Mucb Competition
The fiist pioblem with paying foi tiaffic is, it's T00 expensive. Eveiyone anu theii
gianumothei aie in that same niche biuuing away. Raising piices anu cutting each
otheis thioats in the piocess. Even the ones that uon't have a clue what they'ie
uoing, they'ie in theie too. Take a look at this.
uoogle" estimates that if you weie to auveitise foi the keywoiu phiase "auto
insuiance quotes" you woulu be paying $S4.S8 PER vISIT0R.
So eveiy time someone clicks on youi au, you owe uoogle" $S4.S8.
0nbelievobly expensive!! Riqbt?
What was it like yeais ago. $u.Su.
Want to see what we'ie picking it up foi.
Anu just in case you'ie wonueiing, this can woik in both hugely competitive maikets
(like auto insuiance) as well as smallei maikets (like how to stop youi uog fiom
Beie's the piice PER vISIT0R on uoogle" -
$2.u4 PER vISIT0R on uoogle".
Anu the piice we'ie getting it foi . .
That's 1 anu a half cents Pei visitoi. Aie you beginning to see how this can become
veiy piofitable, veiy fast.
Piices aie as low as S0.001 acioss the netwoiks. insanely cheap anu ultimately
Traffic Problem #2: TargetingJToo Mucb Competition
The next pioblem is how people woulu actually see youi website oi youi affiliate
Foi example, if I was piomoting 'Auto Insuiance Quotes'. this is what I woulu be up
Theie aie so many links, so much competition anu foi a potential customei it's haiu
to make sense of it all. So they might be thinking, let's click ALL of them anu see who
has the best offei. A lot of auveitiseis aien't ieally going to be happy about that plus,
they can't even tell how many 'hoops' the potential customei jumpeu thiough befoie
they lanueu on theii site.!
I neeueu a way to S0RPASS all the hoops anu get the potential customei BIRECTLY
to my site. I want my site to appeai fiist anu foiemost befoie anyone else's.
So if someone seaicheu foi something like "Auto Insuiance Quotes" my website oi
affiliate website (you uon't neeu a website to uo this) woulu open up in a new web
biowsei exactly when they hit seaich.
Like this.
Now my website is shown IN FR0NT 0F all those othei aus. What uo you think is
going to happen next.
What aie the chances of the visitoi completing my offei anu BEC0NINu a customei,
iight theie anu then. Foi staiteis, my site is shown EXACTLY at the time when they
aie looking foi Auto Insuiance Quotes. So my chances aie pietty uain goou.
In conclusion you'll get customeis at point blank, wheie they aie ieauy to buy
whatevei they aie seaiching foi. But that's not all. want to know the click thiough
iate (CTR) foi this system.
My click tbrougb rate {CTR] on networks bas been as HICH as 1003 for
certain keywords and on worse cases 273. No more cruppy 33 or 0.133
Anu just in case you'ie wonueiing, the same thing woulu happen if I wanteu my
website to be shown when people visit the Auto section of
o you xee the power ln thlx?
We completely BYPASS the competition anu SNIPER TARuET the visitoi. So think . if
someone was looking foi auto insuiance anu they see youi website iight in FR0NT
of theii face . what aie the chances they'ie going to click oi fill out the offei. Pietty
HICH uon't you think.
Anu iemembei, we'ie uoing this foi pennies too..
So not only aie we getting tiaffic foi pennies, we'ie also TARuETINu oui visitois
Traffic Problem #3: Cetting Traffic Quickly
A majoi pioblem I've hau pieviously was all the tiaffic I geneiateu was LINITEB anu
often I get ieally impatient if no one visits my site. I bet you know how that feels.!
I wanteu iesults anu I wanteu them N0W! I BIBN'T want to wait anu that's 0NE of
the BIuuEST ieasons why I L0vE this tiaffic .
It's INSTANT anu in gieat v0L0NES allowing me to get iesults olmost
Traffic Problem #4: Being Able to Crow Quickly
The next majoi pioblem I neeueu to oveicome was . I wanteu to giow my success
quickly anu when I staiteu using this new tiaffic souice . I was positioneu foi
quoronteeJ success.
Beie's me getting tiaffic fast ANB giowing it fast.
Traffic Problem #5: Cetting SUSTAINABLE Traffic
By now you might be thinking.
Tbis is too qooJ to be true, you bove to be Joinq sometbinq illeqol or blockbot riqbt?
The veiy simple answei to that question is -
Plain anu simple.
The system we use to get tiaffic like this has been useu foi YEARS unJerqrounJ anu
WILL continue to uR0W unueigiounu if you uon't pay attention.
When I look to get tiaffic online, I'm not looking foi something that will be a 'quick
fix' oi a 'heie touay, gone tomoiiow' type of thing. I have businesses to iun, families
to feeu anu this is my main souice of income so it has to be above boaiu.
It might be fine foi some people like the 'black-hatteis', people who like to uouge
iules but I like to sleep well at night knowing the way I geneiate tiaffic is something
REAL, LEuIT & AB0vE B0ARB anu will be aiounu foi the L0Nu TERN.
So my iapiu mass tiaffic technique boils uown to a couple of pointeis .
- Projitobility
- Simplicity
- Sniper Torqetinq my AuJience
- Bypossinq tbe Competition
- 6ettinq trofjic IAST
- 6rowinq uickly
- Sustoinoble & Consistent
By following the iapiu mass tiaffic stiategy, I have put the game of getting tiaffic
back unuei MY CUNTRUL and in MUCH 0RFA1FR VOIUMFS.
Remembei uieg uiun't have ony success online with Auwoius, SE0, link builuing,
blogging, social bookmaiking etc until he uiu this. 0nce he thiew away the
'tiauitional' methous of tiaffic geneiation anu staiteu thinking outxlJe of the box, he
became successful.
Be uses iapiu mass tiaffic, the moxt xlmplext S S1FP xyxtem.
Be applies it anu iesults follow IAST!!!
Be has stayeu on this technique ever since he fiist useu it.
Be hasn't iegietteu this uecision since 2uu7.
So now it's time foi you to make a uecision. the tiauitional, woik haiu foi tiaffic
(2u%) oi outsiue the box, iapiu mass tiaffic (8u%).
No Latif