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!""#$%&'()#$*)*$+*,- No pait of this book may be iepiouuceu, stoieu in a ietiieval system, oi
tiansmitteu by any othei means: electionic, mechanical, photocopying, iecoiuing, oi otheiwise,
without piioi wiitten peimission of the copyiight holueis.
,%)."!%/*$0"*&!"#12(%.*)3 This book is supplieu foi infoimation puiposes only anu, as
expeiienceu in this subject mattei as the contiibutois aie, the mateiial heiein uoes not constitute
piofessional auvice. The infoimation piesenteu heiein iepiesents the view of the contiibutois as of
the uate of publication. Because of the iate with which conuitions change, the contiibutois ieseive
the iight to altei anu upuate theii opinion baseu on the new conuitions. This book is uesigneu to
pioviue accuiate anu authoiitative infoimation with iegaiu to the subject mattei coveieu. It is solu
with the unueistanuing that the publishei anu the contiibutois aie not engageu in ienueiing legal,
accounting, oi othei piofessional auvice.
If legal auvice oi othei piofessional assistance is iequiieu, the seivices of a competent piofessional
shoulu be sought. The ieauei is auviseu to consult with an appiopiiately qualifieu piofessional
befoie making any business uecision.
The contiibutois, Rapiu Nass Tiaffic anu Nohammau Latif uo not accept any iesponsibility foi any
liabilities iesulting fiom the business uecisions maue by puichaseis of this book. Any peiceiveu
slights of specific people oi oiganizations aie unintentional.
*!$1%1&)#,%)."!%/*$3 Actual iesults may vaiy with the use of this piouuct. No expiess oi
implieu guaiantees of income aie maue when puichasing this book.


a) ?ou've 8een Lled 1o
b) Chaslng 8uzzwords

a) Cold lound Cff Lhe 8eaLen aLh
b) 8lC Changes ?leld 8lC 8esulLs

Sect|on 1
art 1: Gett|ng Started - A L|tt|e know|edge Goes a LCNG Way
a) AfflllaLe MarkeLlng
b) neLworks or ulrecL?
c) Cllckbank vs. CA
d) CA neLworks - ?Cu'vL 8een Mlsled
e) CA neLworks - 1PL?'vL 8een Mlsled
f) 8lggesL MyLh - All abouL Lhe Pe Sald She Sald"
g) lnslde Pook up
h) lnsLanL uenlal?
l) 1he Lluslve Cbvlous
[) Language of Lhe Came
k) uon'L 8e a Chlld
l) When Lo 8e up lronL, When Lo ShuL ?our MouLh

Sect|on 2
art 1: Cheap 1raff|c Myth - Guru's D|rty L|tt|e Secret
a) 1he unspoken 1rafflc Super Source
b) Who uses Lhls?

c) MlsconcepLlons
d) Pow lL All Works
e) 8oad Lo nlche uomlnaLlon - 1he 8eal 1ruLh
f) 1hey pay $2.00 per cllck, l pay $0.02
g) Ad Servlng - 1allorlng Lo Lhe user Lxperlence
h) 8uL whaL abouL..?
l) Ad 1argeLlng - CompeLlLors' lgnorance = ?our roflL
[) 8esurrecLlon of Coogle Cash
k) 1ell Coogle Lo l*#[ Cff and lorgeL CuallLy Score lorever
art 2: Market kesearch, More 1han keywords
a) nlche SelecLlon - 1he Lluslve Cbvlous #2
b) Who ls your markeL 8LALL?? 1he answer may shock you.
c) rospecL MlndseL
d) Lxpandlng ?our Porlzons (nlches Wl1Pln nlches)
e) uo Lhey 8LALL? wanL Lo buy?

Sect|on 3
art 1: 1raff|c Gett|ng Strateg|es
a) roflLlng ln 13 MlnuLes
b) Addlng value
c) Addlng volume
d) Maklng Lhe CompeLlLlon Cry
e) nLvL8 LvL8 uC 1PlS
f) LLhlcally SnaLchlng Campalgns
g) SnaLchlng Campalgns ln 8uLk
art 2: More 1raff|c for More rof|t
a) Ad 1argeLlng 8evlslLed (WhaL ?ou MusL know Lo uomlnaLe)
b) ueadly Slmple, underesLlmaLed, and vL8? roflLable
c) now We're Cooklng - Mlxlng keywords for More roflL

d) Many Ways Lo Skln a CaL
e) uomalns and More uomalns
f) uomaln uomlnaLlon

Sect|on 4
art 1: Iast Mon|t|zat|on Strateg|es
a) Maklng Money Wl1PCu1 a WebslLe
b) WhaL ?ou need
c) Pow Lo: CA Cffers
d) Pow Lo: Cllckbank
art 2: Mon|t|zat|on Strateg|es for Long 1erm k|ches
a) Maklng Money Wl1P a WebslLe
b) keep lL Slmple
c) WhaL ?ou need
d) Where Lo CeL WhaL ?ou need
e) Pow Lo: uLLlng lL All 1ogeLher
f) Landlng age 8esL racLlces


a) ou've 8een L|ed 1o
lorgeL everyLhlng you know abouL lnLerneL markeLlng and [usL read Lhls book. So
many people geL caughL up ln all Lhe lnformaLlon ouL Lhere and l'm noL abouL
LhaL. l'm noL much abouL Lheory, and l don'L wanL Lo dlluLe myself and Lhe
lnformaLlon conLalned ln Lhls book. So l'm [usL golng Lo lnclude whaL l know works
and how Lo do lL.
l'm golng Lo show LvL8? lLCL of Lhe puzzle Lo maklng a Lon of money onllne.
l'm noL [usL golng Lo Lell you Lhe luLAS, l'm golng Lo show you Lhe PCW.ln
llrsL off..l'm 8LALL? exclLed for you now. l WlSP l had Lhls lnformaLlon when l
sLarLed. l've been very successful onllne, buL l've also Lrled a 1Cn of Lhlngs LhaL
plaln dldn'L work. l've boughL SC many guru producLs lL's unbellevable, almosL
8eadlng e8ook afLer e8ook, waLchlng uvus upon uvus, llsLenlng Lo Lelesemlnar
afLer Lelesemlnar. lL seemed llke everyone was maklng money lefL and rlghL on
Lhe lnLerneL..everyone excepL for me.
Lvery new producL l would buy hoplng for someLhlng, An?1PlnC, l could use Lo
make money onllne.
All lL seemed Lo do was only make me more Llred and frusLraLed. l knew Lhere had
Lo be SCMLPCW Lo make lL all work, l [usL hadn'L found lL yeL.
l felL llke Lhe lnLerneL was [usL one blg puzzle and everyLlme l'd buy a new producL
l'd geL only one plece of LhaL puzzle..leavlng me frusLraLed, buL sLlll hopeful.l
knew one day l would geL lL.
AfLer Lrylng Lechnlque afLer Lechnlque..l flnally found someLhlng LhaL really
worked..and dld lL ever. ,-)

And l've been uslng lL for years and wlll conLlnue for many more years lnLo Lhe
So many people geL caughL up ln whaL Lhe besL cool Lhlng ls, or whaL Lhe guru's
are promoLlng Lhese days, buL l [usL don'L geL lL. l wanL someLhlng LhaL wlll work
day ln and day ouL - someLhlng LhaL l can bulld a llvlng off, someLhlng LhaL wlll
provlde for me long Lerm.
PonesLly, l don'L really pay aLLenLlon Lo a loL of whaL's golng on ln Lhe lnLerneL
MarkeLlng" world anymore. 1hls book ls golng Lo be an ouLllne of exacLly whaL
l've used over Lhe lasL few years of my career onllne. l haven'L really followed Lhe
gurus, and l don'L know whaL Lhe new cool besL meLhods are"
l [usL know whaL works.
l know whaL l've used, and whaL has made me money. And LhaL ls whaL l'm
lncludlng ln Lhls book.
1he Lhlng LhaL really geLs Lo me ls when l'm readlng some guru producL and lL
doesn'L even make sense wlLh whaL ls 8LALL? golng on onllne. !usL anoLher
aLLempL Lo keep people sLupld and lgnoranL.
l'm golng Lo reveal some mlsconcepLlons LhaL are ouL Lhere - and even some
blaLanL LlLS LhaL Lhe Curus are splnnlng, keeplng you dumb and broke. lorclng
you Lo go buy Lhe nexL producL LhaL everyone says ls 'klLLL8' and full of 'u8L
CCn1Ln1' (or some oLher rldlculous Lagllne) - WPA1 A !CkL.
As an aslde before l begln, l wanL Lo apologlze ln advance for any mlsspelllngs or
poor grammar ln Lhls book. l'm noL Lhe mosL 'book smarL' person ln Lhe world. l
dropped ouL of school as a Leenager and Lhe only real [ob l've had ls worklng on a
So Lhls may noL be Lhe besL wrlLLen book you ever read, buL l can assure you Lhe
lnformaLlon ls [usL as valuable. 1ake whaL l'm wrlLlng and use lL Lo make your llfe
awesome. Pelp your famlly, pursue your passlons, do everyLhlng you were meanL

Lo do..lL's whaL l've been able Lo do, and lL's whaL l wanL for you..lL's whaL we
all deserve.
8uL enough of LhaL Louchy feely sLuff.. ,-)
LeL's geL Lo lL.

b) Chas|ng 8uzzwords
Cne of Lhe Lhlngs LhaL boLhers me Lhe mosL ls hearlng people Lhrow around Lhe
new hoL buzzwords" and dolng CnL? whaL's popular aL Lhe momenL. Llke Lrylng
Lo [ump on Lhe nexL lnLerneL phenomenon because 'lL's so cool' and wlll make
money raln down on Lhem maglcally or someLhlng.
l don'L know abouL you, buL for me..l [usL wanL Lo do whaL works, and whaL wlll
be around for a LCnC Llme lnLo Lhe fuLure. Whlle l Lhlnk Lhere ls a loL of beneflL
wlLh keeplng up Lo daLe wlLh new developmenLs ln Lhe lnLerneL world.lL's damn
hard Lo keep Lrack of everyLhlng.
PonesLly, l don'L really care abouL web 2.0, soclal medla, newesL SLC Lechnlques,
C nln[a" LacLlcs, or some oLher crap.
l don'L plan on havlng my success onllne belng shorL-llved, so l don'L geL Loo
caughL up ln Lhe new hoL Lhlng LhaL Lhe guru's promoLe every oLher day. l wanL
someLhlng LhaL works CCnSlS1Ln1L?. l wanL someLhlng LhaL wlll work day ln and
day ouL, LvL8?uA? pourlng money lnLo my bank accounL.
Some people work Lo SCunu successful, oLhers work Lo acLually 8L successful. So
[usL focus on resulLs.noL whaL SCunuS Lhe besL.someLlmes Lhe besL Lhlngs are
noL really Lhe mosL glamorous, buL Lhey may WC8k Lhe besL. So LLASL [usL focus
on 8LSuL1S.

c) Go|d Iound Cff the 8eaten ath
My real success onllne sLarLed a few years ago. l was aLLendlng an lnLerneL
markeLlng semlnar abouL a cerLaln way Lo generaLe Lrafflc. lL was acLually abouL
generaLlng co-reglsLraLlon leads (noL Lhe klnd of Lrafflc l now use). Anyway.Lhe
semlnar was really greaL and l learned a loL of lnformaLlon.
8uL where Lhe real value came was when l was havlng a conversaLlon wlLh
anoLher guy aL Lhe bar laLe aL nlghL.
now, mosL semlnars are ok for whaL Lhey're worLh.buL where Lhe real gold
comes ls when you're able Lo neLwork wlLh Lhe oLher people Lhere aL Lhe semlnar.
l was aL Lhe bar laLe LhaL nlghL, so many people were Lhere all huddled around Lhe
speaker of LhaL day Lrylng Lo geL Lhelr LacLlcs or anyLhlng else Lhey could use Lo
make Lhem money.
lf you've ever been Lo any lnLerneL markeLlng semlnars, you know LhaL Lhe gurus
aL Lhe evenL are always SWA8MLu. Llke, we're Lalklng swarmed llke women on
Lhe 8olllng SLones, or whlLe on rlce, or geL Lhe polnL. Anyway,
LhaL's noL even Lhe polnL of Lhls sLory.buL serlously.l mean..lL's almosL
lmposslble Lo Lalk Lo gurus aL semlnars. Wherever Lhey go lL's llke a mass of
people are always followlng Lhem..lL's crazy.
Ck whaLever.
As for myself.aL Lhe bar, l goL Lhere klnda laLe anyway..l remember lL was
around mldnlghL or so LhaL nlghL. So l was [usL hanglng ouL on Lhe ouLsklrLs of Lhe
maln group surroundlng Lhe gurus LhaL held Lhe semlnar (LhaL's where everybody
was grouped LogeLher).
SLandlng nexL Lo me was a really qulLe guy wlLh a baseball cap deep over hls face.
Seemed klnd of llke a welrd dude, buL l flgured l'd sLrlke up a conversaLlon wlLh
hlm and see where Lhlngs go.

1hlngs goL lnLeresLlng lAS1.
We were Lalklng abouL generaLlng leads for a 8LALL? compeLlLlve nlche onllne
LhaL we were boLh ln (well, l was [usL sLarLlng). And he dropped a 8CM8 on me.
AL Lhe momenL l dldn'L know Lhe lmpacL of whaL he sald. 8uL aL Lhe Llme l LhoughL
lL sounded cool..and LhoughL l'd Lry lL.
Pe sald LhaL he was [usL ln Lhe beglnnlng of LesLlng a new Lrafflc source, and Lhe
resulLs have been amazlng. 8uL he dldn'L know lf lL would lasL or noL and he dldn'L
have enough daLa Lo say for sure yeL.
1haL was more Lhan enough for me Lo wanL Lo LesL lL myself.
So as Lhe conversaLlon wenL on..he revealed Lhls new Lrafflc source LhaL he was
LesLlng wlLh greaL success. And all he had Lo do was glve me where Lo flnd lL and l
was off Lo Lhe races.
l was so exclLed LhaL l wrapped up Lhe conversaLlon wlLh hlm rlghL Lhen, sald
goodbye Lo Lhe oLher people LhaL l knew aL Lhe bar.and lmmedlaLely wenL Lo
work ln my hoLel room. l goL sLarLed wlLh Lhls Lrafflc source, placed some ads, and
sLarLed seelng resulLs lAS1.
l've reflned my Lechnlques over Llme.buL LhaL was Lhe Lrue Lurnlng polnL for me.
All lL Lakes ls [usL one small sLep.

d) 8IG Changes |e|d 8IG kesu|ts
Pere, once you apply whaL l'm golng Lo Leach're golng Lo see 8lC
changes ln your lnLerneL buslness. WheLher you do afflllaLe markeLlng,
ecommerce, or An?1PlnC else onllne.l'm sure you're golng Lo experlence blg
changes once you apply Lhls lnformaLlon.

Also know LhaL you may have Lo adapL Lo a new LhoughL process of how you vlew
your buslness onllne, or how you would llke Lo sLarL your buslness onllne. 1haL's
ok..and even normal. Change ls good, and blg changes can yleld blg resulLs.

Sect|on 1
art 1: Gett|ng Started - A L|tt|e know|edge Goes a LCNG Way
a) Aff|||ate Market|ng
1here are counLless way Lo make money onllne. !usL Lo be clear, mosL of all Lhe
Lechnlques held wlLhln Lhls gulde can be used for An? webslLe.
8uL here l'm golng Lo sLlck Lo whaL l know and keep lL compleLe, even for Lhose of
you LhaL are compleLe newbles (all of us have been aL some polnL). My maln
sLrengLhs onllne have been runnlng my own ecommerce webslLe, and promoLlng
oLher people's webslLes as an afflllaLe markeLer.
l'm golng Lo geL more ln deLall abouL afflllaLe markeLlng, as Lhe same Lechnlques
can be used for any webslLe.
AfflllaLe markeLlng ls when you dlrecL vlslLors Lo someone else's webslLe and geL
pald a commlsslon" or bounLy" Lo do so.
And lL can be Cul1L proflLable.

Pere's how lL works -

So baslcally whaL you do as an afflllaLe ls dlrecL onllne vlslLors Lo a webslLe (elLher
your own webslLe flrsL and Lhen Lhe MerchanL's (producL owner) slLe, or [usL
dlrecLly Lo Lhe MerchanL's webslLe). Cn LhaL webslLe you geL pald everyLlme a
webslLe vlslLor compleLes an acLlon (lL could be when you sell a producL, generaLe
a lead (llke havlng Lhem flll ouL a quesLlonnalre or someLhlng llke LhaL)). When
you geL pald, lL ls called your 'commlsslon.'

b) Networks or D|rect?
When you are promoLlng afflllaLe producLs you have Lo conslder lf you're golng Lo
be worklng Lhrough an AfflllaLe neLwork, or lf you're golng Lo be worklng dlrecLly
wlLh Lhe owner of Lhe webslLe you are promoLlng.
l llke Lo work Lhrough afflllaLe neLworks. A loL of Lhem are large companles who
have long sLandlng repuLaLlons onllne. l know l'm always golng Lo geL pald on
Llme, and l know generally who l'm deallng wlLh.
Worklng dlrecLly wlLh a webslLe owner can be greaL Loo and very proflLable, buL
[usL make sure LhaL you have a good relaLlonshlp wlLh Lhem and LhaL you LrusL
l work Lhrough AfflllaLe neLworks as mosL of Lhem offer a huge selecLlon of
producLs ln Lons of dlfferenL nlches - so you can baslcally plck An?1PlnC you
wanL Lo promoLe.
l would recommend plcklng someLhlng you're passlonaLe and exclLed abouL - as
LhaL wlll help you dlg deep lnLo your nlche and really become an experL aL
promoLlng lL (and ulLlmaLely domlnaLlng lL).

c) C||ckbank vs. CA
!usL as Lhere are many, many dlfferenL producLs onllne LhaL can be promoLed for
a commlsslon - Lhere are also 1CnS of dlfferenL afflllaLe neLworks.
1o me, Lhere are dlfferenL 88LLuS of afflllaLe neLworks.
1he flrsL breed ls represenLed by Cllck8ank.

Cllck8ank speclallzes ln dlglLal producLs. 1hese are greaL Lo promoLe because Lhey
sell very well, and you can earn huge commlsslons. Cffers on Cllck8ank can pay up
Lo 73 of Lhe full prlce of Lhe sale. So lf you promoLe a book for example LhaL sells
for $100 - you earn $73 every Llme you sell a copy of LhaL book.
AnoLher breed ls Lhe world of CA afflllaLe markeLlng.
CA sLands for CosL er AcLlon" and also CosL er AcqulsLlon"..l've heard lL
boLh ways and Lhey're boLh correcL. l've goLLen a loL of guru newsleLLer emalls ln
my lnbox laLely abouL romoLlng CA Cffers!" llke lL's Lhe nexL blg Lhlng.
1he real LruLh ls, CA neLworks have been around for years..and wlll conLlnue Lo
be around for a LCnC Llme Lo come.

CA neLworks speclallze ln many dlfferenL Lypes of offers." now, Lhe word
offer" ls used wlLh CA neLworks Lo descrlbe someLhlng LhaL you can promoLe
because an offer" can range from selllng a physlcal producL, Lo selllng a dlglLal
producL, Lo [usL only generaLlng a lead onllne.
1here are even (many) offers LhaL you geL pald every Llme someone [usL submlLs
Lhelr posLal code, LhaL's lL!
lmaglne how easy LhaL ls Lo geL someone Lo do!
WhaL's really cool abouL Lhese CA neLworks ls Lyplcally a loL of Lhe producLs you
can sell offer ClAn1 commlsslons.
lor example - leL's say you wanL Lo promoLe an anLl-aglng face cream offer. lL's
Lyplcal Lo flnd one LhaL sells for a $6.93 free Lrlal - buL every Llme you sell one,
you geL pald $33 dollars (and even more ln mosL cases)!
now how can Lhls be?
Well, Lhe merchanLs who own Lhese producLs know Lhelr average cusLomer
llfeLlme value. So Lhey're able Lo pay a huge commlsslon up fronL because Lhey
know LhaL Lhey're golng Lo earn more Lhan LhaL over Llme when Lhe cusLomer
conLlnues Lo buy from Lhem.
Puge commlsslon payouLs aren'L [usL for physlcal producL sales Lhough. Same
Lhlng for generaLlng leads. lor example, you can promoLe offers on CA neLworks
where Lhey only requlre Lhe vlslLor Lo enLer lnformaLlon (llke for lnsurance leads,
home equlLy loans, Lhere are so many dlfferenL Lhlngs) and you geL pald every
Llme Lhe vlslLor compleLes LhaL acLlon.
1he acLlon can be anyLhlng from Lhelr full name and address (llke for a home
lnsurance lead) Lo [usL Lhelr emall only, or even [usL Lhelr posLal code.
1here are so many dlfferenL opLlons, LhaL's why l really prefer CA neLworks - Lhe
flexlblllLy and varleLy.
8ut here's where I th|nk the kLAL VALUL |s w|th CA networks..

1hey g|ve you a rea| person to he|p you w|th your bus|ness, for free!
1hey acLually asslgn you someone aL Lhelr company (generally called an 'afflllaLe
manager' or 'publlsher manager') who ls Lhere Lo answer your quesLlons and help
you make money onllne.
1hese people are Lyplcally commlssloned a percenLage of Lhe revenue LhaL you
generaLe for Lhelr neLwork, so Lhey are lncenLlvlzed Lo help you make money. 1he
more money you make, Lhe more money Lhey make.
1haL ls why l prefer CA afflllaLe markeLlng Lo anyLhlng else. Pavlng someone ln
your corner LhaL can help you wlLh ?Cu8 buslness ls huge - and havlng Lhe rlghL
relaLlonshlps ln Lhe buslness can be unbellevably helpful.
Also havlng Lhe W8CnC person ln your corner can be deLrlmenLal - and l'm golng
Lo help you sLeer clear of Lhose people LhaL l've encounLered along my way.
CA neLworks are deflnlLely nC1 creaLed equal - especlally for Lhe Lype of Lrafflc
l'm golng Lo reveal. 8uL l'm geLLlng ahead of myself here..
Anyway, CA markeLlng ls Lhe Lype of afflllaLe markeLlng LhaL l'm mosL famlllar
wlLh (and happens Lo be Lhe one l flnd mosL fun and lnLeresLlng) so Lhls ls whaL l'll
malnly be focuslng on from here on ouL ln regards Lo afflllaLe markeLlng.

d) CA Networks - CU'VL 8een M|s|ed
1here's sLlll so much mlslnformaLlon regardlng CA neLworks lL's rldlculous.
l've read all klnds of sLorles saylng LhaL CA neLworks are Lhe blg boys" and are
made Lo be some sorL of vlclous monsLer even.
Llke oooo, lf you don'L know whaL you're dolng, you're gonna geL burned"
?ou'll be fed Lo Lhe wolves!"

Cr some oLher scare LacLlc.
lL seems llke all Lhe Curu's are Lrylng Lo make people Lhlnk LhaL CA neLworks are
some compllcaLed world, keeplng us sLupld and scared..forclng us Lo buy Lhelr
nexL producL ln fear LhaL lf we don'L, we're golng Lo geL screwed by someone else
because of our lgnorance.
!usL because you don'L know everyLhlng yeL, don'L leL fear keep you from Laklng
lL lsn'L compllcaLed - Lhere are [usL some Lhlngs you may noL know yeL.
All Lhls game Lakes ls some knowledge of whaL really goes on.
CLher people aren'L any smarLer Lhan you, knCWLLuCL ls Lhe only Lhlng LhaL
separaLes you from where you are and where you wanL Lo be.
8emember LhaL.
l don'L Lhlnk Lhere ls a loL of (lf any) LruLh Lo sLorles LhaL CA neLworks are 'mean'
or hard Lo work wlLh.
l have Lo be compleLely up fronL wlLh you Lhough, whlle CA neLworks are noL
LhaL dlfflculL and secreLlve, Lhere ls deflnlLely a language or 'llngo' LhaL you need
Lo know lf you wanL Lo be Laken serlously by Lhem and have long Lerm success..
8y Lhe end of Lhls gulde you wlll sound llke a pro (and acLually know whaL you're
Lalklng abouL).

e) CA Networks - 1nL'VL 8een M|s|ed
8efore you declde Lo slgn up wlLh an afflllaLe neLwork, make sure you are
choosy.don'L [usL slgn up hoplng LhaL Lhey wlll Lake you.

All CA neLworks are uLllnl1LL? nC1 creaLed equal. 1hls ls a lesson LhaL has
Laken me a loL of Llme and frusLraLlon Lo flgure ouL and ls someLhlng LhaL l hope
Lo save you Lhe paln and wasLed Llme.
now l know Lhls lesson may be an obvlous one.buL Lhe efforL LhaL l hope Lo save
you ls ln knowlng u l8Cn1 Lhe 1C neLworks Lo work wlLh.
l've had a slew of experlences wlLh CA neLworks LhaL..Lo be honesL.l wasn'L
able Lo flnd anyone who knew whaL Lhey were Lalklng abouL!
arLlcularly, some of Lhe neLworks Lhemselves are noL even aware of Lhe Lrafflc
source l'm golng Lo reveal Lo you.
l've had MAn? conversaLlons wlLh many dlfferenL neLworks who had nC ldea
whaL l was even Lalklng abouL when l Lrled Lo descrlbe Lhe Lype of Lrafflc l was
able Lo generaLe (and would be sendlng Lo Lhe offers on Lhelr neLwork).
l sLlll geL calls Lo Lhls day from some of Lhem LhaL l slgned up for (buL never ran
any Lrafflc Lo Lhem) who S1lLL Lry Lo geL me Lo work wlLh Lhem.
l flaL ouL refuse Lo deal wlLh Lhose afflllaLe managers, and Lhe neLworks Lhey work
for...and l wlll nLvL8 recommend any of Lhose neLworks Lo anyone else.
1o shed some perspecLlve on Lhls..a loL of Lhese afflllaLe managers LhaL Lhe
neLworks hlre (and Lhen asslgn Lo you when you slgn up Lo Lhe neLwork) are fresh
unlverslLy graduaLes - and whlle Lhey may have a MarkeLlng" degree from
somewhere or anoLher, lL doesn'L really LranslaLe well lnLo afflllaLe markeLlng. Cr
even dlrecL response onllne markeLlng ln general.
now granLed, Lhe afflllaLe manager LhaL Lhey asslgn you - lf Lhey knew as much as
we do abouL markeLlng onllne, Lhen Lhey would [usL become an afflllaLe
Lhemselves. 1he money ls WA? beLLer afLer all ,-)

AfflllaLe managers have a cerLaln level of responslblllLy Lo be able Lo glve you
educaLed lnformaLlon and advlce Lo help you wlLh your buslness.
l've had A LC1 of poslLlve experlences Loo. Pavlng a greaL afflllaLe manager ls
exLremely valuable. So wlLh LhaL sald, now you know why l wlll recommend
parLlcular afflllaLe neLworks laLer on.l've always had poslLlve experlences wlLh
Lhem and wouldn'L recommend Lhem oLherwlse.

f) 8|ggest Myth - A|| about the "ne Sa|d She Sa|d"
robably Lhe blggesL myLh abouL CA neLworks ls LhaL lL ls dlfflculL Lo geL
accepLed lnLo one so you can begln promoLlng Lhelr offers.
nC1 18uL.
Pere's Lhe Lhlng. A loL of Lhese neLworks are vL8? concerned abouL uneLhlcal
markeLers [olnlng Lhelr neLworks and Lrylng Lo fraud Lhelr sysLem (llke generaLlng
fake leads, eLc).
1he neLworks have Lo know LhaL you're leglLlmaLe and an honesL buslness person.
lL doesn'L maLLer lf you generaLe $1.00 ln commlsslons per monLh or
$100,000.00..Lhey're happy Lo have you on Lhelr neLwork..buL you musL be
So here's how Lo geL accepLed Lo a neLwork..
g) Ins|de nook Up
llrsL..a maln facLor LhaL helps Lo geL you accepLed ls Lo be referred by someone
who ls already ln good sLandlng wlLh Lhe neLwork you are Lrylng Lo enLer.
1hls ls very lmporLanL because lf Lhe neLwork already knows and LrusLs Lhe person
who ls referrlng you, you are MuCP more llkely Lo geL accepLed.
1hls ls how l've goLLen accepLed lnLo many CA neLworks.

8elow you'll flnd my referral llnks Lo neLworks LhaL l recommend slgnlng up for.
All of Lhese neLworks have very knowledgeable and experlenced afflllaLe
managers, and have a greaL varleLy of offers ln many dlfferenL nlches.
Cllck on Lhe llnks below (or copy and pasLe Lhem lnLo your browser).
Ck D|g|ta|
Neverb|ue Ads

When you cllck Lhrough on Lhose llnks above, you're golng Lo be Laken Lo an
appllcaLlon page. lL's generally preLLy sLralghL forward, buL Lhere are some areas
of a usual appllcaLlon LhaL can be confuslng, so l'm golng Lo go Lhrough all Lhe
parLs of a Lyplcal appllcaLlon parL by parL.
lf you're readlng Lhls and Lhls seems Loo baslc for you, LhaL's ok..[usL sklp ahead
pasL Lhls parL.
lf you're a super baslc beglnner [usL sLarLlng ouL.Lhen Lhls parL ls [usL for you.
uon'L worry.we all sLarLed aL Lhe beglnnlng. Agaln, whaL ls holdlng you from
success ls [usL a llLLle more knowledge LhaL you don'L have yeL.
So back Lo Lhe appllcaLlon..

1he appllcaLlon page generally looks someLhlng llke Lhls (Lhls ls Lhe appllcaLlon
page for Medla1rusL) -

Pere below, l've wrlLLen an explanaLlon of each parL of Lhe appllcaLlon. 1he usual
quesLlons you wlll flnd on an appllcaLlon are hlghllghLed ln bo|d.
Des|red Username
(LnLer Lhe username you would llke for your accounL.)
(LnLer Lhe password you wanL for your accounL.)
ke-1ype assword
(8eLype your password here)
Check ayab|e 1o:
(1hls ls who you wanL Lhe check made ouL Lo. LlLher use your buslness name, or
your personal name.)
1ax ID:
(1hls may vary dependlng on your counLry of resldency. l can only speak for
Amerlcan clLlzens..Lhls ls where you enLer elLher your company, or personal Lax
lu.dependlng on who you wanL Lhe checks Lo be wrlLLen Lo).
(uL your name here)
Company Name
(lf you don'L have a company name, LhaL's ok.[usL leave lL blank).
(LnLer ln any webslLe of yours. lL could be a corporaLe slLe of yours, or even [usL
your personal blog. uo nC1 enLer ln an afflllaLe llnk here. lL ls ok Lhough lf you
wanL Lo enLer ln a page where you promoLe oLher afflllaLe producLs, [usL don'L

ever puL ln a dlrecL llnk Lo anoLher afflllaLe webslLe (such as
Also, lf you don'L have a webslLe LhaL's ok Loo. lf Lhe slgn up page doesn'L leL you
leave LhaL fleld blank.
Pere's a Lrlck l've used.
l enLer Lhls as my webslLe -
reLLy self explanaLory rlghL?
uon'L geL Loo worrled abouL Lhls sLep as lL ls wldely accepLed Lo promoLe offers
whlle noL havlng a webslLe of your own. Some of Lhe blggesL afflllaLes ln Lhe world
make Lhelr money [usL by redlrecLlng webslLe vlslLors dlrecLly Lo oLher people's
(puL ln your address here, use Lhe one where you wanL Lo your checks Lo be
malled Lo)
(enLer you clLy)
(enLer your sLaLe or reglon where you are locaLed)
osta|]2|p Code
(enLer you posLal code)
(enLer Lhe counLry where you or your buslness ls locaLed)

(Make Lhls your preferred number. neLworks wlll call you someLlmes Lo verlfy
your appllcaLlon (more on Lhls laLer).
Also once you esLabllsh a relaLlonshlp wlLh Lhem, Lhey wlll someLlmes call you Lo
help you wlLh your buslness and help you promoLe Lhe offers on Lhelr neLwork. So
make Lhls a number LhaL you answer regularly.
Some people really don'L llke Lo be conLacLed ln Lhls buslness. 1hey [usL wanL Lo
hlde behlnd Lhelr compuLer all day and make money by Lhemselves.
More Llmes Lhan noL, you're golng Lo have Lo Lalk Lo people Lo geL on Lhe
neLwork, and Lo have a good relaLlonshlp wlLh Lhem. lL doesn'L Lake hardly An?
Llme, llLerally a few mlnuLes.buL lL wlll make a huge dlfference. Agaln, remember
LhaL lL's Lhe neLworks who are concerned LhaL you are a real, leglLlmaLe Lhere ls no reason you should feel lnLlmldaLed or nervous when you're
Lalklng wlLh Lhem.
(enLer your fax number here ls you have one)
(enLer your prlmary emall address here where you would llke Lo be conLacLed aL)
ke-1ype Lma||
(Lhls one ls your emall address)
Instant Message N|ckname
(LnLer ?our lnsLanL Messenger name here)
(LnLer Lhe lnsLanL Messenger CllenL here)

A few noLes abouL Lhls. lnsLanL Messenger ls wldely used among CA neLworks.
l've used Skype a loL, buL Lhe mosL used lnsLanL messaglng cllenL ls AlM.
lL's deflnlLely noL requlred LhaL you use lnsLanL messenger, l dldn'L for a long Llme
as l preferred LhaL my afflllaLe manager [usL emall me, or glve me a call. 8uL l've
found lL Lo be really helpful parLlcularly when you need Lo chaL wlLh someone and
you need Lo send webpages back and forLh (llke Lhem sendlng me dlfferenL
afflllaLe u8Ls Lo new landlng pages Lhey recommend for me for example).

Ad Categor|es
Pere you can selecL Lhe Lop Lhree ad caLegorles LhaL you are mosL lnLeresLed ln
promoLlng. lf you're lnLeresLed ln promoLlng more Lhan Lhree, or noL sure yeL
whaL you would llke Lo promoLe, [usL plck whaL you Lhlnk ls your besL flL aL Lhe
?ou can always change your mlnd ln Lhe fuLure. A loL of Lhe Llmes Lhe neLworks
have Lhls on Lhelr appllcaLlons because Lhey wlll Lhen send you Lallored emalls
Lelllng you abouL new offers ln Lhelr neLwork ln your parLlcular nlche.

now do you generate traff|c?
Ck, now Lhls ls a blg one.
Pere are Lhe opLlons LhaL Medla1rusL glves -
8anner (llke medla buylng)
Lma|| (elLher Lhrough your own llsL you've creaLed, or one LhaL you buy or renL)

Incent|v|zed (Lhls Lype of Lrafflc ls when you glve Lhe vlslLor some sorL of lncenLlve
Lo compleLe a cerLaln acLlon (llke provldlng a bonus or coupons of some sorL) - lL
ls Lyplcally vlewed as much lower quallLy Lrafflc)
Search (llke pay per cllck search englne markeLlng (C/SLM), or search englne
opLlmlzaLlon (SLC))
Soc|a| Med|a (llke adverLlslng on lacbook, MySpace, eLc.)

So where do we flL???
AcLually, Lhe Lype of Lrafflc LhaL l'm golng Lo reveal cannoL be caLegorlzed exacLly
lnLo any of Lhese caLegorles.
So when l apply Lo a neLwork, l usually check 8anner (slnce l use banners ln my
markeLlng, even Lhough l don'L use large scale medla buys)..Search (slnce my ads
are Lrlggered a loL of Lhe Llme by people on Lhe search englnes)..and Lma|| (slnce
l creaLe my own llsLs wlLh my Lrafflc, Lhen promoLe oLher relaLed producLs Lo
Lhose llsLs).

Where d|d you hear about us?
Agaln, Lhls parL ls probably one of Lhe mosL lmporLanL. Pere you can selecL
keferra|", buL lf Lhere ls an opLlon where you can Lype ln more lnformaLlon..on
Lhe Medla1rafflc appllcaLlon selecL Cther"..Lhen use Lhls Lo make sure LhaL you
say who you were referred by agaln.
So here Lype ln.
l was referred by (WPA1LvL8 1PL 8CuuC1 nAML WlLL 8L 1PA1 WL'LL CALL
nexL you usually have Lo read and agree Lo Lhe neLwork's Lerms and condlLlons.

AfLer LhaL, normally you cllck Lhe S|gn Up" or App|y Now" buLLon Lo submlL
your appllcaLlon.

h) Instant Den|a|?
now generally afLer you cllck Lhe Slgn up" buLLon on Lhe appllcaLlon page, you'll
be Laken Lo a page LhaL says someLhlng llke 1hanks for your appllcaLlon, you'll
hear back ln Lhe nexL few days"
Many Lhlngs can happen afLer Lhls polnL. SomeLlmes you wlll never geL a call back,
and someLlmes your appllcaLlon wlll geL losL ln Lhe shuffle of Lhlngs aL LhaL
company, lL happens.
8uL l haven'L had Lhose Lhlngs happen wlLh Lhe neLworks LhaL l recommended.
Whlle lL's one Lhlng Lo [usL submlL an appllcaLlon, we wanL lL A8CvLu.
So we wanL Lo be proacLlve abouL lL.
8uL walL.
SomeLlmes your appllcaLlon wlll be lnS1An1L? denled.
uld Lhey even revlew lL? unllkely.
Pow can Lhls be?
Well, Lhls can happen for many reasons.
lL's happened Lo me for Lwo maln reasons.
lL could be because you mlssed someLhlng on your appllcaLlon (Lhls has happened
Lo me a few Llmes).and your appllcaLlon was lncompleLe.
no blg deal, noLhlng we can'L flx.
1he oLher maln reason ls LhaL your auLomaLlcally Lrlpped a fraud fllLer ln Lhelr
sysLem. (***noLe: 1hls may apply more Lo Lhose of you who reslde ouLslde Lhe

uS, Canada, AusLralla, new Zealand, or Lhe uk). 1he CA neLworks wlll someLlmes
auLomaLlcally deny your appllcaLlon based on Lhe l address of Lhe compuLer LhaL
you applled from.
?our compuLer's l address ls baslcally llke Lhe address for your compuLer.where
lL ls locaLed geographlcally. WebslLes can Lell Lhe general area you are locaLed ln
based on Lhls.
lf you reslde ln a counLry LhaL Lhey don'L usually accepL...Lhls may someLlmes
happen Lo you (belng lnsLanLly denled).
l've had Lhls happen Lo me many Llmes whlle Lravellng ouLslde of Lhe uS.
Agaln, no blg deal - a denled appllcaLlon does noL mean LhaL you are shuL ouL of
Lhe neLwork for good - Lhls can easlly be flxed.

|) 1he L|us|ve Cbv|ous
Ck, now here's Lhe maln Lrlck Lo geLLlng accepLed Lo a CA neLwork..and l don'L
undersLand how so many people mlss lL.
l can'L even begln Lo Lell you how many conversaLlons l've had wlLh people who
say Ch, hey l Lrled Lo geL on LhaL CA neLwork, buL Lhey decllned dld
you geL ln???"
Pere's Lhe secreL.
And l can almosL guaranLee you're golng Lo be dlsappolnLed wlLh lL. ,-)
8eady? Ck here lL ls.
Call Lhe neLwork.
lck up Lhe phone, and call Lhem.
Shocklng revelaLlon, l know.

1hls one slmple Lhlng wlLh go vL8? far ln geLLlng your appllcaLlon approved.
lL amazes me how many people forgeL Lhls parL, or [usL don'L do lL, or Lhey're Loo
scared Lo do lL, eLc.
1hls may sound a blL 1CC slmple, buL serlously.lL's amazlng Lo me how many
Llmes l've heard people complaln abouL noL geLLlng accepLed, buL Lhey dldn'L
even plck up Lhe phone and CALL Lhe neLwork.
8emember, Lhe neLworks wanL Lo make sure LhaL you're a real person who does
real buslness. So geLLlng on Lhe phone Lo Lell Lhem a llLLle abouL yourself and how
you conducL buslness ls an lmporLanL plece of Lhe puzzle.
PonesLly.lMMLulA1LL? afLer l submlL an appllcaLlon onllne. l call Lhe neLwork.
usually l'm dlrecLed Lo Lhe ubllsher Approval ueparLmenL" or someLhlng
slmllar. Cenerally neLworks have one or mulLlple people who handle new
appllcaLlon approvals full Llme.
lf l'm noL able Lo geL LhaL person on Lhe phone - l leave Lhem a message leLLlng
Lhem know LhaL l [usL submlLLed my appllcaLlon and lf Lhey have any quesLlons
Lhey can call me back. l also leL Lhem know LhaL l WlLL 8L CALLlnC 8ACk ACAln.
1hls parL ls so lmporLanL.
1he people ln charge of approvlng appllcaLlons are usually vL8? busy and may noL
be able Lo respond Lo every appllcaLlon or phone call.
So usually l'll walL a day, and Lhen call back Lhe nexL. lf l don'L geL anyone, Lhen l'll
leave anoLher message.
1hen l'll walL anoLher day and call back ln agaln. lf l'm noL able Lo geL Lhe person
ln charge of afflllaLe/publlsher approvals, l wlll ask for an afflllaLe manager and
Lhen explaln Lhe slLuaLlon Lo Lhem and LhaL l would llke Lo be approved.
Cnce you're ln Lhe neLwork, Lhe people Lhere can be very helpful..buL someLlmes
Lhey can be a blL of a paln Lo geL lnLo ln Lhe flrsL place.

[) Language of the Game
1o help you whlle you're on Lhe phone wlLh Lhe neLwork, l'm golng Lo go over
some of Lhe 'llngo' so you're famlllar wlLh lL and a llLLle more comforLable Lalklng
on Lhe phone.
A loL of Lhese Lerms may noL come up durlng Lhe flrsL conversaLlon you have wlLh
Lhe person who ls ln charge of approvals, or your afflllaLe manager, buL Lhey wlll
help you along Lhe way.
1hls ls ln no way an exhausLlve llsL, buL lL ls Lhe Lerms LhaL l've found l come ln
conLacL wlLh on a regular basls.

Aff|||ate]ub||sher - 1hls ls whaL we are. 1he Lerm 'afflllaLe' or 'publlsher' means
Lhe same Lhlng. 1hey are used lnLerchangeably.
Advert|ser - 1hls ls Lhe person or company who owns Lhe offer or offers LhaL are
belng promoLed on Lhe afflllaLe neLwork.
Aff|||ate Manager - 1hls ls Lhe person who you are asslgned when you [oln Lhe
neLwork. 1hey are Lhere Lo help answer your quesLlons and help you wlLh your
Cffer - A producL or servlce LhaL ls promoLed on Lhe neLwork. SomeLlmes cerLaln
offers wlll only accepL cerLaln Lypes of Lrafflc (some may only wanL emall Lrafflc,
oLher may only wanL search Lrafflc, or only Lrafflc from Lhe uS, and so on).
Comm|ss|on]ayout]8ounty - 1hls ls Lhe amounL you are pald for each Llme Lhe
requlred acLlon ls compleLed for Lhe offer you are promoLlng (for example -
generaLlng a sale, generaLlng an emall subscrlber, eLc).
Street ayout - 1hls ls Lhe payouL amounL LhaL you wlll see llsLed across Lhe
neLwork. 1hls ls Lhe basellne payouL and ls open for negoLlaLlon. Cnce you sLarL Lo
generaLe sales/leads Lo a cerLaln offer, you can begln Lo negoLlaLe wlLh your
afflllaLe manager for a hlgher payouL on an offer.

Land|ng age - 1hls ls Lhe webpage LhaL your vlslLor 'lands' on flrsL, lL ls Lhe flrsL
page Lhey see abouL your producL.
Squeeze age - 1hls ls a Lype of landlng page. 1yplcally lL's LhoughL of as a landlng
page LhaL an afflllaLe would use Lo squeeze" lnformaLlon ouL of Lhe vlslLor (such
as an emall address) by provldlng Lhem valuable conLenL and a reason Lo CpL-ln"
and subscrlbe Lo Lhelr emall llsL/newsleLLer.
Cffer age - 1hls ls Lhe landlng page LhaL ls abouL Lhe offer LhaL you are
promoLlng. lL ls owned by Lhe adverLlser/owner of LhaL offer.
Convers|on - A 'converslon' ls a compleLed acLlon. lL can be used Lo descrlbe a
sale made, a form compleLed, an emall address submlLLed, eLc.
Convers|on kate (or Convers|on kat|o) - 1hls ls Lhe raLlo of Lhe number of
vlslLors dlvlded by Lhe number of Sales or Leads.
lor example, lf you senL 100 vlslLors Lo an offer and 3 people boughL lL, your
converslon raLe would be 3.
Converslon raLes can vary A LC1 dependlng on Lhe Lype of offer belng promoLed
and Lhe Lype of Lrafflc belng senL Lo lL. uo nC1 geL Loo concerned wlLh Lhls
number.lL's [usL a number.
LC - 1hls sLands for Larnlng er Cllck. 1hls ls Lhe amounL of money LhaL ls earned
everyLlme a vlslLor cllcks on Lhe afflllaLe llnk. Agaln, you wlll see Lhls number llsLed
a loL ln dlfferenL afflllaLe neLworks, buL don'L be Loo concerned wlLh lL.l'm golng
Lo explaln why ln a laLer secLlon.
8emember, aL Lhe end of Lhe day our goal ls Lo maxlmlze proflL! So don'L geL Loo
caughL up ln Converslon 8aLes and LCs.
C - 1hls sLands for ay er Cllck" 1hls ls Lyplcally LhoughL of wldely as
adverLlslng on Lhe search englnes and aylng er Cllck" where you pay each Llme
your ad ls cllcked on. Cenerally lf you do C or SLM (Search Lnglne MarkeLlng)
people assume you adverLlse on Coogle, ?ahoo!, MSn/8lng.

Net 1S - Cenerally mosL neLworks pay on neL 13. So for example, lf you generaLe
$100 ln commlsslons ln Lhe monLh of !anuary.your check wlll be senL ouL on
lebruary 13
Week|y W|res - Cnce you have an esLabllshed relaLlonshlp wlLh a neLwork, and
you sLarL drlvlng hlgher amounLs of Lrafflc Lo Lhem - Lhey wlll generally pay you
on MuCP fasLer Lerms Lhan neL 13. ?ou can geL your commlsslons senL Lo you
every week (even every few days ln some cases) by bank wlre lnsLead of a check
ln Lhe mall. 1yplcally you need Lo do $1000.00 ln commlsslons per week Lo be
ellglble for Lhls.

k) Don't 8e a Ch||d
l've applled and Lalked Lo a Lon of CA neLworks and all of Lhe quesLlons Lhey ask
are preLLy much Lhe same.
1he blggesL polnL l can make here ls - uCn'1 SWLA1 l1.
Pere's Lhe Lhlng - lL's Ck lf you sound llke you don'L know exacLly whaL you're
Lalklng abouL. 1he lmporLanL Lhlng ls LhaL you're u l8Cn1 abouL lL.
uo nC1 Lry Lo acL llke you know more Lhan you acLually do - lL ls so easy Lo Lell.
lL's lmmaLure and sLupld, and lL seLs a very bad relaLlonshlp, buL l've meL newble
markeLers who Lhlnk Lhey need Lo 'acL Lhe parL' or whaLever. lf you acL llke Lhls,
Lhe neLwork wlll probably golng Lo Lhlnk LhaL you're [usL a fraudsLer Lrylng Lo acL
smarL so you can geL on Lhelr neLwork Lo Lake advanLage of Lhem.
!usL be up fronL and honesL abouL whaL you do, and whaL you wanL Lo
l remember Lhe flrsL Llme l slgned up Lo a neLwork Lhey acLually 1PAnkLu me for
belng honesL wlLh Lhem. 1hey could Lell l dldn'L really know whaL l was Lalklng
abouL, buL Lhey could Lell l knew l wanLed Lo be upfronL abouL lL and l was
learnlng Lhe l goL ln wlLhouL problems.

|) When to 8e Up Iront, When to Shut our Mouth
Pere are Lhe maln Lyplcal quesLlons LhaL Lhey wlll ask you when you flrsL speak
wlLh Lhem over Lhe phone. 1hey wlll ask you some of Lhe same quesLlons LhaL
were llsLed on Lhe appllcaLlon, buL Lhey may ask you some addlLlonal ones as well.
Pere are Lhe mosL common ones l've goLLen nearly LvL8? Llme l've spoken Lo a
CA neLwork Lo geL my appllcaLlon approved.
now do you dr|ve traff|c?
- 8emember you don'L have Lo Lell Lhem everyLhlng. 8aslcally all you really need
Lo Lell Lhem ls Lhe 1?L of Lrafflc you wlll be drlvlng Lo Lhelr offers (whlch we'll
geL lnLo soon) - Lhen Lhey know how Lo besL help you.
- ?ou do nC1 need Lo Lell Lhem your Lrafflc SCu8CL ([usL Lhe 1?L of Lrafflc so
Lhey can geL you Lhe offers LhaL accepL LhaL Lrafflc Lype)
- Also, you don'L need Lo Lell Lhem how you are LargeLlng your vlslLors, your
landlng pages, whaL ads you're LesLlng, eLc.
kegard|ng your ema|| || you rotate Is?
1hls quesLlon ls more for experlenced emall markeLers. Pere, [usL descrlbe Lo
Lhem LhaL you someLlmes creaLe your own emall llsLs wlLh an opL-ln on your
landlng page before Lhe offer page. ?ou own Lhe llsL, you don'L renL llsLs.
Are you work|ng w|th other CA networks? Wh|ch ones?
1hls ls a quesLlon LhaL you wlll geL a loL. lf you menLlon oLher neLworks LhaL you
are worklng wlLh, someLlmes Lhe neLwork you are applylng Lo wlll check wlLh
Lhem Lo see lf you are ln good sLandlng and repuLable. Pere you really don'L need
Lo Lell Lhem who else you are worklng wlLh, buL lL doesn'L hurL. ?ou can even be
up fronL and say you are ln Lhe process of slgnlng up Lo mulLlple neLworks and [usL
sLarLlng ouL ln afflllaLe markeLlng.
now much money are you mak|ng?

1hls ls one LhaL l've goLLen almosL everyLlme. ?ou don'L need Lo answer Lhls, buL
lL's also ok lf you Lell Lhem LhaL you're [usL sLarLlng ouL. 1hey are Lhere Lo help


Sect|on 2
art 1: Cheap 1raff|c Myth - Guru's D|rty L|tt|e Secret
a) 1he Unspoken 1raff|c Super Source
Ck, so here's where Lhlngs sLarL Lo geL really fun. 1he Lrafflc source l'm abouL Lo
reveal ls PuCL and Lx18LMLL? cheap.
And whlle boLh of Lhose Lhlngs are lmporLanL, Lhe mosL lmporLanL parL of Lhe
Lrafflc equaLlon ls geLLlng 1A8CL1Lu Lrafflc Lo your webslLe.
WhaL good are Lhousands of vlslLors Lo your webslLe who have no lnLeresL ln your
offer - and have absoluLely no lnLenLlon of buylng?
eople can brag all Lhey wanL abouL Lhelr 'server crushlng Lrafflc' or hlgh search
englne ranklngs, or ?ou1ube vldeo vlews or WPA1LvL8.
8uL far and away, whaL value do Lhose vlslLors really have?
LoLs of vlslLors are greaL, buL we're here Lo make some you have Lo
have people who are acLually lnLeresLed ln your producL or servlce.
1A8CL1Lu 18AlllC ls whaL we're afLer here.
And Lhls Lrafflc source dellvers 8lC.
l know for a facL LhaL MAn? gurus are uslng Lhls source of Lrafflc and MAklnC A
l've used lL for ?LA8S ln an unbellevably compeLlLlve nlche (llke $2.00 - $3.00 cllck
prlces on Coogle) and lL ls sLlll WluL open. 1he compeLlLlon ls very low.and Lhe
volume of Lrafflc ls huge.
And lf you do have compeLlLors come onLo your Lurf -
l'm golng Lo show how Lo make Lhem cry.

Lven lf you already happen Lo know abouL Lhls Lrafflc source yourself.l'm golng
Lo show you how Lo compleLely Lake over your nlche. keep readlng, l'm poslLlve
you haven'L heard of some of Lhe Lechnlques l'm golng Lo show you.
1hls secLlon ls probably Lhe slngle mosL lmporLanL ln Lhls whole book. lf you really
undersLand Lhls Lrafflc source ln depLh - you can use lL for An?1PlnC.
Any nlche.
Any producL.
Any webslLe.
When you conLrol LargeLed Lrafflc - you have Lhe power.
?ou can do anyLhlng onllne. ?ou can wrlLe your own check, for llfe.
8uL be careful, as Lhls Lrafflc source can dellver an absoluLe AvALAnCPL of Lrafflc
Cn uLMAnu.and lL musL be conLrolled properly.
So leL's geL Lo lL.
1he Lrafflc source LhaL l've used Lo generaLe masslve and hugely proflLable
campalgns ls..
LeadlmpacL Ad Servlces

Pere ls whaL Lhelr page looks llke -

LeadlmpacL ls whaL ls called a ConLexLual Ad neLwork"
So when you Lalk Lo CA neLworks, say LhaL you drlve conLexLual Lrafflc."
now, Lhls ad neLwork ls very dlfferenL Lhan whaL ls Lhe normal deflnlLlon of a
conLexLual ad neLwork."
Coogle's ConLenL neLwork can be consldered a 'conLexLual ad neLwork' - Lhe ads
Lhey dlsplay on webpages are 'conLexLually' relaLed Lo Lhe conLenL on LhaL page.
An example of Lhls would be a muslc webslLe wlLh an arLlcle abouL gulLars servlng
an ad abouL gulLar lessons - someLhlng LhaL ls relaLed.
1hls ls somewhaL of a dlfflculL dlsLlncLlon Lo be made when Lrylng Lo deflne Lhls
klnd of Lrafflc.

We'll geL more ln depLh abouL Lhls, buL for our purposes now.know LhaL you are
sendlng conLexLual Lrafflc."
lf you are sendlng Lhls Lype of Lrafflc Lo an afflllaLe offer, you need Lo make sure
LhaL lL accepLs conLexLual Lrafflc. Also, some offers wlll only llsL LhaL Lhey accepL
Search 1rafflc.buL someLlmes lf you explaln Lo your afflllaLe manager whaL you
are dolng, Lhey wlll allow you Lo send Lhls Lrafflc.
PCWLvL8 - 8emember LhaL you uC nC1 need Lo Lell Lhem where exacLly you are
geLLlng your Lrafflc from.
1haL's your buslness.
8uL lL ls ok Lo explaln ln general Lerms whaL you are dolng so Lhey are comforLable
wlLh you and Lhe Lrafflc LhaL you are sendlng Lo Lhem.
8ecause Lhe deflnlLlon ls very loose on whaL ConLexLual" Lrafflc ls, Lhls ls why
you'll flnd a loL of dlfflculLy when you Lalk Lo afflllaLe managers who are unaware
of Lhls.
1hls makes a PuCL dlfference.
1haL ls why l've recommended Lhe parLlcular CA neLworks LhaL l dld earller,
because Lhey all have a wlde varleLy of offers LhaL accepL conLexLual Lrafflc.

b) Who uses th|s?
LeadlmpacL's ad neLwork ls much dlfferenL Lhan a Lyplcal ad neLwork. Whlle a
usual ad neLwork wlll have a large collecLlon of Sl1LS LhaL you can have your
adverLlsemenLs dellvered Lo..LeadlmpacL on Lhe oLher hand ls comprlsed of a
large collecLlon of uSL8S.
1he users opLed-ln Lo Lhelr neLwork ln exchange for free games, waLchlng vldeos,
free emoLlcons..downloadlng free deskLop backgrounds, screensavers, or
Loolbars.many dlfferenL Lhlngs.
ln exchange for access Lo Lhls huge amounL of free conLenL, Lhe user knows LhaL
Lhey wlll be recelvlng perlodlc LargeLed adverLlsemenLs.
So lL's a wln-wln for boLh Lhe ad neLwork, and Lhe user base.
And lL's a wln for us, because we geL Lo markeL Lo Lhose people.
users on Lhe neLwork come from all over Lhe world.and ads can be LargeLed Lo
cerLaln geographlc reglons by counLry.
1he neLwork ls composed prlmarlly of users ln Lhe unlLed SLaLes, follow by
Canada and Lhe unlLed klngdom. Smaller amounLs of users reslde ln AusLralla and
new Zealand - and many users reslde ln Lurope. 1hose are maln reglons of users
who comprlse LeadlmpacL, buL Lhere ls also a slgnlflcanL amounL of users ln oLher
parLs of Lhe world.
LeadlmpacL's neLworks reach ls global and you can LargeL users from anywhere ln
Lhe world - and l suggesL you do everywhere lL ls proflLable Lo do so.
Also, l wanLed Lo polnL ouL LhaL cerLaln afflllaLe offers may only accepL Lrafflc from
cerLaln geographlc areas (or Lhey may accepL Lrafflc from everywhere).
8emember Lhere ls a huge world of Lrafflc ouL Lhere besldes [usL Lhe uS, Canada,
or Lhe uk.
1hlnk of all Lhe posslblllLles ouL Lhere for Lhls.

Lspeclally lf you speak a language oLher Lhan Lngllsh (even lf you don'L you can
sLlll use a LranslaLlon servlce or sofLware Lo do Lhe LranslaLlng for you). ?ou can
LargeL users ln many dlfferenL counLrles ln Lhelr naLlve language. 1he markeLs and
posslblllLles are wlde open.

c) M|sconcept|ons
1here are a loL of mlsconcepLlons concernlng Lhls source of Lrafflc.
llrsL off - many people confuse LeadlmpacL as a spyware neLwork.
Couldn'L be furLher from Lhe LruLh.
LeadlmpacL can be consldered an Adware, or opL-ln neLwork.
1here ls a MA!C8 dlfference.
Spyware ls mallclous sofLware LhaL ls usually lnsLalled onLo a user's compuLer
wlLhouL Lhelr consenL. And lL can do anyLhlng from Lracklng your browslng
acLlvlLy, Lo sLeallng your passwords and personal lnformaLlon. Spyware ls also
ofLen exLremely (lf noL lmposslble) Lo unlnsLall or remove from your compuLer
once you are lnfecLed wlLh lL. Spyware ls very dangerous.
LeadlmpacL's sofLware has noLhlng Lo do wlLh belng bad or dangerous. 1helr
adverLlslng sofLware ls lnsLalled onLo a user's compuLer only when LhaL users
requesLs lL and knowlngly opLs-ln Lo download lL. lL does noL Lrack user behavlor
or collecL any personal lnformaLlon. Also, LeadlmpacL makes lL very easy for Lhe
user Lo unlnsLall Lhe sofLware should Lhey wanL Lo sLop recelvlng adverLlsemenLs.
Lven people 'ln Lhe know' someLlmes geL confused wlLh Lhe dlfference beLween
Adware and Spyware. And because of LhaL, a loL of Lhe Llme Lhere ls a negaLlve
feellng Lowards Adware.
ln Lhe pasL Lhere have been adware companles LhaL were..well, leL's say less
Lhan respecLable..who made lL vL8? dlfflculL for users Lo unlnsLall Lhelr sofLware
(or Lhey lnsLalled lL wlLhouL Lhe user's requesL and permlsslon).

1hese companles are no longer around anymore. 8uL Lhey've managed Lo
generaLe a loL of bad publlclLy ouL Lhere regardlng Lhls Lype of Lrafflc whlch no
longer ls Lrue.
8emember, LeadlmpacL wanLs Lo provlde real value Lo lLs user base. lL ls noL ln
Lhelr besL lnLeresL Lo dellver Loo many adverLlsemenLs Lo Lhelr users or annoy
Lhem. lf LeadlmpacL burns ouL Lhe user base and Lhe users geL Llred, Lhey wlll
unlnsLall Lhe sofLware - and LeadlmpacL no longer has a buslness.

d) now |t a|| works
WhaL ls probably Lhe coolesL Lhlng abouL Lhe whole LeadlmpacL Ad laLform, ls
Lhe facL LhaL you can dellver your adverLlsemenL aL Lhe LxAC1 momenL Lhe user ls
searchlng for a slmllar or servlce.
uellverlng your adverLlslng message llke Lhls ls of huge value Lo your prospecL.
LeadlmpacL has Lhe ablllLy Lo serve ads ln a wlde varleLy of formaLs (ConLenL
Sponsorshlp, 1oolbar AdverLlslng, ln-SlLe Sllder Ads, and Lhelr 1argeLed vlslLor
1he 1argeLed vlslLor Ad" ln Lhelr Search SoluLlons" caLegory ls Lhe focus of Lhls
book. lL ls LeadlmpacL's mosL popular and hlghesL performlng ad formaL, and ls
where l have had far and away Lhe mosL success.
AL Lhe mosL baslc level, LeadlmpacL does nC1 serve an ad Lo a user who Lhen has
Lo cllck Lhrough lL, Lhen flnally arrlves Lo your slLe.
lL [usL Lakes Lhe user ul8LC1L? Lo your slLe!
uo you see how powerful Lhls ls???!
1he users does noL even have Lo cllck Lhrough Lo geL Lo your slLe - you can [usL
dellver your Ln1l8L sales message dlrecLly from your webslLe rlghL Lo Lhe user aL
Lhe LxAC1 momenL Lhey are MCS1 lnLeresLed (more on Lhls laLer). And you can
do all of Lhls for pennles on Lhe dollar.

Pow do Lhey do Lhls?
So for example, say a user ls searchlng for how Lo play gulLar" and you have a
gulLar or muslc webslLe - aL Lhe very momenL LhaL user ls searchlng, LeadlmpacL
wlll have your enLlre webpage show up ln a new browser wlndow ln fronL of Lhe
webpage Lhey are vlewlng - glvlng Lhem exacLly whaL Lhey are looklng for.

e) koad to N|che Dom|nat|on - 1he kea| 1ruth
So LeadlmpacL serves your enLlre webslLe Lo Lhelr users as a new browser wlndow
aL Lhe LxAC1 momenL Lhey are searchlng for a relaLed Loplc. 1haL's Lhe very baslc
now l'm golng Lo sLarL geLLlng lnLo Lhe real deLalls of how Lhelr sysLem works and
Lhen how Lo really Lake advanLage of every parL of lL.
1hls parL ls key as once you really learn lL, play wlLh lL some.and make a few
campalgns..Lhlngs are golng Lo begln falllng lnLo place ln your head and you're
golng Lo develop your own undersLandlng.
Cnce you 8LALL? grasp everyLhlng ln Lhls gulde (l would recommend prlnLlng Lhls
ouL so you can hlghllghL secLlons and wrlLe noLes) you can bend Lhls Lrafflc source
Lo your every wlll.
CompeLlLors won'L have a chance and you can easlly domlnaLe as many nlches as
you wanL - conLlnually.
1he real LruLh Lo domlnaLlng a nlche onllne ls flrsL undersLandlng Lhe nlche lLself,
and Lhen fully undersLandlng Lhe sysLems (llke Lhls Lrafflc source) you're golng Lo
use Lo markeL Lo LhaL nlche.
8emember LhaL as you conLlnue Lo read Lhls gulde.
And know LhaL as you conLlnue Lo geL more experlence and more knowledge,
you're geLLlng more powerful ln your markeLplace.and you'll be able Lo dellver

greaLer value Lo your LargeL audlence, and wlll conLlnue Lo be more prosperous
lnLo Lhe fuLure.

f) 1hey pay 52.00 per c||ck, I pay 50.02
now wlLh LeadlmpacL's ad plaLform, noL only does your full landlng page geL
shown Lo Lhe user exacLly aL Lhe momenL LhaL Lhey are searchlng for your producL
or servlce.buL you are able Lo do lL aL an lncredlbly low prlce.
LeadlmpacL's prlclng sLrucLure ls based on CosL er vlew (Cv). So you are
charged every Llme your ad ls 'vlewed' whlch ls every Llme your ads pops-up as a
new browser wlndow for Lhe user.
1hls ls a loL dlfferenL Lhan Lhe prlclng sLrucLure common on Coogle for example,
where you would normally be dolng ay er Cllck (C) and belng bllled on a CosL
er Cllck (CC) basls. WlLh CC, you are bllled every Llme someone cllcks on your
ad Lo geL Lo your webslLe. WlLh Cv, you are bllled every Llme someone goes
ul8LC1L? Lo your webslLe. ?ou webslLe ls essenLlally Lhe ad lLself.
And Lhls ls greaL, because Lhe fewer sLeps Lhere are LhaL separaLe Lhe user from
Lhe acLlon you wanL Lhem Lo Lake (wheLher LhaL's Lo slgn up Lo your newsleLLer,
flll a quesLlonnalre, buy a producL, eLc.) Lhe beLLer.
l remember when l sLarLed adverLlslng wlLh LeadlmpacL, one of my markeLs was a
hlghly compeLlLlve nlche where bld prlces on Coogle Adwords (Coogle's Ad
laLform) were regularly $2.00 L8 CLlCk and more.
Cn LeadlmpacL, lL was $0.02 L8 vlLW.
?es, 2 cenLs.
1haL's llLerally 1/100
Lhe cosL.
Powever, keep ln mlnd.when you are paylng L8 CLlCk on anoLher ad neLwork
such as have Lhe ablllLy Lo pre-quallfy your Lrafflc a blL more (llke
glvlng your prospecL more lnformaLlon up fronL ln your ad).so remember Lo

make sure LhaL your ads are very LargeLed for Lhe 1?L of user you are Lrylng Lo
markeL Lo (l'll go lnLo greaL deLall on Lhls ln Lhe markeL research secLlon laLer).
1haL ls Lhe power of Lhls neLwork. MosL mlnlmum blds (dependlng on Lhe
adverLlslng caLegory) sLarL aL $0.02. Some of Lhe super compeLlLlve nlches (llke
car lnsurance or oLher flnanclal Lype offers) Lyplcally sLarL aL $0.022 cenLs (yes,
LhaL's 2.2 cenLs, you can bld ln fracLlons of a cenL lncremenLs) or ln some cases
AL any raLe, lL's WA? cheaper Lhan Coogle, and LhaL's [usL Lhe beglnnlng of Lhe

g) Ad Serv|ng - 1a||or|ng to the User Lxper|ence
Ck, so here l'm golng Lo geL a llLLle more ln depLh on Lhe Lype of ad LhaL Lhe users
wlLh see.
1he LeadlmpacL Ad laLform serves your ad (acLually your full landlng page) Lo
Lhelr users by openlng a compleLely new browser wlndow, conLalnlng your
landlng page, ln fronL of Lhe currenL wlndow Lhe user ls vlewlng.
?ou landlng page dlsplays aL 800 x 600 resoluLlon slze.
8emember Lhls.
So be sure Lo keep Lhls ln mlnd as you are chooslng whlch offers Lo promoLe, or
when you are deslgnlng your landlng page. Many Llmes lf Lhe user doesn'L see
your call Lo acLlon above Lhe fold" (Lhe area of Lhe page LhaL Lhe user sees before
Lhey have Lo scroll down Lhe page) lL can hugely lower your converslon raLe and
Lhe performance of your landlng page. So be sure Lo promoLe offers wlLh landlng
pages LhaL have well placed calls Lo acLlon LhaL Lhe user wlll easlly be able Lo see
when LeadlmpacL shows Lhe page.

h) 8ut what about.?

AnoLher qulck polnL l Lhlnk ls lmporLanL Lo polnL ouL.
Slnce your landlng page wlll be dellvered as a brand new landlng page CvL8 Lhe
currenL page LhaL Lhe user ls vlewlng l wanLed Lo menLlon LhaL lL ls nC1 a pop-up.
lL ls a fully new browser wlndow, Lhe same as lf Lhe user opened a new wlndow
by Lhemselves.
?our ads wlll nC1 be affecLed by pop-up blockers. Slnce LeadlmpacL's sofLware
LhaL Lhe users download ls permlsslon based, lL ls able Lo dellver your landlng
page as a LoLally new browser wlndow and ls noL affecLed by pop up blockers.
l wanLed Lo clarlfy Lhls as lL was one of Lhe maln quesLlons l had when l flrsL began
markeLlng on wlLh Lhls Lrafflc source.

|) Ad 1arget|ng - Compet|tors' Ignorance = our rof|t
Ck, now here's how your ad wlll acLually be Lrlggered ln LeadlmpacL's sysLem.
Ads are served based on Lhe conLenLs on Lhe u8L ln Lhe user's currenL browser
ln oLher words, whaL ls says ln Lhe address bar - you have Lo be LargeLlng a word
or phrase conLalned wlLhln LhaL u8L for LeadlmpacL Lo know LhaL your page ls
relevanL, and for Lhem Lo show your ad (landlng page).
lor example, check ouL whaL Lhe u8L looks llke lf someone Lypes ln a search ln
Coogle looklng for gulLar lessons"

Pere ls whaL Lhe u8L looks llke afLer Lhe search..
LeadlmpacL reads Lhls u8L (from rlghL Lo lefL) and serves Lhe ad whlch ls mosL
relevanL Lo Lhls u8L.
lor example, lf you were blddlng on Lhe Lerm gulLar lessons" ln your ad
campalgn, your ad would be Lrlggered.
8uL lf you were blddlng on lessons gulLar" you ad would noL be shown.
lL's Lhe gulLar+lessons" parL of Lhe search u8L LhaL acLually Lrlggered your ad Lo
be shown.
8emember Lhls as you bralnsLorm keywords Lo LargeL.
8e aware Lhough, LhaL LeadlmpacL can only read Lhe lf you are LargeLlng
very wlde keywords (llke LargeLlng [usL Lhe word gulLar"), you may geL a loL of
Lrafflc LhaL may noL be as LargeLed as you wanL.

Slnce lL's Lhe gulLar+lessons" LhaL LeadlmpacL acLually reads, lf you bld on gulLar
lesson" (wlLhouL Lhe leLLer 's').your ad would sLlll be Lrlggered because your
'gulLar lesson' ls sLlll found ln Lhe search u8L.

lor example lf you are [usL blddlng on Lhe word gulLar" Lhen your ad can be
Lrlgger by all klnds of comblnaLlons llke -
gulLar lesson"
cheap gulLar"
where can l sell my gulLar"
Lven Lhlngs llke" or"
1he keyword phrase LhaL you are LargeLlng can be An?WPL8L ln Lhe u8L.
1hls presenLs a vL8? unlque opporLunlLy because you can also LargeL Lhe Ln1l8L
1PlS lS PuCL.
unllke buylng keywords on Lhe Coogle search neLwork, where you are only
LargeLlng keyword phrases, on LeadlmpacL you can also LargeL enLlre uCMAlnS.
lf l conLlnue wlLh Lhe CulLar Lessons example..say l'm Lrylng Lo sell a book on
whaL Lo make sure you know before you buy your flrsL gulLar.
uolng a qulck search Lhrough l found a greaL secLlon wlLh lnformaLlon
on buylng gulLars..

uo you Lhlnk LhaL Lhe people who are vlslLlng LhaL exacL page are lnLeresLed ln
whaL l have Lo offer? 1he answer ls yes, you can'L really geL a beLLer maLch Lhan
So..l would LargeL LhaL enLlre u8L ln my ad campalgn.
1hen my ad (my enLlre landlng page) would be shown Lo people vlslLlng LhaL exacL
1hls Lechnlque alone ls SC powerful. 1he Lrafflc LhaL you geL ls someLlmes small
and someLlmes blg, buL lL ls Lx18LMLML? LargeLed. And really, Lhlnk of how many
webpages Lhere are ouL Lhere llke LhaL - MlLLlCnS. AcLually, Lhere's 8lLLlCnS of
webpages ouL Lhere. 1he posslblllLles are almosL hard Lo concelve.
1hls ls one of Lhe reasons why Lhe opporLunlLy here ls so enormous and wlde
open. 1here ls so much Lrafflc ouL Lhere. 1hlnk of everyLhlng LhaL you can LargeL.
And Lhere are more and more webpages belng creaLed every hour. 1he
opporLunlLy [usL keeps growlng wlLh Llme.

[) kesurrect|on of Goog|e Cash
A few years ago Lhe Coogle Cash" Lechnlque of 'dlrecL llnklng' Lo as an afflllaLe Lo
anoLher webslLe became PuCLL? popular (and LhaL's an undersLaLemenL) when a
man by Lhe name of Chrls CarpenLer wroLe a book enLlLled Coogle Cash"
lL was a huge success and Lhe lnformaLlon conLalned wlLhln lL made A LC1 of
people A LC1 of money.
lL creaLed a modern day gold rush.
lL was all abouL 'dlrecL llnklng' Lo webslLes as an afflllaLe. 8aslcally whaL you would
do ls place an ad on Coogle, Lhe searcher would cllck on your ad, and you would
send LhaL vlslLor ul8LC1L? Lo Lhe merchanL's webslLe. ?ou dldn'L need a webslLe
of your own. 1hen on Lhe merchanL's webslLe, lf Lhe vlslLor you senL Lhem boughL
a producL, you goL a commlsslon.

So slmple, you dldn'L even need your own webslLe Lo do lL, LhaL was Lhe beauLy ln
1hls was greaL for a whlle. 8uL Lhen Coogle sLarLed puLLlng all new sorLs of rules
and regulaLlons LhaL made lL more and more dlfflculL for afflllaLe markeLers Lo
dlrecL llnk Lo merchanL's webslLes.
1hls was abouL Lhe Llme LhaL l sLarLed learnlng lnLerneL MarkeLlng..when Lhlngs
sLarLed Lo geL more and more dlfflculL.
Coogle's rules are S1lLL changlng by Lhe way, so many dlfferenL rules abouL page
conLenL, how many ads you can have ln your ad group.on and on.all Lo help
1PLl8 boLLom llne Lo maxlmlze 1PLl8 revenue.
l can'L say l blame Lhem, Lhey are acLlng ln Lhelr besL lnLeresL.
Powever, wlLh LeadlmpacL..lL's ln Lhelr besL lnLeresL Lo nC1 lmpose all of Lhese
crazy and changlng rules ln Lhe fuLure. Coogle does lL because Lhey are Lrylng Lo
maxlmlze Lhe cllck Lhrough raLes of Lhelr ads.
LeadlmpacL's ads have a 100 cllck Lhrough raLe (because Lhey serve your enLlre
landlng page Lo begln wlLh) so Lhelr revenue model ls already maxlmlzed.
WhaL Lhls all means..
lL means LhaL 'Coogle Cash' ls back!!
?ou can sLlll dlrecL llnk (and wlll conLlnue Lo be able Lo) Lo oLher afflllaLe webslLes
Lhrough LeadlmpacL.
1hls ls PuCL.
now, agaln, you can promoLe oLher afflllaLe webslLes Wl1PCu1 needlng a
webslLe of your own.
1haL's lL.

no more google slaps" or algorlLhm changes"..none of LhaL crap.

k) 1e|| Goog|e to I*#Q Cff and Iorget ua||ty Score Iorever
1haL's why Lhe 8lClnC S?S1LM ls easlly my lAvC8l1L parL of Lhls Lrafflc source.
lL's Lhe reason why you wlll be able Lo dlrecL llnk Lo afflllaLe offers well lnLo Lhe
LeL me explaln Lhls a llLLle furLher.
LeadlmpacL's prlclng sysLem ls an aucLlon based prlclng sysLem dlcLaLed
CCMLL1LL? by 8lCL.
nC1 CuallLy Score.
nC1 Cllck 1hrough 8aLe.
nC1 Lhe amounL of page conLenL on your slLe.
nC1 Lhe age 8ank of your webpage.
nC1 Lhe age of your slLe.
nC1 your lncomlng llnk repuLaLlon.
nCnL Cl 1PA1 C8A!!!
Can you Lell LhaL l've been frusLraLed wlLh Coogle ln Lhe pasL?
1hls ls AMAZlnC. WlLh Coogle (or any of Lhe oLher search englnes l Lrled) Lhere
are so many compllcaLed rules and Lhey always seem Lo be changlng.
So much sLuff abouL algorlLhm changes" and google slaps" lL's so confuslng.
8u1 lL's lmporLanL lf you're adverLlslng on Coogle.
8uL we're noL !
.and we play by a dlfferenL seL of rules.

?our webslLe, and your ad LargeLs ('LargeLs' can elLher be keyword phrases, or
u8Ls/uomalns) are all revlewed manually (by a real human belng).
uon'L geL Loo concerned Lhough.Lhey are very qulck abouL Lhls. Cenerally Lhe
approval process wlll Lake abouL 1 buslness day (even for PuCL keyword llsLs).
Anyway.all of your webslLes and keyword and domaln LargeLs go under manual
revlew. So lL ls up Lo LhaL person Lo deLermlne lf your webpage ls relevanL for Lhe
people you are lnLendlng Lo markeL Lo.
Cnce your ads are approved, Lhen Lhe amounL of Lrafflc you recelve for each
keyword or u8L LargeL ls CCMLL1LL? based on your bld rank ln relaLlon Lo Lhe
oLher people blddlng on LhaL same keyword or u8L LargeL.
lf you are Lhe Lop bldder, you recelve Lhe mosL Lrafflc.
1he flrsL poslLlon recelves abouL 70 of Lhe Lrafflc for LhaL keyword or u8L LargeL.
1he second poslLlon recelve a lower percenLage, Lhe Lhlrd poslLlon recelves a
lower amounL sLlll..and so on.
And LhaL's lL.
1here's no havlng Lo deal wlLh all Lhose crazy rules all Lhe Llme. LeadlmpacL ls sLlll
concerned abouL Lhelr user's experlence and LhaL your markeLlng ls relevanL, buL
lL doesn'L make good buslness sense for Lhem Lo make all of Lhose oLher rules llke
Coogle has.
Pere's why..
Slnce LeadlmpacL's prlclng ls Cv (CosL er vlew) based, Lhey have no need for all
of Lhose rules because Lhey are pald LvL8?1lML your ad ls shown. So lL ls ln Lhelr
flnanclal besL lnLeresL Lo noL change Lhelr rules.
1he reason why Coogle has so many rules regardlng quallLy and relevancy ls
because Lhey need Lo maxlmlze Lhelr revenue, buL Lhelr revenue ls heavlly
dependenL on a webslLe vlslLor's AC1lCn.

Whereas LeadlmpacL serves ads Lo Lhelr user base Au1CMA1lCALL?, geLLlng pald
LACP Llme lL ls shown..
Coogle on Lhe oLher hand may show your ad, buL lL mlghL noL geL pald for dolng
so. 1hls ls because Lhe person or buslness who placed LhaL ad ls paylng on a ay
er Cllck" basls, and Coogle only geLs pald lf Lhe webslLe vlslLor acLually CLlCkS on
Lhe ad.
Coogle ls dependenL on Lhe vlslLor Lo 1AkL AC1lCn and CLlCk on Lhelr ads.
1hls ls why quallLy and relevancy are so lmporLanL Lo Coogle, and why Lhey are
consLanLly changlng Lhelr rules for adverLlsers.
1hey are Lrylng Lo make adverLlsers make Lhelr ads more and more relevanL, so
Lhen Lhelr ads wlll geL hlgher Cllck 1hrough 8aLes (1hls ls Lhe number of cllcks ln
relaLlon Lo Lhe number of Llmes Lhe ad ls shown. So lf an ad ls shown on Coogle
200 Llmes, and lL ls cllcked on 20 Llmes, Lhen lL would have a 10 C18 or 'Cllck
1hrough 8aLe').
Ads LhaL are more relevanL and generaLe hlgher cllck Lhrough raLes mean more
cllcks for Coogle and more money for Lhem.
1hls ls all because Lhere ls one exLra sLep LhaL Lhe Coogle users have Lo Lake
(acLually cllcklng on Lhe ad).
Slnce LeadlmpacL serves Lhe ad as an enLlre landlng page..Lhe user does noL
need Lo cllck Lhrough. And LeadlmpacL geLs pald every Llme, so because of Lhls
Lhey don'L have any of Lhose crazy rules. 1hey are already maxlmlzlng Lhelr
1hey run a very smarL, slmple buslness model.
And lL's greaL for us, because we can caplLallze on LhaL slmpllclLy.
And noL have Lo worry abouL all Lhe crazy rules changlng all Lhe Llme.

l've even had enLlre webpages LhaL l've made LhaL had vL8? llLLle conLenL (a
deaLh senLence for your webslLe on Coogle). 1he slLe conLalned a few words, a
small form l wanLed Lhem Lo flll ouL, and a submlL buLLon.
A slLe llke Lhls would have done PC88l8L? on Coogle. My page had nexL Lo no
conLenL or LexL Lo prove lLs relevancy" Lo Coogle's compuLer sysLems LhaL scan
my slLe.
8uL LhaL webslLe dld greaL on LeadlmpacL. 1he manual revlewer could see Lhe
Lype of people l was Lrylng Lo LargeL, and my slLe was obvlously relevanL ([usL
because lL dldn'L have Lons of page conLenL does noL mean LhaL lL's noL relevanL)
so all of my ads were approved and my campalgn dld very well.
8elng able Lo creaLe slLes llke Lhls, and LargeL people ln Lhls way opens up so many
more posslblllLles. Also, when you're noL worrled abouL Lhe nexL Coogle Slap" or
walLlng for Lhe day when you're ads are golng Lo somehow be suddenly found
'lrrelevanL' by Lhe Coogle Search Lnglne can sleep a loL beLLer aL
lL can free your mlnd so you can dlg really deep lnLo your nlche, or expand your
buslness lnLo many dlfferenL nlches wlLhouL havlng Lo keep up Lo daLe on Lhe
newesL 'Lrlcks' and 'Lechnlques' for overcomlng Lhe consLanLly changlng rules of
uoesn'L lL feel good Lo leL all LhaL go?

art 2: Market kesearch, More 1han keywords
a) N|che Se|ect|on - 1he L|us|ve Cbv|ous #2
eople all Lhe Llme, when Lhey're flrsL sLarLlng ouL, wanL Lo know -
WhaL should l sell onllne?
WhaL nlche ls hoL or unLapped?
WhaL ls Lhe greaL, besL, fanLasLlc new Lhlng LhaL ls undlscovered?
Well here's Lhe Lhlng - you can sell An?1PlnC.
1here are many Lhlngs selllng onllne, Lhe cholces are nearly endless.
8uL don'L leL all Lhe cholces geL Lhe besL of you, plck someLhlng and focus ln on lL.
SLlck Lo lL, and soon you'll be proflLlng.
Also, don'L geL Loo concerned lf Lhere ls a loL of compeLlLlon ln Lhe nlche LhaL you
wanL Lo enLer.
A loL of compeLlLlon means Lhere's a loL of money Lo be made.
now granLed, Lhere are a loL of markeLs onllne LhaL are very proflLable and don'L
have a loL of compeLlLlon ln Lhem. 8uL for me, l llke Lo go afLer Lhe exLremely
compeLlLlve nlches, because l flgure lf Lhere's so much money belng made ln Lhe
nlche overall..even lf l geL [usL a small fracLlon of LhaL acLlon, lL wlll sLlll be a loL of
So here's anoLher Lhlng LhaL l would call an eluslve obvlous" - knowlng whlch
nlche Lo choose or whlch offer you wanL Lo promoLe and sell.
Pere's Lhe slngle Lhlng LhaL l've found Lo be mosL helpful (and usually Lhe mosL
proflLable Loo).
l know, anoLher ground breaklng dlscovery.

lease, hold Lhe applause. ,-)
8uL ln all serlousness Lhough, from golng Lo lnLerneL markeLlng semlnars and
meeLlng a loL of dlfferenL people, lL seems LhaL a LC1 of people geL caughL up ln
decldlng whlch nlche Lhey would llke Lo promoLe or whaL Lype of producL or offer
Lhey wanL Lo sell.
l had Lhe same problem sLarLlng ouL. Lveryone does.
When l say 'ask someone' l'm malnly Lalklng abouL asklng your afflllaLe manager
LhaL you are asslgned when you [oln a CA neLwork.
1hey wlll acLually Lell you whlch of Lhe offers on Lhe neLwork are performlng Lhe
AnoLher reason why Lhey are a huge asseL Lo your buslness.
So lnsLead of golng Lhrough all Lhe llsLlngs of all of Lhe dlfferenL offers, l [usL plck
up Lhe phone and call my afflllaLe manager.
lck a nlche LhaL you are passlonaLe abouL and lnLeresLed ln.lL wlll really keep
you moLlvaLed Lo dlg deep lnLo your markeLlng and research.
lor me, l Lell my afflllaLe manager whlch nlche l'm looklng Lo go afLer, and Lhey
can Lell me whlch producLs are performlng Lhe besL and are Lhe besL quallLy.
noL only ls lL a greaL Llme saver, buL belng able Lo have advlce and up Lo daLe
lnformaLlon from someone llke LhaL ls huge. lL's Lhelr [ob, day ln a day ouL, Lo help
you wlLh your buslness.
lL can save so much energy whlch could have been wasLed Lrylng dlfferenL nlches
and offers LhaL may noL be Lhe besL ldea Lo go afLer ln Lhe flrsL place.
8elng able Lo geL sLeered ln Lhe rlghL dlrecLlon ln Lhe flrsL place whlle selecLlng
your nlche ls kL?.
lL ls Lhe mosL lmporLanL plece of Lhe puzzle before you geL lnLo any klnd of markeL

b) Who |s your market kLALL? 1he answer may shock you.
1o be able Lo really domlnaLe your markeL onllne, you musL know exacLly WPC
you are markeLlng you.
LeL's be real here. noL LvL8?CnL ls golng Lo wanL your producL.
1haL's reallLy.
And LhaL's a good Lhlng, here's why.
When you know LxAC1L? who ls Lhe Lype of person LhaL you are markeLlng Lo,
Lhen you can speak ul8LC1L? Lo Lhem.
?ou make your markeLlng a personal conversaLlon, speaklng dlrecLly Lo Lhelr
deslres, needs, concerns, eLc.
1hls affecLs all aspecLs of your markeLlng, from Lhe keywords and u8Ls LhaL you
choose Lo bld on, Lo Lhe sales copy used on your landlng page or Lhe offer page, Lo
even how you choose Lo follow up wlLh your prospecL (Lhrough an onllne emall
newsleLLer or offllne markeLlng, how ofLen you follow up, whaL oLher Lype of
producLs your prospecL may be lnLeresLed ln)...
..Lhe llsL goes on.
A blg mlsLake a loL of beglnnlng markeLers make ls Lrylng Lo sell Lo LvL8?CnL.
We all wanL Lo sell as much as posslble. When you have a greaL producL (or
promoLlng someone else's greaL producL).Lhe whole world should know abouL lL
rlghL? And Lhey should all wanL Lo buy lL rlghL?
Whlle even lf (and LhaL's a blg 'lf') Lhls may be Lhe case..lL makes our markeLlng
vL8? lnefflclenL.
8y Lrylng Lo sell Lo everyone, we're noL reachlng our LargeL audlence Lhe besL we
can, and we're noL able Lo glve Lhem maxlmum value from Lhelr experlence wlLh

1he keys here are Lo be SLLLC1lvL abouL WPC your markeL ls flrsL, Lhen be
SLLLC1lvL abouL who exacLly you are markeLlng Lo Wl1Pln LhaL LargeL audlence.
1hls ls exacLly why l llke Lo LargeL PuCLL? compeLlLlve nlches. 8ecause when l do
Lhls l can markeL Lo all Lhe sub-nlches Wl1Pln LhaL nlche.
lor example, say l wanL Lo promoLe Car lnsurance CuoLes.
1hls markeL ls huge and rldlculously compeLlLlve.
8uL Lhe amounL of Lrafflc for lL ls also enormous.
So everyone needs car lnsurance rlghL, buL l wouldn'L Lry Lo markeL lL Lo everyone.
lor example, l could markeL car lnsurance quoLes Lo people ln a cerLaln sLaLe, or
clLy. Cr lnsurance quoLes for a cerLaln Lype of car. Cr for new cars, or old cars.
Cr people looklng for cheaper car lnsurance Lhan Lhey already have.
1here are so many posslblllLles.
1hlnk abouL your LargeL audlence and Lhelr needs.Lhen markeL Lo LhaL need as
accuraLely as posslble.
1hls ls Lhe same for any producL or servlce LhaL you wanL Lo promoLe..
uo Lhe markeL research, flnd ouL abouL your LargeL audlence, Lhen you know who
Lo besL markeL LhaL producL Lo.
So here's how l llke Lo really geL lnslde Lhe mlnd of a member of my LargeL
Also noLlce LhaL l'm Lhlnklng abouL Lhls ln Lerms of an lnulvluuAL. We wanL Lo
make our markeLlng personal, speaklng dlrecLly Lo LhaL person and Lhelr needs.
We wanL Lo know as much as we can abouL our LargeL prospecL.
Who Lhey are.
WhaL Lhey llke Lo do.

1helr hobbles.
Pow Lhey Lhlnk.
1helr oLher lnLeresLs.
1helr concerns/fears.
1helr dreams.
1helr values.
WhaL Lhelr usual day looks llke (work, famlly, personal, oLher lnLeresLs).
1he Lype of famlly and frlends Lhey have.
lf l were Lhe MCS1 1?lCAL member of my LargeL audlence, who would l be?
Pavlng an ldea of An? of Lhese Lhlngs can help us beLLer serve Lhe person we are
Lrylng Lo markeL Lo.
My favorlLe way Lo begln markeL research for any nlche l'm golng Lo go afLer, ls
reverse englneerlng Lhe slLes LhaL are already successful ln LhaL nlche.
l wanL Lo flnd ouL why Lhey are successful, and who exacLly Lhey are markeLlng Lo.
So for me Lo flrsL begln my research, l call my afflllaLe manager.
?ep - l Lalk Lo Lhem agaln.
1hls Llme, once Lhey've already Lold me whlch are Lhe Lop offers ln Lhe nlche l'm
markeLlng Lo, Lhey can usually glve even more lnformaLlon.
arLlcularly - demographlc daLa.
SomeLlmes, Lhls can be as general as Lhls offer works well wlLh women" Lo more
deLalled resulLs (even deLalls llke whlch hours of Lhe day Lhe offers performs besL!
1lmes of Lhe day llke when people are geLLlng home from work, or laLe nlghL
whlle people are usually waLchlng Lv, all klnds of cool lnformaLlon).

l've even had Llmes when my afflllaLe manager hands me LesLed keywords LhaL
are proven Lo converL! So Lhen all l had Lo do ls plug Lhem lnLo my ad campalgn
and geL golng! 8emember, Lhey're Lhere Lo help you make money and Lhe more
money you make, Lhe more money Lhey make.
LlLher way, even lf your afflllaLe manager doesn'L have a loL of lnformaLlon for can geL some preLLy good Llps Lhls way by [usL geLLlng on Lhe phone and
asklng quesLlons.
So afLer l have Lhe conversaLlon wlLh my afflllaLe manager, Lhen l'm off Lo reverse
englneer Lhe successful slLes ln my nlche.
l'm golng Lo do an example here as lL wlll be easlesL Lo SPCW you how l do lL.
So say l'm golng Lo promoLe a LeeLh whlLenlng offer.
Logglng lnLo Medla1rusL (my favorlLe CA neLwork by Lhe way), l know from my
conversaLlon wlLh my afflllaLe manager LhaL Lhe Lop offer for LeeLh whlLenlng ls
uazzle Smlle ro (Campalgn/Cffer #2202)
l pull LhaL offer up ln my accounL and lL looks llke Lhls -

When we scroll down Lhe page, we wanL Lo vlew Lhe landlng page of Lhe offer. So
flrsL we have Lo agree Lo Lhe Lerms of Lhe offer (Lhe small check box LhaL you can
see ls already checked).
1hen, we wlll be able Lo vlew Lhe landlng page.

When you cllck on Lhe vlew Landlng age" buLLon, a new web browser wlll open
conLalnlng Lhe landlng page for Lhe offer.

Pere ls whaL Lhe landlng page for Lhe offer looks llke -

AL Lhe Llme LhaL l'm wrlLlng Lhls, Lhe landlng page ls aL Lhe u8L -
(SomeLlmes offers on CA neLworks change u8Ls frequenLly for many reasons
(such as a dlfferenLly named u8L may converL beLLer))
When you are revlewlng an offer, make sure Lo read Lhrough Lhe sales leLLer.
noLlce WPC exacLly lL ls belng wrlLLen Lo. noLlce Lhe dlfferenL pleces of
lnformaLlon on Lhe page and how lL poslLlons Lhe offer.
1he bulleL polnLs llke no yucky sLrlps!" and no foul LasLlng gels!" can glve you
ldeas for how you wanL Lo markeL Lhe producL, and even whaL klnd of oLher
producLs may be a good ldea Lo nC1 promoLe.

lor example, Lhls producL ls for a LeeLh whlLenlng pen, noL a whlLenlng sLrlp or
gel.see how Lhey're already speaklng Lo a sub-nlche of Lhe enLlre LeeLh
whlLenlng" nlche. 1hey're maklng Lhelr producL speclallzed.
1he nexL sLep LhaL l wanL Lo do ls go Lo slLe

1hls slLe has a PuCL daLabase of webslLe vlslLor sLaLlsLlcs across a wlde varleLy of
lor our beglnnlng research purposes, l wanL Lo use Lo check ouL Lhe
very baslc Lrafflc sLaLs on

So l Lype ln Lhe u8L lnLo Compare SlLes" search fleld (lL's ok
LhaL we're only geLLlng daLa abouL one don'L always need Lo compare
mulLlple slLes).
Pere ls Lhe resulLs page l'm Laken Lo -

WhaL l'm looklng for here ls LhaL ls geLLlng subsLanLlal
enough Lrafflc (whlch ls lmporLanL for when we go Lo our nexL research slLe).
And lL deflnlLely ls geLLlng A LC1 of Lrafflc.
1he Lrafflc sLaLs are PuCL - lL shows LhaL Lhe slLe ls geLLlng abouL 300,000 vlslLors
per monLh Lo Lhelr slLe.
lf Lhe slLe was compleLely brand new, or was noL geLLlng a loL of Lrafflc Lo lL, l
would go back and vlew anoLher offer of Lhe same klnd, or ask anoLher one of my
afflllaLe managers aL a dlfferenL afflllaLe neLwork for a slmllar offer.
1he Lhlng ls, we wanL Lo be reverse englneerlng a slLe LhaL ls geLLlng a loL of
Lrafflc, lL glve us more daLa Lo work wlLh.


As we scroll down Lhe page, we're glven more daLa abouL Lhe webslLe.

Whlle a loL of Lhe lnformaLlon ls only avallable wlLh Lhe ro verslon of (whlch lsn'L free Lo use)...Lhe free lnformaLlon ls sLlll very valuable.
Pere when you scroll down Lhe page, you can see a gllmpse of where Lhey are
geLLlng Lhelr Lrafflc from.
ln Lhe 8eferral AnalyLlcs" secLlon, you can see where Lhey are geLLlng Lhelr
referrlng Lrafflc from. ln oLher words, Lhese are Lhe maln slLes LhaL Lhe Lrafflc ls
comlng from rlghL before Lhey vlslL Lhe webslLe.

ln Lhe Search AnalyLlcs" secLlon, Lhese are Lhe words LhaL people were Lyplng
lnLo a search englne LhaL evenLually lead Lhem Lo Lhe
8oLh of Lhese secLlons are very lmporLanL because you can see where Lhe usual
vlslLor ls hanglng ouL before Lhey go Lo Lhe slLe, and you can see whaL klnds of
searches Lhey are dolng on search englnes.
lL helps you Lo begln geL a plcLure of how your LargeL prospecL.
So afLer we've goLLen our lnformaLlon from and seen LhaL Lhe slLe
ls geLLlng a loL of Lrafflc, lL's Llme Lo go Lo our nexL research slLe..
68 offers a Lon of lnformaLlon abouL WPC vlslLs cerLaln
webslLes.demographlc daLa.
So here we can begln Lo geL a beLLer plcLure abouL and who
vlslLs lL.
Pere's whaL Lhe resulLs page looks llke for -

llrsL, noLlce Lhe monLhly unlque vlslLors.
Pere lL says LhaL ls geLLlng abouL 341,000 monLhly vlslLors.
1hls ls a dlfferenL number LhaL we geL from ( sald Lhe
slLe was geLLlng abouL 300,000 monLhly vlslLors).
1hls dlscrepancy ls because and collecL Lhelr daLa ln
dlfferenL ways and from dlfferenL sources.
So lL's lmporLanL Lo remember LhaL each one can'L glve us LxAC1 lnformaLlon, buL
overall Lhey can glve us a preLLy good ldea.

So back Lo resulLs page..Lhe nexL plece of lnformaLlon LhaL ls lmporLanL ls Lhe
Audlence Also Llkes" secLlon.

1hls can glve us lnformaLlon abouL oLher relaLed lnLeresLs of people who vlslL
We can see Lhey're lnLeresLed ln muslc and compuLer securlLy.noL really LhaL
greaL of lnfo. SomeLlmes you geL really general lnformaLlon, oLher Llmes you can
flnd some really fanLasLlc lnformaLlon. 1hls ls why l recommend dolng Lhls
research process for MuL1lLL webslLes ln Lhe same markeL.lL wlll help you geL a
much clearer plcLure.
As we scroll down Lhe page, we are glven even more lnformaLlon abouL Lhe slLe's
Check lL ouL!
Pere CuanLcasL acLually glves you demographlc daLa on your LargeL audlence.

Pere you can see LhaL Lhe audlence ls sllghLly more female Lhan male.
1hey are mosLly over Lhe age of 30.
1hey are mosLly Caucaslan.
1hey generally don'L have any klds.
1hey have hlgh lncomes.
And Lhey are well educaLed.

All very helpful Lhlngs Lo Lake lnLo conslderaLlon when Lhlnklng abouL who exacLly
you're Lrylng Lo LargeL and whaL klnd of acLlvlLles Lhey llke Lo do, boLh onllne and
Speaklng of Lhelr oLher onllne acLlvlLles, Lhe nexL secLlon ls parLlcularly helpful..
Check ouL Lhe secLlon called Audlence Also vlslLs"

uo you see Lhe power ln Lhls???
1hlnk abouL lL.
1he person who goes Lo generally llkes Lo vlslLs Lhose oLher
slLes llsLed (Lhey are ranked by 'afflnlLy' whlch ls how llkely Lhe vlslLor ls Lo also go
Lo Lhose oLher slLes).

So, remember you can LargeL Lhose oLher u8Ls!
ln Lhls case, you can serve an ad for (wheLher lL's a page you
conLrol, or you dlrecL llnk rlghL Lo Lhe offer page) dlrecLly over Lhose oLher slLes!
?ou know LhaL lL wlll mosL llkely be relevanL Lrafflc.
And Lhe greaL parL ls, you can search Lhose oLher slLes (for example wlLhln and flnd ouL whaL oLher slLes Lhe
audlence of also vlslLs.
uolng geL deeper and deeper lnLo your markeL.
1hls way, you can sLarL Lo bulld up a large llsL of domalns Lo LesL ln your
campalgns LhaL conLaln Lhe same audlence as Lhe slLe you are promoLlng.
1hls ls vL8? powerful.
Agaln, l can'L sLress Lhls enough.Lhls Lechnlque ls very slmple.buL lL ls vL8?


1here are a few more feaLures of CuanLcasL LhaL l wanL Lo polnL ouL.

AL Lhe boLLom of Lhe page, cllck on Lhe See uemographlcs" llnk.
?ou'll Lhen be Laken Lo Lhls page -

1hls page can help you lnLerpreL Lhe demographlc daLa from Lhe earller page. lL ls
Lhe same lnformaLlon, [usL dlsplayed ln a dlfferenL way. lL also hlghllghLs Lhe maln
demographlc groups ln each caLegory (for example, lemales who are Clder and
also Caucaslan).
As you scroll down Lhe page, here ls whaL lL looks llke -

Pere agaln, lL shows you Lhe same daLa, buL ln a dlfferenL way.
1hls ls helpful lf you are unsure how Lo read Lhe daLa on Lhe flrsL page. l geL klnd
of confused when l'm readlng Lhose graphs on Lhe flrsL page.Lhls way, lL [usL
spells lL ouL for you whlch caLegorles your LargeL audlence falls lnLo. ?ou don'L
have Lo rlsk mlsreadlng Lhe graphs or anyLhlng.

nexL, on LhaL same page, whaL we wanL Lo do now ls cllck on Lhe LlfesLyle" Lab
on Lhe lefL hand slde of Lhe page.


1hls wlll glve us even more lnformaLlon on Lhe preferences and oLher relaLed
lnLeresLs of our LargeL prospecL.
1hlnk abouL all of Lhe posslblllLles of how you can use Lhls lnformaLlon.
lor example, say you are promoLlng Lhls LeeLh whlLenlng offer, buL Lhen you also
creaLe a newsleLLer llsL so you can follow up wlLh Lhe prospecLs.

now you know LhaL noL only are Lhey lnLeresLed ln LeeLh whlLenlng producLs, buL
Lhey are also lnLeresLed ln lashlon/CosmeLlcs. lor someLhlng llke Lhls, you could
also provlde your newsleLLer subscrlbers wlLh fashlon Llps, or oLher CA offers
relaLed Lo fashlon, or even shopplng glfL cards or coupons.
1he Lhlng ls, you know LhaL Lhey are already lnLeresLed ln LhaL Loo.
As we scroll down Lhe same page, here ls whaL oLher lnformaLlon ls llsLed.

1hls secLlon agaln ls Lhe Audlence Also vlslLs" caLegory. lL ls Lhe same
lnformaLlon LhaL was already llsLed earller, buL lL ls presenLed here ln a dlfferenL
1he oLher lnformaLlon LhaL we are really afLer ls when we scroll furLher down Lhe

Pere you can see Lhe keywords users who vlslL also search

now, Lhese Lerms are Lx18LMLL? general ln Lhls case. 1hls ls noL always Lhe case
Lhough, and lL wlll vary from slLe Lo slLe. Agaln, LhaL's why lL's a good ldea Lo
reverse englneer many dlfferenL slLes ln Lhe nlche LhaL you are golng Lo be
ln Lhls case Lhough, even wlLh very general Lerms Lo work wlLh, we can sLlll geL
some ldeas abouL our Lyplcal prospecL.
We can see LhaL Lhey are lnLeresLed ln WalmarL, k-MarL, and e8ay.
All bargaln sLores.
now we can Lell LhaL alLhough our average prospecL has a hlgher Lhan average
lncome (whlch we know from our prevlous daLa), we can see LhaL prlce probably
ls sLlll an lmporLanL facLor for our prospecL. We can use Lhls lnformaLlon when we
are chooslng keywords (llke blddlng on cheap LeeLh whlLener" for lnsLance).
We can also use Lhls lnformaLlon lf we are wrlLlng sales copy for our landlng page
or an emall broadcasL Lo our newsleLLer, maklng sure Lo drlve how Lhe beneflLs of
Lhe producL's low prlce.
When you do research llke Lhls and are able Lo begln Lo form a plcLure of your
Lyplcal prospecL, lL can really help you make your markeLlng message MuCP more
powerful and effecLlve. And ln Lhe end you wlll help your prospecL beLLer by belng
able Lo glve Lhem exacLly whaL Lhey are looklng for, answerlng Lhelr quesLlons and
concerns, and drlvlng home Lhe feaLures and beneflLs LhaL are lmporLanL Lo Lhem.

c) rospect M|ndset
So know afLer we've done our demographlc research and begln Lo have an ldea of
WPC are prospecL ls, Lhe nexL parL of Lhe equaLlon LhaL we need Lo conslder ls
Lhe WPLn.
As ln, WPLn ln Lhe buylng process are Lhey? Larly and [usL looklng for
lnformaLlon? Cr laLer ln Lhe game where Lhey have Lhelr credlL card ln hand and
looklng Lo buy someLhlng nCW?
1hls agaln wlll have a huge affecL on how you wanL Lo Lhlnk abouL your markeLlng.
Cenerally l llke Lo break down Lhe mlndseL of a prospecL lnLo Lhree dlfferenL

Info Seekers
Compar|son Shoppers

1he Info Seeker
1he flrsL caLegory ls made up of whaL l call lnfo Seekers"
1hese people are generally hard Lo geL Lo converL and flll ouL your offer, or buy
you producL. Powever, Lhe Lrafflc ls PuCL.
1hese are keyword phrase Lerms llke welghL loss" or car lnsurance"
Puge hlgh volume search Lerms, buL noL very LargeLed aL all.
1hey are people ln Lhe very beglnnlng sLages of Lhelr research abouL a parLlcular
Loplc. Also, Lhey may noL even be lnLeresLed ln any producLs or servlces ln LhaL
markeL LhaL Lhey are searchlng ln.
1hey could be a sLudenL looklng for lnformaLlon Lo wrlLe a reporL, or a hobbylsL,
or any number of Lhlngs.
1he same Lype of prospecL mlndseL or menLallLy can be LhoughL of ln regards Lo
domalns Loo. lor example, people who are aL vlslLlng could be looklng
for any number of Lhlngs (rlngLones, lyrlcs, Lour daLes for Lhelr favorlLe band, eLc.)
1hey are [usL ln Lhe beglnnlng sLages of Lhelr research, or are [usL surflng Lhe web.
keep Lhls ln mlnd as you Lhlnk abouL whaL klnd of keywords and domalns you're
golng Lo LargeL ln your campalgns (and [usL as lmporLanL, whlch Lo nC1 LargeL).
When a loL of newbles sLarL Lrylng Lo markeL onllne, Lhey wanL Lo creaLe huge
keyword llsLs and Lhlnk of everyLhlng LhaL Lhey can do Lo geL more vlslLors. 1hls ls
noL always Lhe besL plan of aLLack.
8emember, we're afLer 1A8CL1Lu Lrafflc - LhaL's whaL wlll make us money.

Compar|son Shoppers
1he second caLegory l conslder people Lo be ln Lhe buylng process ls Comparlson
1he Comparlson Shopper" menLallLy ls someone who ls acLlvely looklng for a
producL or servlce, buL who ls noL sure exacLly whlch klnd Lhey wanL.or are sLlll
Lrylng Lo deLermlne lf even buylng a producL or servlce would help Lhem.
1hese could be Lhlngs llke dleL plll" or face cream for wrlnkles"
1hls Lype of Lrafflc ls parLlcularly valuable because Lhe Lrafflc ls usually sLlll preLLy
blg for Lhe dlfferenL Lerms, buL lf you have a good offer LhaL can sLlll appeal Lo a
large varleLy of people, you can geL a loL of Lhls Lrafflc Lo converL for you.
AnoLher Lhlng LhaL ls greaL abouL Lhls klnd of Lrafflc 'menLallLy' ls LhaL whlle Lhe
person ls noL exacLly sure whaL Lhey wanL, you can LesL a varleLy of offers wlLh Lhe
same Lrafflc and whlle you may have someLhlng LhaL ls converLlng preLLy well.lf
you LesL anoLher offer LhaL ls somewhaL relaLed, lL may work even beLLer.
When you are Lrylng Lo go afLer a loL of Lhls klnd of Lrafflc, Lry Lo Lhlnk laLerally"
as ln whaL oLher sub-nlches are closely relaLed (such as face cream for wrlnkles"
ls relaLed Lo anLl-aglng ln general, or sunscreen, or boLox, eLc).
keep Lhls ln mlnd for Lhe keywords LhaL you wlll LargeL ln your campalgns as well
as domalns.
uomalns LhaL are comparlson shopper menLallLles are Lhlngs llke
or any of Lhe CaLegory" pages on or e8ay.
1haL ls why Lhe comparlson shopper menLallLy ls so huge. ?ou can go afLer so
much of Lhls Lype of Lrafflc for all sorLs of offers and whlle lL generally won'L
converL as well as Lhe buyer" Lrafflc (whlch ls Lhe nexL prospecL caLegory) Lhe
Lrafflc lL ls sLlll vL8? blg.

1hls ls by far my favorlLe klnd of 'prospecL mlndseL' buL aL Lhe same Llme lL can be
Lhe mosL Ledlous.
1hese people are Lhe ones wlLh Lhelr walleLs ouL, ready Lo buy whaL Lhey are
looklng for.
1hese are Lerms llke buy resv" ('8esv' or '8esveraLrol' ls a Lype of anLl-agaln
Cr oLher Lerms llke cheap Canon owershoL" (canon powershoL ls a Lype of
Whlle Lhe Lrafflc for Lhese Lerms ls generally low, Lhey are usually exLremely
And Lhere are 1CnS of dlfferenL Lerms llke Lhls.
Lven lf you are noL selllng LxAC1L? Lhe producL LhaL Lhe person ls looklng for, lf
your offer ls sLlll appeallng or offers Lhem a deal ln some way, Lhey wlll usually
Lake lL.
1hlnk abouL lL.
lor example, lf you are selllng an acne producL, Lhlnk of all of Lhe dlfferenL name
brand acne producLs ouL Lhere on Lhe markeL (Lhlnk of brands llke you see ln Wal-
MarL). 1hen Lhlnk of all of Lhe speclalLy acne producLs (sLuff you would see on
e8ay or, or 1v lnfomerclals).
1hen even Lhlnk of all Lhe acne prescrlpLlon medlcaLlons on Lhe markeL.
eople are searchlng for all of Lhose Lhlngs.
?ou can LargeL all of Lhem.
1esL lL ouL.
1esLlng Lhese Lypes of Lerms ln any Lype of nlche usually works preLLy proflLably.

And lf you wanL Lo LargeL u8Ls ln your campalgns, Lhlnk of all of Lhe lndlvldual
producL pages ouL Lhere on oLher shopplng or caLalog webslLes.
1hls ls Lhe mosL valuable Lype of Lrafflc on Lhe lnLerneL, and for Lhe person LhaL ls
wllllng Lo Lake Lhe Llme Lo really dlg deep lnLo Lhelr nlche and know lL fronL Lo
back..LhaL person can really proflL by LargeLlng Lhese Lypes of 'buyer' search
Lerms and u8Ls.

d) Lxpand|ng our nor|zons (N|ches WI1nIN N|ches)
lL's one Lhlng Lo begln Lo bralnsLorm whaL Lype of keyword phrases you wanL Lo
8uL uslng Lhls Lrafflc source (LeadlmpacL), we are also able Lo LargeL
domalns/u8Ls as well.allowlng us SC MAn? more posslblllLles.
1he hard parL ls Lo be able Lo organlze our LhoughLs Lo know whaL we really wanL
Lo go afLer and LargeL for our markeLlng campalgns.
l Lool LhaL l llke Lo use Lo bralnsLorm ldeas for u8Ls l should be LargeLlng ls Lhls -
89 ls acLually a search englne. 1hey call Lhemselves 1he ClusLerlng
Search Lnglne"
l Lhlnk Lhls Lool ls parLlcularly cool because lL can really help you expand your
bralnsLormlng lnLo relaLed markeLs and slLes..whlle aL Lhe same Llme helplng Lo
keep Lhlngs organlzed.
Check Lhls ouL, so say l search for buy LeeLh whlLener" (Lhls would be whaL l
would conslder a buyer" Lype keyword phrase).
Pere's a snapshoL of Lhe search resulL page -

now, on Lhe maln parL of Lhe page, lL llsLs boLh Lhe pald and organlc (non-pald)
llsLlngs (Lhe flrsL Lhree resulLs are pald, Lhe resL are organlc).

1hls ls some greaL lnformaLlon, and lL does glve us some more domalns LhaL we
could LargeL ln our campalgns.buL Lhe real power of Lhls slLe comes from Lhe box
on Lhe lefL of Lhe page..


So now we're glven a LC1 more lnformaLlon LhaL we can work wlLh and
bralnsLorm wlLh. lL shows oLher dlfferenL 'clusLers' of keyword phrases relaLed Lo
orlglnal search phrase.
We can see LhaL people are also lnLeresLed ln Lhlngs llke revlews of LeeLh
whlLenlng producLs, whlch producL ls besL, celebrlLy LeeLh whlLenlng..even
dlfferenL klnuS of LeeLh whlLenlng producLs (klL, bleachlng, llghL, gel).
1hls really allows us Lo drlll down lnLo all of Lhe dlfferenL sub-nlches Wl1Pln Lhe
nlche. And Lhls works for any nlche, l'm [usL uslng LeeLh whlLenlng as an example.
8emember Lo really drlll down lnLo your nlche..where we may have [usL sLopped
aL buy LeeLh whlLener" - Lhere are so many more posslblllLles LhaL are ouL Lhere.
So anyway, leL's geL back Lo looklng aL Lhe search englne resulL page agaln.
noLlce LhaL All 8esulLs" ls ln Lhe color red.
1hls means LhaL we are currenLly looklng aL All 8esulLs" ln our search englne
resulL page. So, Lhe u8Ls LhaL are currenLly llsLed on Lhe page are Lhe mosL closely
llnked Lo our orlglnal search phrase.

8uL lf we cllck on Lhe nexL llnk below All 8esulLs" we wlll cllck on Lhe 8evlews"


When we cllck on Lhe 8evlews" llnk, now Lhe search resulLs are of '8evlews'
relaLed Lo our search phrase 'buy LeeLh whlLener' -

Agaln, MC8L domalns LhaL you can LargeL ln your campalgns.
1hen lf you cllck on Lhe nexL clusLer opLlon afLer 8evlews" you'll flnd more slLes
abouL 8esL 1eeLh WhlLenlng" and more domalns LhaL you can LargeL ln your
AfLer LhaL, check ouL Lhe 1eeLh WhlLenlng klL" clusLer, Lhen Lhe CelebrlLy Sexy
1eeLh WhlLener" clusLer, Lhen Lhe 8leachlng" clusLer..and so on and so on. ?ou
geL Lhe ldea.

lL's so much greaL daLa Lo work wlLh LhaL can brlng ln all sorLs of LargeLed Lrafflc!
8uL we're far from done yeL.
nexL, cllck on Lhe all clusLers" llnk aL Lhe boLLom of Lhe clusLer box.


1hls wlll brlng up all of Lhe oLher 'clusLers' -


8evlew Lhe u8Ls from all of Lhose clusLers. 1hlnk abouL whlch of Lhose oLher
domalns you wlll wanL Lo LargeL ln your campalgns.
8uL we're S1lLL noL done.
LeL's drlll down LvLn lu81PL8.
llrsL leL's cllck on Lhe plus slgn nexL Lo our flrsL clusLer 8evlews"


1hls Lhen shows all of Lhe sub-clusLers.
Agaln, we can selecL Lhese, revlew Lhe new search llsLlngs.and add Lhose
domalns Lo our llsL of posslble u8Ls Lo LargeL.
1here are SC many relevanL domalns once you go Lhrough Lhe whole llsL.
AnoLher Lool of ClusLy's LhaL ls very cool ls Lhe remlx" opLlon.
Cllcklng lL, lL wlll 'remlx' Lhe clusLers ln your llsL and provlde you wlll dlfferenL, buL
relaLed C1PL8 clusLers.


When l cllck Lhe 'remlx' opLlon, here ls Lhe new resulLs.


Agaln, you can sLarL Lhe enLlre process over of collecLlng MC8L domalns by golng
Lhrough all of Lhese new addlLlonal clusLers and sub-clusLers.
Colng Lhrough Lhls whole process can really help you bralnsLorm oLher relevanL
keyword phrases and domalns LhaL you may have noL LhoughL of before.
lor lnsLance here, we can see LhaL people are also lnLeresLed ln oLher Lhlngs llke
LeeLh whlLenlng LhaL ls affordable, or over-Lhe-counLer producLs.
1hese are oLher dlfferenL sub-nlches LhaL can be explored Lo creaLe super
LargeLed keyword and domaln/u8L llsLs, and super LargeLed ad campalgns.

e) Do they kLALL want to buy?
Well, lL's greaL for us Lo 'lmaglne' or Lry Lo 'envlslon' Lhe dlfferenL prospecL
menLallLles (wheLher Lhey're an 'lnfo seeker' a 'comparlson shopper' or a
1hls can help us really hone our markeLlng before we begln Lo LesL ouL keyword
and u8L LargeLs ln our campalgns.
. wouldn'L lL be nlce Lo have daLa Lo acLually back up our LhoughL process
8LlC8L we even LesL?
Why yes lL would be.
8uL ls Lhere even a Lool Lo help wlLh LhaL?
l LhoughL you'd never ask. !
Well, Lhe good folks over aL MSn AdCenLer have a very cool Lool LhaL l've been
uslng for qulLe a whlle wlLh greaL resulLs.
lL's called Lhe ueLecLlng Cnllne Commerclal lnLenLlon" Lool.

?ou can flnd lL here -
Pere's whaL Lhe Lool looks llke -

Pere ls Lhe lnformaLlon dlrecL from MSn AdCenLer as Lo whaL Lhls Lool does -


Ck, so baslcally when we Lype ln a keyword or domaln lnLo Lhe search bar here -

1he hlgher Lhe probablllLy of 'Commerclal lnLenLlon' (ln Lhls case lL ls 0.84), Lhen
Lhe more llkely LhaL vlslLor ls of buylng a producL or servlce.
1hls ls greaL Lo use Lo LesL ouL keyword phrases or domalns LhaL you wanL Lo
LargeL ln your campalgns.because wlLh all of Lhe daLa LhaL MSn collecLs, Lhey can
Lell you lf LhaL Lerm ls worLh LargeLlng or noL.
1hey already know lf Lhe people who search for Lhose keywords, or vlslL Lhose
webslLes have a hlgh lnLenLlon of buylng or noL.
1PlS lS PuCL!!!

So once you have your keyword and domalns LhaL you know you wanL Lo LargeL -
Lake Lhe ones LhaL you're noL sure abouL and Lype Lhem ln here Lo see lf Lhey are
of value.
8uL also remember, lf Lhey have a low commerclal value lL ls noL always a bad
8emember Lo Lhlnk abouL Lhe 'Lype' of vlslLor you're Lrylng Lo LargeL wlLh your
campalgns (wheLher Lhey are an 'lnfo-seeker, comparlson shopper, or buyer').
lor lnsLance a comparlson shopper" Lype searcher may noL have as hlgh a
probablllLy of commerclal lnLenL Lhan a buyer" Lype searcher.buL you may wanL
Lo LargeL Lhose Lwo dlfferenL groups ln dlfferenL campalgns.
lL all comes down Lo WPC you are LargeLlng, and PCW you are plannlng on
markeLlng Lo Lhem.


Sect|on 3
art 1: 1raff|c Gett|ng Strateg|es
a) rof|t|ng |n 1S M|nutes
ln Lhls secLlon, l'm golng Lo glve some speclflc sLraLegles LhaL you can go use and
lmmedlaLely begln Lo see resulLs.
Some of Lhe conLenL here may somewhaL overlap some of Lhe conLenL LhaL l've
prevlously covered, buL l need Lo cover some of lL agaln before we really geL lnLo
Lhe hardcore deLalls - lL's LhaL lmporLanL.
When l have Lalked Lo newbles, and even when l flrsL began, a loL of Lhem seem
Lo wanL Lo geL AS MuCP Lrafflc as posslbly lMMLulA1LL?.
1hls ls noL always Lhe besL plan of acLlon.
As always, whaL we wanL ls 1A8CL1Lu Lrafflc.
And geLLlng A LC1 of LargeLed Lrafflc doesn'L always happen lMMLulA1LL?.
8uL we can geL SCML Lrafflc nearly lmmedlaLely.
LeL's geL real here.Lhls ls a real buslness.noL a 'fly-by-nlghL make money dolng
noLhlng' Lype of Lhlng.
And LhaL's a good Lhlng, because you are acLually bulldlng yourself a porLfollo of
asseLs as you bulld campalgns. 1hese can make you money WLLL lnLo Lhe fuLure,
and you don'L rlsk belng 'google slapped' and oLher nonsense as Llme passes.
So don'L feel bad lf you are bulldlng ouL your ad campalgns over Llme. 1hlngs
don'L have Lo happen overnlghL.
Pere ls how l plan my campalgns Lo begln Lo make money as lAS1 as posslble.

When l begln my campalgn, l wanL Lo LargeL Lhe mosL exacL 8u?L8 Lype phrases
and u8Ls. l don'L wanL Lo spend a Lon of Llme on my campalgn, generally l'll [usL
spend abouL 13 mlnuLes puLLlng everyLhlng LogeLher, Lyplng ln all of Lhe phrases.
1he Lrafflc may be low, buL l wanL Lo make sure LhaL lL ls 8u?L8 Lype Lrafflc. And
when l am sLarLlng a new campalgn, l llke Lo bulld lL ouL over Llme. 1here are
fasLer ways Lo bulld ouL a campalgn, buL remember lf you [usL do a llLLle blL each
day movlng forward, ln a very shorL Llme you wlll have a loL accompllshed.
Agaln, don'L geL Loo caughL up ln geLLlng LvL8?1PlnC done rlghL away.
1argeL some buyer keyword phrases. 1hen do some more research laLer, add
more Lerms, and keep repeaLlng Lhe process.
1hls may sound overly slmple.buL Lhe besL Lhlngs usually are (noL Lo sound Loo
cllche). 1he polnL l'm really Lrylng Lo make here ls for Lhe newbles (or anybody
really) who ls feellng overwhelmed and doesn'L know where Lhey should even
1. SeL up a Campalgn
2. Make your keyword and u8L llsLs full of only Lerms LhaL 'buyers' would be
searchlng for or slLes Lhey would be vlslLlng
3. ConLlnue addlng more and more 'buyer' Lype Lerms/LargeLs Lo your llsLs
over Llme as you do more research
1hls ls Lhe besL way l've found Lo make money qulckly, whlle conLlnulng Lo
lncrease my lncome over Llme.

b) Add|ng Va|ue
So before l geL lnLo some of Lhe Lrafflc geLLlng sLraLegles, remember LhaL you
wanL Lo make your ads of value Lo Lhe user.

We wanL Lo make our markeLlng message beneflL whaL Lhey are AL8LAu? dolng
As l go Lhrough Lhese sLraLegles, keep LhaL ln Lhe fronL of your mlnd.

c) Add|ng Vo|ume
AnoLher Lhlng Lo keep ln mlnd before you read Lhese sLraLegles ls LhaL some of
Lhem may Lake a blL of Llme Lo do.
noL everyLhlng can be compleLed ln a few seconds. lL'd be nlce lf lL could be.buL
some Lhlngs [usL can'L be.
8uL Lhe good parL abouL lL ls, once you have a plan LogeLher, a loL of Lhe Llme you
can pay someone else Lo execuLe your plan for you and do all of Lhe grunL work
(more on Lhls laLer).
Anyway, l'm golng Lo geL lnLo some really LargeLed meLhods of generaLlng Lrafflc.
uolng Lhese Lechnlques, some of Lhe keywords and u8Ls you wlll LargeL wlll geL
vL8? llLLle Lrafflc.
8uL, (and Lhls ls a 8lC 'buL') Lhe Lrafflc ls usually also vL8? LargeLed Loo. So [usL
remember LhaL someLlmes lL Lakes a hlgh volume of keywords and u8L LargeLs Lo
generaLe a slgnlflcanL amounL of Lrafflc.
Cnce you have your campalgns seL up Lhough, Lhey are much easler Lo manage,
and usually you're LargeLlng Lhlngs LhaL mosL everyone else (your compeLlLlon)
wouldn'L Lake Lhe Llme Lo do, or don'L know how Lo do lL.

d) Mak|ng the Compet|t|on Cry
Cne ma[or way Lo geL Lrafflc ls Lo LargeL relaLed slLes wlLhln your markeL place
(blddlng on oLher domalns/u8Ls).

1hls provldes a loL of value Lo people vlslLlng Lhose slLes (even lf lL ls a
compeLlLor's slLe) because lf Lhey are on LhaL slLe and you serve Lhem an ad LhaL
shows Lhem exacLly whaL Lhey are looklng for (or someLhlng else LhaL Lhey would
be lnLeresLed ln as well) Lhen you wlll be very successful ln your adverLlslng.
8emember, you also need Lo be LargeL webslLes as well ln your campalgns, noL
[usL keyword phrases.
So when you are LargeLlng slLes, Lhere are many ways Lo go abouL lL.
Method 1
llrsL, you can do your research by browslng Lhe lnLerneL ln search of relevanL slLes
wlLhln your nlche LhaL are of hlgh quallLy.
WhaL l llke Lo do ls search Coogle, ?ahoo, and MSn for Lhe Lop 'buyer' Lype search
Lerms ln my nlche.
lor example, lf l'm selllng a LeeLh whlLener producL, l'll search buy LeeLh
Pere's Lhe search resulLs LhaL l geL -
now, check ouL Lhe Lop resulLs LhaL l geL.

WhaL l would do for a LesL campalgn ls copy all of Lhe u8Ls for Lhe slLes LhaL
ranked organlcally (on Lhe lefL hand of Lhe page) as well as all of Lhe pald resulLs
(on Lhe rlghL hand slde of Lhe page).
1hen l would go Lo ?, search for buy LeeLh whlLener" and Lhen copy all
of Lhe u8Ls on Lhe resulL page.
AfLer LhaL, l'd go Lo and do Lhe exacL same Lhlng agaln.
lf a vlslLor goes Lo Lhose slLes, and your ad ls served Lo Lhem, Lhey are mosL llkely
vL8? lnLeresLed. And lf Lhe producL or servlce ls of value (as lL should be), lL's a
wln-wln for you and Lhe buyer because you [usL gave Lhem exacLly whaL Lhey
were looklng for.

1hls ls very slmllar Lo LargeLlng Lhe search resulLs llke l showed before,
buL dolng Lhls Lhrough Coogle, ?ahoo, and MSn can yleld dlfferenL
resulLs/dlfferenL slLes.
lf you are servlng your ads over a compeLlng slLe, Lry Lo offer Lhem a beLLer deal
Lhan Lhe one LhaL ls currenLly on Lhe compeLlng slLe.
1hls ls a very common pracLlce, and one LhaL ulLlmaLely goes Loward glvlng Lhe
consumer Lhe mosL opLlons, and ulLlmaLely Lhe besL deal.
1hlnk abouL lL, lf you were a consumer ln Lhls markeL, wouldn'L you wanL Lo have
Lhe besL opLlon ouL Lhere?
l've seen Lhls A LC1 (LargeLlng oLher domalns) parLlcularly beLween companles ln
hlghly compeLlLlve markeLs. A very common example of Lhls (ln Lhe onllne daLlng
nlche) would be servlng Lhelr ads over, and vlce versa.
1hey are always looklng for ways Lo dellver an even beLLer deal Lo Lhe consumer
Lhan Lhe one Lhey are already vlewlng.
Anyway, Lhlnk of all of Lhe dlfferenL search Lerms LhaL are ouL Lhere.
8y dolng Lhls Lechnlque on all of Lhe search englnes and for all of Lhe 'buyer'
keyword phrases, preLLy qulckly l'm able Lo generaLe a very large LargeLed llsL of
domalns Lo add Lo my campalgn.

Method 2
AfLer l've complled my llsL of domalns from really LargeLed search resulLs, l wanL
Lo geL even deeper and really expand my llsL.
So l wanL Lo go Lhrough my llsL of domalns and plck ouL Lhe ones l Lhlnk are MCS1
WhaL l'm looklng for are Lhe slLes LhaL are nC1 lnLernal pages.
lor example, l'm looklng for someLhlng llke -

nC1 -
l wanL [usL Lhe plaln domaln name wlLhouL any subfolders.
lf l look back Lo my Coogle search resulL, l see LhaL Lhe flrsL resulL ls -

Whlle Lhls ls a very LargeLed u8L, lL doesn'L quallfy Lo be used Lo Lhls
Lechnlque/meLhod because ls Loo general.
1hls wlll make more sense ln a mlnuLe.
1he nexL domaln ln Lhe search resulLs ls perfecL -
1aklng a qulck look of Lhe slLe, here's whaL lL looks llke -

l can qulckly Lell LhaL Lhe Ln1l8L slLe ls abouL LeeLh whlLenlng producLs.
1he slLe hLLp:// ls very relevanL. As ln, Lhe Ln1l8L slLe lLself
ls relevanL Lo LeeLh whlLenlng ln some way. So, l wanL Lo LargeL as many ACLS of
LhaL slLe as posslble.
See, ls Loo general. l wouldn'L wanL Lo LargeL LvL8? page of
Lhe slLe because l would geL all klnds of Lhls unrelaLed Lo
LeeLh whlLenlng.
So back Lo, slnce Lhe whole slLe ls relevanL.l'll LargeL LhaL
domaln wlLhln my campalgn..buL l also wanL Lo LargeL all of lLs oLher pages Loo.
Llke and www.ulLra- and so on.

now, l could search Lhrough Lhe whole slLe, copylng every u8L as l go. And whlle
LhaL's effecLlve, lL's noL Lhe fasLesL way Lo go abouL lL.
So l use a Coogle Search CperaLor lnsLead.
l go back Lo Lhe Coogle search page, and l Lype ln slLe:" before Lhe u8L llke Lhls -
(1o be clear, Lhere ls nC1 a space beLween Lhe slLe:" and Lhe u8L)
Pere ls whaL Lhe search resulLs look llke -

now, Coogle ls llsLlng all of Lhe lnLernal pages of

So now l can revlew Lhls new lnformaLlon, and add Lhose u8Ls Lo my llsL of
domalns l wanL Lo LargeL ln my ad campalgn.
uo you see Lhe power ln Lhls?
now, noL only are you LargeLlng, buL you are also LargeLlng
Lhelr lnLernal pages. CeLLlng us more vlslLors, LargeLed vlslLors.
1o do Lhls Lechnlque on ?, go Lo -
And Lype ln Lhe domaln you would llke Lo see.

1o do Lhls Lechnlque on, lL ls Lhe same as you dld on Coogle -
Co Lo hLLp://
Search for slLe:" and Lhen your domaln/u8L.
Llke Lhls -

?ou may be wonderlng Well, aren'L l geLLlng all LhaL Lrafflc anyway lf l'm [usL
LargeLlng slnce LeadlmpacL Ad Servlces [usL needs Lo read
A81 of Lhe u8L sLrlng Lo see lf l'm relevanL?"
?es, Lhls lS Lrue.
8u1, lf you have a compeLlLor LhaL ls also blddlng agalnsL you for www.ulLra-, lf you LargeL all of Lhe lnLernal pages llke Lhls, Lhey won'L be able Lo
Lell LhaL you are dolng lL.and you wlll end up Laklng A LC1 of Lhe Lrafflc LhaL Lhey
would have goLLen, because LeadlmpacL wlll be sendlng LhaL Lrafflc Lo you
because you wlll be consldered MC8L relevanL slnce you are exacLly LargeLlng all
of Lhose lndlvldual pages.

Method 3
ln case Lhe slLe LhaL you are Lrylng Lo LargeL ls more general ln naLure..
Llke hLLp://
Make sure Lo only LargeL Lhe relevanL u8Ls Wl1Pln LhaL webslLe.
Llke Lhls -
Also, a loL of Lhe Llme, you should check Lhrough Lhe 8CuuC1 CA1LCC8lLS of
varlous slLes. 1hese caLegory pages generally geL preLLy hlgh Lrafflc, and are
generally vlslLed by Lhe 'comparlson shopper' and 'buyer' Lype vlslLor menLallLles.
uolng Lhls may Lake some Llme Lo scan Lhrough Lhe producL caLegorles for
whaLever slLe you wanL Lo do Lhls for, buL lL can be very effecLlve and very
lor bralnsLormlng ldeas, Lhlnk of all of Lhe producL caLegorles pages on,,,, even, and so
1hls ls a very slmple Lechnlque, lL Lakes a llLLle blL of Llme, buL lL ls well worLh lL
Method 4
nexL, l head back Lo

l brlefly menLloned Lhls Lechnlque durlng Lhe MarkeL 8esearch" secLlon of Lhls
book, buL l had Lo Lalk abouL lL dlrecLly here, [usL because lL ls such a powerful
1hls Llme when we vlslL CuanLcasL, lL's noL [usL Lo geL a feel for demographlc daLa
and whaL klnd of oLher webslLes people vlslL wlLhln our nlche, we wanL Lo LargeL
Lhose oLher webpages.
So lf l sLlll conLlnue wlLh Lhe 1eeLh WhlLenlng nlche example..
Say Lhls Llme l search for hLLp:// slnce LhaL's Lhe webslLe
l [usL used for my example when l was flrsL Lalklng abouL CuanLcasL.
So here's Lhe resulL page agaln for -

Scroll down Lhe page, Lhe secLlon LhaL we're afLer ls Lhe Audlence Also vlslLs" -


now Lhls Llme, we can Lake noLe of Lhose oLher slLes LhaL people vlslL, and add
Lhem Lo our llsL of domalns we can LargeL.
1hen, Lo expand our llsL of domalns furLher, we can cllck on Lhe dlfferenL domalns
wlLhln LhaL llsL (such as, oLrk.neL,, eLc) and
Lhen we'll be broughL Lo Lhe CuanLcasL pages for Lhose domalns, and Lhere wlll be
llsLed Lhe caLegory Audlence Also vlslLs" agaln, wlLh MC8L relaLed domalns.
And so on and so forLh.
Agaln, Lhls ls anoLher greaL way Lo qulckly complle a large llsL of domalns.

WlLh all of Lhls Lalk abouL LargeLlng compeLlng slLes, and oLher slLes LhaL are
relevanL Lo Lhe one you are markeLlng, Lhere ls one exLremely lmporLanL Lhlng
LhaL l need Lo menLlon.
nLvL8 LvL8 LargeL Lhe slLe you are promoLlng.
lor lnsLance, don'L LargeL hLLp:// when
hLLp:// ls Lhe slLe you are promoLlng.
1hlnk abouL lL, lf you are promoLlng a cerLaln webslLe, and you serve LhaL SAML
webpage CvL8 Lhe same page Lhe user ls already on - whaL value are you glvlng
Lhe consumer?
lL hurLs your relaLlonshlp wlLh Lhe consumer, and hurLs your relaLlonshlp wlLh
your afflllaLe neLwork or merchanL you are promoLlng. noL Lo menLlon lL's
worLhless markeLlng, so don'L do lL.
1argeLlng Lhe compeLlLlon beneflLs Lhe consumer, LargeLlng Lhe same slLe beneflLs
no one.
1hls ls a real buslness, LreaL lL llke one. ?ou'll never lasL dolng crap llke LhaL.

f) Lth|ca||y Snatch|ng Campa|gns
8emember, all of Lhese Lechnlques are Lo help us maxlmlze our reLurn for Lhe
campalgns we are golng Lo launch. Cne of Lhe besL ways Lo research our nlche ls
Lo see whaL ls AL8LAu? worklng for oLher buslness ln Lhe same nlche we would
llke Lo enLer.
AnoLher reason why lL's a CCCu Lhlng Lo enLer lnLo a nlche wlLh A LC1 of
compeLlLlon - 1PL AMCun1 Cl 8LSLA8CP uA1A!
Cenerally, Lhe more compeLlLlon a nlche has, Lhere wlll be more and more slLes
for lL - allowlng us much more slLes Lo work wlLh and research, and can generally
glve us a clearer plcLure of exacLly how we should markeL Lo LhaL nlche Lo besL
serve Lhelr needs.
More money and compeLlLlon ln a nlche generally means LhaL Lhe compeLlLors
have spenL a loL of money and efforL LesLlng dlfferenL markeLlng meLhods, so lL
allows us a Lon of lnformaLlon where we can learn from whaL Lhey've already
found Lo be successful.

1o research whaL ls already worklng for my compeLlLors, anoLher Lool LhaL l use a
loL ls
Spylu offers lnformaLlon on slLes' Search Lnglne MarkeLlng campalgns. lL does
Lhls by scraplng MASSlvL amounLs of daLa from Lhe search englnes on a monLh Lo
monLh basls across Lhousands and Lhousands of nlches.
1he daLa ls focused on unlLed SLaLes and unlLed klngdom Lrafflc and adverLlsers,
buL Lhe same lessons can apply Lo oLher counLrles and markeLs as well.
And alLhough Search Lnglne MarkeLlng ls cerLalnly noL Lhe same as ConLexLual
AdverLlslng llke we are dolng.Lhere are a loL of slmllarlLles and we can use Spylu
Lo geL some greaL ldeas of whaL we should be LargeLlng, who Lhe maln
compeLlLors ln Lhe nlche are (remember, we can LargeL Lhelr u8Ls ln our
campalgns), and whaL keyword phrases Lhose compeLlLors are blddlng on ln Lhelr
campalgns (we can bld on Lhese same phrases ln our campalgns).

Cne of Lhe maln Lhlngs LhaL l Lhlnk ls really cool abouL Spylu ls Lhe ablllLy Lo
search Lhelr daLabase by elLher uomaln or keyword hrase.
lor lnsLance, say you wanL Lo geL lnLo Lhe 'acne LreaLmenL' nlche.
!usL Lype ln acne LreaLmenL" -
llrsL, lL wlll glve us daLa on LhaL search phrase 'acne LreaLmenL'
Pere ls Lhe dlfferenL daLa polnLs Spylu Lhen shows us..
- Cost]C||ck - 1he average CosL er Cllck for LhaL keyword phrase (for Lhe
keyword phrase 'acne LreaLmenL' lL ls $0.93 - $4.31 L8 CLlCk..lsn'L lL nlce Lo
know now LhaL we're usually paylng around $0.02 L8 vlLW lnsLead?)
- C||cks]Day - 1he average cllcks per day a usual adverLlser wlll see lf Lhey bld on
LhaL phrase
- Cost]Day - 1he average cosL per day a markeLer would pay lf Lhey bld on LhaL
- Advert|sers - number of AdverLlsers blddlng on LhaL phrase
- Search kesu|ts - 1he number of web pages LhaL rank for LhaL keyword phrase

- Search Vo|ume - 1he number of Llmes Lhls keyword phrase ls searched for
every monLh
1hls lnfo ls greaL when we're flrsL dolng research for a nlche we wanL Lo geL lnLo.
lL can glve us Lhe really broad daLa LhaL we're afLer Lo see even lf we wanL Lo
enLer Lhe nlche.
When we scroll down Lhe page, here's where Lhe daLa really geLs fun.
Check Lhls ouL..
As we scroll down lL shows Lhe compeLlLors ads -
now Lhls ls Lhe acLual ad copy LhaL Lhe markeLers ln Lhls nlche are uslng ln Lhelr
ay er Cllck ads. And whlle we don'L need Lhese (because we dellver our enLlre

webpage Lo Lhe vlslLors we are LargeLlng wlLhouL Lhe need for Lhem Lo cllck
Lhrough an ad llke on Coogle)..
..make sure Lo read Lhrough Lhe dlfferenL ads LhaL are llsLed. ?ou can even cllck
Lhe vlew slLe >>" llnk and check ouL Lhe webslLes.
1hls can glve you more ldeas abouL whaL klnd of ad copy ls worklng well for oLher
markeLers and lL can help you ln case you declde Lo creaLe a webpage of your own
(elLher as an afflllaLe or producL owner).

now, when we conLlnue Lo scroll down Lhe Spylu page, we can check ouL Lhe
oLher search phrases LhaL compeLlLors are also blddlng on -


ConLlnue scrolllng down Lhe page and we can see who Lhe ma[or players ln Lhls
nlche are -

Ck, cool..we could have goLLen Lhe same lnformaLlon by Lyplng ln acne
LreaLmenL" lnLo a search englne, rlghL?
8uL check Lhls..
Cllck on one of Lhe slLes llsLed. Pere we're golng Lo cllck on Lhe llnk
([usL because roacLlv ls such a hugely popular acne producL, Lhere probably ls a
loL of daLa abouL Lhe slLe).
Cllcklng on Lhe llnk wlll brlng up all of Spylu's daLa on -

CPLCk 1PlS Cu1! -

now we have -
- 1he keyword hrases Lhey are blddlng on
- 1he keyword hrases Lhey rank for organlcally
- 1helr Lop ad compeLlLors for ay er Cllck
- 1helr Lop compeLlLors for organlc ranklngs
1PlS lS PuCLL? vALuA8LL lnlC8MA1lCn.
So now, do you see how Lhls can help when you're Lrylng Lo bralnsLorm keyword
phrases and domalns Lo LargeL?
Spylu ClvLS Lhem Lo you.

So now you can copy and pasLe Lhe Lop keywords and domalns for your ad
reLLy cool rlghL?

g) Snatch|ng Campa|gns |n 8ULk
now you can do all of Lhe sLuff l [usL Lalked abouL for free on Spylu.
8uL where Lhelr Lools are really greaL ls wlLh a pald subscrlpLlon.
?ou cerLalnly do nC1 need a pald subscrlpLlon Lo Spylu, buL lL does allow you
access Lo MuCP more daLa and Lools.
lf you're really serlous, l would recommend geLLlng a subscrlpLlon.
lnSL81 S?lu AlllLlA1L Llnk PL8L

ln parLlcular, Lhe reason LhaL l recommend Spylu's pald subscrlpLlon ls lL allows
you Lo exporL Lhelr daLa ln bulk. So lL saves Lhe Llme of copylng and pasLlng, or
wrlLlng lL all down yourself.
Check lL ouL, so say l wanL Lo look aL all of Lhe keyword phrases LhaL
ls blddlng on..
WlLh Lhe free servlce LhaL Spylu offers, l would only be able Lo see whaL ls shown
Lhere on Lhe page (Lhere are 10 resulLs llsLed). 8uL Lhere are 1,931 dlfferenL
keyword phrases LhaL Lhey're blddlng on.
So when l slgn lnLo my pald Spylu accounL, lL glves me more opLlons Lo work

now, lnsLead of [usL belng able Lo vlew Lhe resulLs llsL of 10 dlfferenL phrases, l
can elLher vlew More" and check ouL Lhe enLlre llsL..or l can acLually exporL Lhe
enLlre llsL lnLo a MlcrosofL Lxcel workbook or CSv (Common SeparaLed values)
So now l can lmmedlaLely exporL all of Lhe 1,931 keyword phrases LhaL Lhey are
blddlng on and plug Lhem lnLo my own campalgn lf l choose Lo do so.
Also check lL ouL, l can now exporL all of Lhe oLher llsLs Loo (Crganlc keywords,
1op Ad CompeLlLors, and 1op Crganlc CompeLlLors).
1hls ls a PuCL Llme saver and ls one of Lhe MAn? oLher feaLures LhaL Spylu offers
Lo lLs pald subscrlbers, so l deflnlLely recommend you check lL ouL lf you Lhlnk lL ls
a flL Lo you and your buslness.

art 2: More 1raff|c for More rof|t
a) Ad 1arget|ng kev|s|ted (What ou Must know to Dom|nate)
1hls ls someLhlng LhaL l Lhlnk ls probably one of Lhe mosL, lf Lhe 1PL slngle mosL,
overlook plece of Lhe puzzle Lo compleLely uCMlnA1lnC our new Lrafflc source.
When l flrsL sLarLed markeLlng on LeadlmpacL Ad Servlces, l klnd of dlsmlssed how
l LargeLed my ads, and whaL 8LALL? caused Lhe ads Lo be Lrlggered..
When l began l sLarLed dolng preLLy well, l had campalgns LhaL were maklng a loL
of money, l was dolng greaL agalnsL my compeLlLlon, and llfe was good.
8uL l wanLed more.
More Lrafflc.
More money.
l knew Lhere had Lo be a way Lo expand whaL l was dolng, even ln Lhe same
nlche.l could feel lL, l [usL couldn'L flgure lL ouL.
l [usL knLW l was overlooklng someLhlng. l dldn'L know whaL yeL.
So l wenL back Lo Lhe baslcs.
l revlslLed and really dug deep lnLo Lhls.
My bralnsLormlng lead me Lo new ldeas and Lhlngs Lo LesL.
l sLarLed Lo make small changes Lo my campalgns. Addlng Lhlngs here and Lhere,
and Laklng away some oLher Lhlngs. l Lrled all klnds of sLuff and LesLed some
preLLy crazy ldeas..some of my ldeas were so off Lhe wall l'm almosL
embarrassed Lo admlL lL.
l don'L really care Lhough, because lL pald off ln Lhe end.
All of Lhe new Lhlngs l Lrled came from my bralnsLormlng and Lhlnklng abouL how
really, A1 l1S MCS1 8ASlC LLvLL, Lhe ad ls Lrlgger ln LeadlmpacL's sysLem.and
whaL ls Lhe besL way (or mulLlple ways) Lo Lake advanLage of lL.

We've been Lhrough Lhls brlefly before, buL Lhls Llme we really wanL Lo dlg lnLo lL.
1hls ls C8l1lCAL lf you really wanL Lo geL Lhe mosL from your campalgns.
?ou adverLlsemenL belng served Lo Lhe user ls Lrlggered by only one Lhlng -
1he contents of the UkL |n the address bar of the|r current browser w|ndow.
1hls mlghL seem very slmple and obvlous, buL belng able Lo really Lake full
advanLage of Lhls facL ls whaL Lhls secLlon ls really all abouL.
And for Lhe person who fully undersLands Lhls, Lhey can use Lhls lnformaLlon Lo
make masslvely proflLable campalgns.

b) Dead|y S|mp|e, Underest|mated, and VLk rof|tab|e
Ck so ln Lhls secLlon, l'm golng Lo ouLllne Lhe sLraLegles LhaL l've used Lo geL
MuCP more Lrafflc and scale ouL Lhe campalgns LhaL were already proflLable.
Also, uslng Lhese sLraLegles l'm able Lo LesL ouL campalgns cheaper Lhan mosL
everyone else.
Whlle l'm wrlLlng Lhls, l'm Lhlnklng LhaL Lhls may be one of Lhe shorLer secLlons ln
Lhls gulde, buL also one of Lhe mosL powerful. !usL because someLhlng doesn'L
Lake a whlle Lo explaln, doesn'L mean lL ls any less lmporLanL or powerful.
Anyway, uslng Lhese sLraLegles, l've seen my Lrafflc lncrease SlCnlllCAn1L? on
Lhe campalgns LhaL l was already runnlng for a LCnC Llme (many of my campalgns
were over a year old or more). lL was normally 20-30 lncrease ln proflLable
Lrafflc (and many Llmes lL was much more Lhan LhaL).

c) Now We're Cook|ng - M|x|ng keywords for More rof|t
Some of Lhese Lechnlques may seem very baslc Lo some, buL some people may
noL have LhoughL of Lhls whlle Lhey're bulldlng ouL Lhelr keyword llsLs.

eople search for keywords and domalns ln many dlfferenL ways.
And a loL of Lhe Llme, Lhey do lL wrong. 1hey wlll make a mlsLake.
WhaL l mean ls here, ls lf we are LargeLlng a speclflc domaln or keyword phrase,
we also need Lo be LargeLlng Lhe posslble mlsLakes LhaL people are maklng when
Lhey Lry Lo search for Lhose Lerms.
Pere are some very common mlsLakes people make -
- M|sspe|| words
1argeL Lhe common mlsspelllngs of Lhe keywords phrases you are golng afLer.
Words can be mlsspelled ln all sorLs of ways Loo. llrsL and obvlously, Lhere are Lhe
usual spelllng mlsLakes LhaL people wlll make (Lhey Lhlnk Lhe word or phrase ls
spelled dlfferenLly Lhan lL acLually ls).
8uL Lhen Lhere are oLher Lypes of mlsLakes LhaL are more speclflc Lo people on Lhe
compuLer.. llke Lhe person can be Lyplng Loo fasL and Lype ln a double leLLer, or
Lhey can hlL a wrong key on Lhe keyboard, a space ln Lhe mlddle of a word, or
even Lype ln a number by mlsLake, all klnds of sLuff.
1argeL Lhese.
Llke for example.Lhe word 'dleL' could be 'dl3L' because Lhe number '3' ls very
close Lo Lhe leLLer 'e' on Lhe keyword.
Cr Lhe word 'numbers' could be 'nu bers' where Lhe searcher could have hlL Lhe
space bar by mlsLake lnsLead of Lhe leLLer 'm'.
1here are SC many dlfferenL comblnaLlons and opLlons Lo bralnsLorm here.
- No Spaces 8etween Words
lor your Lwo word (or more) keyword phrases, make sure Lo also LargeL Lhe
phrase Wl1PCu1 spaces. (Llke 'dog Lralnlng' would become 'dogLralnlng' for

1hls happens A LC1 more LhaL you may Lhlnk. eople wlll elLher be Lyplng Loo
fasL, or [usL forgeL Lo puL spaces beLween Lhe words Lhey are searchlng for.
1hese Lypes of phrases (wlLhouL spaces) usually won'L have a loL of compeLlLlon
for Lhem. 1he Lrafflc wlll be less, buL lL ls generally of Lhe same quallLy as Lhe
Lrafflc for Lhe lnLended keyword phrase (whlch does have spaces beLween Lhe
- keverse Words
1hls ls anoLher greaL one LhaL you wouldn'L Lhlnk much abouL, buL lL can generaLe
very good Lrafflc.
When you are maklng your llsL of keyword phrases, lf lL ls a Lwo or more word
phrase.scramble up Lhe order of Lhe words. Lven lf Lhey don'L really make a
whole loL of sense when you do, Lhose phrases usually are sLlll belng searched for.

d) Many Ways to Sk|n a Cat
When you Lype ln a Lwo (or more) keyword phrase lnLo LeadlmpacL's lnLerface
LhaL you lnLenL Lo LargeL, lL auLomaLlcally defaulLs lL Lo -
lor example, lf you were LargeLlng face cream" lL would show up ln Lhe sysLem
as -
1he asLerlsk (*) ls a wlldcard" characLer whlch means LhaL lL can Lake Lhe place of
An? characLer ln LhaL keyword phrase. lor example, lf someone accldenLally Lypes
ln face-cream" wlLh a hyphen lnsLead of a space, your LargeL of 'face*cream' wlll
sLlll Lrlgger your ad slnce Lhe asLerlsk can sLand for any characLer.
8emember, LeadlmpacL flnds whaL ls relevanL by readlng Lhe u8L sLrlng dlsplayed
ln Lhe address bar.

So when a user searches for face cream" on whaL ls Lhe u8L
acLually looks llke ln Lhe user's address bar -
noLlce Lhe parL of Lhe u8L LhaL says face+cream"
LeadlmpacL reads Lhe enLlre u8L and sees LhaL face+cream" ls relevanL Lo your
face*cream" LargeL ln your ad campalgn because ln Lhls case Lhe asLerlsk (*)
Lakes Lhe place of Lhe plus slgn (+).
1he LargeL face*cream" can also LargeL your ad lf a user ls vlslLlng a slLe llke
See, ln Lhls case face_cream" ls sLlll relevanL Lo face*cream" because ln Lhls
case Lhe asLerlsk (*) Lakes Lhe place of Lhe underscore (_).
1here are many dlfferenL characLers LhaL Lhe * wlll usually sLand for. 1hls ls
because dlfferenL search englnes use dlfferenL characLers ln place of a space ln
Lhelr search query u8Ls.
lor Coogle lL's a plus slgn (+) as ls Lhe case wlLh our example above face+cream"
l've seen for oLher search englnes lL's 20" or &"
WhaL l've found Lo be VLk effecLlve ls noL only LargeLlng a Lerm llke
face*cream"..buL Lhen also LargeL all of Lhe oLher posslblllLles LhaL Lhe asLerlsk
wlll usually sLand for.
l can'L sLress how effecLlve Lhls has been.
1hls one small Lechnlque has had a PuCL lmpacL on my campalgns.
nere |s a ||st of those symbo|s -
+ (p|us s|gn)
- (m|nus s|gn)

_ (underscore)
& (ampersand)
20 (percentage s|gn and then the number twenty)
So ln addlLlon Lo Lhe asLerlsk (*), l use all of Lhese when l'm creaLlng my keyword
So wlLh Lhe face*cream" lncluded, my keyword LargeL llsL would look llke Lhls -

Also, l would Lhen Lake my llsL a sLep furLher by addlng a forward slash Lo each
LargeL phrase and ALSC LargeL Lhose -
1hls way, lf Lhe phrase 'face cream' comes dlrecLly afLer a forward slash ln any
u8L, l wlll plck up more of LhaL relevanL Lrafflc.

And when l wanL Lo Lake Lhlngs LvLn lu81PL8, l add an equal slgn (=) Lo Lhe mlx.

l use Lhe equal slgn because a loL of Lhe Llmes ln search query u8Ls you wlll see
someLhlng llke searchquery="
1hls way, l'm LargeLlng Lhe LxAC1 search phrase.
Agaln, here ls Lhe Coogle search query resulL u8L -
See how lL reads =face+cream"
1hlnk abouL Lhe power ln Lhls and any oLher comblnaLlons you can come up wlLh.
uslng Lhese dlfferenL symbols Lo expand my keyword llsLs l've been able Lo geL
MC8L Lrafflc, and expand on Lhe keywords LhaL were already worklng well for
even CPLAL8.

e) Doma|ns and More Doma|ns

AnoLher Lhlng LhaL l've found LhaL wlll geL a loL of Lrafflc ls Lo LargeL Lhe dlfferenL
ways LhaL people wlll search for domalns/u8Ls.
Say you are LargeLlng slLe called"
Well, also LargeL Lhe dlfferenL klnds of domalns.
Such as .neL, .org,, .edu, and so on.
So Lhe llsL would look llke Lhls -
1here are vlslLors sLlll searchlng for Lhese domaln varlaLlons.
1here's noL much really much else l have Lo say abouL Lhls.
1esL lL, use lL, and make more money wlLh lL.

f) Doma|n Dom|nat|on
When you are LargeLlng domalns/u8Ls ln your llsL, Lhere are many Lhlngs LhaL you
can and should do Lo absoluLely domlnaLe for Lhose LargeLs.
1hls ls a blL of an expanslon on Lhe prevlous secLlon Many Ways Lo Skln a CaL"
where l Lalk abouL Lhe dlfferenL ways Lo wrlLe ouL keyword phrases.
?ou should be dolng Lhe same for domalns.
Powever, ln Lhls case Lhe posslblllLles and comblnaLlons are a llLLle dlfferenL.
WhaL l use ls -

. (a perlod)
/ (a forward slash)

l use Lhese Lo add more domaln/u8L varlaLlons Lo my llsLs ln my campalgns.
lor example, say l'm LargeLlng"
l would also LargeL -
And Lhen l would comblne Lhe Lwo (uslng boLh a perlod and a forward slash) -

See, l'm creaLlng more LargeLs whlch wlll geL my ad Lrlggered ln many dlfferenL
ways.and usually Lhere ls llLLle Lo no compeLlLlon for Lhese oLher varlaLlons.
Also, l can even Lake Lhlngs a sLep furLher and do Lhls -
Where ln Lhls case Lhe asLerlsk ls Laklng Lhe place of Lhe perlod.
1hen you can do -
?ou geL Lhe ldea.
Agaln, vL8? slmple buL lL can have a 8lC effecL on your campalgns.

1here are so many dlfferenL comblnaLlons LhaL you can creaLe wlLh Lhe sLraLegles
ouLllned ln Lhls secLlon. use Lhem for boLh keyword phrases, and for domalns LhaL
you LargeL.


Sect|on 4
art 1: Iast Monet|zat|on Strateg|es
a) Mak|ng Money WI1nCU1 a Webs|te
Ck, so lL's greaL LhaL we now know how Lo geL a bunch of cheap Lrafflc.buL LhaL's
only one parL of Lhe equaLlon. now lL's Llme Lo make money wlLh lL!
now..Lhls secLlon may be a blL more geared Loward Lhose [usL sLarLlng ouL. So lf
you're a llLLle more advanced, don'L feel bad lf you sklp Lhls secLlon. Cr you can go
ahead and read lL. ?ou may plck up a few Llps here and Lhere anyway. ,-)
LeL's geL Lo lL -
So Lhe flrsL way (and generally whaL ls consldered Lhe slmplesL way) Lo moneLlze
(make money wlLh) Lhe Lrafflc you're drlvlng ls Lo DIkLC1 LINk LhaL Lrafflc Lo
anoLher webslLe LhaL you are promoLlng as an afflllaLe.
So Lhls ls whaL people mean when Lhey are Lalklng abouL dolng a DIkLC1 LINkING
now remember, ?Cu personally do nC1 need a webslLe Lo do Lhls. ?ou are
sendlng ?Cu8 Lrafflc dlrecLly Lo AnC1PL8 webslLe AS An AlllLlA1L for LhaL
So ln dolng Lhls, you are dlrecLly llnklng your Lrafflc Lo Lhe webslLe you are
promoLlng as an afflllaLe.
lor you vlsual learners ouL Lhere (llke me).here's a dlagram..
When you ul8LC1 Llnk, Lhls ls Lhe paLh LhaL your vlslLors follow -


So you're sendlng your Lrafflc dlrecLly Lo Lhe merchanL's webslLe, buL you sLlll geL
credlL for Lhe sales LhaL you generaLe for Lhe merchanL, because Lhey wlll be able
Lo Lell LhaL Lhe vlslLor came Lhrough your afflllaLe llnk.
1he vlslLor doesn'L see Lhls happen. AfflllaLe llnks generally redlrecLs so fasL Lo Lhe
merchanL's pages LhaL Lhe user wlll geL Lhere wlLhouL any noLlceable delay or

b) What ou Need
So l'm golng Lo make sure Lo really spell Lhlngs ouL so Lhls can be as helpful as
posslble for Lhose of you readlng Lhls who are [usL sLarLlng ouL.
1o do a dlrecL llnklng campalgn you only need a couple of Lhlngs.
1. A leoJlmpoct Accooot
2. Ao AJ compolqo 5et up wltblo oot leoJlmpoct Accooot

J. Ao Afflllote llok to tbe Offet/webslte oote Coloq to ltomote

c) now to: CA Cffers
So flrsL l'm golng Lo promoLe a CA Cffer uslng Lhe ul8LC1 LlnklnC meLhod.
now one Lhlng Lo keep ln mlnd ls LhaL dlfferenL CA neLworks wlll have dlfferenL
places where you're supposed Lo pull your afflllaLe llnk from. lf you're unsure,
don'L heslLaLe Lo glve you afflllaLe manager a phone call or emall asklng Lhem
where Lo do Lhls.
lL's really noL LhaL hard. Powever, l even geL confused once ln a whlle lf l'm Lrylng
Lo geL my afflllaLe llnk from an afflllaLe neLwork l'm noL used Lo uslng. Anyway, lL's
noLhlng a phone call can'L flx. ,-)
So for Lhls example l'm golng Lo pull my afflllaLe llnk from my Medla1rusL accounL
(Medla1rusL ls a CA neLwork).

1hls ls Lhe Lop parL of Lhe page where Lhe offer ls dlsplayed. l have Lo scroll down
a blL Lo geL Lo my afflllaLe llnk.

ln Lhls example, l'm dolng a dlrecLly llnklng campalgn for a Llfe lnsurance CuoLe
8y Lhe way, Lhe llLLle grey area Lhere ln Lhe plcLure above ls [usL coverlng up Lhe
afflllaLe lu LhaL's unlque Lo my accounL. ,-)
So l Lake my llnk from my Medla1rusL accounL, and l puL lL dlrecLly lnLo my ad
campalgn ln my LeadlmpacL accounL.


1o do Lhls, flrsL l wanL Lo creaLe a new campalgn ln my LeadlmpacL accounL.

l'll call Lhe campalgn someLhlng slmple for Lhls example -

1hen, Lhe afflllaLe llnk LhaL l copled from my Medla1rusL accounL.l pasLe LhaL lnLo
my LeadlmpacL accounL.

reLLy slmple.
1hen l [usL selecL Lhe CaLegory and SubcaLegory LhaL l wlll be adverLlslng ln
(remember l'm adverLlslng a Llfe lnsurance CuoLe offer).
Also, l check Lhe keyword ass-1hrough" box. 1hls allows LeadlmpacL's sysLem Lo
send along Lhe keyword/u8L LargeL lnformaLlon (Lhe keywords and u8L LargeLs
LhaL l wlll be blddlng on) so Lhen l can Lrack my converslons.
1hen l selecL Lhe counLry l'm golng Lo be geLLlng vlslLors from (ln Lhls case, only
Lhe uS)..

1hen afLer LhaL, l cllck nexL SLep"..

now all l need Lo do ls add keywords and u8L LargeLs Lo my ad campalgn..

1hen l have Lo walL for Lhe keyword/u8L LargeLs Lo geL approved manually
(generally lL Lakes one buslness day), afLer LhaL l'm done and runnlng Lrafflc Lo
LhaL offer.
And Lo Lrack my campalgns (Lo see whlch keywords and u8L LargeLs l'm blddlng
on LhaL are resulLlng ln leads or sales belng generaLed), l [usL ask my afflllaLe
manager Lo place my Lracklng plxel on Lhe Lhank you page of Lhe offers.

1o do LhaL, l go Lo Lhe maln page ln my LeadlmpacL accounL and copy and pasLe
Lhls llne of code and emall lL Lo my afflllaLe manager -


d) now to: C||ckbank
WlLh Cllckbank, lL's also preLLy slmple Lo lmplemenL a dlrecL llnklng campalgn.
8y Lhe way, lf you have noL yeL slgned up Lo Cllckbank, lL ls very easy Lo do..
Co Lo hLLp://
Cllck on Lhe Slgn up" llnk when you geL Lo Lhe page -

1he slgn up process ls qulck, and Lhe approval process ls very slmple (unllke a
loL of CA neLworks). Cnce you cllck Lhe Slgn up" buLLon you wlll be Laken Lo
Lhls page -

LnLer ln your lnformaLlon and cllck SubmlL".you wlll Lhen be Laken Lo Lhls page -

now all you have Lo do ls check your emall (Lhe emall accounL LhaL you [usL
enLered wlLh Cllckbank). Cllckbank wlll send you an emall lmmedlaLely, and
you need Lo follow Lhe llnk and dlrecLlons wlLhln LhaL emall Lo verlfy your
accounL. Cnce you do LhaL, your accounL wlll be approved and you can begln
Lo promoLe producLs ln Lhe Cllckbank MarkeLplace.

lor Lhls example, l'm golng Lo promoLe a language learnlng producL. 1o begln,
l'm golng Lo cllck on Lhe MarkeLplace" llnk aL Lhe Lop of Lhe page -

1hen on Lhe nexL page, l'm golng Lo scroll down Lhe page and Lhen cllck on Lhe
Language" caLegory (slnce l'm looklng Lo promoLe a language learnlng offer).

Cn Lhe followlng page, l'm golng Lo be broughL Lo a llsL of producLs LhaL l can
promoLe. l'm golng Lo use Lhe flrsL resulL on Lhe page for Lhls example.
1o grab your afflllaLe llnk (ln order for you Lo sLarL drlvlng Lrafflc Lo Lhls offer),
cllck on Lhe romoLe" buLLon.

1hls wlll brlng up a pop up wlndow. ln Lhe pop up wlndow, enLer ln your
Cllckbank username ln Lhe AccounL nlckname" fleld, Lhen cllck CreaLe"

Cnce you do LhaL, Cllckbank wlll generaLe your afflllaLe lu for you.

1hls ls Lhe llnk LhaL you wlll Lhen copy and pasLe lnLo your LeadlmpacL accounL
ln Lhe ad campalgn LhaL you wlll creaLe Lo promoLe Lhls producL.

1hen of course (ln your LeadlmpacL accounL) you need Lo plck Lhe caLegory
you'll be adverLlslng ln, check Lhe keyword ass-1hrough buLLon, plck your
CounLry 1argeLlng, and Lhen add keywords and u8Ls LhaL you wlll be LargeLlng.

Cllckbank manages Lhelr offers a blL dlfferenLly LhaL mosL CA neLworks. So ln
order for you Lo Lrack your campalgns (uslng Lhe LeadlmpacL Lracklng code llke
l showed before), you have Lo glve your Lracklng llnk dlrecLly Lo Lhe webslLe
you wlll be promoLlng.

So ln Lhls case, l'm golng Lo pasLe my afflllaLe llnk LhaL l goL from Cllckbank,
lnLo Lhe address bar of my web browser (ln order Lo vlew Lhe webslLe l wlll be
ln Lhls case, lL Lakes me Lo Lhls webslLe -

noLlce Lhe ConLacL us" llnk as well as Lhe conLacL phone numbers. ln Lhls case
(when promoLlng producLs on Cllckbank), you wanL Lo conLacL Lhe webslLe you
are promoLlng and ask Lhem Lo place your Lracklng llnk on 1PLl8 'Lhank you'
page (lL's Lhe webpage LhaL comes afLer Lhelr checkouL page.lL's Lhe flrsL page
Lhe cusLomer sees once Lhey compleLe Lhelr order).
And remember, your Lracklng llnk ls found wlLhln your LeadlmpacL accounL
here (on Lhe LeadlmpacL maln page once you slgn ln) -


art 2: Mon|t|zat|on Strateg|es for Long 1erm k|ches
a) Mak|ng Money WI1n a Webs|te
Whlle 'dlrecL llnklng' Lhe Lrafflc you're drlvlng dlrecLly Lo Lhe webslLe you are
promoLlng can be very slmple (and very proflLable), Lhere can be qulLe a few
lnsLances where you may wanL Lo drlve Lrafflc Lo a webslLe LhaL you conLrol.
ln my oplnlon, Lhere are 2 maln reasons LhaL you would wanL Lo do Lhls.
56 ,78'9:;<'<7'=>?@AB@CC2'<D@'>?7E8F<'G782?@'>?7H7<I;JK'
're-selllng' Lhe producL LhaL you are promoLlng can be very advanLageous and
proflLable. ln a sense, you are 'warmlng up' Lhe prospecL for Lhe offer/producL
Lhey are abouL Lo see.
?ou may wanL Lo promoLe Lhe producL from a dlfferenL angle, or have a unlque
Lake on Lhe producL.
?ou could even wrlLe a revlew of Lhe producL, comparlng lL Lo oLhers ln Lhe
markeLplace, explalnlng your oplnlons and why you Lhlnk people should purchase
Lhe producL you are promoLlng.
1hls can resulL ln hlgher converslons (more people buy Lhe producL you are
promoLlng), maklng you more money.
L6 ,78'9:;<'<7'M8ICE':'CIB<'7N'@H:IC'B8MBF?IM@?BK'
8ulldlng a llsL of emall subscrlbers can be vL8? proflLable. ln Lhls case you can
place an opL-ln form on your webslLe (a place where people can slgn up Lo your
emall newsleLLer).
1hen afLer people slgn up Lo your newsleLLer, you can dlrecL Lhem Lo Lhe
merchanL's webpage LhaL you are promoLlng as an afflllaLe.
8ulldlng a llsL ls greaL, because lL allows you noL only Lhe opporLunlLy Lo make Lhe
lnlLlal sale (of Lhe producL LhaL you are promoLlng) buL lL allows you Lo bulld a
relaLlonshlp wlLh your subscrlbers.

WlLh LhaL relaLlonshlp, you can provlde Lhem wlLh lnformaLlon LhaL Lhey are
lnLeresLed ln and LhaL's useful Lo Lhem. 1hen ln Lhe fuLure, you can promoLe oLher
producLs Lhrough your emall newsleLLer and earn commlsslons on Lhose sales Loo.
1hls way, you're generaLlng afflllaLe commlsslons long lnLo Lhe fuLure.
1hls ls very easy Lo do for [usL abouL any nlche ouL Lhere, as nlches Lend Lo have
oLher relaLed nlches LhaL people wlll also be lnLeresLed ln.
lor example, say my nlche was learnlng Spanlsh as a forelgn language.
l could bulld a newsleLLer where l provlde lnformaLlon regardlng Lhls Loplc (afLer
dolng research onllne, Lo make sure LhaL my conLenL was correcL and would be
lnLeresLlng and helpful Lo my subscrlbers).
1hen l could promoLe all klnds of oLher producLs (as an afflllaLe) Lo Lhe people on
my newsleLLer llsL.
lor lnsLance, some people may be lnLeresLed ln Spanlsh language learnlng
Lhrough audlo Lapes. CLher may be lnLeresLed ln language learnlng sofLware or
books. Colng even furLher, l could promoLe Lravel offers Lo Lhe newsleLLer llsL
(some people may be lnLeresLed ln Laklng a Lrlp Lo a Spanlsh speaklng counLry).

b) keep |t S|mp|e
Cne of Lhe blg Lhlngs Lo remember wlLh promoLlng afflllaLe offers and producLs
uslng your own LhaL lL does nC1 have Lo be compllcaLed.
?ou don'L need a huge webslLe Lo do Lhls.
8eally all you need ls CnL webpage (noL a webslLe whlch conLalns many

When you promoLe afflllaLe producLs uslng your own webpage, here ls Lhe paLh
your vlslLor Lakes -

And whlle runnlng your own webslLe may have a few cosLs assoclaLed wlLh lL
(alLhough usually very low cosLs), remember LhaL runnlng your own webslLe
provldes you Lhe opporLunlLy Lo pre-sell your vlslLors and bulldlng a llsL. 8oLh of
Lhose Lhlngs can make you enough exLra proflL Lo more Lhan cover Lhe exLra
expenses assoclaLed wlLh havlng a webslLe.



c) What ou Need
WlLh a dlrecL llnklng campalgn (promoLlng producLs as an afflllaLe Wl1PCu1 a
webslLe) we needed Lhree Lhlngs.
1. A leoJlmpoct Accooot
2. Ao AJ compolqo 5et up wltblo oot leoJlmpoct Accooot
J. Ao Afflllote llok to tbe Offet/webslte oote Coloq to ltomote
now, Lo promoLe producLs as an afflllaLe Wl1P a webslLe, we also need.
4. A uomaln name (llke for example..a domaln ls Lhe parL
LhaL people Lype lnLo Lhe address bar of Lhelr web browser Lo geL Lo your
3. A PosLlng AccounL (Lhe servlce LhaL wlll hold your webslLe flles, allowlng
people Lo access your webslLe onllne 24 hours a day/7 days a week).
6. (CSSl8L?) Lmall newsleLLer SofLware Servlcer (also knows as an
'auLoresponder' servlce). lf you wanL Lo run an emall newsleLLer Lo follow
up wlLh your prospecLs (PlCPL? 8LCCMMLnuLu).
7. (CSSl8L?) lmages Lo use on your webpage.
8. (CSSl8L?) Someone Lo creaLe your webpage for you. 1haL ls, lf you don'L
wanL (or don'L know how) Lo do lL yourself.

d) Where to Get What ou Need
now l'm golng Lo llsL Lhe servlces l recommend for Lhese Lasks.
1hese are my general recommendaLlons, and more speclflc quesLlons regardlng
some of Lhese servlces are besL lefL Lo Lhe cusLomer servlce deparLmenLs of Lhe
respecLlve whlle l'm golng Lo lnclude baslc lnformaLlon abouL
Lhese servlces, l recommend LhaL lf you have speclflc quesLlons - you conLacL Lhe
company provldlng LhaL servlce as Lhey wlll be able Lo glve you a more speclflc
answer. ,-)
WlLh LhaL sald, leL's geL rlghL down Lo lL.

llrsL Lhlng you need ls.
A uomaln name
namecheap ls a greaL servlce Lo use Lo reglsLer a domaln name. 1helr domaln
names are generally very cheap Lo reglsLer, and Lhey have good phone and emall
cusLomer supporL. lf you geL sLuck on anyLhlng, Lhey're Lhere Lo help you ouL.

A PosLlng AccounL

PosLCaLor ls anoLher greaL servlce Lo use. 1hey wlll hosL your webslLe on Lhelr
servers. 8aslcally whaL Lhls means ls your webslLe flles wlll be sLored on Lhelr
compuLers (Lhelr web servers), so your webslLe ls able Lo be accessed by oLher
people over Lhe lnLerneL.

PosLCaLor's supporL Leam ls very helpful, and Lhelr hosLlng plans are very cheap
and effecLlve.
An AuLoresponder Servlce
AWeber ls Lhe servlce l recommend Lo bulld and manage your emall newsleLLer lf
you wlll be bulldlng a llsL.
WlLh AWeber, you can capLure people's emall addresses, and send ouL your
newsleLLers all ln one place.
1he servlce ls very cheap, and Lhey offer Lhe flrsL monLh of servlce for $1.00 so
you can Lry lL ouL.

lmages Lo use on your webpage.

lSLockhoLo ls a PuCL resource of royallLy free lmages LhaL you can use on your
webslLe (or webslLes) as you see flL.

1here are small fees lnvolved wlLh Lhe servlce (alLhough lL's noL necessary LhaL
you use lL). 8uL lL can be worLh lL because you wlll geL access Lo very professlonal
lmages LhaL you can use over and over.

Someone Lo creaLe your webpage for you (nC1 ALWA?S nLCLSSA8?).
1he nexL Lhlng you may need ls someone Lo help lnLegraLe Lhe AWeber servlce
wlLh your webslLe, or help creaLe your webpage lLself, or anyLhlng web relaLed.
lf you are concerned LhaL you may noL have Lhe skllls Lo do Lhls yourself (or you
know how, buL you don'L wanL Lo spenL Lhe Llme), l recommend checklng ouL Lhe
secLlon near Lhe end of Lhls book enLlLled 1aklng a ermanenL vacaLlon."
ln LhaL secLlon, l go ln depLh abouL how Lo ouLsource Lhese Lypes of Lasks cheaply,
and effecLlvely.
1here ls a loL of web edlLlng sofLware ouL Lhere Lo creaLe a webslLe yourself.
Powever, l don'L have any experlence wlLh any sofLware programs llke l
can'L make an lnformed recommendaLlon.
l can Lell you Lhough, LhaL l've been able Lo ouLsource (for vL8? cheap) everyLhlng
LhaL l've needed Lo do, buL dldn'L know how Lo do by myself.
Also, lL was much fasLer Lo ouLsource, because l could focus on Lhe lmporLanL
Lhlngs..and noL spend Loo much of my Llme flgurlng ouL how Lo use a
compllcaLed web edlLlng sofLware.
So you also have Lo keep ln mlnd Lhe value you place on your Llme.

e) now to: utt|ng |t A|| 1ogether
Ck, so Lo promoLe an afflllaLe offer/producL Wl1P a webslLe, lL's very slmllar Lo
promoLlng an afflllaLe offer/producL Wl1PCu1 a webslLe only Lhere are a few
more movlng parLs LhaL we need Lo look afLer.
nere are the steps that you need to fo||ow:
Step 1:
Choose our N|che to romote
Step 2:
8ut a Doma|n Name (a webs|te name) at
Step 3:
Cpen a nost|ng Account at
Step 4:
Cpen an Autoresponder Account at
Step S:
Get Images from | (|f you want |mages)
Step 6:
Create Webs|te (or outsource webs|te creat|on)
Step 7:
Integrate Webs|te w|th Autoresponder at
Step 8:
D|rect Webs|te to Aff|||ate Cffer of our Cho|ce

Ck, so l'm golng Lo do an example here so lL's easy Lo follow along.
lor Lhls example l'm golng Lo promoLe an auLo lnsurance offer.

LeL's assume LhaL l've already boughL a domaln on and have
goLLen a hosLlng accounL wlLh (lf you have any quesLlons abouL
how Lo do Lhls, lL ls besL Lo conLacL and dlrecLly).
lor Lhe purposes of Lhls example, leL's say LhaL my webslLe l'm golng Lo creaLe ls -

l've already opened an accounL. l boughL Lhelr baslc Lrlal package for
1o sLep up my auLoresponder (so l can bulld a llsL) l'm golng Lo cllck on Lhe
CreaLe and Manage LlsLs" llnk on Lhe maln page (once l logln Lo my accounL).

1hen l'll cllck on CreaLe a new LlsL"

l'm broughL Lo Lhe nexL page where l enLer ln my lnformaLlon Lo creaLe my new
auLoresponder -

1he maln parL LhaL you need Lo focus on here ls Lhe l8CM Auu8LSS fleld. 1hls ls
one of Lhe maln Lhlngs LhaL your subscrlber wlll see when he or she recelved an
emall from you.
?ou could use your name ln Lhe l8CM Auu8LSS. 8uL l llke Lo use a LlLle LhaL has
someLhlng Lo do wlLh Lhe nlche LhaL l'm promoLlng.

So ln Lhls case my lrom Address ls lnsurance lnfo" because Lhe subscrlbers LhaL
are golng Lo be on Lhls llsL wlll be comlng from my AuLo lnsurance webpage.
l llke Lo sLlll keep my from address preLLy general Lhough. 1hls way, Lhe
subscrlbers won'L compleLely assoclaLe me wlLh AuLo lnsurance only.and l can
emall Lhem abouL more general Lhlngs ln Lhe fuLure (or oLher relaLed nlches LhaL
l'll promoLe).
Also noLlce LhaL Lhe reLurn emall address (my emall address as Lhe one sendlng
Lhe emalls) ls -
lL's besL Lo use an emall address assoclaLe wlLh your webslLe (ln Lhls example, my
webslLe ls, so l chose
lf you don'L know how Lo seL up an emall address wlLh your webslLe, wlll be able Lo help you when you are hosLlng your webslLe wlLh
Anyway, once you have enLered ln your lnformaLlon on Lhe AWeber page, Lhen
cllck on Lhe Save LlsL SeLLlngs" buLLon.

AfLer l cllck Lhe Save LlsL SeLLlngs" buLLon, l'm broughL Lo Lhls page -

now also noLlce LhaL a SeLup Wlzard has popped up aL Lhe boLLom of Lhe page.
l'm golng Lo cllck on Lhe uo 1hls SLep" and lL wlll Lake me Lo Lhe nexL sLep ln Lhe
seLup process.
A SluL nC1L: lf you have any quesLlons durlng Lhe AWeber seL up process, always
feel free Lo glve AWeber a call Lo reach Lhelr cusLomer servlce. l'm golng Lhrough
Lhe seLup of AWeber speclflcally because lL ls very lmporLanL Lo place your
afflllaLe llnk where l'm abouL Lo show you.

When l geL on Lhe nexL page, Lhe flrsL Lhlng you wanL Lo noLlce ls Lhe Conflrmed
CpL-ln ls Lurned on.

WhaL Lhls means ls LhaL when someone slgns up Lo your emall newsleLLer,
AWeber wlll auLomaLlcally send Lhem an emall asklng Lhem Lo 'conflrm' LhaL Lhey
dld requesL Lo be slgned up Lo your newsleLLer. 1he user 'conflrms' by cllcklng a
llnk wlLhln LhaL emall.
1hen Lhe user wlll flnally be subscrlbed Lo you emall llsL.

uslng a Conflrmed CpL-ln" process can be a greaL Lhlng Lo use ln a loL of cases.
8uL remember lL does creaLe anoLher sLep LhaL your user has Lo Lake Lo become a
member of your emall newsleLLer.
lor Lhls, l prefer Lo have Lhe Conflrmed CpL-ln sLaLus Lurned Cll. 1hls way once a
person slgns up Lo my llsL (emall newsleLLer), l can begln Lo send Lhem emalls
lmmedlaLely abouL Lhe Lhlngs Lhey are lnLeresLed ln (as Lhey [usL requesLed lL).
l cllck on Lhe green SLaLus Cn" buLLon Lo Lurn Lhls feaLure Cll.

now LhaL l've done LhaL, l'm golng Lo cllck on Lhe Web lorms" Lab near Lhe Lop
of Lhe page.
Cn Lhe new page, scroll down and cllck on Lhe CreaLe Web lorm" buLLon -

1here are all klnds of web forms opLlons you can choose, buL for Lhls example l'm
golng Lo use Lhe defaulL opLlon and cllck on Lhe Co 1o SLep 2" buLLon aL Lhe
boLLom of Lhe page.

now, Lhls nexL parL ls one of Lhe mosL lmporLanL parLs ln promoLlng an afflllaLe
offer Wl1P a webslLe.
Cn Lhe nexL page, swlLch Lhe 1hank ?ou age" fleld from 8aslc verslon" Lo
CusLom age"

vL8? lMC81An1! - Cnce you selecLed Lhe CusLom age" opLlon, anoLher fleld
wlll appear LhaL says LnLer ?our u8L"
ln Lhls fleld you enLer ln your AlllLlA1L Llnk LhaL you goL from your CA neLwork,
or from Cllckbank (dependlng on where you are promoLlng your offer).
WhaL Lhls does, ls once a user slgns up Lo your newsleLLer, Lhey are dlrecLed Lo
your afflllaLe llnk (whlch Lhen goes Lo Lhe offer/producL LhaL you are promoLlng).
So remember, you drlve Lrafflc Lo ?Cu8 webslLe flrsL (from your LeadlmpacL
accounL).Lhe user comes Lo your webslLe, slgns up Lo your newsleLLer, and Lhen
Lhey are Laken Lo your afflllaLe llnk for Lhe offer/producL you are promoLlng.

So once you've enLered ln your afflllaLe llnk. Cllck Lhe Save Web lorm" buLLon,
Lhen afLer your form ls saved, cllck Lhe Co 1o SLep 3" buLLon.
1hen you wlll be broughL Lo a page llke Lhls -

1hen plck Lhe opLlon LhaL ls rlghL for you, and Lhen you're ready Lo seL lL up on
your webpage.
lf you don'L know how Lo do Lhls yourself, you can ouLsource Lhls Lask easlly
(whlch l'll dlscuss ln Lhe nexL secLlon of Lhls book).

Pere's a slmple webpage LhaL l puL LogeLher as an example -

8aslcally Lhe webpage ls [usL some LexL, some lmages and my emall llsL subscrlbe
form (also called an 'opL-ln' form). AfLer a vlslLor enLers ln Lhelr name and emall
address and Lhen cllcks submlL, Lhey wlll be Laken Lo Lhe afflllaLe producL/offer
l'm promoLlng.
8emember, Lhe webpage does noL have Lo be anyLhlng compllcaLed. ln facL, ln
almosL all cases lL ls besL for your webpage Lo be vL8? slmple and easy Lo
undersLand and navlgaLe.


f) Land|ng age 8est ract|ces
As you can see from webslLe example above, lf you do choose Lo bulld your own
webslLe, lL doesn'L have Lo be anyLhlng compllcaLed.
ln facL, you can [usL bulld a one page webslLe (and use LhaL as your landlng page
you are drlvlng Lhe Lrafflc Lo).
Cenerally speaklng, Lhe slmpler Lhe landlng page (whlch ls Lhe web page your are
drlvlng Lrafflc Lo), Lhe beLLer.
Slmple, clear, and easy Lo undersLand are Lhe maln goals.
?ou also wanL Lhe page Lo be vL8? slmple Lo read and navlgaLe. LllmlnaLlng as
much confuslon for your vlslLor as posslble.
now landlng pages wlll vary dependlng on Lhe Lype of offer or producL you're
lor a slmple lead generaLlon offer (llke an offer LhaL only asks for an emall
submlL), lL may be a very small page wlLh a few lmages on lL.
lor someLhlng more ln depLh llke a producL sale or someLhlng LhaL requlres more
sLeps (llke lf Lhe vlslLors needs Lo enLer ln Lhelr credlL card number Lo buy), Lhen
Lhe landlng page may requlre more lnformaLlon Lo properly sell Lhe producL or
servlce Lo Lhe user.
Cenerally speaklng Lhough, Lhe besL seL up for a landlng page looks llke Lhls.

now, of course, oLher page layouLs can work beLLer or worse ln some cases, buL
Lhls ls a good example of how MCS1 Lop-performlng landlng pages are lald ouL.
AnoLher polnL l wanL Lo make..
When you are creaLlng your landlng page (or vlewlng a landlng page of an offer
LhaL you may wanL Lo promoLe), make sure LhaL lL draws Lhe vlslLor's aLLenLlon
Lowards Lhe acLlon LhaL you wanL Lhem Lo compleLe (usually Lhe lead submlsslon
Slnce we read from LefL Lo 8lghL, and from 1op Lo 8oLLom (llke we read a
book)..we wanL Lo creaLe our landlng pages ln Lhe same way. We don'L wanL Lo
Lake Lhe vlslLor's aLLenLlon ln a mllllon dlfferenL dlrecLlons all over Lhe page. We
wanL Lo make lL a slmple and naLural layouL.

'roduct or 8rand Name' Coes Pere
'1he nero Shot' Coes Pere(Pere would
be a plcLure of Lhe producL or servlce
belng markeLed. lf Lhe offer ls more
general (llke a lead generaLlon offer)
Lhen Lhe lmage can also be more
'Lead Subm|ss|on Iorm' Coes
'L|st of 8enef|ts of the roduct or
Serv|ce' Coes Pere
'Ca|| to Act|on' Coes Pere
'Ca|| to Act|on' or Cther Add|t|ona|
Info Coes Pere

lor example, here ls how Lhe user would lnLeracL wlLh our landlng page.

'roduct or 8rand Name' Coes Pere
'1he nero Shot' Coes Pere(Pere would
be a plcLure of Lhe producL or servlce
belng markeLed. lf Lhe offer ls more
general (llke a lead generaLlon offer)
Lhen Lhe lmage can also be more
'Lead Subm|ss|on Iorm' Coes
'L|st of 8enef|ts of the roduct or
Serv|ce' Coes Pere
'Ca|| to Act|on' Coes Pere
'Ca|| to Act|on' or Cther Add|t|ona|
Info Coes Pere

So whaL now? ln Lhls manual you have been exposed Lo LxAC1L? whaL l have
done Lo go from sLruggllng onllne Lo CCnSlS1Ln1L? belng successful.
1here are many Lhlngs you can do aL Lhls polnL. 1here are so many nlches LhaL are
ouL Lhere for Lhe Laklng, and Lhere ls so much money Lo be made.
lL's really up Lo you. 8uL you musL 1AkL AC1lCn Lo geL Lhe resulLs LhaL you wanL
for yourself. We all wanL Lo make money fasL, and wlLh Lhe meLhods LhaL l have
shown lL ls deflnlLely posslble.
8uL don'L be dlscouraged lf lL doesn'L happen on your flrsL Lry. 1here sLlll ls a
learnlng curve wlLh everyLhlng, even when l've shown Lhlngs sLep-by-sLep, lL's up
Lo you Lo puL lL lnLo acLlon and sLarL Lo learn-by-dolng.
As you conLlnue, l would recommend you reread Lhls gulde A1 LLAS1 one more
Llme, buL really you should go Lhrough lL mulLlple Llmes as more lnformaLlon wlll
begln Lo slnk ln each Llme.
Also, lf you have some quesLlons now, read Lhrough Lhe gulde agaln and l'm sure
you wlll flnd Lhe answer as well as some aha! momenLs" where Lhlngs really sLarL
Lo hlL you and Lhe maLerlal beglns Lo really slnk ln. 1haL's when you can feel Lhe
real learnlng begln.
1he hardesL parL ln anyLhlng ls Lhe ll8S1 S1L. l [usL have Lo say LhaL Lhls lS
CSSl8LL. 8ellevlng ln Lhe lnformaLlon and posslblllLles ls one Lhlng, buL even
more lmporLanL Lhan LhaL ls knCWlnC lnslde yourself LhaL beyond anyLhlng ?Cu
WlLL 8L A SuCCLSS. Cn ?Cu8 Lerms. Pere you have Lhe lnformaLlon Lo do [usL
LhaL, and Lhe resL ls up Lo you.

1hanks for readlng now follow Lhe dlrecLlons and geL Lo lL!