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Hadrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, the worldwide head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community , delivered the Friday sermon

at the Baitul-Futuh Mosque in London today. The ma in subject of his sermon was the great prophecy of Hadrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, th e Promised Messiah and Mahdi, concerning the Promised Reformer (Muslih Mau ud). The Khalifatul-Masih V, may Allah be his support, said that only that religion i s a living religion which continues to manifest God s powers. Today, only Islam meet s this criterion and only in Islam God communicates with man, responds to prayer s and manifests his powers. To manifest His powers in this age, He sent His Mess iah in the world in accordance with related prophecies. All favors, now, will be bestowed only through the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah b e upon him. Hadrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani was the perfect lover of the Holy Prophet sent in this age for the revival of Islam. He said that the Promised Messiah prophesied about events which only could have been known by the Almighty to happen in future. The world witnessed the fulfillm ent of these prophecies. The Promised Messiah was greatly affected by the object ion of adversaries on the pristine teachings of Islam and prayed fervently befor e the Almighty for signs in support of His faith. The Promised Messiah was guide d by the Almighty to go to the town of Hoshiarpur in India for a forty-day retre at of prayer and worship which resulted in the Almighty favoring the Promised Me ssiah with the sign of a promised son known among the Ahmadis as the Prophecy of the Muslih Mau ud (Promised Reformer). This prophecy was fulfilled in the person of Hadrat Mirza Mahmud Ahmad (1889-1965), the second successor to the Promised Mes siah, peace be on him. The Khalifatul-Masih V read the words of the prophecy which explain the purpose and details of the prophecy that He will favor the Promised Messiah with a hands ome son who will have exceptional qualities, will serve the cause of Islam in a splendid manner with lasting impact on its progress and spread in the world, wil l benefit the oppressed, will excel intellectually and spiritually, will attain fame to the corners of the earth, and nations will be blessed through him. He said that the Khalifatul-Masih II announced in 1944 that he himself indeed wa s the one who was promised in this prophecy. Yaum Muslih Mau ud (The Promised Reform er Day) is celebrated in the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community every year so that membe rs become familiar with the details of the fulfillment of this great prophecy. I t is not a birthday celebration as it is celebrated on the day of the prophecy ( 20 February 1886) and not the day of the birth of the blessed son which was 12 J anuary 1889. This prophecy was for the second revival of Islam and has the statu s of a milestone in this respect. The Khalifatul Masih V mentioned that there were 52 aspects of the prophecy. He expl ained whom the Promised Messiah designated as the Promised Reformer by quoting f rom a number of writings of the Promised Messiah, peace be on him, which elabora ted on how the Almighty had informed the Promised Messiah of the births of his p romised son and other sons and how those prophesies were fulfilled. The Khalifatul-Masih V explained that Hadrat Muslih Mau ud was Caliph for 52 years a nd his Caliphate is a shining proof of the fulfillment of this prophesy. The spe eches and writings of the Muslih Mau ud reflect his concern for the condition the Mu slim populace and his intellectual and spiritual service to the Islamic world an d Islam. The 52 (or, in another view, 58) aspects of the prophecy are evident in the person and the life of the Muslih Mau ud. The Khalifatul-Masih V, may Allah be his support, explained how the Muslih Mau ud at the young age of nineteen determined to carry out of the work of the Promised M essiah and pursued this objective throughout his life selflessly and with full v igor and attention and realized success with the grace of the Almighty against a ll adverse mischief, machinations and plots. The Muslih Mau ud also advised the memb

ers of the community to carry out their duties with the same determination, spir it and zeal that the carrying out of the mission of the Promised Messiah is thei r personal sole responsibility. If every member works with such zeal, their diff iculties will become light and insignificant for them. Our purpose is to establi sh the superiority of Islam by creating unity among Muslim states, and establish ing equity and justice in the world and protecting rights of every person. The worldwide head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community said that our objectives ar e noble and to accomplish them we will have to make significant efforts and brin g about pristine changes among ourselves and establish a contact with our Lord a nd create love of Islam and love of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessin gs of Allah be upon him. This prophecy signified that the mission of the Promise d Messiah will not be limited to his life but rather will extend beyond his time and will extend to the last days through the manifestation of the second power, that is, Khilafat. While this prophecy stands as the proof of the truth of the Promised Messiah as the promised son established a system for the administration of the Community and established systems for the propagation of Islam, its resu lts appear every day with a new manifestation. Every Ahamdi has a role to play t o strengthen this system. They should realize that they have not to limit reform ation to themselves but have to cater for their next generations too that they a lso never forget their purpose of establishing Oneness of God in the world and b e prepared for every sacrifice in this respect and not rest until this purpose i s attained. We have to make every Muslim country and every Muslim aware of the m ission and purpose of the advent of the Promised Messiah, peace be upon him. We have to make them realize that their dignity and respect lies in unity. This is the message we have to deliver to them. We have to make the message reach Libya, Syria and Egypt that if they continue to follow tribal politics, they will shak e the foundations of their own countries leading to disintegration and ultimatel y, slavery, and ask them to ponder over the message of the one sent by God for t his age for their benefit. At the conclusion, the Khalifatul-Masih V announced that after the Friday servic es he will lead the funeral service of Shaikh Musawwir Ahmad of Jillingham who p assed away at the age of 25.