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English language

1. Hello! You answer: A) Good morning B) Good night D) Hello E) Good bye 2. This is an. A) apple B) pear D) plum E) cherry 3. This is a. A) doctor B) teacher D) girl E) boy C) orange C) Good afternoon

C) friend

4. The blackboard is.. A) red B) white C) pink

D) black

E) orange

5. I am. years old. (8) A) ve B) seven 6. Her is red. A) blouse B) shirt

C) three

D) twelve

E) eight

C) skirt

D) dress

E) shorts

7. She has got a puppy. It`s ..puppy. B) his C) our A) my 8. Translate: Mary are trei mere. A) Mary have got three apples. B) Mary has got free apples. C) Mary has got three apples. D) Mary haven`t got three apples. E) Mary hasn`t got three apples.

D) her

E) its

English language

9. Odd-one-out: A) fox B) mouse 10. How are you? A) Yes B) No D) I`m ne, thanks. C) dog D) bird E) elephant

C) I am nine years old. E) I`m John.

11. Doris is. A) sad B) nervous

C) happy

D) angry

E) tired

12. Translate: BRBAI A) men B) man

C) mens

D) mans

E) woman

13. This car is here, that car is. A) there B) in C) on

D) out

E) after

14. Translate: Ppua mea este frumoas. A) The doll is beautiful. B) Doll is beautiful. C) My doll is beautiful. D) The my doll is beautiful. E) My dolls are beautiful. 15. We have a new house. It` A) my B) his C) our

D) yours

E) their

English language

1. What`s this? A) a balloon B) an balloon 2. What`s the weather? A) as B) so C) a ball C) like D) an orange D) ne E) a book E) is

3. We all.a lot of homework to do. A) have B) are C) is 4. .. he come from Italy? A) is B) does

D) has

E) dont

C) do

D) isnt

E) dont

5. Translate: Sunt multe albine n grdin. A) Is many bees in garden. B) Are many bees in garden. C) There are many bees in the garden. D) There is many bees in the garden. E) There are much bees in the garden. 6. Where is the policeman? A) He is under the car. C) He is in the car. E) He is near the car.

B) He is on the car. D) He is in front of the car.

7. Put into interrogative: He loves his wife. A) Do he love his wife? B) Does he loves his wife? C) Does he love`s his wife? D) Is he love his wife? E) Does he love his wife? 8. A..takes care of patients. A) teacher B) engineer

C) policeman

D) doctor

E) pupil

9. They are old, they are not . A) happy B) sad C) young

D) here D) part

E) there E) play

10. Find the word: I, L, U, P, P A) people B) pupil

C) pocket

English language

11. Odd-one-out: A) January B) February C) March D) September E) April

12. Have you got brothers or sisters? A) Yes, he has. B) No, I haven`t. D) Yes, I do. E) No, I don`t.

C) Yes, you have.

13. Translate: tiu s joc fotbal. A) I can play football. B) I play football. C) I want to play football. D) I don`t play football. E) I am playing football. 14. Anybody missing? No, everybody ..present. A) are B) arent C) is D) isnt 15. Halloween is on the: A) 14th of February B) 1st of January D) 31st of October E) 25th of December 16. I .. a book every week. A) ride B) read

E) can

C) 31st of December

C) riding

D) reading

E) am reading

17. Which animal lives on the farm? A) the elephant B) the tiger C) the fox 18. is not in the bedroom. A) the window B) the bed C) the carpet 19. There is my classroom. A) cat B) bed C) cow 20. We have dinner in the... A) morning B) evening

D) the cow

E) the bear

D) the table

E) the blackboard

D) tiger

E) teachers desk

C) bed

D) afternoon

E) street

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