SATURN Hora on Each Day (IST) Saturn rules 2 waking hours each day.

During the Saturn ruled hours (see table b elow) there is an opportunity for you to ask him to lessen or remove your bad fo rtune. Please Note: The below mentioned timings are just the starting time (in 24 hrs f ormat) of the Saturn hora which will last for one hour.

Sunday 10:00 17:00

Monday 7:00 14:00

Tuesday 11:00 18:00

Wednesday 8:00 15:00

Thursday 12:00 19:00

Friday 9:00 16:00

Wearing a blue 7 Strategic Remedies To Lessen Saturn s Bad Fortune: There are many strategic remedies to handle Saturn s bad influences: Light a sesame oil lamp on Saturdays and during Saturn Horas Avoid important dealings during the below times and also the number 8. Feeding crows. He is matchless in giving good and bad fortunes. loss o f business.) Donate food and money to physically handicapped people. Saturn Alert: Libra. featuring multiple rituals. Saturn will always delay or deny what you are working towards. Feb 8 and so on. Avoid an ything connected with 8 like (8am. Join our Special Saturn Discussion Forum More High Intensity Saturn Rituals Watch the Saturn Transit Predictions for Scorpio Natives Watch the Saturn Transit Predictions for Libra Natives Watch the Saturn Transit Predictions for Virgo Natives .Saturday 6:00 13:00 Saturn is the most powerful of all planets. although is educational. The good fortune categories are the opposite of all mentioned above. Sponsor Saturn rituals (which you can be performed through Astroved.). regularly performed to build a powerful protective vortex for you. etc. 8pm. Virgo. 8th da y of a month like Jan 8.2 ½ to 3 years. the pain that he brings with the changes is formidable and can be dea lt with & lessened. He stays the longest time in a zodia c (rasi) . loss of money and loss of health and in general every loss. 8th day like Ashtami or 8th moon. giving the person a valuable perspectiv e on life. He is the least forgivin g and hardest to appease. (Saturn s Gem). The ba d fortunes are often in terms of hardships in material life.loss of job. we have designed an effective Saturn remedy package. Scorpio & Pisces Moon signs We have identified that you are now being strongly influenced by Saturn. With you in mind. Standing in line in the supermarket wi th isle marked 8. The bad fortune cre ated by Saturn. Participate in our Saturn discussion forum and understand the level of influence Saturn has on everyone.

F ire rituals also have a strong scientific validation based on light and sound fr equencies. Steps to participate in the Saturn Discussion Forum Step 1: REGISTER HERE Step 2: CLICK I agree to these terms Step 3: CLICK Return to the index page Step 4: LOGIN with your Username & Password Step 5: CLICK Experiences With Saturn Step 6: CLICK on New Topic button or on the topic you are interested .Watch these Saturn Transit Predictions for Pisces Natives Did You Know? Homa/Fire rituals are the most powerful way to appease Lord Saturn. Fire rituals are a tremendously effective technology discovered in India by ancient seers.

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