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An Invitation to Napa Valley Vintners

The China Opportunity
Presenting total infrastructure solutions to export wine to China via direct-to-consumer
sales, and ways to best serve Chinese customers visiting Napa
September 6, 4:00 6:00 PM
Meadowood Resort, St. Helena, California
Hosted by: NuPayThe Only CUP ("China UnionPay") U.S. Direct-Connect Acquirer
Sponsored by: NuPay System (U.S.) Inc., eWinery Solutions and PricewaterhouseCoopers
RSVP at or call 415-286-0522
My Wine Card
The first ever international CUP
wine-themed gift card among the
2.9B CUP card world market
focusing on high-end Chinese
customers. NuPay is preparing
Napa tours for Chinese
billionaires and their service
providers in fall, 2012
East West Bank
Presenting their platform as
Financial Bridge between
East and West
The California Place
A multi-channel retail operation
launching in China in 2013
offering for sale, through both
ecommerce and brick and mortar
operations, the highest quality
goods and services evocative of
California lifestyle, with an early
emphasis on wine and wine
Sem|nar Agenda
4:00 - 4:0S 1empe ke|chardt, res|dent and CLC, 1he Ca||forn|a |ace
Welcome noLe
4:0S - 4:30 A|an Chan, CLC, Nuay - 1he Cn|y CU U.S. D|rect-Connect Acqu|rer
(Cu Chlna unlon ay" - Lhe only credlL card lssued Lo Chlnese resldenLs)
Alan wlll address Cu's global expanslon allowlng Chlnese credlL card holders Lo make credlL card
purchases on a global basls, boLh ln and ouLslde of Chlna. nuay ls lnLroduclng My Wlne Card"
deslgned for wlne lovers and hlgh neL worLh Chlnese who en[oy fabulous wlne, and Lhey wlll be
offered servlces and prlvlleges supporLed by nuay (slmllar Lo Lhe prlvlleges and beneflLs offered Lo
laLlnum Card holders). My Wlne Card" holders can use Lhls card aL all worldwlde merchanL locaLlons LhaL accepL unlonay Cards. Alan
wlll presenL hls plans Lo hosL a group of Chlnese servlce provlders who wlll vlslL napa ln november. 1hese servlce provlders are preparlng
an agenda for a nuay-hosLed delegaLlon of bllllonalre My Wlne Card" holders who wlll vlslL napa ln uecember. lurLher Alan wlll also
demonsLraLe My Wlne Card's" MMCC (MulLl-Medla Call CenLer") powerful cusLomer supporL and help desk LhaL severs as a wlne
markeLlng vehlcle and exporL sales Lool, promoLlng Lhe sell-Lhrough of wlne ln Chlna, as well as supporLlng cardholders when Lhey vlslL Lhe
uSA. llnally, nuay wlll provlde Lhe on/off-llne Cu paymenL soluLlon Lo Lhe u.S. wlnerles for Lhe Chlnese Lourlsm and exporL markeL.
4:30 - 4:S0 Steve Se|domr|dge, SV-1eam Manager, Agr|bus|ness Lend|ng, Ioshua 8|ehn, V|ce res|dent, 1reasury
Management Sa|es, Last West 8ank
SLeve and !oshua wlll presenL Lhe bank's unlque poslLlon ln lnLernaLlonal banklng offerlng full servlces ln Chlna, Pong kong and Lhe uSA
LhaL wlll supporL u.S. merchanL accounLs held by wlnerles - and merchanLs of all sorLs - allowlng for seamless banklng LransacLlons from
Chlnese cusLomers Lo uS merchanLs. LasL WesL 8ank ls also supporLlng nuay Lransfer of funds Lo all u.S. merchanLs.
AbouL LasL WesL 8ank:
LasL WesL 8ancorp ls a publlcly owned company wlLh $21.3 bllllon ln asseLs and ls Lraded on Lhe nASuAC Clobal
SelecL MarkeL under Lhe symbol LW8C". 1he Company's wholly owned subsldlary, LasL WesL 8ank, ls one of Lhe
largesL lndependenL banks headquarLered ln Callfornla. LasL WesL ls a premler bank focused excluslvely on Lhe
unlLed SLaLes and CreaLer Chlna markeLs and operaLes over 123 locaLlons worldwlde, lncludlng ln Lhe unlLed
SLaLes markeLs of Callfornla, new ?ork, Ceorgla, MassachuseLLs, 1exas and WashlngLon. ln CreaLer Chlna, LasL
WesL's presence lncludes a full servlce branch ln Pong kong and represenLaLlve offlces ln 8el[lng, Shenzhen and 1alpel. 1hrough a wholly
owned subsldlary bank, LasL WesL's presence ln CreaLer Chlna also lncludes full servlce branches ln Shanghal and ShanLou and a
represenLaLlve offlce ln Cuangzhou. lor more lnformaLlon on LasL WesL 8ancorp, vlslL Lhe Company's webslLe aL
4:S0 - S:00 Graham n|gg|nson, Ch|ef Market|ng Cff|cer, 1he Ca||forn|a |ace
The California Place is an exciting new company that is collaborating with NuPay and East West
Bank, and will launch a powerful ecommerce portal utilizing Chinese Free Trade Zones as a
platform to offer the finest California wine, and other products, direct-to-consumers in China.

Graham will describe the 2013 ecommerce launch plans and operational structure, and will outline long-term plans for the
company to develop a brick and mortar California Place in Shanghai in 2016, followed by other locations in China. The
California Place will be similar to the Ferry Building in San Francisco, but will also house both boutique and well known and
iconic California merchants and brands. Plans call for an emphasis on wine and organic food sales and promotions together with
showcasing the finest merchants and brands exemplary of a sustainable and healthy California lifestyle.

S:00 - S:1S CuesLlon and Answer
S:1S - S:20 Wlnerles submlLLlng Lhe slgned up My Wlne Card" offer and paymenL servlce requesL form.
S:20 - 6:00 lnformal neLworklng - !"#$%#&'()*+&$&',--"#&-,&%.$(#&/)-.&0,1(&/)*#(0&2()#*3%&$*3&4,""#$+1#%5&&
Speakers' 8|os
A|an Chan, CLC, Nuay

Alan ls an lnnovaLlve Lechnlcal markeLlng ploneer hlghly experlenced ln developlng producLs and servlces Lo faclllLaLe lnLernaLlonal
communlcaLlons and LransacLlons. Pe was an early ploneer ln developlng C-based olnL-of-Sale and SlM card Lechnologles, Alan was awarded
Lhe Pong kong Covernor's Award of lndusLry" for hls work ln developlng early ALM compuLers and helplng Lo secure uS$36M llcense and supply
conLracL. Alan was also lnsLrumenLal ln Lhe lnsLallaLlon of Lhe flrsL lnLernaLlonal ulrecL ulallng leased llne beLween Pong kong and Chlna and laLer
led Lhe developmenL of Lhe flrsL Chlna 1elecom daLa cenLer ln Pong kong.
Alan has demonsLraLed success ln buslness and flnance by seLLlng up a !v beLween Shanghal 1elecom and Shanghal SmarL 1ax, and by helplng Lo
lnLroduce Lhe Levlnson venLure arLners Lechnology venLure caplLal funds ln Chlna..
As nuay SysLem's (u.S) lnc's CLC, Alan ls currenLly engaged ln seLLlng up Lhe Cu ulrecL ConnecL Acqulrlng acLlvlLles ln Lhe u.S and has esLabllshed an excluslve My
Wlne Card" Cu card among 2.9 bllllon Cu cards lssued. Alan ls managlng Lhe LoLal soluLlon lncludlng My Wlne Card", Cu Cn/Cff-llne paymenL, MMCC (MulLl-
Medla Call CenLer) wlLh Lhe alm of asslsLlng u.S. wlnerles Lo enLer Lhe Chlnese markeL and also Lo recelve hlgh neL worLh Chlnese LourlsLs aL Lhelr properLles.
Steve Se|domr|dge, SV-1eam Manager, Agr|bus|ness Lend|ng, Last West 8ank
SLeve speclallzes ln provldlng relaLlonshlp drlven banklng servlces, cenLered on credlL and flnanclng, Lo mlddle markeL companles lnvolved ln Lhe
producLlon and processlng of agrlculLural producLs, boLh for domesLlc consumpLlon and exporL Lo forelgn markeLs. 1argeL cllenLs are companles
lnvolved Lhe posL-harvesL producLlon of agrlculLural producLs, such as food processors, wlnerles, and cold room sLorage and dlsLrlbuLlon servlces, as
well as anclllary agrlbuslnesses such as Lrucklng companles, packaglng /palleL manufacLurers, nurserles, and crop servlces such as ferLlllzer
producLlon and appllcaLlon. ulrecL crop producLlon flnanclng, Lo lnclude flnanclng of vlneyards and orchards, ls provlded on a llmlLed basls.

Ioshua L. 8|ehn, V|ce res|dent, 1reasury Management Sa|es, Last West 8ank

!osh 8lehn ls a graduaLe of CenLral ConnecLlcuL SLaLe unlverslLy and began hls banklng career ln new Paven, ConnecLlcuL ln 2000 wlLh Wachovla
8ank's 1reasury ManagemenL ulvlslon. Pe spenL seven years wlLh Lhe bank supporLlng and selllng Lreasury managemenL soluLlons Lo Lhe
corporaLe, commerclal and governmenL banklng markeLs. ln 2007, !osh [olned as WebsLer 8ank as vlce resldenL of Cash ManagemenL Sales
focuslng on provldlng Lreasury managemenL soluLlons Lo Lhe commerclal real esLaLe and Lechnology markeLs. MosL recenLly, he relocaLed Lo
Lhe 8ay Area and [olned Lhe 1reasury ManagemenL Sales Leam aL LasL WesL 8ank where he ls currenLly handllng 1reasury ManagemenL
cusLomers ln Lhe 1echnology, rlvaLe LqulLy, 1rade llnance and lnLernaLlonal banklng markeLs. !osh earned hls CerLlfled 1reasury rofesslonal (C1) ln 2007 and ls a
regular aLLendee aL San lranclsco 1reasury ManagemenL AssoclaLlon evenLs.

1empe ke|chardt, Iounder and CLC, 1he Ca||forn|a |ace
1empe's career has spanned 23 years ln lnLernaLlonal wlne Lrade and hlgh-end luxury lmporL/exporL, b2b ecommerce and reLall sales. rlor Lo
esLabllshlng Lhe Callfornla lace, she prevlously ploneered wholesale and reLall wlne ecommerce buslnesses ln San lranclsco, London, and AnLwerp,
8elglum. She has worked wlLh some of Callfornla's flnesL brands lncludlng lump!ack, Cade, ArleLLa, nlebaum-Coppola, llora Sprlngs, 8avenswood
and oLhers. AddlLlonally, she comes from a famlly of enLrepreneurs, lmporLers and luxury goods reLallers. Per famlly was lnsLrumenLal ln, and she
was lnfluenced by, Lhe redevelopmenL of Lhe downLown and waLerfronL areas of her homeLown where Lhey creaLed a vlbranL shopplng and
enLerLalnmenL envlronmenL Lransformlng and beneflLlng Lhe communlLy. 1empe brlngs a hlgh degree of passlon, depLh and breadLh of
lnLernaLlonal buslness experlence, and vlslon for a beLLer fuLure Lo her currenL pro[ecL.

Graham n|gg|nson, Ch|ef Market|ng Cff|cer, 1he Ca||forn|a |ace

Craham, Lralned as an englneer, sLarLed hls career as a markeLlng offlcer wlLh WS ALklns ConsulLlng Croup and appeared on Lhe 88C Lechnology
program, 1omorrow's World Lo demonsLraLe Lhe early days of shared compuLlng servlces (now known as Cloud CompuLlng.) Pe laLer sLarLed a
markeLlng and deslgn agency, developlng and managlng campalgns for 8MW, Chrysler, 8oLhmans (8rlLlsh Amerlcan 1obacco), WalL ulsney,
uelLa Alrllnes and anasonlc.

ln 1993, he reLurned Lo hls Lechnology rooLs by esLabllshlng 8rlLneL, a ploneer ln lnLerneL and ecommerce. 1ransacLlonal slLes were developed
for LuroLunnel, Ceneral LlecLrlc, and hlgh sLreeL reLaller Marks and Spencer. 8rlLneL was acqulred ln 2000 by a sale faclllLaLed by
rlcewaLerhouseCoopers (WC). Craham wenL on Lo develop a 828 moblle Lechnology company, provldlng securlLy servlces whlch was sold ln 2006. Slnce Lhen he has
been lnvolved ln supporLlng buslness ln Lhelr web, moblle and soclal medla acLlvlLles. Craham has worked across Lurope, Lhe mld LasL, Lhe lar LasL and Lhe uS.