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College Algebra and Trigonometry COURSE PROFILE 2012-2013

Dear Parents: Attached you will find a sheet explaining the grading and classroom procedures for this year. This information was shared with your child during the first day of class. Im sure we all recognize the importance of a good start to the school year. Please take a moment to read these procedures and share any feelings or questions about these procedures with your child. If you would like to contact me concerning these procedures, or have question or concerns at any time during the year, please reach me through email,, or phone number 434-3240 before 7:45 a.m. or after 3:05 p.m. Please sign the bottom portion of this page after youve read the procedures. Have your child return it to me as soon as possible. I am looking forward to meeting you during the school year. Sincerely,

Mr. Lawrence Prystalski (Please Print Clearly) Student Name: _______________________________________________

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May I call you at work? If yes, please include work number: Home # (


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CAT 2012-2013 Mr. Prystalski Phone: (708) 434-3230 E-mail:

Course Outline:
College Algebra and Trigonometry is a two-term pre-calculus mathematics course with an emphasis on functions. The topics include solving equations, graphing, polynomial and rational functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, trigonometric and circular functions, trigonometric identities, inverse functions, systems and matrices, conic sections, sequences, and series.

Algebra and Trigonometry, 2nd edition, Cynthia Young, et al; John Wiley and Sons

Spiral notebook Pencils with erasers Red pens Scientific graphing calculator (TI 84 or Nspire) 2-pocket folder Ruler Loose leaf paper Graphing paper Tissue

Grading Scheme: (approximately)

Tests Projects Homework checks Quizzes 20% 40% 20% 20% 100%


Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Final Exam

40% 40% 20% 100% A B C D F


100% - 90% 89.9% - 80% 79.9% - 70% 69.9% - 60% Below 60%

Please follow all school rules and procedures that pertain to attendance. You are personally responsible for the following if you miss class for any reason: 1) Class notes 2) Homework 3) Quizzes and tests You must come and see me the morning you return if you need to reschedule a test or quiz. Your attendance is critical to your success. Chronic tardiness and absence will result in failure.

Office Hours and Extra Help:

I will be available for tutoring by appointment after school on a daily basis except Tuesday and Friday afternoons. Tutoring is also available in the second floor library before and after school and during all class periods. Homework credit is given to those students who attend tutoring if they have completed all other course requirements (all homework, tests, and quizzes). I consider homework credit to be a reward for those students who have completed the course requirements and choose to spend more time learning mathematics. Homework credit will never be used to bail out a student who is performing poorly.

Helpful Hints:
Review your notes before starting your homework. Your homework is your practice time. Use a pencil. Complete all the problems. Stay on schedule. Ask questions in class especially concerning your homework. Find a study buddy. It helps to talk about the homework problems. Be respectful, courteous, and considerate of your classmates. Only one person can speak and be heard at a time. Raise your hand if you want to participate. Be prepared to practice a lot. Enjoy yourselfmath is FUN!

Cell Phone Policy:

Cell phones are never allowed to be out or in use in the classroom. The phone should be securely stored away prior to entering the classroom. If a cell phone out during any assessment for any reason, the grade for that assessment will be a zero.

Food and Drink:

Room 240 is next to the faculty cafeteria and above the student cafeteria. In order to minimize the probability of mice inhabiting the classroom and due to allergy concerns, no food, drink , or water may be brought into the classroom unless it is a medical necessity.

Electronic Devices:
The only electronic device allowed in the classroom is a calculator. All other devices (MP3 players, phones, cameras, etc.) should be stored away securely before entering the classroom.


You may not reschedule a test on the day of the test.

A class cut on the day of an exam will result in a grade of zero for that exam. Dont be late. The tardy policy will be enforced. I do not accept late work. Visit the nurse before or after class. Food and water is not allowed in class. Incomplete homework will never be given a grade above half credit. Skipping graphs would be an example of incomplete work. Sloppy work is equivalent to incomplete work. If I cant read your writing, then print or type. I seldom give out bathroom passes. Homework is due at the beginning of class on the due date. I do not answer homework questions on the due date. Do not tell me that you did not do your homework because you did not have a calculator. Cheating on an exam will result in a grade of zero for that assessment. Keep track of your own grades. If you take a vacation, you must keep up to date. Crying is not an effective strategy for successful negotiation. Smiling is an effective strategy!
Student Progress: (for parents) If your e-mail address is registered with the school, you will receive periodic updates on your childs progress in the form of an e-mail. Please feel free to call or e-mail me with progress requests at your convenience.