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Hello Debbie, I would like to thank you again for the support you have pledged to help us improve

our football program. I would like to share with you the areas of improvement we have made in the short time since taking over the football program. Educational Improvements Study Buddy is a program that we solicit successful students to team up with athletes and provide before or after school tutoring. Students or athletes who excel at a particular subject will tutor a student who may be struggling or underperforming in that particular area. Student tutors receive valuable volunteer hours and recognition within our program. We have also implemented an Athletic Study Hall to coincide with our school wide Teacher Study hall. Random Grade Checks The coaching staff has performed weekly grade checks for the second semester and conferencing with students who are underperforming. The team GPA has risen from a 3.0 to 3.35 this spring. Students receive praise in front of their peers. We will also implement academic awards to help foster team unity. Football Equipment The administration has made a significant financial commitment to the football program. The admin team decided to order over $8,000 to help improve the equipment needs of the football team. This came in the form of football blocking sleds, footballs, water coolers, water buffalos, etc. It is with this commitment that putting into place the items to help us become successful. Coaching Staff The coaching staff has attended two football coaching clinics to help further our knowledge and understanding. The clinics featured some of the best coaches at the collegiate and professionals levels. We were able to gain valuable knowledge in a one on one setting from the experts.

Football Combines & Camps We have provided student athletes with a wealth of information regarding football camps and combines throughout the spring and summer months. Our football team participated in two 7 on 7 passing tournament. We finished Runner-up in one tournament and were crowned the Champion in the other. Stanton received a national invite to participate in the National Underclassmen tournament in Louisiana this summer. We have several more 7 on 7 passing camps to attend this summer. By attending these camps and combines, we hope to increase the exposure of our athletes who desire to play football at the next level and to prepare them for the recruiting process. Fundraising We sold replica game jerseys for our spring fundraiser. It involved our faculty, staff, and the community. It was an overwhelming success! We grossed over $6,200! We will continue to fundraise through the summer months and into the fall. In closing, I would like to thank you again for your support of the football program. We have agreed to the terms of the email. Those terms will be incorporated into our Rules for Success next season.