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Week 7 Homework 2 16.2 A.

A journal entry error can be prevented if all entries were reviewed, if there were a data entry processing integrity controls, and an audit trail creation and review. Also, standard journal entry would prevent inaccurate journal entries. B. An error in the formula used while creating a spreadsheet can be prevented if there were spreadsheet error protection controls. Spreadsheet error protection controls will not allow the input of invalid or inaccurate data. C. Forgetting to make an adjusting entry could have been noticed if there were reconciliations and control reports. Also, having standard adjusting entries would allow good adjusting entry habits. Errors in adjusting entries can be prevented or detected id there was an audit trail and review. D. In order to prevent a sale manager from tipping off information about the financial results, there should be access controls that prevent unauthorized personnel from gaining access to the financial statement and encryption of the financial statement would also be an effective control to address this problem. E. To address the problem of an unreadable master file the accounting department should have a backup disk with the master file on it and a comprehensive recovery procedure. F. When sending an email that has the income statement attached, the controller should try encrypting the income statement. Also, there should be proper training for employees on how to email sensitive financial information. G. Having errors with the companys XBRL business report can be prevent if employees were trained or had required experience in applying XBRL. H. Incorrect data entry in a XBRL instance document can be addressed by having data processing integrity controls and again if the person entering the data had experience in dealing with data values in an XBRL instance document. 16.4 A. The financial dimension goals for this pizza parlor are to improve profitability and open up a new stream of revenue. The customer dimension goals are to improve customer satisfaction and expand the range of my customers. The internal operations dimension goals are to improve the speed of delivery and reduce the waste of products. The innovation and learning dimension goals are to establish new products and continue employee learning. B. To measure the financial dimension goals of the pizza parlor I would use financial measures such as the sales of new products and in order to tell if the parlor as improve profitability I would rely on my AIS to generate reports. The customer dimension goals can be measured using in-store or online customer

surveys that require customers to give there geographic location, if it is their first time dinner with my pizza parlor, and to rate their customer service. To measure the internal operation dimension goal I would monitor when an order was placed, when the order was out for delivery, and when the delivery personnel made it to the delivery destination. To measure the goal of reducing the waste of products I would look at the error percent and the defect rate. To measure the goals of innovation and learning dimension I would look at passing percentages from training courses and the number of new products that are being sold to the customers. C. The measure for the financial dimension goals will be reviewed from the AIS, the customer dimension goals will be data from surveys, and the internal operations and innovation and learning dimension goals will data collected from performance metrics.