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Spring 2010 Volume 29 Number 1


Senior Trips

Senior Trips

Many changes were made in the Christian school in the first few years. Some of the changes went without fanfare, but some of the changes created a great stir. One such change was when the pastor told the Seniors that they would no longer be taking a ski trip to Colorado for their Senior Trip. Instead, the Seniors would now be traveling to the east coast for their Senior Trip to attend a camp called THE WILDS. The reaction from the Seniors left no question regarding their thoughts on this decision. A camp for our Senior Trip? Are you kidding me? I thought our Senior Trip was supposed to be fun. Of the many changes the new pastor had made in the Christian school, this one may have been the hardest for many of the Seniors to accept. They grumbled as they left that spring for their Senior Trip at THE WILDS. But something happened. The grumbling Seniors came back different. The rest of the student body noticed an obvious change in attitude as the Seniors reported in chapel on their Senior Trip. I went with a really bad attitude, but God really got a hold of my heart. There is no question that this was exactly what our class needed. I went planning on having a really bad time, but I had so much fun! THE WILDS was absolutely the best part of our Senior Trip. The story repeated itself each year. Seniors would be unhappy about having to go to a camp for their Senior Trip, and then they would come back and give testimony in chapel about how THE WILDS had been the best part of their Senior Trip. My class, the Class of 1990, was no different. We went to Disney World for a couple days and then spent the rest of the time at THE WILDS. It was a great week of fun, activity, and, most importantly, spiritual refreshment. Hearts were changed. Lives were challenged. When we came back to that same school, we too gave testimony as to how God had used the preaching at a camp called THE WILDS to change our lives.

THE WILDS Christian Association, Inc. is an independent, nondenominational, nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization created for the purpose of operating Christian camps and conference centers. We are fundamental in our beliefs, Bible-centered in our philosophy, and evangelistic in our outreach. THE WILDS Christian Association, Inc. presently operates a Christian camp and conference center in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina that is open year-round. The camp has a carefully selected and trained staff and averages over 20,000 campers per year. In 2009 THE WILDS of New England began ministry operations at our campsite in Deering, New Hampshire. In this peaceful, rural setting we anticipate a steady growth and planned development toward a yearround camp and conference ministry for this area of the country. In addition to providing a God-honoring music publication service as an integral part of our ministry, THE WILDS Christian Association, Inc. has also established the CampsAbroad program to assist others in the formation and operation of Christian camp ministries around the world. THE WILDS Christian Association, Inc. publishes THE WILDS NewsLetter. Change of address information and comments should be sent to: THE WILDS Christian Association, Inc PO Box 509 Taylors, SC 29687-0009 Phone: (864) 268-4760 Fax: (864) 292-0743 E-mail: Visit our website at or visit THE WILDS Online Store at THE WILDS and CampsAbroad are registered trademarks of THE WILDS Christian Association, Inc. Editor: Ken Collier Publications Coordinator: Vickie Ebner Graphic Designer: Craig Stouffer Photos: BJU Photo Services Volume 29, Number 1 Spring 2010 2010 THE WILDS Christian Association, Inc. All rights reserved.

Program Director THE WILDS Brevard, North Carolina

by Matt Herbster

...shewing to the generation to come the praises of the Lord, and His strength, and His wonderful works that He hath donethat they might set their hope in God, and not forget the works of God, but keep His commandments. Psalm 78:4,7

A father and his young family were making their way to the Midwest to begin serving as pastor of a church that had been without a pastor for nearly 2 years. The church also had a large Christian school with a growing enrollment as a part of the ministry. The challenges of being a first-time pastor would be many, but none as great as the challenge of dealing with the struggles in the Christian school. To say that the spiritual temperature in the school was not good would be an enormous understatement. In the first year 60 students were told they could not return the next year. The students responded by spray painting graffiti and vulgar words on the pastors white stucco house. newsletter

The year was 1984.

newsletter spring 2010

Senior Trips

Senior Trips

This spring, the Class of 2010 from Tri-City Christian School in Blue Springs, Missouri, will be coming to THE WILDS for their Senior Trip. The school has changed quite a bit over the last 25 yearsit is smaller, many of the teachers have changed, and the spiritual temperature, although not perfect, is warmer than those early years. However, one thing has remained constant. The Seniors know that part of the Senior Trip will always include a week at THE WILDS. Each spring THE WILDS hosts 7-8 weeks of Senior Trips with anywhere from 150-300 attending each week. What makes a Senior Trip at THE WILDS so special? What has allowed this aspect of camp to have an impact on so many?

and activity. If someone wants to just hang out in the coffee shop all Thursday afternoonthey can do that. More active Seniors have plenty to keep themselves busy. The Land Trolley, Giant Swing, creek tubing, miniature golf, Summit (ropes and wire course), boating, the Lake, white water rafting, basketball and volleyball tournaments, Superslide, Funtime, waterfalls, and much more provide plenty of activity and fun.

Recently Matt Taylor and I were at Maranatha Baptist Bible College recruiting for our summer staff needs for this summer. While attending a volleyball game, we were approached by one of the college students serving as a line judge. Arent you guys from THE WILDS? he asked. He then proceeded to relay to us how God had changed his life during his Senior Trip at THE WILDS just a few years earlier. This scenario is not an isolated instance. I have the privilege of hearing these stories over and over from students, teachers, and administrators.

3. Seniors come to camp at a moldable time of life.

Graduation from high school brings more change for teenagers than at any other time in their life to this point. Very possibly they will soon be heading to college, leaving home for the first time. Thoughts of what vocation to pursue and the feeling of striking out on their own can bring freedom and fear. Our job at THE WILDS is to help them, just a few weeks before graduation, face these challenges and changes with a Biblical worldview in mind. What does God want for my life? How can I stay true to His Word in spite of the increased freedoms and temptations? Does God care where I go to college? What major should I pursue? Will I remain faithful to church? Does the Bible have anything to say about these changes? I praise the Lord for how He used my Senior Trip at THE WILDS to continue to direct me towards Himself during a very moldable time of life. It is a great joy to me to be able to have a small part in pointing the Class of 2010 (and beyond) to that same Lord.

2. Seniors receive a strong challenge regarding their walk with Christ.

Six times during their week, the Seniors will receive relevant, loving, straightforward Bible messages. These services provide wonderful times of singing, reflection, and challenge. There is no way to overstate the spiritual impact that has taken place in the hearts of Seniors during their Senior Trip here at THE WILDS. One of my greatest joys is to watch the spiritual transformation that takes place from Monday (when the Seniors arrive at camp) to Friday morning (when they leave camp). The clear teaching of Gods Word combined with genuine love from the staff provides a great opportunity for the Seniors to open their heart to what God wants for their lives.

Senior Class Trips


1. Seniors are able to have a lot of fun in a relaxed atmosphere.

For many Seniors, going to a camp is not their ordinary idea of a great Senior Trip. That sentiment is completely understandable until you realize that THE WILDS is not an ordinary place and a Senior Trip at THE WILDS is not an ordinary week of camp. We try to provide plenty of opportunities for relaxation

April 5-9 April 19-23 April 26-30 May 3-7 May 10-14 May 17-21
For more information call (864) 331-3293 or e-mail

newsletter spring 2010


Senior Trips

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Lights Ou

Spiritual challenge and refreshment is the main goal of THE WILDS Senior Trips. ice The evening service is the time for us to be able to really encourage the Seniors regarding their passion for Christ. Strong, practical, Bible saturated messages will challenge each Senior to make a clear choice in their mind regarding their direction in life after high school.


1:00 1:30

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Senior Class

Pictu re

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newsletter spring 2010 newsletter 7



1) Mentoring
a camp.

rather than just running

3) Teaching

them how to run a smooth and exciting program.

philos phy
why we do what we do
Director CampsAbroad Brevard, North Carolina

Missionary Hudson Taylor once said, I view missionaries as scaffoldingthey are to be moved away to another location as soon as possible. That pretty much summarizes how we view CampsAbroad. Our ministry philosophy hinders us from assisting any camp in a long-term way. That means our goal from the very start has to be teaching the local workers how to run camp on their own. It also means that we need to avoid starting anything that they wont be able to continue on their own. Even though we may initially run camp ourselves, we always try to keep in mind that the next year they will be the ones doing it. Ideally we love to have qualified, local leaders working alongside us from the start. And we want to spend time with thema lot of time. All this drives toward this first main objective of mentoring rather than just running a camp.

Keep it simple is the name of the game when establishing a new camping program overseas. To understand the importance of this rule, imagine yourself trying to explain the game of kickball to a group of young people. Except they have no idea how to play baseball. And they dont speak English. Yes, simple is definitely best. Since the counselors play a key role in achieving a smooth and exciting program, we spend a lot of time teaching them program details. Even so, when going through a camp week, we call it a success if we stay even remotely close to our original schedule. The unofficial motto of CampsAbroad personnel is Be flexibleor die!

4) Teaching

them to serve by demonstrating servant-leadership to them.

2) Teaching

them philosophy and how to think in terms of it.

by Matt Collier

This past November, about 20 WILDS staff

members locked in for a CampsAbroad training day. Our goal was to better equip them to minister effectively on international camping trips. Throughout that day we covered the gamut: everything from the over-all process we go through when assisting an overseas camp, to some of the unique challenges that we face on the field, to staff training materials, to details about travel in general. In preparing for that training, it struck me that I have never written a NewsLetter article that spells out what we hope to accomplish when assisting an international camp ministry. So here are 4 main objectives that we seek to accomplish wherever the Lord sends us.

At THE WILDS, we throw the word philosophy around quite a bit. The word as we use it means why we do what we do. When working with a new camp ministry, it is impossible to over-emphasize the importance of having a solid philosophy of ministry that is grounded in Scripture and then using that philosophy in decision making. Teaching this is harder than it may sound. Here are a few sample questions that we have encountered along the way: How do you convince your counselors about the importance of spending time with their campers? What do you tell a camp board that is micro-managing the daily operations of a camp? In a desperate situation, should you use a counselor who has never attended staff training? How about using married couples to counsel? How about a mother with a baby? How should you adjust your program when holding camp in a country with a government that is hostile to Christianity? What do you do when 50 extra campers show up at camp unexpectedly? In every scenario, we desire to teach camp leaders how to think in terms of Gods Word.

THE WILDS has emphasized servant-leadership from the beginning, and we believe that this principle will make or break a camp in any country. Wherever we are, we want to find practical ways to serve these camp workers so that they in turn can serve their people.

These are the goals that drive the ministry of CampsAbroad. Even though we may not reach all of them every time, it certainly helps to know where we are heading!

newsletter spring 2010


What a

Spiritual Emphasis Week

For Campers Only

Its 3 o'clock on a Thursday afternoon but no bell rings and no classrooms of students empty themselves into crowded hallways. There are no cars jostling through the jumbled parking lot to the too few exits. Thats because the junior and senior high students are not having school at school. They are on the 1,000-acre property of THE WILDS enjoying one of the premier programs of the camp since the mid-70s, the Spiritual Emphasis Week! The name says it all. Christians schools choose a week near the beginning of the school year to emphasize the best of unity-buildingliving together, getting to know one another in the beautiful outdoors, enjoying all the excitement of fun-tested activities, attacking delicious food that just wont quit coming, and especially responding to the preaching and teaching of the Word of God, setting them up for a most exciting, spiritually fruitful school year! Students and teachers rub elbows in the classic Freetime activities and the coolest coffee shop with the best atmosphere in the whole world. Testimony times at the end of the week give a great glimpse of the blueprint that will strengthen the Christian school by challenging every student to love God and love each other through the year! Spiritual Emphasis Weeks are good for studentsand teachers!

way to go to

President THE WILDS Brevard, North Carolina

by Ken Collier

When are you going to

grow up?
As a young man I was asked this question repeatedly by my youth pastor, teachers, and especially my parents. Of course, working at THE WILDS, I never really have had to grow up (just come watch Funtime). In all seriousness, all parents expect their children to eventually stop acting like children and start showing some maturity. It would be kind of weird to see a fifteen-year-old young man still drinking milk out of a bottle. Children are made to grow up. This summer we will be studying the book of James in Teen Camp. You can begin memorizing the passages right away. They are listed below. Isnt it time to grow up spiritually? Get into Gods Word and obey it. Confess your sins. Allow your choices to be guided by the principles and commands found in these and other incredible passages in the Bible. Allow the truths found in the book of James to be a help in guiding you in your growth to spiritual maturity which leads you to Christ-likeness. See you this summer at Friendly Feudin!

Program Director THE WILDS Brevard, North Carolina

by Matt Herbster

For senior high students, THE WILDS hosts a Senior High Leadership Conference. Older students, who could be exerting dramatic influence on the lives of younger students, often waste all of that potential influence by staying tightly within their group. The Senior High Leadership Conference lays the biblical foundation for juniors and seniors to lead in the same manner Christ led, not as a ruler, but as a servant.

Students have the privilege of thinking of creative ways to serve schoolmates and include younger students in their groups for the purpose of influencing them towards Christ-likeness. The student leaders meet together, pray together, hear exciting truth together, and make plans to humbly bring about exciting changes in their student bodies togetherall to the glory of God. Jesus came to serve and to give (Mark 10:45). Being servant-leaders instead of being ruler-leaders make for an excitingly positive school year! Any Christian school student body would benefit if its senior high leaders could taste the thrill of using their influence to literally move schoolmates to a closer walk with the Lord. It will change the atmosphere of a school. Do you know of a Christian school or Christian homeschool group that could use this type of variety in the school year? This year we have very attractive pricing for schools who are far-sighted and brave enough to have school in the most unique way imaginablea week at THE WILDS!

Matt Herbster


Scripture Memory from James 1

James 1:2-5..................................Wisdom and Spiritual Maturity James 1:13-16 .........................Temptation and Spiritual Maturity James 1:22-25 ........................Gods Word and Spiritual Maturity

Scripture Memory from James 3

James 3:8-10........................................... Be careful what you say. James 3:13-16 ...................................Envy and strife are not wise. James 3:17-18 .........................................Picture of godly wisdom



for Summer


Scripture Memory from James 2

James 2:1-4................................................Dont show favoritism. James 2:14-17 ................................What proves that I have faith? James 2:18-20..................................................What is dead faith?

Scripture Memory from James 4

James 4:1-3 .............................Mature teens control their desires. James 4:6-8 .................................Mature teens stay close to God. James 4:13-14 ...................Mature teens do not waste their lives.

Scripture Memory from James 5

James 5:1-3 ......................................... Riches will not last forever. James 5:7-9.............................................. God can return any day. James 5:16-18 ......................................... God uses fervent prayer.


newsletter spring 2010



The Trust Department

Vice President THE WILDS Taylors, South Carolina

by Dick Reid

Giving & Regiving

Giv-ing: 1 to turn over the possession or control of to someone without cost or exchange; make a gift of; 2 to hand or pass over into the trust or keeping of another. Re-giv-ing: 1 to make a gift of again; 2 returning back anew or over again.

A New England Summer

LD S of w Ha m ps hir e at TH E WI the hil ls of so ut he rn Ne n to n, fi ng er Fr ie n dly Fu ed i n is co mi w b ou t so me ba n j o- pic ki r. Yo u ta lk ab ou t fu n! Ho th- git ti n fu n? Wi th Ne w En gla n d thi s su m me pli tti n, gr it- i n- yu r-t ee n, fro g- gi gg i n, si de -s eld s or the Mc Co ys lic ki n, co w- ki ck i fri e n ds ca n j oi n the Ha tfi oo se fro m , yo u a n d yu r , te st yu r 7 we ek s to ch d i n the Hi llb illy Sh uffle gs ite me nt. Try yu r sp ee eg a n d yu r fo r so me hil lbi lly fe u di n yu r str e ng th i n Bi g Ba wl, Sc ra bb le Sc ra m ble , sh ow d on e i nte llig e nc e du ri ng the em wit h yo u to he lp lea so me fri e n ds a n d bri ng ill Kil l. Ge t a rd sh oo ti n a cc ur a cy i n St ye a r we a re loo ki n fo rw s to the fi na l fe u d. Th is fa mi lie se e n the of the se fa m ou s fe u di n tit ion s tha t ha ve ne ve r n d ne w Ga me ro om , co m pe bra u ns elo rs thi s to so me gr ea t vit tle s, a so me of the gr ea te st co m ps hir e, a n d of co ur se u nk Ho lle r Hi gh gr ee n gr as s of Ne w Ha e, we ll ta ke a tri p to Sk ee k. Du ri ng ou r Fu n ny tim the y si de of the Mu d Cr the y a re (or as du m b as at TW NE a re as sm a rt as sta ff wh er e yo u ll se e wh y the nt to mis s thi s. loo k) . Ya re a lly do n t wa m Fa rre ll, n , yo u ge t yu r pic k of To me g oo d pre a ch i n? Ag ai tre ll, Be n Fa rre ll, No w, yo u wa n na he a r so Jo sh Hu m me l, Ma rk Kit To zo ur, Mo rri s Gl eis er , rs so if ya ha ve a Ma rk He rbs te r, Ri ch re g on na fil l be fo re ot he l. So me of the we ek s a as yo u or Ra n d Hu m me na rs a re be i ng pre pa re d on . Ch ris tia n Life Se mi up so er to ou r fa vo rit e, ya be tte r sig n us lea rn ho w to wa lk c los r tim e to ge the r wi ll he lp ou re a d thi s, a n d we tru st e Go d m or e. Lo rd, ha te si n , a n d lov dy i ng the b oo k of s su m me r, we wi ll be stu ll els a n d Go d & I Tim e thi In ou r m or ni n ch ap ca ll yo u im m at ure ? ) We to gr ow up ! (An yo ne ev er ge s us rip tu re Ja me s. Ja me s e nc ou ra ity. Yo u ca n fi n d the Sc b oo k to sp iri tu a l m at ur i de ah ea d of tim e Ja me s giv es us thi s gu 11) so ya ca n sta rt wa y thi s Ne ws Le tte r (pa ge Me m or y pa ss ag es i n r te a m. lea rni n Sc rip tu re fo r yu the co u ns elo rs, the the ga me s, the vit tle s, e ya tha t the pre a ch i n, ! An d of We ca n pro mis gr ea t! Hu rry up ! Si g n up t j us t be g oo dthe y ll be wo n n d thi s su m me r. Fu nti me , a n d the si ng i n E WI LD S of Ne w En gla sh ow up ! Se e yo u at TH co ur se , do n t fo rg et to Hu m me l Yu r TW NE fri e n d, Ra n d

Hi llbi lly Style

Here is an example of how it might work: Dick, a 65-year-old individual, gives a gift of $25,000 to THE WILDS. THE WILDS will regive the following back to Dick: An immediate tax deduction in the amount of $6,958 A very attractive guaranteed rate of return (5.5%) generating an annual income of $1,375 for the rest of Dicks life. An annual exclusion of $902 (65%) of that income from federal income taxes for 20 years. A peace of mind that the gift to THE WILDS is regiving eternal dividends annually. Here is a chart indicating the various estimated rates of return for gifts given today at various ages. As you will see, the interest rates are very competitive in todays economy and the regifting benefits to the donor and the

ministry make it an even more attractive investment.

If you are interested in discussing the details and/or getting a specific proposal for a Charitable Gift Annuity with THE WILDS, please feel free to contact me at your convenience. As you can see from this very brief explanation, giving a gift to THE WILDS under this program has great regiving benefits for both the giver and the ministry. I TRUST that you will prayerfully consider giving a gift to THE WILDS that will regive immediate and eternal results. Now, if I only knew a 65-year-old man named Dick

All gifts to THE WILDS are gifts that keep on giving (or regiving) because they are invested in things that God repeatedly uses to produce eternal results. However, did you know there is a type of gift that will also regive tangible benefits to the original donor? This type of gift is called a Charitable Gift Annuity. It is a contract under which THE WILDS, in return for receiving cash, marketable securities, or other assets from a donor, agrees to pay a fixed sum of money to one or more individuals (normally the gift donor) for their lifetime (regiving the gift). The donated property (the original gift) irrevocably becomes a part of THE WILDS assets.

$10,000 One-Life Charitable Gift Annuity

(at the time of gift)


Guaranteed Lifetime Rate 5% 5.5% 6% 6.5% 7.5%

Immediate Tax Deduction $2,431 $2,782 $3,368 $4,147 $4,672

% Annual Annuity Income Not Federally Taxed 62% until 2034 65% until 2030 69% until 2026 72% until 2022 75% until 2019

60 65 70 75 80

by Rand Hummel

(Note: Rates and tax benefits are lower on a two-life gift annuity.) 12 newsletter spring 2010 newsletter

Director THE WILDS of New England Deering, New Hampshire


Where Are They Now?

Dean and Jennifer [Swingle] Whisnant (94,95,96,98-00,01-03), Ava Ellyse, 9/1/09. Mark (92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01, '02) and Amy [Setchfield] Herbster (94, 95,96,97,98,00,01,02), Morgan Lindsay, 10/21/09. Jeremy (97-98,99,01,02,03) and Angie [Berg] McMorris (96,97,98,99,02,03), Evangeline Grace, 10/22/09. Drew and April [Thornton] Peters (95,96,97,99,00), Gracen Renee, 11/11/09. Joshua (98,99,00,01) and RuthAmy Jensen, Rebecca Grace, 11/26/09.


Staff News/Living Memorials

Kevin Gillenwater and Sarah Thompson were married on 8/15/09. They have both served several years as summer staff members, and currently serve at our North Carolina campsite. Kevin works on our construction crew and Sarah teaches at Bethany Christian School in Brevard. Paul and Julie Johnson are happy to announce the arrival of their son, Silas Edwin. He was born on December 15, 2009. Silas weighed 8 pounds and was 21 inches long. Andrew and Hannah Stoner welcomed Julianna Grace to their home on October 11, 2009. She weighed 6 pounds 3 ounces and was 19 inches long. Julianna is welcomed home by her brother Wyatt. Ken and Megan Thompson are happy to announce the arrival of their daughter, Olivia Shea. She was born on September 22, 2009. Olivia weighed 6 pounds 15 ounces and was 18 inches long. Matt and Heather Tracy welcomed Caedon James to their home on December 5, 2009. Caedon weighed 6 pounds 12 ounces and was 20 inches long. He is welcomed home by big brother Noah. March 14 ....................................Sunday Morning Service Calvary Bible Church Westport, MA March 14 .....................................Sunday Evening Service Greater Rhode Island Baptist Church Johnston, RI March 17 ..................................................Evening Service Village Chapel Bible Church Weare, NH March 19-21 ..................................................Teen Retreat Calvary Baptist Church DeRuyter, NY March 26-27 .................................Leadership Conference Trinity Baptist Church Concord, NH April 9-10.............................................Illinois State Youth Volleython Roscoe, IL April 11.......................................Sunday Morning Service Heritage Baptist Church Roscoe, IL

for The Hummels

Brian (97) and Nicole [Delapa] Fairchild (97) reside in Texas, where Brian is the pastor of Colonial Bible Church in Midland. They have two sons: Weston Patrick-age 5 and Evan Michael-age 2. Joseph (00) and Rachel [Woodworth] Klink (00) live in Durham, North Carolina. Joe is in his fifth year of a urology residency at Duke University, and Rachel is an adult nurse practitioner and works for a cardiology practice in Oxford. Their daughter, Lydia Ruth, was born 6/11/09.

THE WILDS Items received:

2 Hoes 2 Landscapers Dirt Rakes Hand Pruning Saw


Music Stand (15) - $40 each Upright Piano Cover - $200 Otoscope for JBC - $50 Vinyl Dishwash Apron (12) - $5 each Kitchen Floormat (10) - $160 each Tray Stands for Kitchen (6) - $39 each Lithium Ion Cordless Drill and Impact Wrench - $400 Stanley Fat Max 25 Tape Measure (4) - $25 each Stud Finder - $80

April 16-18.............................................. Couples' Retreat Twin City Bible Church Nitro, WV April 23-24..................................Mens Purity Conference Hillsdale Baptist Church Tampa, Fl April 25.......................................Sunday Morning Service Hillsdale Baptist Church Tampa, Fl May 23 .................................................... Sunday Services Hill Village Bible Church Hill, NH May 27 .........................................................Junior/Senior Manchester Bible Church Manchester, NH May 28 .............................................................Graduation First Baptist Church Warwick, RI May 30 .................................................... Sunday Services Open Door Bible Church Burlington, MA June 1-July 30................................Junior and Teen Camp THE WILDS of New England Deering, NH

Julie Farmer (96,98,99,00-04) and Rich Pace (99,00,01-04), 8/22/09.

Former Staff,
help keep us updated on your career moves, marriage, and children! Send announcements to: THE WILDS, Where Are They Now? PO Box 509 Taylors, SC 29687-0009 or e-mail

THE WILDS of New England Items received:

Pool Test Kit Small Tool Set 10 Quarts of Craft Paint

Memorial gifts received as of January 31, 2010


Given by: The Ulsh Family Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Pat Pagliuca Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Jim McAdams Given by: Mrs. Ina Pegram & children Given by: Mrs. Debbie Sothen Given by: Mr. and Mrs. Doug Gorsline Given by: Mrs. Debbie Sothen Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bixler Given by: The Tuten Family




Given by: Mr. Frank Peters Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Jim McAdams Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Scott McCracken Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Bob Stoner Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Matthews Given by: Rev. & Mrs. Matt Collier Given by: Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Lightfoot

Steve (95,96) and Kimberly Corbin, Jackson Stafford, 2/13/09. Chad and Wendy [Harrington] Carr (02,03,04), Josiah Chad, 6/11/09. Robert and Christine [Ervin] Cosby (98,99,00,01), Keira Alise, 8/16/09.

THE WILDS of New England NEEDS:

Tractor Mounted Chipper - $2,500 Upright Double Bass - $1,200 Funtime Microphone (5) - $120 each Craft Shop Shelf (10) - $25 each Sawzall Blade (2) - $60 each Large Socket Set - $75 Small Socket Set - $75 Wrench Set - $45 Work Light (3) - $36 each





Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Comer


Honor a loved one or friend with a Living Memorial gift to THE WILDS.

May 29 - August 14, 2010 THE WILDS is in need of single, female registered nurses who would be available to serve as camp nurses at our North Carolina campsite. Please contact our Health Service Supervisor at if interested.
14 newsletter spring 2010

I want to help THE WILDS or THE WILDS of New England.

Enclosed is a gift toward the cost of the indicated need.
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In Memory Of:

Rev./Dr./Mr./Mrs./Miss _______________________________________________________________________ Please send card to: Rev./Dr./Mr./Mrs./Miss _______________________________________________________________________ Address ________________________________________________________________________________ City __________________________________________________ State _________ Zip ________________ Given by: Rev./Dr./Mr./Mrs./Miss _______________________________________________________________________ Address ________________________________________________________________________________ City __________________________________________________ State _________ Zip ________________ Phone _________________________________________________________________________________ THEWILDSLivingMemorialsPOBox509Taylors,SC29687-0009 newsletter

THE WILDS PO Box 509 Taylors, SC 29687-0009

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Spring 2010
PO Box 509 Taylors, SC 29687-0009


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