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Fall 2010 Volume 29 Number 2

by Bob Roberts

Director Kids 4 Truth Independence, Missouri

e rarely have guest writers in our WILDS NewsLetter, however Bob Roberts is a regular on summer staff at THE WILDS. He is an ever-popular speaker in the Junior Boot Camp which hosts 200+ juniors for 10 weeks each summer. Rarely does a minister dedicate himself to the reaching and teaching of a particular age group, especially a group under the teen age. Bob and his wife, Sarah, are dedicated to the junior age group, and the Lord has used their

influence to bring founding and growth to the excellent Kids 4 Truth organization. This ministry, with its award-winning website, is one of the most creative yet doctrinally sound programs in this country. We wanted you to hear Bobs thoughts on why this is the best time to reach young people for Christ and why the junior age (Grades 4-6) is the greatest group in the world with whom to minister.

newsletter fall 2010

The first time I went to Sleep Away Camp I was in the 2nd grade. My first memory of the summer camp experience was walking onto the campsite (finally!) and being greeted by a couple of smiling staff members, one of whom was holding a small raccoon. He handed the furry-banded rodent to me, and I accepted. While I stood there transfixed by the fluff ball in my hands, the other staff member offered me a red kerchief to place around my neck. For this 2nd-grade boy, summer camp was getting better by the second! Im still not sure about the significance of the scarlet banner, but all the fear that had built up during the car ride about being away from mom and dad was quickly forgotten through the friendliness of the staff and the natural beauty around me. My curiosity and fascination with Gods creation quickly took center stage. This was going to be a good week. We then walked over to registration. After waiting in line for what seemed like forever, I met my counselor, Tom. Tom had genuine warmth and an inviting manner about him. In my eyes, he was immediately awesome. I would later find out that Tom suffered from night-blindness and it soon became the highest privilege for those of us in his cabin to help guide Tom during the twilight hours. I know what youre thinkingthat junior age boys might not be the best guides, but there were no thoughts of practical joking or creative leading. That one week of my 2nd-grade year has largely shaped the rest of my life. Now almost 30 years later, I consider why that week had such an impact.

THE WILDS Christian Association, Inc. is an independent, nondenominational, nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization created for the purpose of operating Christian camps and conference centers. We are fundamental in our beliefs, Bible-centered in our philosophy, and evangelistic in our outreach. THE WILDS Christian Association, Inc. presently operates a Christian camp and conference center in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina that is open year-round. The camp has a carefully selected and trained staff and averages over 20,000 campers per year. In 2009 THE WILDS of New England began ministry at our campsite in Deering, New Hampshire. In this peaceful, rural setting we experienced good growth in attendance at our summer camps as well as in our limited fall schedule programs. We anticipate a continuing steady growth and expansion of the ministry at this New England location. In addition to providing a God-honoring music publication service as an integral part of our ministry, THE WILDS Christian Association, Inc. has also established the CampsAbroad program to assist others in the formation and operation of Christian camp ministries around the world. THE WILDS Christian Association, Inc. publishes THE WILDS NewsLetter. Change of address information and comments should be sent to: THE WILDS Christian Association, Inc PO Box 509 Taylors, SC 29687-0009 Phone: (864) 268-4760 Fax: (864) 292-0743 E-mail: North Carolina Campsite: THE WILDS 1000 Wilds Ridge Road Brevard, NC 28712-7273 Phone: (828) 884-7811 Fax: (828) 862-4813 New England Campsite: THE WILDS of New England 1181 Deering Center Road Deering, NH 03244-6529 Phone/Fax: (603) 529-0001 Visit our website at or visit THE WILDS Online Store at THE WILDS and CampsAbroad are registered trademarks of THE WILDS Christian Association, Inc. Editor: Ken Collier Publications Coordinator: Vickie Ebner Graphic Designer: Craig Stouffer Fall 2010 Volume 29 Number 2 2010 THE WILDS Christian Association, Inc. All rights reserved.


I was extremely impressionable. I am so thankful

that I was exposed to that kind of a setting with that type of Christ-like example. By the end of the week, my new goal in life was to grow up, be like Tom, and work at camp. I largely credit this man with helping establish the ultimate direction of my life! Yes, its true...I was majorly influenced before I was a teenager. I dont remember many of the spiritual applications of the messages that week, but I do remember

the one who lived out Christ before my eyes. Tom was a more meaningful and understandable application than anything I heard at camp.

I was easily fascinated and ready to learn new things. It has been said that kids are like wet
cement; whatever falls on them makes an impression. God has equipped juniors with a sponge-like brain ready to absorb knowledge and new experiences. They havent yet been dulled to the point of apathy. Everything and everyone easily influences a junior.

I was transparent. I was WYSIWYG (What You See Is

What You Get!). I had questions and wanted answers. If you were bigger than me and had answers to my questions, I listened!

I wanted acceptance and to feel a part of a team. Feeling accepted by my counselor and my cabin
mates helped me not only to enjoy the friendships I was making, but also to give me a sense of trust in what the authorities around me were saying. And it didnt take much to make me feel accepted: an approving smile, a pat on the back, or a gift of Nerds candy went a long way toward building firm bridges.

I was thrilled with the little achievements.

Catching a painted turtle with a net under the dock was momentous for me! While the other kids could only catch tadpoles and seaweed, I bagged a turtle! Memories that have lasted a lifetime came fast and easy. I dont think kids have changed much since I was a child (besides a shortened attention span, an even greater addiction to media, and the ability to type with their thumbs). Kids are still wide-eyed, easily fascinated, and extraordinarily impressionable. And frankly, kids are just plain fun. When you mix all the above ingredients together, the result is a truly enjoyable human being! As I consider all of what was true about me as a child and what is still true about children today, there is an overwhelming question in my mind: What better time is there to reach a person for Christ than when he is a child?

Answer: There is none. I think that I have Gods backing on that answer, too. I could go on all day about why juniors are the greatest group of people to work with. But theres something much larger at stake than working with

newsletter fall 2010

Reflect on what God says to us in Psalm 78: 4 We will not hide them [teachings about God] from their children, showing to the generation to come the praises of the LORD, and His strength, and His wonderful works that He hath done. 7 That they [children] might set their hope in God, and not forget the works of God, but keep His commandments. God is passionate that we proclaim truth about Him to the next generation so that they might set their hope in Him. What is the best time? As early as possible! What is the best reason? That by Gods grace these children might set their hope in the One True God! Our Lord tells the disciples that the gospel sets up a kingdom. Was there ever a kingdom which had no children in it? How, then, could it grow? Spurgeon

kids just because theyre fun. As I consider Gods passion, zeal, and commandments to reach the next generation with truth about Him, I am convinced that it is imperative that you and I reach children as early as possible.

Seasonal Staff

Back Row: Mark Cannon, Nate Zerance, Kyle Souza, Chris Read, Michael Weathers, Steven Cowart Middle Row: Robyn Anastos (r), Georgia Marshall, Shannon Montgomery, Ashley Burchett, Holly Brodwater Front Row: Alyssa Wray, Elizabeth Carroll, Krisa Schieber, Shelly Renner (r) r = returning seasonal staff

Holly Brodwater is from Jane Lew, West Virginia, and has a degree in Nursing from Bob Jones University (BJU). She has been on our summer staff for five summers. Ashley Burchett is from Chesterfield, Virginia, and is working on a degree in Camp Ministries from BJU. She has been on our summer staff for three summers.

Mark Cannon is from Georgetown, Kentucky, and has a degree in Pastoral/Church Ministries from Clearwater Christian College. He has been on our summer staff for five summers. Elizabeth Carroll is from Swansboro, North Carolina, and has a degree in Biology from BJU. She has been on our summer staff for two summers. Steven Cowart is from Hollister, Florida. He has been on our summer staff for two summers. Georgia Marshall is from Cadiz, Ohio, and is working on a degree in Womans Ministries from BJU. She has been on our summer staff for one summer. Shannon Montgomery is from Springfield, Georgia, and has a degree in Youth Ministries from Pensacola Christian College (PCC). She has been on our summer staff for 3 summers. Chris Read is from Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania. He has been on our summer staff for two summers. Krisa Schieber is from Quarryville, Pennsylvania, and has a degree in English Education from BJU. She has been on our summer staff for four summers. Kyle Souza is from Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, and has a degree in Ministerial Training from BJU. Michael Weathers is from Greenville, South Carolina, and has a degree in Practical Christian Training from BJU. He has been on our summer staff for three summers. Alyssa Wray is from Reidsville, North Carolina, and has a degree in Psychology from Liberty University. Nate Zerance is from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and a degree in Bible with a Missions Concentration from PCC. He has been on our summer staff for four summers.


Director Junior Boot Camp Brevard, North Carolina

by Tim Meals

At-ten-tion!! Yes, Sir, Major Meals, Sir!

This sound can be heard many times throughout the day as a call to order before some exciting event. Whether were helping the campers sing the theme song with their whole hearts, presenting messages tailored just for them, or cheering them on as they climb the climbing wall, we take our training seriously here at Junior Boot Camp (JBC)! Each summer we welcome over 200 soldiers each week to our JBC. These recruits in Grades 4-6 show up ready for training in mental, spiritual, and physical areas of life. With enough energy to light the whole camp, these campers arrive ready to have fun and learn more about God.

We take fun seriously! From the Basic Training area with tire walls, slides, balancing logs, and rope swings, to our Lake with canoes, paddle boats, a water slide, a climbing wall, and the Blob, there is always some serious fun happening! Loyal to their camp, the juniors shout out the now famous JBC cheer (Were in, were in, JBC) throughout the day as they climb the rock wall or go sailing overhead on the Land Trolley. And JBC courage shines as the kids prepare to face the water guns at Water Wars while tubing down the creek. Last year we added a serious play area to JBC known as Fort Fun. Featuring two towers, three cargo nets for climbing, several crawl tunnels, and of course the ultra-safe but exciting 30 high crows nest, Fort Fun lives up to its name and has been a huge hit with campers and counselors alike. Serious training begins upon each campers arrival at THE WILDS. Following check-in, each camper is greeted by an excited, college-aged counselor. Together they head to the barracks to drop off gear and meet the other cabin mates. (A cabin consists of seven campers and a counselor.) Then its off to the first team meetinglet the activity and competition begin! Starting the first night and continuing throughout the week, the campers play and enjoy group games as they compete for their team. Whether it is a game of Bigball with a 4, multi-colored

newsletter fall 2010

cage ball, splashing around playing goofy games during Lake games, finding a turtle during the famous JBC scavenger hunt, or enjoying a snow cone at the carnival, each activity is sure to create quite a ruckus at Junior Boot Camp. The competition ends on Friday evening when the winning team is announced in dramatic fashion. After this final scoring time, there is an awards ceremony during which each camper receives a medal for the rank achieved that summer.

counselors leadership to have as much fun as is humanly possible in one week. The counselor ensures that each camper knows whats next (since they are sure to be asked this question at least once every five minutes), and more importantly, assumes the role of a worthy hero to each one of the campers. Serious spiritual training is continual throughout the week. We begin each morning by studying a character trait of someone in the Bible, and as we do, we discover more about the main character of the Bible: God Himself. Following this Character Profile, the recruits study that same character trait on their own during the personal, quiet time called God & I Time. The counselor then guides the cabin through questions about what they have learned and helps them apply the lessons to every day life. This is followed by chapel, during which the juniors love to sing fresh, purposeful songs glorifying God, be challenged by the preaching of Gods Word, and get tested during an exciting review game. The evening service is the highlight of the day, as the soldiers put on their best uniforms, and come excited to hear from Gods Word once again. The speaker of the week preaches messages specifically geared toward the juniors. The eagerness that so often accompanies juniors makes it a true joy to encourage spiritual growth and change to these young people who are still tender in their relationship with God.

Special times are set aside during the week to make unique memories, or as we like to say, lasting impressions. There is a hike to 1st Falls, where the kids enjoy playing underneath the beautiful 25 waterfall. During the Wilds of THE WILDS show, we take time to look at Gods amazing creation which surrounds us every day. And, of course, there is the mid-week game show: an exciting competition between the girls and the boys filled with silly songs, nail-biting challenges, ridiculous skits, zany characters, and hilarious fun. All this fun would not be possible without the welltrained and highly-skilled counselors who truly take their job seriously. Each cabin works together under its

We take our ministry seriously as a staff to these junior campers and believe it is vital to reach out to them while they are young. We are privileged to teach them not only Who God is, but also how to have a personal relationship with Him. Our key verse (Psalm 78:4) is always in front of us as we work with juniors: Showing to the generation to come the praises of the Lord, and His strength, and His wonderful works that He hath done. This is the first thing campers see displayed as they walk into the Drill Hall (the main assembly room). We desire to keep God in front of them throughout every element of Junior Boot Camp life. This place is surely fun, but there is serious purpose behind it all. Junior Boot Camp is serious fun.



Director CampsAbroad Brevard, North Carolina

by Matt Collier

t was a first for CampsAbroad. Never before had we brought along a photographer to document a trip, but that was exactly what took place in March when Shane McMullin, a freelance cinematographer with Ninth Hour Productions, agreed to accompany us to the island of Panay in the Philippines and document the remarkable spread of e-camping in this area. These evangelistically oriented youth camps (e-camps) have already reached hundreds of rural young people for Christ. The next phase is already in motion: returning to hold discipleship camps in these same areas. To complement some of those powerful images he captured, here are a few verbal vignettes. A new generation of young leaders humble spirit, broad vision, and capable talents. They see that the need is great, but God is greater. They dare to take a risk motivated by faith.

We are seeing things now in the Philippines that we have never seen before. We are challenging our people to take advantage of this window of opportunity before it passes by. That goes for all of Asia as well. God is moving. The population of the youth groups of our three area churches has increased from 100 to 400 in just one year because of these camps. We are dreaming of saturating every youth in every barangauy (neighborhood) in Panay for the Gospel through the e-camp ministry. Praise God for using e-camp not just to save souls of these teens but also [to bring] revival to our church. 37 young people surrendering to full-time Christian service at a follow-up camp. A long, hard road, but God goes with them. Good day, thank you for Gods message that you sowed for us. I thank God that [He] used you to impart His Word because [the

messages] helped me to change my heart. God bless you. (A camper at a follow-up camp) "Counselor time at e-camp: counselors explaining the Gospel personally to each camper; watching the light come on for the very first time. Teens and children everywhere you look. 53% of the population of the Philippines is under the age of 25. You can read the full story! To learn more about e-camping in the Philippines, visit our website at and click on the Whats Going On link.

newsletter fall 2010

President's Report

by Ken Collier

President THE WILDS Brevard, North Carolina

Definition: Complexnot easy, requiring great physical or mental effort to accomplish or comprehend or endure.
comfortable room, meet new friends or hang out with familiar ones, eat delicious meals that you neither fix nor clean up after, laugh til your sides hurt, move easily between unique, uncomplicated Freetime activities, sing to Gods glory, and feast on the Bible for the week or weekend. How uncomplicated is that? The real beauty is that when young, old, or in-betweens load up the bus, van, or car to go home, in those few hours or days they spent at camp, the world faded away and life became simpler. The head became a good bit clearer. The heart experienced one of those sudden, summer rain events. You know the kind. The air is thick and muggy, the heat and humidity is on you like a heavy blanket. Then the sudden rain simply pushes away the heavy curtain and things become refreshed, clear, and even cool once more. We cant linger and live in this uncomplicated, fresh, clean world for long, but for a few hours, things got simpler. For a few moments we were reminded to trust and obey, to love God and love others. Gods ways are simple, not complex. I found another definition of complex that actually encouraged me. It means capable of being partitioned. So, send your kids and come yourselves to a world that is purposely divided off from the complexity of the life we livefor just a few hours. Its a simple idea, but sorely needed in our world.

knew I was in trouble from the very beginning. How complicated can it be to give my grandson a fun camera labeled 5 years old and up? This is a toyjust a toy! Try to ignore the fact that the users manual is 26 pages! The answer to "how complicated can this possibly be" is plenty complicated, as in, how can this thing have so many buttons on it for a little kid? Im recommending a packaging, rating change. The label would read, 75 years and down, meaning this is so simple it can be explained by a 60-yearold grandfather to a 5 year-old. It didnt matter, really. My grandson picked it up and began instructing me how to use the camera. Thanks, Buddy! Greetings from camp to all of you uncomplicated people who live in a very complicated world! Along with me, maybe you believe that we could stand a little imposed non-complication in our lives. Maybe you would agree that our children could use a little non-complication thrown into their lives. Sure, they seem to thrive in their high-speed communicative world, but does it help them see things clearly? Camp is built to be that non-complicated little world that clears the mind and recalibrates the heart. The concept is really not complex. You find a date and register for camp. That may be the most complicated part. Then you arrive here, get greeted warmly, move into a clean,


For Campers Only


the Goat
ecently I had the privilege of going to the Philippines on a CampsAbroad trip. While in the Philippines, we were able to visit a large mango orchard on Guimaras Island. This island is known for the most delicious mangos in the Philippines. The caretaker of the mango orchard was talking to some of the guys about the mangos when Dex (my Filipino friend) and I spotted a group of goats. The ornery side of us struck us both at the same time, and we took off running to try to catch a goat. Most of them scattered rather quickly, but we were able to corner the smallest one. As I was getting on one side and Dex on the other, three or four other guys joined us to corral the young kid. The funny thing is, nobody knew exactly what to do next. What am I going to do if he comes my way? Will he bite me? And why did we decide to do this anyway? About that time a flash of humanity flew in front of me as another one of my Filipino friends, aptly named Jet, came diving headfirst into the human fence we had formed. In one fluid motion, he grabbed the goat by the legs and flipped him up in the air. We all stood stunned watching Jet calmly pet the goat he was cradling in his arms. We all laughed, and then we commented about Jets desire to actually catch the goat instead of just look at the goat. We all SAID we wanted to catch the goat, but, in reality, we didnt have the guts to take that first dive.

by Matt Herbster

Program Director THE WILDS Brevard, North Carolina

Romans 12:11 says, Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord. The word slothful means to lag behind; to shrink or pull back from. The word business is the word diligence, haste, zeal, or exertion. The word fervent means to boil or to be hot. In other words, we are not to back down or pull way from being zealous for the Lord. Instead, we are to be boiling hot in our service for Christ. Often I feel my service for the Lord more resembles my attempt to corral the goat instead of Jets quick burst of action. It seems I stand around, watch, overanalyze, and wait when I should be pushing ahead with boiling-over fervor for my God. Some situations call for hesitation, patience, and analysis, but we need more teenagers who are willing to go against the flow and show unbridled zeal for serving their Savior. So, go get the goat! While everyone else is standing, watching, and discussing, dive in and passionately do something for your God.

Everlasting Praise Vocal CD by Matt & Christy Taylor Promised One Christmas Cantata by James Koertz & Mac Lynch Daniel Jr. Bible Study Book by Matt & Julie Herbster


newsletter fall 2010

THE WILDS of New England

hen a teen asks, Whats for supper? and mom replies, Im not sure, you know it is scrounge night. Did you know that our Lord Jesus dealt with leftovers? After a massive food service miracle when Jesus fed 5,000 men (with families about 22,500), Jesus gave the apostles some cleanup instructions. Jesus said unto His disciples, Gather up the fragments that remain, that nothing be lost. They gathered them together and filled twelve baskets with the fragments of the five barley loaves which remained. (John 6:12-13) Earlier that day the Lords twelve had nothing to eatby the end of the day it was leftover time with a full basket of "fish and chips" for each apostle. God is pleased with resourcefulness. THE WILDS uses this definition for resourcefulness which we borrowed from the Institute in Basic Youth Conflicts.

hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty; and base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are: that no flesh should glory in his presence. (1 Corinthians 1:26-29) What the world views as worthless, God sees as worthwhile. What some would deem insignificant and of no value, God has chosen to be His childrenchildren of the King of kings and Lord of lords. I am so thankful that God uses those of us who would otherwise be overlooked or discarded. What a wonderful God we serve! Thank you for your constant prayers and gifts for THE WILDS of New England.

Resourcefulness: Wise use of that which others would normally overlook or discard.
I am thankful for the resourceful spirit that God has given the staff at TWNE. First, a sad looking storage building was transformed into an awesome Gameroom (complete with carpetball, shuffleboard, crazy mirrors, and more). Secondly, an abandoned cabin is now a fully furnished Craft Shop. Thirdly, we were confronted with a cleanup issue that involved a huge pile of very large tires with which we were able to build a very unique paintball castle. These are just three instances of resourcefulness. That which normally would have been overlooked or discarded is now being used in a wonderful, unique, and fun way. There is one more aspect of resourcefulness that I have to mention. Our maintenance supervisor put it well as we shared one morning at a staff meeting what Christ had done in our lives. I was 20-year-old junk and God saved me and now wants to use me! It is quite overwhelming to realize that God has saved us and chosen us to serve Him. For ye see your calling, brethren, how that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called: but God

Director THE WILDS of New England Deering, New Hampshire

by Rand Hummel

Rand Hummel's itinerary is available at

newsletter 11

The Trust Department

Vice President THE WILDS Taylors, South Carolina

by Dick Reid

omeone once said, If your feet smell and your nose runs, youre built upside down. If that is true then there are a lot of upside down juniors! But what a joy they are both to teach and have fun with. Their endless supply of freshness, transparency, and spontaneous zeal make all of us that are older than 12 a little jealous. THE WILDS has a rich history of being used by God to provide meaningful ministry to thousands of campers of all ages. Our weekly summer camps for juniors (Grades 4-7) are a significant part of that overall ministry. We have seen that segment of the ministry grow steadily. For example: in 1990 we had 596 juniors attend; in the summer of 2010 we had 2,283! Listed below are few comments from sponsors who recently brought junior campers to THE WILDS. My favorite time during our week at the camp was the testimony time with our junior campers.

THE WILDS provides an environment that is exciting, adventurous, and spiritually nurturing. I love to hear our children talk about the steps of spiritual growth they took as a result of God working through the preaching and mentoring of the counselors. I have 2 children that attended this year. This was the 3rd year for our oldest child. I always ask him when he gets home if he is glad to be home. He always replies, I didnt want to come home. This year he added that he would like to be a counselor there some day. How exciting! This was the 1st year for my youngest, and he too would have rather stayed at camp. That is such a great comfort to a mom who never likes for her children to be away from home. They love every part of THE WILDS. Thank you for your constant hard work and devotion to such a wonderful cause. I loved the sermons combined with the beauty of THE WILDS in an atmosphere free of TV, cell phones, and iPods. I also loved the beautiful music and all the fun activities. newsletter fall 2010

Everyone at THE WILDS takes the ministry of the Word seriously. I believe children can know and grow in the Word, and THE WILDS has this as their central focus. This past summer God blessed the ministry of His Word at THE WILDS Junior Boot Camp with 111 juniors accepting the Lord as their personal Savior and another 100 getting assurance of their salvation. I TRUST you are as encouraged as we are because of His glorious work in these junior campers lives. Because of both the demand and need for ministry to junior age campers, and as a quick introduction to camping, we are offering (for the first time) an overnight, weekend camp for juniors (currently in Grades 3-6) as part of our program schedule for Fall 2010. There are more details about this exciting new opportunity on the back cover of this NewsLetter. I TRUST that your church or family will consider utilizing this ministry expansion opportunity.


Living Memorials


Memorial gifts received as of September 15, 2010
Given by: Brenda Strohbehn Given by: Dr. & Mrs. Ken Collier Given by: Mr. Don Bower Mr. & Mrs. Dave Cleary Mr. & Mrs. Ned Dow Hampton Park Baptist Church, Greenville, SC Hardison Baptist Church, Byron, GA Mr. & Mrs. Chris Lynch Mrs. Virginia Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Dick Reid Given by: Dr. & Mrs. Ken Collier Mr. & Mrs. Joe Henson, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Joe Henson, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Jay Henson Mr. & Mrs. Joe Henson, III Mr. & Mrs. Garth Henson Mr. & Mrs. Rick Stoner Mr. & Mrs. Corban Tabler Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Dan Brooks Mr. & Mrs. Dave Cleary Dr. & Mrs. Ken Collier Mr. & Mrs. Jim McAdams Mr. & Mrs. Dick Reid Mr. & Mrs. Rick Stoner Mr. & Mrs. Gary Williams Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Dave Cleary Rev. & Mrs. Matt Collier Mr. & Mrs. Dick Reid Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Herman Black Milton Douglas Broom, Sr. Rev. & Mrs. Matt Collier Mr. & Mrs. Paul Collins Nancy Conner Joyce Corcoran Habersham Retired Educators Association, Clarkesville, GA Mr. & Mrs. Bill Hall Mr. & Mrs. James Logan Mr. & Mrs. Terry Payne Mr. & Mrs. Dick Reid Jody Richards Jason, Tonya, & Noah Stephens Mr. & Mrs. Jason St. Germaine Kathy Tart Union Baptist Church, Dante, VA Mr. & Mrs. Gary Williams Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Dave Cleary Rev. & Mrs. Matt Collier Mr. & Mrs. Matt Herbster James E. Hudson Mr. & Mrs. Don Kovatch Mr. & Mrs. Steve Lpez Dr. & Mrs. Mac Lynch Mr. & Mrs. Jim McAdams Mr. & Mrs. Rick Stoner Mr. & Mrs. John Weathers Mr. & Mrs. Paul Wickensimer Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Matthews Given by: Janice Diehl




Given by: Dr. & Mrs. Ken Collier Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Michael Wilkie Given by: The Phyllis, Kasey, & Ryan McClure Families Given by: Dr. & Mrs. George Youstra Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Larry Tolbert

Given by: Bayer Healthcare, Mishawaka, IN The Brian Beehler Family Emma & Janet Brauchla Cris, Rick, & Lexi Brock Mr. & Mrs. Don Dieterlen Mr. & Mrs. Tom Fox Mr. & Mrs. Bob Getz Mr. & Mrs. Rex Horein Mr. & Mrs. Aric Manly Dorothy Nees Sherry Oswalt The Bill Parcell Family Mr. & Mrs. Don Parcell Mr. & Mrs. Shane Pfeiffer Mrs. Cynthia Potterack Mr. Frank Smole Mr. & Mrs. Rick Stoner Dr. & Mrs. Ben Strohbehn Mr. & Mrs. Mark Truex Jeanette Verhye Margaret Walker Mr. & Mrs. Norm Weber Mr. & Mrs. Gary Williams Annette Wisler Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Larry Tolbert Given by: Susan Wilcox Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Cliff Gilley Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Carl Boone Mr. & Mrs. John Ridley Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Dave Cleary






Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Dave Cleary 2009 Waitress Crew, THE WILDS, Brevard, NC Given by: Mr. & Mrs Robert Bixler Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Ernest L. Matthews Given by: Rev. & Mrs. Bill Willis Given by: Dr. & Mrs. Ken Collier Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Matthews Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Michael Wilkie Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Robert Donovan Given by: Clover Hill Baptist Church, Richmond, VA Given by: James E. Hudson Given by: Mrs. JoAnn Watkins


Given by: Mrs. Robert Ulsh & Family Given by: James E. Hudson



Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Cliff Gilley Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Dave Cleary Given by: Clover Hill Baptist Church, Richmond, VA Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Rick Stoner Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Andrew King Mr. & Mrs. Jim McAdams Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Bob Stoner Mrs.Robert Ulsh & Family Given by: James E. Hudson Given by: The Robert Ulsh Family Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Robert Brinson Joyce Brolsma Mr. & Mrs. Harry Etheridge Mrs. Ann Watts Mr. & Mrs. Paul Wickensimer Given by: Clover Hill Baptist Church, Richmond, VA














Given by: Lois Boone


The entire WILDS family was saddened by the sudden home-going of one of the three founding directors of THE WILDS. Carl Dennett Blyth went to be with the Lord on July 12, 2010. His life and his far-reaching impact on the ministry of THE WILDS will be spotlighted in an upcoming issue of the NewsLetter. Our prayers and thoughts go to his wife, Carol, and their three children and three grandchildren.



Where Are They Now?

Chad and Wendy [Harrington] Carr (02,03,04) live in Peoria, AZ, where Chad is the youth pastor at Maranatha Baptist Church. Jeff (86,87,88,89) and Joanna [Jeffers] Davis (87,88,89) live in Anderson, SC, where Jeff is the senior pastor at Oakwood Baptist Church. Eric (96,97) and Elizabeth [Uppena] Gustafson (97) are living in Cresco, PA, where Eric is the pastor at Paradise Valley Baptist Church. They have five children: Abigail, Emma, Anne, Erin, and Andrew. Sam (00) and Hillary Lavender are serving in Lewes, DE. Sam is the youth pastor at a local church. Ben (71) and Linda [Wright] Lednum (71) live in Easley, SC. Ben teaches residential construction at Bob Jones University and Linda has a home based business and does CAD pattern work for the clothing and home fashion industry. Joel (01,02,04) and Ashlee Ramirez live in Australia. Joel is a music teacher/choral director at Broughton Anglican College. They have one son, Isaiah Joel, born 3/3/09. Sam and Mary Beth [Meyerhoeffer] Snyder (05) are living in Oliver Springs, TN. They are currently on deputation to go to the Pacific Island nation of Kiribati.


Kara Kuntzelman (06) and Tom Tyson, 10/3/09. Kara Kinomoto (07,08,09) and Matthew Brown, 1/2/10. Elissa Brown (07) and Benjamin Schmid, 4/9/10. Janelle Moeckly (05,06,07,08) and Nathan Steadman (01,02,07-08), 5/28/10. Susanne Choi and Duffee Brooks (93,94,95-03,04), 6/11/10. Crystal Davis and Joel McAllister (02,03,05,06,07,08,09), 6/19/10.


Daniel (93,94,95,96) and Heather [DuBois] Nelson (94,95,96,98), Grant Daniel, 6/30/09. Kerry and Anna Grace [Golson] McGonigal (95,96), Keira Elyse, 8/27/09. Joe (97) and Kristi [Brodwater] Henson (96,97,98), Raena Truth, 11/21/09. Shawn (99,00,02,03) and Valerie [Lightfoot] Hatcher (00,01,02,03), Asa Samuel, 12/10/09. Nathan (01,02) and Katrina [Lightfoot] Bate (01,02), Jonathan Charles, 12/17/09. Thomas and Sarah [Swanson] Overmiller (06), Emily Elisabeth, 1/7/10. Paul and Tracy [Davis] Morrison (94,96), Brooke Ashlyn, 2/2/10. Keith and Ann-Marie [Gembola] Yonai (01,02,03,04), Ava Rose, 2/3/10.

Matt (02,03,04,06-07) and Rachelle [Emory] Whitcomb (00,03,04,06-07), Caden Isaac, 2/9/10. Mark (99,00) and Laura Ward, Aden Edwards, 3/3/10. Darrin (93,94,95-98) and Stacie [Noel] Forehand (93,94,95,97,98), AnnaGrace Noel, 3/14/10. Ray (08-10) and Anna St. Clair (0910), Isabella Grace, 3/27/10. Chris (07) and Nicole [Bougie] Basinger (04,07), Charlotte Rae, 4/11/10. Abe (97,98,99,00,01,03,04,05,06,0708) and Liz [Miller] Stratton (01,02,03,04,05,06,07-08), Asher Perry, 4/12/10. Jared (01,02) and Kristi Hammond, Grant Alexander and Kara Danielle, 4/19/10. Garth (00) and Rebekah Henson, Ruth Michelle, 4/28/10. Craig (00-08) and Sophia Stouffer, Aiden Frederick, 6/26/10. Joel and Megan [McAdams] Albright (01,02,03,04), Brenden Joel, 6/24/10. David (02-04) and Caroline [Jensen] Floyd (94,95,96,97,98,99-05), Bella Eliesse, 8/9/10.

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newsletter fall 2010

Staff News/Needs Corner

Jessica Brooks, daughter of Dan and Amy Brooks, and Brandon Hamilton were married on August 14, 2010. Jessica grew up on the campsite and worked many summers. Brandon was a counselor for one summer. They are now living in Greenville, South Carolina and are both working at Level One. Brandon and Jessicas future plans involve attending graduate school and Brandon going to the seminary at Bob Jones University. Tiffany Fleming recently joined our full-time staff in Taylors, South Carolina, and is one of our Summer Registration Assistants. Tiffany has served on our summer staff in North Carolina for four summers. She graduated from Crown College in 2009 with a major in Ladies Ministries. Tiffany also serves as the pianist for The Calvary Quartet and travels on the weekends. Amy Haynes joined our staff in North Carolina in the spring and is now serving as our Office Manager at camp. She served as a counselor in North Carolina for two summers. She graduated from Central Missouri State University and has a Masters from Bob Jones University. Amy has wanted to be in full-time Christian work since she was very young. Tim and Ellisa Ludlum are happy to announce the arrival of their daughter, Arianna Kate. She was born April 5, 2010, and weighed 8 pounds 5 ounces and was 22 inches long. She is welcomed home by big sister Chloe. Mike Magdziarz (pronounced "Majors") has recently joined our full-time staff at THE WILDS of New England and will be helping with maintenance projects on the campsite. His wife, Marcia, is a school nurse at a local middle school. Mike and Marcia have three daughters and one son. Melissa McAdams, daughter of Jim and Robin McAdams, and Stephen Endres were married on May 22, 2010. Melissa worked in our Taylors, South Carolina, office part-time for several years and served on our summer staff for four summers. Stephen served on our summer staff for four summers and was on our 9-month contracted staff at camp. They are now living in Taylors, South Carolina. Melissa works for Bob Jones University Press and Soundforth, and Stephen works in Inside Sales for UPS. Willie and Sarah Partin welcomed Ashlyn Paige to their home on April 19, 2010. Ashlyn weighed 7 pounds 15 ounces and was 19 inches long. She is welcomed home by her siblings, Kayle and Josiah. Josh Prather and Marcie Peterson were married on August 21, 2010. Josh has served on our summer staff for five summers, and has been a member of our contracted staff for the last year. Josh and Marcie serving at THE WILDS of New England. Josh is travelling to many churches and schools in New England to promote the camp. Marcie is serving in several areas at the camp as well as teaching 4th grade at Trinity Christian School in Concord, New Hampshire.

Items received:
4 Stanley Fat Max 25 Tape Measures 12 Vinyl Dishwash Aprons Basketball Soccer Ball 6 Kitchen Tray Stands

Music Stands (15) - $40 each Percussion Instrument Stand - $60 Piano Tunings - $100 each 12 Woodworking Clamps (10) - $12 each 48 Woodworking Clamps (10) - $48 each Heavy Duty Shovels (2) - $60 each Sledge Hammer - $25 Chainsaw Files (box) - $15 Chainsaw Chaps (3) - $60 each Files (4) - $20 each Long-handled Lopping Shears (2) - $120 each Ankle Braces (4) - $20 each

Items received:
30 Flats of Assorted Flowers 20 Hanging Baskets 8 Potted Flowers Upright Double Bass Small Tool Set 2 Sawzall Blades

Sweet Shoppe Needs:

Deep Freezer for Ice Cream - $850 Themed Tables (5) $400 each Ice Cream Scoops (3) $2.50 each Squirt Bottles for Toppings (5) $2.50 each Hot Pretzel Warmer $400 Storage Containers for Toppings (10) $5 each Chairs (20) $50 each

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This mini-camp for juniors will have all the feel of camptrained counselors, exciting games, unique activities, great camp food, and an organized program. Your child can bring a friend and "test-drive" camp for a 24-hour period. The weekend is designed to raise the anticipation and quiet the anxiousness of attending summer camp in 2011. There is nothing like the fun of camp! To find out more about this camp, please look at our Junior Blast brochure online at or e-mail