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Spring 2011 Volume 30 Number 1


Open Doors

Ten Years of

People who engage in missions work often talk about open doors of ministryand for good reason. The image appears four times in the New Testament: always in connection with Pauls missionary journeys (see Acts 14:27; 1 Cor. 16:9; 2 Cor. 2:12; Col. 4:3). From these verses we learn that 1) always, Pauls main objective in seeking for open doors was to preach Christs Gospel; 2) sometimes, God waited until Paul stepped forward before clearing the way; 3) often, those doors led to more adversity and resistance; 4) every time, it was God who supernaturally opened them. These principles hold true today for those who seek to carry on the work that Paul and the other apostles pioneered. Looking back over the past 10 years, I clearly see them borne out in the ministry of CampsAbroad again and again.
From the start, the driving motivation of CampsAbroad has been to preach Christs Gospelto help believers around the world fulfill the Great Commission more effectively in their unique setting. Camping is simply a good excuse to give young people Gods Word in concentrated doses. If the Gospel were not being multiplied, I can honestly say, we would have no reason for continuing CampsAbroadfor that is why we exist. And speaking of open doors, camping has a unique way of creating opportunities to give out the good news of Jesus Christ. Young people who would never darken the door of a church building will often attend a week of camp. Hardened hearts brought under the 2 newsletter spring 2011 hammer stroke of Gods Word are many times broken to surrender in a camp setting. Preaching Christs Gospel will always remain our main objective. The year was 2001. We didnt know what we were doing and had no pattern to follow, but we knew there was a need. So we took a faltering step forward, and God provided $20,000 to purchase a van. Another step, another $5,000 for a display and projector. Trip by trip He provided. Step by step He showed the way. Not far aheadbut just enough. He let us come face to face with seemingly solid walls so He could work a miracle. God waited until we stepped forward before opening up a way.

by Matt Collier

Director CampsAbroad Brevard, North Carolina

But many times those doors led to adversity and problems: delayed and cancelled flights, lost luggage, unreasonable school systems, torrential floods, poisonous snake attacks, broken bones, thieves and vandals, demonic activity, hostile and corrupt government officials, fallen leaders, tropical diseases, drunken neighbors, heat stroke, visa and passport issues, violent threats, insidious pride, tragic accidents, and near misses. But what should we expect in a world system that is hostile to our Lord? Over the past 10 years CampsAbroad has been active in more than 40 different countriesoften working in several locations within a single

country! How did that happen? It certainly wasnt our great marketing skillswe dont do advertising. In fact, we have no way of knowing where we will end up from year to year. The only answer is this: every time, it has been God who supernaturally did the opening. Time and again He has sent just the right opportunities at just the right times. Of course, that doesnt mean that His timing matches our ideas, and it doesnt mean that we automatically move through each open door. Often a door remains stubbornly locked when we push on it; sometimes it never opens; and sometimes it swings wide later on to reveal incredible ministry. What a comfort

to rely on the great Doorkeeper in every circumstance! Our job is to keep moving forward, letting Him direct. Looking back at the spread of countries we have been involved in, it is interesting to see geographical clusters: at first, requests poured in from Eastern Europe, but gradually, our focus turned to Africa. In recent years, South America and Central Asia have been wide open. What will the next 10 years hold for CampsAbroad? I have no idea. And Im fine with that. As long as it involves preaching Christs Gospel around the world.

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psabroad.o rg .



Dear Campers (both old and young),

How many days until camp? Are you counting? We all know that whether we are at camp or at home, the Christian life is not always easy. Every morning as we crawl out of bed, we go to war with the world, the flesh, and a Devil who has declared war on God and everything and everyone associated with God. We must fight and refuse to retreat into apathy, indifference, surrender, or defeat. For the weapons of our warfare...are mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds (2 Corinthians 10:4). Just as physical enemies sneak into friendly territory seeking to set up strongholds and take control, so Satan uses sin to set up strongholds in our hearts and minds forcing us to live weak, anemic, Christian lives. Is there any area of your spiritual life that you live in constant, daily defeat? What sin has such a strong hold on your heart that you cannot make it release its life-dominating grip no matter how hard you try? This summer in our chapels, God & I Time follow-up, and Scripture memory program, we will study three common strongholds that often grab hold of our hearts and refuse to let go: wicked tongues, wrong friends, and laziness. Ive listed a portion of the Scripture memory passages associated with each stronghold. If you want a complete list, wed love to give it to youat camp this summer! See you then.

Director THE WILDS of New England Deering, New Hampshire

by Rand Hummel

Rand Hummel's itinerary is available at

newsletter spring 2011

Pulling Down Strongholds

Put off: Ephesians 4:22, 2 Corinthians 10:4-5, Proverbs 4:14-15 Renew youR minD: Ephesians 4:23, Colossians 3:10, Romans 12:1-2, Psalm 119:9-11, Psalm 119:15-16, Psalm 19:14, Isaiah 26:3-4 Put on: Ephesians 4:24, Romans 13:14, Philippians 4:8-9

Pulling Down the Stronghold of a wicked tongue

the ComPlaining tongue: 1 Thessalonians 5:18, Philippians 2:14, Numbers 11:1 the CRookeD tongue: Proverbs 12:22, Psalm 119:29, Ephesians 4:25 the Cutting tongue: Ephesians 4:29, Ephesians 4:31-32, Proverbs 31:26 the CoRRuPt tongue: Ephesians 5:3-4, James 3:10, Exodus 20:7 the ContRolleD tongue: Psalm 19-14, Psalm 141:3, Ecclesiastes 5:2

Pulling Down the Stronghold of wrong friends

leaRn to Say no to the wRong kinD of fRienDS: Proverbs 1:10, Proverbs 9:6, Proverbs 13:20 uSe DiSCRetion in ChooSing youR fRienDS: Proverbs 2:11-15 tuRn away fRom SelfiSh, Sinful fRienDS: 2 Timothy 3:2-5 ChooSe loving fRienDS who want the beSt foR youR life: 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 ChooSe fRienDS who will StRengthen youR walk with goD: Psalm 119:63, Proverbs 17:17, Proverbs 27:17 ChooSe fRienDS who will keeP you aCCountable in Doing Right: Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

ome join us at THE WILDS of New England this summer for a wonderful week of camp that you will never forget. It will be a full week of adventure and excitement, and we want you to be a part of it. The weeks that we have available for camp this summer are listed below:

(You must be going into Grades 7-12 and be at least 12 years old by September 1, 2011.)

Teen Camp

July 4-9 uly 11-16 J July 18-23 uly 25-30 J August 1-6 August 8-13

Pulling Down the Stronghold of laziness

living like a lazy Sloth: Proverbs 26:13-14, Proverbs 24:30-32 living like an inDolent Slug: Proverbs 6:9-11, Proverbs 20:4 living like an inDuStRiouS ant: Proverbs 6:6-8, Romans 12:11 living like a Diligent SeRvant at home: Ephesians 6:5-7, Colossians 3:22-24 living like a DiSCiPlineD StuDent of goDS woRD: 2 Timothy 2:15, Joshua 1:8, Psalm 119:33-34

(You must be going into Grades 4-7 and be at least 9 years old by September 1, 2011.)

Junior Camp

June 20-25 June 27-July 2

To check availability for these camps, please contact us at or (828) 884-7811.


Chapmans in Peru

Tim Chapman is an evangelist with a heart to assist local churches in Latin America. God has uniquely equipped him to minister to young people. Read on to find out how God is working in Peru.

by Tim Chapman

Evangelist Peru, South America

A Camping Vision for

When we arrived in Lima, Peru, in 2006 to begin the ministry of full-time evangelism, we believed that camp ministry would become a significant part of accomplishing our goal of helping local churches in Latin America. As weve gotten to know the churches in Peru, God has led us to begin a new camp near Lima. As the capital of Peru, Lima is a city of almost 9 million people with at least 200 fundamental churches.

newsletter spring 2011

In February of 2009, Matt Collier and Steve Stodola spent 10 days helping us direct a youth camp. At the end of the week, Matt explained to us his desire to see a model camp established under our leadership in Peru where Latin-American camp leaders will be able to seein their own culture and language how a camp with a strong biblical philosophy operates. When Matt expressed that vision to us, we realized that God was bringing the ministry of CampsAbroad alongside of our ministry at a crucial time. We are very excited about the role CampsAbroad is having in helping us establish this new camp. CampsAbroad brings a lot of resources and expertise to the table whenever they help camps around the world. In 2009, Matt and Steve assisted me in hosting a

camp philosophy conference for pastors in Lima. The counselor training material that CampsAbroad has developed is a tremendous resource, and CampsAbroad has worked right along with us in the last two years in the training of our counselors for the youth camps weve directed. We are in the process of looking for camp property, and CampsAbroad is committed to helping us in the process of choosing an appropriate site as well as in the planning and developing of the site. By Gods grace, as this camp and conference center grows, we will be even better equipped to accomplish our goal of helping local churches in Latin America. As an evangelist, I typically go to the churches and to the people; however, we see the tremendous benefit of the people coming to an out-of-the-way place to hear the Word of God in a completely different, God-pleasing environment. We want this to be a pattern over the years.



by Dan Brooks

Assistant Director CampsAbroad Brevard, North Carolina

As a second semester senior at Bob Jones University, graduation was right around the corner, and I was not sure what direction I was heading in for a life of ministry. While having my devotions, the Lord impressed the truths of Proverbs 18:16: A mans gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men. It was then I realized any opportunities I am given in life are a gift from God, and He will place people around me to allow me to be more effective for Him. The following week Dr. Hay offered me a position of part maintenance and part program with an emphasis on the Wilderness Program that was at that time going strongly.

newsletter spring 2011

staff, resulting in my seeing camp from many different angles. This helped me to grow in my appreciation for those who minister most often behind the scenes. I am thankful for my wilderness training at THE WILDS resulting in an ability to sleep anywhere and eat almost anything when Im on trips around the world for CampsAbroad. I am thankful for the opportunity to work with THE WILDS program staff for 25 years. This resulted in invaluable lessons and a stockpile of great stories illustrating how God uses the program at camp. Program, by the way, is defined as anything and everything that touches the lives of campers. With CampsAbroad, Ive learned that play areas, large and small, can be used to provide good, clean fun to campers, allowing them to be more open to Gods Word. I could go on and on about the GREAT people God has put in my life to continue to build me in so many areas. The one ingredient that has impacted me more than any at THE WILDS is the emphasis and example of a servants heart. God is always way ahead of us, preparing us for the next job He has planned for us. Lets always be thankful for the experiences of the past and the godly people with whom God brings us in contact. Even today He is getting us ready for our next assignment. I am excited about my next opportunity with CampsAbroad!

Now 25 years later it is exciting to see how God has showered me with grace gifts and great people to allow me to be prepared for my new, expanded ministry with CampsAbroad. Here are some of the gifts God has used in my life for which I am very thankful. I am thankful for parents who exposed me to the solid teaching of Gods Word through a good, local church, Christian school, Bible college, and summer camps. From 1974-1979, THE WILDS had an impact on me even before the Giant Swing, Land Trolley, and even the Superslide were invented. Those strong institutions gave me a good foundation in Gods Word which guided me in my daily life. I am thankful for the opportunity of growing up in the urban Detroit area, resulting in my being comfortable in the urban situations I find myself in while traveling all around the world with CampsAbroad. I am thankful for three summers counseling at Camp CoBeAc in Michigan giving me some added experience in philosophy that I can use in training all over the world I am thankful for the opportunities I had working weekends at THE WILDS through my college years. This allowed me to learn from those on the maintenance


For Campers Only

Program Director THE WILDS Brevard, North Carolina

Is Coming!

a foreign country. Contentment, gratitude, world vision, compassion for the lost, and hard work are some of the obvious lessons learned. It was on these summer missions trips that God burdened my heart for the youth of this world. In Gods providence, I now have the privilege to be a small part in reaching them. How so? First, I have been allowed to go on CampsAbroad trips to places like Papua New Guinea, Romania, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Japan. Each summer half of our camper offering provides scholarships for teens from all over the world to attend camp in their own country. Many of these young people hear the Gospel for the very first time because of the generosity of our teen campers here at THE WILDS. It has been my joy to hear the testimonies of these new converts as they rejoice over Gods provision so they could attend camp and receive Christ. For the last two years I also have had the wonderful privilege of speaking to every camper here at THE WILDS during our Christian Life Seminar time regarding the importance of reaching the world with the Gospel. Im amazed at how God is continuing to give me opportunities to act on a burden for missions that started in high school. So, what now? Plan to come to camp this summer! Plan to go on at least one missions trip during your teen years. Pray and ask God to keep your heart willing to go wherever He wants you to go! Summer is coming. I pray it will be a time of great spiritual encouragement for all of us.

by Matt Herbster

Ah, summer! The anticipation of time off

school is almost too much to endure during those last few days of spring. I remember longing for the end of the school year so I could enjoy the summer days. There are many reasons to look forward to summer, but, for me, none were greater than going to THE WILDS for camp and going on our churchs annual missions trip. I knew every summer that my two most amazing experiences would revolve around my week at THE WILDS and my two weeks in Mexico. There is no way I could ever overestimate the importance of those two events in my spiritual growth as a junior high and high school student. A dedicated time away from worldly distractions, fellowship with godly camp staff members, great memories with my youth group, convicting preaching, and good, clean fun were all things that made my annual summer trip to THE WILDS a life-changing experience. (Attention: Have you signed up for this summer? What in the world are you waiting for? ) Missions trips were equally transforming. There are some lessons learned on missions trips that can only be learned by getting out of your comfort zone and going to


newsletter spring 2011

Teen Camp
Are you going into Grades 7-12 and will you be at least 12 years old by September 1st? If you answered yes to this question, we have a great week of Freetime activities, delicious food, and challenging and encouraging biblical preaching planned for you this summer.
The weeks that we have available for Teen Camp are listed below: June 6-11 June 13-18 July 4-9 July 25-30 August 1-6 August 8-13

Now only $249 to attend the weeks of June 6-11 and August 8-13!

Price Cut!

These weeks fill quickly, so please check availability before registering. To find out more about these camps and to check availability, please contact us at or (864) 331-3286.

Now only $239 to attend the weeks of June 6-11 and August 8-13!

Junior Boot Camp

Are you going into Grades 4-7 and will you be at least 9 years old by September 1st? If you answered yes, then this is the camp for you. The food is delicious; the staff is caring and friendly; the speakers are enthusiastic and interesting; and the games are action-packed and some of the most unique ever played. The weeks that we have available for Junior Boot Camp are listed below: June 6-11 July 4-9 July 25-30 August 1-6 August 8-13 These weeks fill quickly, so please check availability before registering. To find out more about these camps and to check availability, please contact us at or (864) 331-3286.

Price Cut!



I have a multiple choice question for you: campsite. Our energetic, enthusiastic program staff is excited and gearing up for this activity. With several other major projects (the Cool Beans renovation, the new General Store, and upgrading the Lodge furniture) previously underway, this spring is the earliest timeframe in which we could attempt to complete the design, raise the funds, and construct this newest quality activity. The 2 acres of tree-covered land that will be the site for Paintball adjoins Toxaway Creek and will be hidden from the main campsite beyond our second Duplex Cabin area and the Father/Son Campout Pavilion. Access to the site will be by a new trail and bridge that I have another question for you: Would you consider helping us with the cost of one or more of the equipment and construction items needed for this exciting new activity? Here are some of the choices: Storage Building (1): $10,000 Obstacles/Bunkers (100): $75 each Masks (100): $20 each Vests (70): $25 each Netting (3): $600 each Netting Poles (15): $32 each Wooden Steps to the Bridge: $3,000 (approximately $30/step includes landings and railings) God has blessed THE WILDS over the years with many faithful supporters and volunteers who have enabled us to build and maintain a campsite totally dedicated to glorifying Him. Over the last two years many of our campers have donated more than enough funds to purchase the 70 markers that will be needed for Paintball when we have full camps (an estimated total cost of over $7,000). These offerings, along with the money for the new bridge from a friend of the ministry, mean that over $13,500 has already been received toward the total estimated cost! I TRUST that you will prayerfully consider joining them in donating to help us provide this new Paintball activity for our campers at THE WILDS.

Where will we be building new bunkers on THE WILDS campsite?

A. On our new 18-hole championship golf course called Birdies at THE WILDS B. Along Toxaway Creek for fuel storage for the many giant cruise ships that pass by the campsite on their way to Lake Jocassee C. Spread out across THE WILDS new 2-acre wooded Paintball area that will be available to campers for the first time this coming summer of 2011

by Dick Reid

Vice President THE WILDS Taylors, South Carolina

If you answered C, you are correct! THE WILDS plans to unveil Paintball as a major new activity during the summer of 2011 for our campers, sponsors, and staff. An increasing number of teen campers in recent years have been suggesting (maybe pleading is more like it) that we add this popular youth activity in one of our many wooded areas in close proximity to the main

will be cut in near our current hiking trails. It will be thoroughly furnished with logs, sandbags, walls, netting, and many surprisingly creative obstacles and bunkers (thats paintball lingo for places to hide). All of these items will be swarmed (and painted) by hundreds of excited campers every week!


newsletter spring 2011

Chairman's Corner

= Missions
One of my ministry passions is foreign missions. In fact, if I were in charge, I would call every Christian to the regions beyond. Now wouldnt that create a mess? There would be no one left at home to support those whom God has genuinely called. This said, your knowing my heart for missions will make it easier for you to understand how excited I was when Matt Collier presented to me his burden to help nationals and missionaries in their camping philosophy, programming, and counseling. Our Board of Directors wholeheartedly backed the idea, and many local churches pitched in with their missions giving. Although my wife and I had personally been to Brazil twice before this to help missionaries in their camping programs, and we were instrumental in helping to start Camp Nikos in the Philippines, it was not in my fondest imagination that we would have an official department of THE WILDS for this purpose. With Matt, director, and Dan Brooks, assistant director (see articles on pages 2 and 8), at the helm,

Chairman of the Board THE WILDS Taylors, South Carolina

by Ken Hay

we have strong, experienced leaders guiding this outreach. We are excited that God has put His stamp of approval on this international ministry of reaching young people for Christ. We rejoice that the biblical philosophy of THE WILDS works around the world, whether it is in Africa, South America, Europe, or Asia. What a blessing to watch missionaries and nationals alike come to an understanding as to how they can be more effective in their camping outreaches! After we trained a group of nationals in Brazil and then demonstrated how the philosophy works by guiding them through a week of camp, one of the key leaders gratefully commented, this is the way a camp should be run. Following through with many good things he had learned, the director in Brazil was elated with the difference in camper attitudes, enthusiasm, and spiritual impact. It is indeed a privilege to have CampsAbroad as a vital part of THE WILDS outreach. The whole world is our prospective camp!



Where are They Now? Staff News Living Memorials

Doug (00) and Marissa Hess are missionaries in Mexico City. They have two daughters, Avalyn and Analeigh, and recently adopted a son, Kenian, from Ethiopia. Jeff (03,04) and Heather [Fosbenner] Kliewer (04) are serving at Chambersburg Bible Church in Chambersburg, PA, where Jeff is the youth pastor. They have a daughter, Melissa Lynn, who was born 5/16/10. Jeremy (98) and Jennifer Van Delinder live in Round Rock, TX, and are planting North Hills Baptist Church.

Randy and Julie [Cash] Carrier (95,96), Becca Grayce, 2/26/10. Scott and Hannah [Jewell] Shafran (01,02), Brent Scott, 5/23/10. John and Christina [Chapman] Heffernan (91,92,93,94), Joel Frederick and John Thomas, 6/12/10. Nate (02-05) and Lori [Kates] Babers (99,0105), Elijah Lee, 8/24/10. Steve (95,96) and Kim Corbin, Samantha Grace Anne, 9/28/10. Robert and Katie [Matzko] Apps (98), Joey Matthew, 10/23/10. Jon (03) and Sarah [Biddle] Abbott (01,02,03), Joanna Grace, 10/25/10.
THE WILDS Christian Association, Inc. is an independent, nondenominational, nonprofit, 501(c) (3) organization created for the purpose of operating Christian camps and conference centers. We are fundamental in our beliefs, Bible-centered in our philosophy, and evangelistic in our outreach. THE WILDS Christian Association, Inc. presently operates a Christian camp and conference center in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina that is open year-round. The camp has a carefully selected and trained staff and averages over 20,000 campers per year. In 2009 THE WILDS of New England began ministry at our campsite in Deering, New Hampshire. In this peaceful, rural setting we experienced good growth in attendance at our summer camps as well as in our limited fall schedule programs. We anticipate a continuing steady growth and expansion of the ministry at this New England location. In addition to providing a God-honoring music publication service as an integral part of our ministry, THE WILDS Christian Association, Inc. has also established the CampsAbroad program to assist others in the formation and operation of Christian camp ministries around the world. THE WILDS Christian Association, Inc. publishes THE WILDS NewsLetter. Change of address information and comments should be sent to: THE WILDS Christian Association, Inc PO Box 509 Taylors, SC 29687-0009 Phone: (864) 268-4760 Fax: (864) 292-0743 E-mail: North Carolina Campsite: THE WILDS 1000 Wilds Ridge Road Brevard, NC 28712-7273 Phone: (828) 884-7811 Fax: (828) 862-4813 New England Campsite: THE WILDS of New England 1181 Deering Center Road Deering, NH 03244-6529 Phone/Fax: (603) 529-0001 Visit our website at or visit THE WILDS Online Store at THE WILDS and CampsAbroad are registered trademarks of THE WILDS Christian Association, Inc. Editor: Ken Collier Graphic Designer: Craig Stouffer Publications Coordinator: Vickie Ebner Spring 2011 Volume 30 Number 1 2011 THE WILDS Christian Association, Inc. All rights reserved.

Jenny Council (99) and Toby Long, 7/25/09. Jennifer Neal (99,00,01,02,03) and Ben Martin, 4/2/10. Ashley Burr (04,05,06,07,08) and Jesse Qurollo, 6/4/10. Karen Dye (06,07) and Cason Hulin (07), 6/12/10. Whitney Cunningham (03,04,05,06-10) and Paul Curtis Pendell (02), 12/17/10.

Former Staff,
help keep us updated on your career moves, marriage, and children! Send announcements to:

THE WILDS, Where Are They Now? PO Box 509 Taylors, SC 29687-0009 or e-mail

Jonathan and Jessica Mair are happy to announce the arrival of their son, Ethan David. He was born on August 18, 2010, and weighed 7 pounds 8 ounces and was 21 inches long. He is welcomed home by big sister Anja.


Introducing Volume 3 in the instrumental reflections set on the character of our God. Following Almighty, Unchangeable God and Immortal, Invisible God (Volumes 1 and 2), the carefully selected numbers of this CD have had a particularly strong ministry in the lives of our adult and teen campers. You will find this recording is great to have on in the background as you work or read, or as you use the enclosed booklet to more intensely study the character of God.


newsletter spring 2011

Items received:
6 Music Stands 2 Percussion Instrument Stands Chainsaw Chaps 2 Sledgehammers Chainsaw Files 8 Ankle Braces


Magnetic Trash Can Lids for Dining Hall (14) - $250 each Buffet Sign Holders (48) - $6 each Vellux Blankets for Health Services (10) - $20 each 12 Woodworking Clamps (6) - $12 each 48 Woodworking Clamps (10) - $48 each Chainsaw Safety Chaps (2) - $60 each Long-handled Lopping Shears - $120 Blum Hinge Drill Jig - $80 Torque Wrench - $150 Heavy Duty Tow Straps (3) - $30 each

Memorial gifts received as of January 31, 2011
Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Jim Ashton Mrs. Terri Blackwood Calvary Bible Church, Middleport, OH Mr. & Mrs. Harold Carson Mr. & Mrs. Obie Coomer Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Denbow William Fields Jan Frazee Holzer Clinic, Gallipolis, OH Mr. & Mrs. Karl Kebler Lilly Kloes Meigs County Tea Party/9-12 Project, Pomeroy, OH Gloria Jean Peavley Precision Fabricators, LLC, Point Pleasant, WV Scenic Bay Baptist Church, Pensacola, FL Margaret Schettine Mr. & Mrs. Roger Young Given by: Susan Bohorfoush Ridley Given by: Mrs. Pat Burrell Given by: Mr. & Mrs. John Cross Dr. & Mrs. Jack McLanahan Given by: Dr. & Mrs. Ed Panosian Given by: Mrs. Trudy Fremont Given by: Mrs. Marti Frazier Given by: Rev. & Mrs. Matt Collier Rev. & Mrs. Dale Cunningham Mr. & Mrs. Rick Stoner Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Sprout Given by: Vickie Hale


Given by: Dr. & Mrs. George Youstra Given by: Mrs. Ina Pegram Given by: Mrs. Ruth Anne Schieber Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Sprout Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Fred Erwin Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Rick Stoner Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Stanley Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Sprout Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Troy Jenkins Given by: College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA





Items received:
1 Chair 12 Storage Containers for Toppings 10 Ice Cream Scoops 15 Squirt Bottles for Ice Cream Toppings




Organizational Brochure Racks (3) - $15 each Display Racks (5) - $15 each Display Shelves (15) -$15 each Stacking Tables (3) - $50 each Cash Register - $200 Spinning Display Unit - $200 Cupboard for Office Supplies - $450 Megaphone - $50 Full First Aid Kits (3) - $40 each Frisbee Golf Holes (4) - $250 each



Given by: Graci DeWitt



Given by: Dustin Turner

Honor a loved one or friend with a Living Memorial gift to THE WILDS.

in memory of:

Rev./Dr./Mr./Mrs./Miss _______________________________________________________________________ Please send card to: Rev./Dr./Mr./Mrs./Miss _______________________________________________________________________ Address ________________________________________________________________________________ City __________________________________________________ State _________ Zip ________________ given by: Rev./Dr./Mr./Mrs./Miss _______________________________________________________________________ Address ________________________________________________________________________________ City __________________________________________________ State _________ Zip ________________ Phone _________________________________________________________________________________ THEWILDSLivingMemorialsPOBox509Taylors,SC29687-0009

I want to help A or

Enclosed is a gift toward the cost of the indicated need.

Rev./Dr. Mr./Mrs./Miss _________________________ Address _____________________________ City _______________ State ___ Zip ______

Mail to:

THE WILDS PO Box 509 Taylors, SC 29687-0009



Spring 2011
PO Box 509 Taylors, SC 29687-0009


Address Service Requested

Upcoming Spring 2011 Camps

Spring Weekend Family Camp College & Career Retreat Couples' Conference Ladies' Retreat 2 Senior Adult Conference Couples' Overnight Getaway Father/Son Campout



March 18-20 March 25-27 April 1-3 April 8-9 April 12-15 April 15-16 April 15-16


Dean & Faith Taylor Tim Keesee Jim Binney Gretchen Fant John Vaughn Marty & Susan Von Bruce Armstrong


For information concerning these camps and to find out availability, please e-mail or call (864) 331-3293. You can also download a brochure and registration form for each of these camps at