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Aug. 23, 2012

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Walton Sheriff Wants Increase Security

Walton Sheriff Mike Adkinson would like to increase the security at the South Walton Courthouse Annex...

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The Primary is over and several races were decided and the field was narrowed down in others. For Walton County, Connie Mack came out on top of other...


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Shelter House Update

This summer has been one of the busiest times ever in Shelter House's history. With the end of the fiscal year on.

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PanCare Cites Success

Governor Rick Scott recently proclaimed National Health Centers Week to celebrate the accomplishments of Community Health Centers throughout Florida. Bay and Walton Counties.

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The Wolfes Den


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hello everybody. Our local elections have completed. Congratulations to those who won. You know when I hear the word election I get a bit nervous about this one coming.the one that will make history, the presidential election in Nov. Make sure you get registered and vote. That is what makes America different from other countries, your vote counts. Even many who cherish the "original meaning" of the Constitution recognize that provisions drafted in the 18th century must be interpreted in light of changing technology. That is especially true of the 4th Amendment's guarantee of the "right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures." When the amendment was adopted, unreasonable searches involved physical trespass. But in 1967 the court ruled that the 4th Amendment was violated when federal agents affixed a wiretap to the outside of a telephone booth being used by a gambler. What mattered, wrote Justice John Marshall Harlan, was whether the suspect had a reasonable expectation of privacy. Flash forward to 2001, when the court held that police violated the rights of a drug suspect when they aimed a thermal imaging device at his house to determine whether the heat inside was consistent with marijuana cultivation. Justice Scalia wrote: "Where, as here, the government uses a device that is not in general public use, to explore details of the home that would previously have been unknowable without physical intrusion, the surveillance is a 'search' and is presumptively unreasonable without a warrant." The latest controversy over adapting the privacy protections of the 4th Amendment to new realities concerns global positioning system, or GPS, devices, until recently an exotic technology but now as the cellphones of which they are a prized feature. Seven months after the Supreme Court sidestepped a major decision on the constitutionality of warrantless GPS tracking of criminal suspects, a federal appeals court in Cincinnati has issued a decision on the subject that seems as antiquated as a rotary phone. The decision reflects two legal principles that have been undermined by technological changes. The first is that although the contents of a phone conversation may be protected from casual police intrusion, phone records are not. In the era of land lines, the courts concluded that callers didn't anticipate that the exchanges they dialed to and from would be kept secret. In the cellphone era, however, those records can pinpoint not just who called whom but also the phone's variable location. The decision also is consistent with a distinction the Supreme Court has drawn between papers in the sole possession of a citizen, and bank and phone records that are the legal property of a corporation. But that difference is also an anachronism. Another Justice suggested as much earlier this year in a concurring opinion when the court held that the surreptitious attachment of a GPS device to a drug dealer's vehicle was a "search" under the 4th Amendment. It may be necessary, "to reconsider the premise that an individual has no reasonable expectation of privacy in information voluntarily disclosed to third parties. This approach is ill suited to the digital age, in which people reveal a great deal of information about themselves to third parties in the course of carrying out mundane tasks." The framers of the Constitution could not have envisioned the cellphone, much less its ability to establish the whereabouts of its owner, but the language of the 4th Amendment to protect persons and "effects" will, as it so often has, adapt to modern life.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012


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Walton Sheriff Wants Increase Security

As reported by WZEP AM1460

State and County Wants Natural Bridge

As reported by WZEP AM1460

Walton Sheriff Mike Adkinson would like to increase the security at the South Walton Courthouse Annex. Sheriff Adkinson told the Walton Commissioners that in the times we are living in today, we need more vigilance. Sheriff Adkinson said they want everyone to express their views, they want to do so safe. The Sheriff pointed out a person who was at commissioner meetings eventually shot five people. He feels they would be much better off with consistency. Adkinson would like a system similar to what is in DeFuniak Springs. While there is additional bailiffs, a metal detector and a scanner that everyone must go through when entering the main courthouse in DeFuniak Springs, the facility south of the bay has no additional security. Bailiffs are present at court and commission events. The building in south Walton was designed primarily as an administrative building. The plans were to build a second court facility to the west. At the time the first building was constructed, commissioners decided to delay the second. Almost as soon as the building was dedicated, space became tight and what was once a commissioner office was taken out to make more room. The courts also expanded into the building. With a tight budget, there are no immediate plans for the second building. Sheriff Adkinson explained the courthouse and county seat in DeFuniak Springs has security under the judicial system. When the new courthouse as being planned, a security team involving the judges, clerks office and other constitutional officers helped come up with security recommendations. Judge Kelvin Wells and Clerk of Courts Martha Ingle both addressed the commissioners and asked for additional security measures. Both cites recent concerns and a shooting at a facility in Panama City. Sheriff Adkinson asked the commissioners to speak to the constitutional officers about security. He also feels the budget can take on the additional needs. He said his office is expected to come in under budget and feels this could offset the costs. Adkinson also wants to search for ways to use volunteers to help with those who might need assistance. One idea is to use golf carts to help disabled get from parking to the facility. The idea was also talked about as a way to help at the courthouse in DeFuniak Springs when the Countys ADA committee was looking at how to meet the needs of people with disabilities at the new courthouse. Commissioners approved moving forth with the additional security.

In the north part of Walton County a small spring fed creek flows under the dirt road. While it is not unusual for a stream to flow under a road, it is for that stream to do so without man made culverts and piping. Natural Bridge is a feature many locals have been enjoying for years. Older adults will tell you of swimming at Natural Bridge as a way to cool off from the hot weather. They might even tell of rumors that people have gone down one side and never returned. While the road goes over the stream, the land around it and the springs are privately owned. The Walton Commissioners will ask the Florida Forever Program to buy Natural Bridge and then the county could possibly manage it for public use. The state is trying to acquire as many springs as possible. This same type of the state buying from private owners and turning over to the local government for management was done at Morrison Springs. Commissioner Kenneth Pridgen has been trying to get the land for the public. As the commissioners were asked to submit a letter to Florida Forever, Commissioner Sara Comander said she is concerned they do not have figures of operating costs. Said they would consider entering into an agreement to manage and operate but is hesitant since they do not know the costs and they might be entering into something they will have to pay for. In 2009 there was an appraisal in an attempt to buy the parcel and others as an easement. At that time the Board voted to acquire the property. Commissioner Larry Jones said his understanding is this is a two stage process, first to ask the state to acquire the property and then to agree on the management. This is the same process the County did with Morrison Springs. The State bought the springs and the County agreed to take over the management. The County then came in and upgraded to park, moving boating away from the swimming area and installing a walkout over the springs and additional facilities. Commissioner Brannon, who was instrumental in developing Morrison Springs and Jones both agreed they do not know the costs. Jones said they will consider the management plan when that time comes. He said the acquisition does not bind the County to do anything on the property. Jones also said the Countys plan could be a simple as putting in a few picnic tables or could be more complex. The request for a letter of support was approved.

Northwest Florida Ballet elects local South Walton resident to President, Board of Directors
Kevin Greene, a resident of Sandestin, has been elected President, Board of Directors of the Northwest Florida Ballet. Greene leads a board charged with providing leadership and insight for the management and growth of the Northwest Florida Ballet. Northwest Florida Ballet was founded in 1969 to provide training and performances to the community, and reach thousands of school children through public programs and performances exclusively for students. It really is a privilege to serve an organization so committed to the development and education of our children as well as building up our communitys cultural offerings Greene says. Kevin and his wife, Denise were ballet aficionados in San Francisco and Boston before moving to South Walton. When we moved here full-time in 2006, we began attending and supporting the Northwest Florida Ballet. We were knocked out by the caliber of the dancers and their performances. We had no idea that there was an A+ public school program run by the Northwest Florida Ballet, or that our daughter would one day audition for and be accepted into the school. Today she is one of 145 area students, 1/3 of whom are from financially at risk families, wearing uniforms, being challenged by a fine academic program, and dancing daily in a first-rate preprofessional program. This year, the Northwest Florida Ballet is initiating a pre-professional high school program. Greene sees this as a fitting advance in the same year we will be celebrating our 10th Anniversary of the Northwest Florida Ballet Academy. We want everyone to feel welcome to attend our 10th Anniversary September 28th and 29th. Greene says he looks forward to working with the Northwest Florida Ballet Board to expand outreach to the community to raise awareness of the value of the arts for full time residents and visitors alike. The Northwest Florida Ballet celebrates its 43rd year as a regionally recognized semi -professional ballet company and school. In addition, NFB has developed the nationally acclaimed Acadmie an integrated academic and dance education program serving 140 students from the third to eighth grade.

Alaqua Animal Refuge and Spay/Neuter Programs

As reported by WZEP AM1460

Alaqua Animal Refuge has been serving the animals and their people with providing a home for stray, abused or unwanted animals. The facility near Freeport says all animals adopted from Alaqua Animal Refuge have already been spayed or neutered. However, you may have a pet at home or have a friend with a dog or cat that has not yet had this simple surgery. Alaqua Animal Refuge advocates the general welfare and humane treatment of animals by providing shelter, prevention of pet overpopulation and adoption services. Located on 10 acres west of Freeport, the refuge was formed by Laurie Hood in 2007 when she discovered that countless animals were being euthanized due to the lack of a no-kill shelter/adoption organization in the area. Since that time, Alaqua Animal Refuge has helped find homes for thousands of animals. Currently, up to 100 animals are adopted per month from this unique rescue facility, which serves as a true refuge for more than 250 animals at any given time. Here are some of the reasons that spaying or neutering is one of the best things you can do for your pet, yourself, and your community: - Spayed or neutered pets are typically better behaved, calmer, and more affectionate than those that are not altered. Male animals are less likely to mark their territory by urinating or spraying and less likely to try to run away in an attempt to find a female. - Spaying an animal eliminates their heat cycle and the undesirable elements of a heat cycle such as bleeding, crying, and nervous behaviors. Every year approximately 4 million animals, the vast majority of which are medically and behaviorally adoptable, are euthanized. By spaying or neutering your pet you are directly helping to reduce this number. Due to the fact that it helps reduce the incidence of some of the most common types of cancers (breast, uterine, prostate, and testicular), your animal is likely to live a longer and healthier life. Spaying and neutering decreases the number of stray animals which results in a decrease in animal bites (to both humans and pets), car accidents, and destruction to property. As part of their community outreach initiative, the Spay Neuter Assistance Program offers certificates to help offset the cost of spay and neuter procedures to incomequalified residents of Walton County. Certificates are based on a first come, first serve availability. They also offer low cost Spay / Neuter Clinics.

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Health Post
George Roll P.A.-C Seagrove Medical Clinic Call # 850-231-6200 Walk-ins and Appt.s Send health questions or comments to: P.O.Box 1133 Freeport, Florida 32439


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Freeport Mayors Post

Freeport Mayor
Mickey Marse 998 Bay Dr.
Santa Rosa-Beach, Fl.32459 To post a comment or question for the Mayor,
E-mail : Frank@

State Certified-Master Plumber
License # CF-C057978

Effective immediately, all U.S. baby boomers should get a one-time blood test for the hepatitis C virus, the CDC says. One in 30 baby boomers born between 1945 through 1965 has been infected with hepatitis C, and most have no clue. Hepatitis C can go undetected without symptoms, but slowly causes serious liver diseases, including liver cancer. It is also the leading cause of liver transplants in the U.S. "Three-quarters of all hepatitis C infections and three-quarters of hepatitis C deaths occur in baby boomers," CDC Director Thomas R. Frieden, MD, MPH, said today during a conference call with reporters. "Baby boomers are five times more likely to have Hepatitis C than other adult Americans." The new recommendations strengthen existing guidelines that state that all people at high risk for hepatitis C should be tested. "While we continue to recommend testing for high-risk individuals, baby boomers are now added to the list," Frieden says. This move could help identify 800,000 more Americans with hepatitis C. Risk factors for this silent but potentially lethal infection include: History of blood transfusions or other blood products, or organ transplant before widespread adoption of screening measures Long-term dialysis treatment Exposure to hepatitis C such as through a health care setting Infection with HIV, the AIDS virus Children born to mothers with hepatitis C Tattooing or piercing with non-sterile instruments Injection drug use There are many other reasons to be tested for it can prolong the life of the liver and help you live a healthier life. If you have questions or would like to know more of the test give us a call @ 231-6200.


We reserve the right to refuse publications of any comments or questions for the Mayor. Thank You.

School Bus Safety

As reported by WZEP AM1460

Call for AJs -tip of the week

If water runs through it. WE DO IT!!

Holmes and Okaloosa County students head back to school today. Walton students have already been in school due to an allowance by the state for the district. With big yellow rolling, let's take a moment and refresh your memory on Floridas school bus and school zone safety rules as provided by the Okaloosa Sheriffs Office: 1. Never pass a stopped school bus that has its lights blinking and signs showing. 2. If you are traveling in the opposite direction of the bus, you must stop UNLESS there is some type of physical barrier or at least five feet of empty space. That means stop on most two lane and/or neighborhood streets. 3. Pay extra attention to lower speed limits in school zones. 4. Dont pass other cars, change lanes, or make U-turns in school zones. 5. For those riding the bus, wait in a safe place at the bus stop for it to arrive. 6. If you have to cross the street, walk at least twelve feet in front of the bus and never walk behind it. 7. Never run out in the street or cross between parked cars. 8. Get off the bus only at your assigned stop. 9. Never speak to strangers or get into someones car without your parent or guardians permission. 10. Never text and drive.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Emerald Star News, Inc.

Page 5


WC BCC Meeting
As reported by WZEP AM1460

WCSB Meeting
Roberta Wheeler came in protest against the attendance policy period by period. She told the Board she feels the policy in violation of Florida Statutes. She says the policy targets at risk children. Wheeler read from the Code of Conduct where it deals with the students missing classes and the issue being sent to the States Attorney. She told the Board she and the community is rising up against the policy. She said the pattern of non-attendance is tracked by the day, not by class. She also talked about students at Freeport High who do not have a textbook for an algebra class. She said the parents are having to provide copy paper. Board member Sharon Roberts asked to have the textbook situation checked into. Board member Faye Leddon asked attorney Ben Holley to check into the statutes concerning the attendance policy. The Board approved the personnel recommendations. None of the Board members had to abstain this time. Roberts said there are people being administratively moved and she hopes if they are, then they are happy with the move. Roberts noted those types of personnel changes are not under the Board. Having pulled them from the consent agenda, the Board considered five requests to pay employees for work as trainers. Leddon asked why they are being paid extra. The Superintendents office explained they took the classes to become trainers and have been coming in on Saturdays and doing other work to meet the criteria set up by the state. They are being paid for work not normally under what they do as teachers. There was also a question by Faye Leddon about a contract with Dr. Kathleen Oropallo for Professional Development for teachers at all schools. Leddon said some staff have questioned the fact that she is not certified in Florida. Speaking for the superintendent, Mrs. Daily cited Dr. Oropallos education, certifications, work and publications as well as where she is certified. The thought is the teachers do not like the fact that she is not certified in Florida and some feel there are others who can do the job. Eventually Board member Mildred Wilkerson said some do not like her as some do not like the Superintendent or Board. Wilkerson said they need to do what is in the best interest of the students. Citing recent shootings, Leddon asked to have the Board be reaffirmed that the students safety is a top priority. She also said she wants all students to be treated equally.

The Primary is over and several races were decided and the field was narrowed down in others. For Walton County, Connie Mack came out on top of other Republican candidates in the Republican U.S. Senate Race. Bill Nelson will face him as the Democratic. Bruce A Miller won the Universal Primary in Walton County. Marti Coley beat Danny Glidewell for the State Representative race. Circuit Judge Group 15, Terry Ketchel won in Walton. Carlene Anderson beat out Trisha PorterHutchinson for the Republican nominee for Walton Superintendent of Schools. She will go on to November. The Republican candidate for Walton Commissioner District 1 is Bill Chapman. Chapman will face the democrat opponent in November. Walton Commissioner District 3 is now Bill Imfeld after that Universal Primary. And Cindy Meadows is the commissioner for Walton District 5 with 35% of the Universal Primary votes. She won over Cecilia Jones who had a very close 33%. Alex Alford won the three-way Universal Primary Clerk of Court race with 44% of the vote. And the Walton School Board race ended with Gail Smith getting at least 50% plus 1 vote, meaning there will not be a second vote. Smith won the School Board seat over the two opponents with 60% of the vote. Okaloosa County Universal Primaries resulted in Larry Ashley winning sheriff; Ben Anderson, Tax Collector; mary Beth Jackson, Superintendent of Schools; Larry Boyles, OC BCC 3; Larry Hines, OC BCC 5; Cathy Thigpen won with 59% for OC School Board Seat 4, meaning she has 50% plus one.

Pay the loan off early and use the savings to get more done. The Walton Commissioners transferred $1.4 million from the landfill fund to help pay off the road paving. This would pay it off early and thus save about $40,000. Staff explained the early payment would not only save on financing charges, but the next budget would see less having to go out. Walton Sheriff Mike Adkinson told the commissioners he wants to add more security to the South Walton Courthouse Annex. Adkinson says the security is different in the south than from the judicial controlled north courthouse. The commissioners agreed to support the state Florida Forever Program to possibly buy Natural Bridge in the far north end and then manage it for public use. Commissioners were concerned with any costs to the county, but agreed to the support since no promises had to be made. Laurie Hood with Alaqua Animal Refuge asked for the Bark Park sign to be changed to the Alaqua Animal Bark Park. This is to meet requirements for the FDOT to allow the sign to be changed. Commissioners approved an agreement with the FDOT for traffic signals. Commissioner Comander said this could help with the traffic signal at Coy Burgess Loop during summer traffic. Commissioners approved several items dealing with Chat Holley and with Highway 98 landscape maintenance. They also approved the artificial reef maintenance. Catherine Trotman has been working as an intern with the legal department. She gave a presentation about legal notices and additional laws, pointing out a major addition requiring newspapers to post legal notices on their websites. The newspaper must also send to They will also have to provide email notices. Newspapers will also have to charge a standard rate, not one based on population. County Attorney Toni Craig complemented Trotman on her work. Her parents were in the audience for the presentation. The commissioners will hold a workshop on the Sandestin DRI. Commissioner Larry Jones asked to have staff meet and update the commissioners individually then they schedule the workshop. The commissioners will also be scheduling two executive sessions to go over litigation matters. These will be announced later. TDC Director Dawn Moliterno requested approval of a recommendation to enter into negotiations for a new advertising agency. Zehender Advertising was selected partially due to its buying power and the ability to give bonus added value. Commissioners also approved a media buy that will feature Emeril s Florida, a new show the celebrity chef is doing. The show will feature the area. The TDC is researching if TDC funds can be used to pay for maintenance of the Timpoochee Trail, the multi-use bike path. Commissioner Comander said she has found there are countries all over the state that use TDC funds for these types of projects.

Page 6 Book Review By: River Stewart


Thursday, August 23, 2012

SW Swimmer Rescue and Fire

Friday the South Walton Fire District (SWFD) received a call reporting a swimmer in distress just east of the Gulf View Heights area in Santa Rosa Beach. SWFD lifeguards were notified and responded to the unguarded beach area, that is no lifeguard tower. Upon arrival, a SWFD lifeguard entered the water to retrieve the swimmer in distress. Once on shore, CPR was administered to the swimmer until SWFD paramedics arrived. The swimmer, a 60 year old male, was immediately transported by SWFD to Sacred Heart on the Emerald Coast. It is unknown whether the swimmer experienced a medical episode or if he was overcome by the surf. At the time of the incident, the beach warning flags were red indicating a High Hazard, high surf and/or currents. Lightning was witnessed before a home caught fire. The South Walton Fire District (SWFD) received a call at 9:00 A.M. Saturday morning reporting a structure fire on Paradise By the Sea Blvd in the Inlet Beach area. Reports from the neighbors indicated there was an early morning thunderstorm with severe lightning. Sometime close to 5:30 a.m. neighbors stated they witnessed lightning strike near this residence. It wasnt until 3 hours later that smoke and flames were reported coming from this 3 story, (est.) 12,000 sq. ft. beachfront home. Within minutes of receiving the initial 9-1-1 call, SWFD units arrived on scene and found fire coming from the third floor roof area. Prior to arrival, it was determined the fire had spread throughout the subfloors making extinguishment difficult. Despite that, SWFD crews were able to minimize the fire damage and bring the scene under control within an hour of the initial call. The residence was valued at an estimated $9.6 million dollars with damage to the structure and contents estimated at $1.6 million dollars. The owners were not home at the time of the fire and there were no injuries to report. The fire was investigated by the SWFD Fire Marshal and the Florida State Fire Marshals Office. Dear Aunt Ruby, I am only slightly embarrassed to say that while my wife and I were busy explaining to friends and strangers that the answer to their When are you having children? questions was Never, we also brainstormed names for the little genius. I liked Romie Lane, the name of a street in a Steinbeck novel, East of Eden I think. She liked the sound of Roma. What can I say? There is either some deep psychological well to drill here, or we are simply pretentious semi-literates that enjoy naming things. The car, for example, is named Bess, after my wifes grandmother, who had similarly sturdy, wide hips and a heavy backend. We also unapologetically and ruthlessly offer name suggestions for friends companies, boats, and especially babies. Yes, we know we are annoying. Now my daughter wants to name her next child with a name that sounds odd. I would say but then shell know its me for sure. I suppose there isnt anything I can say that wont start an argument. Lord knows I do not want her to think of my feelings about it every time I call the babys name in the future. Any suggestions? Not too thrilled Dear thrilled, As you have already stated the fact is that you cant do anything about it. Whatever the name may be you can always come up with a nick-name down the road. That name you can choose. Youll be fine in the long run. Ruby

The Night Circus Erin Morgenstern

Amazingly detailed, fantastically wonderful, Erin Morgenstern delves deep into the realm of her readers minds to unleash the full potential of their imaginations. The Night Circus brings to life all five of the senses to combine into an amalgamation of life that flows from the pages and takes you by the hands to guide you through the subtleties of the most phantasmagorical circus on Earth. Brought together by a competition of unusual premises that had been going on long before they were born, they enrolled in the Night Circus to showcase their magical prowess and determine the winner. But, since not all things go as planned, the competitors come together, and from the moment they first touch, the spark they create within each others heart forever binds them together, far beyond the realms of the competition. As they fall deeper in love, they also dig deeper into the intricacies of the contest between them and discover that to win, one will have to do something that will leave the other broken and desolate. Full of the most precious kind of romance, and the most beautiful kind of magic, The Night Circus will leave readers full of suspense at every turn of the page, lasting up to the very end, still hungry for more, but happily content in the resolution that leaves everyone a winner. This is truly a book for the young and young at heart. I applaud Erin Morgenstern for her first novel. Review by River Stewart

By M. Vreeland Dont let the name deceive you. Its just a really fierce moniker for a totally sweet dog. A Boston Terrier/Dachshund mix, Grizzley became a part of our Alaqua Animal Refuge family when his owners were no longer able to care for him. He is a delightful fellow who is extremely affectionate and a joy to have around. Because, like many of us, Grizzley is carrying a tad more weight than is healthy for him, his fondest wish is to find a special someone who will love him just the way he is. But he also hopes that same someone will help him regain his puppyish figure by putting him on a regular exercise schedule of walking and playing. Grizzley is great on a leash and plays well with other dogs. With his rugged good looks and his loving personality, Grizzley hopes he can win you over while causing you to lose your heart. "Northwest Florida's Premier Animal Sanctuary and Adoption Center" Alaqua Animal Refuge is a non-profit, no-kill shelter, located at 914 Whitfield Road, Freeport. We welcome you to visit all the adoptable animals at our beautiful ten acre sanctuary any Tuesday through Sunday from 12:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. For more information you can call us at 850-880-6399 or check out our website at

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Thursday, August 23, 2012


Page 7

Happenings in DeFuniak Springs

WALTON COUNTY BCC Emerald Coast Aviation DFS Council Meeting As reported by WZEP AM1460 ATTORNEYS OFFICE TO The City of DeFuniak Springs is a Tree City and is the site of the start of Arbor Emerald Coast Aviation came before the COLLECT DONATIONS DeFuniak Springs City Council to ask for a Day in Florida. The new signs will go on private property so people can see them FOR THE HOMELESS since the FDOT said they could not go on the state right of way. Tree City USA change in the settlement agreement with
DeFuniak Springs, FL The Walton
AeroFX. Jonathan Dunn asked the Council for a change in the settlement agreement when the airport operator and the city parted ways. Dunn said he would offer a donation of $30,000 for two city projects. Dunn said he purchased the company, put personal money in the airport and brought the service level up. Dunn said he wanted to clear up issues in the lease and began to negotiate with the former city manager. He told Council he did not want to leave and attempted to get a new lease. He said he feels the door seemed to be closed and eventually entered into litigation. Dunn says he was taking a business and was close to winning the battle and making money. Twelve hours before trial he was offered a settlement. Dunn says he only gained what he had invested but lost a 15 year lease. City Attorney Clayton Adkinson said he did not lose the lease, rather he was bought out. Dunn asked for one page of the agreement to be changed. He said he understands there is bad blood between some and him based on a personal or professional level. He said the change would benefit him and would not cost Lorri Smith was presented her UFL/IFAS - the city. He offered to pay any attorney fees Walton Master Gardener Certificate and give the money for the two projects. belatedly at a recent Master Gardener The projects are $20,000 for a Chautauqua meeting. She had completed all the Hall of Brotherhood elevator and $10,000 requirements but was unavailable when the for the citys new skate park. other certificates were Adkinson pointed out the lawsuit was with presented. She is congratulated by the MG AeroFX. AeroFX is now doing business as Emerald Coast Aviation and Dunn said he Association President, Len Ross and was the sole owner at the time of the agreeHorticulture Agent, Eddie Powell. ment. Council member Mac Work said he feels the issue was settled and made a motion to deny the request. The vote to turn it down was 4-1 with Wright the only vote against County Office of the County Attorney will be hosting a collection site through August 31, 2012, for donations of food items to be distributed to the homeless in our area. Donations of non-perishable food items can be dropped off at 161 E. Sloss Avenue. The Office of the County Attorney invites everyone to participate in this food drive to benefit the local homeless community. provided a sign, a flag, a plaque and a hat. Kermit Wright got the hat. The city will also have city limit signs moved to better reflect the actual city boundaries. Several young Misss came and talked about a planned pet day to highlight local pets, a dog and cat beauty pageant and to bring awareness of animals needing adoption. They asked for a donation of a fee waiver and permission to sell concessions. The special day will be September 22 from 9-5. Council gave permission for the use of the Lawson Amphitheatre. Council approve the first reading to clarify and address fee waivers for use of facilities. Council member Mac Work asked to have the Mayor Pro-Tempore position rotated. Mayor Carpenter said the code says the Council will vote for a term of one year, but will take place after the election. Now the elections take place every two years. The agreement is they can vote each year. Work made a motion to nominate Wayne Graham and it was approved 5-0. Graham will take over and stay in the position until April of next year. Council member Kelley thanked Mayor Pro-Temp Henry Ennis for his work and for doing a good job filling in while Carpenter was recently ill. Council Member Kermit Wright talked about promoting from within when they put someone in place to cover a position temporarily. Wright said they also promoted Sandra Arnold to fill in for the City Finance Director. He suggested paying Arnold for the additional work like they did for the two serving as interim city manager. City manager Sara Bowers suggested paying 80% of what they normally would since Bowers retained some of the duties. Wright said it is his belief they owe the money. The Council approved two variance requests, both for odd shaped parcels. Council member Ron Kelly said about both properties that they are odd shaped and should be given leeway for the owners to better use the land. The Council also approved an ordinance dealing with unsafe buildings and abatement and a flood damage prevention ordinance. The engineers present a sighting plan for a new compressed natural gas filling station. The next step is actually building a station. It could have use for city vehicles, garbage trucks, Sheriffs Office vehicles and school busses. The main facility will likely go next to the fire station at Burdick and 10th in the current fueling yard. Anyone can use the facility if they have the state required tax sticker. Staff will start the process of seeking grants and funds. City manager Sara Bowers presented a plan to offer businesses that will be filling a vacant storefront and providing jobs a discount on utilities. This was based on a program Gulf Power offers. The recommendation was approved.

Walton Master Gardner

Lottery Player Gets Wrong Ticket, Wins $1M

He asked for one game, but distracted clerk gave him another

When a store clerk gave a Massachusetts man a different kind of scratch-off lottery ticket than he asked for, he didn't make a big deal about the mistake; he said he just "rolled with it." It was a good decision: He won $1 million. Richard Brown of Taunton said he went into Gulf Taunton recently and asked for a $5 "Blue Ice 7s" ticket, but the clerk was distracted and instead gave him a "Sizzlin 7s" ticket. Brown selected the cash option on the prize and received a one-time lump sum payment of about $430,000 after taxes. He plans to use the money for a new roof on his home and to take a trip to San Francisco, among other things. The store gets a $10,000 commission, thanks to the mistake.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Obituary for Allyn Kemp

Mr. Allyn Kemp, age 76, of Santa Rosa Beach, Florida passed away August 15, 2012. He was born February 23, 1936 in Post, Texas to Munger Kemp and Bernice Hedrick. Mr. Kemp was a resident of Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. He was Baptist by faith and attended Destiny Worship Center in Miramar Beach, Florida. He was a veteran of the armed forces serving his country in the United States Navy. He worked as a chemical engineer for many years before retiring. He was also an entrepreneur having owned and operated Islands Sport Shop in Miramar Beach, Florida. He wrote columns for the Libertarian Party. He enjoyed fishing, water sports, traveling, and spending time with his family. Mr. Kemp is preceded in death by his father and mother. Mr. Kemp is survived by his wife Emma-Lee Kemp of 51 years of Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, three sons Mark Kemp and wife Dianna of Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, Dr. David Kemp of Atlanta, Georgia, Paul Kemp and wife Pat of Maryland, two daughters Phyllis Hill and husband Dickie of Texas, Judy Wogan and husband Rich of Jacksonville, Florida, one brother Harold Kemp and wife Zuella of Texas, ten grandchildren Tyler Hill, Stephanie Parker and husband Johannes, Christina Jarvis and husband Jason, Dianna Kemp, Matthew Kemp, Shelby Kemp, Sarah Malinonski, Ryan Malinonski, Noah Malinonski, and Daniel Kemp. In lieu of flowers, family requests donations be made to The American Cancer Society at P.O. Box 22718 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73123-1718. You may go online to view obituaries, offer condolences and sign guest book at Clary-Glenn Funeral Home is entrusted with the arrangements.

Shelter House Update

As reported by WZEP AM1460


Walton County Saltwater Beach Monitoring Results Walton County - The Walton County Health Department conducts regularly scheduled saltwater beach water quality monitoring at seven sites through the Healthy Beaches Monitoring Program. The water samples are being analyzed for enteric bacteria (enterococci) that normally inhabit the intestinal tract of humans and animals, which may cause human disease, infections, or rashes. The presence of enteric bacteria is an indication of fecal pollution, which may come from stormwater runoff, pets and wildlife, and human sewage. The purpose of the Healthy Beaches Monitoring Program is to determine whether Florida has significant coastal beach water quality problems and whether future beach monitoring efforts are necessary. Site / Name / Enterococci / Water Quality / SP-1 / Miramar Beach / 4 / Good SP-3 / Dune Allen Beach / 8 / Good SP-4 / Blue Mountain Beach / 8 / Good SP-5 / Grayton Beach / 16 / Good SP-7 / Holly Street Beach / 12 / Good SP-8 / Eastern Lake Beach / 16 / Good SP-9 / Inlet Beach Access / 20 / Good Water quality classifications are based upon United States Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) recommended criteria and Florida Healthy Beaches Program Categories: Good = 0 - 35 Enterococci per 100 ml of marine Moderate = 36 - 104 Enterococci per 100 ml of marine water Poor = greater than 105 Enterococci per 100 ml of marine water The Health Advisories for Dune Allen Beach Access, Blue Mountain Beach Access and the Holly Street Beach Access locations have been lifted. If you should have any questions, please contact the Walton County Health Department of (850) 8928021, or visit the Department of Health's internet Beach Water Quality website ( <> , click on "Floridians and Visitors" - under "Food, Water, Air, Land," choose "Beach Water Quality."

This summer has been one of the busiest times ever in Shelter House's history. With the end of the fiscal year on June 30, they took a look back on the impact Shelter House, with your help and support, has had in our community over the last year. In just 12 months, they touched the lives of 5,885 women, children and men in Okaloosa and Walton counties. Shelter House says their advocates have been hard at work counseling victims, offering referrals, going to court and spreading the word about the services available through Shelter House so anyone touched by domestic violence knows where to turn. Shelter House says that moving into the next fiscal year, it looks to be even busier than the last. They report their emergency shelter has been full again. They ask for your continuing support to offer services to abused women and children. Shelter House says they are critically low or completely out of the following items: toilet paper, paper towels, bleach, cleaning supplies, kitchen garbage bags, ethnic hair care products (i.e. hair grease, hair lotion, light oils, deep conditioner and shampoo), light bulbs, large size diapers and pull ups and infant care items, such as baby powder, baby lotion, baby shampoo and baby wipes. Donations are accepted weekdays from 8am to 5pm at the Shelter House Administrative Office located at 102 Buck Drive in Fort Walton Beach. Monetary donations are always appreciated.

August blood drives in Destin area and Walton County.

Wednesday 22nd Walton Career Development Center DeFuniak Springs 8 am to 1 pm Free Movie ticket for all donors Friday 24th Coast Guard Station Destin 9.30 am to 1.30 pm Friday 24th Sacred Heart Hospital Emerald Coast 9 am to 4 pm Saturday 25th Rave Motion Pictures, Destin Commons 3 pm to 8 pm Free movie ticket for all donors Sunday 26th Point Northwest Florida State College, DeFuniak Springs 12 pm to 6 pm Free Movie ticket for all donors Washington United Methodist Church 12909 County Road 395 North, Santa Rosa Beach 9.30 am to 12.30 pm

Monday 27th Northwest Florida State College, DeFuniak Springs 12 pm to 6 pm Free Movie ticket for all donors

Thursday, August 23, 2012


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Help..Spread the word about this newspaper to everyone you know!

Advertising specials going on NOW!! Please thank those advertisers in this issue, because of them we can continue to promote business in Walton county. Thank you


The Friends of the Walton/DeFuniak Springs Library will hold a huge book sale on Saturday, September 15, 2012, at the Walton County Fairgrounds. The sale begins at 8:30 AM and will continue until 12:00 noon. In addition to thousands of books available, there will be a Chicken BBQ dinner catered by Holy Smoke Meats & Treats Catering which includes chicken leg quarter, corn, green beans and drink. Plates will be on sale for just $7.00 each. All proceeds will benefit the DeFuniak Springs library. Other activities that day include a silent cake auction which runs until 1:00 PM, drawings, karaoke, face painting and balloon animals for the kids. This will be a fun-filled time for the entire family. Everyone is encouraged to come out and join in the various activities! Through the generosity of the community, thousands of books - fiction and non-fiction, hardback and paperback - covering every possible subject will be available. Pack as many books as possible into a plastic grocery bag for just $2.00! Bags will be provided for your convenience. Also included in this sale will be some special rare titles as well as CDs, DVDs and a good collection of VHS tapes. Some books and audio/ visual media will be priced separately. If you have books which you no longer use/want in your home, please consider donating them to the Friends for future sales. Books may be brought to the fairgrounds on Friday, September 14, between 9:00 AM and noon or on Saturday during sale hours. Proceeds from the book sale and all the other activities will be used to provide new books and other materials not currently covered in the library budget. Your participation benefits the entire community. Over the past few years, thousands of dollars have been donated to fund book purchases, computer equipment, nuts-and-bolts needs and special projects at the library including their well received childrens summer reading program. For more information, call Anita Harris at 850 -859-0215.

The 14 day Overview

Aquarius 1/20 2/18 Pisces 2/19 3/20 Aries 3/21 4/19 Taurus 4/20 5/20 Gemini 5/21 6/21 Cancer 6/22 7/22 Leo 7/23 8/22 Virgo 8/23 9/22

A sudden, beautiful, undeniable upsurge in your romantic life. Whether it's a 'hot as the surface of the sun' affair or a Jamesian deepening of an existing intellectual connection, you will be on cloud nine. Sadly, as you have experienced before, cloud nine is a place you visit, not a place you live. Midweek sees you readjusting to real life. No wonder you're cranky! But the opportunity to flex your creative muscles brings you some satisfaction through the weekend. It's understandable that you'd want all the facts at your disposal before you move forward, but that's not how the cards fall on Monday. You have to look into the future. You have to project. And then you have to step forward with as much confidence as you can muster. That future begins to unfold, beginning with a problem in a partnership. You express yourself clearly without having to think about it -- a necessary skill when pies and rubber chickens are flying through the air. On Tuesday, those pies start smacking into things and splattering everywhere. Cleaning and emotional clearing are the order of the day on Wednesday. Thursday grants you enough free time for a brief trip to the moon. A cautious pace is the smarter way to proceed at the beginning of the week. Air your strategy among friends on Tuesday and Wednesday and be open to their input. You will be surprised how inspiring their ideas are. Thursday will lack inspiration almost entirely (expect to be mediating a disagreement between two people who have little cause of arguing in the first place. You may not feel like you're getting a lot done at the start of the week, but you're laying the foundation for a fantastic future. You're meeting people who are going to become crucial to your advancement, and you're generating ideas that will only achieve full dimension over time. You're also flirting heavily with someone, even if you don't exactly realize it. Toward the middle of the week, money is all you can think about. Your irritability on Monday may cause you to break out of your rut, do things differently and shrug off your usual routine as too usual, too routine. Tuesday and Wednesday, you see your place in the world differently, and consequently you find yourself facing more possibility than ever before. Thursday finds you feeling huge -- in keeping with this spirit, you may buy yourself something huge as well. A brainstorming session with your friends is in order; there are some brilliant ideas floating on the horizon. A social gathering on Monday could be a productive place to get things sorted out. Tuesday and Wednesday, warmth and pride are major themes in your life -- and an ideal inspiration for some deep thinking. On Thursday someone will pay you a compliment that makes your heart soar. Your friend or coworker hasn't even finished explaining the nuances of a situation before you have a solution -- a good solution -- ready. You've hit some kind of stride. Your advice is stellar. You should be a consultant. Midweek, your energy comes from other people, which may lead you to want to be around as many people as possible. By Thursday, the social quotient may get a bit out of hand. What you need on Monday is someone you can spill your guts to. A trusty friend. Someone unshockable. You are entering new mental territory, and you need to talk things through with someone who can inspire you to share. Expect emotional flooding this week. Midweek the water level is so high, you may not want to come outside. But Thursday you wake up buoyant and ready to take on anything. A funny little detail may turn into a big problem on Monday. So watch for banana peels in unlikely places. And if you have to sign anything, make sure you read all that microscopic writing toward the bottom of the form. Tuesday and Wednesday are, happily, the kind of days when everything goes your way without much effort on your part -- in fact, the more you let go, the better. But a clash with the boss on Thursday requires your full attention. The more cakes you have in the oven on Monday, the better. You never can tell how a cake is going to turn out. And who knows, maybe they'll all rise beautifully and you'll have a surplus. Tuesday and Wednesday, you'll have little patience for flour and eggs, what with all the deep thinking you're doing. But after a long day's contemplation, knowing there's a cake in the fridge for dessert, if you want it, is a true pleasure. Somebody or something far away comes into play on Monday or Tuesday, so be sure you're not confining your attention or vision to what's right in front of your nose. Come Wednesday, you'll probably be focusing on work, but don't expect any miracles there. In fact, lead your life in balance so the other things in your life can reinvigorate and refresh you. Get outside instead of in; get in front of art or music instead of the TV.

Libra 9/23 10/22 Scorpio 10/23 11/21

Sagittarius 11/22 12/2 Capricorn 12/22 1/19

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The EMERALD STAR NEWS, Inc. Obituary for Marilda (Rilla) Wycoff Kelley Rilla was a long time resident of Ft. Myers. She passed away in her new home in Destin, Fl., after suffering a Massive stroke on the evening of Aug 7th and succumbed Sunday morning Aug 12th. She transferred to Ft. Myers in the early 70s with United Telephone co. to train the employees in the companys conversion to computers. She liked Ft. Myers and stayed and retired in 1984 after 42 years service with the company. Rilla was a work-a-holic her entire life. As a single Mom she routinely worked 2 jobs to support herself and her son Bill. That routine changed little in Ft. Myers. First she earned an associate degree from Edison Community College in 1977. Shortly after she took the H&R Block tax preparer course ,went to work for Block evenings and weekends during tax season and retired from Block in 2009 after 30 years service. She was born on June 23rd, 1917 in Rolla, Mo were she received her education and lived until moving to Ft. Myers. She is preceded in death by her mother Della Wycoff of Ft. Myers and Rolla, Mo and her father Ross Thompson of Rolla. She is survived by her son Bill, his wife Roberta (Bert) of Freeport fl., Her brother Robert Thompson, and Null and his wife Gretchen, sister Susan Hand both of Rolla, three grandchildren, Chris and Doug Wycoff, their wives Lynn and Lisa both of Tampa and Terri Thurber and her husband Peter of Pensacola, four great grandchildren Tim, Brittney and Jessica Wycoff of Tampa and Brian McNitt of Pensacola. And of course many many friends from all around the country. She touched a lot of people in her life. Burial will follow in the Rolla Cemetery in Rolla, Missouri. Arrangements are under direction of Clary-Glenn Funeral home of Freeport and Null and Sons Funeral Home of Rolla, Missouri. You may go online to view obituaries, offer condolences and sign guest book at Freeport Chapel Funeral Home is entrusted with the arrangements.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

As reported by WZEP AM1460

PanCare Cites Success

Governor Rick Scott recently proclaimed National Health Centers Week to celebrate the accomplishments of Community Health Centers throughout Florida. Bay and Walton Counties have four Federally Qualified Community Health Centers operated by a nonprofit organization called PanCare of Florida, Inc. Two are located in Panama City, and the others are located in Freeport and Bruce, Florida. Collectively, they provide dental and health care services to low income families without insurance or who are on Medicaid or Medicare. Mike Hill, PanCares President & CEO, says the clinics have made a tremendous impact on families between the two counties. Hill says these dental and medical clinics have made healthcare affordable for low income families. Just during the past year, PanCare has: - Provided more than $4,000,000 in medical and dental services to low income families. - Donated $758,333 in dental care to low income families. - Donated $424,145 in medical care to low income families. - Provided affordable health care to families on a sliding scale who did not have insurance. - Supplemented $675,767 worth of prescriptions to families who could not afford to pay full price to fill their prescription needs. - Collaborated with Bay Medical Center Sacred Heart Health System, Sacred Heart Hospital on the Emerald Coast and Direct Relief InternationalUSA to provide approximately $4 million in free medical products and services to those in need. - Acquired a 40-foot medical/dental bus to provide affordable healthcare and dental services in nearby counties. - Opened the newest health clinic in Bruce in collaboration with the Muscogee Nation of Florida and the Florida Blue Foundation. Hill says Bay Medical Center Sacred Heart Health System and Sacred Heart Hospital are both working with PanCare to alleviate unnecessary emergency room visits which ultimately reduce healthcare costs. He also points out the Florida Blue Foundation provided them with $100,000 to open their Bruce clinic in collaboration with the Muscogee Nation of Florida. Hill says these are services and partnerships worth celebrating. He says they are not finished. For more information about PanCare of Florida, log on to<http://>

DFS Budget Meeting

Dear FES Parents/Guardians, Want to help our kids? It's easy. Our school can receive up to $10,000 in Target GiftCards(r) for books or any supplies we need. Wouldn't that be great? All we need to do is vote for our school each week until September 8. It's part of Give With Target(r). For every 25 votes our school receives, Target will send a $25 gift card. Find out more and vote at<http://>.

The DEP came through and have approved moving the DeFuniak Springs Sports Complex on Gene Hurley Road to the land near Maude Saunders Elementary. The park will connect with the current Wee Care Park and hopefully provide more ball fields so tournaments can come. The DEP had to give approval since they provided the grant. The only requirement is to make sure they offer the same services. The park off Gene Hurley Road has seen problems because of its location and lack of easy access. Kelly Schultz has turned in her resignation as Airport Manager to take a job at the Sheriffs Office. City Manager Sara Bowers says she reluctantly agreed to accept the resignation. Current staff and and staff from elsewhere in the city will help out until a new person can be found. Bowers said she wants to take her time and find the right person. Bowers said they need someone who can help market the airport. The building inspector still does not have his certification. It is now expected to be completed in December. He does have a provisional from the state in 2010 and they give three years to complete the requirement. Bowers said, in light of the current economy, the recommendation is to eliminate the position. The County is already helping and could help with all the requirements. Customers will simply go to the County and pay the fees they usually charge. The County also does this for Freeport. This will be effective October first. Unrestricted cash reserves available this year over last year is over $800,000 down. Bowers said they are hurting in the reserves. Operating cash money is over $3 million, but not all is readily available and usable. Bowers said money coming in is down. While the numbers are down, the budget will end not quite as bad as they first thought. The city is projected to be a million and a half in the hole. The reserves are used to help out in emergencies. These are used for times when a well goes out or a storm hits. Council member Kermit Wright noted how they put money in in good times to help out when times are tough. Council member Mac Work said they need to not expect the budget or economy to get better very quick. Council member Wayne Graham asked about five years out. The expectation is to go one more year and they could be out of reserves. There is a utility rate increase October 1st. Bowers says she hopes it will not be as bad next year, possibly only half a million. Bowers said it is better to budget doom and gloom and come out better than to budget sunny and come out down. Wright said he will not cut services to the citizens. Bowers presented a projection of an $18 million expense budget. Bowers said when they present the final budget, it will jump up into the $20 millions. Revenue is expected to be at $14 million. City Finance Director John McCue talked about the budget and explained they took a $100000 hit to the insurance based on the past five years claims. He said they are not about to crash, but are in need. He feels they will do better next year and feels the seeds they have planted in things like utility expansion will start to pay off. Laying off is a consideration, but McCue said he would advise against it, telling the Council they have a good thing going. Graham asked about going into an emergency mode of no spending unless it is an emergency. McCue and Bill Holloway both agree they are already doing this to a point. McCue said they could decide to not maintain buildings, could plug flats to fix them and find other ways to cut out all spending. He said he would not recommend that because it would actually cost more in the future.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


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"Erica's Movie Reel"

Visioning Meeting
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Walton County Down the Road. Walton Commissioner Sara Comander is seeking input from citizens about what they want to see with the County in the future. Recent meetings are a revisiting of the vision for the future of Walton County. In October of 2010, the commissioners adopted a vision and mission for the County based on a number of visioning meetings held through the County. This included a vision of sustaining and enhancing the Countys vitality, environment and community character. Areas like economic development, vitality, growth management, transportation, environment, recreation and community character are all parts of what citizens agreed they want to see in the future. With changes, such as the widening of U.S. 331 and the economic slowdown, Comander wanted to revisit the visioning. At a meeting in DeFuniak Springs, meeting participants first talked about preservation of the environment. Ideas include: ecotourism, green trails and blue waves, bike trails throughout the county, a county wide TDC, education, research and including the Indian Tribe in Bruce. Under economic development they talked about: infrastructure such as roads, water and sewer; high speed internet and cell phone coverage; educated workers and partnerships between schools and businesses; streamlining planning projects, training dollars, shovel ready sites; what industry Walton can attract and the senior community. Talking about quality of life, the audience had: arts; cultural events; a large venue for events; open government; a daily newspaper and communications; museum and heritage, medical availability and low speed vehicles accessing the community. The group agreed there needs to be a streamlining of the ideas presented and suggested a focus group. This would then come up with a clear idea and bring in leaders such as the commissioners, cities, school board, chamber, businesses and others for a workshop to come up with ways each could contribute. Working together like they did in Jackson County and how various entities can come together to get things done was noted. Attendees also said there are already people doing things that can be tapped into and expand upon. Ecotourism in the north part of the county that pulls from the beach area was used as an example. A survey is available online at the county website. The survey will stay up until the end of the month. Go to http:// and look for the survey link in the middle.

Exp/accurate representative needed
to work, he/she must be above 18yrs old and must have a good qualities to work. Interested applicant should please contact :

The Dark Knight Rises/ The Campaign

For fans of the comics that follow the story of The Dark Knight you will not be disappointed by this film, on the other hand, you will not be surprised. For fans of Batmans side kick, Robin, the film does make a nod at the young hero, but do not get too excited because The Dark Knight Rises is the last installment of The Dark Knight series. The Dark Knight Rises was just as action packed as you could hope for a Batman movie to be, but the film showed a softer side of the Batman that other films have not, a romantic side; a romantic side that hindered and helped the Batman. With that being said, if you are a fan of Michelle Pfeiffers Love-To-Hate-Her Selina Kyle, otherwise known as Catwoman, then you will not be a fan of Anne Hathaways version, however she is never refered to as Catwoman in the new film. Tom Hardy played the vicious Bane character that causes massive chaos in Gotham City and takes on one of the most terrifying villians I have ever seen out of a comic book based series. If you have not seen The Dark Knight Rises for whatever your reason may be, go see it! You will not be disappointed by this film. From start to finish you will be on the edge of your seat. I am a huge fan of Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis, however, The Campaign was not near as funny as I was hoping it would be, maybe I had my expectations set too high, but I was expecting more from this duo. Even though I was disappointed by the film as a whole, The Campaign was not short of laughs. If you enjoy the raunchy comedy of other Will Ferrell movies like, Anchor Man, Step Brothers and Talladega Nights, then you will love The Campaign. For those of you who dont know, The Campaign is about two CEOs that take the opportunity to take out a long-term congressman Cam Brady (Will Ferrell) by backing a rival candidate, the director of the local Tourism Center, Marty Huggins (Zack Galifianakis). Unless you are just looking for a laugh, wait until this comes out on dvd before you waste your money on the theatre

The Emerald Star News office # is: 850-585-0262 Located in Freeport Florida

Home Assistant or helper. Local, trustworthy with references Call Bonnie 850-880-6419 or 253221-3379

Volunteers needed at the Alaqua Animal refuge. Must be 18 + For more information call (850) 880-6399

Advertising sales positions

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For Sale
2006 32'Forest River travel trailer. Very good condition, plywood, subfloors, real oak cabinets, sleeps 8,microwave,lg.fridge, queen bed, propane stove, 2 propane tanks, pots utensils etc. everything included. Everything works, just hook up and go. I have pics. To email. Only $4,900. 850-399-0113.

Handyman-25yrs. Exp. All phases of home repair./remodel Free estimates. Excellent work for a great price. For more information Call: ESN @ 850.585.0262

Volunteers Needed In Walton county,

only 44% of the children in the court system have a volunteer Guardian Ad Litem, Freeport has lots of cases that need volunteers. Please consider volunteering, it only takes a few hours a month after you are trained, and makes a big difference in the life of a local child. Visit fill out the application, save it and send it to you will be so glad you did!!

Yard Work
extremely reasonable rates. Let me help clean up your area. Call ESN: 850-585-0262 for details/times.

Dear Parents/Guardians, As we begin our new school year and update our records, please let us know if you would like to be deleted from our parent email list. Parents who have provided an email address receive information regarding school news, events and other important information. If you choose to be deleted, please send an email to<mailt>

experience. If you have any comments or recommendations email me at:

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

WATERVIEW COVE 4BR/2.5BA w/lots of curb appeal. Master BR on ground floor. Side load garage. Separate 30x30 shop/carport. $269,900

10 ACRES UNRESTRICTED - ID#T530156 RIVER RENDEZVOUS - ID# T416049 Close to Choctawhatchee River, w/easy 1st class cabin on Choctawhatchee. 3BR/3BA, access to boat launches. Survey completed. approx. 1,700 SF. FP, vaulted ceilings. 50x70 Owner Financing Available. $60,000 metal bldg. across street included. $299,800

ESTATE SALE Exclusive Bay Harbour! City W&S, underground utilities. Corner lot adjoining nature preserve. Greatly reduced price! $22,500

THE FLORIDA GOOD LIFE - ID# T305914 3BR/2.5BA, 1,836 SF cottage on LaGrange Bayou. 1st floor Master BR. Open kitchen w/ granite countertops. Dbl garage. $359,500

UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY! - ID# T620662 1.37 ac corner lot near Bridge. Brick 3BR/1BA, 1,614 sq. ft. w/new metal roof, paint & kitchen. Fenced yard. $138,500


ACREAGE-HOME-SHOP - ID# T88495 1.79 acres w/brick 3BR/2BA, 1,800 SF on corner. BONUS 30 x 60 metal workshop!! Short Sale, As-Is. NOW ONLY $175,000

1BR/1BA cabin with 50 on Choctawhatchee River with seawall. Sold furnished and ready for a weekend get-a-way! New carpet & vinyl, roof and paint in 2011. Boat launches are nearby. Fishing, boating & relaxing-this is the place! NEW LISTING! $78,500

WATERFRONT DEAL - ID# T88494 Almost 1 acre on Mallet Bayou! 3BR/2BA home with 1,514 SF. Dock w/ power & water, fenced yard. $235,900

NEWLY REMODELED IN DFS 3BR/2BA, 2,026 SF. Kitchen has bar & eat-in area. Bonus computer/craft room. Open back deck. ONLY $124,900

CARIBBEAN FUN - ID# T378319 NEAR BLACK CREEK - ID# T616439 2br/1.5ba, two-story bungalow directly on 3BR/1.5BA, 1,260 sq. ft. brick home on half Black Creek. Dock w/electric. Storage shed, acre. New roof, interior paint, appliances, dbl carport. REDUCED! $169,000 tile, windows, blinds, etc. $125,000


Approximately 3,000 sq. ft. Kitchen, 2 baths Exterior storage space Includes 2BR/2BA residence Approximately 1.5 acres Hwy 331 S location Call for more details. Shown by appointment only.


Ph: 850-835-4153