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"FISE Workshop: How Disruptive Technologies Influence the FI Business Ecosystem" Poland, 29 Oct 2011 Paper abstract for

session: Emerging value networks within the Future Internet Ecosystem Hallingby, Hanne-Stine; Erdal, Olai Bendik; Johansen, Finn-Tore. Telenor ASA, Digital Services. Telenor ASA is pursuing research on the future Internet in many ways. The project Internet value network aims to reveal more about revenue streams, value creation and power relationships between actors in the core Internet. Our research questions are: • How are values, profit and power really created in the Internet Economy? • What impact does the real Internet have on various stakeholders? One research activity is a case study on the Norwegian Internet ecosystem. We identify Norwegian based autonomous system numbers (ASNs), their owners/ownership, customerprovider relationships, alliances and revenues. Based on available information the ASNs are categorized according to type of services and size. Further we have identified to what degree the different ASNs hold domains, deliver access to/hosts providers of popular sites or Internet services, and deliver access to end-users. Preliminary findings are: - There are signs of clustering among the ASNs - There are many types of ASNs in addition to the traditional access providers/Internet service providers and transit providers - Some ASNs have built a position, or clusters, with large share of the available domains, sites and providers of Internet services - Providers of Internet services such as business applications are active ASNs, and in a growing market - Providers of Internet services such as business applications are systematically linked up in a few clusters In Telenor we also see the global trend on a few ASNs dominating content provisioning. However, our Norwegian case study shows that also local Internet ecosystems are changing. We actually provide a snapshot of an emerging Internet value network. The project’s research focus is based in three assumptions on present dilemmas, trends and eco-systems for the Internet access provider: Threat perspective: • The value of a network/Return on Investment (ROI) may be reduced by increased bandwidth capacity, i.e. increase inbound traffic without payback from neither access customers or the traffic origin side Opportunity perspectives: • Revenues and profit from Internet services – especially to enterprises – grow more than Internet access, e.g. Infrastructure as a Service, Software as a Service • Network operators providing and hosting services on-net are more profitable than network operators without services on-net, i.e. on-net eco-systems are better positioned for business opportunities in Managed Networks, IP interconnectivity and more value network externalities So far our case study provides new knowledge that support the trends and ecosystems assumed above. A presentation at Future Internet business ecosystem workshop is an excellent opportunity to discuss perspectives, cases and future research questions.