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Wednesday, February 21, 2007 7:30p Center School. Senior Lounge Attendance: Present: Fire Commissioners: Chair Beth Heller; Vice-Chair Christine Laydon; Secretary Bill Burt Also Present: Fire Chief Andrew Esposito; Assistant Chief Sean Rowland; Fire Chief Chris Parietti; Fire Marshal Michael Cavanagh (7:40); George Dingwall; Janet Barillari (BOF Liaison); Dr. James Sabshin (BOS Liaison); Deputy Fire Marshal Pat Scully; Fire Fighter Andy Moser; Suzanne Mizzoni, Clerk. Absent: WVF A Executive Board Liaison George Lee and Chief Engineer Gary McCrum

Can to Order:

Chair Heller called the meeting to order at 7:30 none

Public Comments:

Approval of Minutes: Motion (Laydon-Burt) Motion (Burt-Laydon) Chair's Report: Distribution/Review application for membership to a Fire Explorers program. Andy Moser, serving as proxy for Lieutenant Pocweirz, requested the Board consider recommending Woodbridge adopt their own program for young adults aged 14-18. The program would provide training in fire safety and allow teenagers to learn the chain of command. While Fire Explorers would not be physically involved in fire fighting or rescue calls that would put them in harm's way, they would be able to ride in a nonemergency vehicle to the scene to provide additional support to the Fire Department. It was explained by Mr. Moser, Woodbridge, Bethany and Orange had recently disbanded the regional Fire Explorers program as it became difficult to train students; different Department's have different protocol and the differences made for confusion when training. Mr. Moser presented the budgetary costs would be minimal. Commissioner Heller raised the question of insurance coverage. It was suggested by Fire Chief Esposito that the FireExplorers program would fall under the guidance of the Fire Association. It was recommended the Town Attorney might want to look into the details of insurance and Town liability. Motion (Burt-Laydon) to bring the application to First Selectman Sheehy for review approved unanimously. Chair Heller will meet with Mr. Sheehy next week to discuss this further. to approve the BOFC minutes ofthe Regular meeting unanimously approved. to approve the BOFC minutes of the Special meeting unanimously approved.




Commissioner Heller announced with deep regret the resignation of Fire Commissioner Hershman. noted the Board had anticipated the appointment of a Commissioner at the last Board of Selectmen meeting, which had been postponed due to weather. Rescue Vehicle Update:


The Department has received approval by the Board of Selectmen to move forward with the purchase of a new Rescue vehicle. Per Fire Chief Esposito, the final drawings are being drafted with the expectation of order by the March Fire Commission meeting. There is an approximate delivery time of 10 months. Commissioner Heller suggested the Department should look toward the future with storage of the vehicle. Chief Esposito noted initial plans for a shelter were being discussed. He anticipates construction to take place over the summer (2007). Closer to that time, there will be further discussion with the Building Official and with the Board of Selectmen.


Budget: YTD and Capital Non-Recurring


As expected, Programs and Publicity is running over. It is expected that Hydrants will go over budget; there have been a great number of unreported damages this past year which can not be invoiced to insurance companies and therefore comes out of the Fire Department budget. The Board of Selectmen Personnel Committee met with Commissioner Heller and Commissioner Burt to discuss the Fire Marshal line item and Clerical line item. The personnel committee chose to recommend the Fire Marshal's hours be increased to 28 hours; the recommendation for the clerical line item was to be increased to 20 hours per week. Regarding the cost of the Fire Station Building Project raised questions on how to proceed in reaching a cost as recommended by the Boards of Finance and Selectmen without spinning wheels on the committee. It was suggested Ms. Barillari invite the Board of Finance members to the next Fire Station Building Committee meeting on Wednesday, March 7th

Secretary's Report:
No Correspondence. Commissioner Burt reported on the meeting with the personnel committee and questions that arose regarding the necessity of a full-time fire marshal, which outlined the number of hours spent on each task to justify the amount of time necessary to perform the jobs.

Fire Marshal's Report:

See attached.



Fire Marshal Cavanagh noted the CO detectors that have been installed in senior's homes have been purchased with funds provided by the women's rotary. Detectors cost about $40 each. Fire Marshal Cavanagh asked the Commission for a Commendation for performance to be presented to Deputy Fire Marshal Patrick Scully. Over the course of the year since he was appointed, Mr. Scully has provided not less than 20 hours of volunteer service per month, In addition, during the week Mr. Cavanagh was on bereavement leave, Mr. Scully provided complete coverage for the Fire Marshal's office. As a volunteer, Mr. Cavanagh stated, Deputy Fire Marshal Scully provided exemplary service to the Town of Woodbridge. Chair Heller asked Mr. Cavanagh to draft the citation and she will present it at the next BOFC meeting. Fire Marshal Cavanagh noted the initial investigation report for the State Fire Marshal's office had been distributed for review. Chief's Report: Fire Chief Esposito noted the fire access road at Amity High School has been turned over to the Fire Department. There will be locked chains put in place with access being granted to the Police Department and the Department of Public Works. The Department will begin carrying batteries to be made available to the community for use in smoke detectors homeowners have mistaken for false alarms. In addition, the Department will begin carrying disposable, one-time use flashlights to be made available to members of the community when the power goes out. Electrical work on the trailer has been completed. The Town's IT consultant is expected to connect the office trailer for MUNIS access on Thursday. Fire Chief Esposito noted the ice rescue suits have arrived and there will be a joint training class with the Orange Fire Department on March 4th. The WVF A has received five new applications including one out-of-state certification which may be transferable. Fire Chief Esposito provided the Woodbridge Volunteer Fire Association has, upon learning of his resignation, provided Mr. Hershman with an honorary lifetime membership. Incident Report: See attached. As reported by Assistant Fire Chief Rowland, this year began with fewer calls than last, but the severity of those calls has been significantly greater. There have been far more serious calls, with fatal accidents, extrications, and working fires.


( Apparatus report: The Fire Marshal's vehicle went out once more for repair. The Rescue Vehicle almost caught fire as an injector pump failed and blew diesel fuel over the engine. Had the engine been warmer, a fire would have ignited quickly.

Adjournment: Motion (Laydon-Burt) adjourned at 8:46pm. to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed unanimously. The meeting was

Respectfully submitted,

William Burt, Secretary Board of Fire Commissioners

Suzanne Mizzoni, Clerk Board of Fire Commissioners

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