Met questions 1 Pre monsoon cyclones cross A B C D 2 Andra cost Orissa cost Bengal cost Malabar cost

The cyclones cross this cost because A B C D Andra cost is shallower Orissa cost is shallower Bengal cost is shallower Malabar cost is shallower


The “Hallo” effect is associated with which clouds A B C D Cirrus Alto stratus Alto cumulus Cirro stratus


The Cyclostropic wind is the result of A B C Corriolis force and friction Geostropic wind and corriolis Corriolis force and centrifugal force


The instrument used to measure temperature at high altitude are A B C D transmissometer Radiosonde and scopograph Radiosonde and anemometer dry and wet bulb thermometer

the Relative humidity A B C D Increases and density decreases Decrease and density increases Increases but density remains the same Decreases with increase in density 10 When the pressure system travels westward. most of the rainfall is received A B C D Cost of Malabar North East regions Central India Bay of Bengal . rain falls A B C D Whole of India Northern India Assam and Bengal regions Bihar and Orissa and central parts of India 9 When water vapor is added to a parcel of air at constant pressure and temperature.6 The clods formed by the descending parcel of air is known as A B C D Incus Pileu Brbado None of these 7 The position of the ITCZ over Pacific A B C D Lies North of the Equator In Summer About 25 O N Lies South of the Equator In Summer About 25 O N Around the equator Near to the equator 8 When the trough of the low pressure is located at the foot hills of Himalayas.

11 The vertical velocity in stratus clouds is A B C D 5 knots 1m/sec 10-20mm/sec 40-60 cm/sec 12 In a TePhi diagram. the level which represented the condensation of water vapor at the elevated level is called A B C D Adiabatic condensation level Dew Point Elevated condensation level Normand’s point 13 The point below which condensation trail will not occur is called A B C D Maxtra level Mintra level Elevated condensation level Lowered condensation level 14 Albedo is highest in A B C D Ice Fresh Snow Stratus clouds Strato cumulus .

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