This is FeelGood's love story.

The love story of how FeelGood founders and team fell in love with our human family, started the very first deli, and ignited the movement as we know it. A story that now includes dozens of students who courageously decided to take a stand for a world that works for all life by starting FeelGood chapters on their campuses. ***SLIDE***

“There are more than one billion people in the world who, because they lack a voice, can’t get enough food to remain alive. There’s just no way to feel good about that fact unless you get busy changing it. So we are.”
With those words, FeelGood was born. ***SLIDE*** Moved by the magnitude of chronic global hunger, Kristin Walter and her brother Jason started FeelGood in 2004 when they were students at the University of Texas at Austin. Their concept was simple: offer students grilled cheese sandwiches in exchange for a donation, and give the money to organizations with a proven track record of eradicating global hunger. In less than 6 months, they raised $10,000. They also raised awareness. Turns out that a grilled cheese is more than just a sandwich: It’s also a powerful vehicle for engaging people in a new dialogue about the root causes of hunger, and how, as global citizens, we each have a role to play in ending it. “We’re on to something,” they thought. ***SLIDE*** Inspired by her experience and convinced it was a model that would flourish on other college campuses, Kristin joined forces with track mate and Olympic athlete Talis Apud , to bring FeelGood to every campus across the country. ***SLIDE*** After graduation from UT-Austin, they wrote a business plan, and in 2005 FeelGood earned 501(c) 3 status, making FeelGood an official non-profit with its first official partner organization, The Hunger Project . ***SLIDE*** Spread entirely by word of mouth, FeelGood chapters were soon starting up on other college campuses across the U.S. —each chapter generating thousands of dollars for the end of hunger, and thousands of conversations about one of the most critical global issues of our time. Each chapter - fresh with ambition, ignited by commitment, and infused with passion electrified FeelGood into the movement it is today. Tonight, we want to share FeelGood’s rich history by tracing the story of our movement, a testament to the contagious nature of a compelling vision accompanied by a clear call to action.

***SLIDE*** As Kristin and Talis were lining things up for FeelGood to be a bonafide non-profit, Kristin’s boyfriend at the time and now husband Joe Herr hatched a plan to launch FeelGood at the University of Vermont . ***SLIDE*** He and friend Adam Yellin got to work building a kiosk and convinced two other friends - Steve Balduino and Chris Dunham - to step up into leadership. ***SLIDE*** At an annual concert called SpringFest in April 2005 , UVM FeelGood made its debut with immense success. The next Fall they were set-up at a counter top in the student union and FeelGood sunk roots that would sustain it for years to come. Today, UVM FeelGood has a beautiful kiosk and a permanent deli location where they sell hunger-ending sammies three times a week. ***SLIDE*** FALL 2006 Next, FeelGood came to Columbia University in NYC, though its true beginnings remain shrouded in mystery. Legend says it began as a class project in Fall 2006, but no evidence exists to confirm it. ***SLIDE*** The names we have on record are Geoffrey Whitehouse and Dana Pavarini who we believe were the original founders. What is clear is that by Fall 2007 the fate of FeelGood Columbia was uncertain until Austen Carr and Crystal Kim stepped up to take the reigns. Between their leadership and Amarynth Sichel’s two-year presidency, FG Columbia grew immensely and forged a relationship with JJ’s Place , an on-campus dining facility where they served their tasty sammies 4-5 days a week for years. Today, FeelGood Columbia is a thriving chapter whose creativity, resilience and drive will prove essential as they seek out a new deli location this coming year. ***SLIDE*** SPRING 2007 Destiny was surely at play when the founder of FeelGood at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign was surfing the web in Spring 2007. ***SLIDE*** Her name is Precious Chua , and as a business major and natural leader, she was well-poised to invite the UIUC campus to contribute to ending hunger. Precious is also from the Philippines , a country where roughly 40% of the people live in poverty. This connection to the root motivation of ending hunger in our lifetime has remained ever-present in this chapter. Five years later, FG UIUC is going strong with a robust leadership team, recent innovations in fundraising approaches, and an energetic community of committed members. ***SLIDE*** - see comment While Precious was getting things fired up at UIUC, Kristin Walter’s younger brother Jason was gallivanting around the globe on Semester At Sea and talking up FeelGood while he was at it.

Jason’s commitment to creating a world free from hunger caught the ears and hearts of many people, and two chapters were born. ***SLIDE*** FALL 2007 First was Clemson University in Fall 2007. ***SLIDE*** Katy Scanlon returned from Semester at Sea excited to share the idea of FeelGood with her friend Elizabeth Bergman. They recruited the Greek community to support their first deli stands at home football games! The following Spring Clemson FG’s grilled cheese became available in the student union and Coca-Cola sponsored a concert they hosted! Today the legacy of enthusiastic leadership and a deep commitment to our vision persists, as their creative response to a recent bureaucratic challenge attests. Clemson FG is going strong! ***SLIDE*** SPRING 2008 Another of Jason’s Semester At Sea classmates was equally taken in. Her name is Jen Ryder , and she couldn’t wait to bring FeelGood to life at the University of Pittsburgh upon her return. ***SLIDE*** By Spring 2008, Jen had assembled a team - including Robin Tedder, Amanda Patterson, Holly Forsberg, and Kristen Bobby - and Pitt FG was born! ***SLIDE*** Today Pitt FG has a weekly deli in the William-Pitt Union , a strong community of members, a robust leadership team both effective and wicked fun, and some of the most creative media productions this movement has seen. ***SLIDE*** FALL 2008 Over time, FeelGood has grown much like a tree ***SLIDE*** where new shoots spring up unexpectedly and there are seasons of tremendous new growth. The Fall of 2008 was one such season, and we saw chapters spring up across the U.S. ***SLIDE*** In the months leading up to school, Carson Bee - an incoming junior at Oregon State University - was in Mexico on a pre-medical internship. One day he came across FeelGood online, as he was exploring ways to become more involved in responding to world hunger and poverty. Impressed with FeelGood’s professional online start-up manual, Carson committed to founding a chapter upon his return, which he did in large part by enlisting the help of his fraternity brothers. OSU FG has a unique legacy in the movement, with one of the longest standing and largest annual fundraisers - their Dance Against Hunger. This past semester,

OSU Feelgood experienced a resurgence under the leadership of president Carmen Chan They resumed weekly delis and had another kick-ass Dance Against Hunger featuring 8 different dance groups! ***SLIDE*** At the same time, a second Illinois school was waking up to the possibility of a world free from hunger, At the University of Illinois-Chicago, Frank Lee decided to launch FeelGood after hearing about it from his friend Precious at UIUC. Between his family’s restaurant business and his relationships at UIC’s business school, Frank and a small team got a weekly deli going with significant donations of gourmet grilled cheese supplies and an impressive menu. The following school year, UIC FeelGood had the privilege of catering lunch for The Hunger Project’s “Vanguard of Leadership Program” and introduced many THP investors to the magic of FeelGood. They also started hosting annual Hunger Banquets in addition to their weekly deli. Today, UIC FeelGood is in a delicate period of transition, and we look forward to seeing what emerges under new leadership. ***SLIDE*** Hanna Henson found out about the movement during her first semester at The University of Arizona. She was competing at a cross-country meet at Stanford, which Kristin and Talis also happened to be attending. Inspired by the mission and the fact that it was founded by fellow runners – including her own coach!—Hanna returned to campus and started a chapter with her running teammates. Today Arizona FG has attracted members beyond the team, fostered several lasting community partnerships, ran a stand for four consecutive days at a HUGE event called SpringFling , and is one of the only chapters to be awarded a local grant to fund their efforts! ***SLIDE*** While Hanna was getting FeelGood going at Arizona, EEsha Vij was doing the same at UC Berkeley . EEsha heard about FeelGood from one of Clemson FG’s founders while they were studying abroad together in France the prior spring. So in Fall 2008, she recruited a founding team of 4 including Alissa Breindel who we’ll hear more about later. Berkeley FG’s resilience and persistence in the face of administrative barriers over the years has been inspiring – and they consistently operate a weekly deli on Sproul Plaza . ***SLIDE*** FG Berkeley has also made two huge contributions to the movement. First, they initiated sponsorships that led to FeelGood-wide partnerships with Organic Valley and Cabot Cheese ! FG Berkeley was also the impetus for FeelGood to seek out and certify a second partner organization: CHOICE Humanitarian. ***SLIDE*** Speaking of contributions to the movement, Fall 2008 also brought the inception of FeelGood’s awesome alumni organization: FeelGood4Life. Just that past Spring, chapters at both UTAustin and UVM saw their founders graduate and leave campus to continue their life paths. As many of you know from experience, once a FeelGooder, always a FeelGooder. So Taryn Ross and Tricia Selin joined forces to co-chair FG4L after graduation from UVM. Today, FG4L has a five-person steering committee representing three of the oldest chapters including Clemson, UVM, and Pitt. They are fully coordinating FeelGood’s annual Hunger

Summit in NYC for the second year, and our gratitude for their ongoing partnership is absolutely beyond measure.
***SLIDE*** SPRING 2009 So within four years, FeelGood had grown from one chapter to eight, raising thousands of dollars annually for two certified partner organizations: The Hunger Project and CHOICE Humanitarian. FeelGood was gaining momentum as a movement! ***SLIDE*** In Spring 2009, as part of this momentum, Kristin and Talis took a handful of FeelGood leaders with them to the Clinton Global Initiative University – or CGIU as you may know it – a huge gathering of young people committed to addressing the world’s most pressing issues. There they met Hanna Bar-or , then a sophomore at UC Riverside near Los Angeles. Already a leader motivated to create social change, Hanna was capitavated by FeelGood and got busy starting a chapter right away! Hanna’s incredible commitment over two years as chapter President paid off. Today UCR FG not only has a weekly deli in the busiest area of campus, but also incredibly creative and capable leaders , and a solid foundation to ensure sustainability. ***SLIDE*** FALL 2009 By fall of 2009, our newest partner organization - CHOICE Humanitarian-- was spreading the word about how college students are ending hunger with a grilled cheese. ***SLIDE*** Those words caught the ear of Lindsay Stephens , an incoming first-year student at the University of Utah , who decided to partner up with fellow student Eric Larsen to start FeelGood in Salt Lake City. Lindsay and Eric had traveled together on two CHOICE Expedition Trips and saw FeelGood as a way to stay involved upon their return. While the Utah FeelGood team remains small, their stellar on-campus partnership with dining services has allowed them to launch several successful fundraisers . We look forward to seeing what is possible this coming year! ***SLIDE*** Around this time, Kristin and Talis were realizing an immense opportunity to propel FeelGood to the next phase of development. In order to equip FeelGood students to be strong, effective advocates for catalyzing the end of hunger, The Changemaker Academy was born and Kern Beare brought on as Academy Director. His main role was to develop supportive and empowering curriculum that we all now know as The Journey . Prior to joining FeelGood, Kern was VP of communications for a Silicon Valley corporation which he left to found a non-profit called Global MindShift . While attending a talk he was giving for Global MindShift, Kristin and Talis knew it was destiny to meet Kern, so the story goes they harassed him incessantly until he gave in. Boy are we glad they did! Kern’s wisdom, skills, and partnership – as well as those of his incredible wife Amy (who we will meet on Saturday) – are invaluable to the movement!

***SLIDE*** Later that same year, Kristin & Talis asked Corin Blanchard to join the FeelGood team fulltime as the University Director. As an administrator in Continuing Education at UVM, she had been serving as that chapter’s FeelGood advisor for two academic years after she fell in love with FeelGood at the Hunger Summit in 2008. Corin’s background of working in colleges & universities for 10 years and her training in student affairs was just what the movement needed at this time. She was familiar with the inner workings of university administration and could be wholly dedicated to unleashing students as changemakers . It was September 2009. The FeelGood staff had grown to four and was ready to shift this movement into even higher gear! ***SLIDE*** SPRING 2010 For Alex Kimura , starting a FeelGood chapter at Western Kentucky University felt like a calling. ***SLIDE*** Smitten by FG as a first year at Clemson, Alex carried FeelGood with her as she transferred to WKU. Within one month, Alex garnered the support of Aramark dining services (including donations of staple ingredients), recruited a leadership team of 8 students and a member base of 20 more, and established FG as an official student organization with funding for the coming year. Today, WKU FG is going strong with weekly deli operations , experience launching several different fundraising events, and a dedicated executive board! ***SLIDE*** As quickly as things can sometimes happen, it also can take awhile. So is the case in Santa Barbara, CA, where Herschel Colbert and Staci Chirchik planted the FeelGood seeds as students at a local community college. They agreed being at UCSB would be ideal, and spent a lot of energy trying to drill through the bureaucracy there to no avail. But Herschel made one last effort before leaving the area, hosting an info session where he met Hanna Beckman. When Hanna shared FeelGood’s exciting vision and tangible model with friends Shelly Lurie and Katy Stover, the dynamic trio had found their purpose and FG UCSB was born. Today, FG UCSB sells grilled cheese on-campus as well as a popular street called the DP. Since the founders just graduated, FG UCSB is now in the capable hands of new leaders and good things are sure to come! ***SLIDE*** FALL 2010 Emily Rodela started her college career at the University of Arizona, and while she didn’t find her niche academically, at least she discovered FeelGood before transferring to Northern Arizona University . ***SLIDE*** Emily’s charisma, drive, and ridiculous organizational skills allowed her to recruit a solid core team and inspire the inception of NAU FeelGood. Now headed into their third year, NAU FG is a particularly impressive chapter; despite the fact that they STILL do not have permission to operate a grilled cheese deli on campus, they have launched several immensely creative fundraisers while educating their campus on hunger. From selling handmade knit

headbands to pumpkin painting for Halloween to Valentine’s Day “Crush” soda sales , they never cease to amaze us. We’re crossing our fingers that THIS is the year for a breakthrough at NAU FeelGood and the grilled cheese will be unleashed.
**SLIDE*** In another corner of the country, a similar story was unfolding. Lauren Walsh landed at the University of Connecticut after testing the waters at the University of Vermont. One of the gifts of this path was Lauren’s introduction to FeelGood, and the vision of a world free from hunger. Lauren’s exposure to a well-established chapter with a professional kiosk and her natural tendency to dream BIG ensured UConn FG was launched with passion and purpose. Within less than a year, they had 2 food safety certified leaders overseeing their biweekly deli operations and a committed core team. UConn FG is well-poised for success this coming year. ***SLIDE*** While UConn FG was getting a foothold, the love and magic of UVM FG sprouted yet another chapter, this time at the University of Washington in Seattle. Leah Grossman , a recent alumna of UVM FG, was working at Ann Taylor Loft before starting grad school. There she met Paige Edmiston, a wicked smart rising sophomore at UW who Leah just KNEW was a FeelGooder in the making. Once Paige caught the FeelGood fever, it was absolutely contagious; her long-time friend Amanda Tran stepped up, along with a handful of other students, to get UW FG off the ground. Adventures and runaround with university bureaucracy ensued, so the team decided to set up a deli and sell until someone said they couldn’t, which took almost an entire quarter! Getting shut down was kind of a gift, because it became clear what was needed - and with whom they needed to partner. Their savvy and solid self-advocacy is a stunning example of taking a stand! ***SLIDE*** In case you weren’t counting, five chapters just got added in the last year! The FeelGood World staff was taking note, and seeing more clearly what is needed to ensure a chapter’s success. That’s when Sarah Walter joined Corin on the University Team, just in time for the 2010 Hunger Summit. Sarah’s energy and talents are a perfect match for FeelGood. Her background in community organizing, human rights advocacy, and strengthening the non-profit sector makes Sarah a natural Changemaker Ignitor. She also happened to play a key role in the early days of the movement. Back in 2004 Sarah was dating Gareth Walter, Kristin’s oldest brother (and now Sarah’s husband!). When he told Sarah about the hunger-ending grilled cheese enterprise Kristin was launching, she suggested the name FeelGood - inspired by her Burton snowboard. Thank you, Sarah, for helping this movement find its identity! ***SLIDE*** Around that time, Kern & Talis were laying the groundwork for a new venture: FeelGood’s first accredited college course! FeelGood friend Anders Hyatt was working at Bryn Athyn College , a small liberal arts school in Kristin’s hometown, and connected FeelGood with the opportunity. SPRING 2011 ***SLIDE***

So, in partnership with Laura Nash , an incredible faculty & staff member at Bryn Athyn, FeelGood launched an experiential education course that deeply explored hunger academically, while engaging students in launching a FG deli as a fund- and awareness-raising vehicle. This past year, the course ran again, broadening the base of Bryn Athyn students familiar with and invested in FeelGood. This fall there is a committed core team ready to launch an official FG chapter and we are psyched! ***SLIDE*** The next chapter to join the ranks was Delaware Valley College , another school just outside of Philadelphia. Founder Lauren van Sicklin had been hearing about FeelGood for a few years from her close friend and UVM FG alumna Dani Hoey,. A the end of her junior year she decided it was finally time to start a chapter at DelVal, and when Lauren gets her sights set on something it WILL happen. Within three weeks the DelVal FG’s three co-founders made a miracle: they were up and running with their deli enterprise , had not one but two advisors offering their full support, and partnerships galore. In other words, DeVal FG was quickly a force on campus and immediately a legend in the FG movement! This reputation was reinforced when this past year - their first full year in operation - DelVal FG raised a whopping $3100. What’s next? Probably just more blowing our minds! ***SLIDE*** Speaking of mind-blowing amazingness, in the Spring of 2011 Sarah and Gareth Walter gave birth to an incredible little boy - River King Walter. In the wake of his arrival, Sarah took leave to be a full-time mommy, which meant FeelGood’s University Team needed another Changemaker Ignitor..... ***SLIDE*** ...or two! Rachel Rubenstein and Jamie Seiffer, both alums of UVM FG, joined FGW to bridge this gap, and we can’t imagine our story any other way! Jamie had graduated in 2009 with a business degree and Rachel, a sociology major, graduated a year later, in 2010. Both served for two years in leadership positions with UVM FG - Jamie as Advertising Chair and Rachel first as Deli Manager then as President. In other words, these two were radically qualified to ignite changemakers throughout the movement....and since it was impossible to choose, they were both hired on with FGW! ***SLIDE*** FALL 2011 That Fall, Jamie took off on other adventures - mostly skiing the Rockies - after helping remind us of something super important: one of the greatest opportunities in FeelGood is developing hard-n-fast business skills as social entrepreneurs. This week, you’ll see how this reminder has helped us continually improve. ***SLIDE*** Rachel, on the other hand, came on board full-time with FeelGood World. She was and is stunningly capable at fostering students’ empowerment as changemakers with love, humor, grace, humility, and clarity. Her natural talents, recent experience at the chapter level, and honed skills are a continual gift to the movement!

***SLIDE*** Kristin and Talis couldn’t be more psyched about how the movement was evolving, and reflected on the growth with gratitude and amazement when interviewed that fall by Taste of Home Magazine. ***SLIDE*** The article they published caught the eye of Becky Bond , a rising senior at Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia. Becky submitted an online inquiry, had a call with FeelGood World, got introduced immediately to Cheese World, and was totally sucked in. She recruited friend Liz Campbell, and the support of university administration, aiming for a DelVal style rapid launch. And launch they did - first with delicious grilled-cheese cookie sandwiches as the Quidditch Tournament, then in a re-purposed coffee shop housed in one of the residence halls! By the end of the school year, they’d attended their first Hunger Summit in NY and hosted numerous delis. They also catalyzed a collective campus effort toward creating a community garden and implementing a composting program. This year is bound to be one of continued growth and creation - reminding us that even small schools can make a big impact! ***SLIDE*** Meanwhile, the FeelGood magic was spreading to Massachusetts. Four sophomore women were hatching plans to jumpstart FeelGood at the University of Massachusetts Amherst . Brianna Ramsey, Sarah Hamilton, Amanda Tan, and Tori Sbrogna were inspired by Brianna’s lifelong friend Danielle Smith, who is heavily involved in UVM FeelGood. After securing recognition as a student organization, they began recruiting members and exploring how to launch a grilled cheese deli on campus, fueled by a deepening connection to our shared vision. While they’re still working to obtain a permit, the inspired young team partnered with some RAs for their first event in May which doubled as a recruitment tactic. So smart! ***SLIDE*** On the other side of the state, UC Berkeley co-founder Alissa Briendel was starting her second year teaching at Prospect Hill Academy charter school, where she was serving through Teach For America. Alissa had the unique opportunity to advise a group of 10 high school sophomores enrolled in a year-long service-learning course. When considering FeelGood as their community partner organization, they loved the concreteness of raising awareness and money for the end of hunger. Sending four students to the 2011 Hunger Summit sealed the deal. After an entire school year of delving into the issue of hunger, designing their deli enterprise, and galvanizing their team, PHA FeelGood launched 4 lunchtime delis this Spring and 3 educational campaigns . Three young women have expressed interest in forming a permanent FeelGood club at PHA, and we look forward to seeing what unfolds! ***SLIDE*** SPRING 2012

The momentum in Massachusetts continued into Spring 2012, when Boston University student Shannon Kelliher and her core founding team met the criteria to be an official FeelGood chapter. ***SLIDE*** The Summer prior Shannon learned about FeelGood while interning at CHOICE Humanitarian ’s offices in Salt Lake City, Utah. Absolutely ignited by the idea of ending hunger with grilled cheese, Shannon got immediately to work at BU. Now they are a recognized student organization with one of the most inspiring constitutions in the movement, a complete start-up business plan, and an extraordinarily committed team. This coming year, they’ll navigate the jungle of deli permitting on campus and whatever else it takes to unleash BU FG as a powerhouse of hunger-ending advocacy! ***SLIDE*** Another chapter in the Northeast started with a tweet. Nick Guarriello - a sophomore at Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey - saw his best friend post about FeelGood. So Nick took the bait and several minutes later knew he had stumbled upon something special. Nick recruited a core team of three friends to found the chapter - and had a member base of another 8 students within weeks; everyone was fired up to end hunger with the power of a grilled cheese! They quickly garnered support from campus programs, full partnership with dining services, and a committed advisor. They are totally geared up for launching deli operations this fall and we’re psyched for what is to come! ***SLIDE*** Some kind of magic was in the air back east this year for sure. Katie Kerrigan , a sophomore at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh and active member of Circle K, was looking for a way to engage more students in service. Katie was struck by the opportunity FeelGood presents to make a tangible impact in a FUN way without even leaving campus! For the first time in FeelGood history, a chapter was founded within an existing student organization when the Circle K leadership team adopted FeelGood as their primary community service vehicle at Duquesne. This comes with extraordinary benefits like well-established campus relationships, access to school funding, a credible reputation, and a bunch of students already committed to social change! It definitely paid off. They launched their first deli by the end of spring semester with immense buy-in from the Circle K membership and the Duquesne campus, so we are certain this coming year will be incredible. ***SLIDE*** Spring 2012 also saw FeelGood sprout another West Coast chapter, this time at the University of California Los Angeles . Rising senior Rachelle Jacoby wanted to leave a legacy at UCLA, and originally set out to start a foundation. In sharing these aspirations with her life long friend Shelly Lurie - a FG UCSB co-founder - Rachelle became completely inspired by Shelly’s experience with FeelGood. Within a few short months, UCLA FeelGood was up and running as a student organization at UCLA. In April, they joined forces with FeelGood UCR and our newest corporate partner Cabot Cheese to staff the 10th Annual Grilled Cheese invitational at

the Rose Bowl, where they practices their FeelGood pitch. By the end of Spring quarter, UCLA FeelGood had established weekly chapter meetings and hosted four innovative deli fundraisers for the end of hunger. Basically, UCLA FeelGood is totally on fire and ready to light up this movement! ***SLIDE*** You’ve probably noticed how FeelGood grows most often through personal connections, and our newest chapter at the University of Minnesota is no exception. Jade Christie-Maples UVM FeelGood alum- got talking with her cousin, Christina Maples, about contributing to a world free from hunger. Christina was pretty intrigued and excited - a contagious combination that helped her recruit a core team at U of M to get this thing off the ground - including Kelly Heenan, Dane Aadland, and Andrew Ford . This coming year, FeelGood U of M got permitted for five deli days per semester, and in the process formed essential relationships that are sure to be crucial in the years to come. We can’t wait to celebrate their chapter’s first deli fundraiser this fall! ***SLIDE*** WOW! We are growing a MOVEMENT. 7 years. 15 states. 24 chapters. over 1500 changemakers. over 99,000 conversations. over $325,000 invested in the end of hunger from deli sales alone. Tomorrow we’ll hear more about the impact of our movement as we co-create it moving forward. ***SLIDE*** We also want to take a moment to acknowledge chapters which are no longer active. Over the past seven years, FeelGooders at these schools raised a total of $8,845 for the end of hunger and we honor their contributions!
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Middlebury College ($1,500) University of Pennsylvania ($145) UTSA ($214) George Mason University ($522) Linfield College ($2,150) University of Arkansas ($3,274) University of Mexico ($550) Pitzer College ($339.15) University of the Philippines, Diliman Washington and Jefferson College ($150) TOTAL INVESTMENT END OF HUNGER = $8,844.15

***SLIDE*** We’re also stoked to share the movement’s potential new chapters - what we call Seed Chapters - who are at some stage in the process of establishing a chapter. Note: This list includes potential chapters in 2 NEW STATES (CO and MO).
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Brown University San Francisco State University University of Missouri, Columbia University of Colorado, Boulder University of San Francisco

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