Cadet Orientation Flights Available – Register NOW!
We still have funds to fly Cadet Orientation Flights! But time is running out on the fiscal year and the funds are quickly depleting! So register for a flight before all the funds are gone. Register for a free orientation flight now at:

UNIFORM-OF-THE-DAY (8/17): The UOD for Friday’s meeting is: BDUs Alternate uniforms choices: Blues, BDUs, Flight Suits (Seniors), Polo Shirt/Grey Slacks (Seniors) Uniform Regulations:


Ride to Chicago Air & Water Show?
If any Cadets attending the Chicago Air & Water Show this weekend need transportation to the event, Major Dave Hoover has room for two cadets in his vehicle. You can e-mail him at Also, Col Paik is still looking for additional help with the airshow. Contact him at 630-217-3018.

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SQUADRON MEETING 7PM Chicago Air & Water Show 2012 CAP Annual Conference & National Board Near Space Balloon Meeting 7PM SQUADRON MEETING 7PM Near Space Balloon Meeting 7PM Near Space Balloon Meeting 7PM SQUADRON MEETING 7PM

CAP at Schaumburg Fall Festival
Cadets and Seniors are needed to staff a recruiting booth Labor Day weekend (September 1st , 2nd and 3rd -- Saturday, Sunday and Monday) in Schaumburg at the Annual Fall Festival. There is also a parade on Monday. If you’d like to participate, please register online at:

9/1-9/3 Schaumburg Fall Festival 9/5 Near Space Balloon Meeting 7PM
See more events on Squadron Calendar at: See more events on Illinois Wing Calendar at: To have events added to the calendar, send e-mail to Lt. Gary Brown at CADET FRIDAY NIGHT MEETINGS: 1 Friday – Testing nd 2 Friday – PT Testing rd 3 Friday – Aerospace Education, Moral Leadership th 4 Friday – Review Boards/Promotions th 5 Friday – TBD SENIOR FRIDAY NIGHT MEETINGS: 1 Friday – Aircrew Safety / Wing cleaning nd 2 Friday – Professional Development Training rd 3 Friday – Emergency Services Training th 4 Friday – Commanders Choice* th 5 Friday – Commanders Choice* *Suggestions always welcome and considered
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FVCS on Cable TV
Thanks to Capt Rebecca Tulloch, Fox Valley Composite Squadron now has visibility on Comcast Cable via West Chicago’s CABLECOM Channel 17 with a Community Bulletin Board Listing that runs on that channel daily. Capt Tulloch is the Programming Director and Operator of that channel and she also owns/operates her own professional video production company.

Group Orientation Flights – September 8th
Group O’Flights are being planned for September 8th as primary and September 9 as backup. They will be conducted out of DuPage. We need to make sure the CAP van is available for the weekend for transporting cadets from Chicago. We well need driver for the van, O’Flight pilots, seniors to support syllabus review and WMIRS. We need to notify our cadets to sign-up for the activity and confirm with parents that they will be able to attend. There were a lot of raised hands when I asked at last week’s formation. We want to make they understand if they sign up the need to show up. There is also the possibility that there will also be glider flights on Sept 9th. EDITORS NOTE: These dates conflict with our Near-Space Balloon (Phase 1) planned launch; we should discuss at the next meeting.

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FVCS Helps at Dupage Airport Community
A great big “THANK YOU” to all the Cadets and Seniors from Fox Valley Composite Squadron – especially Capt Robert Gerber and Lt Becky Gerber who attended both days and coordinated resources – the event was a success due to your assistance. The members staffed a FVCS Booth and provided general security around the static displays. A special shout-out also needs to go to FVCS very own Lt Jeff Jorgensen who furnished the space and food for us at the event. Here are few photos from the event

PHOTO CREDITS: Lt Dave Michalek & Lt Gary Brown

FVCS Near Space Balloon Project Phase 1 Launch Date & Sites Set – September 8-9, 2012
The FVCS Near Space Balloon Team continues to meet regularly and, as a result, has made significant progress with the project. The Phase 1 Balloon will be a low-altitude Hybrid Solar Balloon (using a large, solar hot-air balloon and a tiny helium balloon) with a simple RF Tracking Device – scheduled for launch on September 8-9, 2012 – and the Phase 2 Balloon will be a large, highaltitude (near-space) Latex Weather Balloon with HD Video, GPS Tracking and other science payloads. But more Cadets & Seniors are needed to help. The team meets at 7:00 PM, Sundays and Wednesday nights, at the ILWG HQ – and everyone is encouraged to attend (even if you’re just curious or you want to help plan/design/build/fly the near space balloons) – and if you’re not able to attend our meetings in person, you are welcome to dial-in and/or join our meetings online at: • • • ONLINE CONFERENCE: CONFERENCE PHONE: (309) 944-9515 GUEST ACCESS CODE: 746 5684

Need a uniform, accessory or CAP logo merchandise? Use this coupon for 10% off your next purchase at

FVCS Member Receives Illinois Wing AE Officer of the Year Award
On Friday, August 10th Maj Dave Picek (from the Illinois Wing) attended the Weekly Squadron Meeting to present Capt Rebecca Tulloch with the cherished Illinois Wing Aerospace Education Officer of the Year Award. It was well deserved! Capt Tulloch has been responsible for continued excellence in furnishing consistently high-quality AE programs within our Squadron and also acquiring national funds to further enhance the program. Congratulations Capt Rebecca Tulloch! That was well deserved.

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FVCS to Participate in Cyber Patriot – Need Cadets for the Team ASAP!
Once again, Fox Valley Composite Squadron has enrolled to participate in the world’s largest Cyber Defense Competition. The competition is open to all High School Cadets who are interested in learning Cyber Defense, Competing against other Squadron/High-Schools by defending Computer Severs/Workstations and earning national recognitions and scholarships from many Sponsors and National Defense Organizations. This competition was really established to inspire and develop the next generation of Cyber Defenders that our nation will be needing in the future. Not only is it a ton of fun it’s an opportunity of a lifetime to learn valuable technical skills and potentially carve-out a nice high-tech career for yourself. Just ask any of the FVCS Cyber Patriot Team Members who participated last year! New to CyberPatriot this year:

• • • • •

New Competition System (CCS) for Round 1 and 2 CyberPatriot Newsletter Longer Practice Round Online Coaches' Meetings Consolation Round

CyberPatriot V Important Dates:

• • • • • • • • •

Sept 8: Sneak Peak at new Competition System Oct 1-12: Practice Round Nov 2-3 All Service Round 1 Nov 16-17 Open Division Round 1 Nov 30- Dec 1: All Service Round 2 Dec 7-8: Open Division Round 2 Jan 11-12, 2013 : Semifinals (All Service/Open Division Combined) Feb 1-2, 2013 : Consolation Round (All Service/Open Division Combined) Mar 14-15, 2013 : National Finals (Washington D.C. Area)

No experience necessary. We’ll provide all the training. Come join the fun! If you need further enticement, please remember that, for your participation, you’ll receive the cherished Cyber Patriot Challenge Coins and T-Shirts! If you are interested in joining the team, please contact Lt Gary Brown at

New FVCS Members Since January 2012
Our Squadron membership continues to be strong – that’s due to good retention of members and the continued growth of new membership -please welcome the following new members who have joined our Squadron since January this year (as of 8/15/12) .

Harms , Nathaniel P Joshi , Chaitanya P Puga , Rahul Sullivan , Colin P Wallis , Reeve K Johnson , Christopher D Johnson , Tammy L Roberts , Richard H Steimel , Paula J Parker Jr, Gary L Ondracek , Sarah M Bolek , Brett Keeney , Colm E Madsen , Matthew C Zafiriou , Terry A Hoffman , Katherine E Morgan , Cheyanne Peterson , Terry L Lappe , Garrett L Schwarz , Brandon D Varriale , Anthony Froelich , Mark R Kudlicki III, Robert A

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“The COM Stack” Group, Wing, Region & National Communications
ILLINOIS – 72 cadets on a dozen teams from three Wings faced off in mental and physical challenges at Rock Cut State Park in the annual competition for the Cadet Maj. Jacob Rueth Memorial trophy and the honor of being called King of the Rock. Each year, cadet teams camp out over the weekend and are expected to be self-sufficient. They compete in 11 challenges and also make a dinner that is judged. As well as receiving points in each event, each team is judged on leadership, customs and courtesies, military bearing, attitude and ability to work as a team. This year, 21 senior members and 74 cadets made up the teams and judges. Major James Kalemis, Great Lakes Region, served as commandant and organizer of the event. The teams competed in such challenges as building a tent blindfolded, climbing rope while holding a saltine in the teeth, transverse "quicksand" with a cup of water, move a "lizard egg" without touching it, move across a see-saw, high ropes retrieval, weight balace act, balloon trolley through a mine field, and water balloon slingshot. While competing in these events, each team had to take care of their "seventh member" - an egg this year. The teams included cadets from ILWG, WIWG, and OHWG. The squadrons represented were IL-049, IL-075, IL-189, IL-282, IL-263, IL-329, IL336, IL-331, WI-153 and OH-037. The top three teams were seperated by 7 points out of 840 - a virtual tie. They were teams from IL-282, IL-189 and OH-037. But the winners was team White Noise from the Lake in the Hills squadron for the second year in a row. The team consisted of C/Capt Olsen, C/CMSgt Bendewald, C/CMSgt Wresch, C/SMSgt Wise, C/TSgt Heckenberg, and C/A1C Van Alstine. The team was presented with challenge coins and the Rueth trophy, named for a Lewis Composite cadet killed Dec. 1, 2006, when his plane crashed in northwest Minnesota. "I have been at this event for many years," Kalemis said, "and this is the largest and best yet. The weather was perfect, first in a long time! The teams showed incredible teamwork in the diverse challenges and every team left with a better sense of leadership and followership. And most importantly, every team had fun!" Photos are at Video at James Kalemis, Major, CAP Deputy Chief of Staff, Cadet Programs Great Lakes Region

Pilots, The Wing Maintenance Officers have notice increased maintenance in our aircraft door hinge pins and the door hinges. This is due to pilots not holding the door when it is opened and a gust of wind catches the door, causing it to slam against the stop. This not only causes damage to the pins and hinges but all to the door itself, which is a very costly repair. Please be aware of this and when opening the doors, ensure they are firmly grasped so as not to get caught in a gust of wind. Thank you all for your cooperation. Joseph Long, Maj, CAP Director of Operations Illinois Wing (773) 569-1413

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