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Ac#vBoard:  Troubleshoo#ng  Tips
Below is a quick reference guide that can help you troubleshoot common technology issues related to the use of an interactive whiteboard system before needing to contact the Technology Department for assistance. These quick tips will save you time in resolving minor technology problems that may occur. All of the suggestions provided below should take no more than a few minutes to complete. The interactive whiteboard system is comprised of THREE different components: the board, projector and sound system. If at any time the issue is resolved, stop troubleshooting and continue what you were doing when the problem first occurred. If you have any questions or continue to experience problems after attempting all the options below, submit a request via SchoolDude to contact the Technology Department for assistance.

ActivBoard is not working

Troubleshoo#ng  Tips
Check that the ActivBoard power cord is plugged into an electrical wall socket • If the ActivBoard system is securely plugged into a power source, the projector’s indicator light (green light located on the bottom of the projector) will be on Check the ActivManager icon located on the system menu bar near the clock on the computer’s display • • If the ActivManager icon looks like connected , the computer is recognizing that the ActivBoard is

If the ActivManager icon looks like , the computer is not recognizing that the ActivBoard is connected o Check that the ActivBoard USB cable is securely plugged in to the computer o Check that the opposite end of the USB cable is securely plugged in to the USB port on the control box located on the wall behind the ActivBoard Unplug the ActivBoard USB cable from the computer; wait 5 seconds, then plug it back into the same USB port. After a few seconds the ActivManager icon should change to indicate that the ActivBoard is connected.


Restart the computer and repeat the options above (i.e. unplug and reconnect the Promethean USB cable, display adapter and audio cable; be sure the connections are secure) No image or a blue Check that the projector is powered on (check for a single bright light on the bottom of the projector) screen is displayed • If the power is not on, press the Power button on the projector remote on the ActivBoard • If the power is on, then try the following suggestions… Option 1: Check that the display adapter is securely connected to the computer. o Check that the VGA cable is securely connected to the dongle (display adapter) o o Check that the dongle (display adapter) is firmly plugged in to the computer Unplug the dongle (display adapter) from the computer; wait 5 seconds, then plug it back into the port.

Option 2: If a blue screen is displayed, press the Source or Computer button on the projector remote to change sources Option 3: If you are connected via a MacBook, click the Displays icon in the menu bar and select Turn On Mirroring; the computer’s image will then be visible on both the computer display and the ActivBoard simultaneously No sound coming from the speakers Option 1: Check that the Standby/On button light is green on the left side control panel of the ActivBoard. If the light is red, press the button to turn on the sound system. Option 2: Check that the audio cable is plugged into your computer’s audio port. Option 3: Check that the volume on your computer is turned up and not muted. ActivPen is not aligned with Cursor Calibrate the ActivBoard (refer to the “How to Calibrate a Promethean ActivBoard” handout)
*Ac$vBoard®,  Ac$vInspire®  and  the  Promethean  design  mark  are  registered  trademarks  of  Promethean,  Inc.

ActivBoard: Troubleshooting Tips (Mac OS X) myActivEducator’s Tips + Tricks

Danielle Klaus, 2010

*Ac$vBoard®. petroleum-based cleaners. Pressing the nib of the ActivPen to the board is the same as left-clicking your mouse. For quick access. this allows the fan to run until the bulb is cool before it shuts the unit off completely. ActivInspire Quick Tips • • • To turn the Promethean projector on/off. to redo an action click .  • • Only use the ActivPens on the surface of the ActivBoard.  Ac$vInspire®  and  the  Promethean  design  mark  are  registered  trademarks  of  Promethean. DO NOT use metal brushes. Since the ActivBoard utilizes electro-magnetic technology. press and release the button located on the side of the ActivPen.  Inc. and then choose the desired width • • To annotate on top of another application click . Clean Magic Eraser to gently remove marks. detergents. • • Refrain from sticking any type of adhesives onto the ActivBoard surface. to return to the ActivInspire flipchart window click .) DO NOT attach the remote to the surface of the ActivBoard! Power down (turn off) the projector during any non-use period such as a planning period or lunch and as soon as possible at the end of the school day. and color before tool. securely attach the projector remote to the wall near the control box with Velcro. 2010 http://myactiveducator. DO NOT TURN THE PROJECTOR OFF BY UNPLUGGING THE ACTIVBOARD SYSTEM! The bulb may blow if the unit is turned off while hot. click the desired tool. close the Dashboard.wikispaces. scrapers or abrasive cleaning cloths. or icon on your Dock to open . DO NOT use magnets on or near the ActivBoard. single-click the To use the writing. soaps. To right click. anything magnetic near the board can negatively affect the way it works. Press the POWER button on the remote twice to turn off projector. or solvents on the ActivBoard. • DO NOT use abrasive powders. Dry-erase whiteboard cleaner sprayed lightly onto a soft cloth (do not spray directly on the board) may also be used to clean the projection surface. press the Power button on the projector remote.  You must power down the projector with the projector remote. while simultaneously hovering over the ActivBoard surface. it is recommended to use a Mr. To turn to the next page or add a new blank page to the end of a flipchart click page click Getting Started Quick Tips myActivEducator’s Tips + Tricks near the top of the toolbar. • To undo an action click on the bottom of the toolbar. then begin writing on the board using the ActivPen. If the projection surface of the ActivBoard needs cleaning. DO NOT write on the ActivBoard with any type of marker.myActivEducator’s Tips + Tricks Ge:ng  Started  Quick  Tips ActivBoard Maintenance Quick Tips • • • Store the ActivPens inside the clip holders (located on the left-side of the ActivBoard) when not in use. On a MAC. Danielle Klaus. (The control box is located behind the Promethean ActivBoard. Scratches cannot be repaired or removed and will make ink and stain removal in that area difficult. when ActivInspire launches click the ‘Create a new flipchart’ link on the Dashboard. to return to the previous . • To use the ActivBoard as a traditional whiteboard.

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