One Year Classroom Program (for IIT-JEE


Dear students, as you are aware that the time left for IIT-JEE 2013 is not much and this also happens to be your last chance to compete in it, so it is very important for you to put your sincere efforts and stay focused till your goal i.e rank in IIT-JEE is not achieved. You should ensure that you do a lot of regular self study and also do not miss even a single class so that you can easily adjust to the speed of this program and get the maximum benefit out of it.


Excellence in IIT-JEE: Emphasis on making the students imbibe the fundamental concepts of Science & Mathematics and on sharpening their analytical skills and parallel thinking process which makes them capable of creatively resolving complex and tricky problems by mere application of basic concepts for a quantum jump in their performance in IIT-JEE. Each student has the right strategy for himself/herself for TIME MANAGEMENT to ensure optimum output. This enables the students to excel not only in IIT-JEE but also in AIEEE & other Engineering Entrance Exams.

COURSE STRUCTURE: o o o o o o o
Entire course is divided into 3 phases. Right mix of classes, problem solving and doubt clearing sessions. Comprehensive pattern proof & thoroughly revised study material. Periodic tests on the JEE pattern. Regular feedbacks & test analysis sessions. Home assignments / Workbook. Chapter practice problems (CPP): On each chapter students will be given chapter practice problems which they have to attempt and submit before the beginning of the next chapter. These solutions will be checked by the faculty and will be returned to the students with remarks and suggestions. Thus helping every student to have a very strong command over fundamental concept knowledge very crucial for getting Top ranks.


Class Learning Improvement Program (CLIP): Icing on the cake of every class is done through Classroom Learning Improvement Program (CLIP) for those who have completed all assignments to further help them

Grand Masters Package (GMP) Rankers Test Paper File (RTPF) One Year All India Test Series (AITS) Additional help for AIEEE.o get a higher Rank in IIT. thoroughly revised study material. This will help you develop application and analytical skills required for IIT-JEE. Assignments shall contain objective as well as numerical type problems. CEE etc. IIT-JEE Archive: Question Bank with Answers. Normally classes are held 4/ 5 days a week for 4 to 6 hrs each time. 2013 This will help you develop comprehensive understanding of concepts and their applications. problem solving and doubt sessions supplemented with in-depth. Kindly contact your nearest FIITJEE centre for more details. On each topic you will be given graded levels of assignments of varying difficulty. We constantly encourage our students to emulate their Rank Potential Index (RPI) / Success Potential Index (SPI). Rank Potential Index (RPI) / Success Potential Index (SPI): We are the only institute in India having the capability to predict Rank Potential Index (RPI) / Success Potential Index (SPI) of a student. CEE etc. Duration: Classroom contact hours of approx 240 hrs. Open Test for IIT-JEE & AIEEE.for IIT-JEE. AIEEE. the actual total input provided to the student is more than 320 hours which includes  Doubt removal sessions  Rank Improvement Program  Phase Tests and Tests of All India Test Series  Test Analysis Sessions etc.JEE. Each phase is followed by about 1 week of study leave. Classes can be held in the morning or evening session. o o o o o o o Crash Revision Program of 30 to 48 hrs. Note: The schedule of classes may vary from one study centre to another. followed by a Phase Test. At FIITJEE based on your needs we have planned your academics and it will unfold as you go along You will have the right mix of classes. However. .

please refer to “An Introduction on OMR Sheets” from website www.You will be given periodic tests which will be supplemented by test analysis sessions. This will not only give you a feedback but also develop the examination temperament.1:00 pm Note: Actual duration for answering Paper will be 3 hours. along with a Demand Draft / Pay Oder of the registration fee as applicable at the .fiitjee. Test / Batch Commencement Date: Admission Test Dates 26th August & 9th September. 2012 (Choose the test date which suits you the best) Batch Commencement Date# 21st September. Chemistry & Mathematics) : 9:30 am . Kindly contact your respective FIITJEE Centre for exact date Admission Procedure: Exam Schedule & Pattern : Objective Paper (IQ. At FIITJEE you will find a very powerful system that can help you unfold your full potential systematically. That will leave you with enough time for self-revision. For information on how to fill up answer OMR sheet. What is required is total dedication and hard work. 2012 #Batch Commencement Date may vary from one FIITJEE study centre to How to Register for Admission Test : Apply on prescribed form (collect from nearest FIITJEE centre) with two passport size colour photographs. We have planned your academics in such a way that course is finished much in advance of actual JEE. For almost all topics you will be given objective type quizzes. First 30 minutes in each paper will be provided for filling up the information on the answer OMR sheet and for reading the examination instructions.pdf. Since inception. FIITJEE has laid emphasis on making the students imbibe the fundamental concepts of Science & Maths and on sharpening their analytical skills and parallel thinking process. polishing of examination temperament and removal of last moment doubts. Physics. We train our students in such a way that they are ready to scale IIT-JEE successfully irrespective of the pattern. All periodic tests called phase tests will be on the latest JEE pattern.

Admission test registration fee can also be paid in cash at FIITJEE office.time of registration (for more details refer to the Information Booklet). You can also do online registration by Logging on to our online registration portal www. 2013 Last Date to Register : By Post In person : : One week before the test Two day before the test ONE YEAR CLASSROOM PROGRAM for IIT–JEE.

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