The Essene School of Abundant Life Essenes of Kosmon (1944



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Jehovih Is Boundless (p3) Creation of Planets and Worlds (p4) Concerning the Es Worlds (p6) The Story of Man’s Creation (p9) Creation of Man (p10) Millions Engaged in Destruction (p19) Glossary of Strange Words Found in This Lesson (p20) The Beginning of The Earth’s Heavens (p23) A’su, The First Race (p28) Glossary of Words Used in These Lessons (p29) Founding of Moeb (p30) Foundation of The Second Resurrection (p32) Resistance to Disease (p36) Health and What To Do About It (P37) The Ten Commandments (p41) Progress of Man (p42) Good in The Becoming (p47) Glossary of Words Used In This Lesson (p48) The Crisis: of The Sinking of Pan — Third Resurrection Viewpoint (p49) First Resurrection Viewpoint (p51) From The Viewpoint of The Second Resurrection (p52) The Heavenly Records of Oahspe (p55) Explanation of Strange Words Used in This Lesson (p56) Books of Aph, Sue and Apollo (p57) Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother (p64) Man, The Highest Form of Life Inhabiting The Corporeal Earth (p65) Explanation of Words Used in This Lesson (p72) The Bondage to The Past Is Being Severed (p73) Evolution of Consciousness (p74) Mandates of The Ages (p79) The Ever Presence of The Great Spirit (p88) Matter and Spirit (p94)

JEHOVIH IS BOUNDLESS Essene School of Abundant Life North Salt Lake, Utah Dear Pioneer on the Path to Love, Wisdom and Power: Jehovih is boundless in Love, Wisdom and Power. The Purpose of Creation is to provide for boundless and Endless unfoldment from impotent corpor to Gods and Goddesses of infinite potency and power. Before mankind can be brought into existence, a place must be provided for him. Jehovih is the Father principle or Life and is positive in His manifestations. The earth serves as mother and is negative in her manifestations, for she is powerless to bring forth until given life by Jehovih. How planets and worlds are brought into being is the subject of this week’s lesson. It contains nothing that is not in OAHSPE, the Kosmon Bible, but it brings the information to you in a digested form. We trust that it will be instrumental in unfolding within you a part of that Love, Wisdom and Power we are all destined to enjoy someday. You are one in a thousand. You do not have to be driven to the LIGHT. You seek it. Praise and give thanks to Jehovih for inspiring the desire within you for the LIGHT He stands ever ready to give. Fraternally yours, The Supreme Council of the Essenes of Kosmon.


CREATION OF PLANETS AND WORLDS Before a planet is given birth, councils in Etherean Heavens determine the time and place of its birth. Etherean angels titled Surveyors of Magnitudes determine the place of a new planet and give the information to other angels called Oetans who have attained to wisdom to create worlds. Oetans gather together in billions and, by the power of their wills start a vortex or whirlwind in etherea. The vortex drives to its center, by centripetal force, corporeal substance. After formation the newly created vortex is given an orbit around the central sun in whose master vortex it lays. From then on it is a member of this solar family of which its sun is the head. After condensation begins at the center of the vortex, the incipient star is given over into the custody of guardian angels of the infant planet. These planet guardian angels are called Shrevars. They know what materials (food) are needed in every step of its development. Nothing is left to chance. Everything needed for incorporation into the new planet is present in etherea in some part thereof. Etherea is located beyond the vortex of a planet, or rather, a planet is immersed in etherea. Etherea is not only inter-planetary space but is also comprised of the unseen life and substance that fills etherea. Friction developed in the process of condensation releases the heat that causes the whole mass to become molten. The corpor precipitated to the center at the vortex must be given time to cool before the planet can be led through the regions of etherea containing se'mu. Se'mu is a gelatinous substance capable of manifesting fire under proper conditions. Our earth is now about 9,545,000 years old. A’su (Adam) was the first animal-like race on earth and was created by Jehovih, the Creator, only 80,000 years ago. The earth must have been about 9,400,000 years old before it had cooled enough to receive se’mu. This means that the earth's temperature at that time was about 8 degrees warmer than it is today. About 145,000 years ago the earth — or red star as it is called by the angels of etherea — was carried through regions of etherea rich in se'mu which condensed to form beds of se'mu on earth. From this se'muan substance, the vegetable kingdom sprang, and for quite some time, the plants of that day drew the poisonous substances down out of the atmosphere and incorporated them in the earth in a manner similar to that of beans, peas and other nitrogenous plants which take nitrogen out of the air and enrich the soil with nitrogen. Plant life of the se'muan age purified the air above the earth that it might be fit for the animal kingdom to breathe. Later the earth was guided through etherean fields of nebulae. This nebulae fell to earth for centuries burying plant lite and se'muan beds to make coal which would be needed

by mankind many centuries later. Next the red star was guided through fields of sand and oil, and these were covered up and sealed in. Since oil lays at a deeper level, the oil must have been deposited before the coal beds were buried. Coal and oil were not produced by accident. They have been placed in the earth to supply the needs of mankind. Later more se'muan beds were deposited on the earth which gave birth to more vegetation. Then came the serpents, those great prehistoric dragons you have read about. They were poisonous for all their food was poisonous. Shortly thereafter, the light of Jehovih, falling on the se'muan beds, gave birth to the animal kingdom. The kind of life upon a planet is largely determined by the temperature of the planet's surface. This temperature falls one degree in about 18,000 years. As a planet cools, various forms of animal life become extinct. Vortexia is focused to the earth during the day time and radiates outwards from the earth's surface at night. During the following day, it is cast back to the earth but a little is lost. This constant loss, although small, accounts for the falling temperature of the earth. The bones and tracks of prehistoric animals have been preserved to prove that the type of animal life upon a planet varies with the temperature and age of a planet. OAHSPE continually tells us that there is a time for all things.

QUOTATIONS FROM OAHSPE Jehovih said: For each and every corporeal world created I a vortex first, and by its rotation and by the places in the firmament whither it traveleth, caused I the vortex to conceive the corporeal world. A great vortex created I for the sun, and, within this vortex and subject to it, made I the vortices of many of the corporeal worlds. The sun vortex I caused to rotate, and I gave it power to carry other vortices within it. According to their density and position are they thus carried forth and around about the sun. Think not, O man, that I created the sky a barren waste, and void of use. Even as man in the corporeal form is adapted to the corporeal earth, so is he in the spiritual form adapted to My etherean worlds. Three great estates have I bestowed on man: the corporeal, the atmospherean, and the etherean. (Book of Jehovih III:6-8) As I cause water to rise upward as vapor, and take a place in the air above, let it be a sign and testimony of other places in atmospherea whereon dwell the spirits of the lower heaven. As I made a limit to the ascent of the clouds, so made I a limit to the places of the different kinds of substances in atmospherea; the more subtle and potent to the extreme, and the more dense and impotent nearer to the earth.

According to the condition of these different plateaux in atmospherea, whether they be near the earth or high above, so shall the spirit of man take its place in the first heaven; according to his diet and desires and behavior so shall he dwell in spirit on the plateau to which he hath adapted himself during his earth life. (Book of Jehovih IV: 9-11)

CONCERNING THE ES WORLDS JEHOVIH SAITH: To es I gave dominion over corpor; with es I filled all place in the firmament. But corpor I made into earths and moons and stars and suns; beyond number made I them, and I caused them to float in the places I allotted to them. Es I divided into two parts, and I commanded man to name them, and he called one etherea and the other atmospherea. These are the three kinds of worlds I created; but I gave different densities to atmospherean worlds, and different densities to the etherean worlds. For the substance of My etherean worlds I created Ethe, the Most Rarified. Out of ethe made I them. And I made ethe the most subtle of all created things, and gave to it power and place, not only by itself, but also power to penetrate and exist within all things, even in the midst of the corporeal worlds. And to ethe gave I dominion over both atmospherea and corpor. In the All Highest places created I the etherean worlds, and I fashioned them of all shapes and sizes, similar to My corporeal worlds. But I made the etherean worlds inhabitable both within and without, with entrances and exits, in arches and curves, thousands of miles high and wide, and overruled I them with All Perfect mechanism; and in colors and movable chasms and mountains in endless change and brilliancy. To them I gave motions, and orbits and courses of their own; independent made I them, and above all other worlds in potency and majesty. Neither created I one etherean world like another in size or density or in component parts, but everyone differing from another, and with a glory matchless each in its way. Atmospherean worlds I also created in the firmament, and I gave them places and orbits and courses for themselves. But atmospherean worlds I created shapeless and void of fixed form, for they are in process of condensation or dissolution, being intermediate in condition betwixt My etherean and My corporeal worlds. Of three degrees of density created I them, and I commanded man to name them, and one he called A'ji, and one Ji'ay, and one Nebulae. But all of them are composed of the same substances, being like the earth, but rarified. Nor is there on the earth or in it one thing, even iron, or lead, or gold, or water, or oil, or stones, but the same things are in My atmospherean worlds. As I have given light to the earth so have I given light to many of them; and all such have I commanded man to call comets. And even so named he them. And I also created atmospherea around about my corporeal worlds; together made I them. (Book of Jehovih II:3-10) Every sun, moon or star has a dense mass at its center which man calls a planet. This mass is generally spherical in form, and is surrounded and supported by a vortex built up of plateaux. A vortex spins on its axis carries its planet with it. A planet's vortex is tributary to the central sun and could only exist within the sun's master vortex.

The popular conception of cosmogony is that the planet upon which we live is the only earth. The truth is that every sun and planet has an earth or solid corporeal sphere at its center. Therefore to avoid confusion, we will in speaking about OUR earth, call it the Red Star, and will use the tem earth as meaning the corporeal sphere of any planet or sun. The central earth of the sun's vortex is surrounded with small planets some thirty thousand miles distant from the sun's surface. The light of these numerous small planetary vortices constitutes the photosphere of the sun and it is this photosphere that emits the polarizing influence we recognize as light. The little earth masses in the sun's photosphere are the spots that our astronomers have labeled sunspots. In reality, they are little earths at the center of the master vortex with orbits and motions of their own. They move in and out of our line of vision to the sun and cause what are called sun spot cycles. There is no such thing as density of itself. Density is merely an indicator of the degree of sublimation or solution of' corpor in ethe. A wark is a vortex in process of formation or dissolution. There are several wark belts at varying distances from the earth where vortices are being formed and dissolved continuously. When a certain degree of corporeal substances has been condensed to the center of a vortex in this wark belt, we say a comet has been formed. These comets vary greatly in density. When the vortex of a comet is ruptured, the comet is carried to the earth by the vortexian currents flowing to the earth. The Moon's vortex, just inside the periphery of the Red Star's vortex causes undulations in the vortexian lens of the Red Star’s vortex. This causes the lens to be flatter one moment and rounder the next. This condition results in a constant variation in the vortexian currents flowing to the earth. The undulations of the Red Star's periphery is thus the cause of the unseasonable weather that man complains of. This is at the bottom of the extremely hot summers and cold winters. The other cause is the Roadway of Tems of which you will hear later. The Great Serpent is a solar phalanx composed of a central sun and its satellites, grouped outward according to their density, and moving in concentric orbits around the sun. Each planet may have one or more moons circling it. The Great Serpent, solar phalanx, or solar family, travels a pathway in the firmament called the C'vorkum. The C'vorkum of the Red Star is 4,700,000 years long, and is nothing more than an orbit round our sun's sun. The regions external to a solar phalanx or the regions outside of any sun's master vortex are known as etherea. Etherea is made up of countless fields, forests or worlds of varying density, each having its own motions and orbits.


There are only two things in the universe; ethe and corpor. The former is the solvent of the latter. Earth substance is as soluble in ethe as salt is in water. The great firmament is so constituted, being a dense solution of corpor. In the main, etherea is transparent but in some places it is opaque and in others it is translucent. Next week you will be told about the creation of man. AFFIRMATIONS:

I thank Thee Jehovih for Life, Motion, Individuality and Personality.


THE STORY OF MAN’S CREATION Essene School of Abundant Life North Salt Lake, Utah Dear Pioneer on the Path to Love, Wisdom and Power: Many of you have no, doubt wondered at the story of man's creation given in the old Bible and of woman created from the rib of man. You may have wondered about the authorities mentioned in the old Bible — of the Lord, Lord God, God and the Creator. Are these terms applicable to one god, are they titles or are they names? The answer to such questions have always been a mystery until Oahspe was given us. In this weeks lesson, you will read a more plausible explanation of man's birth upon earth. You will learn what a vast amount of work has been done in the past 78,000 years to raise man up from that primal adamic race A'su who was little more enlightened than a chimpanzee, to the Ghan race, to which you belong. You will learn that wars are caused by rebellious spirits and realize that the inhuman actions of those engaged in wars are inspired largely from the Unseen side of life. And perhaps you will come into a realization that we live in the region of' effects and not the region of cause, as most people suppose. How little we know of the world in which we live, the three dimensional world of corpor. Imagine then how boundless is our ignorance of the limitless world of spirit for which this life in corpor is but the preparation. We hope that Es'science will bring you to a greater understanding of Jehovih and His eternal love and guardianship over you. Today you are a man. Tomorrow you will be a god if you will unfold the Love, Wisdom and Power Jehovih has endowed you with. Fraternally yours, The Supreme Council


CREATION OF MAN In the age of se'mu, the earth was covered over with beds of se'mu. This substance exists at all times in etherean regions, where it is in an etheic solution. When the earth is ripe, it is carried forth into those regions to get it's accumulation. This material condenses on the earth and forms se'muan beds. To get an idea of se'mu, Jehovih has caused the green scum of water and jelly fish to be constantly coming forth in all ages. Se'mu is not produced abundantly in this age. By Jehovih's Presence, quickened He the vegetable kingdom into life; also by His Presence, quickeneth He other se'mu to form animals. According to their respective places created I the living; not in pairs only, but in hundreds of pairs and thousands, and in millions. According to their respective places and the light upon se'mu, so quickened I them in their color, adapted to their dwelling places. Each and every living thing created I new upon the earth, of a kind each to itself; and not one living thing created I out of another. (Book of Jehovih V:7-9) Such is My person and My spirit, being from everlasting to everlasting; and when I bring a new world into the time of se'mu, lo and behold my presence quickeneth the substance into life; according to the locality and the surroundings, so do I bring forth the different species; for they are flesh of My flesh and spirit of My spirit. To themselves give I themselves; nevertheless, they are all members of My Person. As a testimony to man, behold the earth was once a globe of liquid fire! Nor was there any seed thereon. But in due season I rained down se'mu on the earth; and by virtue of my presence quickened I into life all the living. Without seed created I the life that is in them. (Book of Jehovih V:13-14) The vortexian currents are positive as they flow to the earth in the daytime and negative as they are cast back up from the earth at night. The following result happens: A pool of water is charged in the daytime with the positive current and at night with the negative current, which escapes upward from the water. The decomposition that results therefrom is called green scum or se'mu. This is a mucilaginous substance that floats upon the water. In a few day's time, from some external Motion applied thereto, there is formed minute but definitely defined shapes, crystalline, fibrous and otherwise. In another few days time, if a lens be used, there will be seen miniature trees, even forests, grass and vines. No seed was there. The Creator Himself brought this miniature vegetation into being. This new property is called Life and because it is everywhere present, it is called omnipresent. Man can account for the se'mu, the negative and positive vortexya, and for ethe and corpor; but Life is unfathomable to man.


This se'mu floats against the ground; it's infinitesimal trees, grasses and vines take root. They live for a season and grow. Then they die; but from their roots and seeds, a larger growth succeeds. Thus was the earth covered over and not one thing was created from another or ever merged into another. When corporeal substance is in very rapid motion, it is in solution in ethe which is everywhere present in the Universe. Vice versa, when the speed of motion is slowed down, corpor is condensed or crystalized into the three dimensional state cognizable to our physical senses. The most rapid motion of a vortex is at its extremities while the slowest motion is at its center. Thus as corpor is driven by centripetal force to the center of a vortex, it solidifies or condenses. Thus is a planet formed out of corpor. Man's spirit and his thoughts are composed of needles of corpor, that are capable of a very high degree of sublimation or solution in the substance called ethe. Asu came upon the earth in just the same manner that all other animals did and that was from the Se'muan beds; through or by virtue of the light and heat, exerted thereon, by high-frequency vortexian currents. This primitive ancestor, on one side of our forbears, had long thin arms; was devoid of ' speech; was covered with hair; knew not his own species; and went about on all fours. He groveled in the ground at night; nor walked he upright in the day time. This race lived on the earth for several thousand years, before Jehovih's voice came to high-raised Orian Chiefs, in council in the Arc of Wan in etherea. They chose Sethantes and some 33,000,000 archangels to visit and enjoy the new earth which had arrived at the Eoptian Age. This age covers 144,000 years and begins when the temperature on earth is about 102 degrees for a normal man. At the end of the age, man’s normal temperature is only 94 degrees Fahrenheit. He ceases to propagate then; so his species goes out of existence on the earth. These ethereans were enjoined to enjoy all the fruits of the earth, save propagation, lest they become earthbound by virtue of the children they begot. The penalty for those who violated this edict, was to remain within the earth's vortex for two hundred years. There were many angels who had died in infancy on other planets and had a very imperfect knowledge of earth-life. Jehovih has provided that we learn well only by objective experience. They were high-raised angels; but in this respect they were lacking in 'wisdom. These angels who had died in infancy, mated with Asu and brought forth heirs that were capable of being taught to resurrect themselves. Now we know who our ancestors were on both sides. Scientists and naturalists have cast about for this missing link; but their search has been in vain. By virtue of their wills in an age when se'mu came forth abundantly, these angels took on the semblance of flesh and blood bodies. When their experience had been attained, and the earth in all it's divisions, had been peopled with the l'hin race, the angels were ordered to give up their corporeal bodies.


The little blond people could see and hear their angel parents, who were sentenced to remain in the atmospherian heavens for 200 years or until six generations of mortals had been born into es. The spirituality in the souls of these angels was so great that it was capable of reaching down to earth and giving birth to offspring of a grade as high as any mortals on earth today.

QUOTATIONS FROM OAHSPE Behold the work ye have taken in hand! It was commanded to you all, to partake of all the fruits of the earth save of the fruit of the tree of life, which is of the knowledge of the earth and heaven, lest ye lose your inheritance in etherea.

IX. — X'sar'jis. The end of the se'muan age, that is, the time of the termination of creating animal life. Jehovih said: Behold, I quickened the earth with living creatures; by My breath came forth all the living on the face of the earth and in the waters thereof, and in the air above the earth. And I took the earth out of the dark regions, and brought her into the light of My ethereal worlds. And I commanded the living to bring forth, by cohabitation, every species after its own kind. And man was more dumb and helpless than any other living creature. Jehovih spake to the angels that dwelt in His ethereal worlds, saying: Behold, I have created a new world, like unto the places where ye were quickened into life; come

ye and enjoy it, and raise man upright and give him words of speech. For these will also be angels in time to come. Behold, ye now have sons and daughters on the earth; by your love to them are ye become bound spirits of the lower heaven. Until ye redeem them in wisdom and power even to the sixth generation ye shall not again arise and inherit My emancipated heavens. To which end ye shall be co-workers with one another in system and order. In My name shall ye become an organic body and known as the heaven of the earth, or lower heaven, which shall travel with the earth. And I will allot unto you a Chief, who is wise in experience in founding heavenly kingdoms; and he shall appoint, from amongst you, officers, and messengers, and ashars, and asaphs, and es'enaurs and ye shall be numbered and apportioned unto your labor and places like unto My other lower heavens on other worlds. And he who is Chief shall be called God of this heaven and the earth, unto his making bestow I them. And God shall have a Council and throne within his heavenly city; and the place shall be called Hored, because it is the first kingdom of God in this firmament. And God shall rule on his throne, for it is his; and his Council shall rule with him; in My name shall they have dominion over angels and mortals belonging to the earth. And God shall appoint Chiefs under him who shall go down and dwell on the earth with mortals; and such Chiefs' labor shall be with mortals for their resurrection. And these Chiefs shall be called Lords, for they are Gods of land, which is the lowest rank of My commissioned Gods. And God and his Lords shall have dominion from two hundred years to a thousand or more years; but never more than three thousand years. According to the regions of dan (light) into which I bring the earth, so shall be the terms of the office of My Gods and My Lords. And God and his Lords shall raise up officers to be their successors; by him and them shall they be appointed and crowned in My name. At the termination of the dominion of My God and his Lords they shall gather together in these, My bound heavens, all such angels as have been prepared in wisdom and strength for resurrection to My etherean kingdoms. And these angels shall be called Brides and Bridegrooms to Jehovih, for they are Mine and in My service. And to God and his Lords, with the Brides and Bridegrooms, will I send down from etherea ships in the time of dan; by My etherean Gods and Goddesses shall the ships descend to these heavens, and reeive God and His Lords with the Brides and Bridegrooms, and carry them up to the exalted regions I have prepared for them.


And all such as ascend shall be called a Harvest unto Me, through My God and Lords. And the time of My Harvests shall be according to each dan, which is two hundred years, four hundred years, six hundred years, and five hundred years; and these shall be called My lesser cycles because they are the times of the tables of prophecy which I give unto My servants. But at no other times, nor in any other way, shall My Harvests ascend to My emancipated worlds in etherea. Seven dans have I created for each and every dan'ha; and six generations of mortals have I given unto each dan. The angels understood the commandments of Jehovih according to their knowledge in the etherean heavens; being heirs of other planets, and having died in infancy, and having matured in the es worlds; but they understood not the Creator according to the practice of the lower heavenly kingdoms. Wherefore their knowledge was incomplete. Jehovih said: I condemn ye not because ye have become joint procreators with the asuans; for ye have done two services unto Me; which are to teach yourselves corporeal things, that ye may understand and sympathize with corporeans, and, secondly, because ye have caused the earth to become peopled with such as are capable of immortality. Behold ye now what shall happen on the earth: such as are of your flesh and kin who cohabit together shall rise in wisdom and virtue; but such of them as cohabit with the asuans will bring forth heirs in the descending grade of life. The first shall bring forth heirs unto everlasting life; but the second shall bring forth heirs that shall go out in darkness. In the dominion of which matters your God and Lords will instruct you, that ye may, by inspiration and otherwise, learn to control the behavior of mortals unto everlasting life. And that these labors be not too severe upon you, I created the dans and dan'has in the firmament, wherein ye may be relieved from the watch by other angels from other worlds coming to exchange with you. This also do I put upon you: That to rule over mortals to virtue, by your own wills governing them in all things, is contrary to my commandments. For what honor hath any man if made to do a thing? But ye shall give mortals of My light, leaving them to choose. Better is it for them suffer some than to grow up in ignorance of the stings of disobdience. Behold, I make this a willing service on your part: because ye have bound your affections on the earth, to your own kin, ye willingly become guardian angels over mortals. Yet I made not a separate law unto you; as it is with you, so shall it be with the spirits of these mortals when they are born into the es world: They will also desire to become guardian angels over their mortal kin.


But these spirits, never having known My higher heavens, will be unsuitable for the office of ashars; they would be but the blind leading the blind. To prevent which, God and the Lords shall provide these spirits in the first resurection with places to dwell in; and with occupations and opportunties for education. For I desire them not to remain bound to the earth, but to rise up and inherit My etherean kingdoms. And in this also shall ye be discreet in governing them, giving them the light of My heavens with some liberty to choose and to perfect themselves. Otherwise they would only be slaves in heaven. According to their weakness or strength, so shall ye provide for these new spirits entering my es world. Therefore such of you as are appointed by My God and My Lords as guardians over mortals shall be called Ashars, and ye shall report to your respective Lords, according to the section of the earth where ye may be. Of many watches shall be the ashars. And such of you as are appointed to receive the spirits of the dead into heaven shall be called Asaphs, and ye shall report to your respective Lords and their kingdoms. And the ashars shall make a record of every mortal, of the grade of his wisdom and good works; and when a mortal dieth, and his spirit is delivered to the asaphs, the record shall be delivered with him; and the asaph, receiving, shall deliver such spirit, with the record into such place in these heavens as is adapted to his grade, where he shall be put to labor and to school, according to the place of the resurrections which I created. As ye shall thus become organic in heaven, with rulers, and teachers, and physicians; and with capitals, and cities, and provinces; and with hospitals, and nurseries, and schools, and factories, even so shall ye ultimately inspire man on the earth to the same things. And mortals that are raised up to dominion over mortals shall be called kings and emperors. As My Gods and My Lords are called My Sons, so shall kings and emperors be called sons of God; through him shall they be raised up to their places, and given dominion unto My glory. (Book of Jehovih, VII: 6-34)

Jehovih said: And God shall cause a record to be kept in heaven, of his dominions and his Lords. And he and they shall enjoin it upon their successors forever to keep a like record. And in the times of my harvest a copy of these records shall be taken up to My etherean kingdoms and filed with My Orian Chiefs and Archangels in the roadway of the travel of the great serpent, for their deliberations as to the progress and management of the inhabitants of the earth and her heavens.


X. — Roadway of the Solar Phalanx for 25,000 Years (Part I).

XI. — Roadway of the Solar Phalanx for 25,000 Years (Part II).


For the grades, see Table of Prophecy. The figure of the Serpent represents the Solar Phalanx. Think not, O ye angels, that the resurrection of your heirs, and their descendants that come up out of the earth, is an easy matter and of steady progress, devoid of mishaps and woeful darkness. The angels under you shall become at times rebellious and defiant; disregarding your laws and decrees; and they shall desert your heavenly places and go down to the earth in millions and hundreds of millions. And they shall drive away the ashars, and then assume guardianship over mortals. But they shall develop no righteousness under the sun, but they will inspire mortals to war and destruction. And these angels will themselves take to war and evil on every hand within the place of your heavens. With the foul gases of atmospherea shall they make weapons of war and places of torment. With these elements shall they make suffocating hells in order to cast one another in chaos. And mortals who shall be slain in war shall be born in spirit in chaos on the battlefields; in chaos shall such spirits enter the es world. And they shall not know that they are dead, (as to earth life), but shall still keep fighting right and left. And enemy shall take enemy, in these heavens, and cast them in the places of torment which they have built, and they shall not know peace nor wisdom. And the work of your heavens shall become as nothing. And ye shall turn to, going about delivering hells and the spirits in chaos. And your labor shall be exhaustive; verily shall you cry out because ye came and peopled the earth. This also have I created possible unto My creations; for both angels and mortals shall learn to know the elements of the heavens and the earth, and to know the trials of love and misfortune. Nor have I made wisdom possible unto any man or angel that knoweth not My elements, and the extremes of evil and good which I created. But in the times of great darkness which shall come upon earth and these heavens, lo, I will bring the earth into dan'ha; and my ethereans shall come in my name and deliver them. And again for another cycle shall they be left with the lessons given unto them; but they shall fall again in course of time. But again will I deliver them; through my Gods and Goddesses will I cause them to comprehend the magnitude of My creations.


As ye travel from heaven to heaven in this atmospherea, even so shall ye inspire mortals to build corporeal ships, and sail across the oceans, that the inhabitants of different divisions of the earth may become known to one another. And when the inhabitation of the earth shall be completed, and the nations shall have established civil communion around from east to west, in that same time will I bring the earth into the Kosmon era, and My angel ambassadors, Gods and Goddesses, shall render up the records of these heavenly kingdoms. Through them will I reveal unto mortals the creation of My worlds, and the history and dominion of My Gods and Lords on the earth, even from this day down to the time of Kosmon. (Book of Jehovih, VII: 1-15)

The unfolding Universe


Inspire within me, O Jehovih True Harmony, Affiliation and cooperation.


MILLIONS ENGAGED IN DESTRUCTION Essene School of Abundant Life NORTH SALT LAKE, UTAH Dear Kosmon Pioneer: In this, the 97th year of Kosmon, the United States has 12,000,000 men under arms; Russia has 12,000,000, Britain, 8,700,000, a total of 32,700,000 men in Allied armies fighting to destroy 6,000,000 Germans, and 5,000,000 Japs. Forty-three million, seven hundred thousand men engaged in destruction. Such an army is incomprehensible. One is simply unable to picture that many men. Large as this number is, it is as nothing compared to the armies of Jehovih. However while man spends his energies in destruction Jehovih's angels use their energies to build new and grander worlds. Most people, when speaking of God, think of him as the Supreme Authority. In Oahspe we learn that while the Love, Wisdom and Power of God is limitless compared to that of one of us, it is very limited compared to the great Gods and Goddesses of etherea. God is the supreme authority or chief executive of our planet Earth and its atmospherean heavens, a mere speck in infinite space. God occupies the position of chief executive of the Earth because he is best qualified for that position of all the billions of angels and corporeans inhabiting our earth and its heavens. However when angels and men engage in warfare on earth and in heaven, God needs and receives reinforcements from the high heavens of etherea. Whenever a king or president of a nation is inducted into office, someone must place the crown on his head or administer the oath of office confirming the position granted the king or president. So it is in the heavens of the earth. When a new God of our Earth is crowned, the crown is always placed on his head, and authority is then given to him by some higher God or Goddess who has descended into the earth's atmosphere for that purpose. In this week’s lesson, you will learn much regarding the crowning of a God, and of the work he has to do. Lift up your mind away from this Red Star, with its wars and struggles and let your vision extend into heaven this week. Someday, some thousands of years hence, you may be a glorious and shining spectator at the crowning of a God. Yours in the Service of the Kingdom, The Supreme Council of the Essenes of Kosmon.


ETHEREAN HEAVENS Eon: A surveyor of magnitudes who located in etherea places where new planets may be created, and old ones dissipated. One who has attained to wisdom in creating planets.


Orian Chief: A ruler over etherean worlds. Archangels: The average angel of etherea. Etherean: An angel who has progressed in love, wisdom and power that entitles him to became a resident of etherea. A Bride or Bridegroom of Jehovih.


ATMOSPHEREAN WORLDS God: Lord God: The supreme executive of a planet. God is king of heaven and earth. A vice-God. An executive inferior to God with jurisdiction over a part of heaven and earth. A land-god, or ruler over a city or nation of corporeans. A vice-lord. An angel of generations or one who inspires the mating of mortals to produce superior offspring A guardian angel over a corporean. Conscience and intuition are manifestations of one's guardian angel.

Lord: Marshal: Loo'is:



Angels in heaven whose office it is to receive the spirit when a mortal dies, and bear it to the place prepared for it.

Es'enaurs: Heavenly musicians, composed of singers and instrument players.



A newborn spirit. When a mortal dies, and his spirit departs into heaven, it is called an es'yan. This name it retains as long as it is helpless, perhaps a year, or five years, or a hundred years.


THE CORPOREAL WORLD Corporeans: Mortals who may be divided into three classes: the materialist who believes in earthly things only, the spiritualist who has faith in the spirits of the lower heavens, and the FAITHIST or ESSENE who has faith in the All Person or Jehovih. The corporeal or earth world is a reflection or imperfect reproduction of the es or heavenly world. Just as heaven is ruled by God and His Holy Council, His Lord Gods and Lords, we have on earth a President and Congress, governors and mayors of cities. The etherean heavens contain countless billions or ethereans, the atmospherean heavens, billions of atmosphereans, just as our nation is made up of 138,000,000 corporeans, who are citizens of our nation. The name of the first heaven ever established on this planet — the Red star. The name of an etherean world. Just as there are corporeal worlds so are there atmospherean and etherean worlds. We know our planet by the name of earth. Angels know it as the Red Star.

Hored: Fow’sang:

Arc of Wan: An arc, used in this sense, is a segment of the orbit of our solar system through which a planet travels for 3 to 8 years. An Arc is the lighthouse of ethe between cycles. Whaga: The name of the Lord who first had jurisdiction over the Continent of Pan. This continent was named after its first Lord, and was therefore called Whaga during the Arc of Wan. Later it was called Pan, meaning earth. It was submerged in the Pacific some 24,000 years ago. Name of the first Lord having Jurisdiction over the continent now known as America. In the Arc of Wan, it was called Thouri, after its Lord. Name of the first Lord and of the Continent of Asia during the Arc of Wan. Europe.





Africa. A planet has two major divisions of its heavens; the first and second resurrections. All are within the vortex of the planet and also in its atmosphere. Therefore they comprise atmospherea. The first resurrection is the lower heavens adjacent to the surface of the planet. The second resurrection is some thousands of miles away from a planet's surface. The throne of God is located in the second resurrection. The unseen world. i.e., unseen to mortals. This word is used in the feminine; synonymous with the spirit world.


Es or Es World:


THE BEGINNING OF THE EARTH’S HEAVENS Has it ever occurred to you that there was a time when our Red Star did not have a heaven? A heaven does not come into being spontaneously but must be created, just as a planet is the result of the work of countless angels. Shortly after mankind is given birth on a planet a heaven must be prepared in the atmosphere of that planet ready to receive the thousands of spirits who die as of earth life and are born into heaven. We are told in OAHSPE when, and how and by whom the first heaven, called Hored, was formed for our Red star. At the time, the Red Star was ready to become the home of man, a great ship of etherea, with 28,000,000 archangelic passengers, was passing close to the Red Star. The Creator, Jehovih, called to Sethantes, the wisest of these archangels and said: Come ye and enjoy the fruits of the new earth. After the new race (the I'hins) had been propagated by the mating of angels and men, as described in Lecture #3, Jehovih spoke to Sethantes in Hored, and instructed him to raise up or educate the angels in his charge who had fallen from their high estate, by partaking of the fruit of the tree of life by begetting children on the earth. Jehovih said: It is almost the Arc of Wan and I shall bring Etisyai, chief factor of Harmuts, to crown thee God of these heavens and earth. Sethantes, in preparation for the inauguration or coronation ceremony, caused a census to be taken of the angels under him, their grades, capacities and powers. After this was done, as great light appeared in heaven, wider than heaven itself. This light descended to Hored and out stepped one million archangels from the orbit of Fow'sang in etherea, clad in the regalia from the Orian Chief, Harmuts. Foremost were the commissioners Etisyai and her brother. Etisyai extended greetings both in her name and in the name of Harmut. Sethantes invited her to honor His throne, by stepping down and making way for Etisyai to occupy it. Etisyai said: ―In Thy name, O Jehovih, I found here a throne.‖ She mounted it while Her host formed a crescent in front thereof. Then Etisyai stood erect, saying: ―Jehovih, all wise and powerful, In Thy Name, This Thy Son, I crown God. From the Orian Chief Harmuts and by Thee, O Jehovih, ordained. Henceforth, to be known in the emancipated heavens (Second Resurrection) as Thy Son. Peace, Love, Wisdom and Power!‖ Etisysi then raised the crown, making the sign of the Creator, and placed the crown on God's head. God arose and received the angels’ ovation. Then Etisyai crowned the five chief Lords and received their and God' acknowledgement. This was Jehovih's signature. The All-Voice of Jehovih then encompassed Etisyai and she spoke by entrancement:

―My Son, even God, doing by the faith within, which nurtureth the I Am unto perfection, this day have I given Thee a kingdom in atmospherea. Thou art the Judgment seat over earth and heaven. My Son, reach forth and clothe Thyself in the golden fleece.‖ The archangels tossed the raiment, brought from etherea, up to God; and by virtue of the faith that was in Him, it flew to Rim and encompassed Him. Jehovih then addressed the Lords, through Etisyai, bidding them to build up kingdoms on earth and caused them to be clothed in silver and gold. Etisyai came down from the throne, still entranced, saying: ―Though My daughter will depart, I will remain with ye, My God and Lords, forever.‖ She then took God’s hand and led him to the throne. Thus was established, the first throne of God in the Red Star's heavens. God ascended the throne, and said: ―As long as mortals bring forth heirs, I will labor to glorify Thee, O Jehovih.‖ The Lords were then conducted before the throne and God said: ―According to your talents and the number or earth inhabitants, have ye been assigned. Pick out twelve swift messengers each, that they may be confirmed, and their records sent to etherea, with the departing hosts. The Lords picked out the messengers, and their registry was turned over to the hosts of Etisyai as they were confirmed in Jehovih’s name. While the es’enaurs (musicians) chanted, Etisyai entered the fire ship and began the ascent with the ship twisting and turning until it passed from sight. The All-Light then settled on God and He said to His Lords: Summon all the angels to pass before my throne, one at a time. So great was God's wisdom that He knew the grade of each and He directed them this way and that. God said: ―My Lords, take these laborers and shape mortals, delivering them to Me. Whatever ye do for the glory of Jehovih, I will ratify. Keep records of your kingdoms, separately, as well as others when your affairs merge with those of My kingdom. Your ashars shall watch over and inspire their mortal charge and keep records of all their good works and grade. When they die, their spirits shall be turned over to asaphs, who shall take them to their proper places, where there are adequate nurses and attendants. There they shall remain until My ships call for them. The earth divisions were Whaga (Pan), Thouri (America), Jud (Asia), Dis (Europe), and Vohu (Africa), named after these first Lords. The records showed the earth to be 9,470,000 years old. The es'enaurs sang a hymn of praise to Jehovih, and God called on Him to make their efforts, in founding this first heaven, a success. The Lords were then dispatched to their earth divisions.


God then proceeded to appoint enumerators, surveyors, astronomers, weavers, marshals, instructors and builders of ships and mansions. God then called His asaphs and sent them to earth to receive the fruit or the first resurrection and bring it to Hored. These asaphs were not familiar with corporeal things, as they were angels who had died in infancy and thus had not enjoyed corporeal experience. They existed on etherean food so they knew not how to feed the five hundred es'yans, or the newly dead, that they brought back with them. God told them to feed them on the atmospherean vegetarian food presented to them. The es'yans had been eaters of fish and worms so the asaphs had to gather the atmospherean part of newly killed fish and bring it to their charges. What a mortal eats is entailed upon his spirit for a time. Little by little the es 'yans were taught to eat the es'pa (spirit part) of trees, fruits and vegetables, which is the part that is constantly evaporating. Soon the inexperienced asaphs permitted the es'yans to gather their own food at the fishery, and so the es'yans engrafted themselves upon mortals. Jehovih spake to God about this and told him to send physicians to sever the es'yans from mortals lest they be lost to everlasting lite by becoming bound to the earth instead of progressing into the higher heavens. God then instructed the asaphs to found a colony, near the fishery but in atmospherea, and they were to keep the es'yans in the colony, not showing them the road to the fishery. The asaphs were to provide the necessary food, clothing and instructions, and to put the es'yans to work as they grew strong. They were to feed only the helpless and those that labored. It was, and probably still is, a rule in heaven — no work, no eat. God said: You will inspire them to labor, which is the foundation of a strong spirit. Soon they will be able to care for themselves and to help you to care for the newly arrived es'yans. Be swift in your labor to raise them up in industry, love, mirth, virtue, and wisdom; as people spring up quickly into heaven. Every colony that you found will be a great kingdom, For tens or thousands of years great wars will rage on earth and the newly dead spirits, in chaos, will fasten on mortals and obsess them to madness. (This is what is happening in Europe and Asia at this time). So God established various colonies in heaven for the reception of mortals spirits, embracing the arts of healing, education, industry, drapery and manufacturing to meet the needs of the spirits. This great labor on the part of those angels who had formerly lived in etherea palled on them and they began to compose songs of lamentation. God was about to rebuke them when Jehovih’s voice came to Him saying: Rebuke them not, O My son. Did I not command them, saying: Behold I have created a new world; come ye and enjoy it, even the earth. And when they had come, said I not to them: Enjoy ye all the fruits of the earth, save the fruit of the tree of life, lest ye die. But corpor spake to them and they believed in corpor. Wherefore then shall

they not lament? Do they not remember their former homes in etherea, and thus aspire to regain them? But seek thou, O my Son, to make their lamentations a glory in the souls of the es'yans, that they may also aspire to a higher heaven. (Oahspe, Sethantes IV: 4-5) The es'yans were kept in the nurseries on an average of five years. Then they were given work of their choice but were not permitted to return alone to their mortal relatives, until they had been in heaven fifty year. By that time they had lost all desire to engraft themselves upon mortals. At the end of 100 years 170,000,000 spirits had been born into the es world and of these 20,000,000 had been raised to the second rate and were mostly up to requirement. The voice of Jehovih came to God, saying: It is time for thee, My Son, to take a rest as thou hast labored day and night for 100 years. Spread out Thy kingdoms over all of Whaga, and appoint thy most efficient officer to sit upon Thy throne whilst Thou visit thy Lords kingdoms. So God appointed fifty governors, with five thousand workers each, and sent them out to colonize the places selected by his surveyors. God promised to visit them later and give them everything needed. The ship for his trip was now put into construction, and companions for his trip, were selected and notified. The Council then examined the records and selected Ha’ja for the appointment of serving God in God’s absence. An escort was sent for Ha’ja and was conducted before the throne. God said: By command of Jehovih have I called you hither. Of all the high virtues, thou excellest in not mentioning thyself. Thy labors for upraising Hored are greater than any other. For this reason, I have chosen thee to be my assistant, and to occupy the throne in my absence. Ha’ja said: Since that is Jehovih's Will, proceed. So Ha’ja was inducted into office. Immediately following, God embarked on board his ship with eleven thousand companions for his visit to his Lords. God and his host traveled over Whaga and inducted into office each of the fifty governors, enjoining them to deal only with the feeding, clothing and instructing of the newly dead, and reminding them that his colony would soon be a large kingdom. The Lord of Whaga installed a temporary successor and accompanied God all over Whaga. Then Lord Whaga invited God to visit the mortal city of Ul'oo. Mortals saw God's fire ship in the heavens and were so frightened that God ordered that it be made invisible. At earth level, God and his host left the ship and entered the house of worship erected to the Lord. Mortals had been inspired through the ashars and the prophets to clean it up and to burn incense shortly before God's visit. A four day feast was given in God's honor at which God's host and the ashars mingled and exchanged reminiscences, and inspected the mortals by day and by night. Mortals were inspired to worship all day long.


Near the close of his stay God sat upon the altar and illumined it so mortals could see him. He spoke through entrancement of the mortal upon whom the Lord laid his hand, saying: ―Do no evil but strive for wisdom and to do good. Behold when you are dead, you shall live. Rejoice, for the Lord liveth and reigneth.‖ God and Lord Whaga then had a little chat over the ungratefulness of mortals and es'yans concerning the immense labors in their behalf performed by the angels of the second resurrection. God and his host then entered his ship and departed. God then set out to visit Jud and the other continents. The ship took on atmospherean fuel from the forests and then sailed to the sea coast, where it stopped to be restocked with fuel and supplies before sailing over the earthly sea. Jehovih said: ―Onward, O God! O man, tame the elements. They are thine. Merrily sang the crew and danced, as the great ship sped forth by the force of wills matured. AFFIRMATIONS:

I thank Thee, O Jehovih for Peace, Wisdom, Love and Power.


A’SU, THE FIRST RACE Essene School of Abundant Life North Salt Lake, Utah Dear Pioneer of Kosmon on the path to Love, Wisdom and Power: First a planet is formed, then the vegetation is implanted thereon, to be followed by the animal kingdom. One member of the animal kingdom was A’su, the first race, a subhuman or mortal man incapable of immortality. The mating of archangels with A'su resulted in bringing forth the I'hin race, the first of mankind endowed with immortal life. As these baby members of the human race died off and ascended from the earth, a heaven had to be provided for them, so Hored was established. Eternal progression is Jehovih's mandate. As the es'yans were educated and trained for their work in heaven, provision had to be made for their progress. This week you will learn how the second resurrection was established to provide for angels who had outgrown self (ishness), and attained to the point where they wished to become organic and work in harmony together, for the glory of Jehovih and His creations. In Jehovih's creations, heavens rise above heavens, beyond the imagination of man to conceive. There will come a time when you will graduate into Es, to spend from 100 to a thousand or more years in the first and second resurrections. After you have developed in Love, Wisdom and Power to the point where you prefer to work in concert with others, than to be an individualist, you will graduate into the second resurrection to spend another period of years perfecting your talents. Eventually you will earn the privilege of leaving this Red Star to become an etherean, and live in those vast and glorious heavens of Nirvana in interplanetary space. That you may learn now of the glorious graduation ceremonies in which you will someday take a prominent part, we tell you of similar events that took place when humanity was young, and the first class to ever become Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih crossed the bridge of Chivat into the heavens of etherea. Yours in the everlasting unfoldment of Love, Wisdom and Power. The Supreme Council of the Essenes of Kosmon.


GLOSSARY OF WORDS USED IN THESE LESSONS Osirian Regent A governor in the etherean heavens where the true Osiris was an Etherean God. North America Universal knowledge. Corpor and spirit equally balanced. Universal or fellowship of nations. God’s Council in the second resurrection or organic heavens of the earth. God and his Holy Council made up Moeb similar to that of the President and Congress comprising the government of the U.S.A. Moebian Counsellors were all above grade 50. Hored was in the first resurrection, When Moeb was formed, it was the birth of the second resurrection. The colonies of the first resurrection who were covenanted to the Creator. They were working with Moeb. These were duplicate colonies to the above. They hadn’t made up their minds. The orbit of our solar system sometimes called the Great Serpent. Shrevars are guardian angels over new worlds. As mortals have guardian angels so also do planets. The first few years at the beginning of the second sub-cycle, called Hon'she. This was a minor light, separating sub-cycles. A Location in etherea. Both mortals and spirits (corporeans and angels) are graded according to their unselfishness. If one spends 90% of his thought and energies for self and 10% for the betterment of mankind, he is grade 10. If 90% is spent for humanity and 10% for self, he would be grade 90.

North Guatama Kosmon Kosmon Era Moeb



C’vorkum Osirian Shrevars

Dan of Hon'she

O’Wea Grade of Angels


FOUNDING OF MOEB, THE FIRST ORGANIC HEAVEN OF THE EARTH, OR SECOND RESURRECTION The following is both restated and quoted from Oahspe: As the fire ship left the shores of Whaga, God was moved by the Voice of Jehovih to say: ―Thy glories grow richer day by day, although I have gazed upon them thousands of years. God has undertaken his duties with fear and trembling for he foresaw the hundreds of generations of darkness that would spring up out of this new earth. God was moved to ask Jehovih about the future of this earth. God said: How shall it be Jehovih? Shall this earth be peopled over and run its course as on other worlds? God’s voice reached to the higher heavens where Osirian regents ruled in full power. They sent down a single ray, engrossed, Jehovih’s Son, All Hail! Glory to Jehovih for all that thou hast done. God's ship had nearly crossed the sea to Asia and was met by Lord Jud's ship and the two vessels sailed together to Jud. Passengers on the two ships were all old friends overjoyed to see each other again. They sang, made merry and gave thanks to Jehovih. The Lord said: ―Who can attain to know Jehovih? The mortal thinks he will see Him when he is dead and risen in heaven, but he fails. Then he is resurrected to etherea and attains to shape his vessel through the whirlwinds of the vortices of heaven, but still the arcs and ethes stand before him. He hurrieth down to earth to teach mortals of Jehovih, but in their darkness, they say: ―Jehovih is as the wind. We see him not. He is nothing.‖ Then the Lord invents stratagems. He teaches mortals to sing and pray to Jehovih, that the sound may influence the soul upward. He attempts to reach the soul in sleep, but his message is erased by the poisons and toxins of the mortals corporeality. Jehovih spoke: I will keep some of the tribes in darkness till the last days, to prove to man that dark tribes cannot raise themselves up. After a two day banquet to God and his hosts, the ship was made ready. God and his companions entered and prepared to sail. The Lord went to the ship to take leave and to lament the wilderness that he lived in. It. would be a hundred years hence in dan before he would meet God again. Each made the sign of Jehovih's name, then parted. The Lord of Dis met them part way and the two ships were lashed together and sailed for many day's over Europe, inspecting the angels work with mortals. They then came to the Lord's throne where they tarried for sixty days making many excursions over plains and mountains. The prophets and mathematicians amongst God’s attendants foretold the great cities,

the nations and the wars that would be in time to come. They foresaw falling nebulae that would bury cities and how, in Kosmon, these would be rediscovered and their histories unfolded by the su’is (clairvoyance and psychometry) in mortals. God said: ―Steer thy course now to Africa.‖ The ship was turned and soon met by the Lord Vohu’s ship. They proceeded down the valleys, where man had burrowed in the river’s bank. Here and there were seen villages where man had been inspired to wear clothes and dwell together. The Lord said: “Only angels can teach man to his own profit, for they can’t be seen. They reach man in his dreams and man awakes anxious to better himself because he believes the idea is his own. Will he never learn the angels have helped him? Or will man have to serve as ashar in turn upon some new world and shepherd mortals, in order to know that he was helped that way. Some mortals say: ―I believe nothing I do not see.‖ Others are born with faith and are quickly resurrected. A ten day recess was declared for reunion amongst the hosts of God and his Lord. God made a thorough inspection of Vohu, rested and then departed for Thouri.

God's ship then crossed the ocean to Thouri or Guatama which means the meeting place of nations and the beginning of the Kosmon cycle. Jehovih spake out of the light that enveloped God, saying: “My Son, on this land, when the earth is circled with those who choose Me, will I bring forth a people who shall be the fulfilling of what the I’hins profess. My Children shall here come out against all dominion, except Mine, Jehovih’s. They shall come forth by the tens of thousands, knowing not why. On this land, alone, shall not any Lord be established by the sword; for it is the Land, which I have planned, for the deliverance of the nations of the earth.” God said: “Thou, my Lord, shall mark off the place of the founding of Jehovih's Kingdom. A record of thy labor shall come down to Kosmon. Let my seal be put upon this land and to Jehovih I consecrate it forever. Upon God's return to Hored, he was given a great ovation. He then resumed the throne. God said: ―Today shall be known as New Year's Day because the sun takes up, it's course to the north. It shall be the day of the relief watch in Hored. (December 22nd) (Oahspe, Book of Sethantes)


FOUNDATION OF THE SECOND RESURRECTION OR THE ORGANIC HEAVENS OF THE EARTH The following is both restated and quoted from Oahspe: God said: ―This heavenly council shall be called Moeb and shall be called Moeb and shall no longer deal with individuals, but with cities and kingdoms through judgments and decrees. It shall be an assembly over all councils below.‖ God instructed the recorders from the libraries to select 100,000 new members for the house of Moab. God said: ―Select such as have most nearly assimilated to Jehovih. Select those who have put away self and have labored for others long enough for the trait to be organic. The new members of Moeb were seated, according to rank in the new temple. God asked Jehovih for His Light which soon gathered above the heads of the members. God said: ―I make the sign of Jehovih over your heads, which shall be the sign of your induction into office. To Thee, O Jehovih, I dedicate this house.‖ God then addressed the members requesting them to form into groups, according to their rates, for administering to communities of the first resurrection and on earth. Jehovih spake through God when Moab was assembled two days later, saying: ―This is the start of the second resurrection, for you are putting away self and the first resurrection. Moeb shall become the lower house of My Kingdom and I shalt exalt its foundation above Hored. God arose and stood in the throne of Jehovih, saying: ―Hear ye, all ye angels above and below. The house of Moeb, the beginning of the second resurrection, is rounded in Jehovih' s name. Proclaim this to the four corners and to the swift messengers of etherean heaven. Then God crowned Ha'jah as sub-God of Hored. Ha'jah then decreed that every community in Hored should be a double, Maga and Minga. In Maga, the promoted laborers are preparing for the second resurrection and working with Moeb. They are learning to abnegate self and to grow organically. The earth now passed into Hon'she, an etherean region of light in the C'vorkum where dwelt Osirian Shrevars. God informed the Shrevars that the earth had not yet attained her fullness so the Shrevars decreed the fall of brimstone, iron and phosphorus for purifying the air in the low regions of the earth's five divisions. The I'hins had been inspired to move by the ashars and not one perished. Great numbers of A'suans, from whom the I'hins sprang, perished. At the end of 200 years, there were 300 million souls in atmospherea and of these 30 million were ready to graduate to etherea. The time of bondage of the propagators of eternal lite was six generations or 200 years, and it was so decreed.

God assembled Moeb and said: ―Behold this is the first day of the first year of dan of Hon' she and etherean hosts will come in a few days to resurrect my hosts to the regions from whence they came 200 years ago.‖ Messengers went forth at God's command to invite all angels who wished to attend, to ascend to Moeb to watch the ascension of Jehovih's Chosen. One hundred thousand archangels came from etherea to dispel all clouds. Many, who were eligible to ascend, came before God in organic bodies and asked to be judged. God sentenced all who had work yet to complete, to remain another 200 years in order to prevent later recriminations. There were 70,000 ethereans eligible for ascent and yet who volunteered to remain for another dan. Among these were Ha' jab and the five lords. Jehovih spake in the Orian field of Hon'she and said: ―The time is at hand for delivering the first born of the Red star. Come forth, O My Sons and Daughters of etherea and receive them from My hand. Onesyi, ruling Goddess, asked for volunteers to make the journey down to earth; the others were to remain at home, to prepare mansions for the newcomers. Etisyai, the Goddess who had inducted Sethantes into office, had sent word to Onesyi to meet her in O'Wea, as they all journeyed to the Red Star. Onesyi's people were long raised up to etherea and their wills were as one in working with the substance about them. They soon fashioned a ship as large as Hored was wide. They filled it with Gods and Goddesses, some of whom were as old as the Red Star, and whose native worlds had been dissolved. The ships of Etisyai and Onesyi met and the two Goddesses ran to meet each other like chidren. The two ships had been joined. Onward moved the joint ship, majestic and meteor-like toward the Red Star. Ninety million angels of all grades had assembled to see the ship. Some were robing themselves in white, some were nervous and others were calm. A golden light materialized above God's throne in the shape of a triangle. God said: ―Jehovth is One, the Living are One; inanimate corpor is one; these things are the entirety. Take this triangle, which shall be the badge of office of the Chief-Executive, as long as Saffas endureth on the earth. It shall be handed down from God to God who occupies the throne. God hung the triangle on Ha'jah' s neck and said: When mortals have been raised up to understand this symbol of three in one, then shall Kosmon begin to dawn on earth. Ha'jah said: ―Thou art a jewel of selflessness and a symbol of Love, Wisdom and Power, O God. Thou givest thy young angels liberty and yet redeemest them.‖ God said: ―Remember, O Ha' jab, that I have charge of this earth until the end of the cycle, 200 years hence. During the next sub-cycle, my archangels will answer your

prayers addressed to Jehovih. Etisyi’s and Onesyi' s ship now appeared above the earth in the form of a crescent, with projecting horns, and three lights streamed down of red, blue and yellow. The crescent was white and erased the light of the sun. This brilliant light caused clouded souls, on and near earth, to flee in panic. It made evil thoughts in their souls visible to all. The three projecting rays contained some million marshals, chief of whom was A' Jeng, who ascended God’s throne. Jehovih spake through him, saying; "I gather together and I scatter My beloved, for they shall see My works. I give man My higher light to cause his soul to grow." Then A’Jeng said: "O Thou All Highest, Who Art the All that there is! Glory be to Thee, forever and forever. The marshals then spread out and took possession of Hored and Moeb. They were decorated with symbols to denote their rank and experience. They worked in time to the distant music from the crescent. The star between the horns drew near and opened up, revealing the two Goddesses Etisyai and Onesyi with arms entwined. Masters of the inner temple, unrolled a carpet, upon which the two Goddesses glided up to the throne of God, which was in the east. The Brides and the Bridegrooms were in front of the throne. The visiting host spread out in the vast amphi-theatre, surrounding Moeb and rising upward. This assembly was done in time to the music. The two Gods met the two Goddesses at the foot of the throne and touched hands. They were all acquainted with one another. The Goddesses ascended the throne and remained passive. Out of the light, Jehovih spake: "Out of My substance, created I man; his soul out of My soul and his body out of My body. A time I gave him to grow, to beget offspring, to know a parent’s love; that he might know My love. Then I provide death that he might continue his development under My ashars and My asaphs. Then I provide ample teachers to him in the second resurrection. Onesyi now spoke: Behold these Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih! When they were young, they were wed first to the earth, and then to atmospherea, without their wills. Now they stand before the throne of God. In Jehovih’s name, I now command them to speak their wills. Response: I put away self forever. also the earth and the Lord, and the God above. Lo, the small part of Thyself within me has grown to be a giant. Make me Thy Bride forever. O Jehovih. Henceforth, I will never pray to Thee for myself. O Jehovih; but only that I may be more efficient in doing Thy work, forever. I am wed to Thee, forever. O Jehovih, to be one with Thee and to consider Thee to be first, forever. The thirty three million now passed before the throne and received crowns with the inscription: In Wan, brought forth; delivered in Hon’she.

Onesyi said: In the space of an hour, we shall part. Use that time to say thy farewells. Soon these that ye see, ye shall not see for a long time. Your love will be the tie, that shall bind ye together, over time and distance. Ye shall meet again and again to labor together for a time, only to separate again. Onesyi now inducted Ha' jab, Whaga, Jud, Dis, Thouri and Vohu into office. Then she, the ethereans and the graduates entered the fire ship, amidst glorious music and ascended upward; as the ship turned on its axis and sped, meteor-like into the distance. Ha’jah and the five Lords reigned for four hundred years, to complete the second subcycle of the first major cycle of the Eoptian Age of the red star. The first harvest was 33 million of grade 80. The second harvest was 280 million of grade 78. The fifth harvest was grade 50. This was the last. (Oahspe, Book of Sethantes) AFFIRMATIONS:

Jehovih liveth and reigneth, the Highest and Never-to-be-reached, the Forever Beyond, and yet EVER PRESENT.
We suggest that tomorrow you read the Book of Sethantes, Son of Jehovih, Chapters 8 to 21 in your Oahspe.


RESISTANCE TO DISEASE Essenes of Kosmon NORTH SALT LAKE. UTAH Dear Pioneer on the Path to Love, Wisdom and Power: Following every period in history, where war has raged for several years, we discover an epidemic of disease. We well remember the epidemic of spanish influenza that broke out in Spain in 1918 and swept over the whole world. Doctors were helpless at the time and know little more about the prevention and cure of the flu now than they did in 1918. We do know that the flu was carried in the air for many Eskimo villages that had little chance of being infected by visitors, were decimated. Whole villages were wiped out by the flu which killed many more people throughout the world than were killed in war. We may expect an epidemic to again sweep the world within two or three years. It will probably be some new form of disease with which the doctors will be as unfamiliar and helpless &s they were with the flu. We know that an epidemic will kill many and, for no apparent reason, skip others who will not become ill. It is reasonable to assume that there is some condition within the individual that makes him immune to contagions. We believe this condition of health, that gives one the power to throw off infection, is due to freedom of toxins and to an abundance of vortexya in the body. Vortexya, when functioning within the human organism, is commonly called animal magnetism. It gives vitality, pep, vigor and energy and builds up a magnetic field that repels invasion by destructive germs and bacteria. The lesson for this week will tell you some things to do, and other things not to do, to build up resistance to disease. Now is the time to build up one's resistance, to reinforce one's health, and to eliminate poisons and toxins. Start today to rid your body of both habits and toxins that weaken you. May Love, Wisdom, Power and good health increase with you from week to week. Sincerely and fraternally, The Supreme Council of the Essenes of Kosmon.


HEALTH AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT The health of the average person of today is in a deplorable condition since meat and an improper diet has filled the body with poison. It is no wonder that most people are constipated, anemic, and generally run down. The diet of the average person is full of poison. OAHSPE states, "What was true yesterday, is not true today. What was true yesterday is true today." We are to use our judgment at all times and not assume that a thing is good today because it was good a century ago. MEAT IN THIS, THE KOSMON ERA IS A POISON TO HUMANITY. More and more the medical profession is discovering that meat is a poison. One has but to try a meatless diet to discover this fact for one's self. Luckily for the human race the cost of meat is driving it out of the diet of the low income group while others, through inspiration, find they care less for meat than formerly. The body doesn't utilize protein, carbohydrates or fats as such. It merely transforms them in the digestive tract or burns them, releasing heat or vortexya. Everything that can be dissolved passes through the walls of the intestines into the lymphatic system and then into the blood stream. Among the useful things that pass through are sugar and organic salts. Protein of animals is rich in nitrogen and this must be eliminated from the body through the kidneys as uric acid. All impurities that have lodged in the cells of the animal you eat, find their way into your stomach and have to be eliminated. These products are always in a partial state of decomposition and you never know it the germs or bacteria present are harmful or not. There is always a chance of getting ptomaine poisoning. Congestion and catarrh are the cheapest prices you will pay for eating meat. These and other are passed on to children by the mother while the child lies in the womb. The womb and placenta are in direct contact, and the mother's impure blood with its toxins feeds the fetus through the placenta. Toxins in the mother’s blood stream is one reason for the high rate of infant mortality. The organic salts are carried by the blood to the lungs where nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide are absorbed into the blood through the thin walls of the lungs. These gases are saturated with vortexya or heat and this accounts for the warming quality of deep breathing. Biochemists have found that carbon dioxide enters into reactions in the liver, while nitrogen unites with the organic salts to form oils, fibrinogen, albumen, etc. Oxygen is used to form an unstable union with hemoglobin and this is carried to every cell by the blood, along with its sugar content. The oxygen and sugar unite in the cells wherever needed to keep up the body's heat. In this process the stored up vortexya in the sugar is released. The body burns or transforms all food placed in the stomach utilizing only sugars, organic salts, and the stored up vortexya or heat that is released in the process. These are passed along to be used as body building materials. From the air other elements such as oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon-dioxide are extracted to be used in

combination with the salts. The body builds its own complex compounds containing nitrogen. No organic substance eaten becomes a part of the body. These are all made by the body from salts and air. All protein products must be burned and the waste eliminated. Not content with the amount of toxins taken into the body at meal time, many at the first twinge of pain, run for the aspirin bottle to drown the body's signal of distress. The dentist poisons the body to block oft or deaden nerves, the physician disinfects and sterilizes you with toxins while the surgeon gives hyper-powerful doses of anesthetics before he cuts other accumulations out of his patient. To prevent contagious diseases, the health authorities make it mandatory that the public be inoculated with serums or poisons. All disease leaves its debris behind in the body of its victims. organisms that secrete waste products. Germs are living

To top it all off, many eat chocolate, drink coffee, chew and smoke tobacco, drink liquor and subject themselves to every poisonous fume in the atmosphere. In the cities, one breathes petroleum and paint fumes, absorbs the lead from ethyl tetra lead in gasoline, or fumes from passing cars. It one goes for a ride or a walk it is difficult to avoid taking on a jag of death. That isn't all. Sulphureted fruits are eaten, and more lead taken into the body from apples and other fruit that has been sprayed from two to twenty times with arsenate of lead. Some fruit cannot be washed clean and it is imperative that it be peeled. Lead is so heavy on sane apples that it can be seen with the naked eye. The food producer, attempts to poison the falling se’mu and thus protect his crop. He poisons both the ground and those who eat his product; for the poison is taken up by the roots and is deposited within the fruit, as well as being on the skin of the fruit. Here is the place to tell you that the organic and inorganic fertilizers used by the farmers to force production of crops, contain toxic elements or metallics such as ammonium sulfate and other sulfates, that find their way into the crops and thence into the animal meat and milk supply. Since this is the cycle of destruction and death (1914-1948) it will probably do little good to bring these facts to the attention of the average person, in an effort to help him preserve himself; for the combination of germs, virus, bacteria, and new insect pests on the one hand, and the chemicals for their destruction on the other, make a combination hard to beat; to say nothing of fertilizers. The mystery is the will-to-live of the body cell that enables one to defeat death for a time. At that, many are half alive. One may stand on the corner at a busy city street and

wonder at the walking cadavers and perambulating corpses, dragging themselves to work. Did you ever see a poisoned animal? They eat grass or fast until they either get well or die. Humans do neither but continue to poison themselves until rigor mortis sets in. Today our people are in a pathologic condition and nothing can be done until they cease to take on a cargo of death. Avoid meat, meat products, unnatural stimulants and all Metallic poisons, which are worst of all. Until you make up your mind to do this, little can be done to improve our condition. Examine your drinking water for chlorine and aluminum sulphate. These are deadly. Choose an alkaline ash diet. This means to eat fruits and vegetables that are free from spray materials, most of which are poison to the animal kingdom. Eat enough, and just enough, sugars and starches so that you do not feel cold. If you are constipated, use herbal or vegetable laxatives to assure one good movement a day. Try a glass of hot water with lemon juice immediately on arising in the morning. These things, plus a vegetarian diet, will loosen old accumulations of toxins in various parts of the body. You are a transformer of the life-giving elements of spiritual and material food. You change their frequencies to the frequencies of your soul, spirit and body. The thing that gives you the power to do this is the heat inherent in the vortexian currents of our planet. The vortexian currents flowing to earth in the daytime are positive and furnish food for the soul. The currents flowing in the opposite direction from earth at night are those that promote growth, repair the body, and soothe the passions. In times of darkness or falling a'ji, the physical body is benefited while the soul suffers and vice versa. At the time of the full moon, the new moon and the last quarter, these negative night currents from earth are very potent in loosening the old toxic deposits in the body. The currents set up by the polarization of the earth's vortex by the moon's lens are negative, although they flow to earth at night. Sometimes, these lesser currents from the moon are felt in the daytime. All negative currents act on the body, to break the toxins through the mucus membranes, in the form of a bloody discharge. As the old toxins of drugs, animaI products, germ debris and metals are loosened up, they will gravitate to the head and limbs. You may feel dizzy or develop a headache, feel the eyes clogged and foggy, have the sensation of a band around your head or feel congestion in the top of the head. These are favorable symptoms that indicate poisons and toxins are being thrown off by the cells into the blood stream where they will be eliminated from the body.


This loosening up will vary from day to day just as the vortexian currents that flow to the earth vary from day to day. The corruption in your system will gradually be eliminated through the skin, kidneys, liver, bowels, mucus membranes and lungs. However if drug and metallic poisons are present, the process will require further measures. Whenever the toxins begin to enter the blood stream, as they are eliminated from the cells of the body, the heart may begin to flutter or you may be extremely dizzy. In any case, there is bound to be a very unpleasant taste in the mouth and the breath may be foul. Relief will probably come in the form of bleeding. This may be at the nose or through the gums. If you are badly poisoned, the intestines may give off as much as a pint of blood from the anus. Toxins will accumulate in the gums and this is a spot that is readily accessible to you. Make it a habit to remove any accumulation two or three times daily. Use a tooth brush and tooth picks to locate any deposits of toxins. Use the cheeks and tongue to create a vacuum to remove the material. It will be red in color. In six months, if you follow these instructions, you will feel like a new person. Gas should be gone, and you should find your memory greatly restored. AFFIRMATION

To Thee O Jehovih, I dedicate my body, mind and spirit. Give me of Thy Light, that through them I may glorify Thee.


THE TEN COMMANDMENTS Essene School of Abundant Life North Salt Lake, Utah Dear Pioneer on the Path of Light: It is generally taught that the Ten Commandments were given through Moses some 3000 years ago. In this week’s monograph, you will discover that the Ten Commandments are an outgrowth of an original Seven Commandments given mankind in the early days of the race. It is as essential today to observe the Ten Commandments as it has been throughout the centuries. In fact, it we will but think a bit on the subject, we will discover that it is the yet lack of observance of the Ten Commandments that is responsible or today's troubles. As we progress further into the Kosmon Era, we will observe the Ten Commandments more and more. War will be put away, the Golden Rule will be followed and peace on earth, good will to men, be the order of the day. The next three years may prove to be the most eventful years in many centuries, for they are the final years of a cycle of destruction lasting from 1914 until 1948. The earth and heavens above must be cleansed of the hate, greed, bitterness and materialism of the old cycle of 3,000 years called in OAHSPE, the Arc of Bon. If the mathematics of prophecy, as we understand them, are correct, you can look forward to the dawn in 1948 of a cycle of re-construction that will veritably usher in a new world. May you, each day, develop a little more of the Love, Wisdom and Power, Jehovih has endowed you with, that you may be one of the builders of this new world. Yours Fraternally in the Great Work, The Supreme Council of the Essenes of Kosmon.


PROGRESS OF MAN — UP TO 24,000 YEARS AGO The "missing link" has never been found nor will it ever be found, for that link between animal and man was from other worlds, sent to Earth to produce a new race — the race of man. As'u or Adam, in the allegory of the old Bible, was a subhuman entity devoid of soul and incapable of immortality. Perhaps he was somewhat like a chimpanzee of today, although from the illustration, we may assume that he lived on and in the land. As 'u was a materialist, lacking any conception of heaven or of spiritual things. He was 100% physical, with very little capacity of soul. Judgment was absent. The angels, who had died in infancy on other worlds and were thereby deprived of corporeal experience, were 100% spiritual. The cross between physical A' su and spiritual angels, gave birth to the I’hin race, the first of mankind ever to appear on this planet. The little blond holy people, the I'hins, were a balanced race, half animal and half angel. They were equal in physical and spiritual attributes and could recognise their angel guardians equally as well as they could see and hear other I’hins. In order that the I thins, who were infants in mental powers, as reason and judgment concerning the earth had not yet been developed, should not contaminate their race, they were instructed not to cohabit with A’su. The I’hin women were commanded not to cohabit with any male not circumcised, and male I 'hins were commanded to circumcise each other. The angel guardians of the I'hins taught the little people to clothe themselves and to dwell in villages. Like all children, some of the I'hins disobeyed orders and consorted with the A' su. The result was that a new race came into being, lower than the I’hins, but above the A' suans. The Druks comprised the second race of man. Druks crossed with the I’thins and gave birth to the I'huans, the third race, the red man. The little spiritual race of I’hins, taught both Druks and ZI’huans, of heaven and the angels, and matters that led to their resurrection. In turn, the I'huans were inspired by the Lord and the Lord's hosts of ashars, to become guards over the I thins, to protect them from all physical harm, from beast or dark mortals. Druks were so low in spirituality that they could not be taught spiritual matters, so were doomed to disintegration after death. The druks bred back to the a' suans and brought forth a race still lower, called the Yaks. The Yaks were desexed by the I'hins and used for servants. This the Lord taught them to do in order that the Yaks would not be a source of temptation to the I'hins Yaks and druks even outside of their own kind and introduced monstrosities. These later died off each generation as they were incapable of reproducing themselves.


The races of man with their characteristics are given in the following tablet: Descending Order of Race A'su Druk Yak Monstrosities Ascending Order of Race I'hin I'huan Ghan Kosmon Physical 16/16 12/16 14/16 15/16 Physical 8/16 10/16 9/16 8/16 Spiritual 0 4/16 2/16 1/16 Spiritual I'hin 6/16 7/16 8/16

Individual Man as a Recapitulation of Racial Development Race Individual I'hin Infant (0-7) I'huan Child (7-14) Ghan Youth (14-21) Kosmon Manhood (21-28)

Consciousness Self Family National World

Near the end of the first 3000 year cycle, after the angels came to earth and brought forth the I'hin race, the earth was brought into dark regions in etherea and cosmic dust (A'ji) fell for a long time. The sun shone as a dull red ball of fire and the stars were as bright in the daytime as at night. This great atmospheric density caused trees and vegetation to fail to produce. Famine ensued for many years but the I'hin had been previously inspired to gather up and store food against the approaching lean years. The I'hin came through unharmed but the druks, yaks and monstrosities died off by the tens of millions. In the second cycle after the creation of the I'hin race, the Lord told man that He was going to withdraw the guardian angels for a time, so that man would learn to depend upon himself and thus grow strong. But that he might not stumble and fall, he was given certain laws to obey forever. THE ORIGINAL COMMANDMENTS. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Thou shalt love thy Creator all the days of thy life with all thy might. Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. Thou shalt clothe thyself. Eat of everything that grows from the ground that is good. Thou shalt not kill or eat any flesh. Thou shalt respect the times of woman and the gestation period. Serve thy Creator by doing good works and being true to thy highest light, and All-Knowledge will come to thee.

Observing the above rules should make the individual's spiritual body a path for the free conduction of the vortexian currents. This is to attain to hear the voice while in the corporeal body. The "voice" and extra-sensory perceptions are more or less synonymous. By direct contact with the Source of All-Knowledge, one is able to prophesy or feel the approach of events before the average person is aware of them. Man so loved himself that he cast aside his clothes and became carnal. Man’s spirit was so covered up with darkness that be heard not the Lord or his angels when they returned. The whole process of raising man up to light had to be repeated and this was accomplished through system and order. Loo'is were appointed to reside with certain mortals, and inspire marriages that would result in offspring, who were higher in love, wisdom and power than the parents. These Loo'is were called masters of generations for their duty consisted in directing the eugenics of the race, that spiritual people would be born. QUOTATIONS FROM OAHSPE The Lord went abroad over the earth, calling: Come to me, O man! Behold thy Lord is returned! But man heard not the voice of the Lord; for, by man's indulgence, the spirit of man was covered up in his own flesh. The Lord sent his loo'is (masters of generations, angels next in rank above guardian angels, i.e., ashars) to the I'hins, and they raised up heirs unto the Lord; by controlling the parentage of the unborn brought they into the world a new race of men, of the same seed and blood as of old, and these heard the voice of the Lord. And the Lord said unto man: Because thou kept not my commandments thou hast brought affliction upon thyself, and thy people, to the farthest ends of the world. Now will I raise thee up once more, and deliver the tribes of men from darkness into light. And the Lord delivered man into wisdom, and peace and virtue; and the earth became as a garden of sweet smelling flowers and luxurious fruit. The Lord said: How sayst thou, O man? Shalt thou still have a keeper? And man said: Behold, I am strong and wise. Go thou away from the earth. I understand thy commandments. The Lord inquired: Knowest thou the meaning of, Love thy Creator? And man said: Yea, Lord; and to love my neighbor as myself; and to do good unto others with all my wisdom and strength. Yea, I have the All Highest Light. I am wiser than the ancients. Behold, I want no Lord nor God; I am the highest product of the universe. The Lord said: I will try thee, O man; I will go away for a season. So the Lord departed once more. And man had nothing to look up to, so he looked at himself and became vainglorious. And the tribes of men aspired to overcome one another; war and destruction followed. Man forgot his Creator; he said: No Eye seeth me, no Ear heareth me. And he neglected to guard himself against the serpent (corporeality); and the serpent said unto him: Partake thou of all things, for they are thine. And man gave heed, and, lo and behold, the race of man descended into utter darkness. And man distinguished not his sister or mother; and woman distinguished not her brother or father. And God beheld the wickedness of man, and he called out, saying: Hear my voice, O man! Hear the voice of the Lord! But because of the darkness of man he could not hear the voice of God, his Lord. And the Lord sent his angels down to man that they might appeal to man's understanding. But the angels loved darkness also, and strove not to lift man up out of darkness. And the

Lord was of no more avail amongst mortals, and he departed away from the earth. And man became on the earth as a harvest that is blighted and rotted because of its rankness. (Oahspe, Second Book of Lords, Chapter II) So ended the second cycle of man’s inhabitation of the earth. By the end of the tenth cycle (30,000 years) all the continents and islands were full of people. However a new generation was born every twelve years instead of every thirty years, and the people of that day reached maturity at seven years of age. Not many lived beyond thirty years of age. They were a prolific people, many mothers giving birth to forty children, with twins and quadruplets a common occurrence. Man dwelt in peace. The earth was filled and brought forth abundantly of everything that was good to eat and useful for clothes and habitations. There were in those days great cities of hundreds of thousands of inhabitants. There were thousands of such cities and in all or the earth's great divisions. Man built ships and sailed over all the oceans. He had both written and printed books. In the schools, children were taught about the stars, sun, moon and everything that was on the earth or in the waters thereof. This was the first period of civilization on earth. The Lord's angels were responsible for imparting all learning to mortals of that time. Most of the people were I'hins; small, white and yellow. There were also some ground people who were large and brown or black with long arms. These lived from two to four hundred years. Jehovih said: In the early days I raised up I'huans, and I gave them certain commandments, amongst which was, not to cohabit with the druks lest they go down in darkness. But they obeyed not My words; and lo and behold, they are lost from the face of the earth. Because the I'hins have become a spiritual people and have prospered in peace and spirit, behold, they have degenerated in the corporeal body. They yield abundant harvests for My etherean realms, but they are like untimely births. Now will I bring the earth into a'jiyan fields and forests for a long season; for I shall again reproduce the I'huans; and the time of a generation shall be thirty-three years. For my harvests shall be of fruit that is mature and full of ripeness. (Oahspe, Synopsis of Sixteen Cycles, I:19-25 )

The earth entered dark regions in the etherean firmament and a'ji fell, covering the earth over with cosmic dust, east and west, north and south. Many I'hins lost the desire to propagate and so brought forth few heirs. But the brown people burned with desires and waylaid the I'hin women when they went to work in the fields. They forced them and so the I'haun race came forth again all over the earth. The I'huans were bright and strong and quick.


By the end of the sixteenth cycle (48,000 years) man had gone down into darkness, hopelessly. The l'hins had been despoiled in all of the earth's divisions, except Pan. More than 30 billion angels were gathered upon the face of the earth and they were of too low a grade to be delivered or graduated into etherea. Mortals had descended in breed and blood and were as diseased vermin upon the earth. Their cities were destroyed and they lived as four-footed animals. When they died and entered heaven they were as festering sores upon one another. Neph, who was Chief-Executive (God) prayed to Jehovih for guidance. No answer was forthcoming to his prayers so he was left to consult with other Gods and Goddesses. Neph wondered how he could deliver such a carcass of death. But he was left alone for another thousand years which was a third of the way over into the new Cycle of Aph. IT IS THE POLICY OF JEHOVIH TO TRY MORTALS AND ANGELS, AS WELL AS GODS, THAT THE TESTIMONY OF THE ALL-HIGHEST MAY BE FOREVER BEFORE THEM. The time of a generation had risen from 12 to 80 years. People were very large .and lived upwards of 300 years. They were twice the size of the man of today but they had little sense. They were so lacking in judgment that they hardly knew their own kind. They were exceedingly, strong and prolific. Due to incest. many were diseased and idiotic; neither did they distinguish their relatives, but had indiscriminate relations. We learn as we study OAHSPE: At certain periods of time, for hundreds of years, nations have dwelt together in peace, and have risen in virtue; then turned to war within themselves and gone down in death. He riseth and falleth as regularly as the tides of the ocean.


O Thou All Highest, Who art the All there is; Glory be to Thee, forever and forever.


GOOD IN THE BECOMING Essene School of Abundant Life North Salt Lake, Utah Dear Pioneer on the Path to Love, Wisdom and Power: It altogether depends upon the angle from which one views an event how it will affect one's judgment. Looked at from the angle of a short period of time, an event may seem a catastrophe. Viewed from a much longer period of time, the same event may seem a blessing. A fire, that destroys the business section of a city, seems a terrible thing while it occurs. Three years later, when new and modern buildings replace the obsolete structures, that were destroyed, the fire is looked on as a good thing. Corporeans do not judge an event as God judges it, nor does God judge an event as do the great ethereans. It all depends upon one's wisdom based upon experience. The development of Love, Wisdom and Power enlarges one's perspective and pushes back the horizon. Evil ceases to be evil and becomes unripe good. Evil is good in the process of becoming. This week you will note how souls in three stages of development look upon the same occurrence. Ethereans see only good in the sinking of a continent and the drowning of millions of corporeans. Residents of the Second Resurrection see some good and a great deal of suffering in the same event. To the inhabitants of the first resurrection and to corporeans who lose their anchorage on the earth, the sinking of a continent seems to be an unmitigated evil. So it is with this war. To millions who are starving, suffering, dying or losing their loved ones, this war seems terrible beyond belief. To residents of high heaven, it no doubt is a blessing, for they see beyond the suffering of a few short years into the centuries of good that will come out of this war. Kosmon is like a new birth we are told in OAHSPE. Brought forth in travail and suffering, the Era of Kosmon is the birth of peace, plenty and security to all mankind, whomever he may be and wherever he may live Thank Jehovih for giving you the opportunity to unfold the power of viewing apparent evil as the etherean would view it … not evil in fact but good in the becoming. We pray that Love, Wisdom and Power will untold within you. Sincerely and fraternally, Your Supreme Council of the Essenes of Kosmon

GLOSSARY OF WORDS USED IN THIS LESSON ORlAN CHIEF Chief executive over a region of etherea. Far superior in love, wisdom and power to a God of a planet. A spirit who engrafts himself on a mortal and saps his vortexya, life essences and fluids. An unprogressed spirit who loves to inspire mortals to evil and worthlessness. A continent, sometimes known in this day as Lemuria or Mu. Sometimes confused with Atlantis. Source of all myths regarding a flood or deluge. A territory filled with a'ji which is an attenuated condition of corpor. The four stages of condensation are ethe, a'ji, ji'ay, and corpor. Their rates of vibration are 100, 66,33 and 0. Guardian angels. 24.000 years. A dan'ha is 3,000 years, more or less.



PAN (Whaga)



SEVEN TETRACTS Persistent stubbornness, wicked device, delight in being bad, worthlessness, vanity and self-conceit, slander and reporting of evils and to seek to be a leader to the delight of the other six entities. ARC OF NOE Segment of the c'vorkum which included the etherean worlds, through which the red star traveled during the cycle of Aph. CHINVAT The limit of the earth's vortex. The boundary line between the second resurrection and etherea. The Bridge of Chinvat is the communication line between the earth's heavens and etherea.



The following is both restated and quoted from Oahspe: Jehovih moved upon the etherean worlds, in the wide regions, where traveleth the great serpent. His voice went forth amongst the counselors, the high ruling Chieftains of the exalted kingdoms in the firmament. He spoke, saying: Hear Me, O ye Chieftains! Be ye far seeing in My traveling worlds and alert to My words. Behold, the red star earth hath attained her maturity but she is rank . As a daughter cometh forth in the prime at lite; so standeth the young earth in her glory. For 50,000 years, hath she played her part as an ornament of heaven and a harvester of bright souls, for My exalted kingdoms in the firmament. Gather ye together, O ye Gods, Goddesses and Orian Chiefs and ye that live in the earth's roadway. Call ye a Council of My everlasting rulers of worlds; and of them that plant My a'jian gardens and My ji'ayan fields; and at them that whirl My nebulous vortices in the firmament. The Voice of Jehovih extended across the wide universe, and those that were experienced in the management at worlds, heard and comprehended. There assembled in the etherean gardens or Senaya, near the earth's roadway, millions or Jehovih' s highest; the place was a park larger than the size of a hundred earths; and around about on every side lie the crystalline borders of etherean worlds. When they were all assembled, Jehovih spake out at the light inherent, saying: Sixteen times have My etherean hosts redeemed the earth and her heavens from darkness into light; and yet ere the end of a cycle, she falleth again and her atmospherea with her. Now it hath come to pass that her heavens are filled with billions of spirits, that know not Me and My emancipated heavens. Speak, O ye Gods and Goddesses. They said: Too prolific is the earth. Her mortals are overpowered by her atmospherean hosts. Her people build up nations and cities, for a season after dawn; but soon they are over-flooded with fetals and drujas; and the mortals devour one another like beasts of prey. Her people become wise in a day but on a next day, they are fools. In one generation, they become learned in the stars and in the next they descend to cannibalism. Jehovih said: How can ye bequeath the administration of the earth and her havens to the earth-born, until she is made suitable as a gift from My hand? Five great divisions of the earth have I made, and they have all been inhabited and filled over by mortal. Yea

on all continents have there been great nations and cities, composed of people of great learning. As oft as they are raised up to light, are they cast down into darkness; because of the great desire at the dead to return back to the earth. These spirits return to mortals and fasten upon them as fetals or familiars and inspire them to do all manner of evil. Go, now, to the earth, O My Beloved, and find the division of the earth where most of the drujas congregate; for I will uproot their stronghold. I shall break them from their haunts, for they shall no longer carry My people down to destruction. Now the Council deliberated and caused the earth's records to be examined. They found that Whaga's heavens were beyond saving; because of the vast numbers of the spirits of cannibals and the multitude of fetals. It was as if a disease of the flesh were to be healed over externally but left unhealed, within. Thus was Pan and her es world; the redemptions of the dawns remained not with her. Evil forever broke out in a new way. So Jehovih said: I shall now prune the earth and her heaven. Whaga shall be cast beneath the ocean and her heaven shall no longer be tenable by the spirits of darkness; for I will rend the foundation thereof and scatter them in the winds of heaven. Go ye therefore down to the earth and provide nets and vanchas, for receiving the dark spirits, and for the new spirits of those who shall perish in the waters. Next provide a suitable place, exterior to the earth's vortex for them; and wall it about that they may not escape. They shall be weaned from evil. Go down to the earth and tell My God and My Lords of My purpose. Jehovih said: Go thou, O God of heaven and thou, O Lord of Whaga, down to the I'hins, My Chosen, and say to them: Thus saith the Great Spirit: Behold I will sink the lands of the earth beneath the ocean, because of the evil of the spirits of darkness. Hear Me, O My Chosen, and heed my commands: Fall to all hands and build ships in all places, even in the valleys and on the mountains; and gather together therein; for My hand is surely stretched over the land. Ye Lords shall also proclaim again to heaven and to earth, My three worlds; which are the corporeal, with the lower heavens attached thereto; and the etherean heavens. The first glory is of earth, whereon is paradise when man obeyeth My laws, and the second glory is greater yet. This I created for the spirits of the dead; but I bound the lower heavens to the earth, that mortals and angels might commune to their mutual glory. But the upper heaven I made the highest of all glories; and I filled the firmament with countless worlds of their kind, for the dwelling places of those that arose in the third. resurrection. Because man was without knowledge, My Gods and Lords appointed certain Masters of Generations, called Loo'is, who were ethereans of great wisdom and power, to abide with mortals and inspire such marriages, as would best promote spiritual growth, from

the start. There came forth from all people certain ones that were capable of sarg'is and su'is (clairsentience). These heeded the commands of My Lord forsaking evil and striving to do good, and choosing Me above all other things. Wherefore, I chose them also and called them I'hins or Faithists. These were not born into the es worlds too soon; for they had already put away self. Jehovih said: Go forth, O My Sons and Daughters, and prune My vineyard. Beseech God and his Lords to gather over Pan all the spirits of the other earth divisions. My etherean ships of fire, shall surround Whaga on every hand, and I shall cut loose the foundations of Pan, at the oceans and the mountains or Gan. Then I shall send the rains and great winds. The great cities shall go down and be swallowed up in the sea. In the deluge, the air of heaven shall be filled with the screams of those, who are going down to destruction. I will rescue them from darkness and I will carry them to a'jian regions, which I previously created for dark spirits. I shall appoint over them, Gods and Goddesses, that they may learn of Me and My kingdoms. The earth shall make a new start amongst My habitable worlds. Thus have I provided labor for My high-raised angels in the places that I created. (Oahspe, Book of Aph)


The following is both restated and quoted from Oahspe: The Lord said: Hear me, O man, I am the Lord of earth, Son of Jehovih. I am thy elder brother and speak to you in the name of Jehovih. Peace and patience be unto all men. As over mortal nations, kings; as over armies, generals; so hath Jehovih, in His heavens, crowned certain Chieftains for specific times and places, that these regions might be a glory unto the Creator. I am titled Pacificator between All-Light and All-Darkness. These revelations are in the name of My predecessors, myself and My successors; as all of us were Lords. Inasmuch as I have been exalted by the Father, so are all of you waiting your turn in heaven. I have come to draw your souls away from the darkness of corpor. Those who are headed upward, shun avarice and war for self's sake. Two classes of people have been on the earth and to this day. These are the Faithists, who chose God the Chief-Executive; and the Cainites, who are enemies of God, because they kill those whom Jehovih hath created alive. I come to those who can hear and will obey me. I commanded man to kill not and to love the Lord with all his soul; but my enemies perverted My words to justify themselves and thus lost the little light that they had. The ones that denied me, brought only misery upon themselves, both on earth and in heaven. The barbarians killed nearly all My chosen in all the earth divisions, except Pan and there they scattered them. I commanded circumcision for my chosen; but some mated with the giant druks and

brought forth heirs, suffering with catarrh in the head; tuberculosis of the joints and the lungs; and ulcers of the throat. Their offspring came forth to people heaven with untimely births that died in infancy. Man hath corrupted his species and his flesh eating hath peopled heaven with vampires. I shall efface him from the earth. So I sent my ashars to the I'hins to inspire them to build 138 ships, in the valleys and on the mountains; and to inspire them to fill them with sufficient food for 150 days. Then Jehovih cut the earth from beneath the ships and carried the 12,420 I'hins to China, India, Egypt, America and Japan. Of the two ships that went to the remnant of Pan, called Japan, the Lord said: Eight dan'has shall come and ye shall be as the key to unlock the labors of heaven. Ye shall be reckoned as the oldest people in the world as well as the most exclusive, until I cause mortals to sail the seas to your door. Preserve ye therefore, the rites and ceremonies; also all sounds that man maketh in the throat, without the use of the lips or tongue. My chosen in all earth divisions shall remember the flood, worship the Creator, have the crescent and triangle, be circumcised, remember the seven tetracts, have three great lights, three lesser lights and three symbols of light. Mingle not with the ground people, for they are without understanding and are not heirs to everlasting light or life. It is a matter of the seed. (Oahspe, The Lords’ First Book) IN KOSMON, I WILL CONTRIVE TO FIND A WAY TO REDISCOVER THE SUNKEN CONTINENT OF PAN. (GEODETIC SURVEY VESSEL RAMAPO)

FROM THE VIEWPOINT OF THE SECOND RESURRECTION The following is both restated and quoted from Oahspe: The voice of Jehovih came to Aph in the field of Howt The voice of Jehovih came to Aph in the field of Howt, in the Arc of Noe, 24,000 years before Kosmon and said: The spirits and mortals of the red star hear Me not. They say I am dumb and less than the wind; and they look for Me as they would look for a man and expect to hear that kind of a voice. But I creep silently into men's souls from all sides. Mortals have become cannibals and have shut their souls up in darkness and they can no longer hear Me and they pay no attention to My God and his Lords. They are fearful lest they may recognize Me. Hear My judgment, ye holy angels, long risen: Have no pity but use the surgeon's knife upon them. They have been raised up time and again but fall the minute that they are left alone. NOW I WILL CARRY AWAY THEIR EARTH AND THEIR HEAVEN AND

THEY SHALT BE SEEN NO MORE FOREVER. The drujas shall be carried to Hauton and surrounded by walls of fire; kin and friend shall be separated and guards shall be posted that they may do no evil. They shall be stirred up continuously without rest and made to know that they are alive and that they can exist without sucking upon others. All things are Mine. Who is man to say that I have failed. He shall know that I cut down a Mortal in his prime to teach him of My power. Then he shall begin to learn of My wisdom and power. I know what is for man's good. Aph said: O Father, Thy Son hath heard Thy voice. My knee is bent to rush off to the earth with one million force. Hear me, O angels of the earth's heaven. Jehovih's Voice then went forth to summon His high-raised from far and near; even to Oxyaya, where the Red Star first gathered it's nebulae. Jehovih said: Shout it abroad that I have decreed a pruning knife for the Red Star, which skippeth as a lamb to be shorn. Her vortex shall close about as a serpent, hungry for prey. Let swift messengers go forth in the roadway of the Great Serpent. Aph examined the records of all habitable stars and the Red Star's included. He found that the Red Star's bondage was of the seventh magnitude. (This probably relates to the degree of force, the vortex of the Red Star exerts to its center). Jehovih said: Now I bring My legions to My Holy Son Neph. Send thou word to him, O Aph, My Son. This was done. Then Jehovih bade Aph to fasten his ship over Chinvat, and Neph to anchor his ship over Pan; and to fill in the space between with the other ships, according to their grade. There were 250,000 ships, with 1,000 sections of 250 ships each. Each ship was contracted 10,000 told, which was the force necessary to sink a continent. Every ten sections or 2500 ships, were assigned one God and every 100 sections was assigned one Chief in Emuts. Fiatisi was the highest ranking Chief in Emuts and so her ship was stationed near earth, that she might see the delivery of the 52 billion drujas. Jehovih said: Aph, My Son, put a 1000 mile high wall of fire around Pan and of sufficient depth so that none of the false Gods and Goddesses can escape, when they see the earth sinking. Send five ethereans to each mortal with birth blankets and in the time when they go down in the waters, convey their spirits on the blankets to the tube of transit. Provide them with food and clothes and take especial care of the unborn; for these are without sin. Provide them with an etherean mother for fetal. Jehovih said of those that fell: They first questioned My Person; then My Wisdom; then My Justice; then My Power and finally the folly of God and his Lords. At last, they said: I am the highest. Then they permitted the dead, just deceased, to return to their mortal kin. These are without wisdom and unfitted to lead mortals. They slept with mortals and, gave and visions concerning only earth matters. Yes, one, ten, a hundred and even a thousand returned to one mortal and fastened thereto. They even drove out the spirit

that I gave in conception. Due to confusion of soul, such mortals were worthless and void at purpose. For a long time to come the earth shall be surrounded with walls of choking substance, called emun. Ashars shall bear away the newly dead. A time shall come when mortals can understand such matters and then they, after death, may be allowed to visit earth. The etherean column of 250,000 etherean ships was joined at Chinvat and all around the borders of Pan. At a given signal, the 10,000 fold contraction was released and the mighty spring released, exerting pressure on Pan, which sank beneath the sea. Fifty two billion spirits were gathered up on the blankets and placed in the atmospherean tube of ascent Aph said: Give me of thy power, O Jehovih, and I will carry up the plateaux of hell and the heavens of the buried continent. Then Aph said: Upward, O Jehovih, and all the hosts repeated the words in unison, with joyous desire and the power of the Creator came upon the tube of transit, which was made of the substance of the earth's atmosphere. The giant ship of atmospherean fire, turned on its axis, and rose higher and higher. The earth rotated beneath. The delivered were taken to the a'jian forests of Ukloo, near the arc of Noe, where they had a world to themselves, with ethereans appointed to them for their resurrection. Aph then joined Neph and departed to earth, taking another 30,000 Gods and Goddesses as well as 30 million ethereans. They came back to the waters above Pan. There the hosts were divided into 5 separate groups, to take charge of 5 separate wind currents, for blowing the ships of the l'hins to the nations at China, India, Egypt, Japan and America. Only two ships were sent to Japan as a testimony in the times to come. In 150 days all ships had reached land. Upon leaving the ships, the I'hins were inspired to take everything out of the ships as it was necessary to strand the I'hins in their new home, to make sure that they would not again set sail for other lands. During the night, the angels destroyed the vessels. These I'hins were the nucleus all over the world for the foundation of the Father's Kingdom, that is to manifest in Kosmon. (Oahspe, Book of Aph)


Praise be to Thee, O Jehovih. Thou alone art the password to all the universe.


THE HEAVENLY RECORDS OF OAHSPE Essene School of Abundant Life North Salt Lake, Utah Dear Pioneer on the Path to Love, Wisdom and Power: Has it ever occurred to you what a rare privilege is yours. In coming into possession of OAHSPE, you have at hand a source of information that will not be available to some for many years, and perhaps several centuries, after they leave their corporeal bodies. OAHSPE is a history of the earth and of its inhabitation. It tells how heaven was established and the work of the inhabitants of the higher heavens to raise man up. It also tells of the influence of the lower heavens to drag man down. You learn in OAHSPE of many religions and the purpose of each in leading man to the true religion worship of the Creator only. OAHSPE is compiled from the histories of earth and heaven as recorded in the high heavenly libraries. These libraries are not open to inhabitants of the lower or bound heavens of the earth, because they cannot rise to the heights where these libraries are located. As each life wave or harvest of the earth rises from heaven to heaven these angels take their records with them. They do not move on and leave their records behind any more than a business would leave their files behind when moving into larger and better quarters. To consult the heavenly records of the past one would have to go where these records are kept in the organized heavens of the earth thousands of miles from the earth's surface. When reading OAHSPE note how the style changes from book to book. This change is so apparent at times that it seems different individuals wrote different books. We think this may be the case and that each part of the history of the earth was dictated or inspired by sane angel who lived at the time and participated in the events of which he tells. You have the privilege of learning the true history of manta evolution. You have the opportunity to receive the wisdom of the gods. Do not neglect the opportunity that is yours. Read your OAHSPE. Sincerely yours in the Unfoldment of Love, Wisdom and Power. The Supreme Council of the Essenes of Kosmon


EXPLANATION OF STRANGE WORDS USED IN THIS LESSON JI'AYAN FOREST A territory filled with ji'ay, the second degree of condensation from ethe to corpor. Time and place of highest degree of light encountered by a planet in its travels in etherea along the orbit of the solar family (Tow'sang) to which it belongs. This orbit is known as C'vorkum.



The spirits of one's dead relatives and friends who maintain their love and interest in corporeans. America Name applied to the first heaven established on earth. At that time, there was a first resurrection only as the second had not yet been organised. An etherean region in the forest of Uk'loo where the fifty-two billion spirits from Pan were quartered for resurrection. A spirit who claims to be either Jehovih, the Creator or Jehovih's ambassador, the true God of the Earth. There was one true George Washington. Now many hundreds of men bear that name. The first was the true George Washington, all others are false. Any man might claim to be President of the U.S. Such claims would make him a false president for there is only one true President who happens, at this time to be F.D.R. An etherean ship. Comparable, as close as we would be able to visualize it, to a great ocean liner or transport.






BOOKS OF APH, SUE AND APOLLO BOOK OF APH ------- Synopsis (First cycle after the flood) The following is both restated and quoted from Oahspe: Jehovih said: Remember the 52,000,000,000, in the ji'ayan forest of the Uk'loo, for these are thy responsibility. Fear not to undertake to resurrect them. Gods and Goddesses are sympathetic and will understand. Put thy house in order on the Red Star and proceed to Hautuon, for a season, as they are expecting you. In the course of one year, all heavens had been established, with connecting messengers. The Council was informed of God's impending trip and ten million of his angels came to pay him a visit before his departure. A days holiday was proclaimed. God then ascended his throne and spoke: Remember the 3,000 years, that we struggled with darkness and how we said: Surely, we will be delivered when the vortex merges with Hi'dan. Our unity of soul reached up to Orian Chiefs. The very doctrine of the false God is sufficient to overturn his kingdom in time. He has nothing higher to support him. God then handed his triangle to his Vice-God and proclaimed him God in his absence. Jehovih said: Provide familiars for the barbarians and give all in charge of the etherean laborers, who volunteered. At times, they shall materialize the dead relatives, to prove the continuity of life. But ye shall never make familiar of a young man or woman, lest they become fetals. God returned from Hautuon with five million ethereans, who had volunteered to help. He then resumed his throne. Jehovih said: In olden times, I gave faith and fear to man, when he was shy on wisdom. In Kosmon, man shall ask for proof of the sinking of Pan. In those days, few mortals were gifted with speech; and so it was in heaven. But here is work for MY ethereans: They shall sing songs about the flood and thus establish it forever, both on earth and in heaven. Loo's were appointed to all the I'hins, that sons and daughters might be raised up, who would rejoice in heaven, wherever possible, the barbarian spirit was captured at death, and delivered into the charge of asaphs, in the organic heavens. The I'hins were harmless and peaceful. They couldn't subdue the earth; so it was decided to raise up kings and queens to that end. Loo'is were now appointed to some of the barbarians, to guide marriages to that end. ,

Stupid familiars were allowed to attend the barbarians and to whisper great names in their ears, to lead on their ambitions, by flattery. The seven tetracts were now given to all the tribes of I'hins, in all the earth divisions. These were given that the I'hins might begin their own resurrection. These words would endure to Kosmon and would establish the I'hins from others. Jehovih said: My Son, advance Hored to the second resurrection and let thy Lords take on the function of the first. They shall deliver to Horad, only those, who are ready for the second. So thirty three years were allocated to resurrect a spirit to the second resurrection. In Guatama, the Lord established a second resurrection, also, and presided in person over the same. Hored was over China and thus there was an ocean in between. Spirits of grade 33 couldn't cross the ocean; so they took the second resurrection at home. Grade 33 is necessary for admittance to 2nd resurrection. Colleges were now established in the second resurrection, to teach the mastery of corpor in analysis and synthesis. Spirits were taught to travel and to carry corporeal things. God went back to Hautuon every eleventh year, and brought back increasing numbers, who were ready for the second resurrection in Hored. In eighteen visits, God brought back one billion in all. Jehovih said: There cometh My Son Aph, from afar. God said: I hear you Father. What shall I do? I know not the decorum of Orian Chiefs. Jehovih said: Fear not, My Son, but proceed to decorate thy hosts and to clothe thy graduates in white. Let thy council be strong. Etherean angels acted as judges, to sort and group the graduating host, according to grade, accomplishment, chord and discord; for it is only by harmony that they can survive in etherea. They were formed in companies, near God's throne. All were decorated with badges and symbols. The etherean angels were of so great wisdom, that they could see what each Bride or Bridegroom had done, all his life. Now appeared lights in the firmament, from afar. One grew brighter and brighter and approached God' s throne. Out stepped Sue'ji and ascended the throne, amidst a golden light. Jehovih spoke thru Sue'ji, saying: Behold I delivered the earth of twins; one dwelt with the mother and the other I sent to nurse in Hautuon. Here cometh the puny twin from Hautuon, a billion strong. Open your arms to deceive her, O My Beloved. Sue'ji said: Aph cometh. There shall be a three day holiday for the twin to visit her birthplace. On

the fourth, shall the ascension be. God said: My heavens have been numbered and the work of her laborers recorded. Wak'hah is the highest. Now the etherean stars approached earth; but they halted outside of Chinvat. There they formed ranks. Presently there showed up a laboring sun, consisting of the hosts of Hautuon; and it was surrounded by hundreds of guardian ships. It sailed straight to Hored, constantly changing lights and patterns, kaleidoscopically; as a general maneuvers his troops on parade. Midway of earth's vortex, the first etherean ships took up positions around about the Hautuon guardian ships, filling up most of the Red Star's vortex. A gateway then opened and Aph's cluster ship appeared. All whispered Aph, at sight of his ship; for he had attained to a greater skill, than any God or Goddess present, in the management of worlds. Aph's ship approached Hored and Aph descended and approached God's throne. A three day holiday was decreed and the angel hosts came forth from their ships and sped to any quarter of earth, by endless chain. They viewed the land masses, the people, and the animals. Finally, they visited atmospherea and all of God's works. During recreation, the Gods and Goddesses mingled together, exchanging views about managing both planets and etherean worlds; surveying roadways and creating and dissolving planets After recess, God inducted Wak'hah into office. Then he sent Aph on his way amidst chanting and trumpeting. The marshals took possession now, and saw that each one found his proper ship. Aph said: Give us of Thy power, O Father, and the plateau moved forward and outward. Some distance away, it started to tum on its axis. Then the individual ships separated and disappeared. The earth and its heavens prospered, for four more minor cycles or dans, giving up their harvests to etherea. Then the earth passed into the a'ji of Urk'stand, which fell for the last eight hundred years of the cycle. The angels of God's kingdom succumbed to the seven tetracts or to darkness. Some declared themselves Gods and obtained followers up to three million. These were used as slaves, to embellish the kingdoms of their false gods. As the resurrections ceased in this darkness, the angels more and more lost faith in the higher heavens, and inspired mortals to war.


Thus ended the Cycle of Aph, being 2,600 years after the flood, or 3,600 years in all.

BOOK OF SUE - - - - -·Synopsis (Second cycle after the flood) The Red Star's vortex was just edging into the fields and forests of Izaracha, over which presided the Orian Chief, Sue. Jehovih said: My Son, the Red Star is barren again. Go with thy hosts and give a wider scope to the tetracts, of both angels and mortals. Let the kings on earth and the self gods in heaven, flourish for a season; but establish their responsibility. Sue stopped his fire ship, peopled with one hundred million archangels, just short of Chinvat, for three days; that it's splendor might overawe the rebellious angels. Then Sue proceeded to Hored, at the rate of 50,000 miles a day. Thousands of the false gods fled to earth, abandoning their kingdoms. God in Hored sent up rockets, in the three primary colors. This was Jehovih's name. The fire ship touched Hored and out stepped Sue, who then ascended God's throne. Sue said: Keep thy seat, God, I have not come to displace thee. Jehovih spoke out of the All-Light, saying: Behold, this is the hour of thy redemption. Heretofore, I have dispersed the false gods and built anew My heavens, through My Sons and Daughter. But this time I shall appropriate their evil work to a good that they know not of. My Son, send thy marshals to arrest these false ones. Some seven thousand false gods were arrested and brought before the throne, where they were interviewed by Sue. Finally Sue said: Take your kingdoms as before and ye shall all be Sub-Gods and a part of my kingdom. As ye gather up fetals, familiars and others and bring them away from the earth, ye shall put them to work; and it shall be to thy credit. Sue said: In trying to please me, they will teach their slaves enough, to cause them to rebel at a later date. Jehovih spoke: Have I not given liberty to all people as well as bondage. But I sent angels to man that he might not err. A government that is against Me, I hedge in with rebellions and assassinations. I, alone, am strong and when My ships appear, down they go. My Son, keep thy rites and ceremonies. The false ones shall prosper for a season; but then their subjects shall tire of their laws and come to you. Sue said: A time comes to all atmospherean heavens, when discipline must give way to something new. Henceforth, shalt thou convert the nurseries into places of recreation.

Send messengers into all parts, proclaiming a recreation of ten days. At the appointed time, there assembled one billion atmosphereans to witness and participate in the festivities. Sue said: Here is wisdom and folly, false gods and their dupes, laziness and thrift. Yea, here is a world, worthless before Jehovih. They are the same as mortals but stripped of flesh. Everyone is for self and none produces for the general good. They lack joy, discipline and harmony. Let there be no preaching, O God; but callout all thy musicians and let them lead. To those that follow, distribute raiment. My ethereans will be along the route of march and will make raiment, with marvelous swiftness. Then came the etherean music and the etherean dance. This was so superior to the atmospherean variety that not one atmospherean could join in. The ethereans now acted as laborers to provide food for the multitude. Their efficiency was now noticed and their identity was asked about. So ended the first day. The next day the ethereans staged a play, with the assistance of the atmosphereans. This concerned the birth and Iife of a corporeal world and portrayed man's life span on the earth; the terrible darkness thereon and man's final resurrection to etherea. On the third day, the ethereans displayed their mastery over the elements; making and dissolving corporeal things; making light and darkness; making precious stones; gathering food from the essence of things evaporated upward from the earth; also making plateaux, temples and ships. They also reversed the winds and sent a shower to earth. Now atmosphereans were running all around, begging to be taken into the second resurrection . God reminded them that he had been trying to get them to abandon self, for many years, yes, hundreds of years, without success. A hundred million, at a time, abandoned their showy raiment and took the vows of the second resurrection. By the tenth day, one billion had taken the vows of the second resurrection. The initiate to the second resurrection, vows to perfect his soul, forever; by speaking only truth; not boasting; not speaking of self; not criticising; being industrious and doing good works. In due course. after the false gods had stripped the earth of their fetals and drujas, God gave another festival. This was attended by the pretenders in all their pomp and splendor. They had expected to win new slaves; but the thrift, purity and wisdom, manifested by those of the second resurrection, caused them to wish to abandon their kingdoms. But God said: Be not downcast. Ye have done a great work, in freeing the earth fetals

and drujas. If ye desert your subjects, now, there will be no freedom of soul for you. So raise all your people to the second resurrection grade and ye will be eligible to do likewise. In the fifth year of great Sue's visit, he dispatched messengers to the Goddess Nista of Ho and Towen, asking her to bring an airavagna to earth, to complete the resurrection of one billion Brides and Bridegrooms. Nista came in person. The graduating ceremonies were so beautiful, that the atmospherean spectators were convulsed with tears of joy. At the end of dawn, or his sixth year, in atmospherea, Sue ascended to Isaracha, taking another billion Brides and Bridegrooms. At the end of the first sub-cycle, two billion more graduated. Every sub-cycle, the number decreased, until total darkness set in, about one thousand years before the end of the cycle.

THE BOOK OF APOLLO - - - - Synopsis (Third cycle after the flood) Jehovih said: My Son, go to the earth and teach man harmony, symmetry and gracefulness. The people have abundant rites and ceremonies, taught to them by Sue, for a base. Apollo was born on the Red Star, fifty thousand years before. Apollo said: Before my time, time was no nearer the beginning than it is to-day. Some men believed that death would end all and angels in the lower heavens believed not in any higher heavens. Etherean angels came and demonstrated the continuity of life and the existence of higher heavens; but still these doubters believed not. Their trouble is a deformity of soul. Due to inharmony of soul, they sense not spiritual things. Jehovih said: My Son, install ten thousand lords over the earth; but let each one be called Apollo . Let their kingdoms inspire mortals to make images out of wood and stone. These will portray the figures of men with short arms, long legs, graceful mouths and nails on the fingers. Then seek those mortals, who are best formed; and my angels shall cause them to sing and dance, by entrancement. They shall be made to float through space as they dance. I shall turn man to beautifying himself. King and Queens were inspired to put up images of Apollo in the temples, signifying harmony, symmetry and rhythm, the All-Light. No mortal models were available, so the angels had to show man, what was wanted. Dances and rites were performed before these beautifully proportioned figures. Women were so entranced by the statutes that their souls reproduced in like kind, when they gave birth to children. Jehovih said: My Gods mold men as they desire or just as the potter shapes clay. My unseen angels bring man and woman together and say: Marry! Think not, O Man, that I created you and then turned you over to yourself.

Hear Me. O man, the angels of heaven, who are good, labor for those beneath them. They do this day and night. To the etherean, industry becometh rest. Idleness of soul leadeth downward, forever; whereas My Gods grow forever. That which is within each of you, grows by giving away, forever. Expansion of the soul comes from doing for others. At the end of dawn, there was not one false God in atmospherea. The temples, to which mortals turned for advice, had been appropriated by Apollo's angels. The false ones were organized into a confederacy, at a distance; and these became earnest workers, to spread harmony and symmetry. Jehovih said: Behold, I created man to succumb to disease, if he rest constantly. If My Gods fail to think up new glories in atmospherea, false gods will grow up. He, who ruleth in heaven, must forever furnish food for the souls of angels and mortals. Apollo crowned Gur as God of heaven and left the throne, to visit the earth and its heavens for thirty days. He disguised his appearance, so none would recognize him and grieve over his imminent leave taking. The Brides and Bridegrooms were arranged in groups, then in combinations, and then according to earth divisions. The Whole effect was one of symmetry and gracefulness. The etherean adavaysit that came for the graduates, was one hundred miles square and two hundred miles high. Its photosphere was much larger. The brightest light was the angels within. The records of the graduates were stored within also. Jehovih said: I blow My breath upon a corporeal world and man cometh forth, the highest of My created lights. When he is shapely and white, I deliver him; male and female, come they as stars for My everlasting worlds; in My mansions; shall they rejoice forever. Response: I come to Thee, to rejoice forever, O Jehovih; from Mi, mother earth, I shall rise up forever. All praise to Thee, Jehovih and Thy Lords and God of earth. Jehovih said: Behold Me, I am within and around all. The members of My body are the seen and the unseen. I give them to you as an inheritance, forever. Response: Thou givest me, my body and providest Gods to raise me up. I will ascend to Thy exalted heavens and learn Thy wisdom. When I am strong, I shall go forth to raise up those below me, forever. AFFIRMATION:

Be Thou with me, O Jehovih, in Wisdom and Strength for Thy glory forever.

Honor thy Father and thy Mother Essene School of Abundant Life North Salt Lake, Utah Dear Comrade on the Path to Love, Wisdom and Power: Are YOU like a straw in the wind? Do you permit the propagandists, the hate mongers, the war lovers, to control your mind? Or do you turn from them with the thought - 'such poison is not for me. I will have none of it!' ? We must be on guard constantly these days to protect our minds from the suggestions of intolerance, hate, and race antagonism directed at us from a thousand sources. Remember always that ALL MEN are children of the same Father Jehovih and have the same mother Earth. There isn't a man, woman or child upon earth that is not as much entitled to the bounties of Jehovih as is the most patriotic American. When we react to hate propaganda, and permit our minds to become infected with hate, we attract to ourselves denizens from the Unseen side of life that will use us for their own evil ends. Only by FAITH in Jehovih and the knowledge that HE will rise supreme, can we protect ourselves and remain on an even spiritual and mental keel. Turn to Jehovih night and morning. Give your spirit into the charge of His angels as you go to sleep. Look up to him as you awake. "Honor thy Father (Jehovih) and thy Mother (Earth) that thy days may be long".

Fraternally yours, The Supreme Council.


MAN, THE HIGHEST FORM OF LIFE INHABITING THE CORPOREAL EARTH Man is not only the highest form of life living upon the surface of the earth but he is endowed with dominion over all lesser forms of life living under, upon and over the earth. Mankind is destined to have dominion over the elements of the earth and over the winds, heat, rains, and other manifestations of nature upon which his welfare depends. Early as we are in the Kosmon Era, mankind has already begun to have dominion over the air and ether. Man's superiority over lesser forms of life upon our planet is due to his imagination and judgment. Imagination is his creative faculty, a gift from Great Jehovih. Judgment is but another name for reason, or the ability to weigh the present problem in the sales of experience, either his own or the experience of other men. Man, unlike all other forms of life below him, is possessed with a soul. Therefore man is a trinity of corporeal body, spirit and soul. Many teachers use the word mind in place of the word spirit. Essentially they are the same. Every problem in nature can be resolved into a trinity. Jehovih manifests as a trinity; Jehovih, the father; Earth, the mother; and man, the offspring. This trinity can also be expressed as positive, negative and neutral. Neutral is a semi-balance between positive and negative. Another way of stating the trinity principle is: The actor, the thing acted upon and the result of the action. Any actor must use some form of energy to influence the thing acted upon. Therefore the static essential to the Universe is VORTEXYA which is that form of energy used by all life to manifest its attributes of Love, Wisdom and Power.

MAN'S CORPOREAL BODY. Your corporeal body is made up of animal cells of varying degrees of density. Acting upon these cells are many frequencies of vortexya. The cells of your body are grouped into organs, each with its proper function to perform, to maintain harmony and efficiency in the vehicle used by your spirit, and YOU, while gaining experience in corpor. Each cell of your body has an individual life and consciousness. So also does each organ of your body have consciousness which is the composite consciousness of all the cells composing it. The consciousness of all the cells and organs of your body combined forms your subconsciousness. Consciousness manifests over the ganglia and nerves of the body by means of vortexya or prana. Vortexya, flowing over the nerves of the body, is similar to electricity manifesting over the wires of a telephone system. Vortexya is the energy by which the soul controls both its spirit and corporeal bodies.


Good health, youth, vitality depends upon the amount of vortexya the soul has at its command and the ease with which it can direct its flow to the spiritual and corporeal bodies. The clear skin, pink cheeks, flexibility of limb, and bodily energy of a child are due to the lack of resistance to the flow of vortexya in its young body. As a person grows older, the cells become loaded down with toxins, dead corporeal substance and poisons all of which offer resistance to the flow of vortexya. Lack of vortexya causes the pulse to slow down, the breath to become shortened, foul taste in the mouth and other symptoms of a body loaded down with toxins. Each organ, to the limit of its ability, eliminates its toxins into the blood stream which carries them to a weak spot in the corporeal body. Toxins, concentrated in one spot or one organ, lowers the efficiency of every cell in the organ, and is productive of innumerable symptoms labeled by the medical profession as various diseases. One of the greatest sources of poison and body toxins in this, the Kosmon Era, is meat eating. In times past, meat was not a poison to man but with the beginning of the Kosmon Era, meat became a poison. Therefore if you would possess health, vitality and youthfulness, do not eat meat. Watch your diet and abstain from foods that load the cells down with organic matter, toxins and other elements that offer resistance to the flow of vortexya.

SLEEP. The body is maintained by the action of vortexian currents to every cell and organ. While awake, you are using up the vortexya with which the soul and spirit charge the body. Your corporeal body is similar to a storage battery. When you sleep, your corporeal body receives a fresh charge of vortexya from mother earth. While awake you are discharging your body battery through the activities of the day. Complete relaxation during sleep is conductive to complete charging of your body with vortexya. Sleep, under strain or tension, results in awakening with that tired feeling. This is due to the resistance to the inflow of vortexya caused by nerve tension.

EFFECTS OF STIMULANTS. Tea, coffee, chocolate, tobacco and alcohol are finding increased use by the white race. This is due both to the constant, ever repeated and reiterated suggestions offered by billboard, magazine, newspaper and radio. War conditions favor their use and abuse. Each of these stimulants offer a "pick up." In other words, they lower resistance of the flow of vortexia for a short time and make the user feel a little surge of energy. However nature isn't cheated. Action is followed by reaction so nothing is gained in the long run. In fact, the one who spurs his body and spirit by stimulants finds that more frequent and greater doses are required to obtain the desired "pickup." Soon a habit is created and the drug becomes master of the user.

THE SPIRIT BODY. The spirit body is an exact counterpart of the corporeal body in every particular. However the spirit body is the mover while the corporeal body is that which is moved. When YOU, (the SOUL) clothed in your spirit body, move out of your corporeal body — and break contact with it — the corporeal body is dead. Your corporeal body has no life, motion, intelligence or energy OF ITSELF. All of these are given to it by YOU and your spirit body. During earth or corporeal life, YOU maintain constant contact with your corporeal body. While awake, your spirit body is concentric with your corporeal body, and extends to the surface of the skin. Some people's spirits actually extend beyond their corporeal bodies and they are thus enabled to "read ballots" and manifest other phases of "extra sensory perception." Memory is a function of the spirit body. Materialists assume that memory is similar to a recording on a phonograph record made on the corporeal brain. This is not correct. Memory is a power of the spirit. Were this not so, and were the materialists correct in their assumption, memory would end with the death of the corporeal body. Of what purpose then would life be? Of what use the experience gained by the years from infancy to old age spent in corpor? When you leave your corporeal body for the final and last time, and the silver cord severed, (the thin line of light that connects the spiritual and corporeal bodies during life on earth) you will find that you still have a body that, to all appearances, is about the same body you have always had. You will note little if any difference between your spirit body and your corporeal body. Both are housings for the soul. Both are vehicles that YOU use for a time and, just as there is a time when you shed your corporeal body, so will there also come a time many centuries hence, when you will shed your spiritual body. But as the soul (YOU) are always clothed you will always have a body of ever more attenuated substance. The spiritual body is instantly responsive to your imagination. In other words, it is far more fluid than your corporeal body. OAHSPE tells us that we build spiritual things of spiritual substance. We do this with the imagination or faculty of visualization. Herein lies the answer to spiritual healing and to healing brought about by auto suggestion, affirmation, prayer, hypnotism; etc. By such methods a thought form is created by the imagination, not of the body as it is, but as we desire it to be. The spirit body conforms to the new pattern set for it by either YOU or the healer (your soul or the healer's soul) and, IF YOU WILL MAINTAIN THE THOUGHT FORM OF THE NEW CONDITION, AND NOT DESTROY IT BY THINKING OF YOURSELF AS ILL, AGED, UNHAPPY OR WHAT EVER CONDITION IT WAS YOU WERE SEEKING TO CORRECT, the corporeal body will tend to conform to the new condition of the spirit created in your imagination.


THE SOUL. The soul (or real and eternal YOU) is the highest consciousness and is endowed, in a finite degree, with every quality of the Infinite. That is why Faithists (Essenes) think of Jehovih as a Person, the ALL-PERSON. We know that each of us is a person. How can the finite possess something that is not inherent in the Infinite? How can YOU be a person if Jehovih is not a PERSON? Jehovih is the ALL-CREATOR. You are a co-creator with Him. As HE creates the infinite; you, a part of HIM can create in finite. Someday you will learn that "your destiny is not half fulfilled until YOU have created a universe and peopled it." RIGHT NOW, you can start creating the kind of a person you want to be, the environment you wish to surround you, the future you desire to have . You can, and do create the kind of life you want. You may think that you do not. You may blame everyone and every condition but yourself but YOU are the one responsible . You may be unhappy, sick, poor, broken in body and spirit or you may be happy, healthy, rich in spirit and body. Knowingly or unknowingly, you have been largely responsible for whatever condition you manifest. If you are suffering the first set of conditions and keenly desire to enjoy the second set, you can start right now to create the kind of world you desire to live in. All hell cannot stop you and all heaven will help you, if you pray for it, visualize it, and WORK FOR IT.

BIRTH AND REINCARNATION At the time of pro-CREATION, corporeal cells, permeated with spirit, pass from the father to the mother. The positive or father cell impregnates the mother or negative cell. When these two cells comingle, a completely new INDIVIDUAL or SOUL is created. A miniature spirit form is created as well as a new soul. (LIFE endowed with the quality of SELF-consciousness). This new soul may partake of the negative or feminine qualities of the mother and develop into a baby girl or it may partake, to a great extent, of the positive masculine qualities of the father and became a baby boy. Or, in exceptional cases, a balance may be maintained between the two and the new person be born of neuter sex or sexless. Such were most of the great world prophets; I'esu, sexless, balanced individuals, with passion lacking for either sex but abundant love for both. The truth or falsity of the theory of reincarnation cannot be either proven or disproven to one anchored in corpor. Sometime, some centuries hence, you can discover its truth or falsity for yourself by personal research and observation. If you believe in reincarnation (meaning repeated lives in a corporeal body or corporeal re-embodiment) we are not going to attempt to prove that your ideas are wrong. If you believe in reincarnation, that is your privilege. However the Essenes do not

accept it as a truth for we believe that Jehovih is sufficient unto Himself and that whatever He does, is well done. Essenes believe that each new individual or person is a complete new creation destined for eternal progress and upliftment to higher and higher heavens. We do not recognize any necessity, in Jehovih's economy and creations, for a return to mother earth, after we have received our birth into the spirit realms, any more than we would recognize the necessity for a baby to return to the womb of the mother who gave the birth. About 9,000 years ago, in Egypt, the theory of reincarnation was taught as a direct result of the inspiration of Osiris (the false) upon Thothma, the reigning pharaoh of that day. Osiris taught Thothma that all higher forms of life were evolved from lower forms by the process of spirit reincarnation. Osiris told him that there was nothing new under the sun, but that the universe was filled with little individual spirit forms that first started in the elements, graduated into the vegetable kingdom and then to the animal kingdom. Finally the estate of man was reached and the individual must needs have several corporeal bodies before he could learn mastery over the cells of his body. After he had acquired mastery he could choose to remain forever in a corporeal body upon earth or he could elect to go on into heaven. But strange to say Thothma died like the rest of humanity and was never able to re-embody himself despite the fact that he was the greatest adept of all time and built a monument to materiality that still stands one of the wonders of the earth — the Great Pyramid of Gizeh, in Egypt. The story of Thothma, in OAHSPE, is an amazing and enlightening romance between a false god and a man. Read it in your OAHSPE. In Thotma's time, there were millions of dark spirits (drujas) cluttering up the earth's surface in Egypt. These dearly loved to obsess infants and little children, driving out the souls and spirits of the real owners of their corporeal bodies (those created at time of pro-CREATION) and enter these stolen bodies, growing up therein and claiming to be reincarnated. Jehovih said: I gave to spirit no power to enter the womb or to be reborn Again. My creations are new, complete and perfect. Apollo, Orion Chief and Controller of Vortices said: Remember, O man, that couldst thou in a moment, recall all that thou hadst ever learned, thou wouldst be wise indeed. Wert thou in tune with thyself, this thou couldst do. That is the first step. Next thou shouldst be in tune with thy surroundings, then with the magnitude of worlds and finally with Jehovih. This is to move, act and comprehend harmoniously. Such condition awaits all men. And it is called NIRVANA. Past, present and future are as an open book. "Jehovih said: I created man lower in sense than an animal. I created him a blank and void of sense. He shall grow forever, however. To all the living I gave paths to travel in; but to man I gave angels and to

these angels, still more angels, forever. I gave something higher to all angels to look up to, forever. Jehovih said: My holy angels whisper in man's ear while he sleeps and he arises anxious to carry out his visions, not knowing that they have been planted there. He detected not the presence of my holy ones. Ah'shong (God of the second cycle after the I'hin race appeared upon this earth) said: Learned angels can't teach wisdom to beggars or to dark conceited adults. Jehovih made man to progress by exertion and he who seeketh only ease is on the road to everlasting destruction. Happy is the God who can arouse them. A merchant or manufacture turneth out goods to sell; but I turn out sons and daughters to Jehovih to give away. A man who perceiveth not Jehovih is a deformity of soul. (The above is both restated and quoted from Oahspe.)

Those who live for self are dominated by the lower light. This has been termed Satan or the Devil. The Seven Tetracts are attributes of the corporeal body, the earth or "Devil." They are stubbornness, wicked device, worthlessness, slander, self-conceit, delight in being bad and desire for leadership. To be a God is — not to talk of oneself; to serve not oneself; to do good works; to serve Jehovih forever by raising up sons and daughter that they may be a glory to Him forever. THE PHYSICAL BODY GROWETH BY AGGREGATION. THE SOUL GROWS BY GIVING AWAY FOREVER. THE SOUL MUST EXPAND AND ONLY GOOD WORKS CAN DO THIS. Jehovih does not permit anything in His creation to stand still. Everything is in motion, forward or backward, upward or downward. Both mortals (corporeans) and spirits are either in resurrection or declension. Their grade is going up or it is going down. Evil spirits (drujas) are in declension. Another name for declension is "hell." Great dark forces, composed of millions upon millions of spirits, are in declension (or hell) and it is these reactionary, backward looking, evil loving forces that are inspiring the international wars of today. Prophecy tells us that, as time goes on, and the number of days allotted to them to expend their evil energies runs out, they will inspire civil war in Europe which may spread to the United States. They will not stop with this for they will also carry the virus of the plagues to various nations and inoculate their victims with disease for the sadistic pleasure they derive from the pain and suffering of their victims. God said: I give all people who war over into their crop of evil spirits and they shall be afflicted with assassinations and intriguers and despoilers, and with anarchy and riots and destruction. For they shall be made to understand that whomsoever Jehovih created

alive is sacred upon the earth; and that whosoever heedeth not these, my judgments, sinneth Against the Almighty. Behold, it is not sufficient apology for them to say: O, an evil king will come upon my country and possess it! I say unto thee, O man; All countries are Jehovih's. Be thou His servant unto peace and righteousness, having faith in Him. (The above is both restated and quoted from Oahspe.)

Like attracts like upon every plane of existence. A man is as he thinks and attracts to him unseen comrades that help him attain his desires. A man is known by the company he keeps in the Seen and the company he attracts to himself in the Unseen. As our bad habits multiply, so do the drujas that fasten upon us. Neither let anyone flatter himself that he isn't the target for evil spirits. Only One can protect us, Jehovih. It is wise to place one's FAITH in Him. His high raised angels can inspire us, protect us, help us. But only as we forget self and work for others by giving ourselves away, will we earn the inspiration and protection of His holy ones.


In Faith I go forth in Thee O Jehovih, for I know Thou will accomplish through me.


EXPLANATION OF WORDS USED IN THIS LESSON DENSITY: FREQUENCY: VORTEXYA: Degree of crystallization or corporeality. Rate of motion or comparative speed of motion. Universal energy that is generated within the vortex of the sun and its satellites. The composite of all lessor forms of energy. As white light is a composite of red, orange, yellow, blue, green, indigo and violet so is vortexya the composite of light, heat, electricity, magnetism., gravity, and more. Vortexya is the energy with which life animates corpor.

CORPOREAL BODY: The vehicle used by the soul to gain experience in corpor. The temple of the soul and spirit having length, breadth, thickness and weight. The physical form. SPIRIT BODY: A likeness of the corporeal body, composed of attenuated substance, seemingly possessed of three dimensions but lacking weight. The vital part of an individual which animates the corporeal body. The I AM of the individual. The part of the individual possessed of immortality. That which ties the individual to the Creator. LIFE that has evolved to the place where it is self-conscious or conscious of itself as a separate and distinct unit of the Creator. A finite unit of the Infinite Life endowed with consciousness of itselt as a distinct individuality.



The Bondage to the Past is being Severed Essene School of Abundant Life North Salt Lake, Utah Dear Companion on the Path to Love, Wisdom and Power: Greetings in the Sacred Name: In China millions have been forced out of their old homes near the coast back into the interior. Here they find new, clean virgin territory where they will establish a new China better than the old. In Europe, national boundaries, petty race jealousies, nations and peoples have been destroyed by Hitler's hordes. Bondage to the past is being severed all over the worId. New nations will arise from peoples amalgamated by war, new nations with new horizons and new concepts of life. Materialism is being gunned and bombed. Its corporeal foundation is crumbling. Starvation, destruction, desolation and desperation are forcing people to look beyond the physical for something more substantial. The people of the United States have, so far, been spared the suffering other peoples have endured. America can profit by the experience of the rest of the world and turn from our selfishness and materialism or we can learn the hard way by being driven, as other peoples have been driven to accept a new outlook on life. It is an individual problem. You, in seeking to learn of your Creator and His creations, are displaying some of the Love, Wisdom and Power we all seek. Fraternally and sincerely,

The Supreme Council of the Essenes of Kosmon.


EVOLUTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS Consciousness is ever in evolution, ever unfolding, eternally enlarging its scope. Elements of the mineral kingdom manifest consciousness of affinities and antipathies by chemical action. Members of the vegetable kingdom denote consciousness of light, heat, gases, etc. Animals are possessed of simple consciousness while the lowest human being on earth is endowed with self-consciousness. As we look back into history, we find mankind first manifesting a family consciousness. Later he recognized other members of his own tribe and citizens of the city in which he lived. The old Roman looked upon every other Roman as having interests common with his own. Lately we have witnessed an epidemic of national consciousness with the members of one nation claiming to be a superior or "master race." As we progress into the Kosmon Era, mankind will develop world consciousness with the discovery that no nation or people can live alone and prosper. War will teach mankind that a nation cannot make war upon another nation without itself suffering. The attempts being made at Brenton Woods, and other meeting places of the nations are evidences of a new world consciousness. Great prophets or spiritual leaders of the past were gifted with cosmic consciousness. They knew themselves to be a part of the great I AM. They recognized every man as a brother and knew that every member of the human family sprang from the same source and were dependent upon the same mother earth for sustenance. There is no way by which individual or nation can halt the evolution of consciousness. Each soul must grow and unfold but is permitted almost unlimited time in which to unfold its potentialities. Experience is the greatest fertilizer for consciousness. The more experience we gain in earth life, the easier it is to progress in the atmospherean regions. Thus, a long life is to be desired. Free will is an offspring of self-consciousness. Free will enables us to make mistakes, thereby gaining experience and unfolding our consciousness. Every mistake has inherent within it, the regrets of the spirit. While immersed in corpor, these regrets are generally momentary and slight and easily forgotten. But in the Es (spirit) world, these regrets for past mistakes, especially if they have proven injurious to others, assume mountainous proportions. They are eternally present and permit a person no peace. So the soul goes on brooding and seeking ways of righting wrongs committed on earth. A time of adjustment becomes necessary. If the wronged individual has also died there is no problem, for complete understanding and forgiveness are possible. The hard problem is to make amends to someone still living in corpor. A spirit can’t use money to balance the score and for many that is the only tool they know how to use. The first few years in the Es world, an individual is weak and inexperienced with his new environment. He knows not how to make amends and is denied the peace that can only come when he has compensated for any wrong he may have done during corporeal life. In time, bitterness gives place to love and then, and then only, is there peace and tranquility. From that time on, progress can be made on the path that leads to the second resurrection.


CONSCIOUSNESS IS ITS OWN JUDGE. The Es world is a world of freedom. For one desiring help to progress, help is always at hand. Those in the Es world help each other for by so doing, their own soul growth is assured. A constitutional grouch does not want help so he is left alone to his own self induced misery. Many go around, attempting to conceal their real natures, just as they did on earth. It isn't long until the futility becomes apparent and they throw off the mask and come out in their true colors. They soon see that they are fooling no one for the colors that make up the spirit body indicate the substance therein. Any high-raised angel can read the past history of an Es'ean from birth to death and the nature of their thoughts. Almost everyone has his bit of hell to wash clean, after he has passed over to spirit life. It does not take long to learn that the law of compensation is always just and that all accounts must be balanced. As soon as this is realized, the soul, new born in spirit, sets to work.

THE WORLD TODAY. The world has been suffering from the results of the blind leading the blind. Gross materialism, love of power, and love of money have been responsible for the philosophy that might makes right. We see the results in worldwide war, the destruction of cities, nations and peoples. Kosmon is the age of freedom and freedom is given for error to destroy itself. The world has forgotten its Creator and thereby brought about the tragic conditions of today. Man habitually turns to God and the Creator in time of trouble and this "Time of Trouble" will prove no exception. The suffering caused by this war will cause man to search within where he should find a kingdom of heaven, faith in his immortality, and oneness with his Creator. He will then lose his insane attachment for material things and seek investment in values that war cannot destroy. Kosmon marks the time when man must tum his attention from corporeal things and focus his mind upon things of the spirit. His corporeal powers are at their zenith. Now mankind must develop his spiritual talents and capacities. Everything pertaining to the past age of materialism must go. Man is doing his part, with guns and bombs, to destroy it. Mother earth will do her part also. The many earth disturbances, recorded by the seismograph, presage a great earthquake caused by a shift in the polarity of the planet. This change, if the prophets are correct, will wind up the old order and complete the destruction. These polar changes occur again and again and again to every planet suspended in a vortex. They occur at fairly regular intervals as it takes about the same period each time, for the earth to get out of balance. It isn't a case of God or the Creator being angry. It is a case of physics, a balance of

forces. Everything the Creator creates is good, and death, looked upon from the proper perspective, is as good as birth. In fact death is the second birth, a birth into the land of spirit.

WHO IS YOUR SAVIOUR? You are a being of free will and must work out your own salvation. No Christ, Buddha, Mohammed, Brahma, or any other so called savior can do you an iota of good. You are on earth to gain experience, develop the talents Jehovih endowed you with and flower from unripe into ripe fruit. To perfect yourself, you must distinguish right from wrong, the voice of your guardian angels, if you will listen, will generally tell you what is right. Or you can make it a rule that anything done to injure another is wrong and anything you do to help another is right. Soul growth comes from helping others. To be of true value, growth must be constitutional. In other words, when helping others becomes a confirmed habit, it is constitutional growth. As you help to raise up those who are below you in intelligence, experience and spirituality, you will find that Jehovih's exalted Sons and Daughters will help you and will raise you up. Such is the order or Jehovih' s creations that no matter how high an angel may be, there are always those above, ever seeking to raise to greater light, those who are below them. As man evolves in soul here on earth, the Outer manifestations of his way of life must also change. The old institutions will not do for man's new consciousness In times of great darkness, such as at present, it is difficult to see the pattern of the new consciousness. Love, equality, co-operation and brotherhood are attributes of the new Kosmon Race mind that is developing here on earth. It is dawning upon individuals that they can best serve self by first serving their brothers. The barriers of race and nation must go. You can best help by watching your own thoughts and ideals. Try to get in tune with the new day that is dawning. Become a citizen of the world NOW.

JEHOVIH 'S KINGDOM ON EARTH! When will Jehovih' s Kingdom be established on earth? When enough people will have been transformed through suffering, or will have created within themselves the sincere desire for it to be established. We shall first have to cease being enamored with material things and obsessed with self and consider more the good of the race. Generations yet unborn, instead of being endowed with debt, must be provided the kind of an education that fosters brotherhood. Self must make way for a greater self –

the not self … or the community self. The great lesson is now being administered. We will be shorn of our chattels and material possessions. We will realize that our corporeal bodies are not the most important part of us. We will probably learn the hard way that real values are within. Blood and tears will flow and much sorrow will be endured before the world discovers its soul. Only agony and sorrow can transform most people and cause them to tum from war and darkness. When all of man's possessions have been wrested from him; when, in agony of soul, he is forced to sit down and search within, then and then only, will he become prepared to accept the new and higher consciousness that will be required to found the Father's Kingdom here on earth. In the Book of Judgment in OAHSPE, it is revealed that many were raised up to do the Father's work today. Some refused to do the part assigned to them and others attempted to secure a material advantage from the light given them. Inspiring angels were instructed to retire from these. To all to whom the exalted work was given, inspiring angels were assigned that they might not be alone in their labor. However a complete record is kept of their accomplishments towards man's resurrection. The tree upon which the new fruit will appear is not yet perfected. Many teachers are grafting thereon the knowledge of the Creator and the Brotherhood of Man. The pruners or destroyers have not clipped off all the old foliage and dead limbs. The years 1945, 1946 and 1947 will see the pruning complete with the young tree budding with Jehovih's new fruit. Faithist record indicates that the Father's Kingdom will first manifest in the intermountain territory. Here is what OAHSPE says about it: A thousand miles north of the northern line of the sun on the earth, in the middle betwixt the east and west front of North Guatama, and from the earth upward, and without intervening space, five hundred miles, had Yaton'te founded his kingdom, and hither it was that Fragapatti came to see him. Five hundred miles westward lay Ipseogee, extending north and south two thousand miles, where reigned the good Faithist, Hapacha, styled God of the West Wind. (Oahspe, Fragapatti XIX: 1) Fragapatti said: This heaven, more than any other heaven of the earth, shall be regarded by the etherean kingdoms. Beneath you, even on this part of the earth, will mortals first espouse the Father's Kingdom. (Oahspe, Fragapatti XXIV: 29) The place and time for starting His kingdom are known to Jehovih. The locality was picked out at the time of the cycle of Sethantes when the first race of I'hins was created

on the Red Star. The time was set to coincide with the cycle of Kosmon, when man turns from materiality to spirituality. The destruction of the old order, the change of polarity of the earth are all a part of the advent of Jehovih's Kingdom. Millions upon earth want no part in the new order. Their desires are rooted in the corporeal earth. They will be unable to tolerate the LIGHT of Kosmon as its brilliance increases. Soon there will be a great division in the ranks of mortals. Some will remain to go on with the Father's work here, others will enter the es worlds to take up there, where they left off here. Faith in Jehovih, in His Ever Presence and in His Ever Goodness is your salvation. Jehovih riseth supreme in every cycle.


Glory be to Thee, O Jehovih, the Person of every kingdom, high and low.


MANDATES OF THE AGES THE MANDATES OF THE AGES – As stars have guided navigators on trackless seas, and lighthouses have warned them of dangerous coasts, so well-known events and examples in cycles of history have continuously stood in the view of men to guide and warn them of dangers on the voyage of mortal lite. Mariners have mapped their courses by the stars, and paid attention to the warnings of lighthouses, but the peoples and nations of the earth stubbornly ignore the graphic lessons of past cycles, and endeavor to traverse the treacherous seas of life without chart or compass. Instead of profiting by the experiences of their predecessors, each generation persists in perpetuating the vices, follies, mistakes and crimes of the past; and with all our progress and learning, the peoples of the present generation are madly pursuing the same disastrous course. The often repeated events and examples of the past referred to involve the basic principles of life which have stood the test of ages. These basic principles are simple and few in number, easily understood, and are witnesses that have never lied; yet people give them little or no consideration, and run after falsehood and that which flatters self, and promises reward without merit or effort. From times immemorial, people have prospered only in the proportion they practiced these basic principles, and have gone down to ruin in the ratio they ignored them. These principles have been such powerful agencies in controlling the destinies of peoples, nations and individuals, they now have to be recognized and put into practice if mankind is to attain universal prosperity and happiness in mortality. Nor can the human mind conceive of any place or condition in the hereafter or world of spirit, where any universal happiness could be attained without the foundation of these basic principles. These cardinal principles have been a living voice proclaiming across the centuries of the ages, the unchangeable fundamental laws of human lite and conduct. THE RIVER OF EVIL – As pestilence and epidemics have been overcome by discovering their source, all evils of which we can ascertain the origin, can be eliminated. As far back as written records can be found, powerful religious "systems" allied with corrupt political "systems" have dominated the nations of earth, both founded on supposed divine revelation. This word "revelation" has covered a multitude of sin, and has deceived and led more people to perdition than any other known word. These agencies have been the fountain head from which has flowed the great river of evil afflicting mankind throughout the ages; and is the source of the great public evils of today. Despots and tyrants, in order to carry out nefarious policies which they knew were not founded on reason, sense or justice, shielded themselves behind the doctrine of the divine right of kings. Their priestly allies aided them by putting lies into the mouths of

their respective gods, proclaiming darkness for light and leading their followers to destruction. Never did they exercise their powers for the benefit of mankind. Never did these systems which pretended to have the welfare of mankind at heart, ever raise their voice in behalf of progress, liberty, learning or prosperity for the masses. Ignorance, slavery, larceny by taxation, war and destruction, they have condoned and sanctioned the most atrocious practices. They have been so assiduous in saving the souls of men, they overlooked the absurdity that a clean spirit could dwell in a foul body. In thousands of years these institutions have not saved from sin any nation on earth, nor raised up one city of righteous people. For the ills they cast upon mankind, they gave honeyed promises of reward in the hereafter! These religious and political "systems" have been barbarous and atrocious in proportion to their supposed divinity until all mankind now know that this supposed divinity was nothing but falsehood, darkness, evil and selfishness; and not light, truth nor wisdom. Now, having all these systems, philosophies, speculations and schemes before us, together with a history of the fruits thereof, there is no earthly reason why we cannot right now begin laying a foundation for the future entirely free from dogma, superstition and idolatry, and based on those basic principles which have been the source of all the light, truth, wisdom, peace and prosperity of which man has any knowledge, wisdom and experience to establish the affairs of men on a basis with equity and right doing the first and foremost of all things. WHAT IS REVELATION? – Truth is anything the verity of which can be demonstrated, and when so demonstrated, it has the attribute of being universal, and is truth to all men, at all times, at all places. The first outstanding characteristic of any written revelation if it be genuine is: That by necessity it must in any event, be limited to a very narrow field of knowledge pertaining to moral principles, or facts as to the origin and destiny of man, which man could never obtain in any other way. Whatever men can learn by observation, research or experience, needs no revelation through writing or prophet. Nothing could be revealed to men by any means which they could not comprehend, and no complete knowledge or the origin and destiny of man could have been given by written revelation or otherwise, before the coming of the English language. Written revelation through any ancient language could only deal with moral principles vital to man's existence, but these could be perverted and lost. Ancient languages have melted away, and translations are too vague and uncertain to stake our destiny upon. Nothing is sacred simply because it is ancient. There is but one Great Spirit, and He cannot have grown old or impotent since ancient days; and it any written revelation is necessary in this day, there is nothing to prevent His giving it to us.


Since the beginning of man on earth, a Universal Voice has spoken directly to all the races of men. All these different peoples are capable of virtue, and have always had some idea of right or wrong, morality, justice, government, deity and immortality. These basic ideas must have been given directly to man from his Creator, because when given, men had neither writing nor books; and even isolated races have these basic ideas. All ideas of light, truth and wisdom, are the Voice and Speech of the Infinite. Any self evident fact can be quoted as the very words of the Most High, with all the validity and authority mortal language can convey. Music is another expression of His Voice; and is our greatest method of expressing adoration and reverence to the Almighty. Limiting revelation from the Most High to writings or books, is as futile as trying to limit light to the beam of a candle. In very dark places, the light of a candle gives cheer and hope, but when placed in sunshine, its flame casts a shadow. In a similar manner during dark periods of the past, certain lesser lights illuminated the path of man, but in the Light and knowledge of this day, such lesser lights cease to shine. The Infinite Great Spirit, instead of being limited to writings, books or prophets, as a means of giving knowledge to man, has for thousands of years revealed Himself and His works through things and entities which have not tongues. A cross-section of a tree exposes a revelation of climatic conditions of the past, engraved by the Almighty with His own Hand. This revelation no man can counterfeit or pervert . While it is written in no language, it is readable by all the races of men. The sun, moon and stars revealed themselves to the first men created; and the flowers revealed their color, beauty and perfume. Invisible gases make known their identity through the spectroscope; minerals reveal their identity by the shapes of their microscopic crystals. Such witnesses cannot lie, and reveal eternal truth. Thus through these innumerable channels has the Most High conveyed light and knowledge to man at all times, in addition to His direct Voice and inspiration. This revelation started before men were created, and will continue after man is extinct. Every fact is a part of it. It is simple and easily understood even by the unlearned. It does not appeal to credulity, fear or ignorance. It makes no threat for unbelief nor reward for pretense . It has intrinsic: and extrinsic proof of its validity. It is provable and proven. It is sacred only because it is true; and mortals can do no less than revere its Author . WORSHIP - Throughout the ages all the races and tribes of men have manifested the attribute of worship, and instinctively sought some deity for protection and guidance. Beginning in darkness, ignorance and superstition, man has deified and worshipped most everything on earth and in heaven; trees, flowers, animals. birds, snakes; wooden and stone idols, images and symbols; earth air, water and fire; the sun, moon and stars; men, angels, lords and gods; finally attaining to the conception of an Infinite Deity, the Great Spirit, the Ever Present to whom none can attain forever.

The important lesson from this history is: that no people can rise higher than the god they worship. The conduct of men at all times and places has been molded by the attributes and characteristics of the deity they worshipped; .and their conduct has always been evil when they worshipped any deity, seen or unseen, below the Infinite Great Spirit. All lesser deities have fostered all the evils known to man with the result that history is largely a gruesome recital of bloodshed, crime, and foolish sacrifice of human beings to unworthy deities and base ambitions. Prayer to such lesser deities has always been in vain. The worship of the Infinite Great Spirit, is the only worship that gives eternal progress. All lesser deities are finitely created beings, no matter how exalted; and sooner or later we would become their equal and all progress would cease. No one can ever overtake the Infinite, Great Spirit, nor view Him in his entirety as he does his fellow man; yet every day we see Him in the glory of his Works. Even in the realm of spirit, if men might attain to said mighty vessels between the stars, and view scenes of magnitude and glory beyond description; the Great Spirit would be just as far beyond us as He is today ,-- infinitely beyond. Astronomy was the first revelation to man of infinity, and the first demonstration of the magnitude of the Creator's Works. When people thought this was the only world created, they were grossly conceited and selfish; saturated with superstition and darkness. As soon as people began to realize there were countless other worlds, and that our little world was only an atom in space, and human beings were so small and insignificant that there is no word to express a comparison. These ideas changed and enlarged their mental outlook. The great lesson from this history is, that while the capacity in the minds of people to conceive the abstract thought of an infinite deity, and infinite creation, has promoted toleration, liberty and emancipation from superstition; this abstract thought alone cannot and has not established righteousness. Righteousness can only be established when people not only conceive of an lnfinite, Great Spirit, but serve and worship Him in sincerity and truth through unity and kinship with Him. No orchestra can produce harmony unless each instrument is attuned to a. KEYNOTE; likewise no harmony can exist among men until each person is attuned to the Keynote of The Universe, the GREAT SPIRIT. Geometry demonstrates that things equal to the same thing, are equal to each other. It is just as self-evident that in so far as men are attuned to the Infinite, Ever Present, Great Spirit, they will be in perfect harmony with one another. Without Him, harmony cannot be. Without Him, none have risen. Without Him man is like a ship without a rudder, — the seas around him inevitably drive him to ruin in the end. SELFISHNESS — Every man's greatest enemy, and the enemy of light, truth and righteousness, is the entity of selfishness which we allow to dwell within our being. This is the fountain from which all personal sins flow. No sin or iniquity can be imagined

which does not spring from selfishness and a disregard for the welfare and happiness of others. The greatest Star of Light which has shone down the ages, whereby we may determine truth and wisdom, is that in all things where self is the chief consideration, even in obtaining wisdom or purity for self sake, such matter is of darkness. Any doctrine which shows self as the chief consideration, is not of light. In any venture where self is the· chief consideration, disaster always follows, no matter how bright and promising the prospects may be. The deeds of men which have illuminated the horizon of' the ages, are those which have been unselfish. Unselfishness, equity and right doing, are a co-operative affair, which cannot be practiced within a crude economical system that places man on a level with the beasts of the forest in the survival of the fittest. This brute standard has no place in human affairs. Any system which does not provide for the welfare and happiness of all whom the Creator brings into life, is not civilized. The Creator must have had that idea when he made the world, because His bounty has never failed to provide enough for all. The population of the world could be increased many-fold, and still there would be enough for all. Yet men prattle about war being necessary to prevent a too populous world! Only the selfishness and stupidity of men stands in the way of an equitable division among men of the bounty of the earth. Every night we view a shining, boundless universe, all its worlds, stars and suns moving in unison for the glory of the whole, yet men pretend they cannot act in unison for the welfare of themselves and all mankind! BALANCE AND RETRIBUTION — Since the creation of man on earth, the power of balance and equilibrium has not only operated in mechanical matters, but, in the form of retribution which has manifested universally in the affairs of men. At all times and places according to the seed sown, whether good or bad, so has been the harvest. No one can alter this rule or bend it to the right or left. As the power of equilibrium keeps the universe in balance, and maintains the waters of the deep at a certain level, so balance and retribution bring about ultimate equity and justice in human affairs. There could be no such thing as right and wrong, or any universal result from human conduct, were it not for the powers of balance and retribution. Universal results can only come from universal causes. Every nation and city that has pursued certain policies, and every individual who has pursued certain policies, has gone down to destruction. Mortals can pursue a million different courses, and no universal benefit will result without the foundation of equity and right doing. THE PRACTICE OF EQUITY AND RIGHT DOING IS THE ONLY METHOD BY WHICH MORTALS CAN PRODUCE THAT BALANGE IN HUMAN AFFAIRS WHICH WILL BRING PROSPERITY AND HAPPINESS TO ALL. Far greater is a nation of simple-minded people who practice equity and right doing than

the most learned nation with a population of rascals. As men have been caught in the tides of the ocean and drowned, in like manner will they be caught and destroyed in the tides of retribution it they pursue any other course than right doing. Men scoff at retribution because it is not always instantaneous. Sometimes it crosses the centuries and even the bars of death, before justice is done. For two thousand years we have been told we may lay up treasures in heaven, but neither preachers nor their congregations realize that if this be true, then we can likewise lay up grief and sorrow. Balance and retribution answer all things on earth and in heaven. If you practice right doing, the harvest will be good. If you practice selfishness, the harvest will be evil. If you kill, you will suffer torments; if you utter falsehood you will reap falsehood; if you love you will be loved; if you curse, you will be cursed; if you hate, you will be hated. If you keep evil company in this world, they will be your companions in the next. If you lift others not up, none will lift you up. Above all philosophies, the practice of equity and right doing holds the highest place . By the powers of balance and retribution, flowing through all the ramifications of mortal life, the Great Spirit, who quickened us unto life, maintains his connection with every human being, and eternal justice will be meted out to all at some time or place. If we turn aside and go downward, sooner or later we must humbly retrace our steps Verily throughout the ages, the Infinite Great Spirit has walked with men and the children of men, forever proclaiming that He is with love, truth, fidelity, purity, equity and right-doing; and that these are His abiding places. RESPONSIBILITY - In the last century much has been said and printed on the subject of "liberty." While it is true that the liberty of man began with the adoption of the American Constitution, yet the most important feature of liberty has been entirely overlooked: that with liberty came responsibility, and the bondage of responsibility. The result of this omission is that people have used their liberty to evade responsibility, which has greatly lowered manhood and womanhood all over the world. The measure of the responsibility which came with liberty, is that we will be bound for all we might have done on each and every occasion, and it is easy to compute the bondage arising from our dereliction. He who shirks responsibility robs his own soul. Responsibility has been the great character builder of the ages. No man or woman ever amounted to anything, nor can any man or woman be trusted, who has not carried a good measure of responsibility. It is also easy to compute the bondage of men in high places for not having done all they might have done for the people. Many shallow-minded men in high places think they are immune, and shut their eyes against the Almighty thinking by that means, He cannot see them. They will have to make restitution to every man, woman and child who suffered from their dereliction and betrayal. How conceited are men who imagine they

can hoodwink the Almighty or that he is too weak and impotent to deal with them. He merely lets them accumulate bondage if they wish. Let not the rulers, or anyone else, flatter himself that death effaces the bondage of man to his subject and neighbor. There have been evil men in the world who thought they were smart because they could deceive thousands and thousands of people, but some day they will wake up to the discovery that they deceived themselves more than anyone else. So in a measure we can let evil men exploit mankind, and let them reap the harvest. There are no bankruptcy courts in heaven. GOVERNMENT - The continual decline and fall of governments and nations throughout the ages, has demonstrated that if there is ever to be a government wholly for the people, it cannot be a separate, selfish and hostile institution working for its own gain and perpetuation at the expense of the people, but will be an internal entity which can dwell in the hearts of the people. The power of government originated in the family, and all attempts to enthrone it elsewhere have failed. There has never been a governmental authority greater than that of a parent over a child. This authority was ordained when man was created; and when parents lose authority over their children no exterior agency can restore it, or be substituted for it. Such families are falling in the grades of life. The Great Spirit has the only perfect government, and He is the most powerful and perfect sovereign, called by the ancients the King of' Kings; but He dwells within His creations. His power and government are internal and He has shown us that throughout all space the unseen rules the seen. Were He an outside entity, He would lose all control. The time-worn excuse for selfish governments is to ―protect the people,‖ but it is only by the wrong doing by these same governments that the people need any protection. History fails to record the delegation of a property right in human beings to any government, or the right to steal, and all govern mental exercise these powers by usurpation. The weakest kingdom is the one that has the most soldiers, and the strongest where none are needed& Instead of protecting the people these governments are the first to violate their rights. Selfish governments have always generated corruption and lust in men to hold office with no regard for the welfare of the people. No matter with what exalted intentions and promises, such governments are created, they all end in practicing oppression, and mankind has been in slavery for ages to support these useless institutions. The highest governmental and economical system possible in mortal life, is the SYSTEM OF FRATERNITY which now is little known and much less understood. Confucius founded an empire of the most prosperous people ever known on the doctrine of fraternity and the sanctity of the family. A state is only an aggregation of families, and this aggregation by its very nature constitutes a large fraternity. No state can rise higher than the families that compose it. Anything that raises or lowers the family raises or lowers the state. Anything that destroys the family destroys the state. This system of fraternity which is now in embryo and not even conceived of by the

masses, cannot be founded by legislation, or any form of destruction. It is based on peace, human experience, reason and common sense. The outstanding feature of fraternity is its simplicity. To establish the system of fraternity, it is not necessary to blow trumpets, work any miracles, convert the multitude, try any experiments, or spend any huge sum of money. It is not necessary to oppose or interfere with the established order of things. It is only necessary to establish one community at first. A community of a hundred families can put this system into practice and perpetuate it. Every step of substantial progress made in the world, was started with a few people. To make a beginning of fraternity all that is needed is a few intelligent people who can comprehend and appreciate the principles herein discussed, who can, and will work unselfishly to the end that those yet unborn shall be born in a place and condition really fit to live in, instead of starting life on the auction block of slavery to pay for the sins of their ancestors. The culminating and supreme factor of the system of fraternity, is that even under the best social conditions, the raising up of the world will be accomplished by the fruit of judicious marriages and the example set before the young; and the crowning feature of the fraternal system is that it provides a condition of society where judicious marriages can take place. On this factor stands the final success and perpetuation of the fraternal system. The original purpose of the institution of marriage was to perpetuate the races, but in order that the races may become exalted the basic considerations in marriage must be: first, love; second, that the offspring of the proposed marriage be in the ascending grade of life. Marriages now are founded on false, frivolous, selfish and base considerations; and the offspring of inharmonious marriages always come forth in darkness. The salvation of mankind on earth cannot come until this great matter is understood by all men and women; and yet today there are hundreds of millions who cannot comprehend it. The perfection and sanctity of the family is thus not only the high altar of religion, and the high seat of government, but is the great fountain from which flows all the good we can know in mortal life. It is the blossom, perfume, and fruit of mortality. THE DAWN OF FRATERNITY - So have come down to us as a priceless heritage from past ages, these sacred mandated and basic principles, with which we can build a new and glorious edifice to the Almighty and mankind, and ultimately abolish poverty, helplessness and crime: 1. The great corner stone of mortal life and all that pertains thereto, is the worship and service of the Infinite, Ever Present, Great Spirit, in sincerity and in truth; the altars thereof being in the homes of the people. 2. Mankind should live by basic principles instead of multitudinous laws, statutes and

codes. With these basic principles people can solve all problems and live happy successful mortal lives. 3. Government must be fraternal with its high seat of power in the family; entirely freed from politics and emoluments of office; officials chosen solely on qualifications. 4. A universal covenant among men to put away selfishness, keep clean the corporeal body by refraining from all habits which pollute it; and fulfill the responsibilities arising from their birth into this world. 5. Liberty need only consist in the freedom of man to dwell wherever he will, and pursue any useful occupation unmolested; the universal right, to use so much of the earth and waters thereof as he needs for himself and family; and a life user in a habitation, furniture, tools and equipment. As a few people can dig a canal and turn a mighty river in its course, and a river so turned will forever flow in its new channel; in like manner a few intelligent people, united with the Infinite and with each other, can turn the great river of human affairs into a new channel, which will ultimately bring happiness and plenty to all mankind. Essenes of Kosmon have as their supreme aim the manifestation of the principles set forth in this manuscript.


THE EVER PRESENCE OF THE GREAT SPIRIT We are told in history that some 2000 years ago, Pontius Pilate asked a very pertinent question: "What is Truth? It is unfortunate for all of us that he received no answer. " "Truth is anything which is self-evident, or which can be demonstrated—and hence is truth to all men at all times and places." Hundreds of volumes have been published lauding the attributes of the Great Spirit; but the great fallacy of all these books is that no matter how wonderful, or powerful, the attributes of the Great Spirit may be: ANY ONE OR ALL OF THEM TOGETHER ARE OF NO VALUE OR USE WHATEVER TO MANKIND, UNLESS HE IS EVER PRESENT. His greatest attribute is His Ever Presence. The only conceivable way in which the Infinite can manifest at any time or place, is BY VIRTUE OF HIS EVER PRESENCE. Unless the Infinite is everywhere, He is nowhere. Nothing but a void could exist where He was not Ever Present. It is impossible at any place or time to look in any direction and not see evidence of HIS EVER PRESENCE. Every blade of grass, or vegetation of any kind, every living and moving thing: ever useful thought, IS PROOF OF HIS EVER PRESENCE. It is strange that for numberless centuries, every writer overlooked this fact. Mankind seems utterly blind to things that are the most obvious. Being Ever Present, then we may truly say THAT IN AND BY VIRTUE OF THIS EVER PRESENCE, WE LIVE AND HAVE OUR BEING. By Virtue of His Ever Presence are all things, seen and unseen; and all things seen and unseen throughout all space are but Members of His Body and His Person. Proof of His Personality is the harmony and unity of the Whole. All unseen things we know are of endless duration; and all things seen have a beginning and an end. By virtue of His Ever Presence, is all life and motion, and creation. By virtue of His Presence is all mind and intelligence manifested in insects, birds, fish, animals and in man. By virtue of His Presence is man quickened into life, and able to stand, walk or run, think and talk. All of man's knowledge on any subject has originated from this Ever Presence. Man has never invented a thought, or even imagined a new animal, tree, vine, grass, flower or color. All that any man can do is to take the part of one thing and attach it to some part of another thing. Man originates nothing. He can only appropriate the resources of the earth and ideas which he did not create. Neither did man invent the thought or idea of the Ever Present Great Spirit, or the idea

of spiritual things or immortality. Yet these three ideas seem to be almost inborn in all the races of men; and all the races of men acknowledge one Supreme Being of some kind. All living things below man are created with just sufficient intelligence to take care of themselves after infancy, to propagate, to find or build habitations, to find their food, to protect themselves from their enemies. But none of these living things can progress, and none of them have any choice or responsibility. The serpent bites unto death without sin, for so the Almighty created him. On the other hand in this lower life, there is manifested much perfection in their work and conduct, because they are all inspired by the Ever Presence of the Great Spirit; and only by this same inspiration can man ever attain perfection in anything in this life or the next. No living thing below man seems to be conscious of this Ever Presence that inspires all of them. Man is born with less knowledge and more helpless than any other living thing; BUT WITH THE CAPACITY to ACQUIRE KNOWLEDGE FOREVER, AND ALSO THE CAPACITY TO ATTAIN PERFECTION IN ALL HIS TALENTS. By no process of reason can we assume that this capacity in man is a mere accident. No living thing below man was ever created with a desire, that was not given the opportunity to fulfill that desire. So the question is obvious: "Would the Infinite keep faith with the bird and the bee, and all other living things, and cheat man? Because man, like all living things, is of inspiration made, all things, visible and invisible, write upon his soul. Hence he manifests wisdom and goodness from the inspiration of his Creator; and folly and evil from the inspiration of created things and the conflict of his surroundings. Nevertheless, man was created a finite being, and no matter how much knowledge or perfection he may attain in the hereafter, or in eternity, he will forever remain a finite being; and in a million years will be just as dependent on his fellow man, and on the Ever Presence of the Great Spirit as he is today. There are many ways in which man is different from all things below him: Only man is created with every attribute the Infinite Himself has, (but in finite degree); and also has every characteristic of all life below him; Only man has the capacity to accumulate knowledge from generation to generation by written or printed books; Only man can profit by the experience of his ancestors in past ages; Only man· has the capacity to make tools, implements and devices to augment his seven senses;

Only man can acquire knowledge by analysis and synthesis, and deduction; Only man has the capacity to utilize all the resources of the earth and air above the earth; and the ability to harness the power of running and falling water, and of the wind, and even of the lightning; Only man has the power of speech, and the ability to transmit knowledge by spoken, written and printed words; Only man has the capacity to make musical notes and instruments, and to sing and dance to the rhythm of music; and to assemble an orchestra or band; Only man has the capacity to draw and paint, and carve statues; Only man is permitted to build his habitation in any place, and in any way he pleases; and to choose his raiment and occupation; and is also given choice and liberty in his general conduct; Only man can pray to the Infinite, and perhaps avert calamity, or be delivered from a calamity. The destiny of all things below man is fixed and there is no appeal; Only man can distinguish the inspiration of the Infinite, from the inspiration he receives by virtue of his birth and surroundings. Man has received and published much direct inspiration from the Infinite, but foolishly gives himself credit as having originated it. It is easy to distinguish the Voice of the Infinite, because such inspiration is always without injury to anyone, and with liberty unto all. All things that are self-evident; that are axiomatic, that are substantiated by facts or experience; that have a parallel in known things; and that lead to peace, order, and the uplifting of mankind; are the voice of the Ever Present Great Spirit. You cannot be misled because no one can counterfeit the Voice of the Infinite. No matter how far this Voice descends, it is still His Voice. As a necessary result of the range of choice and liberty given to man in every field of human life, he is invested with perpetual responsibility to himself and to all mankind for his behavior in this world and the next. This responsibility is the foundation of all character, spirituality, talent and skill which man has or can acquire. He who shirks responsibility robs his own soul. This is the law of "compensation" mentioned by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Wherever there's a hill, there's a valley; wherever there is deficiency, there is an excess, and vice versa. This eternal law of balance permeated all space; and every field of human activity. Justice is appropriately pictured by scales.


This law of balance in human affairs is also the law of "retribution." All men are responsible individually and collectively for all they might have done on each and every occasion in mortal life. There is no escape from retribution, and all men are in bondage until they make restitution to every person who has suffered from their selfishness. Perfect justice is the inheritance of all mankind, and this justice reaches to all time and place. The ordinary citizen never has it in his power to do anything very bad or very good. His bondage will be small. But to men in high places, and all councils and agencies helping them in wrong doing, this may mean some centuries of work to make due restitution to the multitude. They can be happy while making this restitution: but will suffer torments if they try to evade it. The chief cause of discord in the world, arises from the fact that there never was, and never will be two people exactly alike; and hence it is possible to attain harmony by undertaking to tune yourself to your neighbor, or he to attune himself to you. We were taught many centuries ago in mathematics, that all things equal to the same thing, are equal to each other. No orchestra could produce harmony unless all the instruments were tuned to one key note, no matter how perfect each individual instrument might be. Discord exists among good people as well as bad people. It is impossible to make clocks run by springs or weights to keep time in unison. So the government observatory at Washington every day broadcasts the moment of noon. Otherwise time would be uncertain all over the country. The electric clock is the first clock that keeps perfect timer and the secret of it is that it has a little motor wound to run in unison with the master clock at any central station. Man is like the electric clock, to run in unison he must be attuned to the Central Station of the Universe, the Great Spirit; and by that this means he will be in perfect unison with every other human being who is in tune with the Infinite. This unison with the Infinite does not deprive man of his individuality or personality. The recognition of the Ever Presence and Voice of the Great Spirit is the key to harmony among men, and the key to harmony between a man, his wife and children. WITHOUT HIM, HARMONY CANNOT BE. There is only one good in this world and the next, and that is happiness; and all evil in this world and the next arises from selfishness. That men may not err, the Great Spirit has set an everlasting example of the royal path to happiness and harmony among men on earth. The Ever Present Great Spirit gave himself all away, and thus created all things; and in so doing, gained infinity in love, wisdom and power, without losing his Personality or Identity. Either one of these divine attributes would be destructive if not balanced by the other two. The Great Spirit has shown man that while corporeal things grow by aggregation, the spirit of man grows by giving away. The man who locks up his talents will in spirit become as foul as stagnant water.

Salvation comes to all men and women who follow in the footsteps of their Creator, and work for the salvation and welfare of others. Man rises individually and collectively in proportion as he works for the welfare of his fellow man. When men work fifty-fifty for others, their own salvation is guaranteed. They don't have to give their own salvation any thought, EXCEPT AS TO THEIR HABITS. When all men attune themselves to the Infinite, this will establish a universal fraternity among men, and abolish all poverty, helplessness and crime on earth. Before this can be attained, we must have an international language, which with the universal recognition of the Ever Presence and Ever Present Voice of the Great Spirit, constitutes the foundation of happiness and well being in mortality. Since 1881 many books have been written, very beautiful and convincing, about how wonderful we can be, and what wonderful things we can do, by being in tune with the Infinite; but I have not found in one of these books a simple statement of HOW TO GET IN TUNE WITH THE INFINITE. It is so childishly simple, that all the great men of the world have apparently overlooked it. To get electric light and telephonic communication in our houses, we have to have wires brought into our houses; and by turning a switch, or taking down the receiver, we get connected with "CENTRAL." But we don't have to lay any wires to get in tune with the Infinite. When we were born, the wires were all strung. In plain simple language, all anyone has to do to get in tune with the Infinite, and hear the Voice of the Omnipotent, is to open his mouth and SPEAK to the "EVER PRESENT." When a child wants information, he asks his father or mother. In so doing, he follows the inspiration of the Infinite. All we have to do on any occasion in the world, is to ask the Ever Present Great Spirit what we want to know. In fifty years, I have never found a person who did that, that failed to get an answer in very simple language. Every human being has heard the Voice of the Infinite at some time. Men have prayed to wooden and stone idols, and invisible idols, for thousands of years; and have not received one single answer. But no one can ask the Ever Present anything and fail to receive an answer. Some one has said "Faith without a guaranty is folly. Here is a guaranty from The Most High. All the religions have led man astray by proclaiming that there are CERTAIN CONDITIONS TO APPROACHING THE INFINITE. There are NO CONDITIONS AT ALL, except that you speak out loud. It doesn't make any difference whether you are white or black, a good person or a bad person; learned or unlearned; a believer or disbeliever — if you ask the Ever Present Great Spirit about anything, you are as certain of receiving an answer as that the sun will arise tomorrow. He is Ever Present both in darkness and in light. I have found no word in any language that could be used as a name for the Infinite. To imply say: "Thou Ever Present" is as effective as any phrase can be in addressing the Infinite Great Spirit, and getting results.


The Great Spirit is not revengeful; and forever radiates love, wisdom and power that surpasses human understanding. He is the sun of suns that never sets, and is Ever Present 86,400 seconds each day. MAN IS PUNISHED BY HIS SINS, and not by the Ever Present. WITHOUT HIM NONE HAVE RISEN. Many chapters and many volumes might be added, but this is a matter each person must experience for himself. There is one detail, however, which is very important "TRIFLES MAKE PERFECTION AND PERFECTION IS NO TRIFLE." Consult the Ever Present about the smallest detail of any subject. Details make success or failure. All tragedies are precipitated by one small incident. The greatest need of mankind today, is an abiding faith in higher ideals, in the Light of which all that is selfish, sordid and unworthy will be revealed as it really is. We will perceive that the things of the spirit are greater than material things, and that what we are is but a shadow of' what we might become. To man alone is given the power of a conscious ideal. All other living things are but the sport of heredity, environment and things beyond their control. Ideal means principle, plan, purpose. Every onward step of humanity, every step of human progress, has been the attainment of an ideal. It means that someone has been true to an inner vision, until a purpose has stood before the world crowned as an achievement. Then thousands reach out to perpetuate the ideal, and the inspiration of one has become the inspiration for all men. Thus a new milestone is made in the forward march of humanity. The way to get inspiration on any subject is to talk about it, read about it, investigate about it, think about it, sing about it, pray about it. Then, when you have the idea clearly in your mind, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. ESSENES OF KOSMON are doing something about this world we are in. We are trying to make it a better world according to the only sure and certain plan … that given in OAHSPE for founding Jehovih' s Kingdom on Earth. You, as a Kosmon Pioneer, have a part in this building and are indeed blessed.


MATTER and SPIRIT — or — ES and CORPOR There is probably nothing under the sun about which man’s thought has under gone more change in so short a time as his ideas concerning matter: its nature, constitution and properties. Forming, as it does, the whole of the visible and tangible creation, it is not surprising that the mind of man has poured upon it vast volumes of mental energy. It would scarcely be too much to say that in the course of one or two generations, the whole conception has changed from death to life! What was held to be inert, dead and certainly indestructible, has become instead vibrant, responsive, almost protean in its capacity for everlasting change of form, whilst still remaining in what it always was — matter: the stuff of which worlds are made. This world-building material we were taught was of two kinds, but capable of many forms. One class, or kind, is called Elements, the other Compounds. Elements, as their names implies, are single, simple, pure, unchangeable, but possessing the power or quality of entering into combination with each other and thereby producing a new thing, a compound. These compounds can, therefore, be broken up into their former elements; and may so remain, or enter into new combinations. Most of the substance we meet with, and use, are these compounds. Water and air are familiar examples, and are comparatively simple, being compounded of only two and three elements respectively. Either compound may contain traces of other elements, but they are admixtures and, though modifying, do not alter the compound essentially. These observations are common knowledge, and are only recited here to give necessary background to the enquiry now entered upon. This word of apology may, it is hoped, sufficiently excuse, even if it seems necessary still further to recapitulate some other equally well-known and accepted facts. A further word about elements may not be amiss. Though their immutableness, their aloofness we might be allowed to call it, hints at a kind of permanence, yet their number is ever increasing. Forty years ago, physicists and chemists claimed about seventy such substances. Today it is not sage to say exactly how many have been "isolated", but it is probably nearing the hundred mark. Yet there are not a few who look for and expect one day to find that all these simples are really compounds; possibly of a very small number of primal substances or, by another view, protean presentations of one root substance, even though, as seems possible, that substance itself lies too far back of all things to appear on the material plane of creation in tangibility. But a halt has not yet been called in the search, and meantime the number of basic simples or elements, tends to multiply. But the most surprising and even exciting results have been arrived at in the enquiry into the structures or compounds, allied, of course, as is inescapable, with similar and concurrent examination into the interior nature of simples. Every schoolboy knows that water is composed of two gases, Hydrogen and Oxygen, in the proportion of 2 to 1, and is written in chemical formula as H2O, and that these signs refer to the presence of two atoms of hydrogen in combination with one of oxygen, both in gaseous form. Yet, in combination, they form a liquid. Until comparatively few years ago it was held and taught that these atoms were the ultimate and unalterable base of their respective substances or compound substances. That though the compound could be resolved

into its elemental atoms, man had, in discovering atoms, found what we may be forgiven if we call bed-rock; the "ultimathulae" of chemical and physical enquiry. Fortunately for the progress of human knowledge, that faculty, or aspect, of the human being called mind is not easily satisfied with appearances. Also it often dreams: has visions. This faculty is mostly called imagination. Not to quarrel about words, let it pass, though perhaps "vision" would be better. Does not an ancient scripture state that "where there is no vision the people persh." To such investigators, there must always be present the thought that if a hundred simples, or elements, why not a thousand, a million? It the mind rebels against this, as it surely does, where lies the truth? Is the solution to be found in the substances themselves, or outside them? Would they yield up their secrets to enquiry? To examine the structure of things involves also acquaintance with their properties. These properties are not confined to qualities like hardness or softness; smoothness or roughness, readiness to enter into combination, or the reverse; but are also related to the lmponderables, like affinity magnetism and electricity; also heat, light, motion or energy. And so the examination of the properties of matter proved to be the gateway to another world, and to condense a long journey into a single step, the hard, inert, unyeilding, ultimate, indestructible atom of matter became a manifestation of equally persistent and indestructible energy! It is not now declared that the very atom itself is found to be a thing of parts, with a nucleus and positive and negative poles, and in a condition of eternal and unalterable motion and relation? When, by the action of what is called chemical affinity, these ultimate atoms enter into combination with other and differing atoms and so form the molecules of known manifestation of matter, does not the very character or identity of the resulting combination or compound depend entirely on the number and disposition, (relationship) of the atoms forming the molecule? Nor does this balance change without imperiling the continuance and identity of the compound . Such results as these could in no sense spell finality! The step from eternal inertia to equally eternal motion was too exciting to permit of satiety in the scientific mind. Consequently there followed a realization of the tremendous nature of the energy that could thus lock up in an apparently eternal relationship the component exhibitions of motion, integrated and inter-dependent, found in every such atom. Here was surely the primal unit of creative force? Here was a something, a unit, with which mere man could not interfere? Surely to do so would be to let loose a force from its creative control which would wreck worlds! How could it be otherwise? And yet, such is the intrepid nature of true scientific enquiry, there were not wanting those who would attempt this thing, though life itself might have to be sacrificed to gain the knowledge. Or is it that the restless spirit of man does not accept finality, whatever the appearance? We know what happened. In 1919, Lord Rutherford had shown that by bombarding them with certain particles emitted from radium, the nuclei of atoms could be broken up. In 1932, two Cambridge experimenters named Cockcroft and Walton split up atomic nuclei by a high speed bombardment with hydrogen "protons." But, the balance of

creation does not appear to have been disturbed, though the impossible had been accomplished! The atom gave up its form — the energy was set free! But it at once entered into a new expression, found a new channel in what might almost be called another dimension; becoming radioactive and shedding light upon the difficult and abstruse nature of radium, and kindred substances. So another great truth, if not an entirely new concept, became definitely emphasized, viz., that no energy can exist per se, but can only be manifested in a vehicle suited to the expression of its own particular quality or property. Seeing that it is laid down as a canon of the science of physics that the sum of energy in the universe can neither be added to nor taken from, it is obvious that any and every disturbance of its balance must immediately find a compensating form of expression; of activity. Thus is the balance continuously adjusted and equilibrium maintained. The result of all this is to compel us to ask whether matter exists per se or only supplies the form to antecedent energy? The idea of the non-reality of matter is not, of course, new to us. But its non-existence is a philosophical rather than a scientific issue. The contemplative East is particularly prone to the view that matter is illusion. But the man with a spade might not easily agree. The more dynamic West is equally prone to the opposite view, viz., that it is, at least, intensely real whilst one is subject to its limitations. Between these two views, no marriage seams possible. Yet, if it is true, as we have seen it apparently proven, that solid ponderable matter can be chased through form after form until it is resolved into, either energy through energy through form after form until it is resolved into, either energy per se, or a form of it, what is to prevent both aspects from being the literal or actual truth on their own particular planes? And, it so, are not both equally durable in their own places? Co-eternally coefficients to each other! The science of radiology has demonstrated that certain substances can be, at one and the same time, ponderable and sufficiently lasting to fulfill the conditions of materiality, and yet be radiating incessantly an imponderable emanation, which can only be known to exist at all by its effects upon matter; not possessing either length, breadth or thickness, the three-dimensional character essential to recognition as matter. So potent, so far reaching is this discovery, that it is being thought of as a possibility that all matter may, in some degree, possess this attribute of radiation — this changing from matter to energy. The logical extension of this thought would imply a radio-active earth; in fact, a radio-active universe. Another remarkable result of the strides made in the knowledge of radiology is the substantiation of the theory of the existence of a subtle interplanetary and interpenetrating medium in which energy is carried and exhibited. This medium is called ether, or ethe. From a hypothesis, it has become a necessary theory at any rate. By its apparent ubiquity and responsiveness, it has become an accepted fact. Like electricity, it has become the tool and the plaything of millions though what either of them really is, or whether they may be one and the same thing, no one seems yet to know with any certainty.


Two conclusions emerge. One, that all discovery tends towards the subtle, the evasive, yet more potent. The second is that equally the tendency is toward the universal. No longer is a merely mechanistic theory of the universe tenable. A mere "concourse of atoms" happening to produce something which is orderly and which fits into the rest of creation harmoniously, does not accord with the discovery that the basic structure of all atoms is universally the same. The immense variety of expressions proceeding from so unitary a base is eloquent of a directive power and purpose. Small wonder then that the human mind is unsatisfied with theories that do not get behind accidental and fortuitous combinations. Where resides this directive power, and whence does it emanate? Do atoms, hither to supposed dead; inert, suddenly develop direction in themselves? Or are there laws, motions, activities, behind such ultimates? Is control merely apparent, or is it real? If real, what is its nature and whence comes it? Instead of a search for one primeval form of matter, has the search been removed nearer the realm of causes by becoming a search for a, or, the, primeval energy? It certainly appears that, at the moment, there is no authoritative voice. Materialism has been worsted in the argument and can no longer substantiate its claim to the final word. Energy per se may be imagined to be sufficient unto itself whilst in a static or passive condition. But energy which has become active, dynamic, must either be in itself intelligent, or be capable of being controlled, directed. Fortuitous centres of dynamic energy and an ordered and harmonious result seem hardly compatible. Direction and control to a purposeful end is surely the only possible conclusion to be drawn. We who live and gain experience by the exercise of five senses operating in a three dimensional universe, are driven to the recognition of, not merely possibilities, but of actually inescapable necessities, involving more than three dimensions and requiring extensions of, or additions to those five senses, if we will understand and enter into full relationship with all its manifestations. Nor is it possible any longer to see creation divided into dead and living parts under the dominion of opposing forces eternally warring with each other. On the contrary, the undeniable tendency of all discovery is toward the unification of all phenomena and their causes. In a word, man's enquiry into the nature of matter has led him to the realm of intelligence or mind as the controller and director of the manifestations of energy in the realm of matter. Bounded about as man is by birth, death and constant change, it is small wonder that his everlasting search is for beginnings. To know how and when and why; is not this, the sum of knowledge. We have seen the stages in this enquiry, and how each successive result attained only brings the enquirer to a more subtle postponement of the issue. And still the question remains unanswered. Are matter and spirit one or two? Are they coeternal; or is one the antecedent of the other? If so, which? What is a beginning, and what is it that begins? Man said: To know the beginning of things, what greater delight than this? To know when the earth was made; and how the living were created (Oahspe, Ben V: 3-4)

Kosmon said: "Why wilt thou, O man, search forever in corpor for the cause of things? Behold, the unseen part of thyself ruleth over the seen. (Oahspe, Ben 2: 9) "Man inquired: lf the unseen rule in man, what ruled the substance of man before he was made?" Jehovih said: "I created all things, seen and unseen. My hand was forever stretched forth in work. I make and I dissipate everlastingly. (Oahspe, Ben 2: 13-14)

Es said: "I am within thy corpor; when they corpor mouldereth into dust, behold, I am the es-man, thy real self. I am thy spirit, and like a seed planted I dwell within thy corpor (Oahsepe: Ben, I: 5). Jehovih said: "In likeness of the solid earth, and stars, and moon, that float in the unseen firmament, so made I atomic parts to all things, and made them to float in ethe. As the earth is to the air and the ether above, so is an atom of corpor (matter) to the ethe'ic solution. Think not, O man, there is but one member in My Person, and that different conditions and states of that one comprise My Universe. The foolish man hath said, the blood is the flesh and the bones, and that the flesh and the bones are but a state of the blood; but he seeth not that I make not flesh out of blood but out of that that the blood carrieth. And in like manner carry I the corpor of My Person in the ethe of My Being." (Oahspe: Thor, IV: 13-14). For the substance of My etherean worlds I created Ethe, the Most Rarified. Out of ethe made I them. And I made ethe the most subtle of all created things, and gave to it power and place, not only by itself, but also power to penetrate and exist within all things, even in the midst of the corporeal worlds. And to ethe gave I dominion over both atmospherea and corpor. (Oahspe: Jehovih II: 5). There are two known things in the universe; ethe and corpor. The former is the solvent of the latter. For comparison, take a lump of salt which, though white is impervious to the sight of man. Cast it into water and it is lost to sight, though it still existeth; the sight of man can see through it. Earth substance as such is equally soluble in ethe. And the great etherean firmament is thus constituted; being a dense solution of corpor. In the main, etherea is transparent; but in some places translucent, and in others, opaque. (Oahspe: Cosmogony and Prophecy II: 1-3). And thou: beholdest the earth, which hath dimensions, but the ethe thou seest not. As water is to salt the solvent, so is ethe to corporeal

things the solvent. By slow velocity holdeth the solid earth its form; yet in ethe, external to the body of the earth, the swift velocity of corpor is magnified into dissolution. By vortices in the ethe are these things accomplished. (Oahspe: Judgment XII: 19). But Jehovih provideth for all things, wiser than the wisest of Gods. He created His creations with a door on every side, full of glory and freedom. Out of earth and atmosphere conjoined, He created animal and vegetable kingdoms. And he created the trees of the earth and the flesh of animals out of these two things, the dust of the earth and air of heaven. (Oahspe: Divinity XV: 6). Man inquireth of the earth, the rocks, the air, and of all things: Who is this Life? This Omnipresent that quickeneth into life all the living? But none can answer him. Then man inquireth of Life: Who art Thou, O Life? And the answer cometh to the soul of man: I AM LIFE! I AM THE I AM! I AM THE EVER PRESENT! All that thou seest in earth or heaven, and even the unseen worlds, also, are My very Person! I am the Whole! (Oahspe: Divinity IV: 20). These illuminating revelatory passages point conclusively to one answr; the eternal preexistence of corpor (matter) held in the bosom of equally existence spirit (es). Then read another extract: Consider the work of thy Creator, and the knowledge and symbols He placeth before thee. Thou holdest up a lump of salt, and it is solid and of dimensions; but cast it into water, and it is seen not, but dissolved and lost as to thy perception. And thou beholdest the earth, which hath dimensions also; but the ethe, thou seest not. As water is to salt the solvent, so is ethe to corporeal things the solvent. By slow velocity holdeth the solid earth its form; yet, in ethe, external to the body of the earth, the swift velocity of corpor is magnified into dissolution. By vortices in ethe are these things accomplished. (Oahspe: Judgment XII: 18-19).

Behold, O man! As a farmer soweth corn in one place, and wheat in another, and roots in another, and flax--everything in a separate place; even so doth Jehovih store the ingredients of which worlds are made—everything in its place—the substance of the iron in one place, the substance of the stones in another, the substance of the vegetable kingdom in another, and even so of the substance of the animal kingdom; and the oils and sand; for He hath places in the firmament of heaven for all of them. These that thou sawest are the a'ji and the ji'ay and the nebulae; and amidst them in places there is se'mu also. Let no man say:

Yonder is hydrogen only, and yonder oxygen only. The divisions of the substances of His creations are not as man would make them. All the elements are to be found not only in places near at hand, but in distant places also. When the Father driveth forth His worlds in the heavens, they gather a sufficiency of all things. So also cometh it to pass that when a corporeal world is yet new and young it is carried forth, not by random, but purposely, in the regions suited to it. Hence there is a time for se'mu, a time for falling nebulae, to bury deep the forests and se'muan beds, to provide coal and manure for a time thereafter. So is there a time when the earth passeth a region in the firmament when sand and oil are rained upon it and covered up, and gases bound and sealed up for the coming generations of men. (Oahspe: Jehovih VI: 5-6).

So we are driven to place our "ultimates" further back, and this is in accord with the trend of modern scientific research. Light, colour and sound are found to exist, as such in ranges of vibration, both infra and supra to the range of our senses; and the atoms of matter have been discovered to have an ultimate expression in tennis of energy. Does it not seem that what we call creation is but a bringing into manifestation — by slow velocity — of form which are already subsisting in non-manifestation; the Manifest lying, in essence, or potency, in the bosom of the Un-manifest or, as already quoted above "In like manner carry the corpor of My Person in the ethe of My Being." To man in his earlier days came, the Story of Creation, as given in the Book of Genesis. To man today comes the amplification which OAHSPE gives; and shows how that which was "without form and void" took shape and substance; becoming, in time, habited by successive forms of life: vegetable, animal, human, yea, even angelic! Man has cried out for ages "Give me Light, O Father" and here is the Father's answer. In that answer is nothing arbitrary or conditional. It is the reply of the ALL Wisdom to the child that has grown into understanding and comprehensive judgment.

The End


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