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or community. or (c) engaging in certain sexual acts. or the suspicion of such behaviors: (a) utilizing dress codes unacceptable to the family/community. in which the perpetrators (and potentially the wider community) believe the victim to have brought Dishonour upon the family. (b) wanting to terminate or prevent an arranged marriage or desiring to marry by own choice. including those with the opposite or same sex. Such killings or attempted killings result from the perception that the defense of honor justifies killing a person whose . clan. The perceived dishonor is normally the result of the following behaviors.Page 5 An honor killing or honour killing (also called a customary killing) is the Murder of a family or clan member by one or more fellow family members.

Many women's groups in the Middle East and Southwest Asia suspect the victims are at least four times more. business. Education. The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) estimates that the annual worldwide total of honor-killing victims may be as high as 5. you name it. the arts. The Page 6 .000. everything's changing for the better and at a lightning fast pace. HONOUR KILLING IN INDIA:India is one of the largest democracies in the world that is on the fast track of becoming a super power.behavior dishonors their own clan or family.

modern India. A reality. there is another India. It has been left somewhere in between. that is not so far from the center of all activity that decides the country's fate. in the darkness of orthodoxy. has supposedly shed all its inhibitions to pose for the arch lights as the next big thing. Page 7 . as some would like to put it. A reality that strikes hard so as to make us think 'had we ever progressed' . that threatens to tatter the image of the socalled modern India. A reality. The India that has not progressed along or as its alleged messiahs put it 'protected itself from the bad influence of change'. At the very same time. This place that someone even might find hard to imagine is actually a reality.

shamed or even guilt to have killed a loved one. they take pride in having restored the honor of their family. It literally means killing to protect one's honor. what is it. Rather. No. These people. loving or even liking a person within one's caste or otherwise is not tolerated by the family and the village. They don't feel any kind of pain. as it is most widely known. They are common people. like us. it is murder in cold blood. it's no act of rage. that Page 8 .Honor killing. so as to kill the family member involved. Marrying. they are no aliens to progress or anything that me or you have access to. but the ground reality only gives you a peep into what is going on in the proximity of the heart of the nation. Then. The discord is so much. is a blot that is not that easy to hide or erase.

India needs to act and that too now. we will be doing nothing but continue to progress hypocritically only like we have done till date. whatever they are and irrespective of their being right or wrong. But. Page 9 . it will definitely infect our tomorrow as well. and if it is not today. It has been ingrained in them to kill for the traditions that have been followed till date. The only solution is education and removal of such supposed guardians of values who preach to kill.has made such an inhuman side of these individuals come to fore? The social conditioning has to be the answer. we need to change and that too now. knowing the problem is not enough because if it is ignored today.

Relocation and Forced Marriages Conference organised by the London Metropolitan University here. Page In a joint paper. Participating in International Child Abduction. two legal experts have claimed.More than 1.000 young people in India have been done to death every year owing to 'Honour Killings' linked to forced marriages and the country needs to introduce stringent legislation to deal firmly with the heinous crime. they said: "Forced 10 . honour killings are basically 'justified' as a sanction for 'dishonourable' behaviour. Chandigarh-based legal experts Anil Malhotra and his brother Ranjit Malhotra have said that in traditional societies.

They said in India. honour killings happen with regularity in Punjab. they quoted figures compiled by the India Democratic Women's Page 11 . Marriage can be forced to save honour.marriages and honour killings are often intertwined." Though there was no nationwide data on the prevalent of honour killings in India. Haryana and western Uttar Pradesh. "They happen not only within the Muslim community but also among Sikhs and Hindus. and women can be murdered for rejecting a forced marriage and marrying a partner of their own choice who is not acceptable for the family of the girl.

"The total figure for India would be about the same as estimated for Pakistan. Punjab and U P account for about 900 honour killings and another 100 to 300 in the rest of the country." They said the ministries of home affairs and the law and justice are preparing to amend the Indian Penal Code (IPC) to define the act of "honour killing". The demand for such a law was made repeatedly with the objective of Page 12 . according to which Haryana. which researchers suggest has the highest per capita incidence of honour killings in the world.Association.

They pointed out that the Supreme Court of India. "This aim is to provide for deterrent punishment for caste and community panchayats which should be booked for aiding and abetting such killings and as accomplices to the murder.stamping out this social evil." they said. concerned over the spate of recent 'Honour Killings' has asked the Centre and eight state governments to submit reports on the steps taken to prevent this barbaric practice. Page 13 .

Despite Megala’s love. were told that they could not marry as they were related.RECENT CASES:- One more story of honour killing reported. She eloped with Sivakumar ten days after Page 14 . but this time it is from the Shivaganga district of South Indian state Tamil Nadu not from North India. 20 year-old Megala and 24-year-old Sivakumar. In Shivganga. The horrific cycle of honor killings to protect the honour of a family or a caste has now spread its tentacles to entire India. her family married her off in June.

the wedding. 15 Page For the cause of loving a person in the . The killers included Megala’s father and brother. including her mother. and hanged them as exhibits in front of their house. justified the killing of her lover as she fetched shame to her community and village. In June a news story hit the headlines that a girl and her lover were brutally killed by the girl’s family members. Megala says that everyone in her village. Her family traced the couple and killed Sivakumar with sickles.

same caste. The father of Monica. her brother. in the name of honour. the apex body of caste based council. They had done this under the guidance and protection of Khap Panchayats. The main function of Khap Panchayat is murdering couples of the same gotra or sub caste in the villages of rural India. Page 16 . the cultureless caste fanatics. subjected the girl Monica (18) and her lover Rinku to brutal inhuman laws as both belonged to same Jat community of Haryana's Nimriwali village. uncle and cousins are suspected to be behind the crime and are absconding.

Nirupama. On June 21. 2010. a 22-year-old journalist was found murdered at her home in Jharkand. In the last week of April. The state that has become the epicenter of honour killings. hails from a Page 17 . Nirupama. the Supreme Court issued notices to the Centre. Honor killings in the most horrible form continue in rural India. Haryana government and six other states to take action against the killing of young couples. particularly in Haryana.The murder of Monica and Rinku forced the Supreme Court of India to interfere in the issue. the country witnessed the brutal murder of a journalist in the name of honour.

Even mothers whose daughters have been killed in the name of honor often condone Page 18 . was in love with a boy from another caste.Brahmin family. WHY HONOUR KILLING:Honor killings are part of a community mentality. Large sections of society share traditional conceptions of family honor and approve of ―honor‖ killings to preserve that honor. This is the grade of rural Indian villages living under the clutches of feudal landlords. Nirupama’s family members including mother brutally killed her for saving the honor of their family. This was the reason for her death also.

"We do not consider this murder. 1.)Demanding a divorce.)Engaging in premarital sex 4." Abdel Rahim.)Refusing to marry someone chosen by their family 3." said Wafik Abu Abseh. as his mother. a convicted killer who was released after two months. "Honor is more precious than my own flesh and blood”(New York Times). "It was like cutting off a finger.)Talking or flirting with an unrelated male Page 19 . also said he had no regrets.such violent acts. brother and sisters nodded in agreement.)Having an affair 5.) Being victims of rape 2. a 22-year-old Jordanian woodcutter who committed a so-called honor killing. Convicted killers often speak with defiant pride and without regret about their actions. even in an abusive relationship 6.

3. Women are Page 20 .000 women are victims of honour killings every year. 2. Honor Killing – Some Key Facts 1. where they are known as karo-kari.7.)Most honour killings of women occur in Muslim countries. although such murders are not sanctioned in Islamic religion or law.)Not following a strict dress code It is important to note that even the suspicion of a transgression is reason enough to justify a killing.)The United Nations Population Fund estimates that 5.) Honour killings are likely most pervasive in Pakistan.

)Teenage brothers are often selected to be the executioner as 21 Page . that the government often turns a blind eye to these honour killings. the murders are reported as suicides or accidents. In Jordan. ·5. men who carry out honour killings escape with lesser penalties.treated as property whilst honour is so deeply entrenched in society. 4. · 6.)In some countries. honour killings are sanctioned by the law. 47% of the women were killed after the woman had been raped.)In Jordan and Lebanon. · 7.) In a study of female murders in Alexandria. 70-75% of the perpetrators of these honour killings were the women’s brothers. Egypt. Instead.

therefore. and. WHY HONOUR KILLING MORE IN INDIA:One of the main reasons for the continuation of such evil practices in India is widespread illiteracy and lack of education in society.their sentences are generally lighter than those handed down to adults. People are not completely aware of their rights and duties. tend to get suppressed by the powerful force of the society that they exist in. Due to Page 22 illiteracy people are more superstitious .

to secure their ―Vote banks‖. Huge caste based discriminations and stratification of the society is another reason for practice of suchpractices.and are generally more concerned about their pride and honour rather than the happiness of their own children. Page 23 . More importance is given to a person’s ascribed status rather than his achieved status. Another reason is the ignorance of our political leaders. Thiscaste system exists in the very roots of our society.

But the Page concept or the motive behind this 24 . which is farther off. They prefer marrying their daughters off to a place out of their village. Justification for such insane acts is given that a girl and a boy belonging to same clan cannot marry.Some also believe that the insecurity in the minds of the mail chauvinist members of the clan which is caused by the legalization of property rights for women in 1956. They try to envelop their insecurity by the cloak of tradition. And this practice is given the name of honour to sham their own insecurities.

It is biologically proven that if the people who are blood relatives. engage in a sexual relationship. or try to reproduce. It does become clear that our ancestors wanted a longer and a healthier life for us.ancestral law is not clear to its blind followers. it is not necessary that this will happen. the chances are that the child born to them ―MAY‖ have some genetical disorder due to defected mutation of genes. But. It is a rather rare possibility. They Page wished for our survival and not for our 25 .

The reason is – MINDSET that is cemented over. A law might ban the Khap Panchyats or at the most make Honor Killing a non bailable offence punishable with death penalty. They wanted our happiness even if it meant short-lived lives. but Honor Killing will continue to prevail till 26 . This whole concept has been misunderstood by its followers of this barbaric act. Changing the mindset of the population today is the toughest thing in the world. by the divided society of ours.brutal killings. Page Ironically. any Law. will be unable to check these crimes. no matter how severe it is.

Mehmet Halitogullari pulled on a wire wrapped around her neck and strangled her . “I didn't listen to her pleas. Turkey -Ignoring the pleas of his 14-year old daughter to spare her life.supposedly to restore the family's honor after she was kidnapped and raped…“I decided to kill her because our honor was dirtied.we convince people. be it the illiterate village folk or high educated city dwellers. Ankara.” the newspaper Sabah quoted the father as saying. I wrapped the wire around her neck and pulled at it until she died” Page 27 . that what they are doing is a sin and an immoral act.

Action By Supreme Court Page On June 21. Shakti Vahini also wants states to set up special cells in each 28 . neither the central nor state governments were taking steps to curb the problem because of ―vote-bank politics‖.GOVERNMENT ROLE:India’s Approach To Curbing Honor Killing Alarmed by the steep rise in honor killings. India is taking steps to counter this problem through amendments to the law. Shakti Vahini had complained that. despite the surge in honor killings. acting on a petition filed by non-governmental organisation Shakti Vahini. the Supreme Court asked the central government and seven states to explain measures being taken to prevent honor killings.

district that couples can approach for safety. Making this announcement after a regional meeting with the chief justices of Calcutta. M Veerappa Moily. Patna. and Jharkhand high courts and the law ministers of these four states. Orissa. India’s Law and Justice Minister. he added that the cases will be tried by fast-track courts. announced that the central government has prepared a draft law against honor killings. Proposed Bill Against Honor Killing On June 27. Under the bill members of khap panchayats (caste councils) who order the killings of those who defy the orders of the panchayats will be treated as accomplices in the crime. Page 29 .

Given the politically sensitive nature of caste panchayats. particularly at the instance of khaps (caste panchayats) and in cases of samegotra marriages. given the Page 30 . A bill to include new provisions in IPC and CrPc is likely to be tabled in the budget session of parliament beginning February 22. The decision taken by the government after much dithering comes after the law ministrysubmitted a ―favourable‖ report. The home ministry was sceptical about implementing such a law.Setting Up Of Group Of Ministers To Amend Law The Centre is all set to bring in a law to curb honour killing in view of the rising incidence of such crimes. the UPA dispensation was earlier afraid of the move backfiring and hurting its support base.

―In such a case. To corner caste panchayats. Page 31 . The law commission reportedly submitted a detailed report to the ministry citing that the law could be implemented. A home ministry official said any act resulting in the killing of an individual or a couple for allegedly bringing dishonour to a community would amount to structure of caste panchayats and the community support they enjoy. the proposed legislation seeks to broaden the definition of murder to bring such bodies under its ambit.‖ he said. all members of a panchayat will be deemed guilty. which have become a law-unto-themselves. particularly in north India. The definition would be clarified with the addition of a clause in IPC to fix the responsibility on such organisations.

The bill also seeks to defang panchayats and prevent them from taking arbitrary decisions. For this purpose. However.‖ law minister M Veerappa Moily said. But an option to reduce it has also been proposed. The proposal also includes amending the Marriage Act to reduce or do away with the 30-day registration period. there were 103 cases of honor killings in the Haryana state over a period of 4 months in 32 . according to the All India Democratic Women’s Association. I am in favour of doing away with this period to make the system smoother. ―Personally. a provision is being made in the legislation by which the onus of proving innocence would be shifted to the accused. Size Of Problem In India Page There are no nationwide data on the size of the problem.

In April. Punjab. and Rajasthan. If that figure were applied to the three Indian states in which honor killings are concentrated (Haryana. called for a prohibition of marriages within the same gotra. a group of families. a group of panchayats from Haryana. and Uttar Pradesh).2007—that is. or a lineage descending from a common male ancestor. derecognition Page 33 . They are also said to have called for a ban on marriages within the same village and contiguous villages. Uttar Pradesh. A gotra is a clan. about 300 a year. the Khap Mahapanchayat. The climate in which India’s measures to counter honor killings are being taken still remains one in which khap panchayats are not loosening up on the intolerance of caste-based and other social issues. then about 900 a year occur in just three states.

CONCLUSION:Women's activist groups say that such killings happen in order to save the honour of the caste.of temple weddings of runaway couples. community or family. The huge number of honour killings that sometimes go unrecorded happen because of inter-caste marriages. Caste still remains one of the most important factors governing the lives of many people in some parts of India. They revolve around issues Page 34 such as runaway marriages or .

and Page 35 they continue to function on their own . But somehow the laws never seem to reach the villages. India's social system is based on a caste hierarchy but over the years people living in the cities have come out of the rigid caste framework. There has been an increase in the number of inter-caste marriages between couples in the cities. In many cases the groom or the bride has been killed for marrying someone from a lower caste.relationships between people of different castes. In fact the government helps those above the age of eighteen in such matters.

water disputes and so on. Page 36 . Many times. often referred to as 'legal panchayat'. This informal 'court' passes judgement on issues of marital discord and land disputes.belief system. villagers give more importance to judgements passed by this selfappointed court than the judgements passed by the local legalcourt. The problem in the villages is the strong presence of apanchayat or informal court that consists of members of the same caste and decides all matters relating to their community.

a villager from one such village mentioned that they are happy to solve their own problems by not involving the police or government in it. In an interview with a newspaper. the leader of the selfappointed court has so much power that the police are kept away from village politics.In many villages. Page 37 . On many occasions parents kill and dump the bodies of their children in the name of honour and the police are not even informed. This is why there are so many unrecorded deaths.

Page 38 . Many grooms have been killed by the father or the brother of the bride. Men are equally victims of this practice. It is a false notion that honour killing only involves the killing of women. I wonder how many young people have lost their lives in the name of honour. especially when it affects the reputation of a particular caste and community. And there are many more who are at the gunpoint of this rigid belief system.It is very unfortunate that the caste system in India has turned into a social evil for many.

Then.Shameful as it may sound. those living in the city. Where will these two worlds meet? I am not against the traditional belief Page 39 systems that exist in India. those in the villages who are still bound by the rigid beliefs of the caste system that existed hundreds of years ago and refuse to move ahead. but also in terms of their ideas and outlook towards their lives. First. But what . such things still exist in many parts of the country. When I look at India as a whole I see two different worlds. who are progressing not only economically and technologically.

There should be a ban on all decisions made by these self appointed courts in the villages. India is world’s largest democracy and in a country their opinions freely. to be young and Page 40 where people have the right to voice . They have proved fatal for many innocent lives. It hampers the growth of a human mind and forces it to live within the illusionary world that it has created for itmself. There is a strong need for government intervention.baffles me is the fact that so many innocent lives are lost in the name of this belief. The government needs to enforce strict measures to stop honour killings.

to marry the person of your choice shouldn’t be fatal anymore. BIBLIOGRAPHY:1.)Various news papers 2.)Internet data Page 41 .

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