LESSON PLAN Subject Class Enrollment Level Date/Day Time Theme : : : : : : : English Year 2 30 students Mixed ability

students 20 April 2012/Friday 8.00am – 9.00am World of Stories Listening and Speaking Reading and Writing

Focused Skill : Integrated Skills:

Learning Outcomes confidently with the correct stress, rhythm and intonation.

Learning Standard

1.1 Pupils will be able to pronounce words and speak 1.1.1 Able to listen to and enjoy simple stories.

1.2 Pupils will be able to listen and respond 1.2.1 Able to listen to and follow simple instructions appropriately in formal and informal situations for a in the classroom. variety of purposes.

Lesson Objectives:

By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:

i. ii. iii.
Educational Emphases:

Listen to story and pronounce selected words correctly. Read and understand simple words in the story Identify noun in the story


Multiple intelligences: Verbal Linguistic , Visual Spatial Thinking skills: Making association, Making decision Moral values: Team work, helpful, friendly,

Language Content:
 

Grammar: noun (e.g.: tree, fox, crow) Vocabulary: animals (e.g.: bird, crows, fox)

Teaching aids : video, pictures, task sheets



Teaching-Learning Activity



Set Induction (5 minutes)

Picture of cover book entitled “ The fox and the crow” Teacher asks some questions about the story. e.g.: Have you read this story? What did you think the story is all about?


Pupils are shown a picture of cover book entitled “The fox and the crow” (Appendix 1) and teacher asks questions regarding to the picture shown. 2. Pupils make prediction based on the questions given by the teacher


To introduce the topic of Picture of cover the day. book. To arouse pupils' interest by asking the questions based on the picture.


Presentation Stage 1: Pre (10 minutes)

Teacher asks some question regarding the picture. e.g.: Do you know the name of animal in the picture? What type of bird do you think it is?

1. Teacher shows the pictures of the fox
and the crow (Appendix 2). 2. Pupils are shown the pictures and teacher asks some question.


To introduce the Picture of crow and fox. character in the story To activate pupil’s prior knowledge. To pronounce selected words correctly.

3. Pupils are asked to pronounce the word iii. fox and crow.

Stage 2:


While (25 minutes)

Activity : Two different task sheet for: a)average pupils Fill in the blank (Appendix 4) b) low average pupils. (Appendix 5)

1. Pupils are shown a video entitled “ The
fox and the crow” (Appendix 3) 2. Teacher distributes the task sheet and pupils have to complete the task sheet.


To introduce the pronunciation of the words. To check pupils pronunciation of the words. To check on pupils’ ability to search for correct answers.

Task sheets


3. Pupil

completes the task sheet (Appendix 4 or 5) given by the teacher. 4. Pupils will discuss the answer of the question with the teacher.


Stage 3: Post (15 minutes)

Group Activity. Fill in the blank.(The parts of a bird) Vocabulary: e.g.: a) wing b) feather c) claw d) tail e) eye.

1. Teacher will ask if pupils know any parts
of a bird.


2. Next, pupils have to sit in group and
discuss the part of body of a bird (Appendix 6). 3. After finish, teacher will discuss the answer with the pupils. ii.

To promote critical and creative thinking skills among pupils. They are making associations when they fill in the blank. To check on pupils’ understanding of the lesson.

Task sheet

Closure (5 minutes)

i. Teacher asks some questions regarding the lessons e.g.: What did you learn today? Can you tell me the words that you have learnt? 1. Teacher asks questions pertaining to the lesson. 2. Pupils will answer the questions given by the teacher.

To consolidate what they have learnt.

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