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A d m n .S e c t i o n l Office Corporate B h a r a S a n c h aB h a w a n t r Nerw elhi D L/Admn.t t4-2/ Og No.


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Dated: October5, 201-0

To . S h r iP . D S h u l < l a President As E R r t A l l I n d i aB h a r a S a n c h aN i g a m e t d . x e c u t i v e s s o c i a t i o n P A N 1 l - 1 , e wA s h i a n a p a r t m e n t s , l o t- 1 0 -6, Sector Dwarka N e wD e l h 1 1 00 7 5 i

B l g of o S u b :B S N L M R SR e m o v a l f g e n u i n e r i e v a n c e s t h e r e t i r e ca b s o r b e d S N L EmPlot"ees.

D e a rS i r , August 2010 dated 2-7r^ Pleaserefer to Vour letter No. AIBSNLREA/CHO/20L0/05 glaCtc !<nc\,'that the a!:cve. Ycu'li!l be mentioned ori D, io aridresseci Cii/i []5i'iL ihe sub;ect f o o B T S N L a r dh a s a p p r r o v efd r a n n u a lr e v i s i o n f o u t d o o rc e i l i n g o r t h e r e t i r e de m p l o y e e s Bo e w . ( c o p y f t h e o r d e re n c l o s e f o r r e a d yr e f e r e n c e )H o w e v e trh i sf a c i l i t y i l l b e a v a i l a b lo n l yt o d o op w s t h o s ep e n s i o n e rw h r oh a v eo p t e df o r r e i m b u r s e m e n ti t h v o u c h e r r .l f P e n s i o n e r s t i n gf o r b g f w r e i m b u r s e m e n ti t h o u tv o u c h e r e e l st h e a m o u n tb r e i n r e c e i v e d y t h e m d o n o t c o v e rt h e i r r o h n r e d i c a l x p e n s ets e y m a ys w i t c h v e rt o w i t h v o u c h e o p t i o n . e you may be aware that for As regardsto grant of advanceto retired employees, r a r C m i n i s t r a t i v e a s o n sa d v a n c e sc a n n o t b e g r a n t e d t o r e t i r , e de m p l o y e e s . H o s p i t a l s is g S t e m p a n e l l eo n C G H Iri a t e se x t e n dc r e d i tf a c i l i t yo a l l B S N L M Rb e n e f i c i a r i en c l u d i n r e t i r e d d ; o t e m p l o y e e s I n o t h e r c a s e st,h e r ea r e c l e a rg u i d e l i n ef:o r t h e c o n t r o l l i n g f f i c e s o s e t t l et h e . p e r i o do f o n e m o n t h e s e c l a i m s f a l l i n d o o re x p e n d i t u r o f r e t i r e d m p l o y e ew i t h i na m a x i m u m o (copyof orderenclo:;ed readyreference). for

Y o u r sa i t h f u l l y , f
A - r \til-tfr-,,

( J . P . e e f l d' ) M G l r A s s i s t a n t e n e r aM a n a g e( A d m n . l ) fax Tel.No.23037241. No.23734260

Admn.lSection CorporateOffice B h a r a tS a n c h a i 3 h a w a n r N e wD e l h i

e{Rflqrt fTrrq ft{FTt ( qllE grsn 4r s'{m'q)

(Acovt,olIndis E tarpriss)

m N o , B S N L l A t l n . t /L a - 7 1 O 9

Ii D a t e d : S e p t e r n b e r, 2 0 1 0

q OrncrOnnr

a e f o r i t s r e t t r e d m p l o y e e s su n d e r : t B T h e B S N L o a r dh a sr e v i s e dh e o u t d o o rc e i l i n g after J'01'07: rel.ired For ernployees r F o r e r n p I o y e e s w h o h a v e o p t e d f , r r r e i m b | U r s e n . } e n t w i t h ' r o u c h E r i tI s r e v i s e d a s t h e i ( r e m a i nu n c h a n g e d ) l l A tto 2 5 d a Y so r ' i a s i d a s i cp a ; ' J r a x ^ a r n o u n te q u i v a l e n appIii:ableinthemonthofAprilforthefirrancialyearforwhichthec|aimpertains

ii'Foremp|oyeeswholiaveoptedforreirrrbursementwithoutvoucheritrernains unch;angedasthearnountequivatenttaL2,/zdaysoftastBasicpayandDAdrawn bytheretiredemployeeatthetimeofretirementandslra|lbepaidinfourequaI q u a r t e r l Yn s t a l l m e n t s ' i prior to 1'01'07; rertired For ernployees i.Forernployeeswhohaveopteoforreimbursementu/ithvouchercanexercise c I h e o p t i o n o n c e e x e r c i s e d a n n o tb e o p t i o n t r o m t h e l o l l o w i n gt w o o p t i o n s ' l c h a n g e da t e r ' optionl;.]heamountrejmbursablesha||belinritedtoanarr|ountequivalentto25days gfrlrebnricJ,ay{whichwillbefreezec|attheminimumoftherevisedpayscale} "rDAasapplicab|einthernonthr:fApriiofthefinancia|yearforwhichthe c l a i mP e r t a i n t o ' s



to to option can be exercised clairn an amount equivalent 25 Option2: Alternatively, for and days of Basic Paydrawnat the time of retirrement DA as applicable the p e r t a i n so , i n t h e p r e ' y t m o n t h o f A p r i lo f t h e f i n a n c i a l e a rf o r w h i c ht h e c l a i r n revised cale. s ii. t w F o r e m p l o y e e s h o h a v eo p t e d f o r r e i m b u r s e m e nw i t h r : u tv o u c h e ri t r e r n a i n s P u n c h a n g e da s t h e a m o u n t e q u i v a l e n t o 1 1 5d a y s o f E l a s i c a y + D P + D Aa s t a d a p p l i c a b l e , r a w n b y t h e r e t i r e de m p l o y e e t t h e t i m e o f r e t i r e r n e na n d i s b e i n g quarterly installments, paid in four erqual Year2010-11. with The new schemeis aprplicable effectfrom the Financial

(J.PMeena .

Y1ffil1o ')


G l r A s s i s t a n t e n e r aM a n a g e t A d m n .)l I'lo.23734260 Tel.No. 23037741fax

, 1 . A l l C G M sB S N L B os S 2 . P St o C M D ,P P S / P t o a l l D i r e c t o r s / E D f U S N L o a r d ofllice BSNlCorporate Cs 3. All PGMs/Sr.6Ms,/GMs, & 5r. GM (Legal), 4. DG P&TAudit of BSNL As:;ociations/Unions 5. All recognized

Bna.narSaNcHaR NrcaHa Lnarunn (A

Govennnctt of htdia Enterpr.ise)

Colporate OIfice
Admn.l Section, Statesmah House, New Delhi I l0 001 Darted: August2p2006

No.BSN"L/Admn.I/1 (Pr)

sub: Procedule reim.bursement for of meclical claims k,r Retiredemplovees BSlril of urder BSNLMRS 'Ihe

procedure for reimbursement of medicalclaims for retiredernployees has been approved by the competent authority and is enclosedherewith for its iurpletnentation.

F,ncls: above as

Tel,No, 230372"41 No. 23734260 To 1 AII CGMs,tsSNL 2. PPSilpS CMD,/i)irectors, to BSNL l]oarcl 3. All Sr.DDsG/DDsG, CS& GM(Legal) and BSNLCO Copy to: I DG (Audit)P&T 'l'he 2' General Secretat.y, BSNL EU, DadaGlrosh Bhavan, No.l, patelRoad,opp, Shadipur Depot. Bus lriewDelhi i l0 00g.

Vr/ (, t*.(,., As ant ector(#rxri',il1tf sisl nl ]

, / \ i n l 1

/ . .

General: l,l

Itrlieibilifi': (Prer;ently 1-,4 9tfn.9 asperclause (ix) of circulardared2g,02.2003 andamended orderNo.BSNrTADMN-.izr vide a*J ri1.Go"+r (i) |illl?r"'=t
(ii) (iii)

retired after .10.2000, after 0l i.e formation BSNL,areo'ly of

Employees who were on deemed deputation to ]BSNL at the tinre of retirement and absorbed BSNL s,rUrrqu"ntiy. in Employees who rvere on deemed deputation to IIsNL at the tinre o' retirement, and whose casesof absorpii,rn huv*-nol been finalized so far after they have given option for absorptionin risrvr-. However, after rhe casesof absorptionare finalized,only ro"rr r.iir"J ennployees have been as absorbed BSNL shallbe eligiblefor IISNLMRi. in


for Reeistr.ation ourrined para3 of office in P$IFrtuns: (As per guiderines Order BSI{I/ADN,IN/I No. OiteC ZZ.b+,01i ln order availt.he to fucilityof BSNLMRS retirement, eligible after all employees ;may fill !P thestipulated Regishation for rlsNLMRS,3 mo"nths io his form priil scheduled date

of retirement and submit to his controlling ssA office. l.he eligible employees who have already-retired, ma\, fill up thJ Registration ronn :urd submit it either to the SSA office from where ire has retired or from where he is gening the benefits of BSNLMRS at present. separate r{ Itegistration forni has been designed ex'clusivelyfor the Retiied ernployees(Annex. I). provision for indication of choir:e for changeof Circle/SSA iias been made in ihe Registration fbrm.
1 a l.J

oJ BSNI lvttlS .Card: (As per guiclelines Iry issuedvide para 3 of office order |'lo' BSNL/ADI\4N/1 dated 22.04.0i anct BSNL//'DMN.i/1 5-4/04(pt.) datedl5,10,04 .A'.fter due verification of the Registration forn,, the BSNI,MRS card will be ir;sued to the eligible employees. l-he BSNLMRS Card shall contain flre R.egistration No', cletailsof self and dependent members,including photographs, arrdparticulaisof SSA office frorn which the benefitsshall be taken,including space indicatingsubsequent for changes of'place, any, if

) l i.,ttIJ 1,.,.

1..3.1 An,nualverification:




The medical card issued to the pensionerrnay be got revalidatedevery year by the beneficiary in the month of April. For this pu.por., o certificate rvill be given by the pensioner/beneficiar.y that'dependent members whose names were included iri the carcl contjnue to satisfi, the eligibility conditionsas per the BSNLMRS. The retiredemployee, who is gainfully employedand wherethe spouse of the retired employeeis serving and helsheis receiving medical iacilities from the organizationsof the spouse,he/sheshall not tre eligible for the medical facilities. The facilities underthe schemeshall be liable to be withrlrawn at any time for misuse or abuseof the facility under the scherne. Such facilities shall not be restoredwithout the approval of CorporateOff,rce.


Charnseof place of r;ettlement(As per provision made vide Pzrra of Circular 2l dated22.04.03\
{l )

while registeringfor BSNLMRS, the retired employee may indicate his place of settlement after retirement.l-he Circie head of hLis office while in service,shall issuean Advice Memo fProforma-I] indicating new Circle & SSA from which the benefit is intendedto be taken. Basedon such Advice Memo, new BSNLMRS Card shall be issuedby the SSA. change of place of settlement,the retired employee For any subsequent shall apply to the Head of Circle, throughthe SSA office from which he is prolbrma. The offrce getting his medical reimbursement the pr:escribed in of Head of Circle after due verification, shall issue Advice Memo [Proforma - Il.] for changeof Circle or SSA in favour o1 new Circle/SSA to under intimatiron CorporateOffice. (ProfonnaAdvice Memo enclosed)

( i i)


Morleof Pavment: All payment, i.e. paymentfor outdoor treatmentwilh/without voucher and from non-empanelled hospitals of paymentfor reimbursement indoor treatment the payee by mentioning A/c No. asdeclared the cheque, be madeby accorunt may be sent to the retired employees by sltould retired employee. Such cheques of transfer payment possible, modeof electronic the Post.Wherrever Registered implemented. shallbe


of Acc,essibilitv informationreqardinqBSNLMRS: shall be made relevantto the Retiredemployees All Circularsof BS].{LMRS

section. in a i.e. in available BSNL Website, suitablycreated

l^ ha



z.u 2.1

0utdoor Treafmenf:
(Pre:ssn1ly, "* a'd dared zg.oz.oi guridetir", il;;;



equal voucher, installrnents. paym.nirr,uir, ij-,1)i..."*i,rrout Such in grn.rui, *lo. through in rour b,. sent rheresidenoettt. Lmproye. to cheque and c,f i, ,r,r" i;ilil;Tach quarter. Head shallrnake necessary ssA all arrangement
for thispurpose, 2.2

As per provision r?ara in 2.LI of BsNLMrts Notificatio' date'c No.BSNL/ADMN/1 29.02.03. paymentareprese'try the. *;. ;;;il.,ired ,reimtrG##ffi; have ernproyees, opted for w'o piru

(Asperp'ovisionGJF dated 28.02.03 guirrerines qnd r*rJi""

d 22.04,03\


:iJ;ff d::i,ffJ,**j,f ff*i*::;;*ffi ::'L,HJ1?nlTfti*triil:

3.0 Indoor Treatment:


Suchcraims shailbe ac:cepted from onry retired emproyees haveopted who for 'outdoor treatme,nt.*p.niitur. those reimbwserne,nt with v,]ucher,, wh'e registr:ring the,rc|.T.: ;r pa. for pr.vailing instruciions datect 22.04,03,the claim shouldbe"o in ,iiplrlri.o fu"s-:;il;1 sgpporring like c'py of prescription, vouchers Try bilis ii o.igi"ui. rire ciiin, ,ir"jr be admittedupto rhe

equar .r tolhe tara; (Basict;t;il;;,

rnonth service, of per




In normarcircurnstances, incloortreatment srr'urd be taken onry from BSNL empanelled hospitals and refenarnom ,, boctor registerecl gre i' Allopathic systenr medicine essential. of is Theretiredbeneficiary the Tay appr,oach designerted belou,the rank of STS, or equivaleni;- the SSaut:ii.i. offioer(.not in offi,ce for issue of authorization. ietter for the particularBSNL *mirunert"a -i,yrr"* hospitar. Advice 'of any Doctor registeredin uttoputtri. of medicine for _1h_: hospitalization copy of BSNLMRd and cura riave to be submittedas supporting docum,e,ts issue authorization for of l.,ti"r. "[hedesignatec] .fiftcerof thessA officeshall issue au:thorization an ierrer in prescribed foffnat for treatmentin the parti,:ularBIiNL, empanellecl liospital.
In general,ernpaneilecr rrospitarsshail send trre biils to BisNL. as per agreement.Horvever"in sorne cases., the enrpaneiledhc;,spit"ir1r"i extend such f,acilit1'. such cases,ilre pay.rne't In tras to be r'acre by "r, the



e maybe claimed in stipurated for:m arongwith alr supporting Medicaracrvance srra, not be givenin anycase, "ourrr..r.

retired empl'yee to the hospital and such expe'dilur

Retired employeemay driw the attention officer.rn ssA/circre office in caserrersh"racel'"r* or the designated i."ulem in gettingprope! treatrnent theempanelled in hosprtat. (vi.) Retiredem,Rjoree his dependent o-r may tarieindoo,rtreatment from no'_ emptuielled hrospitals only in cases or.r"tg"""y, 'rrr. designated officer in BSNL ma'ybe informld aseaqly*- p"dibi;-,r.g;*a*g suchtreatmenr being taken in non-embanelied rtolpitur!. iT"*"ver, reimbursement srralr berestricted prevailingCGHSratis to oJy ai.r iu. verification. (vii) Emergent cases thosewhichffiolve_accident, are serious nature disease of etc. In such,r:ases ttrepeiibn,onthe ,tr;;;;y onry, usehis/her discretion for taking the patient for treatmeng . pri,,rai" -in hospitar in case no $0veinment-.ot empanellJd * hospituiir'uuuiturt. nearthan the private hospital' The adminishative offrce will clec-ide-on rnerit of the case whetherit was a caseof rear emergency necessitating admissi;; i" . privatehospital. (viii) All contrdllingoffices of BSNL shall ensure that all indoorexpenditure reimbursement claim preferredby retiredemployeeis settledrvithi' a maximumperiodof onemonth. 4. Listrr of empanelled hospitalsand those providing credit ftrcilitiesshall be availlable with the rer;pective Circle Office/SSAon their rvebsite, Theselists wouldalsobe supplied request. on No. BSNL/;\drnn, (P0 l/l Dated: August 23,2006


Tel.No. 230372411No. zilSqze} ftrx

Assista nto,r"","r\#Jlli',?l* ]


Bu,rnar sawcffircAM rvr*pn Lr A 1' Government Inclia of'

Enrctprise) 1.Nanre Retd.Enrp.lo5,53s; of 3. Place Lastposring of 5. Lastl\{onth,s salary: (i) Basic 6. Address afterRetiremerrt: 7. Telephone No:
9. Nearest BSNL SSA Office 2. Father's lr,la:ne: 4. Designation (ii) D.A.

8. e-nrail

Members: 19:lgglls of Famity Date Biilii R"l"ti"rrsfiip of

with lhe e

Blood Group
if available

I 1.Option Outdoor for treatment (under BSNLMRS): ? either or (ii)] (i) ftick i) ouldoor/Domiciliary treatment from RMPs:Reimtrursement ageLinst voucher (asperpara 2.1.0) ii) outriooruDomiciriary treatme't: Entitrement without vo'che' ( a sp e rp a ra Z .l .l )
Declaration; I he]:ebydeclarethat abovementioned membersoI'my farnily are fully depencient me i'e' their income from all sources on doesnot."r..a-nr. 1,500/-per month. If the ouooJ


befal,se anv ar rirne, cornp""li.*i,*:eaclion against asperRures me

Si6lnature Erriployee of Column1 to 10 verified. AdrriceVlentoissued; No.



Si gnatui'e IssuingAuthorilt,. o.f

/tl l, l'-."--. U U t''(+ Lll

it | | )


Brunar SANTcHAR Lrnarrsn Nrcatr

( A Government Ind.ia of Enterprise) O/o ChiefGeneral Manaser




No. I ilo, clnnge of fficefor atailing of BSNLMRS


Approval of cornpetent authority is granted for the change of paying Olfice for BSNLMRSI w.r.t. Shri/Smt. ....,. S/o Dio Wlo Shri retiredas.,.. ..,.....(designation) ..from

(present pa'ying office)underCGM

.. ... rvithimmediate effect.

Signature Issuing of Authorily